Onii-chan to Ikenai SEX

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Brother (お兄ちゃん)
CV: スキマチェリー

Immoral Sex with My Brother

An erotic love story where you enter a relationship with your brother which you cannot tell anyone about.

LOL Gotta love short and sweet synopses that get right to the point. Big thank you here to Lux for the commission!! You can get this at the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsiteR18 content warning and clearly incest.

I think I’ve mentioned how Mitsuhashi is my favorite doujin seiyuu. But I gotta say Sukima Cherry is pretty good too, so I’d recommend his stuff!

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Beginning ***

Narrator: Tsukiyo no Neko: Onii-chan to Ikenai SEX.

*heroine closes door*

Brother: Haah… welcome home. You’re late. Huh? Even if you say it’s still evening, it’s already six… I get worried. I worry more than mom!? Nrgh… shut up. I can’t stop myself from feeling worried. Hey now, don’t ignore what your brother is saying. It’s not like I’m complaining because I hate you.

*heroine heads to her room; he follows*

B: … I really… worry about you. Like whether or not you’ve been grabbed by a strange man, if you’re playing with bad friends, or stuff…

B: H-hey, can I come into your room too?… Listen properly to what I have to say over changing. After this, I won’t anymore… so I thought I’ll make it clear. *they enter room* You, um… what do you think… about me, your brother?

B: “A nag and annoying”… w-well, I can see why you’d say that. But I… don’t think of you as a little sister. I don’t see you as a little sister… but as a woman.

B: Ngh, don’t run. Ever since we were small, I thought you were someone I had to protect no matter what. You were my little sister, a girl, and family… I thought of you as precious. But… the meaning of “precious” slowly changed… and it might have been pretty recent.


B: You… suddenly got sexy! Even when you’re standing beside me, you don’t have the impression of being my little sister, right? When we walked around the town together, we’ve been mistaken as boyfriend and girlfriend before, right? Once I started being conscious of that… before I knew it, inside me… you weren’t my little sister anymore.

B: I-it’s not like I want you to think the same thing! I just wanted you to know my feelings. If I didn’t put it to words like this, I felt like I would regret it… because, if you continued not knowing my feelings and I left you alone… you’d belong to some other man like that, right?

B: … I don’t want that. It’s OK if you’re someone else’s… but when you become someone else’s, if my words could be in your mind, even just a little, that’d be nice… is what I thought. Ah, sorry, I have no idea what I’m saying, haha.

B: I didn’t mean to trouble you. Just… I wanted… to make you mine.

B: … Hey… before you have someone you want… even just for the while up to that time… is it alright? Let’s be make-believe lovers. Once you have someone you want, we can end things at that time… You can just go ahead and drop me without any warning.

B: Please. Listen to your brother’s request! Eh… ah…! It’s alright!? R-really…!? You won’t regret this? You’re sure? Aah, YES!! Hahah, I’m so happy. I didn’t think you’d possibly listen to my request, because I’m your nagging and annoying brother, right?

*** TRACK 2: Make-Believe Lovers ***

B: Haha, I’m so happy. Can I… hug you? Haha… ah… I’ve always wanted to hold you. I’m your family and your brother so, even though I’m the closest one to you, to not be able to touch you… was really painful. But, starting from today, I can confidently hug you.

B: Ahah, I know, it’s a secret from dad and mom. From our friends too… and anyone, it’s a secret. Being make-believe lovers will be a secret just between the two of us.

B: … *inhales* Aah, what a nice smell, haha. Even if you’ve sweated, that’s a good smell. Mm? You want to change? You don’t have to change. Right now, I want to hold you more like this. Can I squeeze you harder? Haha…

B: Does it hurt if I put too much strength into it? Ahah, I’m sorry.

B: … Hey, look into my eyes. *kisses* Haha, why do you look surprised? We’re lovers, so we’ll do things like kiss, right? Did you… not like the kiss? Haha, if you didn’t mind it, then I’ll do more. *kisses* Mm…


B: Haha, I’m so happy. This is like a dream. This isn’t… a dream, right? Ahah, it’s warm when I hold you, so this isn’t a dream. I want to kiss more. *kisses* Nngh…

B: Hey, can I do things… other than kisses too? I can do them, right? After all, you and I are… lovers, right?

*** TRACK 3: The Younger Sister’s Secret ***

B: Hey, sometimes at night, the sound of someone masturbating… did you know that even your brother in the next room could hear it? Haha, so you really didn’t notice. If you make too much noise, dad and mom will hear it too so be careful. Right now, it’s probably only me who hears it, so you’re OK.

B: Hah, every time I hear your voice, I get excited too and I can’t sleep. How do you usually masturbate? Show me. Since we’re lovers… it’s OK, right? With an adult toy…? Ohh? So that’s what you like. Hahah, you have such a cute face, but you masturbate with a sexual toy. If the guys around you knew that then I wonder how they’d react?

B: Ahaha, there’s no way I’d tell them. Because you’re… mine. I definitely won’t hand you over to anyone else.

B: … Hey, with this toy… what do you imagine about while you’re masturbating? Do you think about having sex with someone… while masturbating? Or do you wish for this toy to be used on you by someone… while masturbating?

B: Haha… how about I do it to you? I’ll use the toy and make you feel good, and then… we’ll both have sex and feel even better. Hey, let’s do it?


B: Shower? Haha, who cares about that. It’d be a pain if you said you were taking a shower and then ran away. And, above all… I want you like this. I don’t care about your sweat, so it’s OK, right? Either way, once we have sex, we’ll both be covered in sweat. OK? Hahah, if you understand, then come on. Sit on top of the bed. I’ll take off your clothes for you.

B: *removes clothes* Haha, the last time I took off your clothes like this was when you were small, right? Hahah, do you remember? When you were small you couldn’t even take off your clothes by yourself. I took care of you the entire time, you know? Maybe it was… from that time that I loved you, haha.

B: Lower your arms. I won’t be able to take off your bra. Huh? Haha, you’re embarrassed? There’s nothing to be shy about at this time, right? I’ve seen your boobs lots since you were small. Besides, sometimes you come out of the bath without a bra, right? You wear a shirt, but your nipples poke out. Haha, I was watching. So, come on, lower your arms and make it easy to remove. Haha, great, good girl.

B: … Like always, they’re well-shaped breasts. Now, how about we take off your pants next? Raise your hips just a little. Here we go…


B: Haha, naked as the day you were born. I want to look at you without rushing. Ah, it’s embarrassing if you’re the only one naked, right? Big brother will strip too. *removes clothes* You’re not interested in me being naked? I’ve exercised quite a bit, so I think I should have a body that’s something to look at though…

B: Hm? Haha, you can touch. Nngh… what? You’re interested in my abs? Haha, I worked pretty hard to have defined abs. Ngh, ahaha, it’s a little ticklish. Haha… uh, you’re touching too much. Do you possibly have a fetish for muscles? Ohh? So there’s things that even I don’t know.

B: Anyway, lie down on the bed. Do some naughty things with big brother.

*** TRACK 4: An Adult’s Toy ***

*turning vibrator on and off*

B: Ohh? So this is what a vibrator’s like… Haha, it’s my first time touching one. Mm? Aah, I have sex experience but I haven’t done anything but normal things. So I haven’t used a vibrator before either. Hey, open your legs? Show your big brother.

B: Haha, it’s not embarrassing, right? We’ve been in baths together when we were small. C’mon, hurry up. Hahaha, that place is cute and it’s in plain sight. First, we need to get you wet or this won’t go in, huh. I’m going to lick you… wet. Mmgh… *gives oral*

B: … Ngh… haa… hehe, it’s twitching. Does it feel good? Oh? This… is a liquid that’s not my spit which is flowing out, right? Haha… do you want me to continue? Hehe, sure, I’ll do more. Nngh…


B: Hehe, do you like being licked? Ahah, I see. Being licked is something you can’t experience when you’re masturbating, huh. Mmh…

B: Haa… haha… look, syrupy liquid really is flowing out from that place. What a sexy body. That place is opening and closing like it wants to swallow something.

B: … *whispers* What do you want to swallow? Haha, I’ll spread you slowly… because today is the anniversary of our first sex. *fingers heroine* Haah… here, can you feel my finger in you? Haha, it’s hot inside and it’s squeezing down hard. It doesn’t hurt? Are you OK?


B: Just by moving my finger a little… it’s squelching and making such lewd noises. You’re feeling good even though it’s your big brother’s finger, hahah. I’m glad. If you use a vibrator, that means you can feel good from inside too, right? Ngh…

B: This place… haha… Does it feel good? Hehe, I’m glad. I’ll give you more, heheh. *moves finger faster*

B: Haah… ahah, feel even better. Haha, there’s indecent sounds echoing throughout the room. Ngh… look, even the second finger has been swallowed smoothly. You’re too sexy. Were you satisfied from just masturbating with this body?

B: After this, big brother will be your partner, so you can feel good at any time. Mm? Do you like it when you’re spread open inside? Haha, cute. Touching your clit while I’m fingering you inside… Haha, do you like that more? Heheh, then I’ll give you more. If you feel good then be sure to let out your voice. Moan… and let your big brother hear your cute voice. Hahah, good girl.


B: … Your clitoris is this swollen, huh. It’s such an erotic shape… I love it. Ngh…! Haa… it’s about time to put in the vibrator. You can’t be satisfied with fingers alone, right? *inserts vibrator*

B: It doesn’t hurt… does it? I’m going to turn on the switch. *buzzing* Ah… haha, you’re trembling inside. Is your clitoris being stimulated too? Go ahead, feel as good as you want. Aah… hey, normally when you used this alone, did you move it? Like this… *thrusting* pressing the tip that juts out against this shallow place… ngh… then next time, pushing it so that it reaches the deepest spot…

B: Haha, so you didn’t do that. I’ll move it for you, so if it feels good then cum. Haha… so cute. You’re feeling good. Ahah… your legs are shaking. Could it be… you came? Haha, so it felt that good…


B: Even though it’s just a toy… I think I might be a little jealous. Heh, but feel even better. I’ll let you have this just for today. I think I’ll throw away this toy after today. After all, you’ve given yourself pleasure this entire time with this toy… it’s a bit annoying. Haha, don’t worry, after this big brother will be here. If you need one then I’ll buy you a new one. *still using vibrator*

B: Let’s go to an adult shop together for you to choose a vibrator you like. Alright? Haha, you can’t stop cumming? Aah, you’ve been clenching down on this vibrator since earlier, hehe, it’s been hard to move it.

B: If I thrust myself into this place… I bet it’ll feel good, huh. Big brother’s dick… is it alright if I put it in? *stops vibrator* Haha, I’m glad. Then, I’ll take out this toy.

*** TRACK 5: The Real Deal ***

B: Hey, can I put it in bare? No? Please! Just for today. It’s always been my dream… and I don’t have any condoms in stock… Next time, if we go to an adult shop, then we can buy condoms together at that time. So, just for today…! Ah, mm, it’ll be OK.

B: Then… I’m putting it in. *inserts himself* Nngh…! Aah… ngh… it feels good… haah… haa… You’re squeezing me inside, like it’s moving to try and wring something out…

B: When we’re holding each other… we can feel each other’s warmth directly… it feels a little like I’m filled up from the bottom of my heart. Let me hold you tighter… ahaha, I’m so happy. Hey… can I move? Haha, I’m moving. Let’s feel good together, alright? *thrusting*

B: Nngh… hagh… haa… Do you feel me deep in your stomach? Haha, I’m glad. I’m going to thrust into you lots and stroke you inside. Ngh… haah…! *quicker thrusting*


B: Ungh… hah…! Haha, you’ve been cumming nonstop since earlier, so I’m being squeezed… and I feel like I won’t be able to hold on either. Haah… haa… I’m still OK. I’ll hold back. After all… we’re finally connected… I don’t want to end it already. I want to do this with you… for as long as possible… and be connected forever. Hagh… hah…!

B: Hrgh… haa…! Ahah, it feels… good… hehe, your big brother feels good… So this sort of pleasurable sex existed, huh. Haah… it feels the best to have sex with someone you love, haha. Nngh… haah…!

B: … Haah… hey, are you almost exhausted? *slow thrusting* Haha, you’ve been having super orgasms, huh.  To have a super orgasm from being thrust into by your brother’s dick… haha, that’s super lewd. But I love that side of you. *kisses* Mm…


B: Kisses while having sex… are nice, aren’t they. The feeling of happiness gets pulled up even more than usual. Haah… one more time? Haha, mm… *kisses; thrusting*

B: Haa… ahah, I’m happy. I’m so happy… I feel so damn good. Haah… ngh…!

B: … Hey, let’s feel more… even more good… I feel like if it’s the two of us, we can always stay happy. Haah… haa…! *kisses; thrusting*

B: Ngh…! Haa… hagh… if you squeeze my dick that hard… I won’t be able to hold back. Haah… I don’t want to… let it out yet. Because… we’re connected at last. Ggh… ngh…!


B: Having sex like this… was my dream…! Haah… no… I don’t want to release yet… Ah… hahah, but then again… after this… we can have sex whenever we want, right? You and I are… lovers, after all. Even if it’s make-believe… lovers are lovers, right? Then… can I… let it out? Big brother’s sperm… is it alright to let it out? Haah… hah…!

B: Hey… ngh… I want to release inside. Can I… let it out inside? Haa… it’ll be OK if it’s just once. Haah… hah… please…! I’ve… wanted to put my seed in you. Can I? Hahah, mm, then… I’ll release inside. If there’s a child between us… it’d be nice… haah… haa…! Ngh…!! *thrusting*

B: Nrgh… hah…!! It’s coming…! Ggh…!! *he orgasms*


B: Haa… ahah… it came… deep inside your stomach… My sperm… can you tell… that all of it is being spilled into you? Hahah… *kisses*

B: … Ngh…! Ahah… once I pulled my dick out, my sperm is flowing out… haha… it’s such an erotic sight.

B: If I take a picture… will you get mad? Hahah, I’m kidding. I won’t do that sort of thing, because you belong only to me. You’re too good even to be put into a camera… I’ll preserve everything in my mind, haha. *kisses*

B: Haah… did it feel good? Ahah, I’m glad then. Let’s do it again sometime.

*** TRACK 6: Siblings ***

B: Haha, I see you took a shower. Ahah, I do like the smell of your sweat, but I also like the smell of soap on you. Mm… *kisses*

B: I’d like to have taken a shower together though… If we stifle our voices, we can have sex at any time, but getting into a shower together would be bad like you’d expect. If we do that then dad and mom might find out immediately.

B: If we’re discovered, I’m sure they’ll be opposed. Even if we’re make-believe lovers… Huh? Why are you looking down? Did I… do something wrong? Did you… not like my kiss?

B: That’s not it?… Then, it’s about time for dinner, so how about we go? Dad and mom are waiting, so we need to hurry. Hm? You can’t face them after having sex with your big brother? Hahah, don’t worry, we haven’t been discovered and we won’t be. It’s a secret just between the two of us.

B: … Hey, are we… really just going to be pretend lovers? After all, what we’ve done is the same as lovers, right? Hasn’t it lost the meaning of stopping at pretend?… See, if you really don’t feel like getting an actual boyfriend… we could stop being make-believe lovers early and… why don’t we become real lovers? Although we wouldn’t be able to tell anyone.


B: Besides, I thought this after making love to you for the first time, but even if you were to fall in love with someone… I don’t think I’d be able to let you go easily. If that happened, I feel like I’d go crazy. Right? So… let’s be lovers? *kisses*

B: The sex we had earlier felt good, right? Sex with someone you love is what feels the best, and you didn’t dislike it… right? Be lovers from being siblings with me? Ahah, yeah, let’s! *kisses* Mm…

B: … Ah, then I should change how I call myself your big brother. Up until now, I’ve mixed big brother into everything but after this I need to drop it, huh. I wonder if I can do it… If I were to call myself big brother then be sure to point it out, OK?

B: Then, in the future, we’re lovers from being siblings. Hahah… *kisses*

B: Haha, I adore you. I love you.

Note1: I feel like I need to mention that he refers to himself as “onii-chan” WAY more times than I included in this CD, but since it’s unnatural in English to refer to yourself in third person or just call yourself that… I had to make do with slipping it in wherever it was least weird. But, yeah, they’re not letting you forget this LOL.

14 thoughts on “Onii-chan to Ikenai SEX

    Reggie said:
    June 12, 2019 at 05:58

    Alone at last at my room! I can finally read some drama cds! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ but I kinda miss her lol 😅

    This reminds me of my classmate who mistake my brother as my boyfriend lol I explained thoroughly that siblings doesn’t mean to be look a like and everything and etc. but he doesn’t believe me lol 😂 Thank goodness, the last time we saw each other he didn’t bring that up because I have to repeat my very long explanation again 😂

    Short but I love it, after reading the tatarikon series last year I got use to it 😜

      Ilinox responded:
      June 12, 2019 at 21:00

      Huh? Miss who?

      LOL at least you’ve never been mistaken as your brother’s mother… That happened to me once and I was absolutely unimpressed and never wore the jacket my mom lent me ever again LOL mom-vibes too hard with that jacket.

        Reggie said:
        June 19, 2019 at 08:20

        I let a newbie in work to stay in my boarding house for a while until she found a place to stay in. I don’t want to share what I’m reading specifically r18 so I refrain for a while 😅

        Did your brother know this? He will laugh at you if he finds out hehehe 😅

        Ilinox responded:
        June 20, 2019 at 10:34

        Ohh! It does feel weird going back to a single room once you’ve been sharing it with someone. HAHA, yeah, my brother was right there beside me and he started laughing. It was awful LOL.

    It me said:
    June 11, 2019 at 08:18

    Blog super orgasm count: 2 (million)

      Ilinox responded:
      June 11, 2019 at 11:25

      fgkjhfkjjh this count is gonna make my blog sound super kinky, oh NO.

    kai5404 said:
    June 9, 2019 at 23:34

    I was totally shocked when I opened my email and got the notification for this post SEX IN ALL CAPS. Thank God no one was behind me. And I’m a sucker for forbidden love so this is completely up my alley. Although that bro… He might’ve fallen in love with mc when he changed her clothes when she was little?? Huh… Definitely side-eyed this dude alot but this ain’t that deep of a drama CD (unlike Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon which I adore;_; ) so lolol

    Thanks for translating and sharing with us!! I always appreciate your work!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 11, 2019 at 11:23

      LMAO I DID NOT THINK ABOUT THAT. Oh no, I’m so sorry for the email notifications :’)) and I’ll try to keep that in mind for future posts. He borderline says creepy stuff but all-in-all like you said it’s just a sweet, mindlessly cute (?) CD, ehehe.

      You’re welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment!

    Lux said:
    June 9, 2019 at 08:19

    Thank you so much! This was really sweet and something I knew I needed after that whole Welltales series haha. I will be sure to commission you again!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2019 at 08:39

      You’re welcome <3! Thanks for the commission again and, haha, yeah I feel like this blog swings from yandere works to sweet works to yandere works |D;;

    Medusawitch Shepard said:
    June 9, 2019 at 06:33

    I do love incest fiction.
    They are like forbidden love
    .but, in real life, I really hate my cousin. never ever imagine I would see him as a man not a stupid bug need to be crashed.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2019 at 08:38

      Haha, it’s a good trope for the whole “forbidden love” aspect like you said :’)) I don’t think anyone with darker tastes in fiction would ever want it in real life or would want to see it in real life / have it reflected in their life LOL.

    waterinegirl said:
    June 9, 2019 at 03:42

    i really want to enjoy reading this but…


    i could have enjoy its someone else.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2019 at 08:37

      That’s totally cool! Everyone enjoys different things, and so you don’t really need to let me know you didn’t enjoy this /o\.

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