Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi 300 DL ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Surprise! Here’s a freebie translation for the 300 DL cast talk reward, since I covered the rest of Hikaru’s DL rewards. It’s always fun to see what the seiyuu has to say about their role and character.

Please note that this is more like a loose summary of his words, because OH BOY am I terrible at translating casual Japanese, especially in free talks.

Cast Talk

Miraku: Hello everyone, this is Miraku Akira. Uh, that was a strange character, anyway, for this to be made available to everyone means we reached 300 downloads, right? Yay, congratulations, wahoo!! Thank you so much! It’s thanks to everyone’s purchase that I’m here in front of everyone doing a free talk. Now then, to celebrate this, I should sing a song again— ah, I don’t need to sing? Okay, I’ll refrain from doing that, haha, sorry.

M: Anyway, this time too, I’ve received several questions, so while I answer along with those I’ll also add whatever I think fits. Now that this is all over with, let’s get going!

M: Okay, first question! “Please tell us your favorite point in this work”. Sure! Uh, I have quite a few points, but the one that’s at the very top in points is the fighting scene. I haven’t had a duet with Mie since Blood Chain so when we were recording I seriously had fun. Also, yeah, they got quite injured, so… I’m pretty confident in how I expressed the experience of pain. So, I thought the breathing done around the parts where I’m hit was done well. Oh, this has become all about the acting…

M: If I had to talk about one more part, then it has to be… the appearance of the parents, hahah, which I thought was nice. Touji appeared a little and, uh, Touji… is, erm, that sort of person, mhm, what you’d call steadfast, haha, and if you felt that then I’d be pleased. Yeah, it was like that. Is this OK? Alright, it was OK.


M: Then second question. “If you were Saijou Hikaru then how would you take back your fiancée?” That’s… a good question. If I was… Saijou Hikaru… hey, that kind of sounded like a song, didn’t it? If I was— ah, my bad, my bad. Uh, it’d be sad… but the choice of taking her back… is something I wouldn’t do, I think. Why, you ask? Well, the person the heroine chose was Kazuma, and it wasn’t me, so knowing that the possibility of me stepping back would be extremely high!

M: Also, taking and being taken from… your fiancée isn’t a possession and she’s a single person different from me, so the one who makes a choice is her personally and not me. Well, if I had to get her back no matter what and had to pay the appropriate sacrifices then… uh, I think it’d be difficult…

M: Okay, third question! “If it was you, Miraku, could you be friends again with Kazuma?” This… is also a difficult question! Uh… this is hard, but… if I was in Hikaru’s position, then I think I might be able to be friends again, but I think it really would take some time. Whether I forgive Kazuma or not depends on his feelings and of course his feelings towards the heroine. But realistically… and we’re entering a super realistic part here, yeah, a super real one. Up to now, in my experience, I don’t have ANY common grounds with the men who swept away my girlfriends and I don’t want to meet them either so, to be honest, it’d be difficult to forgive.


M: Okay! Uh, fourth question! “Please give a message to the audience”. Sure! Following the first and second series of Kankinkon, this work, Student (Conquest) Council, is the third in the series. Well, this is a man with more mistakes than Touji— ah, no, a man more understandable than Touji. Uh, with this it sounds like an advertisement for acts of assault… A man with understandable mistakes, Saijou Hikaru will be known, la la— oh, oops, that should be avoided, huh. Sorry, I got a little caught up.

M: Anyway, in general, he’s lived as someone who doesn’t display his ugly emotions. Of course, with respect to this work… er, let me say that this is a work of fantasy, so in a sense with how Touji and Hikaru are so steadily loyal and people who can’t be defied, there’s a small part of me that’s a little envious. Yeah, haha, of course, uh, the things they do shouldn’t be done!

M: If there’s something you can’t give up on no matter what or feelings you can’t surrender, then if you continue living it’ll definitely appear. I think how you get through that is the question of life, on top of living. Ah, things got a little serious here. Let’s get a little cheery now for the end, ahah.

M: Let’s see, the same as last time, but as the numbers of download increases then my job also explodes in number, so in your circle of friends for situation CDs if you go “Hey friend, hey friend! That one… is good, you know? Kankinkon is good, you know?” If you recommend it like this, I’ll be super duper happy. In the future too, if my job – hahaha – increases that’d be nice, so I’m putting myself in everyone’s care. Now then! Thank you very much for listening to the end. Let’s meet in another work somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi 300 DL ~

    Kborenai said:
    June 22, 2019 at 01:15

    I just adore how he always sings (or at least, try to) in his cast free talks.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 23, 2019 at 10:36

      I didn’t know that was a thing until a friend brought that up and I started noticing this LOL I don’t think he tried in the free talk for Touji’s first CD though.

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