Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi: 2 Days ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

R18 content and language below!

Hikaru: Ngh… hah… just two days left… After two days, she’ll be my wife… ngh… ah! Haah… if I put this in… I wonder what sort of voice you’ll cry out with? I can’t wait anymore! Ah…

H: A-ah, it’s you. I’m just searching for documents right now. No, I’m okay, I’m certain I’ll find them immediately. Huh!? N-no, it’s alright! You don’t have to look underneath the desk. Uh, ahem, more importantly, could you make some tea? I’d like to rest for a bit. Mm, thank you. *heroine leaves; quiet voice* Thank you for not noticing my madness.

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