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Rouge et Noir ~ Pure Bluff ~

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Kashiwagi Senna (柏木 セナ)
CV: 四ツ谷サイダー

Rouge et Noir ~ Pure Bluff ~

The criminal syndicate, House, which has been distributing the new drug, Rouge et Noir, was gradually losing its momentum after having an important base crushed by the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare.

During this, as a new narcotics officer, you were appointed by Chief Eiji Suou of the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as the SCID), which you belonged in, to be the liaison of the informant Senna Kashiwagi. It was to protect Senna, who had gotten involved in trouble for certain reasons, and to have him continue to cooperate with the SCID’s investigation.

You came and went from the SCID and Senna’s hideout, which was for planning House’s destruction behind-the-scenes, while being pushed around by Senna’s overly whimsical actions but—.

R18 content warning. Enormous thank you to the anonymous commissioner for this and their patience while I did the first three volumes. Senna’s volume concludes the first season of Rouge et Noir, which is also what the ODF contains.

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Pure Bluff is a bet that’s made with a weak hand that would, in all probability lose. Basically, you have no grounds on which to stand on but you’re going to bluff to try and get the other person to fold.

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