Day: June 16, 2019

Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi: 1 Day ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Hikaru: *phone rings* Hello? Eh? Really!? Haha, thank you, father! I’m grateful to you! Ah, she hasn’t noticed yet. Hehe, I bet she’ll be shocked tomorrow… oh, sorry, I’ll talk to you later. *ends call; heroine comes over*

H: Welcome back. Did you finish the teacher’s task? I see, then it looks like you can go home early today, huh. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day, so you should get some rest. Eh? For what, you ask? There’s going to be a lot of things… delightful things, you see.