Day: June 10, 2019

Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi: 7 Days ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

(OwO what’s this— jkjk. Here’s a countdown to a commission by ~DEFINITELY-NOT-EMBARRASSED~ and welcome to another extremely long spree of Kankinkon material!)

Hikaru: It’s been a while since I played chess with you. I believe the last time was a year ago? Haha, I thought that would be the time I’d win. I didn’t think you’d pull us into a draw from that situation. Come to think of it, what should we bet today? Last round was a kiss to the cheek, so this time… let’s do a different place.

H: Oh? Hesitating means you think you’re going to lose? That’s unusual for you. Hehe, good, you can’t go back on your word. Well then… checkmate.

H: Hahah, I’m sorry, I needed to win no matter what today. Ah, I’m going to take my reward seven days later, so you don’t have to kiss me now.

H: In exchange, seven days later… prepare yourself.