Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi 1500 DL ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Thank you to ~DEFINITELY-NOT-EMBARRASSED~ for this last part! R18 content warning. There’s a note that says this happens immediately after the main CD.

So, here we go!

A Dirtied Textbook

*dream sequence; rain BGM*

Hikaru: Oh? That’s interesting. If you say you’re going to continue to resist me, then… I’ll continue to conquer you. Even if my life was to end… you won’t be free. *kisses* Even if I’m not loved… I’ll always stay beside you.

*scene skip; teacup is put down*

H: Hm… how many times have you nodded off there now? Miss Serious-Student-Council-Vice-President. No? I’m not being sarcastic. It’s just that I wonder about your spare time in this study session with me… and I think it’s a shame. Haha, I’m joking. You look cute when you’re flustered, so I teased you.

H: Yes, really. Good grief, you’re the only sort of person who would be interested in a rapist’s condition. Moreover, what started this all is because it’s my fault your grades have dropped, so it’s natural for me to take responsibility.

H: Hm? That’s right, after all… *goes to heroine* it’s because I make love to you every evening until late at night, that you’ve been sleepy and can’t concentrate in classes, right? Hahah, your cheeks are bright red. We’ve slept together so many times, and yet you still become red at these small matters? You really are… dear to the point where I can stare at you forever. *kisses*


H: Now then, I’d love to continue admiring you like this, but we cannot forget our original purpose today. I’ll teach you in your worst subjects. *sits beside heroine* Well now, let’s take a look at the part you’ve been stumbling on since earlier. Hahah, don’t apologize. I did horrible things to you and forced you into marriage. To a person like me… you don’t need to apologize. Even if… you were to kill me.

H: Hahah, if you feel apologetic no matter what, then how about this? Every time you make a mistake, I’ll punish you. If you have a little sense of nervousness, then it’ll stick in your mind, right? Oh, what, it’s not going to be any serious punishment. There’s no need to put yourself on guard like that.

H: Or… do you want to end today’s study session here? *heroine shakes head* Alright, in that case, let’s start from the first question on this page. In the first place, you memorized the math formula wrong and you’re supposed to apply here— *fade out*

*scene skip*

H: —is because of this. How you solve this one… becomes like this. Hm? Do you get it? *heroine nods* Great! Then try the next problem. *heroine starts writing*

H: Hmm… it’s regrettable, but you’re wrong. Haa… it’s a shame, but with this I’ll have to punish you. Hahah, don’t look so anxious. The punishment is… what’s normally done to you by me.


H: Hey now, this is your punishment, so you can’t run away, right? Come on, relax the muscles in your legs… I’ll rub the place that gives you pleasure. Mm, now then, why don’t we continue onto the next problem? It should be easier than the previous question, so if what I taught you has stuck properly in your mind you should be able to solve it.

H: You can’t do it like this? Ah, isn’t that because your ability to concentrate is lacking?… Oh? If you insist then… nrgh… while I also stroke myself like this, I’ll try to teach you. Ngh… haah…

H: Now… solve the problem quickly… If you don’t solve it, ngh, this will… ungh, be put into you. If we have sex in the student council room again… and you’re seen by Kazuma… ngh… *whispers* it’ll be a big problem, right? *heroine starts writing* Nrgh…

H: Haah… hah… It really looks like you don’t have enough concentration. You’re wrong again. Yes, it’s true. Nngh… this part… and the number placed here is wrong. For this one… you solve it like this. *Hikaru writes* Ngh… do you understand it? I can write it while caressing you, so you… should be able to do it too.


H: Hahah, certainly, it might not be easy. However… if it was easy then the punishment would be meaningless, right? *kisses*

H: Now… solve the next problem. If you don’t hurry… this hard member… ngh… might be put into you because I can’t hold back, ungh…! *heroine writes* Haah… haa…!

H: Oh dear, you’re wrong again. Reaching this point… it’s at a level where I’m wondering if you’re making mistakes on purpose. It’s not like you when you’re such an excellent student. Oh? You really got it wrong? Then even more so… you need to be punished.

H: Aah, this is a problem. Even though I said this was a punishment, you’re sopping wet inside, aren’t you? This is being forced on you by me, who you hate… and yet you’re getting aroused. Why do you look like you’re going to cry? It’s true that you hate me, isn’t it?

H: … It’s impossible for there to be anything aside from that, right? Ngh… haah… and yet your body always gives me hope. Haa… lately, it’s gotten easier to make you wet, as if you’re happy for my touch… The inside is twitching, ngh.


H: If you shake your head, you’re just going to suffer. When I’m denied… I want to make you come by all means. *kisses; fingering heroine*

H: Haha… you’re really weak in this spot. When I rub against this place… as if you’re begging, ngh… you squeeze down on my fingers. Haah… hagh… I’m also… feeling good, ngh… When I touch the both of us like this… ugh, it feels like I’m inside you… It’s irresistible… *kisses*

H: Nrgh…! Haah… ahah, what, you’re coming already…? It’s a punishment, yet you’re this excited… What a bad student. *kisses* Haah… no, you have to try your best to endure it. If you solve a problem without coming… hah… I won’t sleep with you tonight. Now then, do it. *kisses; heroine writes*


H: … Mm? Your hand has stopped. Come on, try harder… haah… ah…

H: Ungh… ngh…! I guess I have no choice. In that case… why won’t we come together? In exchange, ngh, it’s decided that I’ll release inside you tonight. Ngh, you can’t say no. This is non-negotiable. Nngh… here, look this way. So that you won’t feel embarrassed, I’ll cover your mouth with a kiss. *kisses; moving fingers*

H: Nrgh… mgh…! Mm…! *he orgasms*

H: Hagh… haa… Haha, sorry, it shot far so your textbook got dirtied. But… I won’t let you buy another one. Every time you open this in class… remember how I raped you. *kisses*

H: Hm? What did you say just now?… Hahah! Oh? Next time you’ll resist the pleasure I give you? Then I’ll… conquer you even more than I do now. Yes, I said this at that time, didn’t I? That even if my life was to end… you won’t be free. *kisses*

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