Day: July 24, 2019

Rouge et Noir ~ Check in the Dark ~

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Kurusu Rei (来栖 玲)
CV: 佐和真中

Rouge et Noir ~ Check in the Dark ~

Due to the flood of a new type of drug, Rouge et Noir, the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare was pressed to deal with that every day.

The Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), which was suffering from a serious shortage of hands, requested the forensic officer, Kurusu Rei, who belonged to the Forensic Department, to assist temporarily with the investigation. You, a new narcotics officer, were selected out of many people to persuade Kurusu, who had expressed his disapproval.

Kurusu was interested in how you were partnered with Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the SCID, and agreed to assist with the investigation on the condition that he would have a date with you. Somehow, you began the investigation while being toyed with by Kurusu, who didn’t show his true feelings.

However, due to Kurusu’s meeting with a “certain someone”, the situation began to move in an unexpected direction—.

R18 content warning.

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Check in the dark is a lot like betting in the dark (mentioned below) but with a check. Basically, it means that before the cards for the next round are dealt you will have announced to everyone that you’re going to check without looking at them. Checking means to pass the action to the next person without making a bet. You can only check if no bets have been made.

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