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Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Pillage ~

The photographed loss of virginity memento is the door to misfortune—

The heroine, who served as the vice-president of the student council at the private Yamana Academy, was engaged to her childhood friend, Saijou Hikaru, the son of the president of the Saijou Group.

Unremarkable compared to her beautiful older sister, she was under the impression that she was chosen because of the relationship between their families and out of compassion…

However, after Hikaru went abroad for heart surgery, she decided to dissolve the engagement after ending up with mutual feelings for Kuse Kazuma, her one other childhood friend who has secretly had feelings for her all this time.

As one of the three childhood friends who have always been close to each other, Hikaru would also support them— was what she thought.

When the student council room, which should have been a symbol of happiness, is stained with desire, the bond of childhood friends collapses.

Shout out to ~DEFINITELY-NOT-EMBARRASSED~ for the commission! Everyone probably knows this by now but we’re here with Touji’s only son, Hikaru, and the third volume in the series. You can pick it up on the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite. On a side note, I’ve also increased my diaries for this entire series to two parts now LOL so if anyone’s curious there’s Part One and Part Two. At this rate I’m going to end up with three moments.

R18 content warning and dubcon, exhibitionism (one part), and dark themes though I just keep thinking about how Hikaru is a good boy and he DOES get a happy end so… LOL.

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