Rouge et Noir ~ Double Down ~

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Arlen Clive (アーレン クライヴ)
CV: テトラポット登

Rouge et Noir ~ Double Down ~

The Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare continued to be pressed for a response to the new drug, Rouge et Noir.

You were assigned to the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID) in this urgent race against time and, because of your excellent grades hammered out through a training program and that you were one of the few female narcotics officers, you were given an extremely unusual mission as a newcomer.

It was to make contact with Arlen Clive, an executive leader of “House” the criminal syndicate which was distributing Rouge et Noir, and infiltrate House alone.

In the bar that Arlen frequented, according to eyewitness information, you caught his interest and you ended up constantly nestled close to him as his lover.

However, as you spend time together, you were gradually drawn to the mysterious and gentlemanly Arlen—.

R18 content warning. Finally caught up with the old releases too, so now I can work on the actual commission. Thank you everyone for your patience (and enduring my obsessive complex that made me want to translate all the previous ones for my collection).

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Double Down seems to be something more done in blackjack than poker, but basically you double your bet in exchange for receiving only just one more card and then you’re forced to play it or show your hand. So, it’s a big gamble for big rewards.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

Note2: Arlen actually speaks English at some points, so I’m going to denote those with 『』 these brackets.

*** TRACK 1: Deception ***

Deception is literally what it sounds like; a general term for tricking your opponents in poker to thinking you have a weaker hand, playing an incorrect move, etc.

*bartender prepares drink; Arlen enters bar*

Arlen: An Alexander, I see. It is sweet and goes down smoothly, but it may be somewhat strong for you. In old movies, it is a cocktail with an interesting history… where married women indulge themselves in the drink.

A: Good evening, bartender. You’re right, I’ll have a Green Eyes. That’s unusual? Heh, perhaps. I’m jealous. Just when I am late to my rendezvous, my lover’s drunk appearance ended up being seen by you. The green-eyed monster… is peeking out.

A: Heh, that was a jest. The usual, make it a double. *bartender prepares drink; Arlen sits beside heroine*

A: … I made you wait. I apologize for it always being the same bar. *heroine shakes head* I’m pleased to hear that. Due to my job, we cannot go to whatever shop strikes our fancy. *drinks*


A: It’s already been two months since I met you in this bar. I still remember you sitting at the edge of the counter, even now. You aren’t aware of your own attractiveness, hm. Seeing you there at that time, if I didn’t think about flirting with you then I should quit being a man. *drinks*

A: Oh my, did you think I was a much colder and straight-laced person? *heroine nods* That’s just your prejudice. *leans in* At the very least… in front of you I should be passionate beyond expectation, no? Especially in bed… right? Heh.

A: The flush right now doesn’t appear to be from the alcohol. *drinks* Prejudice and preconceptions are easy for humans to make and the simplest and most terrifying mistake. Once you’re caught in them, things are decided upon without passing through that filter and it will become a major challenge.

A: It could be that… you have this towards me. Unbeknownst to you, a filter has been affixed… *drinks*

A: Heh, well… we should both do our best to take care.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. Double… Down.

*** TRACK 2: Feeler Bet ***

This is when you make a bet primarily to gain information from the other players by their reaction to your bet.

*door unlocks; kisses into wall*

A: … Heh… were you impatient as well? Your body is burning. Nngh… *kisses; touches heroine* Heh, now, let me hear your lovely voice.

A: Haha… if you clench down on me like that then I can’t move my fingers. Relax… yourself. *kisses*

A: Ahah… what a nice voice. Ngh…! *kisses; removes belt*


A: Spread your legs. Raise one of them. Higher. Yes… good girl. *inserts himself* Nngh… ah…! Haah… here, it’s deep inside, isn’t it? Mrgh!

A: Heh… are you uneasy about standing? I’ll be sure to support you. Nngh… ungh… *thrusting*

A: Look this way. Open your mouth. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mm… *footsteps outside* Who is it? Nicolai? Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of something. If you have business then say it there. The transaction with Xiang Mao? When is it? In a week, I see. Then, have Gilles stand watch until that time.


A: It’s possible information on the deal will leak to Underdog. You understand what I wish to say, yes? Then, leave already. Heh… any longer and my lady’s mood may be wrecked. *Nikolai leaves*

A: … I apologize. Now… why don’t we continue? Aah… turn around and put your hands on the wall.

A: Nngh… *inserts himself* Haha… you were kept waiting, weren’t you? You’re squeezing me harder than before. Don’t worry… we won’t be postponing things anymore. Haa… hah…! *thrusting*

A: When we’re like this… I can tell clearly that you’re familiar with my body. Well, it’s a matter of course when I’ve slept with you every night in these two months. Over and over again… I’ve thrust deep into you like this, right? Heh… look, I’ve learned thoroughly… where and what to do… to make your hips twist like that. You’re so charming, stained in my color.

A: Haah… hah…! It feels… so good…! *kisses; thrusting*


A: Ngh! It’s like you’re wringing me dry… Haha, shall I take that as begging? Hah… haa…! So, where do you want me to release? Inside? In any case, you’ve already taken your usual pill, right? *heroine nods* Alright… haah… haa…!

A: I’m coming…! Hah… haa…! *he orgasms*

A: … Haah… hah… *kisses*… you were good tonight as well. *kisses*

*scene skip; Arlen is tossing and turning*

A: Ngh… hah! Haa… haah…! Where… are you… right now…? Where…? Hah! Haa… hah…

A: … A dream?… Again…

A: What? *slaps heroine’s hand* Don’t touch me!

A: … Ah, I apologize. I’m not very accustomed to being touched like that… It’s not that my right hand has been hurt. Don’t mind it. I told you it’s nothing, didn’t I? Your concern is unnecessary. *turns away* Return to your own room. I wish to sleep alone until the morning. *heroine leaves*

*** TRACK 3: Strategy ***

Strategy is another general term that just talks about how you play poker, and there’s various kinds of strategies ranging from mathematical to intuitive ones.

*car driving*

A: To think you would say that you wish to see my job. Have you become interested in joining House as a regular member? *heroine nods* Heh, then tonight is a special training session. Excluding individual customers, House has two main clients.

A: One is the Ouryuukai, which you Japanese call the yakuza. The other one is the Chinese mafia, Xiang Mao. Originally, the both of them are organizations that contend with each other over stimulants and other drugs; however, we’ve built a good relationship with them.

A: That being said, it isn’t like House has no enemies. No, the Surveillance. There exists people who are more troublesome than narcotics officers and police.

A: In this city, there is one more organization that uses Rouge et Noir… Underdog. They are aiming for a certain something that only House possesses. Strategy; the neutralizer for Rouge et Noir. Rouge et Noir, when taken, is random about whether the aphrodisiac side, Rouge, or the adverse reaction that brings agony, Noir, appears. However, if Strategy is used, then it is guaranteed for only the Rouge side to appear. In other words, to demonstrate Rouge et Noir’s true value Strategy is essential.

A: Underdog desires that refinement and has frequently attacked our deals. Well, apart from that, they and House have a somewhat complicated relationship between them, but I will talk about that at another time. *car stops*

A: We’ve arrived at the deal location. *they get out; cars pull up*


A: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of Xiang Mao.

A: Heh, I appreciate cutting our talks short. Then, I know this is sudden, but let’s commence our business. *snaps fingers; people come with briefcase* As usual, both parties will confirm the goods at the same time. *Xiang Mao brings crates*

A: Oh? Tokarev, I see. This is a dated thing. To think I would have the pleasure of seeing a legacy of the former Soviet Union in such a place. There are no issues over there, yes? Then, our deal is complete… is what I’d like to say, but… *other cars arrive* we must deal with uninvited guests first.

A: Heh… Underdog. So they came as I expected. *gunfire* Conceal our luggage for the moment. Don’t let them steal it.

A: *quiet to heroine* This place is dangerous. Come over here. *people interrupt and start shooting*

A: Oh. Heh… oh dear, they only have large numbers. It appears that stray dogs like to crowd together.

A: *embraces heroine* You don’t have to look. Close your eyes. *pulls out gun* Now then… it’s time to go hunting. *gunfire* Ngh! Haha, what a shame, you missed.

[04:34] *more enemies appear*

A: Be quiet here at our genuine business. *gunfire* Oh my— *kicks someone*

A: You just escaped death so can’t you go down on your hands and knees? *shoots them* I don’t wish to use anymore unnecessary bullets in front of a lady. Heh. *reloads calmly*

A: There’s no need to chase. More importantly, prepare to withdraw. The Surveillance will come soon.

A: *finishes reloading; turns to heroine*… You’re trembling. I apologize. I made you go through a terrifying experience.

A: … Be at ease. Everything is over now. 『Open your eyes』.

A: See? Look into my eyes.

A: … Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.

A: *kisses* I will protect you with these hands. As long as you are within my arms… I will.

*** TRACK 4: Under Dog ***

The underdog is someone who is statistically unlikely to win. Pretty much exactly what the word means.

A: Ah, it seems like the comings and goings of cars in the underground parking garage has increased. It’s about time.

A: Regarding the matter of my transaction being interrupted by Underdog the other day, I called together all my dealers. Well, it’s a little party.

A: You come too. It’s the continuation of your special training session.

*scene skip*

A: Now then, my dear ladies and gentlemen dealers. First, let me thank you for your response in convening here. However… it is a shame, but I know that among you all there is an insider for Underdog. *everyone stirs*

A: Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, I detest filthy stray dogs. That being the case… I shall ask for them to exit from this stage in haste. *pulls out gun* Isn’t that right… Gilles?

A: Nikolai told me. That you were the insider. *Gilles responds* Heh… those who are driven into a corner generally say that. *Nikolai speaks up*

A: See? Nikolai is saying he heard you leak the information about the day of the deal to Underdog. *Gilles responds* You don’t know when to give up. That is enough. *cocks gun* Too bad… Gilles. You didn’t do it… you say? Hah… *shoots someone; Nikolai collapses*


A: Yes, I know, Gilles. The true traitor… is Nikolai. *Nikolai speaks* Heh, you’re asking since when did I know? From the start, I thought it was either you or Gilles, and so I created this scene on purpose. Due to that, I was able to confirm it. *walks over; cocks gun*

A: Nikolai… I suppose you thought you outwitted me, but your limbs spoke a little too much.

A: The limbic system of a human brings about a certain degree of behavioral pattern when it feels a strong sense of anxiety. During my interrogation of Gilles, your limbs moved according to that behavioral pattern and shouted out that the true culprit was you. By nature, these movements are survival instincts, but… this time it looks like it’s dug your grave. *Nikolai collapses*

A: The ghost of Main Cage… are you talking about me? Heh… let me tell you one thing. *cocks gun* The dead don’t speak. Naturally… ghosts as well. *shoots* Don’t think you will die an easy death. First, your right hand will be cut off and it’ll be sent to those at Underdog. The rest, let’s see… perhaps I’ll send it to Xiang Mao. With your youth, there will be countless buyers for each part. It’s the most optimum way to recycle unwanted items.


A: Take him away. *people drag Nikolai; gunshot in BGM*

A: For traitors… the punishment is blood.

A: The entertainment is over! Everyone, return to your work. *everyone scatters into their cars*

A: It looks like the dealers are more terrified of having my gun pointed at them than being bitten by Underdog. *holsters gun; comes to heroine*

A: You have a frightened expression. Are you… afraid of me now too? *heroine shakes head* Heh, you don’t have to conceal it. It’s also my job to act in such a way to engender that reaction. I’ve long become used to it.

A: … The ghost of Main Cage, huh. Yes… the dead don’t speak. No matter… how hard the ones who remain behind wish for that.

A: No, nothing. Let’s return to my room.

*** TRACK 5: Heads Up ***

This is actually a type of poker only played by two people. Either it was a game that was just for two people, a longer game that broke up until there was only two players, or two people start a game and are waiting for more players to join them.

*raining; Arlen tossing and turning*

A: Haa… hah…!

*heroine knocks on door; enters*

A: Ngh… grgh…! Why… can’t I find you… I… ever since that day… I… Grgh! *grabs heroine* Haah… hah…

A: It’s you. I nearly killed you.

A: … Hah… didn’t I tell you to sleep in your own room tonight? I just had a little bad dream. Rain before dawn brings about a depression of which nothing can be done. Everyone has that.

A: My ring? Ah, this? It’s precious… extremely.

A: What? Is there something on my face?

A: That’s sudden. What do you wish to say?

A: … Is that… something you’re seriously saying? *heroine nods* Heh… hehe… hahahaHAHAHA! That’s quite an imagination. However, that’s a sudden leap in logic. You think I’m in House because of some circumstances? *heroine nods* Haha… oh my, I’m at a loss here.


A: 『That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain』. Shakespeare was indeed skilled at depicting the essence of humans. To become a villain while smiling… is what the living beings called humans are.
(T/N: This is a line from Hamlet.)

A: You see nothing but an illusion of me. I am a villainous man. Heh… you’re persistent. *kisses* Nrgh…

A: … You came to my room in the small hours of the morning. You knew it would come to this, didn’t you? You just need to… be quiet and let yourself be fucked. *kisses*

*scene skip; Arlen drinking*

A: You’re awake? Mm… I was thinking a few things over. *drinks*

A: … What? You haven’t had enough with that? *heroine shakes head* If you’re not inviting me to do more then… why are you embracing me with that expression?


A: Heh… you’re continuing our earlier conversation again? I believe I said you were persistent. *drinks*

A: If it is like you say and I was here because of circumstances, what would you do? Would you try to persuade me to stop my evil acts and to turn myself in? It appears I’m not far off the mark. Oh dear… I’m amazed by you. Looks like I have no choice. As a mark of respect to that frankness, I will tell you one thing. *sets aside drink*

A: To me, House is a means to an end and not my goal. Are you satisfied with this?

A: Heh. You’re a greedy girl. I told you it was only going to be one thing. If you step any further into this, I believe it will be detrimental for the both of us. Have you forgotten? I… am your enemy, Miss Narcotics Officer. *heroine startles; Arlen puts gun to head*


A: 『Please don’t move』. I believe I told you… the simplest and most terrifying mistake that is easiest for humans to make is to have preconceptions. You made a fatal mistake at the very initial stage. The assumption that I was caught by a honey trap.

A: You should have been doubting everything, and the one caught in a trap was you.

A: Stand. Put your hands behind your head.

A: Yes, good girl.

A: From a while ago, I knew that the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare was sniffing around me. The one who pulled this down is most likely Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye, Eiji Suou, is it not? I guessed that, if it was him, he would one day send in an undercover investigator, and so I took the lead and slipped eyewitness accounts of me to the informant you use.


A: Mm? Heh, at the very least, if you thought your infiltration was a success then the possibility of a new person being sent in would be low. That is why I dared to leave you beside me. But then again… *grabs heroine* you made it very enjoyable for me. From your age, you must still be a fresh recruit, but your undercover act was quite splendid. You’re an excellent young lady and I believe if your opponent wasn’t me then you wouldn’t have been seen through so easily.

A: Haha, you’re wondering about the cause of your failure? The FBI is one of my old haunts. As an investigator, when you’re deeply involved with terrifyingly insane criminals and skilled intelligence operatives, you end up picking up and understanding how to mislead and deceive people.

A: Now then… what I will do with you depends on my mood. I can release you unharmed like this as thanks for everything up to now… however, that is only if you win against me in this game. Yes… a game. *opens gun barrel*

A: The military during the Russian Empire gambled their own lives and pride in a roulette that is the closest thing to death in this world. What will you do? Will you try gambling on your fate? *heroine nods*


A: Heh… okay. Then, sit on that sofa over there. *dumps bullets; reloads gun slowly*

A: The rules of the game is exceedingly simple. Players will alternate pulling the trigger of the gun. If either one gets hit by anything other than a dummy round then it is game over. You understand, yes? *heroine nods*

A: Heh, then let us begin. *shuts barrel and spins it; sets down gun* Let’s decide the order with a coin toss. Heads is you, tails means I will go first. Now… is tonight’s fate Rouge et Noir? *flips coin; catches it*

A: … Starting with me, huh. Perfect to show a model of how to play. *picks up gun; cocks hammer*

A: Press the muzzle to your temple… and pull the trigger like this. *dummy round clicks* Safe.

A: Next is your turn. *sets down gun; heroine picks it up with shaky hands*

A: Scared? If you’re not quick about this I may change my mind. Now… pull the trigger. *heroine cocks hammer; pulls dummy round* Heh. Look, simple, right? This is where the real game starts. Give me the gun. *heroine puts it down; he picks it up; cocks hammer; pulls dummy round*


A: Safe. Now, it’s your turn again. *throws gun down; heroine picks it up*

A: Haha! Your hands are shaking even harder. How about stepping down from here? If you do that, I’ll pull the trigger in your stead. *heroine cocks hammer; pulls dummy round* 『Congratulations』. *heroine drops gun*

A: It appears you haven’t been abandoned by the goddess of fate yet. *takes gun* Now then… will she smile upon me once more? *cocks hammer; heroine tackles him* Ngh!

A: Why are you getting in my way? Don’t shoot…? Ah… I see. The standard revolver for Japan’s Police Organization has a capacity for five bullets. Heh. *shoves heroine off* Look closely. *pulls dummy round*

A: The capacity for this gun is six rounds. In other words… the game isn’t over yet. *cocks hammer* You made a mistake again with your preconceptions. It’s game over, Miss Narcotics Officer. *gunshot*


A: … Heh… did you think it was a real bullet? This Russian roulette is the solution in House whenever there’s a difference in opinions between the executive staff. Therefore, apart from dummy rounds, blanks are also used.

A: Hah… looks like you’ve gone entirely limp. *throws gun down; goes to heroine* Still, to think that in a situation where your own life was at risk you would try to save me. It appears that you’ve grown to have feelings for me outside of the framework of a make-believe relationship.

A: … Women are all regarded as such… like a machine that is always broken somewhere. The Red and the Black… it’s a line from this novel that shares the same name as the drug that brings about pleasure or destruction. Heh, it really strikes your mind, doesn’t it?
(T/N: I can’t find the actual English line, but it’s this line in the Japanese version).

A: If I recall correctly the author, Stendhal, also left these words: “Love is like a fever which comes and goes quite independently of the will”.

*** TRACK 6: Dominate ***

Not really a poker term although it is used in these settings. Basically, when you have an overpowering hand and can crush everyone on the table.

A: Now then, what shall I do with you? It’d be nonsense to dirty the bed with blood… Ah, I’ve thought up something good. *grabs pills*

A: It’s your first time seeing the real thing, yes? I explained to you the effects of Strategy before, didn’t I? *swallows pills; kisses heroine* Mmgh…

A: Next is this. *drinks Strategy; kisses heroine* Ngh…

A: Haa… hah… if you crush the capsule then it gets directly taken in through the membrane of the mouth and it’s effective immediately. See? The sweet poison of Rouge et Noir is beginning to gnaw at us.

A: Hehehe… it must be your first time having drug sex, Miss Narcotics Officer. I will give you the utmost humiliation. *kisses*

A: Oh my, oh my, aren’t you sopping already? Although you’re under the influence of the Rouge side, your body doesn’t have much endurance at all. Fingers aren’t enough for you, right? Do you want something else? Haha. I can tell by looking at that expression.


A: You know, the part that I love about this drug… is where it teaches how humans, after their morals and principles and good manners that are shouted through words alone is torn off, are nothing more than masses of lust like simple animals in the end. *removes belt* Hahaha! Now then, I shall enjoy myself to my heart’s content.

A: Nrgh! *slams himself in* HahahaHAHAH! Haa… hah…! For you to come the instant I enter you, when the fun is to begin from here… nrgh… hahaha… Wait? On what grounds are you saying I need to wait? Look at how hard you’re squeezing me…! Ngh!

A: Come on, you can still come, right? There is but a paper-thin difference between pleasure and madness! Now, until you go mad, cry and scream! Hah… haa…!

A: Here, I’m going to release deep in you…! Ngh! Aagh… *he orgasms*

A: Haah… hagh… ngh… Heheh, don’t think you’ll be let off with just this. Nngh! Hehehe… you’ve thrust your hips up high, looking like a bitch in heat. Right now, it REALLY suits you. Rrgh!! *slams himself in; kisses*

A: How does it feel to lose your mind to a drug while being a narcotics officer… and fucking someone like an animal!? Hahahah!! *kisses* Despite your mouth saying stop, your obscene body which is covered in your juices and my semen is crying out to be fucked more, even now in this very moment. Hahahah, good grief, what an outrageous slut.


A: Haah… hagh… are you going to come again? Very well, go on! Come! Now, act like you’re refusing this with all that you are! Haah… hagh…!! *he orgasms*

A: … Grrgh… hahaHAHAH!! Isn’t that just the best expression. Drenched in humiliation and lust… it kindles my sadism terribly. Heh… nrgh…! *harsh thrusting*

A: HahaHAHAHAH!! Where are you trying to run? Nrgh, haha…

A: Haa… hah… I won’t let this end yet. Rrgh… *kisses*

A: Those screams and tears of yours… arouse me unbearably. I want to rape you more. I’ll fuck you until you break. Here, you can tell, right? That it’s seething with heat. Haa… hah…!! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Come now, show me a humiliated and disordered expression that’s never been seen before…! Hagh… ngh…!! I’ll violate not just your body but that sincere spirit to its very depths, and I want to see you surrender to pleasure!

A: Haa… ah… hah…!! For me that is the highest pleasure…!! More… more… entertain me MORE!! Haa… hagh…!! *he orgasms; fade out*

*** TRACK 7: Over Play ***

This is when you invest more money than its worth. Basically, you start with a strong hand and take the initiative but then you fail to realize that your hand is losing strength and you should be focusing on controlling the pot.

*raining; phone call ends*

A: Is your report over, Miss Narcotics Officer? *heroine jangles chains*

A: Heh, owing to the false information you’ve been slipping them, I’ve been helped a lot. You’re an accomplice now with this.

A: *opens pill case* Here, it’s time for your reward. Heh, you don’t need it? I believe your body should already throb just from seeing this capsule.

A: … You’re stubborn. It’s been ten days since then. You’ve become dependent on this drug and each time you’re violated by me. *grabs heroine’s chin* It’d be much more comfortable to just fall.

A: Why haven’t your eyes lost their light even now? What is driving you on?

A: … What? *recoils* You… hah… you’re hurling thoughtless words now at last? How pitiable. *closes pill case* There’s no reward now. Suffer from your withdrawal symptoms as much as you can.

*he leaves; places fist against wall*

A: Don’t add on any more crimes? Why is she more concerned over me than herself at this point in time? *punches wall* Grgh!

A: … Why am I shaken? Don’t listen to her!

A: Yes… I’ve just spent a little too much time with her.

A: … Now… is the right time.

[03:06] *scene skip; walking underground*

A: A while back, I interrogated Nikolai here in this underground parking lot.

A: You understand the meaning of you being brought here when you were confined in my room up to now, don’t you? Yes. Tonight, we are parting from each other. *pulls out gun* Turn your back to me and kneel down on the ground.

A: … Come to think of it, I haven’t asked you. What is your real name?

A: One can’t remember the dead with a fake name, right? I can grant you that much compassion.

A: Heh, I see. A good name. Do you have any last words? Hah… that again? Even if I shoot your head, I won’t stop. Up until now, and in the future… I am accumulating my sins of my own will. Your wish… won’t reach me. *cocks gun* Let’s end our farewells here. It’s time to say goodbye.

A: Shut up… I told you to shut up…! Grgh… SHUT UP!! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND WHEN I TELL YOU TO SHUT UP!? Haa… hah… *walks over to heroine; presses gun to her* Ngh…

A: ……

A: … Haah… *lowers gun*

A: … Stand. I’ve changed my mind. I’ll allow you to breathe just for a little longer. Get in the car.

[06:20] *scene skip; wooden door creaks open*

A: I suppose even you didn’t know this sort of place existed in Kaasa, Port and Harbour’s city. This old church… used to be Main Cage’s base, the predecessor organization to House.

A: Today is June thirteenth; a day to celebrate Saint Anthony of Padua for the church. It is also said that he is the patron saint of lost things.

A: You may not believe it, but even someone like me received a baptism at church when I was born. As a child, my mother taught me to pray to Saint Anthony whenever I lost anything. Perhaps it’s traces of this… that though I hold no faith in God… two years ago, on this day only, I will go to church.

A: The thing I am searching for… is the owner of this ring on my right hand. His name is Arlen Clive. He doesn’t exist in this world anymore. My younger twin.

A: From childhood, Arlen was someone with violent and destructive impulses of which nothing could be done. He was born lacking a conscience. My father, mother, and everyone around him kept him at a distance… but strangely that didn’t happen only to me, who was born like a mirror image to him.


A: Thinking on it now, I might have been shown the deep darkness that my other half had in the depths of his heart. While I was trying to solve that origin, by the time I noticed, I was dealing with criminals that had similar impulses to Arlen and I walked on the path of an FBI agent.

A: At that time, Arlen was already a member of Main Cage and a drug dealer, but… I had no way to stop him. To him, criminal acts were the only game that could satisfy his heart. Because I understood that, we continued to walk on paths that were the antithesis of each other.

A: Everything changed on the Christmas two years ago. It was mine and Arlen’s birthday.

A: It was a horrible blizzard morning I will never forget. When I came home after staying up all night to finish at work… there was a Christmas present with a card placed in front of my door.


A: What do you think was inside?

A: Arlen’s… right hand. If it didn’t have on this ring that I once gave him, then I wouldn’t have been able to discern whose it was. At that time, Main Cage was forced to the brink of destruction and was under the umbrella of Underdog. It was also around that time that Rouge et Noir was produced by a member of Main Cage.

A: Arlen, in the dispute over profit distribution… was killed by a member of Underdog.

A: In that moment, I experienced for the first time a sense of loss that cannot be expressed in words. Even now, after two years, I haven’t found anything apart from his right hand. Having been an FBI agent, I am well aware that members of the underworld can only be dealt with by members of the underworld. That is why… I joined up with Arlen’s comrades in the past… built a new organization… in order to take revenge against Underdog with that power. And then… I threw away the name Van Clive.

A: There is nothing more for me to say with this.

A: I told you this… in order to remember my own resolve. Earlier, in the underground parking lot, I didn’t shoot you. But if I recognize anew my hatred two years ago in this place… I can kill you without hesitation now. *pulls out gun*

A: Now… this time it really is goodbye. Turn around. *heroine shakes head*

A: What?

A: Do you want to see with your own eyes the moment you’re shot? Heh… hahah… that’s some courage. Very well. I’ll do as you wish. It’s happening. *cocks gun*

A: …… *hands trembling; breathing*


A: Tch… *lowers gun*

A: Hah… even though up to now I’ve never hesitated to pull the trigger… But for it to happen twice with you…

A: ……

A: Raise both your hands high above your head. Enough, do it quickly. *heroine does so* Don’t move. *shoots; chains fall*

A: … Go. *turns around* You’re free.

A: What’s wrong? Were you ordered not to return, even if you died, until you arrested me? *heroine shakes head* Then hurry up and go. And never appear in front of me again.

*heroine starts to leave; but then runs and hugs him*

A: !!

A: … What are… you doing?

A: You… hah… *turns around; kisses hard*


A: *caresses heroine’s face* If… if I were… *footsteps come* GET DOWN! *gunshots*

A: Ngh! Grgh… Underdog… Were we followed? Nrgh, run away. Their target is me. ENOUGH, go! *shoots gun* Go! HURRY!

A: Hey, what are you— *heroine shoots someone; shaky hands*

A: Ah… was that possibly… your first? Shooting someone. Hah… are you an idiot!? *grabs heroine* Ngh… give me that! *shoots someone* Nrgh! It’s just a graze. More importantly, if you don’t feel like running then be quiet.

A: Grgh… hah… there’s one left. Where is he hiding…? THERE?! *shoots* Nngh… haah… haa…

A: Everyone’s cleaned up with this. Urgh… hah…


A: Are you hurt? *heroine shakes head* Hah… good grief, the things I’m doing right now is a fucking mess. Regardless of knowing it’s a time where it wouldn’t be strange for Underdog to take revenge on me… I did all this.

A: *touches heroine* Even though I planned to kill you quickly and close the book on this… *kisses*

A: Mm, ah… what I tried to say earlier?

A: … If I had met you at the start as Van Clive… the conclusion we would approach might have been a little different. Heh… who knows? What do you think I mean?

A: *grabs heroine* Relax. It’s merely a sleeping drug inside this syringe. It won’t harm the body. *heroine collapses*

A: … I’m a hopeless man… to think about kidnapping you like this at this late in the game.

A: “Love is like a fever which comes and goes quite independently of the will”… huh. Stricken by a fever… I’m in that exact state. It’s a horrible illness. Being instilled with feelings that are uncontrollable to this extent. *kisses*

A: At this rate… I feel like I’ll be burned to nothing by you from the inside out.

A: Looks like I need to return to my own country once and cool down. Oh, for my injury’s treatment too, I suppose. Heh… I need to think up an explanation for the House manager.

*** TRACK 8: Break Even ***

Literally what it sounds like. You haven’t won anything, but you haven’t lost anything either.

*birds chirping; phone rings*

A: Good morning. I’ve answered the phone in the lady’s place. Perhaps I should say it’s nice to meet you, Eiji Suou. Relax, your cute subordinate is still in her dreams. I’m sorry, but could you come and pick up Sleeping Beauty? You see, I have to leave soon.

A: Heh, I’m not playing around. Operation name, Eye in the Sky; three years ago, the one who planned the undercover investigation in Los Angeles that drove Main Cage to destruction… was you, right? Next time, I’ll thank you directly. Heh, well then, excuse me. *ends call*

A: Oh my, are you awake?

A: *strokes heroine* Your body must be sluggish. You can stay like that still. It’s alright, someone will come to pick you up soon.


A: I will be leaving this place first.

A: It’s to get back to square one again. I will be leaving this country for a while. However, House’s activities won’t stop. And I as well… haven’t achieved my goal. Do you understand what this means? *heroine shakes head*

A: I’m saying I will definitely come back. This game with you, where I didn’t doubt I would be the victor, is a break even when I look at the results. You and I both gained something… and lost something equivalent.

A: Like this, there is no conclusion for the both of us, right? The next game will end with my complete victory. *kisses*

A: So, until then… we’ll be separated for a brief period. Heh… now then, let us meet again some day, Miss Narcotics Officer.


*walking; door opens to rooftop*

A: It’s me. I’ve arrived at the rendezvous point. How long until we join up? *radio call* Understood. *lights a smoke*

A: Looks like I’ll be leaving this city for a while too. Heh, to think I’d feel this sentimental.

A: ……

A: Hm?

*heroine runs out onto rooftop*

A: Oh dear, this is a surprise. *smokes*

A: To think you could move under that amount of drugs. However, isn’t this a little too early for our moving reunion? I told you goodbye just a short moment ago.


A: Mm? Ah, this? *smokes*

A: It’s my policy not to smoke in front of women. So, you just didn’t see it. *stubs out smoke* Well? You didn’t come to chat, right? Are you going to arrest me? This is the rooftop of a high-rise apartment building with no place to run. If that’s your intention, then it looks like it’ll take some effort for me right now to pull through in the five minutes it’ll take for my subordinates to come. *heroine shakes head*

A: Then… what did you come for?

A: What?

A: Did you go out of your way to chase me just to tell this joke? It’s not a joke…? *heroine nods* Hah… stop. Go back to your room and be a good girl. I already told you that someone was going to pick you up soon. You can finally return to your normal life. *heroine shakes head*

A: … If you take my hand you won’t ever be able to walk in places where the light hits. Do you have the resolve to abandon everything and jump down into the darkness yourself? *heroine nods*

A: You asked me so much not to add onto my sins and now you intend to come to this side? If this is the truth then you’re an unsalvageable fool.


A: I’m going to ask you once more. Is that… your real feelings? *heroine nods* You won’t be able to go back. No matter how much you regret it, everything will be too late at that point.

A: Are you really… alright with that? *heroine nods*

A: … Heh. Here I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to act out Romeo and Juliet for a while. Fine then. *soft voice* Come here. *heroine runs into him*

A: *pets heroine* Haha, Shakespeare said that “most loving is mere folly”, but… a French person also once said that “Love is being stupid together”. In that case… *kisses*

A: I’m the same as you. Let’s become fools, heh.

*scene skip*

A: Is this your first time seeing New York’s nightscape?

A: Certainly, it might resemble Kaasa city somewhere. If you like it then you should burn it into your mind in this moment. Either way, in three days we’ll be giving it a farewell. If we stay too long in this country we’ll be tracked.

A: That’s right. After I report to the House manager in Vegas, I plan to hide somewhat far around Mexico or Colombia. Do you long for Japan? *heroine shakes head*

A: Heh, I’ve seen a new side to you. That, at times like these, you’re bad at lying. You don’t have to force yourself. You abandoned your family, your comrades, and everything. It’s natural to feel sad. However… I’m a bad man, you see. No matter how sad you feel, I don’t plan to let you escape.


A: You’re… mine now. *kisses* Mm…

A: Come here. Let’s go to the bed. *walks to next room; lies heroine down*

A: Mmh… *kisses*

A: I thought the next time I’d get to sleep with you… would be after I snatched you from the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare. But to think you’d be the one to come down into my hands. Haha, games come with irregular happenings, but even I didn’t anticipate this conclusion.

A: Heh, no… there is nothing better than this ending. *kisses*


A: Mm?… That’s true, until now, I’ve never touched you like this. But tonight I feel like being gentle. Do you not like this side of me? *heroine shakes head* Heh, I see. *kisses*

A: I’ve always thought this, but… you’re very sensitive here. Like this… *kisses*… when I wrap my tongue around it, ngh… See? You give such an honest reaction. Haha, your eyes are dazed.

A: Haah… touch me too… with your hands. *zipper pulled* Nngh… ah…

A: Yeah, it feels good. You’re skilled. Keep going like that. Mmgh… I’ll also do it for you. Haha… is it just my imagination or are you wetter than when you are under Rouge et Noir? *heroine shakes head* Oh my… it’s not my imagination? I wonder why?

A: Heh, because I’m gentle?

A: If gentleness unravels you then… I can be as gentle as you want. *fingers heroine* Nngh… haah…


A: Ngh! Haha, I said I wanted you to touch me, but don’t drive me to the brink so much. I feel like I won’t be able to hold back before you come. Ngh! Mmgh…! Haa… hah…! Hey now, were you not listening? Ungh…

A: Haha, jeez… what a troublesome girl. Ah… ngh… *kisses; moves his hand faster*

A: Oh? Your hand is moving slower suddenly. Moreover, you have a very lovely look on your face. Come now, look this way and show it to me more. *kisses*

A: Hah… ngh… I’ll make you feel good like this…

A: You’ve tensed both your legs. Don’t hold it back. Go ahead. Come on… ngh… *heroine orgasms*

A: Haa… hah… you came, huh. *kisses*


A: Is it okay? To enter inside of you. *heroine nods*

A: *grabs condom* It’s the first time I’ve used this with you too, huh.

A: … Relax. Mm… ngh…! Aah…! *inserts himself* It’s warm… Even tonight I find your warmth to be comfortable. It doesn’t hurt, does it? *heroine shakes head* Haha… I’m going to move. Nngh… hah…

A: I wonder why… even though we’ve slept together countless times… I feel like I’ve fallen under the illusion that this is the first time I’m having sex with you. Nngh… haah… it feels good… unbearably good.

A: Nngh… this might be my first time having this sort of sex. Open your mouth. *kisses; slow thrusting*

A: Haa… hah… —could you say it? My name… Could you say my name? Everyone calls me Arlen, but… at times like these it’d be nice to be called my name by you. You’re the only person I want to call me by that name.

A: … Thank you. *kisses; thrusting*


A: Ungh… ah…! It’s about time… How about we come together? Haah… haa… hold me tighter. Yes, ngh, like that. Haa… hah…!! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mrgh…! I’m coming…! Nngh…!! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hah…! Ah… I feel like I can say it now. Mm?

A: … That I love you. *kisses*

*scene skip; birds chirping; Arlen turns TV on*

A: Oh, it looks like you’re on the news in Japan. “A narcotics officer has gone missing during their investigation… Is it a kidnapping by an executive of a international criminal drug syndicate?” huh. Oh dear, I don’t remember staining my hands with kidnapping though. Heh. *turns off TV*

A: Well then, I look forward to the day they learn the truth.

A: Welcome to House. I welcome you from the bottom of my heart, Miss Former Narcotics Officer. Haha. Now, a new game begins.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Sexual Call ***

*intense kisses*

A: Nngh…! Mm…? *alarm beeping* Oh. Haah…

A: It’s already this time? Sorry, but I need a time-out. There’s a somewhat important deal happening this evening. I cannot be late. Be a good girl and wait for a short while. Once I come back, I’ll make sure to spoil you properly… amply, alright? *kisses*

A: I’m heading out. *he leaves*

*scene skip; phone rings*

A: You answered quite quickly. Did you miss me that much? *heroine agrees* Heh, I see. Ah, the deal ended just moments ago. I’m already in the car. Incidentally… have you been a good girl? *heroine affirms* Really? You didn’t play by yourself because you couldn’t wait? When I left the room, you looked quite frustrated. *heroine denies*

A: Now then, is that so? Okay, show me proof then.


A: Yes, I want to ascertain whether what you’re saying is the truth or not. You know about the surveillance camera installed above the sofa, right? First, go to the living room.

A: Sit on the sofa.

A: Look up at the camera. Ah, I can see your face clearly. Heh, I can see the footage from the camera on my tablet in real-time. Right now, in my hands, the footage of you tilting your head in curiosity with a phone in one hand is being shown. Preparations are complete with this. Now then, why don’t we begin?

A: Heh, it’s simple. You only need to follow my instructions. First is, let’s see… take off your jacket.

A: Mm? There is no why about this. If you don’t do this then I won’t know state your body is in. Or… are you in a state that you can’t show me? *heroine denies* Then there should be no problem.


A: What’s wrong? Were you actually lying? Bad girl. It looks like I’ll need to punish you when I return. *heroine shakes head* You don’t want to be punished? Then… you know what you should do, yes?

A: Heh, good girl.

A: Well, you changed your lingerie after I went out. Violet, I see. It suits you very well. It’s very sexy. Oh dear, your cheeks have become a coral pink. Are you embarrassed? *heroine nods* Heh, you know that the rear seats of my car is for special use, yes? The one who can see this footage and hear your voice… is me alone. I have no intentions of spilling this delicious experience to Gilles in the driver’s seat.

A: Now then, next is… to slide that sexy bra out of the way. Show me those cute breasts of yours.

A: Come now, do as I say.

A: … What a nice view. However, it’s a little distant. Bend forward and thrust out your chest. *heroine shakes head* Haha, you can’t do it? That’s not true, right? When you’re moaning on my lap, you’re always thrusting out your chest. As if you’re begging me to look at them more. See, you just need to do the same thing.

A: More.


A: Hm… there’s nothing particularly odd about the right and left. Heh, ah, perhaps just that they’re flushed faintly with the same color that is on your cheeks. Very well, now then… roll your skirt up to your thighs. And spread… your legs.

A: Haha, you’re afraid of punishment, right? You don’t have a choice. Come on, you can do as I say, yes?

A: That’s not enough. Place a leg on top of the sofa’s armrest… and spread your legs widely… like how you accept me inside every night.

A: … Oh dear, that’s strange. There is one point on the clean violet that is stained. Heh, in my eyes, that lingerie doesn’t appear to be of inferior quality, so I wonder why…? Oh my, the coral pink on your cheeks has been covered with magenta. It’s quite a cute reaction, unsuited for that sexy lingerie.

A: Well then, shall I make a guess in your stead?

A: You’re aroused, aren’t you? By this situation. By receiving embarrassing orders in my voice. By yourself, obeying them. And… by your disheveled state being seen by me.


A: Heh, see? I can tell your precious place just throbbed. I know what you’re thinking of right now. Touching the unmanageable heat beyond that thin cloth… stroking your twitching entrance with your fingertips… covering them with what flows out… rubbing it… sliding long fingers into those damp and spread folds… stirring your burning juices… wanting to taste that melting pleasure… yes, like what I always give you.

A: Haha, ah, the stain has spread again. I intended to tease you lightly, but it seems you really imagined that. Naughty girl. I don’t particularly mind, you know? Come on, try doing what you just imagined. I’ll watch you properly. *heroine shakes head*

A: It seems like it will take some more time until I arrive at that room from the car. Can you… endure until then? Leaving that place like that.

A: Haah… even when you’re not in front of me, I can feel the scent you’re giving out. A sweet… dense… lewd… unbearable fragrance that makes one ache down there. Haa… even I’m aroused. Come now, won’t you… continue for me?


A: Yes… slide it to the side a little like that… so that I can see your precious place in its entirety. Ah, that’s good. Now, next – you can’t last anymore, right? – slide your fingers against it.

A: Heh, your breath leaked out. Does it feel good? Come on, stroke it as much as you please. That degree isn’t enough, right? Aah, it’s inconvenient to have one hand occupied, huh. Hold the phone between your ear and shoulder and, if you lie down on the sofa, then it shouldn’t hurt.

A: Haha, you’re finally being obedient. Now then, spread yourself with your left hand. Put a finger inside. Imagine it to be my finger… and move it. Heheh, what an unthinkable spectacle. This is my first time seeing you masturbate, but… it feels like it may become a habit.

A: Ah… you have an extremely lovely expression. Heh, it’s not coral pink or magenta… your cheeks are flushed red. The same as when you’re in my arms. Haha… are you aroused? Your finger is moving faster.


A: Look, from the place where your finger is coming and going… a stickiness is flowing out. At this rate, the sofa might be soaked in your obscene smell but… well, that isn’t so bad. Seeing you wriggle in shyness each time you sit down and remember this night will be another brief entertainment.

A: Heh. I can hear your voice. Furthermore, your breathing has grown quick. Since you’re pleasuring your own body, it looks like you know exactly where it feels good. Aah, your finger is moving quicker again. You look like you’re about to come.

A: Do you want to feel good? *heroine nods* Go ahead. Come on, move your finger more furiously and swirl it around, make those sopping noises, bend both those legs, cry out in an unbecoming voice… and show me the look in that very instant which always entrances me. *heroine orgasms*

A: Haha… you really… came by yourself. *opens door; heroine startles*

A: I’m home. *ends call*

A: What’s wrong? You just came, so you’re sluggish, aren’t you? I don’t mind if you lie down. Mm? Aah, in truth, I returned home around thirty minutes ago.

A: Despite being in a car, didn’t you wonder why there wasn’t the sound of an engine? I called you when I was right under this room.

A: Why, you ask? Heh, the dejected look you had when I left was too cute, you see. I ended up wanting to tease you a little. Well, just from that little tease… I’ve become completely like this. Haah… I’m at my limit. *kisses*

A: … Haa… there’s no need for anymore foreplay, right? Haha, you’ve softened up a lot with my voice and your finger after all. *removes belt* I’m putting it in. Nngh…!

A: Ungh… mrgh…!! Haa… hah…! Even though you just came, you’re squeezing hard… Did you look forward to my member? Ngh…! Hm?


A: That’s an adorable phrase. However, despite saying you wanted to see me… with that finger, you played with yourself and looked quite engrossed in that. Did it feel so good to do it by yourself? Nngh! Haa… hah…!

A: Rather than, ungh, being thrust into deeply by me… is it more to your liking to swirl around those elegant fingers? Nngh…! *thrusting*

A: The sight of you shown on the tablet… looked like you were feeling a lot of pleasure. Haah… haa…! Hmm? I can’t hear you. Ngh… hah…!! *heroine orgasms*

A: Ngh… haa… what, that was fast, heh. You came just a while ago too. Good grief, what a lascivious body. Haa… hah… *thrusting*


A: So…? What did you say? Haah… hagh… that I’m better? Haa… hah…!! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Then… I need to give you what you want. From the start, ngh, I promised to spoil you after I came home after all. Ngh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haah… hagh…!! I’m also… about to come…! Ngh… I’m releasing…! Aah…! *he orgasms*

A: Hah… haa… heh, well, I enjoy it like this over teasing you through a monitor. *kisses*

*scene skip; birds chirping; door opens*

A: Ah, you’re awake? Good morning.

A: It looks like you were sound asleep. Was it a little too intense?

A: Haha, if you make that expression in the morning… it’ll be a problem if I end up wanting to have sex with you again. *kisses*


A: Mm? Ah, I was thinking about increasing them. Obviously the surveillance cameras.

A: In the end, it looks like your appearance last night has somewhat become a kink. If I place cameras throughout this entire floor, we might be able to have even more various enjoyment. *heroine shakes head* Haha, oh my, did you think I was serious? It was a joke.

A: I told you, didn’t I? That I enjoy touching you like this over it being through a monitor. You’re comfortable to hold, you see. *kisses* Now then, you should go and take a shower.

A: It wouldn’t be bad to take one together some time. Heh… well, in that case, the meaning of taking a shower might be lost… right?

Note3: Everyone should have noticed how this series builds on each other. Makabe getting the sample and introducing us to the concept of Rouge et Noir, Kurusu analyzing the sample and explaining the two sides in detail, Arlen introducing the neutralizer, etc. But I also wanted to point out terms being re-used like how Makabe’s volume explained who the Surveillance were.

Note4: CRYING IN THE CLUB OVER ARLEN’S PAIN. Those right hand mentions… :’). I hope this makes Maximum Bet make much more sense. Also, it’s still mind boggling how Gilles went from being this random character here into a full-blown character himself LOL voiced by Domon.

Note5: In track 5, when Arlen talks about the ghost of Main Cage… remember his twin used to be with Main Cage. Everyone is mistaking Van for Arlen, including Kurusu in his CD.

Note6: I’m so sorry, these aren’t even proper notes but I just want to point out that the nonchalant way Arlen says “Okay” is SO. DAMN. SEXY.

10 thoughts on “Rouge et Noir ~ Double Down ~

    Lunaotomegames2021 said:
    March 24, 2021 at 04:42

    Hmmmm….maybe im stupid but what was heroin saying in track 7 that angered Arlen(Van) so much ?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 24, 2021 at 08:51

      It’s implied that she was just continuing what she said earlier which made Arlen want to kill her. Basically things like how he shouldn’t keep going down this path, he’ll be bloodying his hands more, etc etc, since she knows he’s more than just a drug dealer LOL.

    zorocultist said:
    September 12, 2020 at 17:08

    god he’s so fkn sexy T.T

      Ilinox responded:
      September 13, 2020 at 13:41

      RIGHT? RIGHT? Begging Hanakagami for more Arlen content LOL.

    Chai said:
    May 14, 2020 at 18:50

    When he was yelling I actually was about to cry. He feel real hard huh. You tragic man, Van, you tragic man.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2020 at 20:58

      ROUGE ET NOIR. THE DRAMA CD WHICH TRANSCENDED AUDIO AND PAINTED A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE IN EVERYONE’S MIND! Haha, even to this day I still love this man so much. Can you believe we’re getting more material on him and VR? UGH.

    It me said:
    July 28, 2019 at 20:56

    He thinks he looks cool posing like that on the cover, but he’s gonna feel real dumb when he realizes all his pills blew away in the wind

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2019 at 10:03

      Considering his syndicate seems to be the sole supplier of Rouge et Noir in this city, he can toss these things around wherever he feels like it LOL in fact, it looks like he already tossed some up in the air for this model shoot.

    waterinegirl said:
    July 28, 2019 at 04:21

    im glad i’ve read the Maximum Bet first because i like it better. but im confused because the first part of maximum bet was the heroine woke, confused, pointing gun at arlen. Eiji Suou. locked her somewhere?
    because in here, they were like a couple running away from japan.

    my god. i get scared when he acted like a criminal here. im glad he get to go back to his former self.

    there were time the heroine acted like a fool makes me wonder how the heroine fell in love?

    From childhood, Arlen was someone with violent and destructive impulses of which nothing could be done. He was born lacking a conscience. Arlen was already a member of Main Cage and a drug dealer, but… I had no way to stop him. To him, criminal acts were the only game that could satisfy his heart.
    <<<STUPID TWIN!!! but i guess he is lucky to have a brother who still want to give him justice

    A: I’m saying I will definitely come back. This game with you, where I didn’t doubt I would be the victor, is a break even when I look at the results. You and I both gained something… and lost something equivalent.
    So, until then… we’ll be separated for a brief period. Heh… now then, let us meet again some day, Miss Narcotics Officer.
    <<<if only there is an alternate story about the heroine waiting for him to come back.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 28, 2019 at 11:54

      The Animate tokuten isn’t canon and is just a “what if” scenario, so they didn’t run away. It’s explained in Maximum Bet that the heroine was removed to another place to recover from her drug dependency and withdrawal symptoms because of what Arlen put her through. So, story-wise, it ends on that last track with Arlen leaving and saying he’ll come back to continue their game.

      I have a post coming up that might explain Arlen better, but it’s pretty tragic and an issue I think that’s applicable in real life. There are people born with anti-social tendencies, and what do you do about that? Van’s bond with is twin is complicated ;w;

      T-that’s Maximum Bet…? LOL. The alternate story is her going off with him.

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