SNB Mouri ~ 光盟 Chapter 2.4 ~

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Chapter 2: The Tip of the Blade

The war began at last with the dawning of the night. The commanders of each army attacked Motonari and the others one after another.

In order to fight fire with fire, Motonari and the others unsheathed their swords…

Chapter 2.4

On a hectically changing battlefield, Takamoto and Terumoto fought with Kirigakure Saizou of the Sanada army.

[SAIZOU]: “Heh, you two have no fortune. Of all people, you met a genius like me…”

[SAIZOU]: “It’s clear the loss will be with you. Just regret your bad luck.”

[TAKAMOTO]: “… Certainly, it is regrettable to have met you because I do not like to fight much…”

.[SAIZOU]: “What…?”

[TAKAMOTO]: “I think this is futile, but I have a request. I don’t want to fight you if that is possible… Could I ask you to retreat like this without doing anything?”

[SAIZOU]: “Both of us know that I cannot do that, no?”

[SAIZOU]: “Or… are you intimidated in front of my beautiful strength?”

[TERUMOTO]: “Let me tell you…! YAAAH!”

[SAIZOU]: “Too naive! Ninja art… Earth Release, Rock Spear!”

At the same time as Saizou’s words countless sharp, pointed rocks protruded from the flat ground and blew away Terumoto’s body.


[TAKAMOTO]: “Terumoto!”

[TERUMOTO]: “Ugh… gugh…”

[SAIZOU]: “Those were some nice movements, but they were too direct.”

[SAIZOU]: “However, to still be conscious after receiving my technique… I suppose it is to be expected of an oni. But you cannot fight anymore with those wounds.”

[TAKAMOTO]: “Terumoto!? How dare you—!”

[SAIZOU]: “Now, it’s just you.”

Saizou quickly moved and released a technique, but Takamoto just barely dodged it and countered.

[SAIZOU]: “!? Although you said you dislike fighting, that swordsmanship isn’t something I can be careless about. However…!”

The moment Saizou tried to attack Takamoto he was unexpectedly struck from the back by Terumoto.


[SAIZOU]: “Wha…!”

[TERUMOTO]: “I am fighting for Mouri too…!”

[SAIZOU]: “Gugh… ah…!”

Saizou suffered a serious wound by Terumoto’s attack and when he collapsed on the spot Terumoto immediately ran over to Takamoto.

[TAKAMOTO]: “Terumoto… I’m glad you’re safe. You saved me, thank you.”

[TERUMOTO]: “No, I just acted according to your plan, Takamoto-sama.”

[TAKAMOTO]: “… Our objective is accomplished, so let us report to Motonari-sama.”

[TERUMOTO]: “Yes!”

[TAKAKAGE]: “—Found you, Date army.”

[TAKAKAGE]: “Because of their small numbers they seized an opportunity to hide themselves in the forest… So as not to exhaust their army on the chaotic battlefield? How considerate.”

[TAKAKAGE]: “The general was Date Masamune, was it?… Hehe, I thought of something good.”


[???]: “Hey, Masamune, wouldn’t it be quicker to defeat them? Give me a moment!”

[???]: “Shigezane, don’t do anything reckless!”

[TAKAKAGE]: (Hmm… it looks like they’re underestimating us quite a bit…)

[TAKAKAGE]: (Then I guess I’ll show them Mouri’s strength…)

The commander called Shigezane turned his back in this direction and in that instant—

[TAKAKAGE]: “—First, one.”

[SHIGEZANE]: “Gugh… ugh.”

[???]: “SHIGEZANE!”

[TAKAKAGE]: “Now, who should I make next?”

[???]: “……!”

[TAKAKAGE]: “Oh? That’s strange. I heard the Date army was an interesting opponent that used clever schemes… you’re surprisingly boring.”

[???]: “You…!”

The other commander drew out his blade and tried to attack, but Takakage nimbly dodged that and retreated.

[TAKAKAGE]: “Oh my… It’s not in my character to fight fair and square face-to-face.”

The moment the commander tried to set out further attacks another commander who was most likely thought to be the Date army’s general – Date Masamune – raised a hand and checked him.

[MASAMUNE]: “… Who are you?”

[TAKAKAGE]: “I am Kobayakawa Takakage of the Mouri army. Remember that, the considerate-minded Date Masamune.”

2 thoughts on “SNB Mouri ~ 光盟 Chapter 2.4 ~

    waterinegirl said:
    July 17, 2019 at 01:46

    no one in mouri got injured? but i got nervous by terumoto.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 18, 2019 at 09:44

      I guess we could technically say that Takamoto and Terumoto are injured, but it’s not life-threatening it seems.

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