Rouge et Noir ~ Under the Gun ~

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Makabe Ryo (真壁 亮)
CV: 河村眞人

Rouge et Noir ~ Under the Gun ~

Due to a new type of drug, Rouge et Noir, there’s been a sudden increase in drug contamination spreading through the port city, Kaasa.

The Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare handed down a mission to Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department, and you, a new narcotics officer in the same division.

Make contact with a dealer from the crime syndicate, House, who is spreading Rouge et Noir, and obtain a drug sample.

In accordance with the mission, you and Makabe join together as “buddies” and start a dangerous undercover investigation, disguised as a couple.

(Gotta give a mention to NightHunterHime for the Stellaworth tokuten commission way back in the past. As to why I’m translating this, I’m completing my Rouge et Noir collection of my own accord, but also with the gracious patience of my current commissioner, who has asked for the rest of the series. R18 content warning.)

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

“Under the Gun” is the person who sits to the left of the “Big Blind” and so they’re the person who gets to act first after the blind bets are set. For a refresher, the “Big Blind” is the person who sits two to the left of the dealer’s position and who has to make the larger of two bets (with the “Small Blind”) at the start of a poker game. These forced bets are basically joining fees for people who play a variant of poker that lets them fold without betting.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

*** TRACK 1: First to Act ***

If the player can make the first move in a betting round because it’s their turn then they’re the first to act. I don’t think this necessarily has to be the “Under the Gun” person because at the very beginning players can choose to do nothing until someone opens the game with a bet (but this only applies when there’s no blind bets, otherwise the blind bets tend to open the game).

*heroine gets off elevator; radio crackles*

Makabe: Hey, rookie, can you hear me? Looks like the reception is good. Report… Understood. I’m going to confirm the final stages of our operation. Our target’s name is Imari Tougo. Outwardly, he’s a very normal financier but, according to authorities, he’s famous for being a frequent customer at drug parties. You’re disguised as a prostitute Imari called for and you’ll be infiltrating his room like that.

M: He’s at the end of the thirty-second floor. That drug addict Imari, before he uses them, will definitely offer them to you. After you visually confirm the goods, close the curtains on the west side window. We’ll charge in at that signal. Okay?

M: … What? Are you nervous?… I’m standing by on the floor below you. If by chance anything happens I’ll go and save you right away, so don’t worry. Good, go.

*heroine rings doorbell; no answer; she knocks*

M: What’s wrong? There’s no response? Is it locked? Weird… just in case, check inside. Take care to be cautious.

[02:06] *heroine enters*

M: How is it?… So he ran away… Nothing can be done about that, so it’s back to square one. Come back.

*heroine turns and gets into a fight*

M: What’s wrong!?… Hey! What happened!… Hold on, I’m going right now! Everyone on standby, to the rookie now!

*many things breaking*

M: Freeze! Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare, Narcotics Control Division. You understand the position you’re in, right? I’ll have you release that person. *heroine is freed; he goes to help her up*

M: Are you okay? Hm, this is?… Four packets… I estimate it’s roughly 2 grams. Haha, to think even though you were being attacked you stole something up his sleeve. It’s undeniable evidence, well done!

M: Imari Tougo, you’re under arrest for possession of drugs! *handcuffs him*

Narration: Rouge et Noir… Under the Gun.

*** TRACK 2: Original Bet ***

The person who opens a poker game has to make the first bet. This is the original bet.

*Makabe lights a smoke; door opens and heroine appears*

M: … You’re here. You’ve heard about the investigation, right? The drugs that were in Imari’s possession, the man we arrested the other day, were stimulants of several kinds, such as MDMA. It goes without saying he tested positive for drugs and after the results came out it seemed he confessed right away.

M: Ordinarily, everything would be concluded after we give the boss our report. But now we can’t do that. It appears that Imari also got his hands on “that drug”.

M: *smokes* Yeah, that’s right. *takes out notes* Rouge et Noir, a new type of drug that has spread like an explosion in these past few months. Initially, after consumption, it brings on severe sexual arousal and increases the pleasure of sex ten-fold. It’s become clear that it’s extremely toxic and, at the last stage of becoming an addict, chances are cerebral hemorrhage and multiple organ failure will be induced and result in death.


M: Just like its name, red or black, it’s the drug of the devil with its dual nature of pleasure or destruction. *smokes* The criminal syndicate that is distributing Rouge et Noir within the city of Kaasa is nicknamed “House”. Other than knowing they have a number of multinational dealers, the rest of their details is unknown. In this situation where we don’t have useful information, not only us narcotic officers, but also the police are standing by and doing nothing.

M: But… the previously mentioned Imari seems to have precious information about a channel of acquisition. *slams notes closed* This being the case, you and I were given a mission. Make contact with a House dealer and acquire a sample of Rouge et Noir apparently.

M: True, it certainly hasn’t been long since you’ve been assigned here. But the reason you were chosen is simple. *smokes*

M: Because you’re… a woman. The relationship between drugs and sex is inseparable. The so-called fetishists of drug sex say the sexual pleasure brought by Rouge et Noir makes it the strongest aphrodisiac in the world. Meaning there’s a lot of couples who get involved with it.

M: In that case… it’d be quickest to approach a dealer disguised as a couple. Do you understand now?


M: It’s decided then. From today on, you’re my buddy. *smokes* Let’s head out at once then. *stubs out smoke* To a shot bar called Xanadu in the N district. According to Imari’s information, that bar is connected to House’s dealers behind the scenes.

M: By the way, how are you with alcohol? Then you should drink light ones in a way that won’t be suspicious. There’s no point if you get drunk and reveal faults. *he starts walking*

M: Oh yeah, I forgot. *searches through pocket* Here, provisions for you from the boss. *tosses item*

M: You can tell by looking, right? It’s a birth-control pill. When doing these sort of undercover investigations, there are times when you end up in those situations unexpectedly. It’s a consideration so that you aren’t troubled when it comes to those times. The other female narcotic cops understand areas like that are part of their work and so they’re candid about it. Well, at any rate, think of it as a protection charm and hold onto it. Let’s go.

*scene skip; bar door opens*

M: For two. Yeah, I don’t mind counter seats. *takes seat* Give this girl some kind of light cocktail. I’ll… take an Original Bet. *bartender makes drinks; piano in the BGM*

M: *to heroine* Here, yours. So, this is an Original Bet? *drinks*

M: Mm? What? Heh, oh? For a gift of chocolate to be given with a whiskey-based cocktail… that’s quite thoughtful. *takes one* Here, I’ll feed you one. *leans in* Hah, what are you getting embarrassed about? Open your mouth. Well? It’s sweet, right? Heheh. *drinks*

[06:48] *scene skip; they exit bar*

M: Well then, for now we’ve accomplished our goal. *opens wrapper* Yeah, it’s the wrapper from the chocolate earlier. Check out the back. *heroine looks* An Original Bet is a secret menu exclusive to customers looking for Rouge et Noir. In other words, marked as a free gift they pass on a dealer’s contact to customers.

M: *takes out phone* I’m going to attempt contact right now. From here, it’s the real deal. *phones* I’m someone who received this service from Xanadu. I’d like to know the location of the Betting Box. *phone call ends*

M: Yeah, we’re to wait for the dealer’s call at the designated spot. Let’s move.

*** TRACK 3: Betting Box ***

I don’t think this is a poker term because chips that are bet go into the “pot” in the middle. But apparently in blackjack there’s a box where players can place their bets in.

*walking; keys jingle*

M: I had my suspicions but it really was a love hotel, like I thought. Don’t be so restless. This is also work. It’s good as long as you understand. Ah… also… *pulls heroine close* don’t lose your composure no matter what happens after we enter the room. Okay? Heh, good. *opens door; they enter*

*scene skip*

M: … They’re not coming, huh. Hah… it’s already been an hour.

M: What? You’re restless. *pulls heroine closer* Even though we’re about to get a pleasurable drug, you can’t endure anymore? Heh. What an impatient girl. I’ll play with you for a little bit first then. *kisses* Mmn…


M: *whispers* I told you not to lose your composure no matter what happened, remember? Listen closely. If my intuition isn’t wrong, we’re being monitored in this room. The dealer is assessing whether or not we’re suitable customers. That we weren’t contacted means they’re wary about us.

M: Idiot! Don’t show your face. Putting aside any listening devices, if they’ve installed cameras then we’ll be discovered by your expressions. Wrap your arms around my neck. Hold me tighter. *heroine does so* Heh, that’s right. Think hard on our situation. We’re a couple alone together in a love hotel with alcohol in us. Not to mention, we’re people who are trying to take an illegal drug for sex.

M: It’s more unnatural to wait with polite faces for such a long time, right? If our true identities were exposed here, then everything will go up in smoke. An act’s fine, just make appropriate moans and follow me. Understand? Haha, good girl. *kisses*

M: Hah… look, you’re in the mood, right? We don’t have anything else to do here, so either way let’s enjoy ourselves. *kisses*


M: Heh, you’re looking frustrated. If you’re going to look at me with those eyes, why don’t you strip for me?… Come on, unfasten this. *heroine removes top* Heh, your reward for doing it properly… I guess I need to give you it, huh.

M: Right or left… which one do you prefer? I’ll tease the one you want. Both? Hahah, greedy. Heheh, it was written on your face. *fondles* See? It’s quite honest here underneath your bra. I haven’t even touched you that much and yet… mm… this place is already like this. *kisses*

M: Mm… heheh, that’s right, cry out more like you normally do. *kisses* Mmh…

M: … Haha, my bad, I made a mark on a pretty erotic place. It’s not like you mind though, right? In any case, if no one touches you like this, they won’t find out. After all, the only one that can do things like this to you is me. *blows air into ear* Hehehe. You’re too sensitive. *kisses*

[07:12] *phone rings*

M: … Heh. Look, bingo.

M: Grgh… *answers phone* I got fed up with waiting. Moreover, you interrupted at a very good spot. Haha, jeez, seriously. Well, it gets hotter when people are kept in suspense. So? What do I do for the main transaction?… Alright. We’ll be there immediately. *ends call*

M: The transaction spot has been decided. It’s a dock five kilometers from here.

M: *leans in* Too bad, we’ll have to put off the continuation. Put on your clothes. We’re heading out. *heroine dresses*

*** TRACK 4: Surveillance ***

Pretty sure this isn’t a poker term either. But the meaning of surveillance is to continuously watch someone, so I guess it could be applied to poker. It’s not an official term, but ehh. It’s also what they refer to all the cameras overseeing game tables at casinos.

*door opens and closes*

M: It went well somehow. *rustles bag* So this is the rumored Rouge et Noir. A red and black capsule-type pill. A way too obvious poisonous color…

M: I’m leaving this in your keeping. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, take it to Kurusu in the forensics department. If I go he gets all noisy about how smoking is prohibited in the lab. Besides, he’ll be happy if you go. He’s that sort of person. Here, take it. *heroine accepts*

M: Hm? Are you possibly… thinking about earlier? Haah… don’t drop it. *picks it up*

M: … Here, hold onto it properly. It’s a precious sample we worked hard to obtain. *heroine takes it* You won’t be able to do this job if you get flustered at that extent. It’s common for situations to end up being even more suggestive. Even if you feel down, it’s the truth.


M: Haha, yeah, yeah, I get it, I get it. It was my fault. Jeez, you’re still a kid.

M: What are you getting sullen about? Haha, if you don’t like being treated as a kid then at least wear some sexier underwear. *leans in* I prefer black ones. *heroine retreats* Ah! You didn’t ask for my preference, you say? My apologies.

M: You have a better look on your face now. I like it better when you complain loudly and make a fuss like that over being depressed. *lights up smoke*

M: Still… I don’t like this. During the transaction, the dealer called the customers who come to buy Rouge et Noir “players”, right? Those guys are enjoying this drug dealing as a game. In other words, this city is a giant casino delivering enormous profits. Dammit, they’re all people who are fooling around to the end.

M: Right now, it’s a particularly bad period. Unfortunately, around Christmas and New Year’s, it’s easy for festive people to get their hands on drugs. We need to settle this quickly. *smokes* Haah… I’ll crush this shitty game. That’s the job of the Surveillance.

M: Apparently, that’s what those guys call us narcotics cops. It means a security system. *smokes*

M: … In that case, I’ll make them understand firsthand how that security system isn’t a piece of trash.

*** TRACK 5: Bad Beat ***

When you have a statistically good chance of winning at the beginning because you have strong cards, but then you go on to lose the hand after the flop (the three communal cards dealt by the dealer), turn (the fourth card dealt), or the river (the fifth and final card dealt by the dealer).

M: Rookie, we’re heading out. Prepare immediately.

M: Orders came down to arrest the dealer we met. We’re going to lure him out tonight with a deal. The location is the same as the previous time, warehouse seven at N district’s docks. I’ll wait in the car. Once you’re done preparing, come down to the underground parking lot. *starts to walk; turns around*

M: —Ah, wait. The boss gave us permission to carry our guns. Don’t forget to bring it with you.

M: … Why do you look uneasy? You passed the training for firing live bullets, right? *heroine nods* Then there’s no issue. Be quick!

*scene skip; driving car*

M: Ever since we left the office, your expression has been stiff. Does the content of your holster feel that heavy? Don’t think about anything unnecessary. Prioritize protecting yourself.

M: By the way, have you noticed? That someone’s been sticking close right behind us. A black luxury type sedan. It’s been following us ever since we got off the highway.

M: Can you read its license? Through the mirror. *heroine does so* Great. *picks up receiver* This is Makabe. There’s been a suspicious vehicle discovered near the gulf coast of N district. I need immediate confirmation. The number is Kaasa 500, A 95-00.

M: … Understood. Thank you for your cooperation. *ends call* Like I thought, it isn’t a vehicle that’s been registered in the Land Transport Office. That number is a dummy. There’s two stern-looking men with close-cropped hair in there, right? They’re even politely smoking in the backseats. They’re trying to disguise themselves as people in the underworld, but… they’re detectives setting up an exploitative trap.


M: Heh, because they won’t have any standing if us narcotic cops bring back all the good things. After all, if cases occur where Rouge et Noir is involved, then they’re the ones who’ll get struck by the arrow of criticism first. Information on how we’ve contacted one of House’s dealers with the Imari case has spread to them. The detectives have their own “S”.

M: Well, in short, they’ve come to snatch our achievement.

M: Yeah… it doesn’t seem like they’re part of the Port and Harbour if they’re using such obvious tricks. Either way though, it’ll be annoying if they follow us to the deal location and get poorly involved. We’re going to shake them off. *spins car wheel* Hold on tight!

*scene skip; walking*

M: … I don’t see them.

M: It’s 7:45. Looks like we wasted too much time throwing off those detectives. We’ve gone a lot over the promised time…

M: Well, their customers didn’t appear for close to an hour. It seems reasonable to think they’ve pulled out. Or… because of the detectives’ actions, they’ve sensed our movements too. *can is knocked over in the distance* !? GET DOWN! *tackles heroine; gun shots*


M: Tsk, the dealer’s companions stayed behind? We’re at a disadvantage here. Once I give the sign, we’re running to the other side. Three… two… one… GO! *they run; gunfire; slides to cover*

M: This asshole…! *shoots gun; more footsteps and gunfire*

M: … Che, this time it’s from above? *heroine drops to ground*

M: HEY! Rookie! *more gunfire* Fuck… *shoots gun; runs over*

M: Come! Over here! *pulls heroine; gunfire as they run*

M: We’re jumping behind that over there! *leap into new cover; he reloads* Jeez, such a shitty bunch. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS AIMING?! *shoots*

M: … Haah… haa…

M: Looks like that’s the end of them. *sits down* As if I’d kill them. I just threatened them by shooting a few shots at their hands and legs; at most, they should be scratches. More importantly, are you injured?

M: Haah…

M: … Earlier… why didn’t you shoot? You couldn’t? From what I could see, it’s not like it was jammed or anything. *heroine has shaking hands*


M: !! You…

M: I see… before all this you were just a trainee, huh. To suddenly be hit with this sort of situation, it’s natural to be like that. *hugs heroine* Enough, stay still. At times like these, the warmth of another person is the most calming thing. I won’t do anything else. I’m just lending you my chest until your trembling stops.

M: … Me?… It’s happened before. When I went underground into a smuggling organization in Los Angeles under special authority, it was a constant thing. The other side is a world of guns. If I didn’t shoot then I’d be shot. Heh… but it’s not something you can get acclimatized to.

M: Haha, it’s nothing. I was only talking to myself. More importantly, I’m sorry. I should have taught you how to prepare yourself mentally for situations like this. I’m sorry for not noticing. *hugs tighter*

M: … It’s okay now. Try breathing in deeply, slowly. If you regulate your breathing, you’ll feel slightly better.


M: Mm? Blood? Aah, the shot that grazed my cheek earlier? It’s not like it’s an injury that’ll kill me if it’s left alone. It’s fine, this sort of thing will heal even if you just wipe it with spit. There’s no need to dirty your handkerchief. A-ah… you’re stubborn at weird points. Alright then, here. Ow…! I’m okay. More importantly, worry about yourself.

M: Haah… did you think you could hide it? *holds heroine* Look, you’re still trembling, you bluffer. Stay like this for a while longer.

*scene skip; vending machine is used*

M: Here. *tosses can to heroine; opens his own and drinks*

M: It’s just coffee. Don’t be reserved and drink it. *heroine opens hers; Makabe lights smoke*

M: It looks like you’re a bit calmer after we returned to the office. Nah, it’s not your fault. The moment I realized the detectives were tailing us I should have dealt with them sooner. This was my mistake. Thanks to that our investigation has gone back to the starting point. *smokes*

M: … You… should get off of this case. It’s likely those House guys will start bringing out the big guns. They have smuggling routes not just for drugs, but also weapons. *smokes* It might end up like what happened earlier. It’s a lot on your shoulders when you still aren’t accustomed to things. I’ll tell the boss tomorrow, so go back to your normal duties.

M: What? Are you serious!? Hah… that’s unexpected. I thought you were definitely done with all this. *stubs out smoke; comes over* I like courageous women. This is precisely why you’re my buddy. *ruffles hair* Well then, let’s go redeem ourselves. Heh, we’re resuming our investigation! Let’s go and give ’em hell.

*** TRACK 6: Raise ***

When you increase the previous high bet, making everyone have to bet the same as you or increase the bet to stay in the game.

*radio crackles*

M: Can you hear me? The wind seems strong. It must be cold over there, right?

M: The Christmas lights? Ah, that’s true, you can see them well from there. Jeez, there’s no charm in having to arrest the dealers on Christmas Eve, huh.

M: Haha, right? I have a favorite bar close to the office. How about we finish this quickly and grab a drink?

M: You’ve become pretty poised. Heh, alright, I’ll treat you. However, only after we settle this properly.

M: In these two months, we’ve both cornered these guys through sheer stubbornness and persistence. If we fail to catch them here, it’ll all be over.

M: Hahah, as long as you understand.

M: … Hey… at warehouse seven, when I asked you why you didn’t shoot, you told me, right? That you were scared to shoot.


M: … I’ve had the same experience. In my first shoot-out, I became scared to shoot.

M: Hah, it’s surprising?… Humans, when they find themselves in that sort of situation, are beings that get scared to hurt others more than getting hurt themselves. In that moment, I learned that for the first time… and hesitated.

M: Because of that, the person I was partnered with at the time was injured and couldn’t stay in the special unit. Even though he was someone much better than me…

M: Ever since then, I haven’t partnered with anybody. Honestly, when I was ordered by the boss to partner with you, I refused. I told him that I didn’t want any buddies anymore.

M: … But in these several months, being partnered with you, and seeing you right beside me… I was made to remember something important that I had forgotten for a long time. That both people would have parts that’d make trouble for the other, but they’d learn by observing what the other person holds, and in the past I also fought together with comrades. That’s how the current me exists. Being alone was easy… but I overestimated my own abilities and, before I knew it, I became blind. Beyond that path isn’t maturation, but just stagnation.


M: Hahah… thanks. For worrying about me.

M: Hm? Heh, there’s no reason why. I just… thought I should tell you.

M: … Now then, it’s about time to stop reminiscing. I’m going to break in from the front here, you’ll come in from the emergency stairs. Back me up.

M: Let’s go.

*heroine hears him walking through radio; kicks down door*

M: FREEZE! This is the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare.

*radio ends; heroine goes through stairs and kicks in door*

M: Thanks for looking after us in warehouse seven. Thanks to that, as you can see, we’re in good health. It’s two against one in this room. If you’re not a massive idiot then you should be able to tell you’re at a disadvantage, right? Get on your knees obediently there.

M: Good. Slowly, like that. *dealer pulls something out* Che, a typical hidden knife!? *brawls* Bastard! Gugh…! *something shatters; Makabe coughs*

M: What the hell’s this!?

*dealer runs but heroine knocks him down*

M: *coughs* Nice kick, rookie! Go to sleep for a while! *knocks out dealer*

M: Haah… jeez, making work for us.

M: Ah, I’m alright. You? Heh, good. In that case… *handcuffs dealer* At 8:32 PM, the responsible party has been arrested. We’re pulling out.

[05:52] *scene skip; door opens*

M: Just when I thought those annoying procedures were finally done… it’s already this late? Haa… the last train’s long gone, to say nothing of going for a drink. Ngh…! *stumbles to wall* It’s no problem… ngh… I’m just a little tired. We’ve been pretty busy lately.

M: More importantly, you… can go home now. From here, it’s a basic fare for a taxi, right? Mgh… I’ll treat you to a drink next time.

M: I’m… going to stay the night in the nap room. Ngh… hah… *slowly walks; opens door*

M: … I said I was fine, didn’t I? Hah… leave me alone. Later! *shuts door*

*heroine walks away; through door Makabe groans, something breaks, and he falls; heroine runs back and opens door*

M: Haah… haa…! You…!? Idiot! I told you to go home, didn’t I?! Why’d you come back? Mgh… DON’T COME! Hah… enough, go home.

M: You saw it, didn’t you? The glass that broke when we were fighting the dealer… The thing that was inside was probably Rouge et Noir… before it went into a capsule. Grgh… when Rouge et Noir is consumed… it brings about extreme sexual arousal. Ngh… you can’t not understand what this means, right?!

M: I don’t know… what the me right now will do. That’s why… hurry up and go home! Nrgh…! While I’m still able to hold onto my reason. Mmgh…! Haah… haa…!


M: You…!? What are you doing!? *heroine comes close*

M: Hah… haa… stop. You don’t have to do something like that. PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES AT ONCE AND GET OUT! Haah… haa… we’re not in the middle of an investigation anymore. There’s no reason for you to… go this far… right?

M: Why… can you go that far for me? Ah… you… Ngh! Quit joking at a time like this.

M: … You’re… serious?… Haa… ah… Ngh! *grabs heroine* Haah… haa…! You idiot…! I’m not responsible for whatever happens anymore, alright? *kisses*

M: Hah… haa… later, whether you cry or scream, I won’t stop. I’m really… ngh… going to fuck you senseless. Ngh!

*** TRACK 7: Tilt ***

When a player becomes emotionally upset, mentally confused, or frustrated and starts playing poorly or aggressively in a less-than-optimal way. It’s actually a common term in competitive online games LOL when people get “tilted” and/or are “tilting”.

*RIGHT in the middle of naughties*

M: Ngh…! Aah…! Mmgh… I’m coming…! *he orgasms* Kgh… haah… haa…!

M: *kisses* Mm… hah… I haven’t had enough yet…! *kisses*

M: From your breasts… no, your entire body… is the scent of woman. Nngh…! I feel like I’m the one going crazy from your smell. Agh…! *kisses*

M: Mm…? Hah… did my teeth press into you? My bad, but I can’t hold myself back! Nngh, ah! *thrusting*


M: Fuck…! Again…! How many… times has it been? Nngh…! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… haa… Hey… don’t cry. Liar. What do you think you’re saying with those teary eyes? If you make an expression like that in this situation… it just spurs me on! Nngh! *thrusting* Under these circumstances, I’m already on the verge of going crazy… ngh… at this rate, I feel like I’m going to break you. Aah…!

M: Hah… haa… *kisses; thrusting*… Ngh… haah…! It’s coming…! Mmgh…! *he orgasms; kisses*

M: … Haah… hah… more… I want you more…! *thrusting* Ngh… agh…!

M: More… I want you… more…! I want you… I want you so much… it’s irresistible… ah…! Haah… haa…!


M: *growls* Don’t run. Ngh… *kisses; thrusting*

M: … Hngh… you’re convulsing down here… ngh…!

M: Ggh… haah…! You’re about to come, right? Don’t hold back. You come too. Me too… again! Nngh…! *he orgasms*

M: Hah… haa…

*scene skip; morning birds*

M: … You’re awake? Yeah, I’m alright. Looks like what I breathed in was just a very minuscule amount. It’s likely symptoms of poisoning won’t remain either with this degree. The effects of the drug has disappeared now too. *leans in; ruffles hair* Thanks to you.

M: Hey, don’t make that face. It’ll remind me of how sexy you looked last night. Do you want to be jumped on by me in the early morning? *heroine reels back*

M: Hahah! Relax, it was a joke. In just thirty minutes, someone should be reporting in for work. We’re leaving this place before that. We have to ventilate this place too, huh.

M: I’m talking about this smell. The whole room is filled with the smell of our coupling. It’s obvious what exactly we did here. *heroine panics* Haha, well, more importantly before anything else, you need to put on clothes. Once you’re ready, I’ll send you back home.

[08:48] *heroine stumbles; Makabe catches heroine*

M: Woah!

M: … You have no strength in your body, right? I pushed you quite a bit. Sit down like that. I’ll dress you. After doing all that yesterday, don’t get embarrassed at this time. Heh, come on, give up and turn the other way. *heroine turns; something drops*

M: Hm? *picks up* The birth-control pill from back then? You made sure to carry it, huh.

M: Hah, to think the boss’ provision would end up being used for me…

M: *leans in* That reminds me, I didn’t have the leeway to notice this last night, but… your underwear… it’s black today. Heh, no, it suits you well.

M: … Just how I prefer them.

*** TRACK 8: Bullets ***

Surprise! This is actually a card/poker term and it means when you have a pair of Aces, which are both the highest and lowest ranking card in most poker variants.

*drinking in bar*

M: About the case with the arrested dealer, it seems like he’s finally starting to speak. Yeah, he’s nothing more than one dealer among many, but if we keep steadily investigating then one day we’ll arrive at House’s main body. Once that moment comes, I’ll be sure to destroy it. I’m going to put you to work too, you know?

M: Haha, good answer. *drinks* Now then, it’s a good time to head out soon.

*they exit bar*

M: Heh, there’s no need to thank me, right? I promised I’d treat you. *takes out lighter*

M: …… *closes lighter*

M: Ah… I’ve stopped smoking. In front of you that is.


M: … I have… one thing I’d like to ask you.

M: What you said to me at that time… It hasn’t changed, has it? That night, in the nap room, I asked you why you could go that far for me, right?

M: Hah… I see. Then… *kisses*

M: … Want to date? Although the order of things is backwards in a lot of ways.

M: At the beginning, because our relationship was built little by little from a rocky start, I thought I was just touched by your kindness. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In these several months, I’ve constantly been together with you because of our work. But I noticed recently that even during my private time, if you’re not the one beside me, then I can’t settle down. Besides, I said it, didn’t I?

M: *leans in* That I like courageous women. Ah, also a women who looks nice in black underwear. Heh… the latter was a joke. I’ve fallen in love… with you. *kisses*

M: Don’t go home tonight.

[03:48] *scene skip; kissing*

M: Mm… ah…! You’ve gotten good at keeping pace with me when we’re kissing, huh. I like how erotic your tongue is. *kisses*

M: Haha, are you getting excited? These are looking quite indecent. *fondles breasts; kisses*

M: … Haah… this place is already hot too. Hahah… ngh… Look, you can hear it, can’t you? You’re wet and it’s sticking to my fingers, mgh…

M: Your voice goes straight to my crotch. Let me hear more, ngh!

M: Ah, heh, you just squeezed down inside here. Haah… the previous time, I didn’t do this, so today I’ll be sure to spoil you. *kisses; fingers heroine*


M: Heh, here? Your knees are shaking. Ah…! Ngh…

M: Haha, what a nice expression. Here, you can come. Feel the pleasure, mgh…! *heroine orgasms*

M: *catches heroine* Ah! Heh… did it feel so good you couldn’t stand anymore?

M: Ah… you dirtied my fingers quite a bit. *inhales* It smells of you. *sucks fingers* Mm…

M: Come here. The bedroom’s this way.

*they move to next room; pushes heroine down on bed*

M: Mm… *kisses*… Haa… hah… *removes belt; grabs condom*

M: … I’m going to raise your body. Get on my lap.

M: Hahah, dummy, why did you turn your back on me? Face this way. *turns heroine*

M: … Look, I’m putting it in. Aah…! Haa…


M: Haha, should I tell you what sort of look you have on your face right now? *leans in* Your eyes are glistening… your cheeks are flushed… heh, and you’re making a fucking sexy womanly expression. I can hardly believe you’re that brazen rookie. Nngh…! *thrusting*

M: Haah… haa… even without that drug, you feel like a drug down here. It’s burning hot… tight… It makes me obsessed, haah… It feels unbearably good, ngh!

M: Earlier, the spot that I made you come from with my fingers… ungh… Look, you’re clenching down on me much harder than you did with my fingers. Aah… ngh…!

M: Heheh… I feel like my awareness is gonna drift away. You really are… tight, ngh…! Hagh… haa…!

M: … Open your mouth. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Nrgh…! Haah… hm? Haha… yeah, I know. *kisses*


M: Then… because you love me, show me your most sexiest and cutest face… mgh…! Hah… haa…!

M: Mgh… ah…! Yeah… that look… It’s irresistible. Just looking at it makes me… ngh… almost come. Haah… haa… come on, you can tell, right? That I’m going wild inside you. Hah… that voice also makes me helplessly aroused, ngh! *kisses; thrusting* I’m…!

M: Aah… haah… I’m releasing…! Alright? Haa… ngh…! *he orgasms*

M: Hah… haa… *kisses; he pulls out and cuddles heroine*

M: … I love you. *kisses*

[15:36] *scene skip; morning birds; phone rings and Makabe answers*

M: It’s Makabe. Understood, I’ll head there right away. *ends call*

M: A plausible tip-off concerning House came from our “S”. We’re going to meet them right now. Hahah, as usual you give a good answer.

M: Well then, shall we go? *leans in* From here on, in public and private, you’re my buddy. Heh, to reiterate, I look forward to working with you.


*shower noises; kisses*

M: Mmgh… ngh…! Haa… haah… spread your legs, ngh…!

*phone rings in next room*

M: … Tsk, who is it at this time? Wait one moment. *heads out*

M: *answers phone* Makabe. I’m at home, since it’s my day off for the first time in a long while. An urgent case?… Understood. I’ll head there immediately. Haah… this is the worst.

M: *returns and turns off shower* It’s a shame but our day off has been terminated. Yeah, the boss called for us urgently. Heh, don’t make that look. I’m the same in not being able to get what I wanted. *kisses*

M: … We’ll continue this when we return, slowly. *tosses towel* Dry your body and get ready. A call should come to you soon too.

[02:25] *scene skip; walking*

M: Hah, jeez, what the hell was that about an urgent case. A dispute with the Ministry of Welfare could have been left to the office staff.

M: … It should have been settled speedily, but it’s already evening. Haah…

M: *snatches heroine’s hand* We’re rushing home. Permission for our application for a compensatory holiday will, at best, come after half a year, so I want to at least spend the rest of the time I have with you today slowly.

*scene skip; door opens*

M: At last, we’ve arrived at my beloved home. No matter who tries to call I’m definitely not going to answer. *shuts off phone* It’s obviously alright. As if I could endure being interrupted any more than this.

M: Come on, give me your phone too. Hurry up. *shuts her phone* Everything’s good now. My consideration for reporting into work ends here. *starts removing clothes*

M: Who knows? If things aren’t okay, then occasionally the boss can bring himself to work. More importantly… *grabs heroine; kisses*

M: Strip. We’re re-doing things in the bathroom. *heroine removes clothes*

[04:54] *scene skip; shower turned on; kisses*

M: Mm? Do you want to call me impatient? That’s because I’ve been starving a lot and received terrible interruptions. Besides, you too… *touches heroine*

M: Heh, see? Mmgh… you’re this prepared, so you can’t talk about other people, right? Actually… this wetness doesn’t feel like you got wet just now, huh. Hehehe… while you were working with a composed expression, were you chafing under your suit like this? Wanting to do it as soon as possible…

M: Hah, denying that with this look is having the opposite effect. I’m the same in having been constantly thinking about sexual things though… like how I’d make you cry after we came home. That was all I thought, heh.

M: Both of us were being neglectful of our duties, huh. Well, half of our long-awaited day off was wasted, so this is within the scope of being pardonable. *fingers heroine* Nngh…

M: Haha… as you’d expect, things echo really well in the bathroom. Your voice is going straight to my crotch more than usual. *kisses*

M: The area around your thighs is all sticky. Since we’re here already, how about I wash you? Don’t be reserved. *pumps body soap* I have to lather you up really well, don’t I?


M: Here, I’ll make you clean.

M: … I should be washing you and yet you’ve gotten more slippery. I don’t know whether it’s you or the body soap anymore. I guess I should be sure to wash this area too. Heh… this place, swollen with its hood peeled back. Oh, that reminds me, you like coming from this more than you do coming from inside, right? Ah…

M: Heh, your breathing is ragged. I’ll make you come like this. *increases shower pressure*

M: Here, ngh… The water pressure in my shower is quite something, isn’t it? So, it can be used for this too.

M: Haha, crap, that look. If there was a mirror, I’d love to show you. *kisses*

M: *turns off shower* That felt good, didn’t it? Hahah, I didn’t need to ask, huh. *kisses*


M: This time it’s my turn. Put your hands on the wall.

M: … Hah… it should be fine even if I don’t stretch you, right? *inserts himself* Nngh… ah…

M: I should have expected this after you just came. It’s twitching inside down here… ungh… *thrusting*

M: Nrgh… kgh… unexpectedly, that might become a habit, huh. The thing I did just earlier. Hm?

M: … Heh, you say it won’t? Haha, do you like it better when I do this?

M: What a coincidence… *growls* I’m of the same opinion. Ngh… after all, ugh… as you see, it feels comfortable being inside you. I can stay like this for any amount… nrgh… any number of times… any number of hours… even an entire day is fine.


M: That’s unreasonable? Hahah! That’s not true, right? At that time when I fucked you all through the night, ngh, this place of yours always, ugh, passionately welcomed me. Haah… haa… your hoarse voice close to dawn wasn’t so bad either.

M: Even though you say it’s too much, if I thrust into you deeply like this… you’ll moan like you’re begging me for more, right? Nrgh… haah… haa…! *thrusting*

M: Look, just like now… you’re squeezing me tightly… and your teary-eyed look at times like these… agh… is irresistible. Hah… haa… look this way. I’ll kiss you. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Mmh…! Aah…! That you clamp down on me when I kiss you is the same as usual, haha. Thanks to that, I’m always being driven to the edge… ah…! Nrgh…!

M: Haa… hah… Is this enough…? Nrgh…! Haah… haa…! I’m coming…! *he orgasms*


M: Hah… haa… *turns on shower* you got dirty from me… Haha, this time I’ll properly clean you.

*scene skip; door opens and toweling noises*

M: Finally I feel refreshed on a lot of points. Mm? Ah, that’s right, we should turn on our phones, huh. *turns on* A text?

M: … Oh? That slave driver of a boss seems to have unusually done the tactful thing. The two of us are allowed to take tomorrow off as a compensatory holiday it seems. *puts phone aside*

M: In that case… *grabs heroine* it means it’s fine for me to set my heart on making love to you for as many times as I like. Hahahah! That look! *leans in* I don’t intend to let you leave the bedroom tomorrow. Prepare yourself.


*bar noise; glass drinks*

M: Great work today. *clinks glass; drinks* The matter in question this time was relatively easy, huh. Well, this means that the experts are really busy about this time though. Ahah, there’s no need to worry about Kurusu. At best, he’s a guy who flirts with women when he snatches free time and puts on that suspicious cologne. Let him do his job once in a while. Heh, yeah, that’s good. *drinks more*

M: Hm? Do you like that cocktail? *heroine nods* If I recall correctly, it’s one of this shop’s originals. The bartender’s capricious, so the menu changes pretty frequently. If you like it then I’ll ask him later to put it on the regular menu. *heroine drinks* Um… I get that it’s delicious, but don’t get ahead of yourself and drink too much. No matter how sweet it is, alcohol is alcohol. You’re not that strong, right?… W-will it really be alright…

*scene skip; they’re walking outside*

M: Geez, who said it’ll be alright! You’re not alright at all!… Hey! Don’t hug me like that! Haa… I know full well that you love me. I know, so let go. It’s hard to walk. H-hey! *heroine pulls him into a kiss*


M: Hey now! Sto— mmph!… You! Are you a kiss demon!? This drunkard! Haa… I thought about escorting you home, but judging by your state that’s impossible. Hmm… it can’t be helped, let’s go in here.

*scene skip; heroine is put on a bed*

M: Look, sleep here. You can tell just by looking, can’t you. It’s a love hotel. Who’s the pervert!? Which drunkard’s fault is it that we ended up having to go in here. Haa… that’s enough, you be quiet. *walks over to get water and returns*

M: Here, water. Will you drink? Uh… does that mean… you want me to give you a drink? Geez, how much are you going to trouble me. *opens water; gives to heroine through kiss* Do you want to drink more? *repeats but turns into a long kiss*

M: … Didn’t you want to drink water? Hehe, you’re impossible. *kisses; water bottle drops*


M: Ahah, that was crap. Your teeth hit me. If you’re going to be a kiss demon anyhow then become better. *kisses*… What? You don’t want to kiss anymore? Woah, what are you doing all of a sudden? *heroine unzips his pants* H-hey! What are you doing! Y-you… *heroine gives oral* idiot… licking at it as you please… ngh! Mmgh… haa… haa…

M: Hey now… won’t you stop…! Nrgh… aagh…! You… don’t get cocky! *pushes heroine down*… I now know reaaally well that you become horny when you’re drunk. Haha, but too bad… it’s not my preference to have the lead seized by a woman. *takes off tie* I’m turning the tables. *binds heroine*

M: Ahah, don’t think you can win against me in terms of strength. Mm… ah, this place is in a pretty bad state. There’s a heavy lewd smell… What were you thinking about while tasting me? Were you thinking about how badly you wanted me to put it in you? *gives oral*


M: Hehe, what happened to your spirit from earlier?… You’re quite obedient now, hm?

M: … Haa, you’re dripping. Look… there’s such a loud noise… mmngh… *heroine orgasms*

M: Haha, what, did you come already? That was pretty quick. *grabs condom*

M: No. I won’t wait. *thrusts himself in* Ngh! Agh! Haa… ngh… Geez, when someone even gave you a warning…! Someone like you…! Ahah, you’re sorry? That’s too late, now that it’s become this situation… mngh… Could it be that you were hoping for this from the beginning? Heh, I wonder. If you say it with that wanton look it’s unconvincing. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Look, right after you came, this place is overjoyed… it’s telling me to shake you up more and turn you into a soppy mess. Ahah, I’ll give you what you wish… ngh…! Angh! *thrusting*

M: Hehe, here… it’s your weak spot… Whenever I push against it, you come immediately, right? Nrgh…! Aah… haa… haa… *thrusting; heroine orgasms*

M: … Haa… haa… your second time, huh… Hah, you look like you can still come… ngh… *thrusting*


M: No. You’re the one who lit the fire, after all. Take proper responsibility until I’m calmed down. Haa… haa… I haven’t… come yet… hrngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Even though you’re drunk, that place still clenches… Hah, geez… how ridiculous… Haha, that wasn’t about you… it was about me. Mngh… because even while I say you’re drunk or whatever… I’ve been completely turned on by you like that… and now I’m head over heels like this…! Ahah… I’m asking which one of us has been intoxicated… *kisses; thrusting*

M: … Kgh… haa… I’m… coming…! Mmgh…! *he orgasms*

M: … Well, in the end, whether you’re a drunk or a kiss demon… I love you… *kisses*

*scene skip; birds chirping*

M: Are you up? You can tell just by looking, right? It’s a love hotel. By the way, you said the exact same thing last night. Apparently, it seems you remember nothing. Hehe, how about I tell you the things you did when you were drunk?

M: First, you clung onto me in the street and kept going on about how you love me. Then, after that, you became a kiss demon. Nothing could be done, so I took you to this room where you pestered me to give you a drink. After I gave you a drink, you demanded kisses again… And then… you suddenly climbed on top of me and began to give me a blowjob. Heh, last night you were quite bold and erotic, you know? Have you remembered?


M: Haha, geez… Well, I know you’re weak to alcohol so I’m at fault too for not stopping you earlier. Besides, I’ve gotten more than enough of an apology. *leans in* With your body. *blows into heroine’s ear; she scrambles away*

M: Ahah! After you take a breather, we’re heading out. We have work today too. Ah, I also forgot to say one thing… *leans in* Don’t ever drink in front of other men. The only one who can see you drunk… is me.

Note2: Learning some police lingo in this series, but Makabe uses the phrase 完落ち (kanochi) in the second track which means someone who confesses to their crimes on their own.

Note3: LAUGHING because Makabe uses this term in the second track キメセク (kimeseku). I don’t know what the first half of the word is supposed to be, but the second one is definitely sex. Anyway, this is Japanese slang for sex with drugs LOL. I don’t think we have a term for that in English? Drug sex?

Note4: In Track 5, Makabe is reading proper Japanese license plates! I learned something new too.

Note5: In Track 5 again, I can’t seem to find any official thing about this but apparently it’s polite to only smoke in the rear seats of a car. I guess so that the smoke either doesn’t bother the driver, or drift from the front seats to the poor person at the back, etc.

Note6: Whenever Makabe talks about a “S” he’s talking about an informant, or basically an information dealer.

12 thoughts on “Rouge et Noir ~ Under the Gun ~

    v said:
    January 26, 2021 at 18:55

    anyone have a link to the cd drama?

      Ilinox responded:
      January 26, 2021 at 23:01

      Sorry, I don’t promote those things here and would rather not have anyone link to illegal uploads of the CD too. But I’m sure if you did a search for this series with the name you’d get some hits, especially in places like SoundCloud and/or YouTube.

    Viki said:
    January 7, 2020 at 07:30

    I was saying to him that I have the power of Jesus and anime on my side so he shouldn’t fuck with me lfvjhnxkgbhdfkhgfdfjgbhfdk IT DIDNT HELP EVEN LITTLE BIT

      Ilinox responded:
      January 8, 2020 at 21:12

      LMAO YES PLEASE JOIN ME IN LOVING YAMANAKA. Makabe just gets better and better too IMO especially in his second season :’)) Gotta love undercover operations where things turn steamy like that though, eheh, and you get his sexy whispering and his sneaky normal whispers.

        Viki said:
        January 9, 2020 at 08:05


    It me said:
    July 28, 2019 at 21:19

    Look, I don’t care if you love the dude, when he shuts himself in the conference room because he’s ingested a super sex drug, here is what you do: open the door, toss in a bottle of lotion and a couple rolls of TP, then CLOSE THE DOOR AGAIN and LEAVE.

    Sometimes a man has to take care of things on his own. Plus this whole scenario is basically a guaranteed urinary tract infection, and those are terrible

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2019 at 10:02

      I dunno, I think I’d jump on this train if the opportunity presented itself, especially considering how professional and distant Makabe comes off in general LOL gotta free that inner pervert from him somehow–

    Bluesheep said:
    July 14, 2019 at 23:06

    On an unrelated note it’s odd how each translation of the mlqc characters can contrast with their counterparts. When it first saw love and producer I thought the artwork was pretty but couldn’t understand it and once the English version out, my first thought was Victor’s characterization always had this biting edge in the original?

    You mentioned the piano man and I have seen several cgs of him, I think his name was zhuo yi not sure if it’s official just saw his cgs tagged with that name.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 15, 2019 at 00:23

      After going through 2 chapters and comparing the things that stood out to me, I’m of the opinion that the English version is closest in translation to the original Chinese (except for a few notable parts like wrong description for Gavin and WTF was that extra douche line for Lucien in Chapter 1). But I haven’t been comparing the English to Chinese version so much as the Chinese to Japanese one, since I’m playing the Japanese one. I’m guessing this is because of the sentence structures.

      But, anyway, the English voice direction is just terrible for Lucien and Victor who have the most subtle characters and it’s more “how” they say their words than “what” they say. I don’t know who it was that gave them a smarmy and shady voice and asshole voice, respectively LOL.

      Li Zeyan was probably treated the worst in all versions LOL because his Chinese voice is very… warm in a sense? At least compared to the other versions and the things he says actually come off as being very neutral and factual. He’s basically the epitome of a business and goal-oriented Capricorn man and though what he says can sound insulting (aka. calling the heroine an idiot) he’s stating it like a fact and not being judgmental about it. But another point to make too is that in English we don’t really have “affectionate” insults. Like 80% of the time he calls the heroine an “idiot” is actually using a tame word in Chinese that isn’t that mean + his voice has no heat or aggression in it. So, if anything, he’s actually gentle in the original LOL.

      Xu Mo is supposed to sound extremely mild and scholarly, but that was totally lost in English… yikes. Hirakawa has, unfortunately, done way too many shady roles that it puts people on guard automatically against Xu Mo, which is a shame since his Chinese voice doesn’t do that as much. You get the full experience of the intriguing dissonance between his words and how he says them, as well as the subtle change when he does add a bit more force and steel behind his words.

      Haha, I’m not gonna bother looking the piano man up before I accidentally spoil myself on the particulars for him :’)).

    waterinegirl said:
    July 13, 2019 at 01:43

    if you don’t like being treated as a kid then at least wear some sexier underwear. *leans in* I prefer black ones.
    That reminds me, I didn’t have the leeway to notice this last night, but… your underwear… it’s black today. Heh, no, it suits you well.
    That I like courageous women. Ah, also a women who looks nice in black underwear
    <<<thank god my lingeries are black XD

    I have… one thing I’d like to ask you. What you said to me at that time… It hasn’t changed, has it? That night, in the nap room, I asked you why you could go that far for me, right Hah… I see. Then… *kisses* Want to date? Although the order of things is backwards in a lot of ways.

    it’s not my preference to have the lead seized by a woman. *takes off tie* I’m turning the tables.
    <<<damn i want to be on top of him. why wont you let me

    Heh, don’t make that look. I’m the same in not being able to get what I wanted.
    No matter who tries to call I’m definitely not going to answer. *shuts off phone*
    Who knows? If things aren’t okay, then occasionally the boss can bring himself to work
    That slave driver of a boss seems to have unusually done the tactful thing. The two of us are allowed to take tomorrow off as a compensatory holiday it seems.
    <<<Eiji can be a jerk but being a boss is not easy so i can understand why he is like that.

    Strip. We’re re-doing things in the bathroom.
    <<<i want to exchange places with the heroine

    how about I tell you the things you did when you were drunk? First, you clung onto me in the street and kept going on about how you love me. Then, after that, you became a kiss demon. Nothing could be done, so I took you to this room where you pestered me to give you a drink. After I gave you a drink, you demanded kisses again… And then… you suddenly climbed on top of me and began to give me a blowjob. Heh, last night you were quite bold and erotic

    making love when drunk. <<<i really dont see it as a bad thing. you get to see the other side of a person. the only thing im going to regret is not remembering anything.

    waterinegirl said:
    July 13, 2019 at 01:07

    HOOORAY!!!! Rouge et Noir ~ Under the Gun ~

    (Gotta give a mention to NightHunterHime for the Stellaworth tokuten commission way back in the past. As to why I’m translating this, I’m completing my Rouge et Noir collection of my own accord, but also with the gracious patience of my current commissioner, who has asked for the rest of the series. R18 content warning.)

    Makabe’s VR edition
    << Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In
    i remember asking @ilinox about the timeline because i encountered a youtube video under the gun rougue et noir and i was confused if is this a continuation story but it turns out to be the first one.

    i also have to praise the seiyuu of makabe and arlen.
    damn makabe’s voice is so gentle and romantic. arlen’s voice on the other hand, he really sound like a villain but at the same time you can hear his inner struggles as well.

    @ilinox. funny thing is i cant stop my emotions when im listening to these cds. it makes me wonder if you get destructed as to how sexy their voices are and also those sounds effects e.g. condom ripping, fingering and juices… enough to make me arouse.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 14, 2019 at 21:53

      If I’m listening to the CDs for the first time and not having to worry about translating anything then yeah I do get sucked into the story and what goes on |D;; including how destructive the seiyuus voices are, especially my biases.

      But when I’m translating then everything falls away into technical details and professionalism, so it’s hard to get into the mood to purely enjoy the story because I’m repeating sections over again or pondering how best to convey a sentence.

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