RN Arlen ~ Official Data File: Dolce Vita ~

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Back again with more Arlen content, heheh. This time, it’s a short side story during, or after, the events of their CD. Each guy gets one.

Here we go!

side Arlen

You sat beside me on the sofa as I swirled my wine glass. It seemed like you were interested in the thin bottle placed on the table.

“Care for a drink?”

I held out the glass and you slowly brought your face close and took a sip. That action was like a kitten lapping up milk and honestly it felt adorable.

“How is it?”

You gave an expected answer. That it was sweet.

Pourriture Noble. It is a type of dessert wine.”

You repeated the unfamiliar word in a small voice and stared at the amber liquid. A slight mischievousness appeared on my face.

“If you enjoyed it, you can have some more.”

Again, you brought your lips to the glass. This time you must have put much more in your mouth than earlier ago. I could see your throat move to swallow. And then, in the next moment, you choked slightly. This was also a reaction I expected.

“It isn’t something to drink plenty of in one go.”

I took the glass away from you and this time placed the wine in my mouth. Rolling around the thick and rich liquid with my tongue, I placed a hand on your neck and pulled you in. Covering your lips with mine, the wine flowed into you by my tongue, and your fingers gripped my shirt tightly.

I released your lips, after fully tasting the sweetness of the wine and heat of your mouth, and tilted the glass.

“Here, I’ll give you another mouthful.”

Without waiting for a reply, I kissed you again. From my lips to your lips, the wine that was poured into you intoxicated you in an instant. I held your waist when the strength left your body and gently laid you down on the sofa.

“You spilled some, you know? … How naughty of you.”

Whispering that into your ear, I licked up the droplets of wine from your lips. Hazy eyes looked up at me and, abruptly, my mouth broke into a smile.

“It’s a wine that suits you.”

You blinked. “Pourriture Noble”, meaning “noble rot”, was made from grapes which were infected with a fungus. Their appearance looked just like they were rotting.

However, there was nothing sweeter than a fruit on the verge of rotting. That viscous fragrance of sweetness and taste felt just like a fall from virtue. To me, you were something similar.

The narcotics officer possessing a noble and pure determination. And that interior, because of me, was gradually being eaten into and starting to rot.

“You don’t need to understand it yet.”

Softly, like the touch of a feather, I stroked your cheek with my fingertips.

Because, when that time comes, you will be entertaining me with the most sublime flavor.

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