Day: June 24, 2019

SNB Hideyoshi ~ Anniversary Scenario ~

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The sun was setting in the east and around the time it began to stain the area in warm colors, I was told that he wished to talk to me alone and so I came to the inner courtyard where he was waiting.

He said several things before he suddenly fell silent and directed an unusually serious gaze at me.

My breath caught at the dream-like sight of him, illuminated by the red light, and I—

—continued to stare at him like that.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “If it was to protect myself then I would also lie… But, for some reason, I feel like my true feelings are seen through by those clear eyes of yours.”

—resolved myself to speak to him.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I’m really happy you’ve told me your feelings. Thanks.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Alright, how about we hold a super grand banquent today!… Why, you ask? Isn’t that obvious? It’s the anniversary of our meeting.”

—unconsciously averted my eyes. [voiced]

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Two years ago, I wasn’t joking when I asked you ‘be my wife’.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “But now I’m even more serious than I was back then. Hey… how long do I have to wait? I love you so much I nearly can’t wait anymore.”