Anata wo Okasu Voice 3 ~ Abnormal Stalker ~

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The Voice that Rapes You

Do you have rape fantasies?
Have you ever thought about wanting to be humiliated?

You are a beautiful and alluring woman.
However, a wicked hand reaches out to you.

An unknown man stalks you. He’s under the impression that you love him and approaches you aggressively to be together with you.

To obtain your love, these are the brutal tactics of a stalker willing to resort to any means.
And so your body and mind are violated by this man of an extremely abnormal disposition.

Huh, they don’t have a CV listed here so… I was thinking it might be because of the contents of this series, but 4 and 5 have ysd. LOL so nevermind. They’re already using pseudonyms!! There’s no shame in being connected to extreme things— jkjk. Anyway, you can pick this up at the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite.

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! We’ve stepped into a dark place, haha, but this is a no judgment zone. R18 content warning and, uh, I guess dubcon and dark themes.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Assaulting you on the way home. Forced cunnilingus in the open ***

*railroad crossing bells*

Stalker: Hey there! Did I surprise you? Eheh, don’t worry, there’s no need to worry.

S: Only… if you try to act spoiled here I’ll end up having to hurt you, so be good. You can’t kick up a fuss where everyone can see, because it’ll be shameless, okay? Mm, it’s not like you to be so crude, since you’re a gentle and elegant girl. Eheh!

S: *whispers* Now, keep walking normally. Yes, like that, good girl. You really are a cute girl. Obedient, beautiful… and gentle. My ideal girl. Yes… my one and only… my precious girlfriend, eheh.

S: Ah, sorry, sorry, we’re both in love with each other, so we need to have a suitable conversation like that. A more enjoyable conversation and one that’ll lighten our hearts, eheh.

S: Oh, that’s right, earlier you went out with a colleague from work to have lunch at a Japanese soba shop for a change, didn’t you? I’m talking about that girl. You know, the one with a short bob, thick makeup, and talks a lot. That girl really loves to talk, doesn’t she. Haha, that girl’s the one who loves soba, huh. Because you always have lunch at a Western cuisine place close to your work, don’t you? The demi-glace sauce there is really special. I also love it! It’s rich and smooth.


S: But sometime earlier, when you ate the Napolitan, a little ketchup got on your pure white blouse. It was just a tiny bit, but you tried so hard to get rid of the stain, didn’t you? I thought it was so characteristic of you when you’re careful of being clean and your appearance.

S: And then, I think it was just a month ago… yes, in the second week of last month… an unforgivable event happened, wasn’t there? Inside the train… there was someone who did something inappropriate to you, wasn’t there? *growls* To have touched your body… I can’t forgive that. Even though you hated it, he didn’t stop touching you…

S: Someone like that washed up salary man… ah… just remembering it makes me feel like I’m about to go crazy. I… nearly killed that person. To make my girlfriend go through a humiliating experience… I absolutely won’t forgive him.

S: Ah, I sent information about him to his family and his workplace. With a photo taken by my phone. It’d be easy to kill that person instantly, but I thought it’d better to deny him from society! That way he can really taste his sins for a long time. But still… he doesn’t know how painful it was for you. *grinning* I hope he continues to suffer from here on until his death. You reap what you sow, eheh.


S: Because you’re… my precious girlfriend, I’ll protect you for my whole life. Hehe, I love you.

S: Aah, now I’ve ended up wanting you unbearably. I can’t wait until we reach your home. If I’m pressed up this closely to you and if I smell your fragrance… I can’t hold myself back. Heheh, you’re the same, right? I know your feelings! You want me, right? I know everything about you. After all, I love you this much, eheh.

S: We’re lovers, so we can make love anywhere. Ah! Over there looks like it’ll be hard for people to see. Let’s go over to that hidden place! Eheh, here, sit down. *flat voice* Be a good girl and sit down.

S: *kisses* Nngh… your earlobe is soft.

S: … You can’t move. If you do that… *kisses* this cold knife… will cut your pale and warm skin and it’ll be a big problem.

S: Eheh… that’s right, you love me, so… *kisses*


S: Huh? What’s wrong? You want to be touched by me, don’t you? I can tell. Where do you want it? Eheh, first… how about your lovely, round breasts? I know! Then I’ll roll up your blouse a little… Aah… it’s your favorite pink bra. You bought this at a lingerie shop a few days ago, right? It has small and cute ribbons on it and the lace is luxurious. I thought it suited you too and watched you the entire time. Intently… eheh.

S: I wondered how wonderful it’d look for your breasts to be tucked into that bra… Those pretty pink nipples on your shapely breasts are hidden underneath the bra… for my sake. You bought this to show me, right? It’s adorable and, like I thought, it really suits you.

S: This pink bra is concealing your shapely breasts… Aah, they’re being rubbed by my hands. I’ll gently… tenderly… touch them. I’ll push them up and down… rub them… They’re so soft and bouncy, eheh. Ah! Your nipples… I can see the shape of your nipples now! It feels good, right? Eheh, I can see your nipples even underneath the bra. Your hard… stiff nipples.

S: Do you want to be touched directly? My fingers right on your stiff nipples. I can tell! I’m your boyfriend, so I can see through everything you’re thinking. I’ll slip my fingers underneath your bra… and rub it with my index finger and thumb. Rub it hard…


S: Your small, cute nipples are obscenely hard. Eheh, what do you want me to do next? Ahah, you want me to tease you with my mouth? To lick you around erotically with my tongue and to suck you hard with indecently loud noises, right? Then, as you wish, I’ll suck your nipples. *kisses*

S: I’ll knead your breasts with my hands while… sucking. I’ll roll your nipple around with my tongue… *kisses* and stick to it… Your nipples are soft… and cute…

S: Is it almost time? Eheh, that… place of yours. Ahah, your precious place. You can’t resist wanting me to touch there any longer, right? Eheh, I want to touch you there too! Your pussy… which belongs to me alone. Hehe, ah… aah… I can see that your panties are stained with your juices. *fast voice* Open your legs more and show me!

S: How lewd! I can see through your panties to the shape of your pussy. For that lewd juice to come out from your cute and lovely pussy, as if its seducing men… To expose such a shameless sight, it’d be a catastrophe if other men saw this! You’d be pasted on the net as a slut and I won’t allow that! This embarrassing juice… I’ll lick it all up, eheh. After all… I’m your boyfriend, eheheh. I’m going to take off your panties, okay? Eheheh. *removes panties; gives oral*


S: For your pussy… your smell… *slurping*… to seduce another man… You’re not allowed…

S: Aah, becoming like a slut… You can’t seduce other men… *giving oral*

S: Only my tongue can taste your pussy… Haa… it’s delicious…

S: My tongue is scooping up your pussy’s juices… I’ll peel back your clitoris’ hood… Aah, I’ll kiss it… and stimulate it… *sucking*

S: Aah… you want me to suck harder, right?

S: Heheh, I can tell. Your clitoris… *sucking* is pressing against me… I’ll suck hard…

S: How is it? *sucking*… It feels good, right? Haah… your sticky juices… when it dries it becomes sour, huh. I know very well that you’re pure. So, it’s okay to accept this honestly and let yourself go only in front of me. This pointed and hard clitoris… I’ll suck it more. Like this… *sucking*


S: Eheh, only I know your aroused voice. Make even more filthy noises. *giving oral*

S: Aah, your pussy is this pleased… Eheheh, I won’t let you be alone anymore, because I’ve watched you all this time. And you’ve always looked only at me too. Do you get it? We’re testing each other’s love like this. *sucking*

S: Haa… delicious… your pussy juice is amazing. I want to taste you more… I’ll suck it all up…

S: … Aah, what an obscene pussy… it’s calling for me so lewdly… “Lick my pussy more, suck my clitoris hard, and make me cum!” is what you’re wishing for in your heart, right? Ahah, I can tell. I understand everything about you. *kisses* I’ll… make you cum. I’ll make you cum while sucking hard on this hard and adorable clitoris of yours!

S: Raise your voice more…! *slurping* Aah… expose your bare self. Only in front of me though, okay? Do you hear me? The sight of you… that can’t be shown to anyone else.

S: … Haah… your juices are flowing out so obscenely and so much from this shameless pussy… Writhe more… Beg me to suck harder! *giving oral*

S: My tongue is flapping and slurping in your soaking pussy… Eheh, you entire body is hot like you’re burning up and to the point where you can’t hold back, right?


S: *growls* Reach the peak under my tongue. Come on…!

S: Haa… this embarrassing pussy is exposed in full view… “Lick my pussy more, make my pussy cum, my pussy feels good, my pussy is coming” is what you’re thinking, right? Your pussy is drenched and feeling this much. *slurping*

S: Come on!… You’re such a prostitute! You’ll get excited when you’re fooled around with by any kind of man, right?! Look, this feels good, right!? You damn slut…! Come on…!

S: This sour pussy juice is dripping down, isn’t it!? “My pussy feels good, my pussy’s coming” is what you’re begging for, right? You want me to make you cum, right? This shameless lewd pussy wants to reach its peak while being licked, doesn’t it!? Eheheh, come on, I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you cum by sucking your clitoris so hard it feels like it’ll be ripped off! Come on…!

S: *slurping*… Cum! CUM!

S: … Haa… eheh, you came, didn’t you? Only in front of me… and only I can make you cum. You’re my precious girlfriend, after all. Eheheh! Forever… and ever, eheheh.

*** TRACK 2: In your room. Degenerate finger-banging and cunnilingus ***

*door closes*

S: Hah… we finally reached your house, didn’t we. Hm? How do I know your place? You asked something hilarious. We’re lovers, you know? Isn’t it too obvious that a boyfriend would know his girlfriend’s house? Eheh, you still don’t understand that we love each other this much? You’re not that much of an idiot, right?

S: Ah! I see! You’re shy, aren’t you. I’m sure that’s it. You’re embarrassed about being this loved by me. Isn’t that right? That shyness of yours is so dear. But you don’t have to worry, my feelings towards you are the real thing. My feelings of love for you isn’t something anyone can get in the way of.

S: *quiet voice* … I love you. I’ll pamper you a lot in your bed. To the point your entire body feels like it’ll melt… slowly and tenderly, eheheh. Now, I’ll take you to bed, eheh.

S: Aah… *sniffs* this bed smells of you. This is where you’re always thinking about me, right? Hehe, I’m so happy. You imagine me making love to you and… end up thinking about shameless things and wet your panties, right? Your secret place gets hot and gushes out sticky, right? Eheh! It’s alright for you to constantly think about me and then fantasize about me indecently. I’m the one in the wrong though. Because I haven’t loved your body yet, right?


S: I’m sorry… eheh. I definitely won’t make you go through that in the future, ahah. You’re the one and only girl in this world chosen by me. It’s such a joyous thing, right? Eheheh! Now, let’s take off your clothes. All of your underwear too. These sort of things aren’t needed between two people who love each other. I’m the only one who has the right to see you as naked as the day you were born, eheh.

S: Aah! How pretty! You really are beautiful… your body which belongs to me alone. Are you embarrassed? Eheh, you don’t have to hide yourself like that. Just be quiet. It’d be strange for a girlfriend to resist being loved by her boyfriend, right? So just do as your boyfriend says.

S: *flat voice* If you continue to be like that… your kind boyfriend will get angry. I’d like it if you didn’t make my gentleness… become rough hands. You understand, right?

S: Come on, strike my favorite pose. Spread your legs more. So that I can clearly see your most important place. Eheh, yes, like that, good girl. That’s good. My girlfriend is such an honest and obedient girl. You’re my ideal girlfriend, eheh.

S: Now, let’s begin. Mine and your… ceremony of love! Hehe! Come on, this pretty vagina… it’s closed tightly, but… ah, if I do this, and open it with my index finger and middle finger… Aah, how stunning! This pretty, pink pussy hole hidden by your folds, eheheh.


S: It’s wet and glistening… gleaming and shiny… It’s such a beautiful and lewd pussy. The tip of my index finger… is wriggling in. Mm… eheheh! It’s entering…! It’s squeezing pretty tight even with just one finger. You want me that much?

S: You want my dick and this clenching is proof you want me to thrust in deeply and stir you into a sopping mess! I can tell clearly that you’re getting excited while I prod you with my finger, eheh. “Make my pussy feel good, mess up my pussy more and turn it into a sopping mess”, right?

S: Aah… this lewd pussy is something I know better than anyone else, eheh. I’m going to give you a pleasure you’ve never experienced before, okay? Hehehehe… my finger is being swallowed so obscenely by your pussy… *wet noises* This slutty hole is wrapping my finger in juices, like it’s trying to swallow it, eheh… It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s not something to lie about. Even if you deny it with your mouth, this place of yours isn’t saying that.

S: This time, I’ll add my middle finger too. Nngh… ah, the entrance is tight and it’s pretty hard to put it in. I’m going to put in both of my fingers…! Eheh, relax more. I’m going to push my fingers in to the base. You’re feeling more and more pleasure, right?


S: When my fingers catch against this coarse spot inside your vagina, it feels completely like you’ve been thrust into deeply, right? So this is the place where you’re most sensitive. Every time I rub around it with my fingers, isn’t your body jerking and trembling? No matter how many times you shake your head this vagina, which clenches every time I stimulate it, is leaking out such sticky and lewd juices.

S: The smell of your sweet and erotic juices are spreading throughout the room, right? Just a little more… Swallow my two fingers to their base! Come on, don’t resist the pleasure. Until the base… deeply… I’m going to shove it in all at once. I’m going to press even more on that coarse spot inside your vagina and press the tips of my fingers into your sensitive spot. Like this… violently. Nngh…! Mm? Here? Right here in this rough spot.

S: Ah, how indecent, what a lewd pussy! It’s swallowed both my fingers! Don’t turn your head away. Look closely at my two fingers. This sticky juice that’s still connected to your pussy… Isn’t it wrapped around my fingers this much? This sweet and raw and lingering smell is so much… eheheh.

S: You’re embarrassed, aren’t you? You’re puckering your face a lot. Ahah, I’ll lick off this erotic pussy juice of yours from my fingers. *sucks on fingers*

S: Aah… your juices are salty and cheesy. It’s so delicious! Mm? What’s wrong? You look like you’re so embarrassed you don’t know what to do with yourself, eheh. I’m going to make your body one that’ll be greedy for climaxes to the point where you can’t feel anything. Nngh… I’ll put in two fingers… mm, and stir around inside your pussy, ngh…


S: Hrm? Ungh… ngh… Having fingers thrust into your pussy… and moving around, eheheh, it feels really good, right? Even if you desperately try to hold back, I can already tell. The heightening sensation of your entire channel being thrust into, and to its depths, is making you really aroused, right?

S: Every time my fingers go in and out, these lewd sounds are this loud, aren’t they? Heheheh. It feels extremely good, doesn’t it. It turns you on so much to be made to cum by me. Isn’t that right? Eheheh.

S: What am I wrong about? Your dripping pussy is this wet and isn’t it greedily swallowing my fingers that are going in and out? Don’t restrain your voice. Feel me… moan… and express your love for me, eheh. You… love me, don’t you?

S: Am I wrong? *stops fingers*… Ah, jeez, you’re not honest.

S: … If you won’t be honest then as your boyfriend I really will get angry.

S: Come on, you can see this knife, right? Of course it’s not a toy… Feel this chilly and metallic texture against your throat… If I stab this edge that’s pressing against you just a little and pull my hand back… you know what will happen, don’t you? *happy voice* Now, be honest! Say that you love me.

S: Mm? What’s wrong? You don’t have to be that scared. Hmm? I can’t hear you. How do you feel about me? Huh? What is it?… If you tease me too much, the blade of this cold knife will slide gently across your pale skin and the bright red blood that proves you’re alive will spurt out… and it’ll end up staining these white sheets. Eheheh.


S: Eh? I can’t hear you. Say it louder. Huh? I SAID I can’t hear you! Come on… say it.


S: …… *happy voice* Eheh, you love me a lot, don’t you? I’ll always love you too. Ahah, the two of us will love each other forever from here. I’ll accept all of your love! You feel my love and that’s why you’re wet, right? When I stab my fingers in just a little… *wet noises* Eheh, it’s squelching. You love me, so that’s why your pussy is dripping like this, right? It’s wetter than before and it’s squeezing my fingers this much! Whenever I try to move them, you clench around them and won’t let go.

S: Hehe, you’re so spoiled. But I also love that side of you. You’re clamping around my fingers this greedily and trying to lead them deeper and deeper, eheh. I know you’re embarrassed, but… I’d like it if you gave up and became honest in front of me. Because… I’m your boyfriend! How many times do I have to say it? I told you I’ll accept all of your love, right? Every time I thrust in my fingers and swirl them around, you feel good by my fingers!

S: Every time I press onto you, your body twists in chaos like this and you’re this aroused!… You’re imagining yourself being ravished by me even more intensely, right? Eheh, I’ll give you what you wish… with my tongue. *fingering and giving oral*

S: Heheh, are you embarrassed? You’re excited to have this obscene place licked by my tongue, right? You want me to make you cum and you want to cum while feeling embarrassed, right? Heheh, I can tell. I’m going to embarrass you more like this and make you hit the peak. This swollen clitoris… *slurping* I’ll lick it up…


S: Hahah, you really are a slut. I just licked you and this much white and syrupy juice dripped from your vagina. You’re feeling pleasure, right? Being looked down on by me gets you excited, right? I’ll taste you even more obscenely. Expose your embarrassing side to me. *giving oral and fingering*

S: Eheh, your clitoris is twitching. If you lose focus, you’ll cum just like this, right? “Lick me more, tease my pussy” is what you’re thinking, right?! Hahah, what a slut. I’ve never seen such a slutty woman like you. Normally you act so elegant, but you get this excited while your pussy is licked and your vagina is stirred up, huh!

S: Come on… *low voice* this feels good, right? Me, sucking your clitoris hard while your sopping pussy is thrust into deeply by my fingers and stirred around. You’re helpless with pleasure, right?

S: Don’t lie! Then, what is this? This gooey thing wrapped around my sticky fingers? Isn’t this your juice from your shameless pussy?

S: … You’re a pervert who gets off on being insulted dirtily while your clitoris is sucked on and your pussy violated deeply, right? Look, what’s wrong? Are you going to cum? You’re swallowing my fingers this tightly and your shameless juice is this messy. Aren’t you ashamed?

S: Come on, cum for me. Say that you want to cum while your clitoris is sucked on. Come on… come on! *growls* Say “please let me cum”.

S: You’re mad with pleasure and you can’t even think of anything anymore, right? Deep in your heart you’re begging “please let me cum, please make my pussy cum”, aren’t you!? *low voice* I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you cum while licking this filthy, messy, slutty, soaking pussy that someone wouldn’t even be able to imagine about from your elegant face. Come on! *giving oral and fingering*

S: Cum!… Cum!!… CUM!!… Cum…! Cum…!!

S: … Heheh, looks like you came. You were super cute. My one and only. I love you… forever and ever… only you, eheh.

*** TRACK 3: Brought to the stalker’s room. Relentless anal and simultaneously a vibrator in the pussy ***

S: Here, this is my house. Huh? What’s wrong? You look really shocked. My house has always been here though. You already knew this… that I lived beside you… that I’ve always watched you, eheh.

S: You didn’t want to show your favorite underwear to any man apart from me, right? You were so shy. But you dried them in the shadow of your balcony where someone outside could never see them, right? You really are a pure woman. You even separate your garbage perfectly and you make sure to drain your food scraps of water.

S: Also… your period came a little late this month, right? Eheheh! Ah, after I made sure to rigorously check each and every one of your sanitary pads, I got rid of them so don’t worry! That’s the thing which proves you’re a woman, so as your boyfriend I have a responsibility to deal with it. Eheh.

S: Today’s a day we should commemorate for you to have come to my house. You see, I also considered a lot of things for you. Such as what I could do to please you and what I could do to make you happy. Ehehe! It was really fun to think about a lot of things for my own girlfriend. I’m sure there’s no mistake in how you’ll be overjoyed about what I thought up, eheheh.


S: Now, come here. This is your bed. I prepared it especially for you. It’s an extremely wonderful bed that’s perfect for nurturing our love, right? These chains… *jangles* eheh. You love being restrained, right? When you imagine being bound by these chains… can it be that you’re already wet? Ehehe, that’s right, there’s not just one. With this I can only bind your wrists, but… Look! I still have two things to adjust the length of the chain.

S: With this, I can even make your legs lose their freedom and you’ll be just as I wish. Isn’t it wonderful?

S: … What’s wrong? You’re so happy you can’t even speak, right? I’m so glad! I was worried about whether you’d be happy. Now, lie down on the bed. Hm? It’s not embarrassing, is it? I’ve made you cum so many times up to now, but you still have that attitude, I see… *low voice* You’re supposed to be honest in front of me. Now… lie down on the bed.

S: Hm? Ah… *growls* what’s wrong? Mm… lie down… LIE DOWN!

S: Eheh, just like I thought! I even looked for sheet colors that would suit you! And, in the end, the sheet color that suits you is white, huh. Really, a pure white contrasts suitably with the sight of your body. It’s extremely lovely… the sight of you.


S: There’s no need to wear clothes any longer, right? I’ll take them off for you. *removes clothes*

S: You’re wearing lacy white underwear! Eheh, they’re wonderful underwear that symbolizes you. I’ll take your bra off too. *removes bra* Oh, that’s right! I’m going to use these chains, okay? I’m sure you’ll love them. I’ll tie your hands… and it’s just right for pulling both your wrists up above your head. *chain jangling* Mm, this is good, right?

S: Now then… next is your legs too. Hm? What’s wrong? Eheh, I know, even though you’re happy, you just don’t want to be thought of as being a slut when you’re honest, right? Hahaha, it’s okay to lose yourself in front of me. Now, I’ll tie your legs too, okay? *chain noises*

S: Ah! Like I thought, they fit perfectly! With both your wrists and ankles restrained, your heart is racing about what’s going to be done to you from here, right? I can tell even when you’re silent. I’m going to force your legs open like this… and fasten them to the bed. Eheheh, you’re asking me to stop? Hahahaha! You’re not really thinking that. When you imagine what’s going to be done to you by me, you get excited, right?

S: Hehehe, your mind is full of feeling pleasure at being ravished violently by me, right? I can tell, eheh. Now then, I’m going to raise your left leg… eheheh, I’m going to adjust the length of the chain. Hngh… and then, next is your right leg. Eheh, your heart is pounding, right? If your right leg is raised like this and fixed in place… your legs will be spread wide apart in front of me and your shameless figure will end up in full view.


S: *delighted voice* Now, I’ll raise it… and adjust the length of the chain… *chain noises* Haha, this length is good, right? “It’s embarrassing, tease me more, humiliate me more” is what you’re thinking, right? Really, such a slut… you are, hahah. If I take your panties off in this state… eheh. Your vagina, with its labia tightly shut like pretty lips, and your clitoris, preciously and carefully surrounded in prepuce, will become completely visible.

S: Eheh, it’s arousing, right? If I cut these panties directly with these scissors then I can remove them easily. If I take off your panties while you look like this… your indecent parts will be in full view to me. Hehe!

S: … But not yet. I won’t take off your panties yet. I’m going to press my finger between your butt cheeks… and when I gently move… my finger, as it lowers a little… I believe this place is your asshole? Hehehe, I’ll head to the front… eheh, gently… Ah! This place? This place with a sudden depression…

S: It’s a really small hollow, but I can clearly tell what it is… because I know everything about you! It’s a deep hole that quickly swallows my finger when I press against you through your panties… This place is a hole that’ll accept my dick… Yes, a hole that only accepts me! Eheh! Oh? Hehehe, what’s wrong? Is it my imagination that your panties are a little stained?


S: The area around your vagina is slowly but steadily getting stained in a circle, isn’t it? You’re getting excited, aren’t you? Even though nothing’s been done yet, you’re so perverted. Eheheh, hm? What am I wrong about? Can’t you clearly tell by yourself? That your pussy is hot… and that a sticky, transparent juice is leaking from your vagina.

S: Hehehe, when I try to plunge my finger into your vagina from above your panties… Look! The stain is growing even larger. Eheh, how obscene. You’ve dirtied your panties this much. You want to be teased more, right? You want to be embarrassed more, right?!

S: Eheh, you don’t need your panties anymore, right? I’ll take them off. *uses scissors* Aah, what a lewd pussy. Isn’t the area around your vagina glistening? It’s greedily dripped out its transparent juice… as if it were drooling.

S: *delighted voice* Oh, I know! I’ll get you to look at it too! Eheh, look closely. When I stick my index finger and thumb together… and then separate them… Eheheh, it’s such a thick string, right? Look closer! Don’t avert your eyes and take a look!

S: … If you aren’t feeling good then what is this? Eheheh… *sucks on his fingers*

S: Hahah, it’s salty and has a nice smell. You can’t bear it any longer, right? You want to be assaulted by me… and ravished and get your pussy drenched, right?


S: It’s about time to build you up, right? Eheh.

S: Do you know what this is? That’s right, this is a vibrator that’s going into your slutty pussy. Eheh, even if you make that face, I can tell… that you’re happy, right? The size is a little large, so it might be rough on you but it’s to improve you so there’s no other option. Heheheheh.

S: Hmm… the head of the tip is like a real dick and they’ve emphasized its thickness so when it’s swirled around inside your pussy it’ll feel really good, you know? Mm? What’s wrong?… You don’t want this vibrator to be thrust into your pussy? I see… it’s such a thick vibrator, so it might break your pussy, huh. Hahaha, cute, that look on your face. That shy and sexy expression that’s just like my girlfriend!

S: You see, when I see you I want to tease you even more! This feeling… is my love for you! Now, accept my love firmly. I’m going to put it in… *inserts vibrator* Hm? It hurts? Hehehe, but my feelings for you are even larger than this! So, you have to endure this level of pain. You get it, right? Heh.

S: Look, it’s entering. The thick tip of the vibrator into your pussy! It’s steadily going in! The sensation of the vibrator penetrating into your body… At the beginning you were terrified, but as it enters you’re filled with an unspeakable sense of satisfaction, right? How is it? It feels good, doesn’t it? Eheheheh, the tip is already swallowed in. It’s not my imagination that your pussy is wet. You don’t need to be embarrassed!


S: You… love me. That’s why it’s not strange at all for you to get wet from our sexual love. Now… listen closely. Deeper and deeper… the sound of it being thrust in. The lewd noise of it squelching.

S: When I rub circles against your sensitive spot… How is it? Eheheheh! It’s entered in snugly, hasn’t it? What’s the matter? It’s useless to look pained like that. Especially when you’re actually feeling pleasure from the vibrator being thrust into you… in a situation where you can’t resist and with a thick vibrator up to its base. When that indecent and slutty hole is swallowing it with pleasure!

S: Hah? I can’t hear you. Even though I’ve told you many times about how I get angry when you’re not honest. *growls* Answer me. You’re aroused with being thrust into by a thick vibrator, right? You’re excited at getting this vibrator slammed into you filthily in this situation, right? Ehehe.

S: … Haa… apparently, it seems like you don’t understand all of my feelings yet. Even though I love you this much. You’re never honest…

S: Hehehehe, but that’s alright. I’m content to take my time slowly to get you to be honest. I’m… a very patient man. Huh? Hahaha, what’s wrong? I just pulled out the vibrator a little and thrust it in deeply again. It’s nothing to scream about. Besides… look, there’s even this. It’s a little thinner than the other vibrator, but it’s only at the beginning. This size is just right.


S: Huh? What’s wrong? You already know, don’t you. Hehehehe. That’s right, this is… going to ravish your ass. Eheheh, this is going to line up to your small creased hole, like an inverted image from the front, wrench it open, and stir around in you. How about it? Just thinking about it excites you, right? Getting both your pussy and ass slammed into by vibrators will surely give you so much helpless pleasure you might faint.

S: Hehe, it’ll only hurt at the beginning. I’ll give it to you after I get you used to a lot of my spit. First, I’ll cover your ass with my spit… *gives anal*

S: Ehehe, the juice dripping from your pussy and my spit is mixing and it’s extremely lewd. It’s like it’s begging for me to hurry up and put it in. Hehe, jeez, you’re so spoiled. Getting bored of just your pussy and wanting even your ass to be ravished, eheh.

S: Now, relax. I’m going to push it through your crack. Eheh, I’ve told you so many times that resisting is useless. If you don’t understand… I’ll have to punish you. I was going to let you taste the point of the vibrator slowly while pushing it in, but… *drops voice* at this rate I’ll just slam the pointed end in all at once. You’re the one at fault. Because you wouldn’t listen obediently. Heheh, I can see it well. It’s rapidly going into your ass! Eheheh.

S: Deeper… and deeper… it’s going in! It hurts, doesn’t it? The pain and hurt is only at the beginning, and it’ll feel good right away. Eheheh, bear with it. Little by little, the vibrator is rubbing in  with your anal juices and you can feel it entering deeply, right? Aah… for your ass to swallow a vibe like this. You’re such a slut.

S: Looks like it can go in more. Come on, eat it up more! Ehehe, you’re squeezing down. If I try to move the vibrator to the side it won’t budge at all! But… you can’t resist its movements of being thrust in deeply.


S: Ehehe, deeper into your ass… Here, swallow it. More! Swallow it more! Eheheh, the sensation of vibrators in both your pussy and ass is irresistible, right? You’re so pretty and elegant… and yet you’re swallowing vibrators filthily in both your pussy and ass. Doesn’t it feel unbearable to think about being made to cum from this because of me? You’re so turned on by yourself being disheveled completely from both your greedy hole and pussy being rapidly pounded, right?

S: Hehehe, I’ll ravish you in both holes all at once. Still, you’re so lewd. Being assaulted by these two vibrators… dripping sweet pussy juice and anal juice. You want me to move them more, right? You’re so mindlessly aroused and drooling from being pounded by both these vibrators, right? Even though you don’t want to cum so miserably and humiliatingly, just imagining yourself being made to cum makes you dribble out your slutty juices, right!?

S: You can’t lie to me. You’re really just a slut. A disheveled bitch that cums from being pounded by vibrators. I’ll watch you when you cum.

S: Come on, show me your orgasm. You’re clenching down so much on these vibrators with your ass and pussy! Even though you’re in this situation, “make my pussy and ass cum, fuck me senselessly” is what you’re begging in your heart, right!? What a slut. You’re a hopeless and obscene woman… to reach your peak with both your pussy and ass being fucked.

S: Come on, don’t be shy and show me how you cum while drooling! Show me your shameless orgasm as you’re slammed into filthily by the vibrators like this! Come on, come on! Aren’t you squeezing down on the vibrators more than you were earlier? You want more, right? You want them pounded into you more, right?

S: You disgusting whore. You’re getting so aroused from being hammered by these vibrators. I’ll do it harder and harder! Come on, like this, right?! “Break my pussy and ass, blow my mind and make me cum” is what you’re thinking and feeling, right!? You slut! You helplessly slutty pig, getting turned on from your pussy and ass being fucked! I’ll make you cum. Cum while drooling disgustingly. Here, cum! Cum while being fucked senselessly with these vibrators! Come on, cum! Come on, cum! Cum… cum… come on, come on, COME ON!

S: … Ehehehehehe, you came. You can’t leave me anymore. The sheets are drenched in your love juices. I’m going to polish you more and more. Because… I love you more than anyone else. It’s impossible for me not to answer your wishes. Hehe, I’ll make you feel better and better from here on. We’re both… lovers… after all, eheheh.

Note1: Maybe I’m just ignorant as heck but rectal fluid is actually a thing. I’m not making this up! Prolonged anal stimulation may result in more of this mucus/fluid that comes out. So, uh… yeah… the more you know, guys!! But he’s still doing wrong in not using lube at all. SPIT DOES NOT COUNT AS LUBE!!

4 thoughts on “Anata wo Okasu Voice 3 ~ Abnormal Stalker ~

    It me said:
    June 3, 2019 at 13:56

    Next day, she wakes up and her whole house is spotless. Dishes done, shelves dusted, light switches wiped down: the WORKS.

    Perv is in the living room, folding laundry. He is quietly listening to some public radio in the background.

    “I *said* it was impossible for me to not answer your wishes,” he informs her, handing her a cup of coffee and giggling maniacally. “You can’t hide your fantasies from me! Also I learned French so I can order for us at the fancy restaurant we’re going to this evening.”

    She shrugs and drinks the coffee.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 3, 2019 at 14:21

      I WISH THAT WERE THE CASE. But with these yanderes I definitely feel like they project their own ideal/fantasy onto their obsession, so it’s not like they see your actual wishes :’)) they just see the reflection of what they wish as your “wish” dfgjfghjfgh PRETTY SCARY and makes me appreciate some of the more reasonable yanderes more when they’re actually self-aware of their delusions, haha.

    waterinegirl said:
    May 26, 2019 at 04:14

    sex scenes are great but i was hoping a story.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 3, 2019 at 14:20

      Sometimes things on DLsites are just pure fap material LOL.

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