Jacks or Better ~ Rouge et Noir Side Bet ~

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Gilles Lagrene (ジル ラグレーン)
CV: 土門熱

Jacks or Better ~ Rouge et Noir Side Bet ~

You just managed to graduate from the Academy somehow with barely passing marks and entered the FBI.

However, after only a few months of being assigned to the New York branch as a new investigator, you were suddenly given a solo mission.

It was to monitor Gilles Lagrene, a quasi-executive of the criminal syndicate, House.

You infiltrated House as a dealer and succeeded in getting close to your target, Gilles, but—

Everyone thank Hina again for making me come back to this series!! Or more like I’m always obsessed about this series, but I’m lazy about translating it until someone kicks me in the bum. R18 content warning but nothing else because Gilles is just a romping puppy, heheh.

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

“Jacks or Better” is a type of poker game! There’s a simple video game version where you play by yourself in a five-card draw and you win by having at least a pair of Jacks, or a better hand (hence its name). In actual poker, when you’re playing this type, you can only open the betting if you have a pair of jacks or better.

Note1: Timeline-wise, this takes place after Arlen’s Double Down but obviously before Maximum Bet. However, it has spoilers for Gilles (or Inspector Gabriel Garrett) and his presence throughout the series and in Maximum Bet.

*** TRACK 1: Position Bet ***

This is a strange term because, as far as I understand, it means making a bet that takes advantage of your position (going early, middle, or late around the table) and/or information from your position. But… doesn’t this apply to all bets? LOL.

*radio crackle*

Gilles: In a short time, the Pit Boss will be arriving. Everyone get in position.

*people start moving, including heroine; car arrives, stops, Gilles gets out*

G: Client’s not here yet? They should be people annoying about their time though… *uses radio* The client is late in their arrival. Everyone, report on your surroundings. *radio response; running noises* Hey, what’s wrong? *gunfire through radio*

G: !! Heh… so that’s how it is… *shouts to everyone* Hostiles! Business is called off! We’re withdrawing in one minute. Quickly!

*everyone runs around; enemy cars arrive*

G: Che, they came already? *uses his gun* What’re you dawdling for! Hurry up and bring the goods along! *gunfire; Gilles shooting people down* Hell, what a pointless thing. Don’t make us deal with you nobodies! *drops someone with a kick; gunfire still* Ngh! Aa-ah, they keep coming one after another. *heroine shoots* Woah! *whistles when bodies drop* Oh? You look like you know how to use a gun.

G: Back me up. I’ll get the car out from the back. *car pulls up; gunfire* Oh! Right after I spoke, this now? They’re being so thorough in blocking our path. Hah… they leave me with no choice.


G: *knocks gently on car window* Excuse me, Arlen. *window rolls down* I sincerely apologize, but please wait for a moment. There’s garbage all over the path home, so I am going to sweep it away. Oh no, please stay inside the car. You don’t want to be late for dinner, right? I’m hungry too, so I’ll pass on missing my chance to eat like what happened before. Yes, I’ll finish this in five minutes. *window rolls up*

G: Now then… in that case… *reloads gun* I’ll get this cleaned up quickly and head to dinner time. *Rouge et Noir BGM kicks in*

Narrator: Jacks or Better. Rouge et Noir… Side Bet.

*scene skip; Gilles lights up a smoke*

G: … Mm? Hey. Ah, like I thought… you’re the one from earlier. Yeah, you had pretty good skills so it left an impression. What’re you doing? This floor is forbidden to everyone except senior dealers. Piers’ room is ahead, but… Were you personally called for by him? In that case, don’t go. You’ll be treated like a toy. Heh, that guy enjoys making the girls he’s interested in drink Rouge et Noir and playing around with them. You wanna be degraded into being cattle? *heroine shakes head*

G: Hm. Certainly, I suppose an underling can’t ignore the summons from an executive. Hmm… *smokes* then how about you serve under me? Because one of my subordinates died in the attack earlier, there hasn’t been enough hands. It’s the fringe chores of Arlen’s miscellaneous affairs, but you’re more or less employed by the Number Two, so you can ignore Piers, who is a lower rank.

G: Heh. *smokes* It wasn’t like it was for your sake. It’s just that people who look like they can be used are valuable. What’re you going to do? *heroine nods* Mm. Then, first thing in the morning, come to the elevator hall on the forty-seventh floor. We’re going to greet Arlen.

*** TRACK 2: Show Card ***

It means exactly what it sounds like. It’s when a player shows their cards at a time that isn’t obligatory. This can be done for various reasons such as tricking people, warning people of their strong hands, bluffing, etc. Really, it can be anything.

*Gilles uses card to unlock door*

G: Enter.

*they enter; door closes*

G: This is my room. There’s something we need to do first. *walks closer* Strip. You’re meeting one of the top brass, so a body check is a matter of course. Is that inconvenient? *heroine shakes head* Then hurry up, we’re wasting time. Just get down to your underwear. *heroine removes clothes*

G: Put both hands behind your head and stand there. *walks around* I’m removing your hair clip, okay? There’s nothing inside your hair. Next is your ears.

G: Hm… your right is okay. Hm… left is also good. Hm, inside your bra… there’s nothing. Tsk, don’t move, it’ll make it harder to check. Next, open your mouth. Wider. Yeah, like that. Hold my finger in your mouth like that. There’s no poison in the back… that’s set up. The top of your mouth… and below your tongue… there’s no particular problem.

G: … Alright, moving on. Turn your back to me. *heroine turns* There’s no type of transmitter… anywhere, as far as that’s concerned. After that… is just this place, huh. I’ve told you not to move. As a woman, you’d know best on how you can hide various things here, right? Come on, if you want this to be done and over with then relax your body.


G: Good girl. *checks vagina* Heh… hey now, I said this was a body check, right? What’re you getting wet for? Heh, whatever. We can save on wasting time. Look, it’s pretty smooth to examine deep inside.

G: … Heh. *pulls out* Aah… my fingers are dirty. *licks clean his fingers*

G: You can wear your clothes now. We’re done. Haha, did you think you were going to get assaulted by me like this? Sorry, but you aren’t my type. *walks away; throws clothes at heroine* Here. Put it on quickly. Once you’re prepared, we’re going.

*scene skip; Gilles and heroine knock on door*

G: Excuse me. *uses card to get in and close door* Good morning, Arlen. I brought yesterday’s report over. In addition, I brought one of my subordinates for an introduction. *to heroine* Come on, give him your greetings.


G: *to Arlen* Hahah, give me a break. Sorry, but I’m not so troubled for sexual partners that I’d make a female dealer I survived that encounter with my lover. More importantly, with respect to the business matter the other day, nothing has appeared presently to lead to the ringleader; however, the only certainty is that their target was you. Do you have any suspicions?

G: Haha, my apologies, there are too many reasons for you to be targeted, aren’t there. Well, there was that matter a month ago with Gerald. Please take precautions. Yessir. Then, we’ll take our leave now. *to heroine* Let’s go.

*Gilles and heroine exit room; walking through hall*

G: What’s up? How long have you been in House? If you only joined recently, then you wouldn’t know Gerald. Gerald is one of the old ones; he’s the same rank as Piers’, the guy who called you last night, the Number Three. Several months ago, in order to fill the hole Arlen left, when he returned to his home country injured, Gerald should have taken control of the House in Kaasa.

G: … He died. In the middle of a dispute with Underdog, he was unlucky and hit by a stray bullet. Thanks to that, the chain of command with all the dealers completely collapsed and House had no choice but to withdraw temporarily from Japan. But then again… the stray bullet came from a surprisingly close distance somewhere.

G: Heh, I’m saying you can’t trust anything.

*** TRACK 3: House Rule ***

Every home or casino has its own unique rules in addition to the general rules of the game. It can be anything, but generally we’re talking about things like no smoking or something.

*driving in a car*

G: How’s your knowledge on the products House uses? Oh yeah, you just joined. Our leading products are the two types of Rouge et Noir; there’s the capsule pill type, Rouge et Noir, and the liquid type, Second Barrel. When ingested, whether the aphrodisiac side, Side Rouge, or the side that brings about pain, Side Noir, appears is the same for either one. Oh, also, there’s a neutralizer called Strategy. If you ingest them with this then you can forcibly draw out Side Rouge.

G: Incidentally, the Second Barrel passing through House’s dealers is a crudely developed product, so it takes time for the effect to happen. You can’t use it in business, so take care. Right, heh. I’m not going to explain twice, so drill it into your head. *parks car* We’ve arrived. *they get out*

*scene skip; in car again, driving*

G: Oh? You’re up? It was around twenty minutes. After we came out of Chinatown, you passed out right away. Anyhow, you haven’t been sleeping much lately, have you?

G: Once we’ve reached base, rest until dawn. Enough, go to sleep. Later, when I take a nap, it’ll be a problem if I don’t have you acting as my alarm clock, right? I’m telling you to come and wake me. There’s a spare key to my room in the dashboard. *heroine takes it*

G: I’m going to tell you in advance, but… I have trouble waking up in the morning. If I don’t wake when you call me, just kick me awake. Got it? *heroine nods*

[03:00] *scene skip; heroine knocks on door, no answer; uses card to get in*

G: …… Zzz……

G: Nngh…

G: … Nrgh… zzz…

*heroine touches his necklace; he snaps awake and grabs her hand*

G: !!… What are you doing? I told you that if I didn’t wake when you called me, then you should kick me awake, right? Don’t touch anything unnecessary. *throws her hand away*

G: Grgh… What? Heh, do you see me as someone who’s deeply religious? *heroine shakes head* Right? This rosary… I’m not carrying it to offer prayers to God.

G: … Who knows. It has nothing to do with you. *walks away* I’m going to take a shower. Get me some change of clothes. *opens door and closes door; heroine opens his closet*

*** TRACK 4: Rating ***

This is a pretty general term, but I believe in this case it’s supposed to mean the hand rankings that are (almost) universally accepted to determine winning hands in poker.

*heroine walking*

G: Oh, it’s you! Perfect timing. *walks closer* I’m heading out for a bit right now. It’s minor business. You’re to stand by this entire day in the base. *heroine nods* I’ll contact you later.

*scene skip; heroine activates electronic tool; scans for things in Gilles’ room; heads out to balcony; her phone rings*

G: *through phone* It’s me. Yeah, it’s going to take some more time. How’re things going there?

G: … Nothing in particular, huh. That’s good. Heh… Nah, it’s just that you’re a pretty hot woman. The sight of you lit up by the sunset isn’t so bad. The problem is… that it’s my room, isn’t it? Woah there, don’t move.

G: Tsk tsk, heh, the red point on the left side of your chest… It’s impossible for you not to know what it is, right? Heheh. It’s not my taste to use a laser sight when I’m sniping, but… it’s useful for times like these. Hahah, it seems like you believed completely in that tracking tool at hand. The homing device you planted when you came to wake me… is in the pocket of a business man I passed in the morning. That’s why I told you… not to trust in anything.


G: Heh, it’s good you’re understanding. There’s handcuffs in the bedside drawer. Come out to the terrace and fasten your right hand to the handrail. *heroine grabs handcuffs; restrains herself*

G: Wait obediently like that. I’m coming back right now. *ends call*

*scene skip; Gilles is on top of heroine*

G: Rummaging through my room while I’m absent… Naughty girl. *heroine resists* Stop struggling. Ngh, calm down! The more you’re cornered, the more you’re supposed to make a calm decision. That’s what you learned in Quantico’s academy, right?

G: I knew it… It appears that the FBI are seriously wary about me having betrayed them.

G: Yep, I’m the same as you. An active FBI investigator currently infiltrating House. I’m Arlen’s monitor and bodyguard. Furthermore, in the case of an order, I have a mission to assassinate him.

G: Heh, you look like you don’t understand anything. You’re wondering why you were made to monitor me? *heroine nods* Occasionally, when you’re undercover and alone for a long period, there’s people who sympathize with those they’re infiltrating and change sides. The FBI are worried about whether I’m one of those or not. My surveillance target is, of all people, that man after all. So, all the more.


G: Deeply involved with the D-Record… an ex-FBI investigator. That is Arlen Clive’s identity. *leans in* Shh! The “D” in D-Record stands for “delete”. Exactly like the word, it’s all important and classified business involving events and personnel who are erased from the FBI’s official records. A large number of those… are in Arlen’s head, even now. It’s natural for the FBI to get worked up, since it’ll be catastrophic if the D-Record is disseminated or if he dies carrying it.

G: Investigators involved with the D-Record… are judged by any and all suitable elements. You were decided as being suitable. Whether you were a rookie or not had no bearing on this. Well, to be honest, the judgment criteria is known only to a part of the upper executives; it’s a black box.

G: … Here, you can relax now. *removes handcuffs* Haha, I know your identity, so why would I kill you? *lights smoke* Mm?

G: It was just now that I confirmed you were FBI. However, I noticed immediately from the first raid that you were a person experienced with police-related training. *smokes* My monitor, huh. The probability of a person with that talent just wandering underground was fifty percent, so I had you tested with that method. I guessed the possibility was small, but… if you were the ringleader targeting Arlen… then by now the window curtains would be stained red.

G: Heh, good thing you’re weak to leading questions. You’re not very suited to infiltration though. *smokes* Anyway, there’s no reason to be hostile towards you. Right now, my utmost priority is settling the matter with the mastermind of the earlier mentioned attack. If Arlen dies then it’d be impossible for me to accomplish my mission.

G: Even if I don’t have clues, I can spread out a net. The deal with Xiang Mao that I was coordinating has been set for three days later.

G: Hm? *smokes* This time I’ll be luring them out.

*** TRACK 5: Rabbit Hunting ***

Yes, this is an actual poker term too! Basically, it means getting the dealer to continue another turn or two AFTER you fold to see how your hand may have turned out if you had continued to play. This is discouraged in actual casinos though because it slows down the game.

*driving in a car*

G: Still… it was surprising for you to suggest working together. Heh, true, it’s your mission to monitor me. So, I guess it’d be natural to watch my movements by acting together with me. And? How is it? The feeling of being bait.

G: That’s not enjoyable, huh. Before it’s too late, how about you tell me what you want engraved on your tombstone and the flower you want for tribute? Hahaha! Don’t get angry, I was joking. More importantly, check out the monitor. There’s three black vans stopped there.

G: Yeah, the enemies brought over by Xiang Mao. They’ve eaten up the bait as it stands. About this time, the real Pit Boss is finishing up business in another location. *turns on car blinker* I see them…

G: We’re gonna crash right into them. On my signal, as planned, jump out! *speeds up car* Three… two… one… GO! *they both jump out of the car* Ngh!

*car crashes; explosion*

G: Here they come! *pulls out gun; gunfire*

G: Heh, as always, it’s only your skill with guns that isn’t bad. Ngh! It’s almost wasted on a woman. *heroine shoots* Heh, I’m complimenting you! In my own way.

G: That one with the mask is the leader. It’ll be pointless if that one escapes. We’re chasing! *runs after escapee* Haa… haa… Oh! *gunfire* Over here! Hah… we’ll get ahead of him to the high-rise he’s entering. Hurry! Haa… haa… haa…!!

*they run up stairs; opens door and aims their guns*

G: Freeze!

G: … Put your gun down… and remove that mask. *walks closer slowly* Hurry up. There’s no place for you to run anymore. *mask is removed*


G: That’s a familiar face. *to heroine* Gerald’s aide and a senior dealer. As Gerald’s subordinate… why are you targeting Arlen? *bullet is thrown to him* Because of this? *picks it up*… It’s the bullet I habitually use for my rifle, huh. You said you found this on Gerald’s body? *person nods* So that’s how it is… to make Gerald’s murder my work… Or, to be precise, it’s someone wanting to show that it was Arlen’s scheme.

G: The person who’d think this up is… *door behind them opens* Ah, GET DOWN! *tackles heroine*

*gunfire; Gerald’s aide dies; guns get pulled on Gilles and heroine*

G: … Hah, jeez. Right after I said it, the mastermind makes his appearance. So it really was you… Piers.

G: If Gerald rebuilt House in Kaasa then in time he’d be promised the Number Two seat. You… couldn’t stomach that, right? That’s why you made it look like Arlen was protecting his current position and ordered me to assassinate Gerald. That being done, his loyal subordinates would definitely target Arlen for revenge. And if he died from that, you’d profit. Even if he didn’t, if I was purged for being the perpetrator of Gerald’s case, you’d get a pretext for making Arlen lose his standing.

G: Heh… my master’s Number Two seat… is it that comfortable to sit on? You’re telling me to shut up? Aah, sure, sure. I got it, I got it. But… I don’t have an obligation to let myself be quietly killed. *kicks them; gunfire* Now!

[05:42] *Gilles and heroine run; slams door close*

G: You’re alive, right? We’re going to recover our position. RUN! *they go down stairs; gunfire*

G: Che, that Piers… How many people did he bring!? Nrgh! *shoots gun; opens door on ground; more gunfire*

G: Ugh, really. There’s still more? Ngh. *gunfire*

G: Haah… there’s no end. How many bullets do you have left? *both checking guns* This is my last too. *reloads* Hah, guess this’ll have to do. We’re cutting through! *gunfire* GO!

*they dash; Gilles’ rosary drops*

G: Ah! Shit…! *drops behind cover* You keep going. ENOUGH, GO! *gunfire; heroine runs out to pick up rosary* Ah! HEY!! You idiot girl, what’re you doing—! *Gilles tackles her* Nrgh! *they get surrounded*

G: Hah… this is the worst… *drops his gun* Is this game over?

*** TRACK 6: Check Raise ***

Okay, so when the game opens, players have the option of opening by placing a bet, raising the bet (only after it’s been made), or checking (which means skipping your round to let someone else open). Now, check raising is a deceptive play where you check out early, let someone else open the bet, and then you raise that bet.

It’s basically a guaranteed way to raise the value of the pot by two bets at the beginning, because you might not want to tip anyone off about your plan or strength by opening low or high. It can also give you information about another player’s hand and, if you’re confident, you’d want to increase the pot value. This is generally not allowed in small games though. It can also be used as an intimidation tactic by constantly check raising a single player.

*chains rattle*

G: I really didn’t consider this kind of situation… Heh, if you’re going to apologize, then don’t act before you think.

G: … Why?… Why did you go out of your way to pick up this rosary in that situation? It looked precious…? Haah… looks like I have to retract my personal evaluation of you. Right now, who cares about you being judged suitable for the D-Record. You’re not suited to this job.

G: Don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t say that was bad, right? I knew someone like you… a person who could sacrifice themselves without hesitation for someone else. It’s a bit nostalgic.

G: … He’s dead. Many years ago now. Heh, it’s fine. More importantly, the problem now is… how we break out of this place. For now… *chains rattle* it’s impossible until we do something about this chain restraining us, huh. Hmm, is there any way… *door opens* Oh? Heh…

G: Yo, Piers! Did you come here to dispose of us? *vial is opened*

G: Second Barrel? You’re going to make me and her drink it? Furthermore, without Strategy… Ugh, as usual, you have some hobby. *loudly* Makes me wanna puke— GRGH! *gets kicked; Gilles coughing*


G: Haha… my thanks for your kind consideration. Ngh… heh, alright. I’ll drink it first. *heroine protests* Either way, he’ll kill us after he gets bored of seeing us suffer. In that case, it’ll be better to shorten, even just a little, the time a woman is in pain. You don’t mind, right, Piers? It’s decided then.

G: Che, I won’t ask for something extravagant like being made to drink by a sexy, beautiful lady so, at the very least, remove these chains. Ggh, I’ll drink it myself! I’ll pass on being made to drink it by some dude. Heh, I thought so. Haa… FINE. I just need to open my mouth obediently, right? *drinks vial; Gilles coughs*

G: … Now then… Red or Black… which one will appear?

G: … Hah…! Gugh… ngh… hrgh…!! Agh… fuck… I have no luck… For Side Noir to get drawn up…! AGH… ngh…!! Urgh… gugh… s-save me… my body… feels like it’s going to break into pieces… Gugh… AGH!! Kugh… ugh… *Gilles twisting and turning in pain*

G: Argh… ugh… ah… hahaHAHA. Just kidding. *slips out of chains; punches Piers; gets his gun*


G: You’re fond of your terrible hobbies, Piers. Don’t uselessly drag out someone’s life when you just need to kill them. *shoots heroine’s chains off* Here, take this! *kicks another gun over*

G: Hah… now, we’re even. Heh, TOO LATE! *gunfire at reinforcements* Heheheh, too bad, Piers. It’s not even… the table is turned. *cocks gun* Go to hell… shitbag. *executes Piers*

G: … It’s over, huh. Borrow some random car there and we’ll pull out.

G: While I was pretending like I was suffering from the pain of Side Noir, I dislocated my thumb and slipped out of the chains. A fine performance fit for Hollywood, right? *heroine inquires about him* For now, somehow. I told you before, the Second Barrel going around with the dealers are inferior products whose effects are slow. Piers, who rarely showed his face at business deals, didn’t seem to think to that point.

G: Well, I’ll be lucky if I hold on like this until we get back to base… You look like you have something to ask still.

G: Certainly, there was a possibility it wouldn’t be an inferior product, but… if Side Rouge appeared, you’d be raped by them in front of my eyes.

G: … I didn’t want to see that. That’s why I drank first. That’s all. *turns away* Let’s go.

*** TRACK 7: High Stakes ***

I’m sure this track title or something similar has been used in the other Rouge et Noir series (Arlen’s second volume had High Roller). But basically this designates the gambling game to have significant gains and losses.

*elevator dings open*

G: Haagh… haa…!! *leans against wall* Nrgh… haa… sorry… open my room with the key. *heroine slides card; door opens and they enter* Nrgh… haa… haah…!! Urgh!!

G: Haa… haa… I thought I was barely safe when we reached the underground parking lot… But it looks like I’m out, ugh… Haha… Side Rouge… the aphrodisiac… My body’s so hot it feels like it’ll burn up. Ngh… agh…!!

G: I’ve got… a request. Hagh… tie me… to the bed. There’s handcuffs in the same place as before… haa… ENOUGH, HURRY UP! *heroine uses handcuffs on him* Ngh, yeah, like that… put my other hand to the bed’s post… Haah… haa…

G: Ahaha… hrgh… this’ll be enough. Go back to your own room…

G: … Yeah, it hurts a lot. Even in this moment… I can’t help but want to thrust you down in front of me. Haa… hah… I want a woman so fucking bad… it makes me feel like I’m going insane. Nnrgh… *Gilles writhing in pain* ugh…!! Aagh… ARGH!! Haa… haa…


G: Ngh!? Hey! What’re you doing!? *heroine pulls down his zipper* Who asked for that?! Enough, hurry up and— agh!! *heroine gives BJ* Nngh…!! Fuck… stop it! Agh…! Aah… haa… haa…!!

G: Don’t… suck that place! Aagh… ah… let go…!! At this rate, I’m gonna… right away…!! Haa… haagh…!!

G: Quit it and let go… I’m gonna… ngh… Aagh…!! Haa… haa… I’m coming…!! *he orgasms* Aah… hah… hagh…!!

G: Haa… haa… *slips the handcuffs; sits up*!! Hagh… haa…!! Hell if I know… it just unfastened by itself. More importantly… Nrgh! *shoves heroine down* Don’t you know this drug is said to be the strongest aphrodisiac? Haa… there’s no way it’ll settle with just one blow job. Rather, it’s like you poured oil on a fire…!

G: Nngh… I’m gonna say this once, but the one who created this situation was you. *rips clothes; growls* Prepare yourself, stupid woman. *kisses*

G: … Mrgh… mm… Haah… haa… your underwear’s in the way…! Ngh! Hagh… haa… ngh! *kissing down*


G: Shit… this smell… it’s twisting into my brain’s nerves… Mngh!! Haa… hagh…

G: As if I can hold back… *inserts himself* Aagh…!! Ah, it’s squeezing me…! It almost hurts…! Ungh… haa… *thrusting*

G: Somehow… ngh, it feels like my whole body’s an erogenous zone… nrgh… just a slight rub and it’s so good it feels like my reason’s gonna go flying… Nngh… haa… hah…!! *thrusting* Shit… I’m gonna come again… ungh… ah…!! Don’t ask for something unreasonable… I’m not gonna wait…!! Aah… ah… I’m coming…!! *he orgasms*

G: Haagh… haa… *growls* not yet… One more… haah… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

G: Nngh… hah… shit, just a kiss and I feel like I’m gonna come again…! Ungh, what’s happening to my body!? Haa… I’m not a kid in heat… Isn’t this too soon!? Aah… haa…!! *kisses; thrusting* Aah… I’m co… I’m coming…!! Aah… ngh… mm…!! *he orgasms*

G: Hah… haagh… *kisses*… haa… Fuck… it’s not enough still… Even if you say it’s too much, for me it’s too much too… More… I wanna fuck you crazily more… Nngh… more… deeper… *thrusting; kisses* Mm… ngh…!! Are you about to come… all of a sudden? Haha… then come… In a situation like this, there’s no need to restrain yourself, right!? Ngh, then I’ll give you some help! Nngh…!!

G: It’s… tight…! Here… come! Haa… hah… let it go! *kisses; thrusting* Nngh…. mgh!! *he orgasms*


G: … Haah… hagh… ahah, you squeezed so hard it felt like a force… even I came… Haha, but sorry… it doesn’t look like that part of me has gone down yet. Nngh… *thrusting* Haa… haha… at this rate… it feels like all the sperm in my whole life is gonna get wrung out… agh… ngh…!! *fade out*

*scene skip*

G: *husky voice* You’re awake?… How’s your body?

G: … Thought so. I couldn’t stop even after you lost consciousness… Speaking of which, even now it hasn’t calmed down yet. Heh, I’m obviously joking. I’ve already released everything I could release and I’m all out.

G: *rolls over; rosary clinks* That reminds me… I haven’t thanked you properly yet. I’m talking about this. *holds up rosary* Yeah… it’s like a memento… somewhat.

G: … Before I joined the FBI… I was in the army… as a sniper. With just a finger I determined the life and death of a person. For me, a person who was completely submissive to their parents until I left for college… it was an irresistible pleasure.


G: The guys in the same squad gave me a wide berth… but there was one person who didn’t do that. Joshua. *fiddles with necklace* The owner of this rosary. He was good-natured to the point where you wouldn’t think he was in the army, and he always prioritized other people over himself. So, he often got the short end of the stick and went through horrible things, but… he never blamed anyone and he’d just foolishly laugh.

G: Even though I thought he was an unavoidable nuisance at the beginning… I got used to it or was infected. Either way, before I knew it… we ended up hanging out together a lot.

G: Best friend… yeah, I guess so. It might have been a relationship close to that. One day, we failed an unreasonable plan our superior officer forced on us… and our entire squad became prisoners of war. One by one, people died because of the daily torture. Before long, even the energy to live was weak… but Joshua, without missing a day, gripped this rosary and prayed to God. “Please save my comrades”.

G: Heh… he didn’t pray even once for himself to be saved. Hah… even though he was the one who should have been saved the most. However… yeah… in the end, the only one who remained alive was me.


G: Hehe… apparently the existence called God is horribly capricious and, rather than saving people who should be saved, they extend a hand to unsalvageable people. Like they’re telling them to think about why they were left alive.

G: Hah, you mean next time it’s my turn to save someone? Quit it with the jokes. You’re overestimating me. I’m not such an impressive person… Now and in the past, I’m still just unsalvageable trash. Hehe, not someone who can face Joshua. *heroine shakes head*

G: You don’t have to be considerate. I’m self-aware. *heroine shakes head* Heh… stubborn woman. Then, we’ll leave it at that. *rolls over; kisses*… No reason. I did it just because I felt like it. *kisses; turns away* I think I’ll sleep some more. Even I’m still sluggish… Come on… haha, come closer. If you stay that close to the edge, you’ll fall off the bed. *holds heroine* Good night.

*** TRACK 8: Payout ***

The prize that’s paid out to the winning player(s) at the end of a poker tournament!

*Gilles is reporting to Arlen*

G: The above-mentioned is the full story from Gerald’s death to the attack on the business deal. The mastermind, Piers, was disposed. Yes, Gerald, as a past member of Main Cage, the predecessor organization to House, he was received particularly warmly even among the other executives since House’s formation. His position was similar to yours. Apart from Piers, there are many who are adverse to you. *teasing* With this incident, you’ve brought even more resentment upon yourself.

G: Well, the watchdog’s turn on the stage will just increase more or less. Hehe, yessir. Now then, please excuse me. *starts to leave but gets called* What is it?… Huh?

*scene skip*

G: —that’s why, starting today, you and I were told to take two weeks off.

G: Who knows. It’s probably some sort of whim. Even I don’t know. Besides, by suddenly receiving a holiday, there’s nothing in particular for me to do…

G: You too? *smiles slowly* Heh… I see… In that case… *pins heroine down; whispers* how about we have sex? There’s a woman in front of me that I want to fuck… isn’t that reason enough? Of course, if you don’t want to… I won’t force you. Oh? *heroine pulls him into a kiss* Mmgh… ngh!? Haha… that’s assertive. *kisses* Mmm…


G: Mm? No, I was just thinking this was a self-contradiction. I said you weren’t my type, and yet why did things get like this?

G: … Aah, that’s it. It’s that cognitive dissonance thing in psychology. *leans in* Heh, nope, I’m not gonna stop. *kisses* Mmgh… right now, it’s a fact that I instinctually want you. And what about you? *heroine nods* Right? Then, who cares about the details. Let’s enjoy this strange situation to the utmost.

G: Nngh… *kisses*… Haha, is my hair tickling you? *heroine shakes head* Oh? Then… *strokes heroine* did you get aroused? Heh, you’re easy to understand. *kisses; fingers heroine* Haha, I thought this from the body check before, but you get wet easily, don’t you? Look… you’re like this already.

G: … Hey, what do you want? Should I use my fingers like this? Hehe, be honest and tell me… that you want me.

G: Alright, wait one moment. *removes belt; grabs condom* Today we’re having safe sex. Heh, surprising? I’m more of a gentleman than you think, you know? Heh… maybe.


G: Open your legs.

G: … Here, this is what you wanted, right? Nngh…! Haah… it’s hot inside of you… *slow thrusting* Mm… ngh…

G: Hm?… Heh, I told you I was a gentleman. Besides, because of that from before, it annoys me to be thought of as a premature ejaculator. *low whisper* Today I’m going to do this slowly… ngh… Hey, haha, you clenched just now. Are you looking forward to it? *heroine shakes head* Heh, it’s only your body that’s honest.

G: Nngh… hah… do you like it here? *hard thrust* NGH! Haha… what a nice response. Haah… hah… you can let yourself feel it more. Show me a sexy look. Hah… haa…!

G: It’s gotten tight inside, haha… Nngh, it looks like you’re the quick one today. Here… I’ll make you come. Nngh… mm…! *thrusting; heroine orgasms* Nrgh…!

G: Haha, looks like you came. There’s tears in your eyes. Haah… you’re… cute. *kisses* Heh… Ah, now was the first time I’ve thought of you as cute, haha. But there’s a problem… if you make that kind of face, it makes me want to bully you. Heh… ngh… *changes positions*

G: Come on, put your hands on the sheets. Raise your hips more. That way I can enter you deeper. Haah… nngh…!! Hah… hagh…! *thrusting*


G: Look, I’m hitting you deeply, right? Ungh… ngh… here, I’ll rub this place too. Haah… haa…!! *heroine orgasms* Ngh! Hahahah, hey… you really came all of a sudden. This place… does it feel that good? Heh, then… come one more time. Nngh…!! Haah… hah…!! *heroine orgasms*

G: … Ahah, crap, just now I was driven to the edge. Haah… hah… NGH! Hah… hagh…!! *thrusting* Haha, this is complete self-destruction… I’m about to come… ngh… Aah… ah… I’m coming…! *kisses; he orgasms* Nngh… mgh…!

G: Haa… hah… Hey… look this way… Haha… you… have an irresistible look on your face again. *kisses*

G: *catches heroine* Haha… haah… what a cute woman. Heh… *kisses; fade out*

*scene skip*

G: … Zzz… *phone rings*… mgh… who…? *grabs phone*… Ah… *clears throat; husky voice still* It’s Gilles. Is something the matter?… Yes… sir… I’ll go immediately. *ends call; throws phone* Tsk… ugh… what holiday. I thought this’d happen.

G: Yeah, as you guessed, it was Arlen. Hah, I thought I’d get a relaxing dinner with you for once. But we have to give up the holiday we finally got. Mm… well, we’ve got no choice. *rolls over to heroine; whispers* Well then… let’s clean things up quickly… and head to dinner time.


*driving in car*

G: The day’s getting dark. It’s later than I expected, but… well, whatever. Either way, I don’t have any particular plans for tomorrow. Jeez, even if we get a sudden holiday, it ends up like this when the two of us are together.

G: Oh! *pulls car aside* Look. *rolls window down* The sun just happens to be setting. Normally, I don’t watch it like this but it’s surprisingly not so bad, huh.

G: … What? Is there something on my face? *heroine shakes head* Heh… you’re more beautiful than the sunset. Is that what you thought I’d say? Hehe, too bad, those kind of lines are outside of my field. However… *leans over; kisses*

G: When I look at you right now… it’s a fact that I end up wanting to do this to you. Heh… *kisses; removes seat belt; lowers seat*

G: Mmgh… kisses alone aren’t enough for you? *heroine shakes head* Heh, liar. Nngh… it’s hard here. Come on… ngh. Cars will rarely pass through a road in the suburbs like this. There’s no need to worry about people’s eyes, right? Mm… *kisses*


G: It’s gotten hard… Should I use my hands for this one? Mm… don’t suppress your voice. After all, I’m the only one listening. Let me hear more. *heroine shakes head* Haha, you… Sometimes you’re bold, but when it suddenly becomes this situation you’re delicate. Still… you’re a little excited, right? *heroine denies* Yes… you are.

G: Ngh… look, you’re already wet. You’re a sensitive woman, as always. *kisses*

G: Mm… it’s all sticky. I’ll give you a finger now. Nn… haha, it got swallowed smoothly. I don’t dislike a greedy body. Taste it as much as you like. Nngh… ah… *fingering heroine*

G: Your knees are shaking. Are you at your limits? *heroine nods* Heh, that’s quick. And here I wanted to bully you more… I got it. Nngh… hah… Come on, feel good. Show me… your orgasm. Mm… haah… *heroine orgasms*

G: … Haha… did that feel good? *heroine nods* I’m glad then. Ahah… there’s a string. *licks his own fingers*

G: Hahah! What kind of look is that?! Haha… do you want me? *heroine nods* The moment I say that you’re honest. But… we’re going to put off the continuation. I want to fuck you as much as I like in a large place. There’s a motel up ahead. Let’s go. Heheh. *kisses; puts on seat belt; starts car*

[07:42] *scene skip; door closes; Gilles kisses heroine into wall*

G: Mgh… you’re more sensitive than you were before. Frustrated…? From up until we arrived here? *heroine shakes head* Heheh, admit it. *kisses*

G: Heh… nrgh… your legs aren’t very stable. Hah, your thighs are hot. Impatient? *heroine nods* Thought so. Here… your underwear’s soaking. It can’t be used anymore, huh… this thing. Haah… it’s flowing out… Feels like my fingers will get sodden, ngh… *fingering heroine*

G: I’ll be sure to support you, so relax. My fingers can’t reach deep into you. Good girl… mmgh… *kisses*

G: Ungh… haah… hah… Haha, you look like you’re gonna come again. Nngh… hehe, I’ll make you come properly, so don’t look at me with so much resentment. *kneels down* Once in a while, I’ll use my mouth. *gives oral*

G: … Heh… ngh… it’s bittersweet. It won’t stop flowing out from deep inside… mmgh…


G: Do you want me to pull it out soon? Nngh… then… I’ve gotta make this place come quickly. Mmrgh… ngh… almost, here… ngh…! *heroine orgasms*

G: Haa… hah… Hahah, you… do you know what face you’re making right now? *heroine shakes head* Ahah, it’s a crazily seductive and erotic face. Thanks to that, I’m like this. Ah… hah, right? It’s rigid. I want to hurry up and be in you… *removes belt and zipper; pulls out condom*

G: Yeah, we’re doing it here. I can’t wait until the bed… I’m putting it in. Nngh… ungh… aah… it’s smooth inside… Aren’t you way too slippery? I won’t be able to stop. Nngh… haah… *thrusting*

G: Ahah, that’s a nice voice. Goes right down to my groin. Ggh… hah…!!

G: Haa… haha… you look like you’re in so much pleasure you’re gonna lose your mind… Nngh… then go mad. I’ll give you as much as you want… ngh… haah… haa…!!


G: Nngh! *heroine orgasms* Aah… haha… you came in an instant. Your legs are wobbly, haha. But… haven’t you forgotten something? That I haven’t come. Heh… nngh! Aagh… ngh…!! *thrusting*

G: Look this way… hah… You like kisses, right? Mm… *kisses; thrusting*

G: Agh… I’m going to come soon… ngh…!! Haa… hagh… haah…!! I’m coming…!! Haa… ngh…!! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hah… let’s take a break? Haha… okay, then… hah… the second round’s gonna be in bed. Haah… hah… *kisses; fade out*

*scene skip; car engine won’t start*

G: … Aah… it really won’t start. The battery’s run out. Apparently, the headlights were on all through the night. Tsk… a basic mistake. But, well, it was inevitable. To the point where we didn’t have the room to notice that… we were engrossed in having fun until the morning. Heh, right?

G: Yeah, that’s right. I have cables on board, so… if a car passes on the road in front of us, I’ll ask them for some help. But when that’ll happen is up in the air. Sooner or later, we’ll manage somehow.

G: Haha! It’s fine to be easygoing with these sort of things. Besides… *walks closer* as long as you’re here, it won’t be boring no matter how long it takes. Right? Mhm, hehe. *kisses*


*Gilles knocks on door*

G: It’s me. Do you have some time? *heroine opens door* Yo! You’re still up, huh. Join me for this? *clinks wine bottle and glasses*

G: Yep, the queen of wines, Chateau Margaux. Furthermore, it’s thirty years old. Something you’d seldom see. *grinning* I borrowed one from the guest of honor’s seat. Don’t worry, at any rate, it was scattered among other vintage wines. No one would notice if one went missing. Well, think of it as employee benefits.

G: If you don’t want any, I’ll savor it by myself though… What’re you gonna do? Heh, that’s what I thought. With this, you’re complicit. Then, I’m gonna open it so sit down.

G: I’m good. It’s aged, so the cork is brittle. There’s a trick to opening these… ngh… *screws cork until it pops; pours two drinks* Aah… what a nice color.

G: Here, yours. *sits beside heroine* Ah! Want to toast? To what? Let’s see… then, how about to our hard day’s work? Heh, cheers. *clinks glass; he drinks* Mm, like I thought, the depths of it are different from the ones you’d get here and there. Aah, it’s been a while since I had such a good Bordeaux.


G: Heh, it doesn’t look like it agreed much with your mouth. I could tell from your face. For vintage wines, the older they become the more complicated their flavor and fragrance become. If you’re not someone who likes them then I don’t think you’d find a single sip delicious.

G: Haha, it’s not that I’m particularly knowledgeable about wine or anything. I just like it a bit more than other alcohol. *pours more into his glass* Only… wine is a living thing, you know? Even in just this short time with the cork open, the flavor changes. Look, you’ll think you were tricked if you take another drink. *heroine drinks*

G: Right? It’s completely different from earlier. That’s why I don’t get bored. Even when the glass is different, it won’t be the same flavor. Yeah, heh… If you don’t believe me, do you want to test it? *holds wine in mouth; kisses heroine*

G: Mm… ah… Hey, haha, don’t spill it. It’ll be a waste. *licks heroine* I said it was goods you’d seldom see, didn’t I? Come on, enjoy one more mouthful. Open your mouth. *drinks wine; kisses*

G: Ngh… mm… *heroine falls over on couch* Hah… I told you not to spill it. *kisses* So? How was it? The taste.

G: Haha, if you can’t tell after this point then it simply means the compatibility between you and this wine is bad. In that case, I’ll drink the rest. Let’s see… now that we’re here… I think I’ll change my glass to enjoy it too.


G: Heh. Like this… *pours wine on heroine* Tsk, don’t move. This precious wine will spill, right? Be still in your role as a glass. *does body shots*

G: Mrngh… haa… Look, because you were moving it flowed down even here. Nngh… mm…

G: I’m adding one more mouthful. *pours wine* Hngh… mmgh… ngh…

G: *kisses* Haha, the flavor’s changed again. It’s because your temperature rose, huh. The fragrance is even richer… Perhaps I’ll taste this area too. Nngh… mm…

G: The tip of your breasts are stained in the color of the wine and it’s erotic… ngh…

G: Haa… *kisses* your breathing is rough. Oh… heh, could it be… ngh… Hah! Like I thought… you’re already wet. *pulls down heroine’s clothes; inhales* Aah… it’s a much richer smell than the wine… ah, mature and syrupy… It’s dripping like it’s asking me to hurry and drink it. *gives oral*


G: Nrgh, ah, but… your flavor feels much more… elusive than the vintage. Nngh… mm… it’s bittersweet and juicy… mmgh…

G: Nngh… mm… hngh… *heroine orgasms* Ngh! Haha… you came. Your face is red. Looks like you’re intoxicated pretty well. *kisses* Don’t get wasted yet. If I don’t enter you… I won’t be able to calm down. *removes belt and zipper; grabs condom* Ngh…

G: Come here. You can straddle my lap, right? Aah… nngh…!! Haa… hah… even though you’re drunk, you’re not the slightest bit loose down here. Nngh… it’s clinging to me while twitching… haah… ngh… *thrusting*

G: Ungh, feels good… haa… haah… Move your hips too… hah… you’ll feel even better. Mm? Heheh, you have no strength because you’re drunk? Guess I have no choice… NGH! *thrusts hard* Hahahah! Look, I’m reaching deep inside. Nngh… ungh… haah… hah…!! *kisses; thrusting*


G: Hngh… hah… raise your head. The face you’re making right now… show me. Ah… hahaha… so erotic! *kisses; thrusting* Mmgh… ngh…!!

G: Shit, I’m coming…! Haah…! Kgh…!! You… clenched just now on purpose, didn’t you!? Haah… shit, you saucy girl! Nngh! *shoves heroine down* Punishment time. Nngh… ngh…!!

G: Haa… hah… hahah, this time, far from squeezing, you don’t even have the leeway to look at my face, huh. Haah… hah… ngh…!! If I bend both your legs up like this, there’s nowhere for you to escape, right? *whispering* Ungh… haah… the place where we’re connected… everything’s in full view. It’s lewd and unbearably arousing… ngh…!! Haah… haa…!!

G: Put out your tongue. *kisses; thrusting* Mm… ngh…! Aah… haa… hagh…!! I’m co… I’m coming…!! Nngh… rgh…!! *he orgasms*


G: … Argh… hah… ahaha… haa… haah… I think I’m a little… too much in a drunken frenzy… Haha, dummy! No way, sheesh… I meant in you… *kisses* Mm… *fade out*

*scene skip; morning*

G: You can keep sleeping. I’m going to report to Arlen as usual. *he leaves room*

*scene skip; Gilles enters room*

G: Haah… uh… something terrible happened. No, well… It’s about last night’s wine… Apparently, it was something Arlen personally stocked. Aah… I’m done for…

G: I mean yeah… there’s nothing to do but that… But it’s whether we can prepare the same wine first or whether we’ll get discovered by Arlen first… If we’re discovered first… literally, our heads are gonna fly. No shit, I’d like to pass on that too! Anyway… today, we’re gonna hit up every wine buyer from A to Z!

Note2: Gotta geek out. GOTTA GEEK OUT! Because, okay, we know Gilles’ real name is Gabriel Garrett and Arlen draws an analogy between the FBI being God and investigators like Gilles being archangels. Here we find out that the name of Gilles’ one and only friend is Joshua, whose name origin basically leads you to a certain someone. Joshua = Yehoshua (Hebrew) = Yeshua (Greek) = Jesus.

14 thoughts on “Jacks or Better ~ Rouge et Noir Side Bet ~

    Peks said:
    July 11, 2020 at 00:26

    Has anyone else heard yet?! A sequel is coming! Jacks or Better ~ No More Bet ~ !! This was on Mikado’s twitter site. Can’t wait ’till this one comes out!!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 11, 2020 at 02:13

      Yup yup!! I can’t believe he’s getting a sequel too, haha, so happy that he was that popular!

    Vibecheck said:
    June 21, 2020 at 11:19

    My favorite boyo, i just love that teasing and playful vibe he’s got. Finally, a bad boy that isn’t an ass or overly tsun (he really is like a playful dog lol). Honestly, if he gets a season two where they address this fbw relationship with some ANGST, I might combust. Bc from the info we got on his character so far he doesn’t seem like the type to wanna get tied down. Also the little detail of his necklace making noise was hot for some reason.
    Pseudo boss- subordinate?? With Arlen? More please.
    Bodycheck? Oh oh~
    That sniper scene? HELLA HELLA HOT. Damn
    In conclusion: I’m a hoe for bad boy, sniper FBI agents with sliver hair.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 22, 2020 at 15:43

      YES YES! He exhibited so much playful dog vibes, like a large breed that’ll bowl you over and roughhouse with you but never actually hurt you. I’m hoping the fact that RN got an OST and has two VR additions now (as well as subkare collaborations) shows that it’s still very popular and doing good so m-maybe we’ll get a third season! Although, the thought of a third season scares me with what they’ll do about Arlen or maybe his story really is concluded… SOBS.

      The metallic clinking of his necklace was a really cute touch! I love careful productions like these that immerse you in the world, ehehe. ALSO SAME WITH THE SNIPER SCENE. FAVORITE ONE HANDS DOWN. He sounded so flippant and playful there.

    Pejü said:
    May 31, 2019 at 19:07

    I was literally screaming when I saw jacks or better was translated. Thank you so much for your hard work🙌.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 31, 2019 at 19:23

      <33 Enjoy this giant playful dog.

        Lucy said:
        June 10, 2019 at 13:09

        This man is TOO SEXY! I was like nosebleeding all the time…Satou takuya is just wonderful ♡
        I wish a second season in which he says ‘I love you’ to the heroine (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) and more XXX stuff (º﹃º ) THAT HUSKY VOICE MELTED ME
        Thank you for the translation!!!

        Ilinox responded:
        June 11, 2019 at 11:36

        Haha, you’re welcome and thank you for commenting! I sure hope we get more seasons even though now that House is completely destroyed I wonder where they could go now… SOBS. ARLEN AND GILLES NEED TO ALWAYS BE TOGETHER–.

    Kborenai said:
    May 31, 2019 at 16:47

    Bae, this CD is da bomb lmfao. Thank God for more Satou Takuya. While I don’t think they’re “in love”, at least they had mutual respect (and the s3x is hot, Jezus).

      Ilinox responded:
      May 31, 2019 at 19:22

      This whole series is seriously amazing :’)) this and Kankinkon will have me instantly buying whatever comes out for them. But yeah, I don’t think they’re in love at all either and it’s more FWB but they get along really well. I’d love to see more about them, especially after Gilles is done his assignment (so the girl can be finished hers too) and they can go on with their own spin off series— (one can only wish).

      I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THEY FINALLY GOT SATOU. I WAS HOPING FOR HIM EVER SINCE THE 4TH AND 5TH CD IN THIS SERIES LOL but my hope diminished after seeing the reveals for the other two. Then second season came and after hearing how big of a role Gilles ended up getting in Kurusu’s second CD and Arlen’s second CD I was once again like “COME ON. GIVE US A BLANK CARD WITH SATOU AS GILLES” Who knew this would happen.

        Ruisis said:
        October 26, 2019 at 11:13

        As I know from Google, Chateau Margaux is one of highly priced Wine that ever exist… And the one that Gilles bring for the MC is around $500,000……..

        … Both surely death in Arlen’s hand, but turns out Arlen is actually quite nice, huh?

        Ilinox responded:
        October 26, 2019 at 14:03

        Haha, who knows, because Arlen doesn’t actually know yet that it was Gilles who took the wine LOL which is why they’re going to hunt a replacement down ASAP.

    waterinegirl said:
    May 27, 2019 at 02:03

    i like Rouge et Noir Side series

    sees the picture, why do bad boys have to be this hot?

    sees arlen’s name, miss the guy

    gilles is really good in portraying as bad guy

    gilles is the only guy in Rouge et Noir Side series, who wears CONDOM in their sex scene XD

    damn that mp3 you include in “G: … Mrgh… mm… Haah… haa… your underwear’s in the way…! Ngh! Hagh… haa… ngh! *kissing down* i never thought that would be intense.

    my review: jacks or better
    i like gilles character and his past story. he’s a strong character.
    the whole story is better than Eye in the sky but not as good as Maximum Bet and second barrel in terms of suspense and love story.
    im trying to figure out when gilles fell in love with heroine. when he discovers she knows how to use a gun and later knows she’s with fbi?
    in the case of heroine, i think its hard to resist gilles. i think when gilles starts opening up about his past that’s when she fell in love?

    does anyone know how many Rouge et Noir Side series are there?

    @hina and @ilinox thank you

    my favorite Rouge et Noir Side series is Maximum Bet and second barrel
    next one is this jacks or better
    the one that needs improvement is Eye in the sky

      Ilinox responded:
      May 27, 2019 at 13:34

      Oh no, actually, almost all the guys do. I just don’t bother putting it into the SFX most of the time LOL the only reason I did so this time was because Gilles explicitly was like “safe sex!” in that one scene. So then I kept up the trend. A funny thing about most official company drama CDs is that all the guys are well prepared with condoms LOL safety first folks! If the guy doesn’t have a condom then he’ll always, without fail, pull out (not that… this is very effective but the thought counts).

      Exception to the above is yanderes, because all they care about is marking, staining, and/or impregnating the girl to keep her with them LOL.

      I honestly feel like they’re both FWB (or coworkers on duty with benefits?) than anything else really |D they both need to blow off steam with their high-pressure undercover job.

      There’s 10 so far! 5 in the first season, 4 (so far) in the second season, and this spin off. I haven’t translated any of Kurusu’s or Senna’s stuff, oops.

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