RN Arlen ~ Official Data File: Character Profile ~

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Everyone also gets character profiles in the ODF, where they’re interviewed by the other characters. In Arlen’s case, he gets interviewed by Suou with a cameo by Senna.

Here we go!

Character Profile

[SENNA]: “… OK. Preparations are complete with this. Can you hear me?”

[ARLEN]: “Yes, there’s no issue.”

[SUOU]: “… Hey, Senna. What the hell’s this?”

[SENNA]: “Ahaha, please don’t look so scary, Suou-san. I was just asked by a certain person to connect you and him for a little bit.”

[SUOU]: “Who and where is this person?”

[SENNA]: “It’s a secret no matter who you are, Suou-san. Anyway, please keep this place peaceful. If you don’t then we can’t continue.”

[ARLEN]: “It’s what Senna has said. For now, why don’t we make this place a temporary cease-fire? Eiji Suou.”

[SUOU]: “… Hah, fine.”

[SENNA]: “Ah, by the way, this communication is a hidden circuit going through a foreign country and so the security is perfect. Wiretaps or signal traces are impossible, so please don’t worry.”

[ARLEN]: “Then, once again, let us begin.”

[SUOU]: “Jeez, stop managing everything… Name and occupation.”

[ARLEN]: “Arlen Clive. My occupation is—“

[SUOU]: “Real one. Your real name.”

[VAN]: “… Van Clive. It’s unclear whether this will answer the occupation you’re asking about, but I’ll answer like this for now. My position is the Pit Boss of House.”

[SUOU]: “In short, a criminal though.”

[VAN]: “I won’t deny that.”

[SUOU]: “Next. Tell us your birthday, age, zodiac, and blood type.”

[VAN]: “I was born on December 25, 1986. I’m 35 years old at the time of the series’ third volume, Double Down. I’m a Capricorn and type O.”

[SUOU]: “Shit’s an O too, huh.”

[VAN]: “Oh my, an unexpected common point.”

[SUOU]: “I’m not happy at all about it though.”

[VAN]: “I agree.”

[SUOU]: “Let’s hurry on to the next. Birthplace and family members.”

[VAN]: “I was born in Arlington County, Virginia, in the United States of America. My father is a common businessman and my mother is a teacher. I haven’t contacted them in many years, but both of them are in good health… My younger twin has already died.”

[SUOU]: “… I see. Next is a simple history.”

[VAN]: “I majored in linguistics and psychology at a private university. I worked for a few years in the legal field after graduating, then studied criminology and criminal psychology in graduate school. After completing that I entered the FBI, but now I’m as you know.”

[SUOU]: “If you think about it normally, your history and age doesn’t match up well. Did you skip grades?”

[VAN]: “Yes, I graduated from university at 20 years old. It’s common in my home country.”

[SUOU]: “Ah, I see. Next, your height and weight.”

[VAN]: “6 feet and 1.62 inches. 160.94 pounds.”

[SUOU]: “As if I’d understand that!”

[VAN]: “Oh, let’s see… Expressed in Japanese, it’d be 187 centimeters and 73 kilograms, I believe.”

[SUOU]: “Should’ve done that from the start. Next, hobbies.”

[VAN]: “Reading and appreciating movies. In particular, I prefer old movies.”

[SUOU]: “… That’s surprisingly normal.”

[VAN]: “I don’t know how you see me, but by nature I’m an unremarkable and boring man.”

[SUOU]: “Next, skills?”

[VAN]: “Speed reading. That and, given my old job, I can use several languages, including Japanese, without any difficulties.”

[SUOU]: “If you had such a fine history and skills, it would have been peaceful staying in the FBI.”

[VAN]: “I have no regrets. More importantly, could we continue?”

[SUOU]: “I told you to stop managing things. Next seems to be your favorite smoke.”

[VAN]: “Diamante 10 millilters. I don’t smoke in front of women though.”

[SUOU]: “… Pretentious prick. Next, favorite car.”

[VAN]: “The one I’m usually driven around in by Gilles is a black Audi A8. The one I personally own is an Astin Martin Vanquish, silver colored.”

[SUOU]: “Having a driver means you’ve got some status.”

[VAN]: “Don’t you also make your subordinates drive the official vehicles? It’s the same thing.”

[SUOU]: “Don’t lump me with you… Next, your favorite gun?”

[VAN]: “I like to use the S&W Model 29, 4 inch.”

[SUOU]: “… You walk around with a dangerous thing.”

[VAN]: “Given my job, there’s many dangers.”

[SUOU]: “You reap what you sow. Anyway, that question just now was the last one.”

[VAN]: “I see. Well then, I should take my leave now.”

[SUOU]: “Don’t forget, Van Clive, the next time we meet there won’t be this cease-fire bullshit.”

[VAN]: “I know, Eiji Suou. I look forward to the day when the claws of Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye come for my throat.”

[SUOU]: “Yeah, just wait and see.”

[SENNA]: “… OK. Communication complete successfully. Good work, Suou-san.”

[SUOU]: “Good work my ass, Senna. Come here!”

[SENNA]: “Wha!? Why is it like this!? I just—“

[SUOU]: “Shut up! I’m gonna lecture you!!”

2 thoughts on “RN Arlen ~ Official Data File: Character Profile ~

    waterinegirl said:
    August 3, 2019 at 00:57

    no makabe and kurusu? will things get bloody if these two are present?

    van and suos seems good frenemies

      Ilinox responded:
      August 3, 2019 at 10:49

      The general pattern is an interviewer and interviewee or else they’d run out of space to include everyone chatting |D;; but yeah Kurusu has an eternal grudge against Arlen, so there’d be no peaceful talking if it was him.

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