Oukatan ~ Shikkoku no Hibi 1500 DL ~

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Saijou Tamaki (西条 環)
CV: 三楽章

Thank you anonymous commissioner part three and the last part!! Beep boop, R18 content warning and darkness abounds! Is everyone still with me after the heartrending events of the last short drama? Or was I the only one who had that embarrassing breakdown on Twitter LOL.

Here we go!

1500 DL Short Drama

*heroine and Tamaki are strolling*

Tamaki: This is the 5th time now that I’ve walked together with you like this underneath the sakura blossoms. Have you also become accustomed to this mansion?… Truly? There is nothing that troubles you?

T: Heheh, I see… being loved by me is your greatest fortune in the present. That is wonderful. *stops walking*… As if you were imitating the model answer that I wish for. Ah, that’s right, this reminds me… the other day, I found an earring at the entrance to a certain cellar. The one which you said you dropped the other half somewhere.

T: Now then… one question arises from this. You find being loved by me to be your greatest fortune… and yet you’re desperate for the sight of your childhood friend. *leans in* That’s a contradiction. After all, if my love really was above everything… then you wouldn’t do things that would displease me.

T: There is only one answer that cancels this contradiction. That even now, after five years, you hate me but to save your childhood friend you’ve begun to lie to me. Perhaps to have me drop my guard and to increase the time that you’re allowed to be free. However, regrettably, the door to that cellar… is locked. *pulls out key* It’s this key. And so, even though you did all you could to open it, you could only give up having judged that I was returning.


T: *quiet voice* Don’t tremble so. In deference to your bravery, I’ve granted your wish. Yes, him. I will let you visit Ichirou. I’m speaking the truth. Now come, hold my hand. Let us go beyond that door.

*scene skip; walking in dungeon*

T: Here, we’ve arrived. Ichirou is beyond these bars. *chain noises* Ah, he’s fastened to chains. Although he is in a cell, it’s dangerous to let a savage stray dog be free, no? And so, to make it easier to care for him, I’ve placed him in custody like that.

T: HAHAHAH! It’s futile to call out to him. Presently, he’s not in a state to talk… after all, I cut his tongue out. Ah, but don’t be concerned. I treated his wound properly and he’s extremely healthy, though he just cannot talk. *heroine slaps him* Ngh!…

T: Heheh, how many times have you slapped my cheek like this now? Lately, for some reason, I’ve even felt like I was looking forward to this moment. How should I punish you next?… I end up thinking only about that. *kisses*

T: Ah, I know, it just came to me. For your punishment today… I’ll make love to you here. Ichirou, who must have been bored for a long time now, should also enjoy seeing your alluring body. *heroine struggles* Oh dear! Where are you trying to go? Even though this was your long-desired reunion…! *kisses*


T: Ngh, no, I won’t release you. If you wish to protect him then… ngh, grab those bars like that. If you let go with your hands… grgh, then in a more merciless way… ugh, I’ll kill him. *heroine freezes* Yes, that’s right, good girl. I love you when you’re obstinate, but… I love you more when you’re obedient.

T: Haah… haa… *kisses*… How is it Ichirou? Her nipples… you can see it clearly, can you not? She’s given birth to two of my children, and so their color has changed a little. Before, it was adorable when they were a youthful pink like sakura blossoms, but… this color similar to crimson… is seductive, is it not?

T: And not just her nipples. Even her lower half here… has become ever so charming. Come now, you can hear it, yes? As I tease her nipples and roll her cute pearl with my fingertips… in no time, she becomes wet. *chains jangle*


T: HAHAHAHAH! You look as if you cannot believe it, but this is the truth. She’s given birth to MY children. I poured a lot of seed into this soft and ripe place… and impregnated her. *chains jangle* Oh dear, it appears that Ichirou is having a hard time accepting reality, so… *to heroine* why don’t we actually show it to him?

T: No? Do you think that currently you have a right to say no? The thing you can do… is to just… accept me like this, ngh! *inserts himself* Aah…! Ungh… hah… hahah! Today, she feels amazing inside as well, Ichirou! You wouldn’t think this was the body of a woman who has given birth twice. *chains jangle*

T: Ngh, hahahah!! This is hilarious. *to heroine, quietly* Nngh… I want to show you this too. How much of a beastly expression he’s staring at me with… it’s as if he’s trying to curse me to death with his gaze. Well, I don’t believe in curses though. Ungh… haah… *thrusting; kisses*

T: Mgh… ah…!! You’re getting tight deep inside… hagh… today is the day when it’s easiest to conceive, so you feel all the more pleasure, right? Haah… me too, ungh…!! I feel so good… agh…!! Oh my, you’re holding on for quite a long time today. Even though after you gave birth, you let me fuck you as if you gave up on everything. Nngh…!


T: Because Ichirou is watching, you can’t say you feel pleasure? *kisses* Aah… I’m jealous to the point of going mad. Ngh… shall I gouge out his eyeballs next? If you don’t want that then you know what you should do, yes? How you feel as I thrust into you here… ngh… say it honestly. Ngh…!! Aah… haah…!

T: HahahaHAHAH! That’s right, when you’re thrust into, ngh, here… it feels unbearably good… ngh! This place wraps around my penis as if it were sucking me off… ungh! Haah… this deep place is begging for my seed, agh!

T: Say in a loud voice where you want me to release into today. *kisses* Nngh… haah… hah… louder. Say it in a LOUDER voice! Haah… ngh…! HahahahaHAHAHAH!! Yes, it feels that good, right? Even though you’re being raped in front of the childhood friend you’ve wanted to save for so long, your juices are dripping down… and you’ve begged me to release inside you. *chains jangle*

T: Nngh!! I apologize, Ichirou, but it seems she cannot wait. So, for today, I will also pour in tons of my seed into her. *chains jangle* Nngh…!


T: *to heroine, quietly* Come now, say the words you always do. Say that you love me while reaching your climax. Haah… haa… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Ungh… hrgh… come on… I’m releasing…! Ngh…! I’ll release enough for you to be pregnant with our third child… agh… ngh…!! *he orgasms*

T: Haah… hah… heheheheh, I wonder if the next one will be a boy… or a girl? Either one is something I look forward to. Eh? Am I satisfied with this, you ask? That’s impossible. So that you’re impregnated in front of him, I need to pour in my seed in many more various positions. If you’re going to cry this much, then you should really give up on everything and love me. I wonder why you won’t let yourself be carried away in the easier path?

T: … Ggh, even though… I’m this captive by my feelings for you. *kisses* I love you… even if you hate me… Even after I die… I will continue to love you. I’ll show you this in the long future hereafter… that these feelings… are stronger than those chains that bind him.

4 thoughts on “Oukatan ~ Shikkoku no Hibi 1500 DL ~

    Orenji said:
    June 11, 2019 at 19:53

    Compared to him Touji is just fine(??)
    Thank you for translation!!!❤️

      Ilinox responded:
      June 12, 2019 at 20:58

      Is what you think… except Touji did something similar :’)) with the heroine’s senpai that she admired, back roughly around the time they first got married. I guess the only thing Touji does have going for him is that he hasn’t outright murdered or mutilated anyone yet, oof. But we probably only have modern laws to thank for that and even then Touji is willing to break them and have his money cover it up if it wasn’t for the heroine stopping him half the time LOL.

        Defi said:
        September 26, 2019 at 16:22

        In what CD does he get rid of her sempai?

        Ilinox responded:
        September 30, 2019 at 15:49

        He doesn’t get rid of the senpai, but just does a little exhibition show in front of him to show his heroine that her senpai is a terrible person. It’s not a CD, but a short story that comes with the Kankinkon short stories collection.

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