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Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! Here is the 1500 DL short story reward for our dear boy, Tsubasa, again!! There’s R18 content in these short stories, so watch out!

Here we go.

Desire Switch

Is it that those who love flowers also have pure minds…?

Tendou Tsubasa thought this as he stared at the distant, floating white clouds. In truth, he wasn’t supposed to space out like this but because he’d been constantly picking up empty cans and cigarette butts his legs and waist, which should have been toned, were tired.

Picking up garbage at a natural park was harder work than he expected.

(I can’t believe a day came when I’d pick up garbage as a volunteer…)

Tsubasa was a good person – apart from having stalked the person he loved for more than ten years – but… it was a bit different when it came to being diligent and doing volunteer work on holidays. Because Tsubasa’s mind right now was full of his beloved wife. He didn’t have much room to think about anything else. Besides, if he wasn’t married to her, it would have been impossible for the son of the Tendou family, whose name ran through every business circle, to do something such as pick up garbage.

As Tsubasa was deeply moved about how he was a strange person too, a concerned voice reached him from a little way away.

“Tsubasa-kun, are you okay?”

Quickly making a dignified face, Tsubasa turned around and saw his beloved wife looking over at him with furrowed eyebrows. Tsubasa’s garbage picking— “The Beautification of the City as well as a Nature Conservation Movement ” was something he was participating in because of her invitation and so she might have felt responsible.

“Yeah, this is nothing.”

“Really? Right now you’re looking tired though…”

“I was the ex-ace of the baseball club, you know?”

“But I’m the one who said I wanted to do this and dragged you to accompany me… so that would be tiring, right?”

“I wasn’t dragged into this. If I’m together with you then I can even enjoy picking up garbage.”

One part of that was a lie, but it was true that he wasn’t dragged into this. He didn’t want her to be participating in an organization’s activities that he didn’t know well.

When he came close and dropped a gentle kiss on her, his wife’s cheeks turned a faint red.

“I’m glad then, but… Ah, wait a minute, Tsubasa-kun, you kissed me outside again.”

“I can’t?”

“You can’t.”


He asked even though he knew because she was cute when she was embarrassed.

She squirmed over her words and spoke while her gaze swam around.

“Because lately, Tsubasa-kun, you’ve… done it outside… a bit too much.”

Her heart was probably wider than the Pacific Ocean and that breadth had her forgive most things. However, because recently he had teased her too many times, even someone like her ended up telling him to wait.

“—So I’ve reflected on that and I’ve prepared a special plan today.”

“A special plan?”

“Yes. A wholesome date outside. We’ll eat at a restaurant and look at the pretty night sky together.”

“Huh, a date…”

“Is that also not allowed?”

“Ah, it’s not that it’s not allowed, but I didn’t bring a change of clothes today…”

“That’s not a problem then. On the way to the restaurant, there’s a boutique the Tendou family supports. We can gather everything there.”


“Yeah, there’s underwear and accessories there too.”

“I’ve heard about those stores, but I’ve never entered one. The Tendou house really is amazing, isn’t it…”

(Ah, crap.)

She was a girl who grew up as a young lady, but her level of wealth was different to the Tendou house. Feeling that difference, it seemed she was still apologetic about that.

Tsubasa became frustrated at seeing her look somewhat sad even as she smiled wryly.

(Even though I’ve told her every day that there’s no one but her.)

It was probably the revenge tragedy that caused the downfall of her family which lowered her self-esteem.

Even though he knew it was reasonable, for Tsubasa he wanted her to hold her head up high as his wife.

(Alright, I’m going to get her dressed up like crazy and have her understand her own cuteness.)

For more than ten years, Tsubasa had been changing her clothes and grinning in his mind. He was confident he could choose clothes that would definitely fit her.

From afar the calls of the gathering they were with came to Tsubasa who was renewing that determination.

Tsubasa told her “Come on, let’s go!” and started walking spiritedly as if he were a warrior heading to war.


… But in less than an hour Tsubasa was bewildered over an unexpected development.

Unlike common stores, the fitting rooms of the luxury boutique that had the Tendou family’s patronage was large.

But still his wife was fidgeting and looking awkward.

“Um, Tsubasa-kun.”

“What? Hurry up and take it off.”

“I can’t take my clothes off if I’m being watched… Also, I told you I wanted you to go out until I’m done putting it on, didn’t I?”

“Denied. If I did that then you’d decide on your own that this didn’t suit you and take it off, right? Even though my choice is accurate.”

“But this dress is a little… erm, isn’t it too sexy for me?”

“Not at all. It’s just right.”

“I wonder about that… I’m sorry, Tsubasa-kun, but the dress I saw before this one is…”

“Ah, yeah, that one was cute too.”

“Then I’ll go with that one for today…”

“Nope. That one can be for next time, so today’s is this one.”

“… But.”

“Is there something else?”

“You can see my brassiere in this dress.”

“That’s why underwear that matched this dress was prepared.”

“To put on that underwear means getting naked.”

“If we’re talking about you being naked, I’ve seen you to the point of being able to draw you.”

“H-hey! That’s not the problem here! Please, at least… turn your back.”

Seeing her bright red face Tsubasa thought, “Is this where I compromise?”, and gave up.

“Okay, okay, fine. Don’t take off the dress though, alright?”

“… Okay.”

It felt like she was reluctant but a promise was made. Today’s plan was perfect with this and Tsubasa gave a full smile… or more like he grinned broadly. Because his back was turned he could make any sort of expression.

However, in contrast to Tsubasa’s feelings of itching to see his wife’s cute appearance, she couldn’t seem to finish changing.

Growing impatient, he called out in an unassuming voice.

“What’s wrong?”

“Erm, it’s a little… the underwear’s size doesn’t seem to fit. Did I get fat…?”

“No, your weight shouldn’t have changed.”

“How do you know?”

“Because, lately, almost every day we’ve done it sitting and facing each other or the cowgirl position, right? When we do that, things like your weight and where you’ve gained meat I can generally tell—“

“Y-you don’t have to say anything more!”

There was the sound of something turning around in a hurry and his mouth was covered by hands. Two mounds were pushed into Tsubasa’s back with great force. The instant he felt that the hair on his body seemed to stand up as if he was shocked.

(This is dangerous.)

Feeling his male instincts rise, Tsubasa tried taking deep breaths. However, because of that, he sucked in a lungful of her scent and it was the exact opposite effect.

It wasn’t the fragrance of body soap after a bath, but her original smell which beat out any kind of expensive perfume. When he smelled this, Tsubasa couldn’t resist any longer.

In addition, right now, her chest was pushed against his back. For Tsubasa, to tell him “Don’t get aroused” with this was an impossible thing.

Parting his lips lightly, he exhaled a hot breath and then licked her fingers which covered his mouth.


She tried to pull back her hand in surprise, but this time he bit her finger a little hard. After he gave her several love bites, he swallowed her middle finger up to its base. He tasted the sensation of her slender joints within his mouth. When he caressed the skin between her fingers with the tip of his tongue a sharp breath leaked out behind him and he felt even more unbearable. He was so erect that being pressed down was almost painful.

“T-Tsubasa-kun, stop your joking there…”

Turning around with the roughness of an attack, he pulled her waist into him as she was embarrassed.


“Ngh, you got me excited so I’m at my limit.”

Her eyes, which were wide in shock were also beautiful— he thought this while placing his lips over hers.

However, his serious wife kept her lips closed like a clam and did not readily let his tongue in.

The impatient Tsubasa, while restraining her waist with one arm, placed his other hand on her chin. He opened her mouth with a strength that barely bordered on not hurting and pushed his tongue into the thin opening.

Her tongue, which ran away at first, softened as it was captured, licked, and sucked.

The hips he held trembled faintly when their tongues entangled with a wet noise.

When he pulled back a little, her chest was heaving and she had a dazed face that reminded him of her passion in the middle of sex. The saliva that spilled slightly from the corner of her mouth only heightened the visual effect.

“Haa, hagh, haa… This place is…!”

“Shhh. I know, I know. I’m taking it seriously.”

“To say you’re taking it seriously when we’re in this situation…”

“I’m really… taking it… seriously…”

As if they were dancing, he made her body in his arms do a half-turn. Embracing her from behind, they were in a position where they looked at the mirror together.

For a second, her mouth dropped open, but then she shut her eyes in embarrassment.

Tsubasa didn’t give her a chance to escape and gently scooped up her chest, where the edge of the underwear bit into.

“Aah, you’re right. The size really doesn’t fit. It’s grown larger since I rub it every day.”

He massaged her mounds in a circular motion.

Gradually her nipples swelled to where they could be seen even through her underwear, and her breaths were tinged with sweetness.

“Ah, no!”

“Why? Because it feels good when I rub the tips?”

He asked while licking her ear, sinking his breath into her.

As he deliberately made slurping sounds he pinched her nipples and the mirror was clouded white by her ardent breaths.

“No, really, stop! My voice… comes out. So, please… stop teasing!”

“I told you I’m not teasing, didn’t I?”

“Then what do you call this?”

“I said I was taking it seriously, right? It’s a husband’s responsibility to see just how much his lovely wife’s grown.”

He whispered to her and continued to caress her breasts with one hand while the other hand slid down. He arrived at her soft butt and his fingers aimed for her hot center.

The damp cloth stuck against the shape of her labia with only a little pressure.

When he lightly flicked her raised clitoris with a fingertip, her hips jerked.


“Hmm, your breasts have gotten pretty large, but this place hasn’t really grown at all. I saw some information on how, if this place was stimulated every day, it’d also become a bit bigger… I guess the internet was wrong. Too bad.”

“Nngh… haah, haa, what would you do… if it was bigger?”

“Rather than what I’d do, it’s more like I wanted to see that I made your clitoris big. When I think about how the shape of your body’s changed because of me, I get… really excited.”

“T-Tsubasa-kun… ngh, haa… you’re a pervert sometimes…”

“Haha, that’s wrong.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Whenever I’m beside you, it’s not sometimes… I’m always a pervert.”

Pushing aside the damp underwear with his fingertip, he touched her clitoris directly.

That place was already swollen so when it was just stroked, even just a little bit, she twisted her back greatly as if it was an intense stimulation.

Before she could cry out in pleasure at the unexpected attack, Tsubasa placed his hand over her mouth. However, he didn’t relax the hand that was caressing her and he rubbed circles into her swollen clitoris with the pad of his finger.

“Nngh! Mnh! Mrngh—!”

Her entire body shook while she cried out in a muffled voice with her mouth still covered.

His wife’s syrupy place suddenly overflowed and he guessed that she climaxed.

When he released his hand gently, a trail of drool slid down from the corner of her mouth and she nearly crumbled to the ground.

He caught her with one arm and spoke in a comforting way.

“If you sit down then you won’t be able to see, right? Here, I’ll support you so try to hold on a little more, okay?”

Hazy with pleasure, she managed to stand on her shaking legs as guided by Tsubasa.

Tsubasa continued to whisper things like “Good job”, “You’re so cute”, “That’s my wife”, and opened the front of his pants with one hand.

When he lowered his underwear his stiff penis bounced once.

He pressed his leaking tip to the opening of her vagina while she was still dazed.

“Haa… haa… Eh? This feeling…”

She tilted her head curiously with a puzzled expression. The next instant she had a look of realization but by then it was already too late.

Tsubasa tilted her chin up from behind and stole her lips forcibly while he thrust his hips.

“Nngh!? Mmgh—!”

A squelching sound rang out and the overflowing juices splattered onto the floor.

The thick, obscene smell and the sensation of her tight and squeezing channel brought Tsubasa to the brink all too soon.

He held his breath and managed to hold it back somehow, but his engorged penis twitched as if it had released.

His tip rubbed against her plump cervix and an electrifying sensation ran down his back.

“Haa, hagh, hah, this is crazy… I’m so excited I’m about to come.”

“Ngh, ah… aah, Tsubasa, stupid. What’s crazy is… haah, haa, doing this sort of thing here.”

“Oh? You can still afford to object like that. Have you gotten used to having sex with me?”

“Haa, hah, Tsubasa-kun, that you suddenly… get excited is something I’m aware of.”

“No, you’re wrong. It’s not sudden. You’re so cute I’m always turned on, so just a little chance will make me explode.”

“You’re the only one who sees me as c-cute, Tsubasa-kun. But, really, we can’t do this. Hurry and pull ou—ngh!”

He withdrew his hips sharply when she was in the middle of speaking. Then he pushed the intensely squeezing vagina open again without a pause.


Swallowing her cry of pleasure with another kiss, he continued to slam his hips in.

Following the wet noises as they grew louder, her skin dampened with sweat.

Tsubasa loved the moment he felt that with his palms. His excitement rose and, increasing his momentum, he pounded his tip in deeper.

“Nngh! Fuah! Mm… mgh!”

He could tell she was also close to her limit when he was squeezed tightly by her opening. Tsubasa released their lips and, with a slight mischievous smile, whispered gently into her ear.

“Aah, you’re twitching inside, about to come. You’re going to come even though we’re not supposed to do this?”

Her neck turned red when she was asked this. She shook her head, but Tsubasa thrust in to her deepest spot and her eyes clouded over with pleasure again.

“Come. Look, I’ll watch your erotic face the entire time.”

“Ggh! Uugh…! N-no… I can’t… hold my voice…!”

“Me too. So, how about we come together while kissing?”

Monopolizing her chin with his fingertips, he gave her another deep kiss. He could feel his release rise as tongue to tongue and his tip to her depths rubbed, burning hot, against each other.

“Nngh, gngh…! Nn…! Mngh!”

Both their bodies trembled almost at the same time while swallowing each other’s cries of pleasure.

Tsubasa left his body to the undulations that seemed to call for his semen and moved his hips in an instinctive motion.

A pulsing and overflowing liquid poured into her depths.

Feeling an illusion of melting, Tsubasa held her body tightly.

“Nngh, haa, haah, hagh… Sorry.”

“Haa, hah… nn… what are you… sorry for?”

“I came a lot so, when I pull out, a handkerchief alone won’t be enough.”

“You’re apologizing for the wrong thing.”

He nearly got hard again when he saw his wife puff her cheeks while her shoulders rose and fell heavily. Before she could discover that, Tsubasa pulled out his member which was still twitching.

“Haa… now we have to buy this with that.”

“That’s not a problem. If it’s for you, I’ll buy everything in this store.”

“You can’t waste money like that.”

“Haha, my wife is so serious it’s cute.”

“You think everything is okay as long as you call me ‘cute’, don’t you!”

“That’s because you’re cute.”

“Jeez, are you listening to me…!”

“I’m listening. But it’s one thing to have a long talk here, so let’s continue at the restaurant.”

During the time they spoke, he quickly and skillfully wiped her body and put her dress on her. Then, with amazing speed, he finished dressing her up and stood up.

“Wai…! Tsubasa-kun!”


Exiting the fitting room with his body and mind refreshed, Tsubasa approached the old shopkeeper without a moment’s delay.

Tsubasa handed over his card with a wide smile and spoke as he pointed to five other dresses his wife had hesitated over.

“I’ll buy all of those.”


“!? Then what was the point of trying them on…!”

He pulled her waist into him when she tried to step out in front in a panic and kissed her.

In the chance when she stopped moving out of embarrassment, he signaled with his eyes and sent the old shopkeeper to the register.

“Nn, wait, no, Tsubasa-kun. We’ll be seen.”

“Right now there’s no other customers apart from us, so it’s okay.”

“That’s not the probl— mgh.”

After that, every time she tried to protest, he made her intoxicated with sweet words and kisses before they stepped outside.

Finally, the night wind passed through the space between their separated lips and made him conscious of their flushed bodies.

“… Tsubasa-kun, you’re a meany. I’m going to remember this every time I wear this dress in the future.”

“That sounds nice. We need to come for a fitting again and increase your switches.”


“Just by wearing it you’ll feel aroused, right?”

He showed a meaningful smile and snapped his fingers.

His wife turned even more red, as if a “switch” was pushed, and spoke.

“We’re never going to do that there again, okay!”

“Never? You don’t want me to touch you even just a little…?”

He wasn’t hurt at all but he suddenly showed her a depressed look. His wife must have seen drooping puppy ears and a tail.

She was weak towards this sort of gap. In that moment she wouldn’t want to hurt another person before she suspected them. And so, Tsubasa’s pure wife was always caught splendidly in the small trap he set up.

He waited for a short moment and, as he expected, he heard a mumbled voice.

“If it’s just a l-little…”


—That she would regret saying those words would happen a few days later after a clean up event.

Engrossed in collecting garbage, she suddenly noticed that her clothes were dirty and patted it off with a hand… and Tsubasa stood there with a strange smirk.

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