SNB Takeda ~ 光盟 Chapter 2.5 ~

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Chapter 2: Walking on Eggshells

Shingen and the others advanced while cutting down the enemy soldiers. Exchanging a bout with Hideyoshi and the others, they moved forward aiming to join up with the forces of their allies.

There the figure of a single man appeared…

Chapter 2.5

[MOTOHARU]: “I am the Mouri army’s Kikkawa Motoharu. Takeda commander, I’ll have you be my opponent for a match.”

Motoharu declared this quietly as he stared at Shingen and the others.

[MASAKAGE]: “Mouri army!?”

[NOBUHARU]: “To think Mouri would appear here.”

[SHINGEN]: (… So they did aim for a time when we were exhausted. My bad feeling was right…)

[MOTOHARU]: “If It was possible, I would not want to target everyone when they were weakened, but these are the orders of Motonari-sama. I have no choice.”

[MOTOHARU]: “Well, for werewolves, whether you’re all weak or not, does not change much of anything.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Hmph, don’t look down on us!”

[MOTOHARU]: “What are you so angered about? Compared to us oni, you all are far more inferior.”

[MOTOHARU]: “That is a fact which cannot be overturned.”

It was clearly an attitude towards a lesser opponent. Unable to stomach that, Masakage raised an angry voice.

[MASAKAGE]: “… What’d you say?! Our strength… I’ll make you realize it!”

Masakage pulled out his two swords and ran towards Motoharu at a quicker pace than normal.

[MOTOHARU]: “… If you insist on that then show me the extent of a werewolf.”

Even though he was being slashed at, Motoharu’s composed attitude didn’t crumble.

[SHINGEN]: (If we talk about oni then they’re the strongest race… Moreover, his atmosphere… he’s likely a capable person!)

[SHINGEN]: “Wait, Masakage—! He’s not a normal commander…!”

Shingen tried to restrain him, but it didn’t reach Masakage who had flown into a rage.

[MASAKAGE]: “Oraaagh!!”

Masakage’s attack was strong and refined to the point where it couldn’t be thought of to have been done out of anger.

[MOTOHARU]: “Hmph!”


However, Motoharu easily turned aside the slash and cut down Masakage with sharp swordsmanship.


[MOTOHARU]: “Hn, over all too quick. Boring.”

[MOTOHARU]: “As I thought, you’re just at this level.”

[MASAKAGE]: “—Ggh, not… yet…!”

[MOTOHARU]: “Oh? You appear to have spirit. I don’t dislike those people—“

[MOTOHARU]: “But I have my orders… Do not blame me.”

Motoharu raised his sword while he said that. Then, without hesitation like that, he swung the sword down towards Masakage.


Nobuharu quickly closed the distance to Motoharu and repelled the sword that was driving down to Masakage.

[MOTOHARU]: “Someone with a backbone appeared.”

[NOBUHARU]: “… Che, as expected of an oni. Your strength is just as rumored.”

Locking swords and pushing, the two jostled each other as if comparing strength.

But Motoharu suddenly took some distance and, just like that, he looked hard into the distance as if considering something.

[NOBUHARU]: “… Don’t think you have room to look away!”

[MOTOHARU]: “Ngh!… Nice blow for an enemy.”

[MOTOHARU]: “I wish we could continue our contest here but… unfortunately, I still have things I must do.”

[MOTOHARU]: “If we are to meet again, I’d like to have a proper battle.”

Motoharu said this and ran quickly in the direction of the Uesugi army.

[NOBUHARU]: “Wait…! No… now’s not the time to chase after him.”

Nobuharu and Shingen ran up to Masakage. Masakage managed to squeeze out a pained voice while breathing shallowly.

[MASAKAGE]: “I’m sorry… I…”

[SHINGEN]: “You don’t have to talk!”

[NOBUHARU]: “Don’t push yourself…!”

[MASAKAGE]: “I couldn’t… win… against… that guy.”

There, Masakage exhausted his strength and quietly closed his eyes.

[NOBUHARU]: “Masakage…! Hold on!”

Nobuharu called out to him many times, but Masakage didn’t open his eyes.

Only, every time he breathed, blood would slowly and gradually flow out.

[SHINGEN]: “He’s still breathing! Quickly, we need to head back to camp and treat him!”

4 thoughts on “SNB Takeda ~ 光盟 Chapter 2.5 ~

    waterinegirl said:
    May 30, 2019 at 01:27

    just as expected it would be masakage who gets injured in takeda route. at my defense, i dont think nobuharu can easily be defeated given his fame in history.

    no wonder why takeda didnt get to chase toyotomi, motuharu was there. if toyotomi would have stayed, they could have meet motoharu.

    so motaharu attacked takeda first then heads to usuegi. he could have defeated them but im glad he didnt. looks like he was ordered to warn these army just as motonari warned oda and toyotomi.

    time for yuzuki to feed masakage with her blood

      Ilinox responded:
      May 30, 2019 at 10:10

      It’s interesting that Motonari just leaves everyone on the “verge” of death. Or maybe he isn’t expecting the heroine to be there at all in the other armies to save people, so he actually is just trying to give every army a single death. In which case… um, that’d probably just piss them off more LOL. I’m really curious about what Motonari is trying to plan here (or maybe because they’re 1v6 they can only spend this many resources on every army).

    Reggie said:
    May 30, 2019 at 01:26

    I GOT THE FLIRTY HANDSOME GENTLEMAN THIFT! 😁😆💖 I almost run out of crystals because of him! Motonari gave those crystals to me. jk lol 😂

    Even Nobuharu have a hard time dealing Motoharu, I guess they’re not equal at all.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 30, 2019 at 10:08

      CONGRATULATIONS!! I love Goemon so much ;w; no regrets on spending so many gems for him, haha.

      Hilariously, Nobuharu might be stronger than all the other generals at this rate, if he can stand toe to toe with an oni LOL.

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