Rouge et Noir ~ Check in the Dark ~

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Kurusu Rei (来栖 玲)
CV: 佐和真中

Rouge et Noir ~ Check in the Dark ~

Due to the flood of a new type of drug, Rouge et Noir, the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare was pressed to deal with that every day.

The Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), which was suffering from a serious shortage of hands, requested the forensic officer, Kurusu Rei, who belonged to the Forensic Department, to assist temporarily with the investigation. You, a new narcotics officer, were selected out of many people to persuade Kurusu, who had expressed his disapproval.

Kurusu was interested in how you were partnered with Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the SCID, and agreed to assist with the investigation on the condition that he would have a date with you. Somehow, you began the investigation while being toyed with by Kurusu, who didn’t show his true feelings.

However, due to Kurusu’s meeting with a “certain someone”, the situation began to move in an unexpected direction—.

R18 content warning.

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Check in the dark is a lot like betting in the dark (mentioned below) but with a check. Basically, it means that before the cards for the next round are dealt you will have announced to everyone that you’re going to check without looking at them. Checking means to pass the action to the next person without making a bet. You can only check if no bets have been made.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

Note2: The heroines for each guy are NOT the same heroines and I believe there is only ONE heroine in the world. Basically, each volume is an AU with the heroine being assigned to different places and choosing to settle ultimately with one guy. So, it’s hilarious to hear how Kurusu says Makabe wouldn’t get with a coworker LOL.

*** TRACK 1: Marking ***

In poker it’s called “card marking” and it means to illegally alter the cards in such a way so that the cheater knows what cards their opponent has. Bending a corner or making a nick on the card is a way of marking the cards.

*heroine walking; knocks on door*

Kurusu: Come in.

*heroine enters*

K: Oh! Welcome, newbie! If you’re here for the appraisal results on Rouge et Noir then they’re done. The principal nature and construction is methamphetamine; in other words, it’s extremely similar to being a stimulant. It’s also the same in how it effects the central nervous system when ingested.

K: Its unique characteristic is probably the severe sexual arousal that appears in the initial stage after a dosage. Up to now, the strongest aphrodisiac was also a stimulant but now its position is being threatened by Rouge et Noir. Hah… the side effects and other details are written in here, so take a look through it later.

K: Hm? What’s wrong?

K: Aah, your goal wasn’t the appraisal results… but me. You were ordered by Makabe to come and persuade me to assist with the SCID’s investigation, weren’t you? *heroine nods* Heheh, that’s what I thought. I refused once earlier though. I suppose that guy was also given that unreasonable request by the chief, huh.


K: But, well, when such a cute girl comes to persuade me then I can’t possibly refuse. I personally have an interest in you too. After all, you’re partnered with Makabe as his buddy, right? I’m keenly interested in how you got that lone wolf to accept that.

K: *approaches heroine* Hey, could it be that you’re dating him? *heroine denies* Hahah! You don’t need to deny it that vehemently, it was a joke. That guy isn’t the type to hit on a colleague. Well, that’s precisely why I’m even more interested though.

K: … I’ve decided. *traps heroine* I’ll cooperate just this once. However… it comes with a condition. *whispers* Hey… how about you do it once with me? *heroine startles* A d-a-t-e. Heheh, oh no, were you thinking of something more different? Well? Your answer?

K: Heh, negotiations are concluded then. Then… *rummages in pocket* here, use this perfume for our date. Yes, it’s one of my recent compounds and my favorite. I’m looking forward to it, little n-e-w-b-i-e.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. Check in the Dark.

*** TRACK 2: Advertise ***

It’s to bluff with the intention of being exposed to look “loose and weak” to other players. The goal is to make them underestimate you and so you have more room to act when you actually have a legitimate hand. Because people are bad at revising first impressions, this could have beneficial long-term effects.

*cutlery noises*

K: You’re nervous. You don’t come to these kind of restaurants often? *heroine shakes* Mm, then as a diversion why don’t I tell you some random knowledge?

K: Let’s see, for example… ah, the androstenol included in the truffles of the black truffle pasta that we’re eating right now promotes the secretion of the male hormone testosterone, which stimulates the instincts of the opposite gender.

K: That’s right, it’s what is referred to as a pheromone. Heh, do you know what this means? From a biological point of view, the present you is in a state where you’re instinctively conscious of me. Your nervousness might also originate from that.

K: Can you really declare that? Androstenol is very similar to the smell of musk. It’s also about time for that perfume you’ve put on to start being on its last note of a sweet musk fragrance. *leans in and inhales* See? The conditions I’ve arranged for seduction are more than enough gathered.

K: Oh! Haha, you just choked. Are you alright? Here, water.

K: Mm? Hehe, I don’t have a designated girlfriend that’ll get angry. Yep, I’m not very fixated on tying myself down with a lover.


K: Hm, you can’t understand that? Hrmm, it’s not that I hate slowly and seriously dating one partner either. *leans in* If you’d like, do you want to try being that person? Huh? Heh, did you take that seriously? Turning red, getting surprised, you really are cute.

K: Hahah, who knows? I leave it to your imagination as to whether I was teasing or not.

*scene skip; walking*

K: Hey, newbie.

K: Ever since we left the restaurant, I feel like you’ve been speaking less. Why is that? Ah, are you possibly cautious of me? For example, on this road where there’s few people passing by— *grabs heroine* you’re wondering whether I’ll do something like this or not?

K: Haha, your face is very expressive. That’s a hindrance to being a narcotics cop. Incidentally, your reaction in this situation is also a failing grade. Like that, you’re just going to make men feel like doing it. *kisses* Mm…!


K: Haah… it won’t be that hard to seduce you into a bed from here. If I wanted a single night of adventure with you that is…

K: You’re more than attractive enough as someone of the opposite sex, but right now the target of my interest isn’t in that. Above all, the date tonight was the terms of exchange for work. If I wanted more than this then it’d go against the rules, huh. So, after this… *kisses ear*

K: … The rest will be postponed for now.

K: Hahah! You’re bright red. You really are adorable. At this rate, I’m about to change my mind. Hehe, I’ll teach you something good. You see, men have a nature where, if you react so cutely, even if they weren’t in the mood they’ll want to try and snack on a little piece. So, occasionally, the right answer is to smoothly sidestep them. If you don’t then you’ll be eaten… by a bad man who gets in that mood. Get it?

K: Haha, good girl. *kisses*

K: Heh, just now, think of that as the lesson fee.

K: Hah, well then, this evening’s cold so let’s head home, young lady.

*** TRACK 3: Pit Boss ***

Other than being Arlen’s title LOL these people are commonly known as “pit managers” today and they direct the employees who work in a casino pit. Basically, they monitor the floormen who are people who monitor the dealers at every table. For example, one floorman manages six tables. The pit boss oversees this all and solves serious disputes.

*car driving; pulls to a stop*

K: This area? *rolls down window* There’s quite a few new office buildings here. From our “S”s information, an executive leader from House called the “Pit Boss” has been sighted frequently in this neighborhood.

K: In that case, let’s do some basic information gathering. Mm? Nah, that’s not necessary because if we split into two groups… *leans in* there’d be no point to finally getting alone together with you, right? Show it to me fully… the sight of you working. *heroine brushes him aside*

K: Haha, woah there. Oh? Looks like what I taught you previously ended up being of use. Mm, good girl, good girl. Heheh… *kisses hand; she recoils* hahah! You still can’t pull it off completely, little newbie. It’s no good to drop your guard at the end. Haha, it’s relaxing when I’m with you. *opens car door* Now then, let’s go.

[01:40] *scene skip; walking*

K: Doesn’t look like we gathered anything for today. Nothing we can do about that and it’s getting dark, we should— ah… wait a minute. *pulls heroine into him* Shh… stay quiet for a moment.

K: Look, the man over there at the gate of the stocks building. It’s Ouryuukai’s Naitou. Yeah, the designated criminal syndicate within Kaasa city. For that executive member to be at a building that isn’t one of their front companies means…

K: Heh, correct. You got a keen intuition there, newbie. Like you said, it means there’s a possibility the aforementioned Pit Boss and Ouryuukai are connected. Naitou went into a coffee shop.

K: From his appearance, it seems like he’s meeting with someone. We’re going in too.

[03:04] *scene skip; enters shop and sits down*

K: We’re sitting in a good position. It’s in the shade of the decorative plant, so it’s hard for our movements to be seen. Still… for the person he’s meeting to be a tall foreign gentleman. Let’s watch them like this for a while.

K: … Yeah, they’re using code words but, guessing from the contents of their conversation, that is unmistakably the aforementioned Pit Boss.

K: Kaasa is Ouryuukai’s territory, so perhaps House is in the middle of doing business for undeveloped land.

K: Oh! Looks like the foreigner removed his shades. Let’s confirm his face just in case—… ah! That man…! It can’t be…! Ah… *stands up* I know the Pit Boss’ identity. We’re pulling out.

*scene skip; car door closes; laptop is opened*

K: It’s the Ministry of Welfare’s database. Take a look at this. Arlen Clive; three years ago, he was a member of Main Cage, a smuggling organization that entered Japan. Because of a certain incident, several people of the SCID used special jurisdiction to continue investigating overseas undercover after Main Cage moved its headquarters to Los Angeles… *closes laptop* and Arlen, who had vanished, is now disseminating Rouge et Noir as an executive member of House this time.

K: … To think I would meet that guy again in this sort of place.

K: Hm? Hah, it’s nothing. *starts car* Put on your seat belt. We’re returning back to the office.

*** TRACK 4: Out of Line ***

It just means when a player deviates from their usual style of play. Either they’re tilting (getting emotional) or the way they’re playing their current hand doesn’t fit their style.

*heroine knocks on door*

K: Come in.

*heroine enters*

K: Ah, I was waiting for you, little newbie. Sorry for calling you here. It’s because I wanted to show you something, if that’s alright?

K: Once I continued analyzing Rouge et Noir I made another interesting discovery. When I add a sample of Rouge et Noir into this test tube with the same level of hydrochloric acid as would be in gastric juices…

K: Look, it changes into either red or black, right? I tested it a number of times, but there’s no regularity as to which color it turns into.

K: Incidentally, when it’s red, the aphrodisiac side is stronger. When it’s black, the adverse reaction of agony is stronger. It’s likely this is the source of its name, Rouge et Noir. It’s exactly like a life-risking gamble. It’s poor taste to the extreme. Even I wouldn’t want something like this to continue to exist.


K: That’s why I’m also going to keep on cooperating with the SCID’s investigation. Heheh, did you think I was going to demand a second date as compensation? Relax, this time it’s something I decided on. *whispers* It’s about time for me to bring things to an end.

*scene skip; outside near water*

K: … Five more minutes until it’s 23:00, huh. The transaction should be starting soon. Jeez, it’s impressive how the “S” Chief Suou is using sniffed out information that even the Ministry of Welfare couldn’t catch.

K: Haha, it’s wiser not to poorly stick your neck into where this information comes from. There’s things in this world that you’re better off not knowing.

*car pulls up*

K: Oh! They’ve made their appearance. Hah… Arlen… so he really did come. Huh? The people with him…

K: Yeah, they’re not Ouryuukai’s men. Them being Chinese means… the client is the Chinese mafia, Xiang Mao. Furthermore… look, those wooden crates. There’s gunpowder and firearms inside. So House’s smuggling route for weapons was Xiang Mao.


K: Ah! What the hell’s that!? It can’t be that the compensation isn’t money, but Rouge et Noir that’s planned to be handed over!? Che, don’t fucking kid me. *pulls out gun* Grgh… sorry, but I’m going to prevent the deal. *opens car door; heroine stops him*

K: … Hah, I know it’s against our orders; we were told by Chief Suou to remember to let them swim away. So, newbie, return to the car right now… *cocks gun* I’m making my own decision here. There’s no need for you to follow me.

K: I’m well aware I’m being reckless! But I can’t stay silent and watch. If Xiang Mao gets that much Rouge et Noir it won’t end with just Kaasa city being contaminated. At any rate, you should hurry and go back— *heroine grabs him* Nrgh! Can you let me go!?

K: Grgh… you…! Don’t get in my way! I’m not going to let Arlen do as he likes any more than— *gets slapped* Ungh! Ah… newbie?

K: We’re a team…? Us? Ah…

K: *holsters gun* Haah… you’re right. Sorry. It’s not just my problem alone.

K: … Hah, this isn’t like me. Looks like I got a little too heated.

*** TRACK 5: Crying Call ***

Calling at the last round of betting where the player isn’t confident about having the best hand, but they’re either curious about whether they can win, have a statistically low chance of winning, or think they’re catching the other players out on a bluff. The crying is put at the beginning from the notion that the caller is crying as they do it, because they’re sad that they’re about to lose LOL.

*radio crackle*

K: Done with the report to Chief Suou? Mission complete… huh.

K: Hey, before we get into the car, can I smoke one stick? A cigarette. *pulls out lighter* Mm? It’s a habit from when I was in the SCID… an influence from Chief Suou. Outwardly I quit but even now I still walk around carrying them. *lights a smoke* Yeah, until three years ago.

K: In those days, I was also undercover in Los Angeles chasing after Main Cage… one of the narcotic cops. Didn’t you find it strange? For a forensic officer like me to participate in the SCID investigation, where there’s a small number of elite agents, no matter how short on hands you guys were.

K: You see… I was Ryo’s… Makabe’s first buddy. The investigation proceeded and in the moment we were to jump on all the Main Cage members… Makabe and I experienced our first shootout. *smokes*


K: That guy couldn’t shoot. You can’t imagine a pale-faced and frozen Makabe, can you?

K: … Right? But it was natural. Humans are made to instinctively hate hurting other humans. Lots of soldiers who participated in the Second World War seemed to have testified that, when they stood on the battlefield at the time, it was more terrifying to kill than to be killed.

K: Rather, it’s unusual for there to be people like me at the time, who would mechanically shoot others. But, in the end, my left arm was struck by Arlen shooting back and my pulmonary hilum was penetrated. *smokes*

K: Later, I used my injury as a reason to personally leave the SCID. I… ran away. Until that moment, I lived without experiencing any sort of failure, so I couldn’t take the shock. *smokes*

K: Even now Makabe thinks it’s his own fault that I left the SCID. So, ever since then, that guy has continued to investigate alone. Haha… I’m a terrible coward, aren’t I?


K: Huh?

K: … Ah, hah… you… Why are you so sharp only at times like these? *smokes* Haah… you’re completely right. I got desperate to go after Arlen because I feel guilt. Three years ago, if I had arrested Arlen then Rouge et Noir might not have been brought into this country.

K: When I think about that… I can’t stand still. Haha… isn’t it hilarious? Since I ran away back then.

K: Eh? I didn’t… run? Me? I’m going to bring things to an end…? Ah, haha, so you heard that back there? To be honest, even I don’t know what the truth is. Like you say, maybe I’m trying to face my past self in my heart somewhere… or maybe I just want to escape from this feeling of guilt. *smokes; stubs out cigarette*

K: But there is one certainty… right now, I’m a little relieved. It was my first time telling this to someone, but I thought it’d be natural if I was looked down on… *hugs heroine* What do I do? I might be falling in love… with you. You think this is a joke…? Well… who knows. Men are more fragile than you think… especially when you’re kind to them at times like these.

K: Huh? Haha, well, the strike from earlier wasn’t kind. Nah, that was good. If you didn’t stop me then I would have acted rashly and likely gotten you involved.

K: You know, you see more things than I thought you would. That straightforwardness can be dangerous… but when I look into your eyes, strangely, I want to try believing in it.

K: I feel like I finally understand the reason why Ryo partnered with you. Heh, nothing, I was just talking to myself. *hugs heroine*… Hey, sorry… can we stay like this for a little longer?… Thank you.

*** TRACK 6: Chase ***

The player doesn’t have a complete hand and is very likely behind, or weaker, than their opponents. However, they’re still drawing a hand and participating in the game in the hopes that they will land the card needed to complete their hand.

*radio crackles; heroine walking*

K: Little newbie, can you hear me? How does it look over there?

K: Is there any sign Arlen’s noticed?

K: Understood. According to our information, after the business deal last month, we can guess that Arlen’s moved his base to somewhere up ahead within a radius of five kilometers. Keep on tailing him with enough distance.

K: My side? I feel like I’m about to choke over the sweet smell.

K: Chocolate. It’s close to Valentine’s after all. There’s a crowd of women around the special stall set up in the shopping mall.

K: Heh, is it possible you forgot it’s almost that season? You don’t have anyone you want to give chocolates to?

K: Oops, my bad. My question just now was thoughtless, wasn’t it?

K: Me? Well, it’s true that every year there’s tons that get delivered to the lab, but… I’m not interested. Heh, this year I’ll just look forward to receiving an obligatory gift chocolate from you.

[01:32] *door opens; radio crackles still*

K: … Now then, you’re almost at the arranged point, right? *footsteps rushing to heroine* Once you pass through there’ll be an alleyway right there— *heroine gets grabbed* ah! Newbie? What happened!?

K: Newbie!? Are you alright!? What’s wro— *heroine gets knocked out; her body gets dragged; door closes; car pulls away*

*scene skip; heroine is chained; radio crackles*

K: Newbie!?

K: Where are you right now?

K: This sound… Chains? Could it be that you can’t talk?

K: Hah… do you remember the name of the Italian restaurant we went to last time for our date? If you’re the real newbie, then I think you’d be able to answer even in that situation. *heroine jangles chain*

K: Heh… correct. In Italian, “Cinque” is for the number five. Sorry for testing you in a situation like this. It was possible it was a trap.


K: From the echoes of the sounds, it looks like you’re underground? By some chance, you have a spare radio near your chest, huh. Thanks to that, I can track you down to a neighborhood. That place is… somewhere in Chinatown, huh. So the ones who took you away are those Xiang Mao guys. Just wait, I’ll go and save you right away. *starts running; gets in car*

K: *parks car; starts running* Ngh! Haah… haa…!

K: *beeping* Ah! Ggh…! Why at this time!? The GPS position got cut off. Just when I should be right beside you…! *cuts off GPS; starts running again* Haah… haa…! Fuck! Where on earth are you!? Hah… haa…!

K: … Oh! *halts* Haah… haa… *inhales* this smell…

K: I’ve found you! *runs and kicks door* Hah… you’re in the way! Get the fuck out of the way! *knocks someone out; begins running* Haah… haa…!

K: *kicks door down to heroine* Hah… haa…! Newbie! Haah… haa…


K: Hold on, I’ll remove the handcuffs right now. Hah… haah… I’m going to borrow your hairpin for a moment. *unlocks handcuffs* I’ll also take out the gag. I’m so sorry, it must have been rough, right?

K: Haa… hah… you aren’t hurt, are you? *heroine nods* I’m so glad… *hugs heroine*

K: Anyway, we should get out of here— ah…! *footsteps* We got noticed by those guys. Well, I did force my way in from the backdoor so I guess it was a matter of course. *door bursts open; people enter* Hah…

K: Aah, this is a pretty big number. Heh, jeez… physical labor is outside of the forensic department’s expertise! *whips out gun and shoots; to heroine* Stand up! We’re running to the front entrance. *running; gunfire*

K: Get behind that shelf for the moment! *they take cover*

K: Haah… haa… this won’t last any longer. Ah! *covers mouth* Shit…! It’s a smoking package. *coughing* Yeah, if it’s for business then it’s probably cocaine or heroin. Either way, it’s not anything good. But, ngh… there’s a vent right above us… so going by the oxygen saturation… looks like it’ll work. It’s not a very smart way of doing things though.

K: *opens lighter* Newbie, run after I give the signal. It’s going to be a little loud…! *throws lighter; explosion* Ngh! NOW! *running; fire alarm*

*scene skip*

K: Haa… haah…! *gets into car* Hah… haa…!

K: Aah… somehow, we managed to get out of there. Haah… hah… yeah, looks like the police came too after hearing all the noise. For now, let’s leave it to them to clean up the accident. We’re going to withdraw. *starts car and drives away; sirens in BGM*

*** TRACK 7: Cripple ***

It means you have most or all of the cards that somebody would want to have with what has appeared on the board. For example, if you have two kings and then two kings appear in the cards the dealer flips over then you’ve “crippled” the deck because no one can use those kings except you.

*car driving*

K: Hm? Ah, earlier? It’s what you’d call a dust explosion. In a situation when there’s a fixed concentration of flammable fine particles floating through the air and they’re ignited then it’ll combust in something like an explosion.

K: Oh, you’re wondering how I was able to find you without the GPS? Heh… it was the perfume. Yep, when you were kidnapped, that perfume bottle in your bag must have broke. That fragrance leaked outside through the vents. Because of my work and hobby, my sense of smell is pretty trained so I can also smell out faint scents that normal people wouldn’t notice. Basically, I chased after your scent.

K: Anyway, I’m really glad you’re safe. At that time— ah!? What’s wrong?! *stops car*

K: Are you feeling unwell?! Are you actually hurt some— ngh…! Haah… haa…! What… is this!? Suddenly, I’m also… ah… kgh…

K: Oh, I see… hah… in that package back there, the Rouge et Noir that Arlen handed over to Xiang Mao… was also mixed in! Aagh… haah…

K: No matter how much we covered our mouths, some of it fell down through the air on you and me… and we breathed in the drug. Ngh… you know that Rouge et Noir brings about intense sexual arousal, right? Haah… in other words, it means that.

K: Aah… hah… I wasn’t able to consider that small detail. Ungh…! Our condition… ngh…! Haa… hah…! *kisses heroine*


K: I’m sorry…! But…! Ngh… haah… haa…! I want… I want you… I want to fuck you…! It’s unbearable…

K: … Hah… haa… you too? Nrgh…! Okay… just for now, we’ll forget the relationship between us. Haah… hold on for a little bit more. Rather than searching for a random hotel, my house is closer from here. Hah… haa…! *starts car*

*scene skip; door opens; intense kissing*

K: Haa… hah…! Just from playing with your breasts… you look like you’re about to come. Haha… jeez… what an outrageous drug that was made.

K: Ngh… oh yeah, speaking of drugs, the pills that were provided to you by the SCID… Do you have them? *heroine nods* Good. Haah… haa… sorry, but I don’t think I have the control today to put on a condom. *kisses*


K: Hahah, you’re sopping wet. Feels like you can’t wait anymore. Is this from the effect of the drug too? Ngh… haah…

K: It’s frustrating. In truth, I wanted to make you like this by my own hand… ngh… Haa… hah…!

K: Gods, I really can’t go on anymore. It’s too much. Haa… hah…! *removes belt* I’m pathetic. To be chased down to the point where I can’t even give good foreplay. Ngh… hah…

K: … Sorry, I don’t think I can be gentle. Haa… nrgh…! *inserts himself* Hah… ungh… this is bad… If I relax my attention, I’ll come in a second. Hah… ngh…!

K: Haa… hah…! It can’t be you’re going to come already…? Haha… looks like you’re the one who’s seriously sick. Aagh… ngh…! *thrusting* This place? Sure, come on! Come! Ngh… ungh…!

[08:54] *heroine orgasms*

K: Hah… ngh…! If you squeeze me that hard… I’ll also… ngh…! I’m coming…! Ngh… *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

K: … Haah… haa… get on your knees on the bed… The drug won’t be subdued with just this, right? I also, ngh, haven’t had enough at all. Push out your hips more. Spread your legs too. Haa… hah… ngh! *inserts himself* Even though you just came, you’re tighter than before, haha… I’d really like you to cut me some slack. Aagh… hah…! *thrusting; kisses*


K: Nrgh, my body doesn’t feel like my own…! To think I can’t control myself to this point… agh…! Haa… hah…!

K: Mm? Haha, you’re about to come again, aren’t you? This place? Or… deeper? How about I just touch the front too? Hahah… haah… it’s really swollen, ungh… Look, doesn’t it feel good? Grgh… agh… you don’t have to clench so hard! Alright, I’ll make you come like this. Haa… hah… so, me… too… ungh…! *he orgasms*

K: Hah… haa… this… isn’t enough, huh. Nngh… I’m hot… I’m burning… and I can’t think of anything else. Hngh… aah…! More… I want you more… I want to make you a fucking mess and come again and again… unbearably, agh…! Nngh… mgh…! *thrusting; kisses*


K: Haha, oh no, you can’t pull your hips away. Ngh! Haa… hah… come on, if we’re not like this then I can’t reach deep inside. This shallow spot isn’t enough, right? Cry more and let yourself be satisfied to your heart’s content.

K: Even though it’s an accident, for a narcotics cop and a forensic officer to be this careless is too much to laugh at but either way we aren’t sane right now. Now that it’s come to this… let’s just go as far as we can. Come on… let’s go insane together. If it’s with you… it wouldn’t be so bad to break. Nngh! *thrusting*

K: Ungh… shit… it feels good…! Haah… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: I’m coming…! Haa… haah… I’m coming… I’m… coming… ngh…! *he orgasms* Hah… haa…

*scene skip; Kurusu opens fridge*

K: … Haah… oh? Ah, you’re up? Nah, I just woke up too. It looks like both of us have managed to calm down somehow.

K: In any case, want to take the pill? It’s better to do it earlier. *opens pill case and water* Open your mouth. *kisses with water and pill*

K: You swallowed it, right? Good girl. Let’s get some more sleep like this. *holds heroine*… Good night.

*** TRACK 8: Bet in the Dark ***

Like its name, it means betting without looking at your hand or before the cards for the round are revealed or dealt. Basically, taking action before seeing anything that happens.

*heroine walking*

K: Oh? Hey, little newbie. You must be tired from working overtime. Were you heading home just now? How coincidental, me too. If you don’t mind, could I send you home? *heroine nods* Haha, it’s decided then.

*scene skip; car driving*

K: … Come to think of it, this is the first time you’ve rode in my car, right? Well, a left-hand vehicle isn’t suited for investigations. But I can guarantee it’s comfortable to ride in. Heh, right? Hey, since we’re here already, can I make a small detour? It’s a favorite place of mine.

*scene skip; car is parked*

K: We’re here.

K: *rolls down window* Beautiful, right? It’s a little-known place to get an unbroken view of Kaasa city.


K: … There hasn’t been any abnormalities in your body since then, has there? *heroine shakes head* I can only say it’s fortunate we both didn’t suffer any side effects. It sounds like the Xiang Mao guys that were hiding in Chinatown were all uncovered by the police after all that.

K: Haha, well, the fact that we weren’t able to confiscate any Rouge et Noir had me scolded a lot by Chief Suou. But it’s better than it to have been distributed.

K: … But in the end we weren’t able to find Arlen’s base.

K: Hah… so I’ve decided. That I’m going to continue chasing him too. Haha, of course as a forensic officer. That being the case, we might be cooperating more in the future too, Miss Narcotics Cop. Hahah, thank you.

K: … Ah, the date’s changed. Then… *opens compartment* here you go. A present.

K: Mm? Because today is Valentine’s day, right? Overseas, it’s common for a man to give a present to a woman he likes. Do you… understand my meaning?


K: You’re asking when? Haha, you might find this a joke and laugh, but after that night when I told you about my past… I started wavering. It was only recently I was convinced though. That time when you were kidnapped I was beyond frantic to where I couldn’t even think of something as simple as calling in for reinforcement.

K: Heh, with that I couldn’t do anything but accept it. I love you. Seriously.

K: Haha, you can’t trust my words? *heroine takes something out*

K: … Huh? For me?

K: Chocolate… Hey, to receive it with this timing, can I be arrogant enough to think this is out of genuine feelings? *heroine nods* Hahah… *holds heroine*

K: To be honest, I was pretty conflicted over what to do, which is rare for me. I thought about the possibility of being rejected… and you’re the first person who’s made me anxious. Heh, it’s all things that are out of character for me. In front of you, I can’t stay the same as I always have. But… right now that’s really comfortable. *kisses*


K: I love you… I planned to send you home, but now I don’t feel like returning you home. Hehe, let’s change the destination then. Stay with me tonight until the morning.

*scene skip; kissing*

K: Mm… your cute underwear is becoming transparent.

K: … Could it be that you were hoping, just a little, that tonight you’d end up like this with me? Haha… *kisses*

K: Hehe, ah, that’s a nice feeling. Nngh… hah… look, it’s twitching down here.

K: Haha, if I do this then I can see everything. Oh? Hahah, if you close your legs then I can’t make you feel good, right? Nope. I need to be sure to make another attempt on what happened before. *gives oral*


K: It’s overflowing lots…

K: This place is hard. Do you want me to touch it? Ah, or should I lick this place? *licks* Heheh, you’re trembling. It looks like you’ve been waiting, so in exchange for using these inside… I’ll touch this spot with my fingers. *gives oral; touches clit*

K: Mmgh… hah… your legs are completely taut, heheh. *gives oral* Also… you’re making a really sexy look. I can tell… mgh… ngh! *heroine squirts*

K: Haah… haa… ah, you’ve wet yourself. Haha, don’t worry, you didn’t really wet yourself. You squirted. Was that possibly your first time? *heroine nods* Heh, that’s nice. I’ve taken it… your first time. *kisses*


K: Thanks to that, look at this. See? *removes belt* I’m also completely roused. Right? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Nngh… it’s saying it wants to be in you as soon as possible. Hey, can I? *heroine nods* Haha… ngh… *uses condom; inserts himself* Ungh…!

K: Aah… what a nice expression. In the end, for sex, a man has to make a woman feel good with his own hands. It’s not interesting to rely on drugs. Nngh…! Hah… ah… or have you gotten addicted to sex with drugs? *heroine shakes head* Mm, good girl. That’s nice. I’ll make you feel good… as many times as you want. Haah… ngh…! *thrusting*

K: Hey… dig your nails into my back. Hah… haah… it’s fine. Haha, that’s still too weak. Harder. Claw me as hard as you can. Nngh… good. Leave your scratches on me, proof that I can’t see anyone but you anymore… please? Nrgh! Haha, that’s nice, this is… the best. I love you. *thrusting; kisses*


K: Ungh… mgh… is this spot good? Look, you’re clenching down on me again. Hngh…! Hmm? If you squeeze me that hard then I’ll come immediately. Nrgh… I want you to let me be inside you for a while longer. Haah… haa… this place… feels so good and it’s irresistible, you see… agh…!

K: Hey… do you… love me? *heroine nods* Hehe, say it one more time. Once more. Hah… me too. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haah… nrgh…! I’m… coming…! Mmgh… ngh…! *he orgasms*

K: Hah… haa…! Sorry… I can’t let you go anymore, so… prepare yourself. I love you. *kisses*

[18:12] *scene skip; morning birds; two phones ring*

K: … Ggh… yes? It’s Kurusu. Oh, what, it’s you, Ryo? Morning.

K: Don’t yell. It rattles my head when I just woke up. Ah, you can’t get a hold of her? Well… that would be the case. *strokes heroine* Heh… she’s still sleeping right now. Beside me.

K: Haha, yeah, yeah, I know. I understand. Well then, talk to you later. *ends call*

K: Oh? Yeah, good morning. Yep, it was from Makabe. There’s an urgent case so hurry up and come, is what he said. Jeez, I want him to read the atmosphere. Can you get up? *heroine nods* Then get changed and we’ll head to work. Because a certain someone is being annoying. Heh. *kisses*

K: That reminds me, I missed the chance to ask but… when did you realize you liked me?

K: Oh? Meaning it was roughly around the same time for the both of us. This is bad. It’s commonly said, isn’t it? That a man and woman who fall in love during extreme situations won’t last long together. *holds heroine* Hey… do you believe that? *heroine shakes head* Heh, we get along well. I don’t believe it either.

K: Okay, then how about we overturn it? With the two of us.


*heroine walking; knocks on door*

K: Come in.

*heroine enters*

K: ‘Ello, welcome. *moving test tubes* Yeah, it’s been a little chaotic. Incidentally, going by your appearance, you’re the one who got off early today. Heh, that’s unusual for the SCID, a business that exploits its employees until they’re ghastly pale.

K: Mm? Oh no, it’s alright. You should take it easy from time to time. Oh? Hmm… then maybe I’ll take you up on your offer. Can I get you to organize those documents over there then? Ah, by the way, it doesn’t have to be too serious. In any case, those documents are going to be handed over to the Ministry of Welfare police. I hate the detectives over there; they have rough treatment.

K: Heh, anyway, sorry but I’ll leave it to you. *laptop typing*

[01:18] *scene skip; test tube noises*

K: Aah, it’s finally over. Wait, woah, it’s already this late!? The last train is gone now. Sorry, especially when you finally got off early.

K: Huh? You’re off tomorrow? Then, why don’t you stay over at my place?

K: Haha, ah, you don’t have to worry about a change of clothes. I know a good store.

*scene skip; door opens*

K: It’s here.

K: Yep, a lingerie shop. It’s close to the central district, so they do business to late at night. You don’t have to worry about buying underwear with this, right?

K: What, are you embarrassed? Aah, it’s your first time buying underwear together with a man? *heroine nods* Haha, I see! But isn’t it a bit late at this point? Because I’m well aware… of what’s hidden, and its depths, beneath your underwear. *heroine backs away* Hahaha! Okay, okay. Well then, let’s buy things speedily and head home.

K: Do you have a preference for colors or anything? Mm, then let me choose. Hmm, what kind would be nice…

K: My type for lingerie? That reminds me, I had a conversation with Makabe about this. Heh, it’s not surprising. Even though Makabe looks like that, he’s a pretty big lecher with a quiet exterior from the past. If I remember correctly, that guy said he liked chic and black ones, but I’m decisively about the red ones.


K: Look, this sort of wine red. Seeing this after taking off a simple suit… would be really arousing. If it was a girl who looks seemingly quiet and nice… it’d be even more rousing.

K: Hmm? It’s not too specific or anything, it’s about you… that’s who I’ve been talking about. Hehe, alright, one of them will be this. Since we’re here, let’s buy several so that you can come and stay over whenever. Let’s see, next is…

K: Hm? What’s wrong? Oh… ah, that’s a pretty babydoll. Are you attracted to these types?

K: You don’t have a use for them, you say… *quiet* That’s not really the case though…

*scene skip; opens door*

K: Hah, that took some time. Mm? You don’t have to care about that. All of them were chosen according to my preferences, so it’s natural I paid. More importantly, here you go. *hands package* Open it.

K: Yep, it was the babydoll you were looking at earlier. The color was to my liking too and I thought it’d suit you, so I ended up buying it as well. Since it’s here… try putting it on.

K: Mm, right now. Haha, If you’d like, you could change in front of me too though? I’ll watch you. Oh, oh… *heroine runs off* Haha! She ran away. Just as I predicted.

[05:38] *scene skip; heroine returns*

K: Hm? You’re done changing? Show it to me more clearly.

K: Ooh, just as I thought, it’s nice. It really suits you. You see, it’s because you can’t think of a use for babydolls that you can wear them whenever. You can put them on when you’re relaxing after getting out of a bath, or use them in place of pajamas.

K: But… the best use for this— *grabs heroine* has to be this in the end, huh. Ngh! *pushes heroine down*

K: Hm? Of course I’m thinking about something sexual. But actually you’ve partially guessed that too, haven’t you? Look, I’m right on the mark. Heh, then study together with me. The uses of a babydoll. *kisses*

K: Nngh… hah… the chiffon fabric is nice, isn’t it? Your skin is showing through the wine red. The tips of your breasts are in a cute shape. *kisses*

K: Haha, how lewd. Haah… ah, still, the underwear that comes in a set with babydolls are, for some reason, guaranteed to be g-strings. Don’t you think these sort of panties are asking for this to be done?


K: Look, I’ve untied one side. This side too. *using mouth*

K: Heh, see? It’s easier to remove it like that than with my hands. *inhales* Ah, your body’s sensitive. It’s already sticky. Well, I’m the one who made you like this. Hey, do you want me to touch you? Or… shall I taste you? Like this… *gives oral*

K: Mmh… haha… does it feel good? You suddenly… have a very erotic look on your face.

K: Haah… mgh… have you noticed? Your hips are moving. Here, I’ll pet you more.

K: Ngh… ah, that look. You want to come already? Then… *kisses* try begging. Nope! If you don’t say it properly… *licks* you won’t be able to feel good for as long as it’ll take.


K: Hmm… I can’t hear you. Say it once more. Haha… alright, well done. It’s time for your reward. *gives oral; heroine orgasms*

K: Mm… haa… hehe, you c-a-m-e. That was cute. *kisses* Now then, this time it’s my turn, right? *grabs condom; removes belt*

K: Come onto my lap. Yep, keep facing that way. That way I can caress you outside as well. *inserts himself* Nngh… hah…! Ah…! You’re twitching and trembling. It’s squeezing down on me. Hehe, were you waiting for me? Haha… ah… ngh… *thrusting*

K: It feels good inside you… Makes me want to stay like this forever… ungh…! H-huh? What’s wrong? Haha, ah, you’re worried about that? Too bad though. I won’t take it off. You just so happen to be in a babydoll, so we have to use it properly and effectively. Hngh… I don’t care even if it gets dirty. Rather, why don’t we make it sticky with your juices? Soak it thoroughly in an obscene smell. Haah… haa…!


K: Haha, it’s arousing just imagining it. Ungh… here, you can tell, can’t you? That I’ve gotten bigger. But you’re tight inside, so you’re squeezing me as if you’re clamped around me. Aagh, this is irresistible. Aah… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Mmgh… oh yeah, I need to give attention to this place too. *touches clit* Nngh! Haha…! Your hips just twisted. Do you like this? When I knead it… like this. Nngh…! Hahah…! I can tell right away when you feel good. Each time you tense really hard. Ungh… haah…!

K: Haa… hah… hey, look this way. Show me your adorable expressions. Haah… you really… are cute. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Nngh… mm…! Haa… hah…! This is bad… I’m coming…! Haah… hey, can I… let it out? Ngh… then, why don’t we kiss once more? Stick out your tongue. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Ggh… I’m coming…! Nngh…! *he orgasms*

K: Haa… haah… you… were the best today too. *kisses*

[18:26] *scene skip; morning birds*

K: Oh, haha, good morning.

K: Hehe, your voice is hoarse. You made a ton of sexy noises yesterday, didn’t you. Oh oh? Haha, if you react like that I’ll want to tease you. *kisses ear*

K: Mm… heh… mm? I can also get up in the afternoon today, because I did overtime yesterday. So, until it’s the last minute for when I have to be at work… I think I’ll spend my time kissing you, hehe. *kisses*


*heroine walking; knocks on door*

K: Hm? Hello, hello?

*heroine enters*

K: Ah, it’s you. Is it a new appraisal request? Mm, no, it’s not like I’m busy. I’ve just been putting off finishing my work on purpose. Remember, some time ago there was a foreign smuggler caught at the airport, right? He hid the drugs inside his body and tried to bring it into Japan. This is the appraisal for what was seized there.

K: Of course, I’d want to put it off. If it was possible, you wouldn’t want to touch the contents of what a stern man vomited up, right? Ah, look at that.

K: Jeez, it’s amazing to swallow down twenty packets of cocaine wrapped in condoms. If they broke inside his stomach then he would have overdosed, had acute poisoning, and instantly died.

K: Well, the purity of that cocaine is something you’d rarely see in Japan and, considering the street price, you’d be able to live luxuriously for several years. Honestly… what a huge trouble for us though. *someone knocks on door* Oh?

K: Hah, there’s a lot of customers today. Come in. *someone enters*


K: Oh… Makabe. Did you come with an appraisal request too? Hey, wait a second.

K: You came straight from the smoking room, didn’t you? Can’t you see the poster there? No smoking, no smokers, and no bringing in smokes. The three rules of no-smoking in this lab. Aa-ah, the issue isn’t that you didn’t smoke here.

K: *sniffs* Look, even from this distance I can be sure of the smell from your favorite Espada 10 milliliter. You smoked about three sticks, right? Okay, until the smell disappears, you’re forbidden from entering for at least thirty minutes. Please leave. *Makabe leaves*

K: Hm? Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s something that always happens. And every time, just as you saw, he has that sour look. It’d be nice if he decreased the number he smoked just a little. Well, in the past, I also smoked quite a bit so I can’t talk about other people.

K: Me? I stopped because I’d be hated by women.

K: Haha, that was a lie. It’s quite a problem to do appraisals when the smell of cigarettes is on your body. Cigarettes themselves are also called hard drugs; that bitter and unique smell can easily get mixed in with the drugs.


K: Hm? Ah, perfume is fine, since it clearly smells different from drugs. Originally, I started wearing cologne to hide the smell of cigarettes. Heh, now it’s become a hobby to make them myself though.

K: Mm? Well, with some time, you’d be able to make them too. Fragrances are surprisingly expensive though, so I make them under moderation. Are you possibly… interested?

K: Come to think of it, the perfume I gave you broke and now it’s useless, huh. Come to my place the next time we have a day off then. I think it’d be fun to make a new perfume together.

*scene skip; door opens*

K: This room is exclusively for compounding. It’s your first time coming in, right? *heroine nods* It smells nice, doesn’t it? I store fragrances here, so normally I seal this room to stop the smells from diminishing. I’ve also put some basic fragrances in the lab, but there’s quite a number of them here.

K: Now then, we might as well get started.

K: Citrus, spicy, woody, floral, and then animal and oriental. This should be it. If I subdivide it then there’d be no end, but I’ve gathered the important parts. Today is your first time, so don’t think hard and try picking several types of fragrances that you like from amongst these. If the scents look like they’re about to fight, I’ll fiddle with them.


K: Hmm? That, huh. The one you’re holding right now is also nice. Ah, not that one. It’ll definitely conflict with the earlier one, so if you want something close then the third one beside it will do.

K: … Oh my, you’ll choose that one? Ooh? Hehe, that’s unexpected for you. Hm? Nothing, I’m just talking to myself so don’t mind me.

K: You’re done selecting? *heroine nods* Mm, show me.

K: Ah, like I thought, you made some bold choices. Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s right on the mark for fragrance choices. If this combination was compounded then it looks like it’ll be a nice perfume, but… *leans in* hey, you… are you possibly trying to seduce me? *heroine is surprised*

K: Haha. For example, this. Tuberose; its Japanese name being Gekkakou. Just like its name, it’s a flower whose scent grows stronger when it’s night. It represents a bewitching and sensual fragrance. Incidentally, its flower language is “a dangerous pleasure”. If you cross a place where tuberoses bloom in numbers then you’ll forget yourself with its sweet, aphrodisiac-like smell and desire a person, so it’s a famous story that it’s forbidden for lovers to pass through a field during the night.


K: And then this one is the scent taken from a musk deer. To put it simply, it’s musk.

K: Hey, I taught you this before, didn’t I? That the smell of musk is similar to pheromones. Apart from these, the ones you chose are all provocative and sexy fragrances.

K: *grabs heroine* Heh, do you want to seduce me that badly? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I know, you didn’t have that intention. But too bad… I’m completely in that mood now. To unconsciously seduce me… you’re a naughty girl. *kisses*


K: Haah… haa… hey, what should we do? My pants are getting tight down here. *kisses*

K: Come on… haha… see? *zipper pulled down* Haah… will you take me into your cute little mouth? *heroine gives BJ* Nngh… yes… deeper. Move your hands too. Nngh…! Aah…

K: That’s good. Well done… ah… ungh… right there too… suck harder… ngh…!

K: Hah… what a nice view. Hahah, am I delicious? Heh… I see. Then, taste it as much as you want. Mm… ah…!

K: Heh, not bad, that upwards glance. It feels like you’re provoking me. Ungh…! Aah…! That’s… forceful of you, ngh! Haah… haa…! You’ll lick that place too? That’s bold… ungh…! If you do that… ngh…! Haah… haa… I might make you go through something rough… agh…!


K: Crap… it feels too good… ugh… When did you… get so good? I didn’t teach you how to do fellatio… haah… Haha, but that’s nice. That erotic use of your tongue is really sexy and to my liking. Ngh…!

K: No…! I don’t think I can hold back…! Aah… ngh…! I’m coming…! Haa… I’m releasing it now…! Ggh… ah…! *he orgasms*

K: Haa… haah… haha, alright, swallow now. Mm… heh, good job. What a good girl. *pets heroine’s head* Haah… now then, this time I’ll spoil you. *pulls heroine up* Stand up.


K: Sit on the desk. Mm.

K: … Spread your legs. Hm? Haha, hey, don’t close them.

K: Hah… ah, like I thought. You’re extremely wet. There’s a stain on your underwear. Did you get aroused while sucking me off? Heh, I like honest girls. *kisses* Now, I’ll give you what you want.

K: Mm? Are you curious as to why I walk around with this? Of course it’s because I’m with you. *opens condom* So that I can make love to you whenever.

K: I’m putting it in. Aah… ngh…! *inserts himself*

K: Haha, I love your mouth, but in the end I love this place. It’s hot… syrupy… and it squeezes me like it’s saying it doesn’t want to let me go… It’s so cute it’s unbearable. Mm… ah… *thrusting*


K: Haah… even though I barely touched you today, hah, it’s easier to slide in and out than usual. Hey, is it possible you got aroused just from licking me? Huh? Haha, you don’t know? But this wetness makes me feel like I’m not altogether off. After all… it’s sopping down here. Look, there’s such a loud noise. Haa… ngh…!

K: Hey, open your eyes. Look over here. Mm… so cute. Nngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Mm… do you like it when you’re held tightly like this and kissed? Haha, then… I’ll give you more. *kisses; thrusting* Mmh…!

K: Haah… ungh…! Haha, nice, that look. It’s the expression you have when you’re about to come. Hah…! You don’t have to hold back. Here, come as hard as you want. Nrgh…! *kisses; thrusting*


K: Hagh… you came, hah… I’m going to come too…! Ungh… ah…! *he orgasms*

K: Haa…. ngh… hah… *kisses*

K: … You were adorable. I love you, heh. *kisses* Ah, also… I’ve thought about it and when your new perfume is done you’re not allowed to wear it outside, alright?

K: Haha, you’re asking me that on purpose? Because… if another man comes onto you, seduced by your scent, I’ll be troubled. I’m the only one who has the privilege to be intoxicated by your scent. *kisses* It’s a promise.

Note3: I had notes on this in Suou’s CD but Ouryuukai, like Kurusu mentioned, is the ruling criminal syndicate in Kaasa, the city in Japan where our setting takes place. House gives Rouge et Noir to Xiang Mao and receives guns in return. Then House gives the guns to Ouryuukai and receives permission from Ouryuukai to expand into Japan.

Note4: I need to remember to keep track of the police lingo I learn throughout this series LOL updated Makabe’s Under the Gun with one that I learned. Here, in the fourth track, Kurusu talks about Suou ordering them to let House swim (泳がせ捜査; oyogase sousa). It means an investigation where you don’t arrest anyone and just watch things proceed.

Note5: In Japan, most cars have their steering wheels on the right side because you drive on the left side of the road.

Note6: In the Stellaworth tokuten, swallowing condom-wrapped cocaine is an actual thing smugglers do and you can find tons of articles on Google about real people being caught with these things if you’re interested enough to look it up LOL.

Note7: Whenever Kurusu talks about a “S” he’s referring to an informant or information dealer.

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    Klepto said:
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    Ah. His moans and the sounds he make (kisu to gasupu OTL) have so much more influence and power than Makabe’s, but that’s just my take. Just the voice acting and height of emotions in general in Makabe are really muted.

    Maybe I just can’t enjoy Yamanaka’s works? Linaria After School was my least fav Dusk work ever. Didn’t help that the point in his cd in this series where they fall in love wasn’t convincing at the slightest, I also didn’t see any hints at a great chemistry.

    Vol 1 was too predictable both plot and character wise so I couldn’t enjoy it and almost didn’t wanna buy the rest of the series… but good thing I didn’t listen to myself when it comes to spending on cds as always and bought Kurusu’s and Arlen’s. These two more than make up for my loss with vol 1. Thanks alot alot alot for the translations, you’re a guiding light in this small dark world T__T

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      Haha, sometimes the seiyuu really make or break a series or character, right? For me, Arlen, Makabe, and Gilles are my favorites so when it gets to the rest I’m a bit more like “… okay, time to focus on the plot”.

      Oof, seeing the works you listed for Yamanaka, I don’t think you’ll enjoy any of his stuff then because he was, hm, I wouldn’t say “worse” in the past but he had this slurping problem when doing ear kisses LOL and he’s fixed that now, but if you go back to his older works it’ll be really apparent. So, basically, I think he’s bringing his A+ game nowadays and if that doesn’t do it for you then I don’t think he’ll be your seiyuu type.

      I’m glad you stuck it out through the beginning of the series though because IMO it just gets better. Please please listen to Maximum Bet :’))) I STILL CRY OVER THAT and I think the story in general for that one is amazing, regardless if Arlen is your bias or not.

      Aw, thank you for commenting and I’m glad I could provide entertainment and something distracting during these times!

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        Didn’t help that the point in his cd in this Rouge series** missed a word whoops

        Yamanaka is really popular though! That’s why I thought he must perform great enough to cater to any person’s type, cos all the other popular seiyuus I like. And the slurping part is funny lol I wanna know how he finally figured out he should tone it down. Do you have any other tracks of his you’d greatly recommend?

        AND YEAH I’ve already started maximum bet but I was so shocked at the greatness of performance I stopped listening after the first H scene, I wanted to keep breathing and all. So right now I’m planning to finish the first season with Suou and Sena to get more plot or something but I keep remembering Arlen gdi

        HAHA OOPS I didn’t mean to make it have a dark undertone but now I think it did, I wanted to mean that translations are so sparse with otome cds so it’s a small world and I’m really glad you’re willing to translate :D are your commissions going to open anytime soon?

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        Hmm, I do like Yamanaka’s voice so I have a couple! Just gonna list them all here:

        BBB Traplip – Beautician
        Dark – 闇に堕ちた愛 3
        mariage 佐々木陽
        Masquerade 2
        NoT Release
        Secret eMotion 双津宗鷹
        とろきゅんお泊まり – 上司カレ×高級リゾート
        廻ル恋は蓮華の如く – 憶えている二人
        花の嫁入り – 甘酒奇譚 白蛇録

        Ooh, while I do think the CDs can stand somewhat on their own, experiencing the entire plot and how it builds on itself is a great experience! I hope you enjoy the rest!

        OH HAHA, I thought you were talking about the world state |D but I’m glad to be able to provide a hefty chunk of drama CD translations (?) there’s so many drama CDs but so little time. I’m afraid I haven’t planned on it any time soon because my hands are full juggling another mobage (I need to stop myself sOBS) but I will definitely make a post announcing my plans if I do in the future!

    Reggie said:
    August 1, 2019 at 05:09

    The first guy I like before Makabe, since Makabe is a lot funnier than him so I switched lol 😂

      Ilinox responded:
      August 1, 2019 at 14:17

      LOL for me I ended up liking him much more after translation because he’s cooler than I thought, oops. I didn’t realize he’s considered to be even more skilled than Makabe… until his injury and switch into forensics rather than continuing police work. Poor Kurusu always suffers from me being excited about Arlen though so I never remember his volumes LOL.

    Elisa Sandler said:
    July 25, 2019 at 15:24

    What envy of this heroine !!!
    She stays sleeping with my boys !!! How absurd!!!

    Ignoring my surge of envy.
    Can I ask you a question?

    Will you translate all CDs of Rouge et Noir?

      Ilinox responded:
      July 25, 2019 at 21:32

      I mean, in a sense, the heroine is you too LOL since drama CDs are prime material to self-insert so /o/ no need to feel envious of her.

      I am, thanks to a lovely anonymous commissioner!

    waterinegirl said:
    July 24, 2019 at 02:33

    my first impression of him is he’s a womanizer
    but turns out he’s gentle

    i wish the heroine could have help him and makabe. they still seem to distant themselves.

    overall i like the story and also the romance

      Ilinox responded:
      July 24, 2019 at 11:42

      Your first instinct was right, please don’t post links to illegal uploads of these CDs on my blog. I don’t care if people manage to find the content on themselves, but I don’t want my translations attached to any of them or linked to any of them and vice versa. Thank you!

      There’s hints of their reconciliation in Second Barrel /o/!

    waterinegirl said:
    July 24, 2019 at 01:14

    <<<i post something in the past that i knew nothing about kurusu. it turns out we got to know him now. thank you @ilinox and who else need to be thank

    The heroines for each guy are NOT the same heroines and I believe there is only ONE heroine in the world.

    <<<damn i thought there are multiple heroines.

    Basically, each volume is an AU with the heroine being assigned to different places and choosing to settle ultimately with one guy. So, it’s hilarious to hear how Kurusu says Makabe wouldn’t get with a coworker LOL.

    <<<oh it's an otome but R18. damn the heroine gets to s__ with these guys. i wanna switch places with the heroine.

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