Watashi no Seitaishi-san

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Yamada Jirou (山田 二郎)
CV: 久喜大

My Chiropractor

Exhausted by work, the heroine suddenly discovered a newly opened chiropractic clinic one day.

She entered without much thought, but the person who greeted her was a strong-muscled young man, who wouldn’t be thought of to be a chiropractor.

Daunted, the heroine tried to turn right back around and leave, but she was held back by the guarantee of his treatment skills, and so she reluctantly accepted a massage.

When she did, it happened that his treatment skills really were reliable, and her body and mind were relaxed.

Since then, she was charmed by his skills as a chiropractor and became a repeat customer, but one day the boundary of the two’s relationship began to change…

This is an ordinary, everyday love comedy of two people, who swore to never fall in love again.

Shout out to an anonymous commissioner for this! Dusk has created some lighthearted works to offset all their darker ones and this is actually my first time checking this series out too, so this’ll be exciting. You can grab it on the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite.

R18 content warning. I don’t think there’s any triggers, but uh orgasm denial does feature in this? Dominant heroine?

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Chiropractic Clinic Discovered by Accident ***

*heroine walking; enters shop*

Jirou: Ah, welcome! Are you a customer looking for a massage? Huh? Um… *heroine turns to leave* ah, w-wait a moment please! You came in because you saw the sign in the front, right? Right now, people who come in for their first time get half-price, so could you reconsider before you leave, please?

J: Haha, I have this build and face, but I can guarantee my treatment skills… I believe. It’s a little embarrassing to say so myself though. N-no way! This isn’t that sort of dangerous business. This place is at the back of the alley so it may look a little suspicious, but I am a proper chiropractor.

J: Ah… I see. Before, when you were drawn to getting treatment, you nearly got into something dangerous. I hate to admit this, but you should be careful about extremely cheap massage places in this area. The plots here are inexpensive, so it looks like dubious people have come.

J: Though it’s just right for a single, poor chiropractor like me to rent a shop. Ah, no, no! Don’t do that! Please raise your head. There’s no need for a customer to apologize! There’s too many negative points lined up to have someone use this… haha.

J: I like to see my customers smile instead of looking like they’re going to cry. So, if you feel apologetic no matter what, then could you let me put a smile on your face? Or… is my face and this scar still scary? *heroine shakes head* Haha, that’s a relief! Then why don’t we get started right now? Please come this way.


J: Oh, what seems to be the occasion? I understand. Then please lie face-down on this bed.

J: Ah, that’s right, I apologize deeply for introducing myself late. I’m called Yamada Jirou. Today, to the best of my abilities I’ll—… Hahahah! At my previous shop, I treated a lot of different customers, but this is the first time someone replied with their name.

J: Haha, do you not come to this sort of place often? *heroine shakes head* I see, you’re beyond exhausted today… Then, I’ll serve you to the best of my abilities so that your exhaustion will lighten even just by a little bit.

J: First, I’ll lightly examine your whole body. *touches heroine* Hmm… this will be tougher than I thought. Your stress has accumulated. It’s amazing you lasted this long. *moves around* Mmh… is your work that hectic? Ah, your legs are tight too. Like this, it must have been painful even when you were sleeping. Right? You don’t have any time for breaks?

J: Ah… I apologize for speaking badly about your company, but it’s not a good environment, is it? Have you discussed this with your boss? *moves around* Oh… ah, your waist is terrible too. Mm, this place. It’s especially tight, right? *heroine nods* Yes, your body’s quite strained. One hour won’t be enough… Ah, so, your boss—


J: Eh?! You’re the boss!? O-oh… I’m sorry! You’re a lovely lady, so I ended up having preconceived notions… That was extremely old-fashioned of me, huh.

J: Huh? Flattery… what was? Oh… that was the truth. The word “cute” wouldn’t be used for flattery, right? Hahah, I don’t say this to all the girls. I only say it to people who I think are cute. I hate lies. Oh? Your skin is a little red. Ah, is this room hot? Or are you feeling unwell? *heroine shakes head* Haha, alright, then if you really do get hot please don’t hesitate to let me know.

J: Okay, I’m going to the other side now. *moves around* Mmh… this side is even more tight. I thought this when I saw your figure for the first time, but you have a habit when you stand or like you lean to one side. Your whole body might be a little crooked because of that. Ah, sorry, did that hurt? *heroine shakes head* I… s-see… It felt really good, so your voice…

J: Uh, no, no, that happens often! So you don’t have to hold back your voice. Haha, it’s not something you need to thank me for.

J: … *breathing shakes*… A-ah! Erm, I’m going to touch your waist now…


J: This waist is… hrm, quite tough. My fingers can’t really dig in. *heroine speaks* Okay, I’ll go a little harder. Nrgh…

J: Ah! No, no, there’s no problem at all! Rather, there’s been customers who make even more sounds, so…! It’s just… um… how do I say this, your voice is… uh… ahem, an unusually lovely voice, so I was just a bit surprised. Haha, you look sleepy. Ah, it’s fine if you fall asleep. Once I’m finished, I’ll wake you. *heroine nods* Hmm, this place is pretty bad too. Like I thought, one hour is… haha, you’re dropping off already.

J: *quietly* You were so cautious at the beginning, but you’re relaxed now. *pets* You’re a good person. Uh, what am I thinking about a customer!? Ah, jeez, this isn’t like me. Concentrate, concentrate, I have to concentrate… *fade out*

[08:38] *scene skip*

J: –iss. Miss, I’m finished. How are you feeling? Ah, you shouldn’t move sudden— woah, are you alright? The circulation of your blood has improved, so it’s best you don’t move suddenly at times like these. Haha, that’s right, you slept soundly. It looked like you were pretty tired, so it was just a matter of course. But…

J: … I feel like it shouldn’t be the case where you alone end up in a state like this. Is there no one above your position who you could consult with? Ah…! I-I’m sorry! I said something presumptuous, didn’t I? I deeply apologize for bringing up bad memories. Um… please use this towel to wipe your tears. Eh? I’m wrong? About what?

J: I… see. The person you normally consult with is your boss and ex-fiancé… For some reason, I can’t forgive him. Ah, I said something presumptuous again. I’m sorry! But… even though he knew how hard you were working, to break up with you using the reason that you prioritized work is… too cruel I think. Even more so when you’re at the same company, and shouldn’t he appreciate how much you work?

J: Ah… so that was the situation. Certainly, it might be sad that you didn’t make it for his birthday, but if a problem occurred at work then nothing could be done, right!? You’re not at fault! Ah… no, it’s fine. The store’s already closed at this time so no one will come. You can cry as much as you want. Ah, wait! I told you that you shouldn’t move all of a sudden, right? If it’s not inconvenient for you, then please take your time. There’s not one thing to feel apologetic about.


J: Oh, I know! I bought some new tea, so would you like to drink some? It’s effective for people who are sensitive to the cold. Ah… if you feel awkward like you’re imposing on me, then how about we do this? You’re sampling my new tea for me. If I could receive your opinions then this store might become more lively. How about it? It’s not a bother at all. *heroine nods*

J: Then I’m going to make the tea! *grabs cups; pours water; returns* Here, please go ahead.

J: Haha, I’m glad you like it! It’s hot so please take your time drinking it. I’ve told you before that I don’t need thanks. This is something I’m doing because I want to and, after getting your opinion, I’ll be helped!

J: … Money? Haha, next time is fine. This might sound extremely dodgy, but… meeting you today itself is something I’m thankful for. You’re asking why I’m this kind? Haha, it’s not kindness. It’s actually your atmosphere… It’s similar to my little sister, so for some reason or other I can’t leave you alone. In other words, it’s just my own selfishness.

J: Eh? Ah, yes, I have a younger sister. I’m often asked if I have an older brother since I’m Jirou, but Ichirou is my father. Haha, it’s funny, isn’t it?
(T/N: Japanese naming joke. Ichirou is written as 一郎 and Jirou is written as 二郎, so one and two + rou. Generally, this isn’t used across generations like English’s Jr., which is why Jirou says it’s odd his dad is called Ichirou and him Jirou.)


J: Huh? Ah, yes, that’s a picture of my family. The one right in the middle is my father. People often say I look like him. Haha, that’s right, it’s nice to get along with family. The moment I thought about becoming independent, my entire family supported me so I was able to come to a decision.

J: Um… were your parents strict?

J: … Oh, I see. Even though you wanted to start your own business, you were stopped by your parents. And now you’re noticing that this isn’t your own path, huh. The reason I chose this path? Haha, um… talking about it will take some time, so would you mind if I sit beside you? *heroine shakes head; he sits down* Here we go.

J: Erm… you see, I was actually an American football athlete in the past. Everything was going smoothly in the middle of that and there was even plans to go professional, but… in one game I got a terrible injury and had to quit. Ah, the scar on my face was also from that time. And… the girlfriend I was engaged to in those days, as soon as she knew I wasn’t going to go professional, left me.

J: I was young at that time, so I felt like somehow everything was hopeless. Haha… it was pretty painful. Then, in that moment, I was told there was an amazing person and I should get looked at by them, and so I was introduced to a certain chiropractor. That person is now my teacher.


J: My teacher is worthy of his reputation and an amazing chiropractor. During the time I was in rehabilitation, my body also recovered to the point where I didn’t always need my teacher. I trusted him completely… and confessed everything for the first time. That I wanted to be a star in American football.

J: Hahah, this is embarrassing… but I admired an athlete in a game I saw once when I was young and it was always my dream. I just… confessed it all suddenly. Then my teacher said this, “In the end, is a star only something on the road of an American football player?”

J: Those were simple words, but it felt like I saw the light. I started to think that wouldn’t it be a shame to stick to only one road in a long life? So then, when I thought about what I wanted to do next, I saw this path. I was cured by my teacher’s hands and my feelings became brighter. Next time, I want to lighten someone’s mind and body.

J: Haha, it’s not amazing at all. I just understood something that was extremely obvious. No matter what road it is, anyone can shine depending on their mental attitude. The one who decides whether you shine or not isn’t anyone else but yourself. So, this is just the advice of someone who tripped once. If you’re really having a hard time and you want to quit, then I think there’s no need for you to force yourself to cling onto this current path.

J: Even if quitting the company you’re at right now is betraying your parents’ expectations, haven’t you done more than enough? You’ve endured and worked more than hard enough. Yes, I could tell. After touching your body, I know just how much you went through. I can also understand why someone as kind as you has hesitations. You don’t want to make your parents sad, do you? But you’re already an independent woman. It should be alright for you to live your own life.


J: Haha, I said this earlier, but if it will lighten your heart then please cry as hard as you’d like. Hahah, I’ve said it’s not a problem at all! *starts raining* Ah, look, it’s raining. This must be God telling me to stay here a little longer, since I’m not carrying an umbrella. In other words, either way, I shouldn’t return home yet. So, you can cry as much as you want. I’m sorry it’s a man you just met today, but until your tears stop I’ll stay here beside you.

J: Woah! Ahah… if someone stood up while crying like that, anyone would stagger. Please don’t apologize. You’ve worked hard up to now, haven’t you?

*scene skip; still raining*

J: Have you calmed down? Eh? You’re asking me if I’m alright? About what?

J: Aah, about that. It happened five years ago, so I’m fine now. Huh? Haha, come to think of it, I haven’t cried in some years. Oh, sorry, it was my first time being asked that by a woman, so I was surprised. Even my family hasn’t touched the matter of my cancelled engagement, probably out of concern.

J: Haha, if I have lingering regrets…? If I had to say, then maybe it’d be not stopping her on the day I was dumped. It’s not that I have some feelings for her still, but at that time everything was really done halfway, so I didn’t even try to stop her.


J: I feel like I did a wrong to her. As a result, this has also become a reason as to why I don’t date women. Oh no, it’s not that I’m distrustful of women, but… I probably don’t have confidence yet. I don’t believe I have any charms that would hold someone back. Right now, there’s still parts of me that are inexperienced as a man. It’s not like I have a lot of money either. So, right now… I’m in a period where I shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone.

J: Hahah, you’re right, there’s a possibility I might become an old man like this. But still that would be a good life in and of itself, I’m sure. Even if it’s not exciting, I can be happy as a person. Huh? You understand?

J: Are you planning on being unmarried too? *heroine nods*… I feel like I’m being nosy again, but… um… I feel like that’d be a shame. Yes, for a lovely and kind woman like you to decide to be single for life… It’s too early! All the men in the world would grieve.

J: Eh? You haven’t been called lovely? *heroine shakes head* Huh… I wonder why that hasn’t been said to you. Maybe everyone was holding back. At the very least, I see you as a lovely person. Ah, not just your appearance, but after talking to you like this I find that you’re lovely inside as well.

J: Huh? I don’t say this all the time. I don’t find people cute that often. It’s because it’s such a precious moment that, when I think this, I should say it honestly… is how I’ve often been scolded by my little sister.

J: Haha, yes, that’s right. I’m the older brother, but I’m scolded. If they frequently hear me call them cute, and reply “Yes, that’s right”, what will I do? Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve also received this sort of scolding. That’s why, if I think something’s cute, I need to say it when I feel it and that’s what I learned.


J: Clueless? Huh? Did I… say something weird? *heroine shakes head* I-I’m also cute…? That’s not a word to use on a large man like me. Ah… haha… right, I’m the one who said you should say it when you feel that.

J: I don’t know where you’d get that impression, but the word “cute” means that at least I’m not disliked, so I’m happy. Thank you for not hating such a nagging man. O-oh, r-really? You like me as a person… Um, me too! We just met today, but… I like you… a-as a person!

J: Eh?! I-is my face that red!? Haha, please don’t tease me. I’m not used to women saying they like me. J-jeez, if you tease me too much… I’m going to do something to you next treatment! Eh? S-something indecent…? N-n-n-no! I haven’t had a speck of those shameful thoughts! W-what I meant was… uh, the meaning that I’ll make you feel really good— ah, by feeling good, I meant making you feel good through a massage! I definitely didn’t mean it in a lewd way—

J: W-what are you saying!? That you’d be fine with that if it was me. T-that’s… not something a woman your age should say…

J: Ah… I didn’t say I wouldn’t like that because it’s you. Rather… if I didn’t like it then I wouldn’t be… uh, grah, anyway, I wouldn’t do such a thing! I absolutely wouldn’t look at my customers with such disingenuous eyes.

J: Uh, you’re an unpredictable person. I thought you were kind, but at odd times you’re a tease. It’s bad for my heart. Haha, there’s no way I could hate you. So, please come here again. I’ll look forward to seeing you. *heroine nods*

J: Ah, it looks like the rain has stopped. Woah, when did it become this late!? I’m sorry for keeping you here. *heroine shakes head* Um… I had… a lot of fun too. Well then, I’ll see you off. *they walk to door; opens door*

J: H-huh? Really?! Haha, I’m glad! My efforts in massaging you paid off! Next time, I’ll loosen you up in deeper places, so please look forward to it. Huh? U-uh… I didn’t mean it in a dirty way! I don’t think of it as harassment, but my heart rate kicks up so… please don’t tease me.

J: Right, well then… see you later. *heroine walks off* U-um! I’ll… really be waiting and next time I’ll definitely make your body more comfortable. Y-yes… until next time.

*** TRACK 2: To Fall in Love Once More ***

*heroine walking; door opens*

J: Ah, I’m sorry, this store is already closed— oh, it’s you! Please come right in.

J: You’re a special customer, so it’s fine. Please don’t feel bad. By the way, did something good happen? Your complexion looks better than usual. Eh? It shows on my face too? Haha, that’s a problem. I can never hide anything from you.

J: You see, thanks to your advertisements to the women around you, I’ve gotten more female customers. Before, because of my appearance, there weren’t many repeat customers, but lately people have started to come often on their way home from work. Meeting you three months ago really was a fortune for me. Ah, so, what happened with you? You came here this quickly to report it, so it must be pretty important—

J: Oh! You mean…! You quit at your company and you’re starting up a business?! Even more, after quitting, you’ve already gathered people? Haha, once you make up your mind you act fast. I’m always full of admiration when I hear you talking about work.

J: Eh? This time it’s thanks to me…? Why? Haha, I only said what I thought, so you don’t have to give thanks. Alright! Then, to celebrate your new work, let’s give you a special massage! I’ll make you feel so good you’ll fall asleep.


J: Haha, this is my selfish wish to repay you, so please don’t hold back. Or is it that these feelings… are a bother to you? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I’m relieved! Then please let me soothe you today as well. *heroine nods; they head to room*

J: Ahah, I said it earlier, didn’t I? That this is my selfish wish. I don’t need thanks. Ah, are you going to change today? Okay, then please lie face-down.

J: Now then, first, I’ll take a look at your entire body, alright? Hmm… ah, your body isn’t as tense as usual. It’s probably because you’ve been released from your stress, right? Haha, you look sleepy. Could it be that until the preparations for your business were done you didn’t sleep a lot…? Haha, it’s just like you to be busy right after you resign from your company. It’s fine for you to sleep today too. I’ll wake you when I’m done like I always do.

J: … That reminds me, should I put on some music today? The healing CD that you said you liked the other day— haha, you’re the only one who says my voice is soothing. Haha, alright, then I’ll talk about what’s happened recently while I give the massage.

J: Ah, do you remember Naitou? Yes, Naitou, who you got to know here. The other day, that person and someone else from a certain company— *fade out*

[04:42] *scene skip; heroine stirs*

J: Oh, are you awake? Haha, it’s fine. If you felt comfortable enough to sleep then that makes me happy. Ah, excuse me while I get on the bed for a moment. But, like I thought, you wouldn’t be able to sleep through this area. You’re pretty stiff here— uh…

J: N-no, it’s… nothing. Haha, um, I thought this before, but your voice is… really cute… especially when you’re relaxed. I-it’s not flattery! I’m serious! To be honest, your voice is the cutest among all the ones I’ve heard— erm!

J: … S-sorry! If I say that in this situation, you’ll just feel uncomfortable, huh. I won’t say anything more, so please forget— woah! Please don’t get up r-right now! Ggh! *he retreats* S-sorry! No… I can’t raise my head! I put on airs of a professional, and yet I had improper thoughts. No matter how attractive you are, I shouldn’t…! My body shouldn’t react like this…

J: I want to apologize with my life! I won’t even mind if you bring me to the police! But, please, I don’t want you to think that all chiropractors are men like me. I’m well aware of how shameless that sounds, but… I want you to understand at least that.

J: No! You should condemn me! If you’d like, I wouldn’t even mind if you slapped me and called me a pervert! Yes… if you don’t judge me then I can’t forgive myself.


J: … Eh? In exchange of an apology, you want me to continue the massage…? Do you know what you’re saying!? To let a man massage you when the area between his legs has reacted to you and swelled like this!? You’re making yourself too vulnerable! I’m happy you trust me, but I…!

J: Huh? You’ll get angry if I don’t? Isn’t it normally the opposite…? Uh… I understand. Then, I’ll continue but… please tell me when it gets too much for you. It’s fine if you tease me, but normally you need to be more cautious, alright? *returns to heroine*

J: I’m going to continue from earlier then… *touches heroine* Eh? Your waist hurts? Um… this area? *heroine shakes head* Lower…? Uh… this area? *heroine shakes head* Ah… your inner thighs?

J: … N-no, it’s nothing… H-here? *heroine shakes head* S-sorry, if I go any deeper… I’ll, um… touch a questionable part on you. I-it’s not about whether I want to or not— ah… I understand. If you say this will make up for things then… um, I-I’m going to touch you.


J: Ha… please… just for now, hold back that cute voice of yours… If I hear that voice… while touching this place… I won’t be able to… hold back on many things. You know what I mean without needing to ask, right?!

J: … Touching your legs right now… I end up… wanting to do something. Explain in more detail? No way! Uh… I want to… haah… haa… I’m sorry! I really can’t say it!

J: Eh!? I can’t! It’s like this just through your underwear, so if I touch you directly…! Ah…

J: … Haah… I understand. If you say that’ll please you then… *fingers heroine*… Hah… please tell me. How… do you like being touched here? Gently…? Or hard? Ah! No, this isn’t revenge! I just… want to make you feel good, so I want you to tell me.

J: Ah, I don’t need to ask, huh. This place… likes it when I touch it like this. It’s become wetter… and it smells tempting. Haah… it feels like I’m losing my mind. This is my first time being punished with something that’s like a reward. Ngh…


J: What do I do… I really want to kiss you. Ah, is it alright to kiss you?

J: … Haa… if I massage you well deeper… then it’ll be alright? Haa… deeper… like this? You’re the one who told me, so please tell me. Is my finger making you feel good? My fingers are apparently thicker than average, so I’m worried over whether or nor it’s painful.

J: Ha… I’m glad. If it feels good then… I can kiss you, right? *heroine shakes head* Haah… deeper? You’re not happy with just the area my finger can reach? *heroine nods* Um… but this place down here is squeezing me and seems pleased. Haah…

J: You’re still not satisfied with this though? *heroine nods* Ah! If you say that… I’ll want to push myself in. But doing something like that… isn’t allowed, right? Ngh, why are you asking that? By that… I mean this. Hah, this… hard thing.

J: Eh? No way. You can tell by looking, right? Urk… alright, but… I’m sure you’ll be disgusted. It’s impossible to see my body as cute. Then I’ll pull it out, but… please don’t regret it. *removes pants* Ah! See, didn’t I say so? I’m larger than most people, so I was told it was disgusting in the past—


J: Huh… you really do see me as cute? Uh… d-don’t stare at me like that. I won’t know what to do. Um… yes, of course it’s already leaking pre-cum… I’m at my limit of restraint. But if I touch the body of the girl I love in this way… it’s inevitable I end up like this, right?!

J: Ngh, yes, I love you! I thought you were cute at first, but every time we met I was drawn to your personality. Then, unexpectedly, I thought “Ah, I love her, I love her so much I don’t know what to do” and I’ve struggled with that this entire time. Haah… haa…

J: So, if you don’t hate this… won’t you let me put it in? Gugh… you’re going to make me say something like that again? You really are a tease.

J: … You’re serious? If I say it… I can do what I want then, right? *heroine nods* Haa… I… want to… fill you up with my sperm and turn you into a sopping mess. *heroine responds* Ngh! Please don’t tease me. For me, that was the best I could do— ah! W-wait a moment! If you raise your hips like that the tip will— ngh! Ugh… haah…

J: P-please, wait… a minute. We can’t yet… I haven’t put on a condom, and you need to be stretched more— ngh, ah…! If you… move your hips like this… ah…! Haah… haa…! This is… really bad…! Ggh… it’s undulating inside, ngh… it feels too good…! Haah… haa…! Stop!


J: Hah… haa… you’re… a little bit of a bully… when it comes to sex, huh. I’m a bit surprised. No, there’s no way I could hate you. I’m happy to see a new side to you. *kisses* Haha… well then… what do we do now? I’m happy to be wanted by the person I love, but… if we do it like this, things might get bad.

J: Erm… it’s… my first time doing it bare. You feel really good inside, so… I don’t think… I’ll be able to control myself. Seeing that it’s like this, I plan on taking responsibility at any time, but… it’s impossible for you, right? *heroine shakes head* Even if it’s not a dangerous day, aren’t you against someone releasing themselves in you? *heroine shakes head*

J: Ah…! If you say that… I’ll think that you love me too. *heroine nods* Haha, you’re right. You’re that sort of person. If you didn’t love me, you wouldn’t consent to this. Then… I’ll take you up on your words… and enter myself to the base, alright? Ngh…!

J: Haa…! Wow… from the tip to my base… ngh… it’s all being squeezed. Hagh… it feels too good… haa… I feel like I’m going to lose all control. Hahah, I can’t do that… it’s been a while for you too, so it’ll hurt if I just go hard all of a sudden. Alright? There’s no need to be impatient. Slowly, like this… get used to me… my largeness and shape. Nngh… *slow kisses; slow thrusting*


J: Are you OK? It doesn’t hurt, does it? Ngh, I’m glad. It feels… really good for me too. Haah…

J: … Haa… haha, a new request? Hah… that really strikes through me. Mm… right to my groin and deep in my head. It crashed right in. Ngh… haah… I feel like everything about me is muddled and melted… like I’ve become a dog that can only think about you.

J: Aah… you’re saying such cute things again. Are you teasing me? If what you say is true then… I’m happy. Inside your head… and deep down here… I want to fill them both up even more with me. Haah… if possible… inside your mouth too.

J: … B-because, earlier, you said you’d let me kiss you, right? I haven’t gotten my reward for doing things well yet. Ngh… you can’t tell me to wait anymore. Haa… haah… then… this time I want to make love to you from the front. I want to be connected to you at the deepest level while kissing you, ngh! Aah…! *kisses; slow thrusting*


J: Haah… I’ve thought about making love to you like this many times, but… ah…! Haah…! Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I still couldn’t stop my feelings of love for you! *kisses; thrusting* Nngh… mmgh…!

J: Haa… I’m sorry…! This wasn’t the first time I reacted to you during a massage… haah… I thought a little about things I shouldn’t while looking at your sleeping face… hagh… You’re asking a mean question again, ngh…!

J: Yes… it’s just like you say! I took advantage of when you were sleeping, ngh, and had indecent fantasies that I shouldn’t have… haah…! It wasn’t just a little either. I thought about wanting to give you lots of pleasure with my length like this… countless times. But, ngh… you feel far better inside than I could have ever imagined… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

J: Ungh…! Haa… hah… Huh? Here… is it? When I rub against this spot like this… does it feel good? Haha… I see. It’s the first time you’ve felt this good. Me too… this is the first time I’ve felt this nice. Haah… I can’t hold on any longer. *kisses* Let’s come together. Nngh…!


J: Haa… hah… I’m… coming…! I’m coming, so…! Loosen your legs… haah…! Ngh, I can’t win against your pleads… Then, I’m going to release deep inside you like this. Ngh… ah…!

J: Nrgh… hah…! I’m… ngh… I’m… releasing…! *he orgasms*

J: Haah… *kisses*… Um, saying this at this time is a little odd, but… I love you. So, with that reason, please go out with me. Ah! Marriage is a little soon still, sorry, I’m going to act like I didn’t hear tha— *heroine hugs him* wah! Haha… me too. I’m placing myself in your care. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: My Chiropractor ***

*heroine opens door*

J: Oh, welcome home! You’re early today. It’s the first time you’ve come home at this time since we started dating, so I’m a bit surprised. Mm, in these six months, you’ve been coming back late at night, right? Haha, there’s no way I’d dislike this. It’s a happy surprise. *kisses* Now, rinse your mouth and wash your hands. I made your favorite foods today.

J: Haha, there’s no need to apologize. It’s my wish to want to do things for you. Besides, I’m the one who’s not busy, so I should take the initiative to do things, right? Ah, mm, it’s true that thanks to your advertisement this shop has become pretty lively. It looks like a lot of women have started to come as well…

J: Er, are you a little mad? Huh? My ex-fiancée… Ah, come to think of it, she came yesterday, didn’t she? She saw me on the blog and wanted to apologize for that time back then.

J: Oh? One of your employees also came to the store at that time, I see. Haha, sorry for not noticing. The store has gotten big recently and my employees have also increased, so there’s times when I’m not aware of everything— that’s not the important point? Then, what is?

J: … Huh? Okay, first I just need to go to the sofa, right?

[02:20] *they walk to other room; he sits down*

J: Oh, that’s right, about the wedding next week— huh? Hold out both hands? Um… like this? Eh? These are… handcuffs? Uwah, w-wait a minute! I started cooking immediately after coming back, so I haven’t taken a shower yet. Please don’t lick that— ah! Ngh…! Haah… haa…! *heroine gives BJ*

J: Why are you… doing this all of a sudden…? Ngh… ah…!

J: Hey, wait… ungh, one moment…! Is there some sort of misunderstanding…? Ngh! Haa… not there! I’m weak there… and you know that, right!? Ugh…!

J: If you suck like that… gugh… I’m going… to release already! Haa… hagh…! I’m com… I’m…! *heroine stops* Haah… haa… why…?

J: … Yeah, just a little more… Just a little more and I would have come— ngh!? Agh…! *heroine resumes BJ* It feels good… ngh!


J: I’m coming…! Ggh… *heroine stops* Eh!? Haa… hah… why did you stop just before? Haah… mm, I want to come. We haven’t been able to do it lately, so I’m at my limit. Huh!? It’s a punishment, so I can’t come? Punishment for what?

J: O-oh… that person. Even if she’s my ex-fiancée, I don’t have any thoughts for her. So I just gave her a normal massage as a customer. Could it be… you’re angry about that? Yes, well, it’s true I could have left it to someone else, but… she named me so if I refused then, conversely, it’d look like I was aware of her, right?

J: Ah, s-sorry! I didn’t know you’d be against that to the point of crying. Um… next time, I’ll definitely refuse her. So, please don’t cry. Alright? Let’s talk about this properly. Uwah!? Um, wai— ngh! *heroine gets on him* Haah… ah…!

J: Putting it in all of a sudden… Don’t do that! It hurts, right? Ngh… agh… when you’re crying like that, even if you say you’re okay… I can’t believe that. H-hey… can’t you take off these handcuffs? If we’re going to do this then I want to be sure to make you feel good. Ungh…!


J: W-wait…! If you move so quickly, ungh… I’m going to come…! Aah… haah… that’s impossible! I’ve held back all this time, and like this… gugh… you’ve done so many things that felt good… I’m gonna come…! Nngh… *heroine stops* Huh?!

J: You’re tying a string around my base… Tonight, more than usual, you’re— ugh… ngh! *heroine moves* There…! N-not there…! I’m also weak… when I rub against you deeply like this. Aagh…! Ngh…!

J: Haah… nrgh…! Please… the string… take it off! Take it off! It… hurts! Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

J: Gugh… no more… I can’t…! Haa… hah… I want to come… I want to come! Let me come inside you! Ngh… ugh! I promise! I absolutely won’t be on duty for her, so… ngh…! *heroine releases him; he orgasms*

J: Hagh… haa… Hey… this time, can we talk? Eh!? Why are you crying harder?

J: … Good grief, you… you’re so cute. I was a bit surprised, but you don’t need to apologize for being jealous. Haha, mhm, I’m really not angry. Rather, that you were jealous enough to do this makes me happy. I’m sorry for making you anxious. *kisses*


J: My punishment… is it over now? *heroine nods* I see. Then these handcuffs… ngh! *he breaks them* They’re not necessary anymore, right? Ah, sorry for tearing apart the toy after you went through the trouble of buying it. I want to cherish anything of yours, but tonight… haah… I can’t hold back any longer, you see.

J: Yeah, mm, I thought it was about time to switch places. No? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I’m glad to receive permission. In truth, that part of me hasn’t settled down at all. Haa… so I was a bit conflicted. *moves hips* See? It’s still hard, isn’t it? Haha, releasing once… isn’t enough to satisfy me at all.

J: Haha, I know. After I release inside, when I swirl it around like this… you love it, don’t you? Your face goes amazingly slack when we do it a second time without me pulling out… I can’t get enough when I see that. Haah… ah, I need to apologize for one more thing.

J: Sorry… when you were moving your hips above me while crying… it was extremely cute. Even though I know that was a punishment, I got excited… and couldn’t hold myself back. Mm, that’s the truth. I thought you were lovely from the bottom of my heart. Even though normally you’re a crisp and cool female president, you became jealous and wanted to monopolize me, and moved your hips while sobbing… There’s no one as adorable as you.

J: *heroine hits him* Ah! Haha, I didn’t make you jealous on purpose. Like I said in the past, I hate lies. *kisses* Believe me. In front of you, I’m a dog who won’t lie. This place… has become like this. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*


J: You’ve gotten completely used to me in here, I’m so glad. Six months ago, ngh, I was afraid I might break you each time. Nrgh, no, no! I’m not saying you’ve become loose, gugh…! Even though it’s soft… it’s wrapped snugly around me, ungh! It feels even better. Hah… haa… responsibility…? If you’re talking about marriage then next week— *heroine shakes head*

J: … Ah, you’re right. I’ve made it so that you can’t be satisfied unless it’s my size, so that responsibility… I’ll have to be sure to take that too. *kisses; thrusting* Ngh… haah…! It’s clamping down inside… ungh!

J: You love it when I rub against this spot with the head, right? Ngh… ah…! You try to squeeze me dry like this… haah… it makes me want to loosen you up deep inside. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

J: Haa… I love you too. No matter what choices you make, ngh… I’ll always stay beside you. Until the day I die, I want to continue soothing you. *kisses* Haah… mgh…!


J: Sorry…! I’ve held on for quite a bit, so… ngh… I’m about to… come again! If we take a short break… could we do it again? *heroine nods* Mm, ngh… I got it. We’ll take a shower together, alright? Haah… haa… then we’ll do it once in the bath, once on the table, ngh… and the bed will be our third time, so… tonight we’ll be doing it five times, huh.

J: … We can’t? More and more… I want to ease you from the core of your body, ngh. Ah…! Haha, to take up the gauntlet… In that case, I’ll have you accept my challenge with your entire body. I’m confident in my tackles, so… prepare yourself. Ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

J: Hagh… haa…! *he orgasms*


J: … Haah… *kisses*… Ah, sorry… I made you squirt again. I’ll wipe the sofa later. *heroine protests* It’s fine. Sit down and relax. No, not at all, there’s nothing to feel apologetic about. Seeing you wait there bright red… is something I love. *heroine hits him* Oof! Hahaha, I wouldn’t do this to get back at you for ordinary things. I’m always a loyal dog to you… a large-breed that’ll tear off its collar from time to time though.

J: Eh? You actually prepared a belt to use for that? Haha, sure. I’ll accept anything you want to do. Ah, but I didn’t really like the blindfold play we did the other day. I can’t see your delighted face when I’m blindfolded, so it feels a little regrettable. Mm, I’m always watching you when we’re in the middle of having sex… and constantly at times other than that as well. I’m always looking at you so that I can relieve you at any time. *kisses*

Note1: The verb 癒す (iyasu; to heal, cure) is used everywhere in here, but I’ve always found it a tricky word to translate in English because straight up saying “I want to heal you” or “I want to cure you” is just odd. So, say hello to my replacement synonyms of ease, alleviate, soothe, relieve, etc. you get the picture.

20 thoughts on “Watashi no Seitaishi-san

    koenosekai said:
    January 26, 2020 at 07:07

    Yamada Jirou, that name was not that unusual for Japanese but I can’t concentrate because there is another Yamada Jirou with the same Kanji (Hypnosis Mic project) so I laughed when seeing this CD at first.
    Previously, I thought I was quite submissive who enjoyed dominating guy but lately it seems my preference changes into cold / scary type who is actually a do-M just like that Honnou no Kajitsu volume.. ♡ also, I love being massage even though I rarely visited that place so this CD is perfect for my taste! Thank you! ♡

      Ilinox responded:
      January 27, 2020 at 13:03

      LOL same about Jiro from Hypnosis Mic. Unfortunately, the Hypnosis Mic Jiro came out first and so I had a hard time accepting the name and not automatically picturing a young brat for this CD, oops.

      You’re welcome! It’s always nice to discover new things about yourself, ehehe, although for me this further solidified that I still like aggressive guys more than these ones. They’re super sweet and I don’t mind the occasional turn around by the heroine, but still… |D I don’t like taking the lead in anything LOL.

    leohikarusora said:
    June 27, 2019 at 19:49

    Woah, it’s truly refreshed my mind after works… It’s truly lighter than Dusk series that you have translated this far, I really like it ^^

    But yep, it’s truly rare that MC become aggressive and dominant, also he’s truly gentleman. I hope this kind of story is appear again next time

    Thank you for your hard works…!! ^^
    (PS. Ugh, this SNB event… >////////<)

      Ilinox responded:
      June 27, 2019 at 22:19

      I-it’s not as rare as people think |D;; there’s quite a few works out there geared for more aggressive leaning girls, but it’s just that my content is more of the classic stuff because of my own preferences. I’m just mentioning this again because I don’t want people to think my blog is a reflection of everything that’s out there and it’s actually just highly specific to my personal taste, haha.

    waterinegirl said:
    June 27, 2019 at 01:17

    finally an R18 where the girl is somehow aggressive. and the guy is a giant bear but really sweet.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 27, 2019 at 10:22

      Haha, there is a LOT of stuff out there with (even more) aggressive girls. I’m just more of a do-m and bottom myself, so the stuff I share with people is more geared towards men who take the lead |D.

      Cey said:
      June 27, 2019 at 12:30

      I liked that about the girl, too. =D
      (And the fact that he could have broken the cuffs since the start, but he let her do her thing.)

    It me said:
    June 26, 2019 at 22:06

    Ladies and gentlefolk, another excellent CD from…Dusk. (!!!)

    After this cuddle bear and the oddly adorable mad scientist, I feel like I must only commission absurdly wholesome erotica to serve as a unicorn chaser to all the darkness

      Ilinox responded:
      June 27, 2019 at 10:21

      LOL thank you for your service. I really should check out the rest of Dusk’s stuff apart from the Kankinkon series. I’ve been eyeing their teacher one because that one seems tinged with sadness and drama, but it keeps slipping my mind oops.

    Cey said:
    June 26, 2019 at 15:02

    This morning I was complaining with a co-worker that I needed a Chiropractor.
    Such coincidences!!!
    Now I’ll have to make an exhaustive search for one just like this one. ;-)

    I don’t read most of the other translations because I don´t like the sadist and yandere that much, but this one was really nice. Thank you for sharing.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2019 at 16:34

      Good luck :”D big, soft, protective, warm teddy bear is such a perfect combination of qualities.

      Haha, no worries, I’m well aware not all my content will be for everyone but thank you for popping into these ones and checking them out and leaving a comment <3!

    Reggie said:
    June 26, 2019 at 07:35

    Upon reading this, I also feel relax hehehe ( ̄▽ ̄) If I’m in her place upon seeing a muscle guy as a chiropractor, I’ll turn back too because I thought my bones gonna break LOL 😂

    And this time it’s reverse, the heroine is the beast I like her so much! LOL \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ Their relationship is very healthy!

      Reggie said:
      June 26, 2019 at 07:48

      By the way, the name of the voice actor sounds familiar to me when I check IT’S REALLY WAKA FROM AMNESIA…… ∑(゚ロ゚〃) I’m surprise.

        Ilinox responded:
        June 26, 2019 at 16:33

        I hate to say this but SAME LOL I get easily intimidated by people bigger than me (and by women in general, oops) so I would have just been like NOPE. I get even more nervous if I’m the only one around and there’s no one else. Alone with a burly chiropractor in a shady neighborhood? That’s a bit too much LOL.

        It was nice to hear him talking about finding your own path :’)) very relatable to everyone. But also, hehe, he’s a big teddy bear and this is such a good relationship for the both of them. Oh my god, I spent the entire track thinking that his voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t pin it down even though WordPress was telling me that I had used this tag before for the seiyuu. In the end, I was too lazy to look it up, but wow was not expecting this to be Waka’s seiyuu. Everyone’s getting some of that R18 pie.

    Medusawitch Shepard said:
    June 26, 2019 at 04:16

    too heartwarming for my taste.
    but I don’t against this one.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2019 at 10:48

      It can’t always be yandere heaven here LOL it’s nice to get a breather with fluffy works here and there.

    lullaby said:
    June 26, 2019 at 01:15

    I’m here to see dearvo tranlation and saw that cover/art, i’m just laughing so hard. i’m not expecting to see this lol. the story is really fun, Jiro is so cute (especially when he beg), and Mc i love her. Not so many drama and ejoyable. that handcuffs break is epic, my favorite scene. Police can’t arrest him easly.
    I really happy to see this. My favorite. Thank you for your hardwork.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2019 at 10:49

      Haha, granted, that handcuff was a toy so I’m not sure how he’d fare against real handcuffs :’) but that was a really nice and surprising scene for me too. Sometimes, pure happiness and an ordinary sort of story is great too! Thanks for commenting and enjoying it!

        It me said:
        June 26, 2019 at 22:28

        I don’t know why everyone is saying this isn’t yandere. This *is* a Dusk CD. I’m pretty sure those handcuffs were real as hell.

        She was probably coming home to handcuff him to a radiator, but burly sweetums shows up at the door like a wiggly puppy all “I made you dinner he he we are gonna get maaaarried!” with a big flour streak on his cheek and his hair sticking up.

        And she was like, “*sigh* I can’t even with this guy”

      It me said:
      June 26, 2019 at 22:11

      Haha the cover art is to die for. He’s so blushy, like “oh uh sorry about my abs, Miss”

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