Aishi Kimi ni, Koibumi wo ~ Wakasa Kyouichirou ~

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Wakasa Kyouichirou (若狭 京一郎)
CV: Prof.紫龍

A Love Letter to You, My Beloved

Many years after the opening of the country

The circulation of money and businesses grew because of steamships and railroads, and people’s lives were also drastically changed. Western practices were adopted one after another and pop culture, such as moving pictures, literature, paintings, and theater, were also greatly developed.

There was an upsurge of freedom and a trend towards openness between people, but a freedom to openly enjoy romantic love was not guaranteed.

Young men and women secretly exchanged letters and conveyed their feelings to each other… It was an age where such romantic love was a matter of course.

The Hakumei Academy set an example of unprecedented educational plan in this age of integrated education, after a policy of compulsory education, and above all it shocked society with its principle for coeducation between men and women in its university department.

Even in Hakumei Academy, it was rare for women to go on to the highest educational institution called “university” and so, inevitably, they became targets of longing by the men.

Of course, you, who attended this Hakumei Academy, were also a target.

Before long, it became the fashion to “exchange letters” between the men and women who shared the same school building.

Much thanks to Noir for the commission!! This is a really cute series that I remember listening to way back, so it was a pleasure to come back to it with better comprehension. Psst, Satou Takuya is also in this series— I’M NOT BIASED. R18 content warning but this is just sweet, sweet fluff.

Because of how Milky Chain has a general synopsis and then character descriptions, I’m also going to translate the character description so that people have a better idea of what they’re getting into here.

Wakasa Kyouichirou – Professor at Hakumei Academy’s University Department.

Though he’s young, he’s valued highly for his research results and excellence as an instructor, and so he’s been newly appointed to the academy.

He’s popular among the students for being easy to talk to and gentle.

The letter you’ve never been able to hand over was picked up, and the distance between you two grew closer.

Note1: The modern way to write love letter is 恋文 but they’re using the archaic way of writing love with 戀. Just wanted to point it out, because I love details like this.

*** TRACK 1: The Letter that Should Have Been Discarded ***

*birds chirping; Kyouichirou comes walking*

K: Haa… Hm? To take an afternoon nap here… I don’t know whether you’re determined to do things your way, or simply a young miss who is ignorant about the world. *leans in* Hm… once again, you have such an unguarded face. Nngh… *stretches* Hah, well, with such good weather, it’s not like I don’t understand. But…

K: Hahah, how about waking up soon? In truth, you’re awake, aren’t you? *turns away* Warm sunlight and bird songs… it might be cruel to tell you not to sleep, but for a girl to take a nap alone isn’t something to be praised. Haha, I’m not scolding you in particular, I’m concerned about you—

K: Hah, it’s a matter of course, isn’t it? After all, you’re one of my precious students. What’s with that displeased expression? If you don’t want to be one in a crowd, then what should I say to regain your mood? Hm… to be special, I see.

K: Well, it can be said you will always take the position of the front seat in a lecture, you listen to my talks without nodding off, and furthermore your exam results are excellent… In that sense, you are certainly special. You’re more passionate than everyone else and you’re a hard worker. I think you’re adorable.


K: Hahah, nope. If I say it multiple times then it’ll lose value, won’t it? Besides, calling you “adorable” means you have a charming nature. Haha, I must have taught you this in an earlier lecture. That if a person’s wishes are easily granted, then that person won’t be able to grow. Ah, hold on, and don’t move…

K: Ahah, alright, I’ve got it. There was a leaf on your hair— what’s wrong? Your face is bright red.

K: Do you have a fever? Pardon my touch. Hey, why did you make such a strange sound!? Hmm, it doesn’t seem like you have a fever… but why don’t you head to the infirmary just in case? Or I can take you there too. *heroines grabs her stuff and leaves* Hey, hey! Wait!!

*scene skip; heroine knocks on door*

K: Come in! *heroine enters*

K: Haha, you finally came. I was thinking you wouldn’t come today. Hey, what do you mean that you had no choice? In the first place, it was because you ran around that I ended up having to summon you here. When I call out to you in the hallway, you run. In the lectures, you won’t meet my eyes. And so, I could only think about summoning you here with the notice board.

K: You know, your passionate gaze is amazing. One of these days, don’t you think you’ll open a hole in the blackboard? I’m not teasing! It just goes to show how passionately you listen to my lectures. That’s why I remembered your face and name immediately. Even if you were to be mixed in with a hundred students, I’m confident I can find you. Hahah, didn’t I say this before? That you’re a special and charming student.


K: Well, let’s not stand and talk, come and sit here. Hahah, you don’t have to be so guarded. I’m simply returning something I picked up.

K: Mm, this. *holds out letter* You dropped this yesterday in the courtyard when I called out to you, right? *heroine comes over*

K: There was no addressee or sender written on the envelope, but this is yours, isn’t it? Although it was good I was the one who picked it up, if someone were to have read it, you wouldn’t be able to complain. Be careful. *hands it over*

K: Ah, that reminds me, recently this exchange of letters has become popular between you students, hasn’t it? This is surely an important letter for you as well, right? Eh!? “Throw it away”…? What’s with you all of a sudden?

K: Haa… listen, you went out of your way to write your feelings into a letter. So, it’s impossible for it to be meaningless to pass it on, right? I don’t know what happened, but don’t give up to despair.

K: Hey now. Ever since you came to this room, you’ve been sitting there rubbing your thumb and index finger together. Huh? You’re not aware of that? Well, that makes sense. The act of repeating nonsensical actions and not wanting to increase your problems so you run away on your own is where frustration appears. It’s better to resolve that without delay.


K: So? What do you really wish to do? To me…?

K: Uh… alright. Then you won’t mind if I read this letter right now? Hm… *opens letter*

K: !! Ah… um… to be honest… I’m a little troubled. O-oh, don’t misunderstand! It’s not that it’s a bother or anything…

K: … Haah… *embraces heroine* I’m going to apologize first… I’m sorry. I’ve… failed as a teacher and as an adult man. To have feelings for a student… *pulls back* To you, I’m nothing more than a one time professor. That’s what I thought, so… I intended to stay silent about this into the future too. These feelings were to be hidden in my heart for my whole life.

K: I told myself countless times that, in the end, my position was to see these learned and nurtured students off with a smile. I put on countless layers of disguise and suppressed myself… and yet, with just one letter, for them to have been this easily removed… I couldn’t have imagined it.


K: Haha… the emotion of love may not be something knowledge or reason can suppress, I suppose.

K: … I love you. This is the pure feeling a man can hold for a woman. I’ll get jealous at trivial things and I may trouble you… and the check of being a teacher won’t work anymore. But even still, are you alright with that? *heroine nods* Hey, don’t cry! I won’t know what to do!

K: Even if I study the mind, things that I don’t understand are things I can’t comprehend! H-hey, that’s enough and decide whether you want to cry or laugh.

K: … Listen, this will be our secret until you graduate. You can promise me that, right?

Narrator: A Love Letter to You, My Beloved. Wakase Kyouichirou Volume.

*** TRACK 2: After the Lecture ***

*writing on blackboard*

K: In other words, the emotion called anger has temporary emotions of disappointment, insecurity, and sorrow that appear as secondary characteristics to anger— *bell rings* Well then, this concludes today’s lecture. Next time, I will explain personal construct theory and the philosophy of common sense, so come prepared for the lesson.

*students leave; Kyouichirou comes over*

K: Ooh, you’ve written things in quite some detail. Hahah, to have you think of it as interesting is my fortune as a teacher. Incidentally, are you still going to write? Sorry, but can I request your help to carry my teaching materials to the equipment storage room? It’s a little unwieldy to carry it all by myself. *heroine gets up* Sorry about this.

*scene skip; enter storage room*

K: Ah, the wall map can go there. Because of you, I was helped a lot. Thank you. Oh, that’s right, are you free this evening?

K: That is good to hear. There’s a good restaurant a slight distance from here and so how about I treat you to dinner, including my thanks? Hahah, it’s decided then. In the evening, let’s see… around six, let’s meet behind the chicken shop. Hahah, you really like the library. Try not to get too absorbed in your books and forget the time.

[02:24] *scene skip; walking*

K: Haa… it was a pretty good restaurant, wasn’t it? Hah, that’s true, there’s no shortcomings with their flavors and the amount. The atmosphere in the restaurant was also nice. It really is a little-known good place.

K: Mm? *looks up* Ahah, wow! Because the winter sky is clear, you can really see the small stars. *he grabs heroine* Hahah… *kisses* you dropped your guard, didn’t you. Well, rather than a woman used to tactics, it’s cuter to see an inexperienced reaction.

K: Eh? Haha, well… let’s leave it as a man’s dream. Hahah, the more unfamiliar you are with things the more it’s worth it to teach you various things. Haha… *kisses ear* try telling me where you want me to kiss you. Only what you wish for and what you like… is what I’ll do.

K: Your lips?… Haha, alright. *kisses* Just here is enough? I thought so. I didn’t think you would be satisfied with just that…

K: It means exactly what it means. In lectures, you’re so serious you don’t miss hearing a single word. Even when we’re kissing, you concentrate only on me and pursue me with your tongue, desiring me. Mm, to put that in another way, you could be said to be greedy for everything.


K: Don’t be embarrassed! I like that. The admirable way you desperately try to respond to me… is quite tantalizing. Hahah, I’m not your teacher at the moment, right? Call me by my name. Well done. *kisses*

K: Hm? Hahah, there’s no men without ulterior motives, no? I can rarely do this at the university. It’s given me quite some trouble, you know? The adult world is so troublesome… in particular, among the university staff, there’s people with sharp intuitions there. So that my relationship with you isn’t discerned, I’ve controlled myself before I could count how many times I’ve controlled myself.

K: Ah, hey! Don’t laugh! That’s just how charmed I am by you. Hahah, earlier I said the stars were pretty, but… rather than the glittering stars in the night sky, I think you’re more beautiful. Hahah… *kisses*

K: … Your lips have grown slightly warmer. Our first kiss…? Mm, of course I remember. You turned bright red and ran away…


K: Ah, you must be joking! Aah… hahah, um, well, I apologize for that. That being said… hearing that it was the first kiss in your life, it seems impossible to not grin— Nrgh, ah! Don’t pinch me! I’m happy to be the first for the woman I fell for. In the first place, you’re at fault for coming to tease me. Immediately after you came into my lab, you suddenly hugged me from behind and blew into my ear. Shameless!

K: Uh, that’s… I’ve said I’m sorry many times, haven’t I? You see, since I was young, I don’t really see my surroundings when I concentrate. Even I don’t think it’s good. So, it’s definitely not because I’m being apathetic towards you.

K: Haha… I’m really sorry. Recently, because of the academic conference, I haven’t been able to give you much attention. I invited you today for an apology too, at least. Hm? What is it? Try saying it.

K: An amazing kiss… I see. Although this is a town where there’s not many pedestrians… is it truly alright? Saying such a thing? *kisses* You said it, knowing the meaning, right? Haha, I’m not treating you like a child. *kisses*


K: Hahah, in the first place, I wouldn’t possibly kiss a child like this. Every one of your reactions is fresh and adorable… I end up wanting to tease you. Here, raise your head. *kisses* Nngh…

K: There’s no need to rush, wrap yourself around me slowly… *kisses; heroine jolts* Haha, I only placed my leg in between yours… Ah! Hahah, rubbing against me, is that for revenge? Hah… you’ve gotten good at seducing me. *kisses*

K: … It’s a big difference from when you desperately tried to respond to me with a trembling tongue. You really are clever and studious, and the more I teach you the more you become a wonderful woman. Haha, but… being anxious about whether or not you’ll be stolen away by other men isn’t very interesting. Listen, if you wish to know something then ask me. For you, I’ll specially teach you many things from here on too. *kisses*


K: Haa… such smooth skin… white like silk… It makes one want to touch it forever.

K: … You’ve become quite sensitive, haven’t you? Just by stroking you with a finger, your body jumps. *kisses* Haah… I want to make love to you at once but, to my regret, the location isn’t proper and we have no time. It’s about time for you to return home too, no?

K: I’m reluctant to part as well. We’ll continue this next time, alright? *kisses* Haha… do you know how many times I’ve wanted the day to come where we don’t have to worry about people’s eyes and when I can be together with you? However, a hidden love is also quite profound in and of itself. The enjoyment of meeting each other is one of a kind too. Haha, good, then I’ll escort you back to the dormitories.

K: Eh? Be sure to sleep at night. If you have circles under your eyes tomorrow, I won’t approve of that.

*** TRACK 3: A Momentary Rest ***

*writing on paper; heroine knocks on door*

K: Yes? *heroine opens door* Oh, what, you’re still here? Hahah, come in.

K: No, I was just thinking of taking a break. This thesis’ deadline is next week, you see. Huh? Hahah, what’s the matter for you to ask like that? No, it’s not that you can’t, um… somehow, it throws me off. Don’t look like that, I was joking. Look, come here. *heroine approaches*

K: Finally, I can be touched by you. Hahah… *kisses*

K: To not be able to touch them when they’re right in front of you… it’s extremely painful, right? My time’s been taken by my thesis and we haven’t been able to meet much except for in lectures… I’m happy you came. *kisses*

K: Only… to remain behind this late at night… *kisses* It’s not something to be commended. *kisses* Mm? You were looking something up? A bookworm as usual, I see.


K: You don’t look too happy. Did something happen? I see… it’s a worry that strikes every student. I’ve also experienced that. It depends on you to look at your future with pessimism or optimism; since you cannot see the future, in the end there’s nothing you can do but to do it.

K: There should be many choices you can choose. And yet, you yourself are rejecting that potential and narrowing your prospects. To decide on a limit before you even do it… is truly a shame. First, you need to accept yourself as you are. While you’re thinking about a way to decide on a goal, the path you should proceed on will become visible in due course. If you stand still then nothing will begin, right? What you need right now is preliminary work, willpower, and defiance.

K: Hahah, that’s right, smile like that. Because it’s miserable when you’re meek. Eh? Hahah, the caramel? Ah, is it possible you haven’t eaten it before? When I’m re-writing, I end up wanting something sweet. Well, there are times when I have a taste for alcohol too, but generally I’m satisfied with candy.


K: Girls should be more knowledgeable about these sort of things. Haha, do you want to try some? *grabs some* Eh… feed it to you with my mouth?! You… Hahah! Seeing you waiting with your head raised makes you look like a baby bird begging for food. Even if you puff out your cheeks like that, it just looks cute in your case.

K: *takes out candy* Here. Hahah, how is it? The flavor of the first caramel you ate? Share the taste with me too… *kisses* Nrgh… haha…

K: Like your burning tongue… it’s bewitchingly sweet and delicious, haha. Mm… *kisses*

K: Haha, soft. If I recall, rather than your earlobe, you like it better when I lick inside? *kisses* Next is your neck… hahah… Mm? Your breathing is rough. Aah, it’s been a while, so are you more sensitive? Don’t restrain yourself. Try letting your voice out as you feel the pleasure.


K: It feels good enough to make your shoulders shake, right? Hahah, I see. Because there’s caramel in your mouth, you can’t easily let out your voice. Haha… this might not be so bad from time to time. *kisses*

K: Mm? Hahah, what’s wrong? Are you nervous? Hahah. There’s no need to worry… *kisses*

K: I won’t do anything that will hurt. All you need to do… is entrust your body to the pleasure. *removes clothes* I’m going to touch you, alright? Like I thought, you really are more sensitive than usual. It looks like you’re going through a lot just from my touch above your undershirt. Oh? I don’t think I look like I’m fine. I’ll be gentle, so… relax yourself as much as possible. Mm… *kisses*

K: This place is hard and pointed… ngh… It’s also obscene to see it through your transparent undershirt. This side too… *kisses*

K: … Hahah, look, your body is gradually getting hotter and unbearable, right? Me as well, ngh! Hey… can we do it like this?

*** TRACK 4: A Bewitching Warmth ***

K: Nngh… *kisses*

K: It’s not enough to touch you above your undershirt, right? I’m going to take off the cord around your waist. *removes more clothes* You’re beautiful… this transparent and smooth skin. And yet… it’s soft and warm…

K: Ah, open your mouth. Ngh, hey, don’t lick my fingers. I can’t fetch it out like this, right? *takes out caramel* It’ll be dangerous if you choke, you see. I’ll give you a new one later. Hahah, ah, my fingers are sticky now. Oh, I know, can you lick them like you did earlier and clean them?

K: Hahah… ahah… you’re licking them like they’re delicious. Ngh! Hey now, that’s some nerve to nibble on me. *kisses*

K: … Here I thought I’d be gentle… You’re prepared, right? *removes clothes* Hm? What’s wrong? Aah, this scar? What, you’re still curious about it? I told you, didn’t I? It was something I received when I was a child. It’s nothing now.


K: If you’re worried… will you lick this place too? *heroine licks* Nngh… ah… it doesn’t hurt, but… ahah, it tingles. Haah… haa…

K: … Ah, good. This time it’s my turn… right? *kisses* Mm…

K: Hahah… so you’re weak on your sides too. Oh, that’s right. You better watch as my tongue traces you, haha. Your hips are rising. Next is… that place? Hahah, mm… *kisses* Hahah, no, I won’t taste that place yet.

K: First… from your inner thighs to the tip of your toes… mm… hahah… Your legs have become sensitive too, I see.


K: *touches heroine* You’re this wet… It’s amazing. It looks like my finger can easily enter you with this, haha. Here too… *kisses* haha, I have to be sure I lick it and love it, right? Ah, haha, don’t try to close your legs! Just from tracing you with the tip of my tongue, it’s quickly overflowing.

K: I’ll lick inside too, so endure it for a while longer. Nngh…

K: I’m going to put my finger inside, alright? Mgh… it’s still a little tight… I’m going to move. If it hurts, say so. Hahah, it’s dripping and every time I move my finger there is a lascivious sound. It looks like you’ll be alright if I move a little quicker.

K: Haha… how is it? Do you like it when I swirl my finger around? Haha. You really are honest and adorable. Eh? *heroine removes his belt* Hahah… alright, I don’t mind that, but… don’t play bite me like earlier, you hear? *heroine gives BJ* Nngh…


K: Yes, like that… trace your tongue over it slowly, gently… ungh…! Haah…

K: … Your burning tongue… mgh… feels unbearably good… Ngh… that’s enough! Let go now, ngh, any more and…! Nngh!! *pulls heroine up; kisses* It’s about time…

K: Haah… I want to release inside of you. If it hurts, you can dig your nails into me. I’m going now… ngh… A little deeper… nrgh…! It’s inside… hahah… If you clench around me like that, it’ll be hard to move, right?

K: Exhale… yes, like that, relax… and just feel me. Nngh…! *thrusting* It’s hot inside you… mm… It’s become easier to move now that you’ve relaxed. This place which is accepting me… is making such sweet sounds. Hahah, this feels much better than being rubbed by fingers, right? Haah… haa…


K: That tongue, which occasionally peeks out… haha, has such strange charm. Nngh… ah, hey, that’s…! I’m sorry… let me release once…! Haah… haa…!! *he orgasms*

K: … You… To lick my scar… that’s such an underhanded act. You mischievous girl…

K: If that’s what you’re going to do, then… I won’t show you mercy, hahah. I’m not going to readily act as you wish, ngh! Hahah, turn your body to the side and raise your leg. Yes, like that, stay still. What will happen when I stroke inside you at this angle… First, I’ll use my finger. Hahah…

K: You’ve softened, so it’s easy to move my finger. Haah… when I touch the front as well, it feel pleasurable, right?

K: Hm? You don’t have to cover your mouth. There aren’t many who stay behind at this late time. The only ones here… are just you and me alone. Come on… let me hear more of your sweet voice. Ungh… haah… you don’t dislike it when it’s forceful, right?


K: Are you going to release already? Haah… haa… it’s alright to release. Come on… release! I won’t let you finish yet. This time it’ll be together. Nngh…! Hnngh… it feels good when I strike a different spot from usual, right?

K: You’re squeezing me tightly inside, ngh…!

K: Here, turn your face to me. *kisses; thrusting* Mm… ngh…

K: It feels extremely good when I fondle your breasts while thrusting into you, right? Hahah… every time I tease the tips, agh… you tighten…! Concentrate on where we’re connected… mm… Nngh…! That I’m deep in you… can you tell? That’s… haah… because you instigated me!

K: Nngh… are you going to release again? Hahah, hold on just a while longer. Haa… this time let’s go together… aah… Amazing, this honey flowing out of you… This place is already sticky. If you’re able to hold on… ngh… later, I’ll… lick you clean.

K: Haah… haa… very good. Clench hard… just like that, ngh! Ungh… oh no… it feels too good… I can’t stop! Haah… hahah… let yourself go. Lose your head in me… to the point of forgetting yourself. Haa… haah… if you’re frightened, grab my hand. Hold on… forever and don’t let go.


K: Now and always… you’re mine. Nngh… haah… no matter what you’re like… ngh… I’ll accept… everything… Bare it all… to me! I love you… haah… I love you!! Ngh… *kisses; thrusting* I’m releasing…! Hold on tightly! Unngh… ngh…!! *he orgasms*

K: Haah… haa… *kisses; pulls out*… Your legs must be tired, right? Make yourself comfortable and stay still for a moment. *lowers himself; gives oral* Mmh… Hm? This is embarrassing? We intertwined our bodies like that, isn’t this a little late? Aah… or… if you mean your body will become hot again… then I can stop. Hahah, alright. I’ll stop here for today.

*** TRACK 5: Feelings Hidden in a Letter ***

K: Wait one moment. *grabs something* Hahah, it’s a blanket I’ve left here for naps. You’ll catch a cold in that state, after all. I’ll be fine.

K: … Alright, alright. Then I guess I’ll get inside too. *slips under* It’s warm… In the past… haha, no, even now… I actually don’t like the warmth of another person, except for you. Strange, right? I don’t know the reason why I dislike it, so I used to be troubled by that a lot. However, I do know the start of it.

K: When I was eleven, I got in an automobile that my grandfather bought. I was really happy… Even the scenery I was used to seeing, looked different when seen from the car. Whereupon, in order to avoid a child that suddenly jumped out, the car plunged into the woods.

K: Fortunately, although we were greatly hurt, my grandfather, the driver, and I didn’t die. The wound on my shoulder… is something I got from there. It was after that accident… I suddenly disliked other people’s warmth.

K: Not knowing the reason… was quite hard on me mentally. In any case, I wanted to know the reason and so I read anything related to the mind that I could lay my hands on.


K: Before long, I learned about the science of psychology and grew interested. That was the impetus for me aiming to be a scholar. Psychology is a science dedicated to researching people’s minds. I thought that, if there were people troubled like me, I could assist them in resolving their troubles. When you came to me for advice regarding your future… I was happy.

K: You showed me in the inside of your heart. I was happy you trusted me and relied on me. Really? Me too. When I’m together with you, my heart feels strangely at peace. People are independent individuals and so meeting someone they can empathize with is surprisingly difficult. I think meeting you… was a miracle.

K: Ah… *takes out letter* here. I thought I would give it to you one day. I would like it… if you could accept this now, by all means. *heroine accepts* Ah, no, can you read that letter after your graduation ceremony? Until then, I’d like you to carry that without reading it. Sorry.

*** TRACK 6: A Love Letter to You, My Beloved ***

To My Beloved,

First, I’m going to say this in advance, this letter may be something that will confuse you. Still, I wasn’t able to hold back from conveying my feelings. We met as just a teacher and student. However, we now have feelings for each other. I find this meeting to be a miracle and I believe it was fate. Even if I am to be criticized by society, I cannot lie about my feelings of love for you. In the future, even if I were to have a number of meetings, I would not meet someone I could open my heart to like this.

Opening your large wings, you are about to fly, and I wish to support you with all that I have. In other words, I… wish to be your partner throughout your life and to continue loving you hereafter as well. Some day, if you come to share the same feelings as me… at that time, I ardently wish… for you to take my hand and walk together with me.

[01:54] *heroine runs over; knocks on door*

K: Come in! *heroine enters*

K: Hey, haha, are you alright?! Woah, you don’t have to run like that— *heroine hugs him* Oh! Hahah…

K: First, congratulations on graduating. Do you know how long I waited for this day? The letter I gave to you before… you read it, didn’t you? May I take this as your answer to it?

K: … Thank you. The moment you go out into the world as an adult woman… I will always be a perch for you to rest on. During times of hardship and sorrow, I will support you and always come for you. If you run into a problem you cannot overcome by yourself, we just need to overcome it together. So… please stay by my side from here on too. I love you.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: After Playing in the Snow is… ***

*walking through snow*

K: Haah…! Ah, because yesterday’s snow still remains, it’s cold. Mm, we should be seeing it soon. Endure it just for a while more. There’s a fireplace there and we’ll be able to warm up quickly. However, is this really alright? I’m only going to be care-taking this house deep in the mountains. I don’t think there’s anything interesting here.

K: Certainly, I guess there’s not many opportunities for a schoolgirl like you to come this deep into the mountains. Eh? And?

K: Hahah, that’s right. *kisses* It doesn’t seem like we need to worry about people’s eyes here. Ah, it’s a friend from when I was in university. For people who work in research, they hate the city and noise. He married his superior, a woman, built a house in the mountains, and withdrew from the public.

K: Immediately after a letter was sent from him for the first time in a while, he asked me to house-sit for him. Haha, it really is just like him. It seems like he left his house for a while for some business. No matter how devoid of human life a place is, there’s always some hooligans around the end of the year. So, he selected me from among many people because the university entered a break and I was free, and that’s how it was. He’s a rude person as usual.


K: Haha, don’t press on so much. Footing here is bad. What are you going to do if you fall? It’s not a matter of your reflexes… At any rate, take care not to trip! *heroine runs ahead*

K: Hahah, it looks like that house. We’ve arrived at last. *gets keys; they enter*

K: Hah, it’s good that you like it. He’ll be happy when I tell him that next time I see him. Apparently, my reaction was lacking and uninteresting. Mm, if you go overseas there’s houses like this everywhere. I’ve also intruded on this place many times, so I’ve grown used to it.

K: For now, let’s put our luggage here. Aah, so it really is snowing. No wonder it’s cold. Hey?! Where are you going? *walks over*

K: Is there anyone who runs outside just because it’s snowing? Have it your way if you catch a cold. H-hey, don’t pull me! Hahah, I’m fine. *heroine opens door* Nngh! H-hey… at least let me put on a jacket. You’re making too much of just snow.


K: Even if you say that… ah! I can’t do this! I’m going back now! *heroine throws snowball* Ngh! You…! That’s some courage throwing a snowball at me! Hey!! Wait!!

K: Wait, if you run too fast— watch out!! *both go tumbling*

K: Are you alright? Ngh! *pulls heroine up* No, if you’re not hurt, that’s good. Nngh! Huh? Blood? It’s just a graze, right? Hahah, it’s nothing serious, so don’t look like that. Hahah, still, we’re in a horrible state. Our bodies are chilled too, so it’s about time to go back.

*scene skip; fireplace crackling*

K: Come here. Until our clothes dry, let’s wrap up in a blanket. You’ll warm up quicker if we huddle together than alone, right? *heroine comes over* Huh? Is that where you’re sitting? Hahah… I meant beside me… Oh well.

K: Your body is cold. I’m glad you’re energetic, but don’t make me too concerned. Haha, a little. But right now there’s something more pressing than the pain. Hahah, try thinking about a man forced to endure without doing anything when we’re skin-to-skin like this. It’s quite hard to bear. *kisses* I’ll warm up your chilled body.


K: Even though I’m only touching you with the tips of my fingers, these have become this pointed, haha. *kisses* Come on, spread your legs.

K: That’s a nice voice. Does it feel good? This place of yours… it’s wet and slippery. *kisses* Haha, touching you from behind is nice and all… but in the end— *turns heroine around* I like to see your face in pleasure. Mm… *kisses*

K: I’m going to put my fingers in. Even though your body is cold… it’s hot inside. Your honey is flowing without a stop too… and it’s easy to move in. *kisses; fingering*

K: You look to be in pleasure. Does it feel that good? When I stroke you inside, haha…! It should be alright if you’re this soft, right? Sorry, it’s a little quick but I’m putting myself in. Nngh…!

K: Haah… haa… does it hurt? I see, haha… mgh… ngh! *thrusting*

K: You’re squeezing me like you’re wrapped around me, hahah… ngh… Each time we intertwine our bodies, hah… the feeling of not wanting to be separated from you strengthens… to the point where I always want to be connected… I love you… haah… I want to… feel you more…


K: To the deepest part… ngh! Ungh… I love you… I want to melt you into a puddle… Hagh… haa… *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haha, I know… I’ll be sure to thrust into you deeply, so relax your legs a little. If you wrap your legs around me like this, I can’t move, right? Nngh… ngh! Does it feel good? Haa… when I rub against the top, it feels good, right? Haah… haa…

K: You’re clenching harder…! Haha… ngh… you’re not really telling me to stop, right? In truth, don’t you want me to move harder and faster? Nngh… haah…!

K: I’m about to… ngh… release… Haah… agh…! *he orgasms*

K: … Haa… *kisses*… Are you alright? It was a little urgent, wasn’t it? Hahah, really? Next time, do you want to try going to a hot spring? If we make a reservation we won’t have to worry about people’s eyes and we can spend time with each other for as long as we want. Yes, I haven’t had enough either. I want to touch you more. In this place, where no one can intrude… let’s love each other until we’re completely satisfied.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Taking a Break From Work is… ***

*raining; heroine walking; knocks on door*

K: Hello? Who is it? O-oh, wait one moment! *opens door* What are you doing in this rain!? At any rate, come in. *heroine enters*

K: Haah… your hair is wet. Wait here, I’ll bring a towel. *hurries away; returns* For having had an umbrella, even your back is wet. How were you holding it? I’ll wipe you down, so stand still.

K: Not yet! If you’re not properly dried, you’ll catch a cold, right? To come all the way here in this rain… Did something urgent happen? I’m asking you because I don’t know. Tsk, ugh, even though it’s a day off there’s a lot of things I need to do, so if you have business with me then make it short.

K: You’ll wait? Did you listen to what I said? I’m busy right now. Don’t act too much like a child. Hey now… Once the rain stops, go home. I’m sorry I can’t entertain you, but I really don’t have time.

[02:06] *they both walk deeper into the house*

K: Don’t touch the books on the bookshelf over there, since it’s dangerous. Fine, do as you like. *heroine opens book*

*scene skip; heroine closes book*

K: *distracted and writing* Aah… you don’t need to clean up. You don’t need to touch them. *heroine collapses a pile* Ah! What was that!?

K: … That’s why I told you that you didn’t need to touch them. Don’t do unnecessary things. A-ah…! I’m sorry! I spoke harshly, didn’t I… Uh, no, it’s my fault for not putting them in order properly. It was to the point where I was thinking I should do something about it… Could you… help me clean it up?

*scene skip; books being stacked*

K: Haah… the majority should be tidied up with this. Hah, thank you, that really helped. Still, to think I lost my composure. Hm, what’s wrong? Is there something you’re still bothered about? The reason you came to my place? Uh, what is it? Sorry, I still don’t know.


K: This paulownia box? May I open it? This is… a fountain pen, isn’t it!? My birthday— ah… Oh! So that’s why…!

K: Hahah, I completely forgot about my own birthday. Ah, of course! It’s going to be all the more enjoyable to write letters now. I’ll use this gratefully. *embraces heroine* Hahah… to go out of your way to come here in the rain… was for this.

K: Thank you, I’m happy about your feelings. Haha, *kisses* good grief… How much are you going to make me fall for you until you’re satisfied? Until I can’t look away… I see. Hahah, alright. As you wish, I’ll drown myself in you. Hahah, mm… *kisses*

K: Yes, like that… let me hear your voice in pleasure. Where are you most sensitive? I’ll touch you where you feel the most pleasure. First… why don’t we hurry up and remove this kimono that’s in the way? *removes clothes*

K: Hahah, it’s a good thing we cleaned up. In that disordered situation, we wouldn’t be able to lie down like this. Nngh… *kisses*


K: Licking you or teasing you with my fingers… which one would you prefer? My fingers… I see. Then, how about this…? As I tease this pointed and stiff part… mm… *kisses* haha, and lick your ear, it shoots straight down, right? *touches heroine* See? This place has begun to get wet.

K: Are you feeling good? The honey within you is rapidly flowing out, you know. Hahah… *gives oral*

K: Each time I lap it up with my tongue, it pours out… mmgh, haha… It’s not enough to lick it, I think. You want me to stroke you deeper with my finger, right? Shall I move a little faster? And I’ll add another finger.

K: Nngh… *kisses; fingering heroine*… Hahah, you’re wet above and below, it’s so obscene. Can you hear it? This place of yours… and how wet it is. Is it alright… if I insert myself?

K: Relax yourself. Yes, like that… hah… ngh…!! Ungh, breathe in slowly… haah… well done. Ngh… ah… it’s burning… inside you. Nngh… how much do you want me? I’ll make love to you as many times as you wish. Haah… haa…! I’m going to raise your legs. Hahah… it really looks like you’re weak here. Hah, you’re squeezing me… harder…


K: Haha, it looks like it feels good enough to make you cry… ngh… The place where we’re connected, hah, is clenching down harder than it was before. Nngh… ungh… *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haah… this is nice. Nngh… it’s so hot and feels so good… mgh… it’s as if you and I were melting together…

K: Every time I pull my hips back, you wrap around me as if you’re regretting the loss of me… haah… agh… *thrusting*

K: You’re adorable… and lovely… No matter how many times I make love to you, it’s not enough… ngh…

K: Haah… haa… are you about to release soon? Hah… I’ll thrust into you as hard as I can, so… ngh… hold onto me tightly. Haah… haa…!! I’m going to release too…! Aah… haah…! I love you…! Ungh…! *he orgasms*


K: Did you… climax? I see… hah… I’m glad… haah… *kisses*

K: … It’ll be a problem if the rain doesn’t keep falling for a while longer. Haha, because if it stops then I’ll have to return you home, right? Mmfph!? *heroine kisses him* I don’t mind, but I might not let you sleep tonight. Is that still alright? Hahah, I’ll manage with my work somehow. More importantly, I want to cherish my time right now with you. *kisses* I love you. You’re the only person… I want by my side forever.

2 thoughts on “Aishi Kimi ni, Koibumi wo ~ Wakasa Kyouichirou ~

    luxicity said:
    June 11, 2019 at 04:52

    I’m sorry hahaha I’m really sorry. I found the story waaaay too cute and vanilla, but I can’t help but be reminded that this seiyuu is the same one who voiced that cheeky talking bird MochiDera in Tamako Love Story, so the bird was the one I kept seeing in my mind while listening hahahahaha! 😂😂

      Ilinox responded:
      June 11, 2019 at 11:40

      Oh no LOL it’s the worst when you have very strong associations with a voice and you hear them elsewhere. I’m glad for these sweet works in between all the darker ones :’D.

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