Day: July 15, 2019

SNB Mouri ~ 光盟 Chapter 2.2 ~

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Chapter 2: The Tip of the Blade

The war began at last with the dawning of the night. The commanders of each army attacked Motonari and the others one after another.

In order to fight fire with fire, Motonari and the others unsheathed their swords…

Chapter 2.2

Following Motonari-san’s orders, everyone scattered to their own locations and waited for the sign to set out onto the battlefield.

And then, soon after the night ended— the war between armies began at last.

The sight was a chaos I had never seen before now and I unconsciously held my breath.

[YUZUKI]: (Even though the battles with yakuma were terrible, when it comes to the battles between armies, the intensity is different…)

[YUZUKI]: (Motonari-san and the others are going to join this violent battle…?)

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