Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Pillage ~

The photographed loss of virginity memento is the door to misfortune—

The heroine, who served as the vice-president of the student council at the private Yamana Academy, was engaged to her childhood friend, Saijou Hikaru, the son of the president of the Saijou Group.

Unremarkable compared to her beautiful older sister, she was under the impression that she was chosen because of the relationship between their families and out of compassion…

However, after Hikaru went abroad for heart surgery, she decided to dissolve the engagement after ending up with mutual feelings for Kuse Kazuma, her one other childhood friend who has secretly had feelings for her all this time.

As one of the three childhood friends who have always been close to each other, Hikaru would also support them— was what she thought.

When the student council room, which should have been a symbol of happiness, is stained with desire, the bond of childhood friends collapses.

Shout out to ~DEFINITELY-NOT-EMBARRASSED~ for the commission! Everyone probably knows this by now but we’re here with Touji’s only son, Hikaru, and the third volume in the series. You can pick it up on the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite. On a side note, I’ve also increased my diaries for this entire series to two parts now LOL so if anyone’s curious there’s Part One and Part Two. At this rate I’m going to end up with three moments.

R18 content warning and dubcon, exhibitionism (one part), and dark themes though I just keep thinking about how Hikaru is a good boy and he DOES get a happy end so… LOL.

Got some things I wanted to say before we start though.

Note1: First, I need to point out that Dusk is making a pun here with the title because “student council” is pronounced “seitokai; 生徒会” but, as you can see, the kanji being used in this volume is actually “徒会; seitokai” with the different kanji bolded. This one is used for things like subjugation and conquering. Anyway, I wracked my brain on how to represent this and ended up with that title you see up there.

Note2: Secondly, look, translating is much more complicated than just turning one language to another. It’s also why it’s recommended to translate into your native language because there’s just so many nuances you have to consider. I know the English DLsite translated this as “Days of Plunder” but I chose “Days of Pillage” because plunder gives me pirate connotations, and then I went on a long etymology journey which I won’t make anyone look at.

But, long story short, plunder is more commonly used with pirates than the word pillage and, although both share the same basis of taking things by force, plunder is more associated with roving bands of soldiers while pillage is for an individual or non-military people. Interestingly enough, plunder is associated with just robbing and stealing and so you can do this repeatedly; meanwhile, pillage has a violent aspect to it and the destruction of something.

I’m just gonna say that Hikaru… definitely destroyed the relationship between the three friends LOL. Anyway, it’s not that I’m being purposefully stubborn about English DLsite’s translation, but I just wanted to make this comment and show the nuances in translation because I’ve been bothered recently by some general thoughts people seem to have regarding translations.

*** TRACK 1: Motive ***


Hikaru: I’m sorry, I’m leaving the student council to you in my absence. *heroine nods* Hey, if I come back alive… Huh? Ah, talking like this is indeed unlucky. Sorry. Then I’ll say the rest of it when I come back. Look forward to it and wait for me.

H: Alright, I’m going to ask for the usual now. Come on, I’m talking about the kiss to my cheek. *heroine kisses* Haha, thank you. The next time we meet, instead of my cheek… haha, no, nevermind. Well then, my beloved fiancée… before my trip, would you allow me a kiss as well? Of course, to your cheek. *kisses* I’m going now. I’ll definitely return to you. *he leaves*

*back to present; birds chirping*

H: Wah! Haha, ah, you startled me when you suddenly jumped up. Ah, crap, I spilled the tea. Haha, don’t worry, I can just pour another one. Wait a moment, I’ll bring a new one over right away. *goes to pour tea*

H: Here you go. Haha, you’re welcome.


H: Still… it’s rare for you to be sprawled over a desk, napping. Moreover, you yelled “Don’t go!”… these are lines as if you were chasing after a lover. Huh? You had a dream about when you saw me off at the airport?

H: Haha, it’s already been a month since I returned from my surgery in America. Did you miss me so much that you can’t feel as if a month had passed? Hahah, alright, alright, you’re just worried about your sickly childhood friend.

H: *to himself* Anyway, this approval needs those documents, huh. *to heroine* Sorry, but could you grab those documents? *heroine gets and gives* Thank you. Hmm… looks like it’ll be better if we move this estimate around to a different place… rather, if we reduce it more in this place… and the equipment for the other clubs…

H: Hm? Why are you staring so hard at me? Oh? Could you have been gazing at me in admiration? Hahah! Hey now, you’re not supposed to nod there. I won’t know how to respond to being stared at like that by my ex-fiancée. Hah… your honesty is a problem.

H: That’s right! As the student council vice-president, you need to be more firm or you’ll be underestimated by the other students. Putting aside other schools, this academy is a world rampant with evil spirits in the forms of young ladies and young men from various circles.
(T/N: He uses the idiom “魑魅魍魎; chimimouryou” which refers to evil spirits residing in the forests, mountains, rivers, etc.)

*door opens*

H: Isn’t that right, Kazuma?

Kazuma: Hm? What about?

H: I’m talking about how your lover is too honest and it’s a problem.

K: Hahah, she can’t help it because, Hikaru, you’re a prince to all the students in the school.

H: Kazuma, are you teasing me too? You let down my expectations.

K: Right back at you, you’ve failed as the student council president. You’ve brought your personal items into this room again.

H: Personal items? What are you referring to?

K: What’s with that huge sofa? Even if the student council room at this academy is large, you’re going too far, aren’t you?


H: Because a certain student council member from somewhere has promised to do things without due consideration, we needed a sofa for naps.

K: About that… sorry. But I thought it’d be a piece of cake for people like us.

H: Haa… good gracious. You’re too happy just because you started dating. It’s fine to be in high spirits, but don’t get me involved.

K: We didn’t just start! A month has already passed, so…

H: Still, it was unexpected. Two months ago, when I went to America to have my heart surgery, if I’m remembering this correctly, you confessed to her right after that, Kazuma, right? For her to decide on such an indecisive man… it was a bolt out of the blue.

K: … I’m sorry for this happening while you were gone.

H: Haha, what’s with that? Apologizing after the fact. It’s not like you, Kazuma. Although we were engaged, it was a promise between our families when we were young. From the start, this girl never intended to marry me. Besides… we can’t always hang around each other as three childhood friends, right?

K: Hikaru, I…

H: Putting that aside, let’s settle this matter quickly. There’s still many things that were left undone during my absence, right?

K: Haha… sorry. Next is this issue. *hands document*

H: Hmm, I see. Ah, Kazuma, there’s no time, so could you read that document over there?

K: Hahah, as usual, you’re just like Prince Shoutoku. Let’s see… “From the moment I saw you, I loved you, Hikaru. You glitter and shine like the sun, and like the epitome of that word—” ah, sorry! It looks like another one of Hikaru’s love letters got mixed in.

H: To mix a love letter in these written applications… they’re forgetting their duty as a student. Minus ten points.

K: By that, do you mean those rumors about how their future will be affected?

H: Who knows? In any case, throw that away and read the next one.

K: … Uh, next is— *phone rings*

H: Ah, sorry, I’m going to take this call. *walks away* I’m in the middle of something right now. Keep it short. Aah, I see. Then go with Plan B. No, you don’t have to worry about some loss. Yes, that’s right. I’m counting on you then. *ends call; returns* Sorry to keep you waiting.

K: It’s fine, but you aren’t doing bad things again, are you?


H: I don’t do those anymore. I was just giving advice on stock trading.

K: … I see. It’s fine if it’s advice then… I think? Uh, I don’t really understand, but that person is lucky, huh. If Hikaru has a hand in it then they’ll certainly make a large profit.

H: No, actually, I’m still lacking a bit of a trump card. I’m still lacking in game pieces in order to attain my mark.

K: Oh? Even the young master of the flourishing Saijou Group has things he can’t obtain, huh.

H: Don’t be sarcastic.

K: Hah, it’s not sarcasm. You’re a talented person, suited to bear the responsibility of the next era of the world-famous Saijou Group.

H: You really are being sarcastic. Are you that frustrated over losing the chess game the other day?

K: I’m telling you, that’s not it! I’m well aware there’s no one who can beat you at chess.

H: That’s not true. At present, I haven’t won even once against this girl.

K: Aah, now that you mention it, that’s true. I rarely see you two compete, so I forgot. Haha, that makes me remember the chess incident back in elementary school.

H: I’ve told you to forget about that time.

K: Why? Isn’t it a good story? If I remember correctly, at that time too, it was before you were going abroad to America, right? You gave up on everything before your surgery and declared that you’d buy anything if someone beat you at chess. Then this girl challenged you to a match.

H: It was the joke of a ten year old. Hurry up and forget it. *to heroine* Hm? Haha, you’re the one who forgot? The person who you want to have remembered… is the one who forgets, huh.

K: Eh? Did you say something, Hikaru?

H: No, it’s nothing. More importantly, about these documents… we need Mr. Kobaya’s opinion.

K: That Mr. Kobaya said he’d leave it to your judgement, Hikaru.

H: Hey, hey, is he leaving all the decision-making to me? No matter how you look at it, he’s trusting me way too much.

K: Well, I’ll follow your lead, so let’s work hard together.

H: Good grief… *to heroine* Ah, then I’d like you to calculate the range from here to there. The reward will be the usual kiss.

K: Hi-ka-ru!

H: Hahah! It was a joke— *fade out*

[10:32] *scene skip; heroine closes door; phone rings*

H: *through phone* Sorry for this being late at night. Did I wake you? Oh, I was going to go to sleep after this too, but before that I wanted to confirm something… Today, the story about the chess game back in elementary school came up, right? Did you really forget that story?

H: … I see. You only remember it vaguely… *sighs*

H: … Actually, I was attracted to you in that moment. *heroine is shocked* Haha… I also love you, but I’m not saying this as a childhood friend right now. These are… *inhales and exhales*… I’m saying I love you as a person of the opposite gender.

H: Haha, of course I noticed you didn’t like me as a man. The engagement with me was nothing but a promise between our families, huh. That’s why… I’m not blaming you for that at this point. I called you tonight to put a stop to my feelings. You don’t remember, but at that time when we were ten years old… I was scared.

H: Because there was no one around me with a weak heart, it was always on my mind about how I was the only one carrying a handicap… and I felt like I was going to be crushed.

H: … “Why was I the only one who had to go to America!? I might even die if I get the surgery”… I was hesitant and troubled over things like that. The chess match was a result of that. The classmates that took on the bet wanted dresses or the newest toys and lost… but you were the only one to win against me.


H: I wondered what sort of request a normally unnoticeable young miss would ask… and I sneered at you inwardly.

H: … It was my first time losing, so I was also irritated, you see. However, you said this, “I want to play with you when you’re made healthy with all that money”.

H: Haha! You finally remembered? Yes, that’s right, you didn’t win for yourself but for me. You were the only one to believe I would survive and you prayed for me from the bottom of your heart. Such a gentle heart… is something rarely held. No, it’s not normal. In this world, there’s not that many people who would truly wish for another person’s happiness. When it comes to the rich and powerful… even more so.

H: As the heir to the Saijou family, I’ve seen various sorts of people… so this is a reliable observation. That’s why… your smile at the time shone at me. I decided in my heart… that I would absolutely make you my wife.

H: Haha, that’s right, that’s the truth of the engagement. I requested it of my father and was able to be engaged to you. Eh? You thought it was out of pity? Why?

H: … Hahah, ah, certainly your sister is beautiful. But to me you looked cuter. Good grief, I thought this before but your self-esteem is too low. It can’t be that you’re still bothered by what was said at that party?


H: Haha, I haven’t forgotten. “Being smart is your only redeeming feature”… was it? A young miss from somewhere with a completely empty head said that, didn’t she? Those people are just pigs who try to keep up appearances with their outward looks. I had no interest.

H: The target of my interest… was from ten years ago… Just you. Eh? Kazuma? Haha, I was together with him since infancy and he’s like a brother. Although I couldn’t believe my fiancée would be stolen by that brother.

H: Ah, sorry, sorry, don’t mind me. I said you were taken, but it was Kazuma who loved you first. Hehe, that’s right. During your entrance ceremony to elementary school, you gave your handkerchief to Kazuma who tripped, didn’t you? Apparently, he fell for you at that time.

H: Haha, what, this was a secret? Then keep quiet on it. Including the phone call with me today, alright? *heroine agrees* Can I confirm one thing? Do you really… love Kazuma? Ah, no, I noticed from way back. But… I’ve never heard it from your mouth, so…

H: I see. Certainly, like you say, Kazuma is a direct person with no other sides and a good man. His face is also good, though he loses out to me.

H: So then, about me… what did you think of me? Haha… thank you. That you admired me… those words alone are more than enough. Yeah, they’re really more than enough… to go ahead with my actions. Oh no, it’s nothing. Well then, until tomorrow… in the student council room after school. Mm, good night. *ends call*

*** TRACK 2: Loss of Virginity in the Student Council Room ***

*door closes*

H: Ah, you came already? You’re early.

H: Mm? If you’re wondering about Kazuma, he’s assisting the basketball club and won’t be able to come apparently. Haha, it’s busy being someone athletic. In any case, don’t stand over there and how about coming over to sit on the sofa? *heroine comes over*

H: Haha, right? It’s pretty comfortable, isn’t it? This sofa was custom-made and ordered from overseas. It’s large, so… ngh *stretches*… it’s just right for naps. Oh, I know! Why don’t you try lying down? You should be able to understand my emotions then.

H: Hahah, you don’t need to use words, I can tell your feelings by your expression. Now then, I’ll bring some tea. *phone rings* Oh, sorry, I’m going to take this call.

H: How is the aforementioned matter? Hehe, I see. No, you did well. Thank you. With this… it’s a checkmate. Heheh… hahah!! *to heroine* Ah, my apologies, the matter I mentioned yesterday went well. I was laughing out of joy. I’m so pleased that—

H: *pounces on heroine*—I would do even this. *kisses* Mgh…


H: *heroine struggles* You should close your eyes in moments like these. Did Kazuma not even teach you that? *kisses* Nngh…

H: … Ngh! Haa… ahaha, that reminds me, you’ve been surprisingly strong since you were young. I also love that tomboy side, but… for now… I’m going to tie up these interrupting hands. Ngh… *restrains heroine* Mm, like this? I was more or less taught this by a master but I’m worried you’ll loosen it, so just in case I’m going to tie you up a little more. Ngh! Mm, this is enough.

H: Hahah, you think I’m joking? Does this look like a joke? As usual, you don’t know how to distrust someone. The objective in tying you up in a situation like this… is only one thing, isn’t it?

H: *leans in* From here, you’re going to be… raped by me. You’re going to become mine, Saijou Hikaru’s wife. *licks* HAHAHAHAH!! Do you think you can run!? People rarely come to this student council room… and you know that as well!

H: Ah, you’re crying so much… How sad. Sorrow and fear… I’ll make you forget them at once. *kisses* Mmgh…


H: Ngh! Do you… do you love Kazuma so much to bite me this hard!? Even though I’ve always loved you! *rips clothes* Grgh! Haah… haa… ah, I was planning on being nice for our first time… but I’ve abandoned that. I’ll have you take your punishment for rejecting me. Either way, you’ve already let Kazuma… touch this place, right?

H: *touches heroine* Hahahah! It’s all lies when you say it hurts, when something much thicker than a finger has entered already… but I can’t endure seeing your face twist with pain, so I’ll stretch you just a little.

H: Oh? Is this a woman’s genitals? It has a more complicated structure than the ones I saw in lessons. Ngh, ah, this underwear is in the way, huh. Shall I cut it? Hey now, if you don’t stay still, I’ll cut your flesh.

H: Hm, alright, now it’s easier to lick. Hahah! Lick what, you ask? It’s obvious what I’m going to do after coming this far, right? Let’s see… first, around this clitoris… mgh… I’m to lick it gradually… hah… and then approach the center little by little, if I remember correctly… *gives oral*

H: … Ah, it’s getting swollen… Heheh, just now you jerked. Were you scared? Or… were you expecting the next one?


H: Nngh… it about time… to suck this place… I think? *more oral*

H: Haah… ahah, it’s dirty? Where? There’s no dirty place on your body. Besides, *inhales* it smells amazing. More erotic than I imagined… and it’s a smell that excites me. Mmh…

H: Heheh, wow, it looks just like it does in the references. Your juices are flowing out. Mixing together with this… I should be able to put my finger in, right? Oh? It’s tighter than I expected. Furthermore, if I look deep inside… there’s something like a membrane that wasn’t in the instruction manual…

H: … Huh? Could this be… no, it can’t be…?

H: Oh well, I don’t really get it, but at any rate there shouldn’t be a problem if I touch you gently. Ah, don’t worry, I’ve clipped my nails as much as possible and filed them. I’ve also disinfected them so all the preparations are complete. As long as you don’t struggle, you won’t get hurt inside.

H: *leans in* I’ll spread you… so that it’s easy for me to push in. *fingers heroine; kisses* Haah… haa…

H: So, this is how you feel deep inside… It’s soft and slippery… When I think about myself entering this place, it makes me shiver…

H: Now then, I wonder what color your nipples are? Heheh, these are cute nipples just as I imagined. But they aren’t as swollen as the ones in the references. I’m going to lick them… and make you feel good here too… *licks*


H: Ngh… I wondered what sort of voice you’d make if I sucked on your nipples like this… mmgh… and, imagining that, I masturbated. Aah, finally being able to taste them, I’m so happy. Nngh…

H: Haah… haa… hehe, they’re puffed up. How about I do the same to this side? *licks*

H: … Hah… ahah, you’ve become slippery down here too, so it feels like all preparations are complete. It should be okay now… I’m putting it in. Ngh! Grgh… hey now, don’t struggle! If you struggle you’ll hurt your hands and, moreover… you’ll make your father sad.

H: Heheh, your father’s company is in large amounts of debt. To breakthrough this obstacle… you can only rely on something. So, I asked my father and the Saijou family offered a loan… with your engagement being the condition.

H: Even your father, who respected his daughter’s will and dissolved the engagement… will give up on that with this, no? Hahah, you look shocked. Well, it’s not unreasonable. You don’t know about any of this, because they’re all things that happened after you left the house.


H: Yes, that earlier phone call was a report on how my plan was completed. So, you should be obedient and let yourself lie with me. If you displease me right now… it’ll be the end… *leans in* of your family. Heheh… *licks*

H: Aah, this is the best. I’ve finally regained you… with this, ngh! *inserts himself* Haah… haa… it’s… tight…! The entire thing can’t go in… Hey, relax some mor—

H: Huh!? This blood… It can’t be that you’re…? You haven’t… done it yet with Kazuma? *heroine shakes head* Oh… that’s…

H: … That’s… heheheh… HAHAHAHAH!! That’s the best! So I’m your first…! *kisses* Aah, I’m so happy. Here, can you tell? That I broke your hymen… ngh… Hahah, no wonder you’re tight. But don’t worry, this place of a woman is made to accept a penis. Even if it hurts now, after doing it multiple times, it’ll feel pleasurable.

H: Heheh, I’m certain that one day you won’t be able to stand not having me. I’m passionate about research… and I’m a husband with a desire to improve myself. Ngh…! Haah… haa… hehe, can you tell? It’s all in… snugly to the base. Nngh…!


H: Wow… it feels so good… I’m inside you like I dreamed. I’ve… finally… ravished you. Aah… ngh…! It feels so good… haah… I feel like I might come immediately, ngh!

H: Hahahah! Even though I’m in you to the base like this, you think you can run? Here… here! Your cervix is getting rubbed by my tip, right? Haah… haa…!

H: Ungh! Ngh… for you to feel this good inside… ah… I’m really going to come! Hagh… are you still going to resist? I have no choice then. I wanted to enjoy you a little longer, but I’m going to release inside you right away and have you give up. Haah… ngh…!!

H: Heheh, does it hurt? Of course it would. Haah… haa… *kisses; thrusting* I told you, didn’t I? That this is the punishment… for rejecting me! Ngh… haah…! Here, I’m going to release it… accept it… firmly deep inside you… hngh…! Hahah, you say you’re going to get pregnant? Hahah, rather, that’s what I’d welcome! My family and your family… will be overjoyed!

H: Mm? Ah, of course my family is in favor. When I was conflicted, my father told me this, “If you want her by all means… you should just impregnate her”, you see! Nngh…! Haah… don’t resist! No matter how much you resist, I won’t let you go. Nngh…!


H: Aah, mine… my one and only… I won’t ever hand you over to another man again. Haa… get pregnant… with my child! Get pregnant! Nngh…! Haah… haa… I’m coming…! Ungh…! *he orgasms*

H: … Haa… ahahah… HAHAHAH!! Wow, my stuff is coming out of you… Haah… haa… I saved it all up for today, so it was hard to stop. Sorry about that… it’s overflowed and spilled out. Ah, that reminds me… as a memento for your loss of virginity, I’ll need to take a photo, huh. *takes pictures*

H: Heheh, you’re asking if this is a dream? Ah… you’re right. My dream of many years… has become reality. *kisses* Aah, you’re so cute. Overflowing with my sperm, you’re more adorable than anything in this world.

H: … More… I need to take more photos. *takes pictures; fade out*

*** TRACK 3: Punishment in the Classroom ***

*bell rings; heroine scrambles and searches*

H: The bell has already rung, so it’s quite frivolous of the student council vice-president to skip her physical education class. *he enters room* Oh my? Isn’t that my bag? Your seat is over there, isn’t it?

H: Ah, I know. *comes closer* The thing you’re searching for… is my phone you have in your hand now, right? Heheh, from your expression, it looks like you didn’t know my password and so you couldn’t erase the photos.

H: Sure, I’ll tell you. My password… is your birthday. Hahah, congratulations on deleting the data. *he claps*

H: Well, even if you erase the data on my phone, I have copies on my computer so that was useless. *comes closer* You can’t escape. I locked the door earlier, so no one will interrupt either. Oh dear, it looks like you really want to be punished by me. Ngh! If you struggle like this… grgh… It makes me want to shove myself into you by force.

H: In truth, I want to make love to you on a fluffy, soft bed but… it’s better to punish you sooner, right? Today, you’ll have to put up with the floor. *kisses* Ngh…


H: … Haah… ahah, I’m glad, yesterday’s hickey is still there, huh. It was my first time giving one, so I was worried it’d disappear immediately. Today, I’ll also… give you lots. *kisses*

H: Heheh, don’t worry, it’ll be hidden by clothes here and it won’t be seen. You won’t be called an insincere student council vice-president… by anyone. Mmgh… that you’re a person whose nipples get hard when they’re licked… is something no one would think. *licks*

H: Aah, I remembered. Rather than being licked gently… you love it when there’s a little hard pressure. Am I wrong? Then what is this? It’s already stiff… ngh… to the point where I can’t push them down with my lips. Here, so that you become honest… I’ll also pinch the nipple over here with my fingers, so… let me hear your voice more. *kisses*

H: … Haah… heheh, now then, it’s about time… to remove this hindering underwear— hm? Could this be…? Are you already wet? Haha, what, even though you’re saying no, you got aroused by me licking your nipples. *heroine shakes head* Hahah, there’s no need to be shy. This is a physiological response. So, you couldn’t help but feel pleasure at having your nipples teased by me.

H: Me too… see. Because I heard your cute voice… I’m this hard. *removes belt*


H: Ngh! Hahah! I said that you couldn’t escape, right!? Grgh, or are you expressing that you want to be fucked from behind today!? Heheh, you’re pretty wet already, so I guess I’ll put it in. *kisses* Today, this place… will also become a mess with my sperm.

H: HAHAHAH!! Aah, it’s entering… it’s entering! Come on, you need to try harder to escape… or I’ll enter deep… inside! Ngh! Haah… haa… heheh, ah, you’re being ravished today as well. You’re spread open deep inside by me.

H: Ngh… this is the second time so it should still hurt, right? Rather than moving around poorly, I think it’s better if you entrust your body to me. It’s said that for girls unaccustomed to this… they’ll feel good if you rock back and forth slowly like this… ungh… I was taught this by my father.

H: … Haah… nrgh… it really is… tight…! I’m… big apparently, so… ungh… I’m worried about whether you’ll break or not. *kisses; thrusting*

H: Aah… ngh… it looks like you love it when I stroke against you at this angle, huh. You squeezed down just now inside. Hah… haa… because it hurt, you say? Oh? Considering all that, ngh… aren’t you making sweet sounds? Your juices too… are flowing out to an extent incomparable to earlier. Mmgh… it’s hot and slippery… I also feel good, you know. Ungh…!


H: Ah, that reminds me, while stimulating your sensitive spot inside like this… ngh… if I tease your clitoris… it’ll apparently feel even better. Heheheh… ah, like I thought… it feels good, doesn’t it? You’re this sopping… ugh… it’s even dripped to the floor. It’s true. Nngh… see, every time I pull out… ngh… it flows out in drops. *kisses; thrusting*

H: Haah… haa… you’re convulsing inside so indecently… hah… I wouldn’t have thought you were a virgin just yesterday. This place is completely… used to me. Every time I rock into you, it clamps around me… ah… it feels so good.

H: Ngh… haagh… this place… is it your cervix? When I press against this spot, especially when I rub against it with my tip… it’s irresistible. Nngh, you also… love this spot, right? Haah… ungh… so cute… When I rub circles in this spot, you jerk, huh… Feel me more… feel good because of me…

H: Hah… haah… hehe, you’re a liar when you say it doesn’t feel good. If I pinch both your clitoris and nipple… agh… I wonder if you’ll become more honest? Ugh… ngh…! You’re squeezing me too hard. If you squeeze me… this hard… ah, it’s going to come out already… ngh!


H: Heheh… hahah! That’s right… today, ngh… I’m also going to release inside. Such a wasteful thing to spill myself outside… I couldn’t do that now, could I? Aah… haah…!

H: … Ngh, heheh… ah, it’s clenching…! It’s clenching! It feels… amazing…! I think I’m going to release lots… haah…!

H: Hahah! Oh no, if you scream like that, then someone’s going to end up coming. Haah… hah… I’ll need to block that naughty mouth of yours. *kisses; thrusting*

H: Nngh… hah…! I love you…! I don’t need anything else apart from you! I don’t need… anything else! Nngh…! Haah… I’m coming… I’m releasing…! Mmgh… ngh! *he orgasms*

H: … Haa… hehe, I feel like I came… a lot. Here, if I swirl myself around inside… you can tell, right? You’re all… sticky inside from me. Heh… you might be pregnant already from this. Hehe, I look forward to that moment.


H: If you cry like that you’re going to dirty your face. Look, come here.

H: *slow and quiet voice* … When we were small, you would stop crying when I held you like this, and yet… now you cry even harder.

H: … Hahah, you’re right. There’s no woman who would be happy being embraced by the man who raped her… huh. *kisses* Do you want to run from me? If you really want to run… there is one method. It’s simple. In half a year, tell me not to undergo my third surgery. If you do that then I’ll die in the near future.

H: Hehe, I’m exceedingly sane. If you insist on choosing Kazuma no matter what, then I won’t undergo the surgery. Because there’s no point in a world without you.

H: At that time… I’ll run away to a place where even the Saijou family’s influence can’t reach… and die alone. Why are you crying? If I die then you would be happy.

H: … Hahah! That’s right, this is the same as a child throwing a tantrum. But did you know? It’s difficult to persuade a child about what upsets them with logic. So, you should also come after me emotionally… with feelings of murder. You can only do that to escape from me.

H: Heheh… exactly. Your choice… will kill me. *kisses; fade out*

*** TRACK 4: The Exposed Truth ***

*heroine walking; Hikaru in the distance*

H: Yes, I know, teacher. I’m not pushing myself too hard, so please don’t be concerned. Hahah, if you’re going to say that, then please decrease the amount of work for the student council. Hah, good gracious, you’re very good at flattering me, teacher. I understand and I’ll discuss it with the other student council members before proceeding, alright? Now then, please excuse me.

H: Ah, it’s you. You’re going to the student council room from here, right? Me too, so let’s go together. *he starts walking* Hm? You aren’t going? If you don’t care about what will happen to your family… then you can stay there like that. *heroine catches up* Hahah, wise of you.

*they walk; enter student council room*

H: Now then, why don’t we drink some tea on the sofa? Ah, you can sit down. I’ll brew it. Haha, I’m thankful for your feelings, but it tastes better when I pour it than when you pour it, right? Hahah, don’t sulk. For these things, there’s the right person for the job. Come on, sit down.

H: Good. Now, wait one moment. *pours tea*


H: *phone rings* What is it, Kazuma? Calling me when we’re in the school… Heh, there’s no need to apologize for that. Regarding that, I’ll go ahead with this girl, so relax. Yeah, see you later. *ends call* Kazuma said he won’t be able to come to the student council room today.

H: Haha, it hurts a little when you’re that clearly frightened. *comes close* Just kidding. I have no right to say that. *sets down tea* Here, go ahead, take a drink. Right now, it also comes with the Saijou family’s special cookies.

H: Now then… I guess I’ll rest too. It really is tiring to work hard through the entire day. Although it’s to make harmonious contacts after graduation, keeping a nice face around everyone hurts my cheeks. Hm? What? You look puzzled.

H: Can it be… that you thought I’d assault you immediately? Hahahah, then as the princess hopes for, I can do it right at once… ngh! Wait! If you throw the cushion like that you’ll ruin it! Dummy, it’ll obviously get ruined. Isn’t that a cushion you made? Haha, that’s right. To me, it’s a treasure. So, won’t you give it to me?

H: Thank you. Now, after that… *pulls heroine* is just you coming onto my lap. Haha, don’t flail around, I just want to be close to you.


H: How rude. There are times when I’m like this too. Here, you love the cookies my mother makes, right? Okay, open your mouth.

H: Hahah! Your face as you reluctantly eat it… is also cute. *kisses* Eh? I’m lying? About what? Haa… that matter again? To me, you’re the world’s cutest woman. You say your older sister is the prettier one, but I have absolutely no interest in her. Ever since our engagement at ten years old, I’ve only looked at you. *kisses*

H: Oh, this is bad. Because you’re making that expression… I didn’t intend to do it, but now I want to do it. Heheh, it’s your punishment for unconsciously arousing me. This hard length… Let me put it in? *kisses*

H: Haah… ngh… I love you. Forget about Kazuma, choose me! You don’t have to love me as a man…

H: … I see…

H: … If I can’t have your heart, then I’ll take your body… *kisses*


H: If you get down from my lap right now… you know what will happen, right? Yes, that’s right, stay like that. Hehe, we’ve done this a lot so I know where you’re sensitive. When I slowly trace this area below your clitoris… you get wet right away. I’m not wrong, am I? Aah, see, your juices are starting to run. It’s easy to glide my fingers around now.

H: When this happens… you can no longer run from the pleasure. *kisses; fingering heroine* Mmgh…

H: Haah… you’ve become really wet. You’re going to dirty your underwear, so why don’t we remove it now? *heroine shakes head* Hm? Or… do you want me to shift your underwear out of the way and enter you like that? *heroine shakes head*

H: If that’s wrong, then turn your back to me and straddle me. I’ll remove it for you.

H: … Quickly. Hahah! Amazing, there’s already a string. You really get wet quickly now.

H: I’m glad you’ve gotten used to my caresses. *kisses*


H: Ah, that voice is irresistible. Sorry, I want to put it in already. Let me put it in. *kisses* Mmgh… ah… lower your waist like that. Don’t worry, it’ll enter smoothly now. Hahahah! To try and run away after coming to this point. You don’t learn, do you? Either way… you can’t escape from me… ngh! *inserts himself* Aah… haah…

H: You’re tight today too. At first, I thought you were tight because it was your first time, but… it seems like I was mistaken. Hahah… it’s because I’m big…? You’ve said another pleasing thing… I’m going to… fill your… stomach up e-v-e-n more… ngh…! Haah… haa…!

H: Aah, if it feels this good… every time… I feel like I’ll get too excited… and die before my surgery. Hagh… haa… Hm? Why do you look like you’re going to cry? Hahah, I was joking earlier. This sort of exercise isn’t a problem. I can do… even more intense… things, ngh! Hah… haa…! *thrusting*

H: Heheh, it’s deep? Ah, it feels like I’m hitting you deeper than usual, huh. Nngh, each time I thrust up, you become tighter inside. Ungh… you’re clinging to my tip… *kisses; thrusting*


H: Haha, I wonder if today’s a dangerous day. Aren’t you more sensitive than normal? *kisses; thrusting*

H: Nngh… haah… you’re already sopping. Huh? Haah… haa… No? Why are you saying no when I prod this spot? If you don’t say… Hahah, that’s right, I know. This place… when I thrust against it, you feel like you’re going to come, right? Go ahead, let’s release together. Come on, I’ll rub your clitoris at the same time, so… ngh…! Haah… ugh…!

H: I feel like I’m going to come…! M-me too… I’m releasing…! Look over here… I want to come while kissing. Haah… haa… *kisses; thrusting*

H: … Ngh…! Mmgh…! *he orgasms* Haa… hah…

*door opens*

K: Sorry! The club ended early, so I’ll help too—

H: Haah… good gracious. Your bad timing hasn’t changed from the past.

K: …… W-what… are you doing…?

H: Can’t you tell by looking? We’re having sex.

K: I’M NOT ASKING ABOUT THAT! Y-you… raped her…

H: Oh dear, even after seeing her reactions… you still can’t understand? Look, she came so hard while still having me swallowed down here. She’s greedily taking in my sperm.

K: N… no…

H: Ah, sorry, is this too much stimulation for you as a virgin?

K: This is… a lie…

H: HAHAHAHAH!! It’s not a lie. *to heroine* Come on, don’t just stay silent and how about telling Kazuma? How many times I’ve come inside of you and… how you came.

K: Ggh!


H: What’s wrong, Kazuma? You can’t even speak? What a pathetic man.

K: … First… let her down. It’s miserable for her to stay like that.

H: Heh, you’re right. I’ll only show you this much.

*heroine gets down; Kazuma runs at Hikaru*

K: Ngh…! YOU—!

H: Oh my! Before you hit me, why don’t you ask her opinion?

K: What?!

H: If this really wasn’t rape… then what would you do?

K: Are you saying this was by her will?

H: That’s why I’m telling you to ask her. If she says she chooses you, Kazuma, then I won’t stop her.

K: *to heroine*… Is this all true? *heroine nods*…… I see. I understand. *turns to leave*

H: You’ve withdrawn surprisingly easily.

K: … That’s impossible. I just want to cool off my head at this point today for her sake. Hikaru! Tomorrow, after school, come to the rooftop.

H: If I say no?

K: I’ll fucking kill you even if we’re in class.

H: Hahah, you also haven’t changed from being dangerous when you’re furious. Alright, I’ll go… probably.

K: YOU BETTER COME! Grgh! *slams door*

H: Aah, we finally got discovered. *heroine hits him* Ugh! Even if you hit me right now… Kazuma won’t return. Isn’t it good that you’ve given up at last? You can only marry me now with this. Kazuma probably disdains you now.

H: … So, don’t cry like that. Either way… there’s no turning back now. The only choice remaining for you… is to be loved by me. *kisses; clock ticking fade out*

*** TRACK 5: Student (Conquest) Council ***

*wind blowing; heroine and Hikaru arrive*

K: Why did you bring her here?

H: I told her to wait. But she said she wanted to come and wouldn’t listen. *whispers to heroine* Stay here. *walks to Kazuma* So, you said you were going to calm down. Are you calm? I really understand the feeling of having your beloved stolen away from you, so I sympathize.

K: … Yeah, I thought about it calmly. As a result… *punches Hikaru* Ngh!

H: Urgh! *falls down*

K: I really know… that you raped her!

H: Hahah, why do you think that?

K: When she looked at me… she was crying. Besides, she isn’t someone who lies to people! YOU ALSO KNOW THAT, RIGHT!? I’m sure you threatened her with something and sealed her mouth! SAY IT! What kind of despicable things did you threaten her with!?

H: Ngh… if you want to hear them, then you should hit me until I spit out the truth.

K: Sure… I’ll do that.

H: However… *gets up* don’t think I’m going to stay silent and be hit. *punches Kazuma*

K: Grgh!

H: HAHAH!! Did you drop your guard because my heart is weak? Even I, as a member of the Saijou family, learned the art of self-defense.

K: Ngh, right. That makes me relieved. THAT IT WON’T END WITH ME BEATING YOU DOWN ONE-SIDEDLY! *punches Hikaru*

H: Ugh! Don’t think you can keep punching me like… THAT! *punches Kazuma*

K: Gugh! Right back at you! DON’T THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME! *punches Hikaru*

H: Nrgh!… Fuck…! Don’t get ahead of yourself!

K: Ngh! Ugh… YOU’RE THE ONE GETTING AHEAD OF YOURSELF! *punches Hikaru down*

H: Argh!

K: Haa… haah… that she chose you… DON’T FUCKING KID ME! *kicks Hikaru*

H: Gugh!


K: You’re always like that! You pull out her affections on the pretext of your weak body! But still, I… LIKED YOU! And yet… AND YET…! *kicks Hikaru*

H: NGH! Urgh…

K: Hahah, are you acting like your heart hurts again?

H: N-no… it really… hurts… gugh…

K: Oh? Then I’ll kill you before your heart stops! *goes to hit Hikaru; heroine jumps in and gets struck*… Ah! W-why…?

H: *weakly* Are you alright?! Ngh… you’re an… idiot. To get hit in my place…

K: No way… You were raped by Hikaru, right!? SO WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING HIM!?… WHY WON’T YOU SAY ANYTHING!? Didn’t you choose me!? We can still make it right now. If you ask me for help then I’ll protect you with all my strength! SO…! Please… say that you’ll choose me once more. *sobbing*

K: … I see. That’s your answer, isn’t it then? *turns to walk away*… Sorry, but I can’t wish you two happiness. I won’t ever… forgive Hikaru for my whole life. *leaves rooftop*


H: You really are a softhearted person. Kazuma… said you could still make it in time. So, you should have ignored me and taken Kazuma’s hand. Or… have you fallen in love with me while I was screwing you? *heroine shakes head* Hahah… that’s right, that’s impossible, huh.

H: There’s no way I can be loved when I obtained you with those methods. I knew that… but I…

H: I love you!! Even if I’m hated, or held in contempt… I won’t let you go for a lifetime. *frantic kisses* Nngh…!

H: Haah… look, even today, you’re going to be raped by me like this. Even though there was a road where you could have been saved… your kindness has invited your personal misfortune. Hahah… if you’re going to cry, then you should have abandoned me. *kisses*

H: … Ah… your cheek is a little swollen. Let’s cool it down later. You’re not fine, right? You didn’t cut the inside of your mouth, did you? I see. Kazuma drew back his strength right at that moment. As usual, he’s ridiculously strong. I was always envious and wanted to be strong like him, but… everything’s done without me needing to be like that, huh.

H: Because you’re my wife forevermore. *kisses* Mm…


H: Hahah… you’re shedding so many tears, yet why don’t you ever curse at me? Can’t you just say you hate me?

H: … Silent again? Oh well, whether you get aroused or not… I’ll know immediately if I lick this place. *touches heroine* Hahah, your smell is stronger today. Were you nervous while Kazuma and I were fighting? Or… were you excited? *gives oral* Nrgh…

H: More… spill more… this flavor that only I know. Mmgh… ngh…

H: Haah… ahah, your entrance is twitching… Do you want me to put it in already? *heroine shakes head* Hah… Oh? But this place of yours is soft and tender… ah, two fingers are in already. Even though at the beginning it looked like it hurt with just one finger… now you’re this greedy. Hahah, you’ve learned all about pleasure. Ah, there’s no need to lament. It’s not that you’re indecent, but that I’ve gotten good at detecting these spots. Where and what makes you feel good… I generally understand now. *gives oral*


H: Mmn… mm? You love it when I move my fingers in and out while licking here, right? You come immediately when I do this. *licks*

H: Hehe, you can come. When I enter you while you’re trembling after coming… it feels extremely good. Above all, your slack face is adorable and just looking at it… makes me almost come. Haah… come on, climax. Don’t hold back… *gives oral; heroine orgasms*

H: Hahah! You came intensely. You’re shaking… heh, cute. *removes belt* Now then, I’ll also get my climax inside you… I suppose, ngh! *inserts himself* Aah… haah… sorry, I don’t think I can hold back… in particular today, agh…

H: Ungh…! Hagh… ah… it feels so good, almost to the point where I wouldn’t care if my heart stopped now… hahah, I’m joking. I told you this before. You’re too softhearted. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

H: Nngh… hah…! I love you… I love you…! *kisses; thrusting* Mm…


H: If I can get you… I wouldn’t mind even being punched to death… That’s how beloved you are… ungh…! Haah… ah… you’re convulsing inside… This place is telling me it wants me to release inside. Ngh…! If you beg like that… there’s no way I can’t release, right? Haah… nrgh…! Here, your favorite sperm… hah… I’ll release tons… deep inside you… so…!

H: Hate… ngh… hate me! Hate me to the point of wanting to kill me…! S-stay by my side… in any form… as long as you’re fixated on me… that’s enough, ngh… Either way, the moment I realized you rejected me… this life was thrown away once… and you can kill me whenever you w-want… Nngh…! Hahah… you’re an idiot. At a time like this, you’re supposed to hate me… haah…

H: It’s because you have such a sad look on your face… that you’re getting taken advantage of… *kisses; thrusting*

H: Haah… hah…! I’m coming…! Ungh… agh…! *he orgasms*


H: … Haa… maybe it’s my imagination, but I think my heart really does hurt. Hm? Are you worried about me again? You really… don’t learn. *kisses; raining*

H: Ah, it’s rain. Guess I have no choice. Let’s have our second round in the student council room. Here, hold onto me. I’ll carry you to the student council room, so… Hahah, I have enough muscle strength to carry you bridal style. The Saijou family’s training shows no mercy even for someone with a weak heart, after all. Hup! *carries heroine*

H: Mm? Did you say something?… Haha, “If only this rain washed away all sins”… what a silly thought. Yes, because you don’t have any sins from the start. All the sins… are with me, the one who threatened you and raped you. *kisses*

H: Nrgh! Hahah… being bitten hasn’t happened since the beginning. Oh? That’s interesting. If you say you’re going to continue to resist me, then… I’ll continue to conquer you. Even if my life was to end… you won’t be free. *kisses* Even if I’m not loved… I’ll always stay beside you. *rain grows louder*

*** TRACK 6: Extra – Saijou Touji Loves like a Curse ***

*rain and thunder; Touji in another room*

Touji: If we’re discussing the responsibility, then tell them that I, Saijou Touji, will take it. Yes, that’s right. This is for that child— *heroine opens door* Ah! *to phone* I’ll call you later. *ends call*

T: What is it all of a sudden? Your expression is changing so mu— *gets slapped* Ngh!

T: … Seeing that anger, I suppose you heard what Hikaru has done? *heroine nods* Yes, that’s right! He told me he wanted to take back his fiancée by all means, and so I gave some advice. Isn’t it all good? As a result, everyone can be happy with this. *heroine shakes head*

T: Haha, why are you asking whether or not I’m happy at this point in time? I’m obviously happy. *embraces heroine* You don’t love me… but you gave up on running away. That is more than enough right now. Hehe, in truth, up until just now, I’ve been in constant pain. I was suffering at not having obtained your love.

T: Ah, of course, I’m aware I’m reaping what I sowed. That’s why, though I writhe in agony in front of you, I haven’t once hit you, right? Haha, the reason my suffering ended? Hmm… you see, it’s probably… hehe, Hikaru has inherited the Saijou family’s curse. I feel like I’ve obtained a companion that suffers from the disease of not being loved the same as me… and it makes me extremely happy, you see.

T: *heroine hits him* Hahaha, I fail as a father? You’re right. I think the same.

T: … But I… in my own way, I love that child. It’s a way of loving that is different from yours, but… I intend to continue watching over him. As a father… and as a companion with the same curse, you see. *gets slapped* Ngh.


T: Today is a day where you’ve struck me a lot now. Well, days like these aren’t so bad. The things bestowed upon me from you, be it pain or suffering, are rewards.

T: … Aah, that frustrated look on your face is also adorable. *kisses* Heheh, what a shame. You raised Hikaru as a gentle child and planned to defeat this family’s curse, right? Even though for countless generations not a single person was loved!

T: Heheh, that reminds me, I haven’t told you but apparently, from the Meiji era onward, this Saijou family has repeated these same things. Creating a fait accompli for the person they desire and taking them in marriage… you see. I learned about this while I was organizing the storehouse a few days ago.

T: Hahah! This house just gathers like-minded individuals and fools only. The act of not being loved by their other half runs in the blood. Aah, don’t cry. If you cry like that… regardless of my age, I’ll become hard. *catches heroine’s hand* Ngh, yes, yes, I’ll let you hit me however many times you want later. For now, let me make love to you, alright?

T: Haa… hah… ah, how long has it been since I saw that look? I’ve never been able to see your true feelings, but this evening I’m seeing your emotions which I haven’t seen in ten years or so. Ah, amazing! How sublime! I need to thank Hikaru. *kisses* Hah… it’s even been a while since I’ve tasted these tears, and now I’m excited. I feel like we can even make a second child right now.

T: Mm… *kisses* I want to release inside you, which I haven’t for tens of years. *heroine pushes him* Aah… you’re right, I remember clearly. The condition for you not to commit suicide is that, as long as Hikaru hasn’t died, we won’t have a second child. I’ve been keeping my promise properly, so can you not be so angry?


T: You’re cute when you’re angry too, but… it hurts for you to think I’ve forgotten my promise. Heheh, I’m glad you understand. Now then, today, what sort of condom should we use? I bought new kinds again. Let’s see… chocolate flavored? Orange flavored? Or… would you like one with bumps? Hmm, what shall we do? I’m at a loss…

T: Ah, I know! Now that we’re at this point, why don’t we use all of them? Given time, I can still do it countless of times. Hahahah, you’re calling me a pervert? That makes me pleased. Eh? I’m happy, because lately you haven’t said emotional things like that, right?

T: Ehehe, it feels somewhat strange. Even though we’ve been married and together for seventeen years, I feel like this moment right now is the deepest I’ve ever been touched by your heart. Perhaps because you’ve become accustomed to the insane sense in this family. Hm? “It’s not the house”?

T: Hahah, I see. You’re used to me… *embraces heroine* Me too… I’m used to not being loved by you. Just having you together with me like this… is truly happiness.

T: … Thank you for not committing suicide. Even if it’s for Hikaru’s sake… I’m grateful. You don’t want anything, but I want to give everything in this world to you. Huh!? You want something!? That’s unusual. What sort of thing? The billion dollar diamond from a while ago? Or a new private beach? Ah! Could it be you want that thing from the news the other day—


T: —Eh? My… life? You said ten years ago that you didn’t want it…

T: … I don’t mind… but do you mean right now? *heroine shakes head* When I’m a hundred…!? I’ll die of old age like that. Hahah, I see. The moment I’m dying of old age, you want to strangle me?

T: Haha, it’s just like you to endure until then. In other words, until around ninety years of age, you’ll have to be together with me, no? To be hated that much… what an honor. *kisses* Sure. The moment I’m a hundred, I’ll give you this life of mine. You can squeeze my throat to your heart’s content. To be killed by you will be the greatest end.

T: *holds heroine* I love you… Until I’m a hundred years old and killed… I swear I’ll love you to the end. So, until then… stay beside me. *rain and thunder BGM*

Note3: OOH!! TITLE CALL! In Track 5, when Hikaru says that he’ll continue to conquer her, he’s using the word “征服; seifuku” which smart cookies will have noticed that the first kanji is the same as the one in the title; the kanji for conquer and subjugate.

Note4: The promise Touji brings up with his heroine is the promise they talk about in his second CD :’)) Here’s our first taste in how it’ll get continuously brought up from here on.

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    Reggie said:
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    Haaahhhh…… If a rotten tomato got mix in on fresh tomatoes, it will become rotten too -_- Let me slap Touji too in a thousand times, thousand in punches, kick, upper cut, stomp and head bat lol 😂

      Ilinox responded:
      June 19, 2019 at 23:40

      TOUJI DID NOTHING WRONG, OKAY! He loves Hikaru in his own way and since Hikaru was really bothered about losing his fiancée, Touji was just doing what he could do as a father to help his son– lolol. He’s even willing to take responsibility for whatever chaos Hikaru caused!

      But yeah, the glee he feels at finding a comrade in Hikaru because of their similar positions is a bit, oof, Touji please…

    waterinegirl said:
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    i didnt find hikaru horrible even if he raped the heroine. im amazed both hikaru and touji found their compatible woman. i still found touji worse and pathetic.

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      I’m curious what you mean by “compatible” because I don’t think it’s that hard for a yandere to fixate on someone after they feel like a “significant event” has occurred for them. Literally, both heroines didn’t think anything about their actions (heck, Touji’s wife literally didn’t do anything and Touji just fell for her at first sight) so I actually don’t think it’s their personalities matching with the men |D;;

        waterinegirl said:
        June 20, 2019 at 07:04

        Replace compatible with martyr. Cant think of proper word. They might ended up forcing themselves on to these women but in the end these women were somehow treated them well even if these women might not return their love.

    satsuyurami said:
    June 18, 2019 at 10:34

    Hmmm it’s like Hikaru know what he doing it’s wrong but he can’t stop it? The way he did sex is really twisted, he show his dad cruel side but he also show his mom kind side

      Ilinox responded:
      June 19, 2019 at 18:50

      YES, PRECISELY! I missed that the first time I was listening to this because I was way too busy yelling at how Hikaru was being tainted by Touji, haha, but you can really see the influences of his mother on him here and ;w; it breaks my heart. He’s a good boy still… but also ruthless… but a good boy…

    eiri said:
    June 18, 2019 at 09:35

    S I G H. Touji and Hikaru are so bad…but I still love them 🥺 I really enjoy how their relationships with their respective heroines are significantly different, despite their similar motivations and, you might even say, personalities. I am such a fan of this series. Lol. Shame!!

    Your comment about the nuances of translation really resonated with me, too. I don’t get how some people publish “translations” when they’re not native speakers of the output language. It’s fine if you try to stumble through it yourself, but you’re doing a disservice to others and the content if you market yourself as a true translation. Double sigh.

    Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to read your translations and more Dusk content. I probably should commission a CD at some point :)) these are really great! Thank you!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 19, 2019 at 18:48

      Oh gosh, yeah!! I am so amazed with all the yanderes Dusk is juggling in the Kankinkon universe and yet how they’re all unique and show a different sense of possessiveness. Like even the good boys, Kazuma and Tsubasa and Ryousuke, have some terrifying sides, haha.

      I’m all for people practicing Japanese (heck, that’s how I practiced mine when you look back at my early Diabolik Lover drama CD translations) but it’s when other people take that translator’s work and start using it to spread misinformation that I start wincing (or when people take a translation and “edit” it). But yeah, unfortunately, I do think people who aren’t native English speakers or Japanese speakers but they’re translating into English is going to miss a few things, or they’ll just have bigger hurdles to cross.

      Aw, thank you for your kind words and for leaving a comment!!

    seiggy said:
    June 18, 2019 at 08:13

    Oof, Touji. His relationship with his wife is really interesting though! Thank you for your hard work! If you don’t mind me asking, what are those general thoughts related to translations that bothered you?

      Ilinox responded:
      June 18, 2019 at 16:45

      RIGHT? I’m definitely neck-deep in Kankinkon content and so in love with Touji now, but to be honest I didn’t get into this series until after Kazuma’s CD and it’s precisely because of these bonus Touji tracks at the end because, hoo boy, do they show such an interesting side and relationship between him and his heroine.

      A lot of yandere works end when the yandere does their reveal and gets the girl, but Kankinkon is one of those few that continue it for generations and really tries to balance both sides of the relationship (the perpetrator and the victim) and it’s just so good because, essentially, they’re on equal grounds. Heroine can never escape Touji’s possessiveness and cursed love, however Touji can never obtain the love he truly wants and he can only comfort himself with her presence and dreams and the reality that he’s reaping what he sowed. UGH, my heart for Saijou men.

      Oh boy, that’s a loaded question to ask, haha. In general though, it’s the strange attitude of ownership I’ve seen around the web. Like, if a translator has already done a work then others shouldn’t (I mostly see this for LNs/WNs)? None of us are professionals and even if there were professionals, unless they’re officially licensed and contracted with the original author, then I don’t think anyone can claim an entire project. Besides, what a translator wishes to spend their own time on is their own prerogative.

      And, from the start, translation work is riddled with biases from the translator and their interpretation of the original work and so this’ll differ between translators. IMO, it’s interesting to see different styles and takes appear from the original work.

      However, it’s precisely because of the above, that a lot of translators don’t want their works to be spread around without their consent and especially without their notes. Translations without context or source makes the spread of misinformation much easier and then it takes gargantuan effort to correct things (ex. thinking about how that Disney game got called an otome game and now everyone keeps spreading that misinformation…).

      Admittedly, I’ve put some needless notes before where I just gush about things. However, I generally try to put information that I think would be interesting in my notes to help people understand certain parts better or to point out very nice call-backs that may have been lost in translation. So, to see my work stripped of those would be pretty disheartening.

      In addition, I’m sure this flies past the head of people who don’t understand Japanese, but the sentence structure in Japanese differs a lot from English and at times can be very unnatural (or, as I jokingly call it, Yoda-esque). So, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that 95% of the words here are all steeped heavily in my interpretation and I’ve made choices upon choices on how I wanted to depict Hikaru’s voice, from the words he uses, to whether I’m going to use a contraction here or not, and to his sentence structure (whether I want to keep the suspense in a sentence, even if it would be a little unnatural in English, or if I wanted to re-arrange it entirely into a natural English sentence).

      Basically, translation isn’t a 1:1 thing and after listening to a single sentence in Japanese I literally feel like I’m standing in front of 10+ or so more branching roads of possibilities on how I could translate something. That’s why I feel each translator’s work is unique (just think about the multiple interpretations of the Odyssey) and why people shouldn’t mess around with a translator’s work without contacting the translator.

        seiggy said:
        June 18, 2019 at 21:25

        Kankinkon content is full of twists and turns, haha. And it’s not afraid to commit to those. Though, I think that’s the charm of Dusk works? I especially like Welltales. If anything, all of them remind me of that quote “if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you.”
        Oh, I see. I also like reading translations of different works. The decisions and nuances involved to convey meaning has always been fascinating to me.

    seirasworld said:
    June 18, 2019 at 08:08

    Wwoooww❤❤ thank you so much for the translation!
    Hikaru’s 17 and he already raped a girl😂 and his father almost 50 still having his big libido XD haha

      Ilinox responded:
      June 18, 2019 at 16:12

      You’re welcome! It’s pretty terrifying to realize that by 10 years old he was set on having her be his wife already LOL. Bruh, can 10 year olds even feel that possessive over someone? I guess they can now…

    leohikarusora said:
    June 18, 2019 at 00:55

    Phew, finally read those count post and now this one. And why all of Saijou family is so jerk? I mean, the Touji’s wife is trying to break the curse, but Touji somehow failed her intention and make Hikaru like that. I guess I can only accept that one had flower language in Dusk series…

    Thank you for your hard works…
    (PS. Another SNB rerun event, huh… Hope can get Kagemochi for sure!!!)

      Ilinox responded:
      June 18, 2019 at 16:11

      Wah, Hikaru is a good boy ;w; though you may have to squint here LOL I remember my first reaction was thinking he was pretty bad too like Touji, but after further material and a second listen you can really hear the conflict Hikaru goes through here and the ruthlessness he inherited from his dad vs. the kindness he inherited from his mother.

      Kazuma is a super nice guy in the Dusk series!! Probably even nicer than Tsubasa (the flower language one). Ryousuke is pretty good too, haha. Not all Dusk men are terrifying like the Saijou family |D.

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