Rouge et Noir ~ Pure Bluff ~

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Kashiwagi Senna (柏木 セナ)
CV: 四ツ谷サイダー

Rouge et Noir ~ Pure Bluff ~

The criminal syndicate, House, which has been distributing the new drug, Rouge et Noir, was gradually losing its momentum after having an important base crushed by the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare.

During this, as a new narcotics officer, you were appointed by Chief Eiji Suou of the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as the SCID), which you belonged in, to be the liaison of the informant Senna Kashiwagi. It was to protect Senna, who had gotten involved in trouble for certain reasons, and to have him continue to cooperate with the SCID’s investigation.

You came and went from the SCID and Senna’s hideout, which was for planning House’s destruction behind-the-scenes, while being pushed around by Senna’s overly whimsical actions but—.

R18 content warning. Enormous thank you to the anonymous commissioner for this and their patience while I did the first three volumes. Senna’s volume concludes the first season of Rouge et Noir, which is also what the ODF contains.

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Pure Bluff is a bet that’s made with a weak hand that would, in all probability lose. Basically, you have no grounds on which to stand on but you’re going to bluff to try and get the other person to fold.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

*** TRACK 1: Protect ***

Protection is a bet made when you have a strong hand, like having top pairs, but still having the possibility of someone coming out with something higher, like a straight or flush.

*elevator dings; heroine opens door; typing sounds*

Senna: Oh, you’re here earlier than I thought. *closes laptop* Huh, are you angry because you were called here? Don’t worry, we’re not trespassing. No one’s here on the rooftop of this building this late at night. Hehe, except for being on the system though.

S: I had no choice! The security cameras around the area of the cafe you specified are unknown. Right now, I don’t want be shown anywhere if possible. You heard about the situation from Suou-san, right?

S: Huh?… That’s all?

S: Hah, that man can be too rough at times. Some time ago, when the SCID exposed House’s important base, Archaic Manufacturer, Suou-san got in a bit of an argument with the Port and Harbour men. Because of that splash, even I ended up getting marked.


S: I mean this. *tosses something*

S: A camera and wiretap got installed in my room. Looks like they got wind of how I was the one who hacked in and did the secret investigation into Archaic Manufacturer. Well, as you can see, I found them all right away and collected them. *kicks pile*

S: I won’t use a room that someone intruded on once. That’s why I asked Suou-san to provide a new hideaway and liaison. In exchange, I was forced to cooperate with hunting down the remnants of House though.

S: Have you caught on to the general gist of things with this? *heroine nods* Great then.

S: Ah, that reminds me, I haven’t introduced myself yet, huh. Nice to meet you, new liaison-san. I am Kashiwagi Senna, an informant.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. Pure Bluff.

*** TRACK 2: Reading ***

This is a broad term that can range anywhere from “reading” the tells of other poker players to “reading” their hands, meaning you’re forming a range of all the possible hands they could have. In a sense, it’s probably something like counting cards in blackjack.

*doorbell ringing; door opens*

S: Welcome, come inside.

S: You want to know about the hiding places of the scattered dealers after Archaic Manufacturer’s exposure, right? Because Ouryuukai drew their hand back from House, they shouldn’t be able to borrow the high-rise apartment and businesses like they did up to now. First, I guess I’ll ask them whether there’s been any places foreigners are obsessed with recently. *starts typing*

S: If you’re a narcotics cop, then you’ve at least heard rumors about the dark web, right? Yep, the deepest part of the internet that you can’t reach by ordinary ways. The trenches in the trenches of the ocean where light never hits. It’s because it’s that sort of place that there’s information to be obtained.

S: This place’s a hacker community for exchanging information that I manage.


S: Nah, these guys have their antennae here and there and if there’s any relevant information then they’ll respond immediately. If there’s nothing after five minutes, then there’s unlikely to be anything.

S: Look, it’s here!

S: *passes laptop* Among these, what zones haven’t been covered by the current investigations? Ohh? This’ll be quick then. Hand that over. *starts typing*

S: I’m penetrating the management system of the base stations for cell phone carriers and borrowing the information from cell phones used in the relevant areas. Haha, it’s simple. You see, as long as you trick the security program for computers they don’t know how to doubt humans. Hackers take advantage of that pureness and we just need to trick it a little. Once that’s done, no matter what the orders are, they’ll loyally carry them out.

S: OK, done! The data’s in this flash memory.

S: Huh? Is it possible that you don’t trust me anymore? *heroine startles* Hehe, right on the mark, huh.

S: Hmm, that’s a problem. Guess I can only play my trump card here. I mean this…! *grabs heroine; whispers* If the informant and liaison have a closer relationship, a better job will be done, you know? You also want House to be destroyed quickly, right?

S: You see, I’ve been thinking about wanting to be more intimate with you. Not just for work… but personally too. Hey, what about you? Or do you not like that sort of relationship with me?


S: Hah… hahaha!! That was a joke! Despite being under Suou-san, you’re pretty straightforward. Haha, did I make you angry? Well, I don’t really care. No matter what you think of me, I’m just doing the work I’m compensated for. *gets up and opens door*

S: That being the case, I await the next time I am to be used. It means if your business is done then please go home now. I don’t like being with other people for a long time.

S: Haha, well then, I leave the rest to you, please work hard. Thank you for your patronage. *heroine leaves; door closes*

*** TRACK 3: Sick Call ***

LOL I don’t think this is an actual term, but it’s basically making an unbelievable call or amazingly genius call. The “sick” used here is the same as you hear in modern slang.

*doorbell ringing; no answer; door opens at last*

S: Are you impatient? I heard you already, without needing to ring the doorbell so many times.

S: Hah, come in. *heroine takes off shoes; door closes*

S: … What? *moves to another room*

S: Ah, the investigations went well? Great. More like you don’t have to tell me every little thing though.

S: “What’s wrong”? What do you mean? Hah, it’s nothing. *sits down; opens laptop* More importantly, get to the point. What kind of information do you want today?


S: Haah… understood. *typing*

*scene skip*

S: Done. The data’s in here.

S: Hm? *beeping noise* Ah, your smartphone. You didn’t charge it? If you charged it in the morning and it’s like that now then your battery life’s short. *gets up; opens drawer* Here. *tosses something* I’ll lend you that charger. You can return it next time. *staggers* Ngh!

S: … You’re persistent. I said it’s nothing! *heroine goes over*

S: Ugh, what are you doing! Hey! Hah… yeah, that’s right, I’ve got a fever. It’s just a cold, I don’t need to go to the hospital. You’re telling me to sleep then…? Why do I have to listen to you? I said I’m alri— *stumbles* Ngh…

S: Fine, I just need to be good and sleep, right? *goes to another room* You can head home by yourself then. *closes door*

[03:32] *scene skip; heroine opens door; Senna is sleeping*

S: … Zzz…

S: Ngh… huh? You…

S: You didn’t stay here the entire time, did you? If you’ve loafed around until this time you’re going to get yelled at by Suou-san.

S: Huh? If you’ve already left work then why’re you here? *heroine sets something down* Uh, porridge? You didn’t come back all this way just to make porridge, did you!? *heroine nods*

S: Haha, ah-ah, I don’t remember asking for you to do housework too though. No, I’ll eat it. I haven’t eaten anything since the morning, so…

S: *eats porridge* Mm, Suou-san’s a bit of a nag too, but it looks like you’re even more of one. Oh? He doesn’t show his people that? That’s surprising. *eats more*


S: It’s been close to ten years since I first met Suou-san. I was taken under his protective custody. Right before I touched drugs.

S: Because of circumstances with my parents, I was suddenly given to my aunt. I couldn’t get used to living in Japan. I also had many brushes with the law around that time and my aunt, who got disgusted of that, refused to be my guarantor. Legally, I should have been sent to a youth detention center, but there was one person… an eccentric person who was willing to be my guarantor. *eats more*

S: Yep, that was Suou-san. When I was brought into protective custody he handed me a business card, telling me to calling him if anything happened. By chance, I hadn’t thrown it away and was carrying it with me. I didn’t think he’d actually come though.

S: Nah, I’m grateful but my cooperation with him right now isn’t to repay him.

S: … You probably couldn’t understand.

S: What? Eh?

S: No, my parents are…

S: … *puts down bowl* I think I spoke a little too much. I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep now. *grabs pills* Hey, give that back!

S: It’s just sleeping pills. I use them sometimes because I don’t sleep well. There’s no problem with that, is there?


S: … Thanks for the porridge. *pulls covers up* Good night.

*heroine leaves room; scene skip*

S: … Zzz… ngh… what time is it right now?

S: Wha!? Why are you still here!? Huh? She’s sleeping…

S: Hah, aren’t you going to be the next one catching a cold like that? Ah… you’re up.

S: You’re going home… now? The last train is long gone. You didn’t come in a car today, right?

S: … How about staying the night?

S: I said, why don’t you stay the night? The sofa in the living room is large. I won’t force you if you don’t want to stay over in my place though. *heroine shakes head* Eh…? Uh… *mumbles* I haven’t done a single thing you need to thank me for. Nah, don’t mind me.

*** TRACK 4: Data Mining ***

We’re combining poker and IT terms now (fitting for our character here). Data mining in poker lets you view a record of your own playing and betting patterns as well as other players’ playing and betting histories. This lets you devise strategies because now you can form percentages of literally anything related to poker.

*phone ringing*

S: Ah, it’s you.

S: I’m much better than I was before. By the way, are you going to request information on House today again?

S: Underdog…? Ah, the organization that’s hostile with House, huh. Understood, I’ll do a light search. Our next contact is in two weeks, right? *heroine confirms* Roger, see you then. *ends call*

*scene skip; Senna typing*

S: For the present, I just picked up general information about Underdog. Are things going smoothly on your end? You’re doing standard investigations at the same time as hunting down the remnants of House, right? *heroine nods*

S: It’s like they’re reading your movements ahead of time…? You mean a part of the SCID’s investigation information might have been leaked to Underdog?

S: You’re right. I’ll be cautious at my end too. *typing*

[01:40] *scene skip; typing*

S: Huh? It’s already this late? *stretches* Ngh, I think I’ll stop here for today. You’ll be heading back to the office soon too, right?

S: Hm? *beeping; heroine takes out phone* You haven’t changed the battery for that yet?

S: Eh?… You just bought a new one and replaced it?

S: N-no, it’s nothing. *typing* There might be some sort of fault with the smartphone itself then. I’ve put together the data. Here. Yeah, thanks for the work. *closes laptop*

*scene skip; heroine calls Senna*

S: Hello? Is something wrong?

S: You want to change our time? Ah… sorry, I’m outside for a bit right now. Can we meet at night as scheduled? Yes, see you later.

[04:42] *scene skip; heroine rings bell and knocks; no answer; heroine enters and searches laptop; error messages; door opens*

S: Like I thought, it’s you.

S: I think this is way earlier than our scheduled time.

S: I went out. To a nearby cafe. I made it so that a notice gets sent to my mobile the moment the front door to this place opens. *comes closer* You’re being surprisingly bold. To sneak into a hacker’s room and try to peek into their computer… Are you suspicious of me? *heroine nods*

S: That’s mean…

S: Heh… just kidding. Please hand that over. *takes computer; typing*

S: Hmm, here. This is what you wanted to see, right? The GPS shows that you’re still at the SCID’s office; you left your work phone and smartphone behind for camouflage, didn’t you?

S: Yep, I’m the one leaking the SCID’s investigation information to Underdog. I inserted a spyware into your private smartphone using this room’s wireless LAN. Haha, that’s no good, you know? During investigations, you can’t just turn off the phone. You need to be sure to remove the battery itself. If I take advantage of how it looks like it’s shut off then I can do whatever I want from intercepting emails to your GPS position. Well, it’s my fatal mistake in being late in realizing that your smartphone’s battery dying so soon was because of a small bug with the spyware.


S: It’s true that if I played innocent here, you wouldn’t have been able to find any decisive evidence. However, as long as you were suspicious of me, you wouldn’t use that smartphone anymore, right? Then I wouldn’t be able to leak information to Underdog. That’d be a problem.

S: I have some circumstances. If possible, I didn’t want to do this though… but I have no choice. *grabs heroine* Please don’t move. Heh, did you think hackers couldn’t use guns?

S: Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I still need your cooperation, so… *grabs vial* I’m going to be using this. Ngh! Please don’t struggle. Heh, you drank it all, right? It’ll take effect soon. Yes, it’s Rouge et Noir. I dissolved the contents of a capsule in the neutralizer, Strategy, ahead of time. Meaning, what’s appearing in your body is… the Rouge side, an aphrodisiac.

*** TRACK 5: Bust ***

Losing all your chips and being eliminated out of the game. You can go bust or you can bust another player.

*heroine writhing*

S: Haha, as expected of the strongest aphrodisiac. I’ve only touched you a little and you’re trembling like this. In the SCID, if you were to ingest some kind of drug during your investigation because of circumstances, it would be treated as an accident and, after you underwent the appropriate care, you’d be allowed to return to the scene.

S: However… if your comrades were to see you indulging in drug sex then don’t you think you wouldn’t be able to stay in the SCID?

S: There’s high resolution security cameras installed in this room. You already understand… what I want to say, right? Even if you don’t want to, I’ll make you cooperate with me. Heh… ngh!

S: Haha! Wow… it’s like you were waiting for me to touch you. Look, my fingers are being swallowed in smoothly. Ngh…

S: Heh, it’s twitching deep inside. Looks like you can come with just this, huh. Does this place feel good? *heroine jerks* Haha…

S: Nope, I won’t let you come so easily. I need you to show me more and more embarrassing things. Come on, we’re continuing. Ngh… hah…


S: Hey, wanting to come but not getting to… Isn’t it really painful? If you’ll cooperate with me, I can make you comfortable in an instant. *heroine shakes head*

S: You’re stubborn. Then, I’m going to tease you more. Come on, put away your pride. You look like you want to come no matter what. *heroine shakes head* Hah… maybe the other way will work for you? It means… I’ll make you come until you go mad. Ngh…! *heroine orgasms* Hah… hahaha! That happened in a blink. *sucks fingers*

S: Haah… what a naughty taste. But it’s just starting from here. *inserts fingers* Haha! This time you came just from me putting my fingers in. Wow, did it feel that good? Please come more, come on! Haha, you’re twitching inside again. I wonder how much you can come? Seems like it’d be fun to count them.

S: Mm? Haha, do you know what sort of look you have right now? It’s not scary at all when you glare at me with those eyes.

S: … Hey, why don’t you give up already? You don’t want to be seen like this by anyone, right? You just need to give the word; a single nod is fine. *heroine shakes head*


S: Grgh, you really are stubborn. This is in the way, so I’m going to remove it. Fine, in that case… I’m going to fuck you senseless until you feel like giving up. *takes out vial* There’s a proper portion for me, you know. Rouge et Noir and Strategy. *drinks*

S: Haa… hah… *tosses vial* Ngh… it’s hot. *removes belt* Now, the second round is starting. Nngh…! *inserts himself* Hahahah, you came again, didn’t you? Don’t you think you have some talent? Come on, there’s still more where that came from, ngh! Haah… hah…!

S: Hahah, this is amazing! Drug sex! So this is how it is. I had no interest in it up to here, but I can understand getting addicted to it now. Nngh… ah…! It feels so good… it feels like I’ll go crazy, ngh…!

S: Here… I’m releasing…! Ngh… ah! *he orgasms*

S: Haa… hah… hahah! I came too. You can tell that I poured something hot inside you, right? Nngh…! But, you see, that wasn’t enough at all. Let me, ngh, enjoy myself some more. Come on… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*


S: So erotic, ngh… your face is messy and wet with tears, but this place, ungh… is messy and wet with something else. Haah… haa… hey, how do you feel right now? Please tell me. Hah… haha, you don’t even have the leeway to talk? That makes sense, since you’re about to come. Nngh! Haah… ah…!! *they orgasm*

S: Haa… hah… hahah…

S: Come on, raise your hips… because I’m going to fuck you in a more embarrassing pose. Nngh! Aah… hah…! Like this, I suddenly feel like nothing matters anymore. Aah, if we were to break like this all wet and soppy and sticky… then I wonder if everything’d end without needing to think about anything? Hahah… that wouldn’t be so bad. I’m sure things will be comfortable then, haha. Of course, I’ll take you down with me. Drown with me like this? Nngh! Aah!

S: Hah… haa… huh? I can’t hear you. Do you want me to, ngh, drive into you harder? You want it, don’t you? You don’t have to rush, I’ll give it to you right no— AGH! Ggh… ungh… *he’s in pain*


S: What… is this…!? Ggh… agh… I can’t… breathe…!! Gugh… ah…!!

S: No…!! Don’t come close!! No… no… no…!! DON’T COME!! DON’T COME HERE!! Aah…!! It hurts… it hurts! Please, dad, stop it! Mom…! Help me! Please! Mom…!! Aah…! Haa… hah… why… why did you kill mom…? Hey… someone… help me… save me… please… someone…

S: Please… save me… No… don’t leave me alone… please… so… *sobbing*

*** TRACK 6: Bluff Catcher ***

A hand that can only win after you call a player who has bluffed. Basically, a weak hand that is able to win because the person bluffing doesn’t have anything at hand.

*heart monitor beeping*

S: … Zzz… ngh…? This place… is a hospital…

S: I see… I overdosed and nearly died, huh.

S: It’s faint, but I remember. I saw a hallucination. One when my parents died.

S: My dad was a drug addict. Since I was a child, I was raised in a place where violence would be thrown around. The divorce was completed when I hit eighteen, but… my dad wouldn’t accept the divorce and shot my mom to death in front of me. He also took his own life.

S: I became dependent on drugs to escape from that trauma. Haha… I just thought that, truly, like father, like son. If I didn’t get the chance for a treatment program, I’d be a cripple somewhere a long time ago.

S: I was hired by the FBI. At that time, to distract myself, I haphazardly hacked around here and there, so I got marked. Well, in short, they sent me a good threat. Because of that, I ended up cooperating with the FBI… as their exclusive and personal hacker for collecting illegal information.


S: That was around the time I met him too.

S: House’s number two, who’s currently fleeing the country… Arlen Clive. That’s what he calls himself now, huh. I worked a lot with him at that time when he was still a FBI investigator. That’s why, when he brought a deal to me half a year ago as Arlen Clive, I was a little confused at how his presence was different from before.

S: His request was to leak eyewitness information on Arlen Clive out on purpose. To invite the SCID’s undercover investigator into his pocket. The compensation I received were the sleeping pills that you also saw. Inside are drugs that are illegal in Japan.

S: That Rouge et Noir and Strategy were also parting gifts from him. He said, “You can use it when you truly want to forget everything and anything. There are some nights where you need poison to live.”

S: Yes, I took the deal to escape the pain of my flashbacks. Before, when I got a fever, it was actually the side effects of the drugs.


S: It was my plan to coordinate so that none of it would remain in my system when you came to my place though. The rest is just slipping back into being dependent on drugs.

S: My cooperation with Underdog was… something you could say happened as a course of the events. They’re searching for the stand-in for House, which is collapsing internally. The thing that made me regret and come back to myself was after I accepted the drugs that were paid in advance. But I couldn’t turn back after that.

S: Go to Suou-san? Hah. There’s no way I could have talked with him about this. Because he’s the only person I didn’t want knowing about this.

S: I talked about it a bit before, right? That I wasn’t cooperating with him to repay him. When my cooperative relationship with the FBI ended, I realized I was all alone. I was so terrified of that… that while I was searching for someone who needed me… I reached Japan, where Suou-san was.

S: I created my own place in this world as the “S” of the Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye, Suou Eiji. I just… didn’t want to lose that.


S: I knew, from the bottom of my heart, that what I was doing was contradictory and that I couldn’t keep going like this. Losing myself to drugs… and, in addition, betraying Suou-san… *sniffling* but the more I struggled the more I fell into a deep ocean. Piling on the lies… needing to keep on lying… it was really hard and it hurt. *crying; heroine hugs him* Ah…

S: I worked so hard alone… Me?

S: You know, I did those horrible things to you… so, why…? Why aren’t you blaming me? Ah!

S: I… I… *hugs back; crying* I’m sorry! I’m sorry… I’m sorry…!! I’m sorry…

*scene skip; heroine knocks on door*

S: Come in.

S: I’m much calmer today. How are things going over there? Uh, I guess I shouldn’t be asking at this point. *heroine shakes head* Huh? Suou-san said that? That if I feel bad then I should continue to work with them… but I’m…


S: Ah… I see…! He already noticed long ago!

S: I told you about Arlen previously, right? Eyewitness information on him was given to Suou-san from a “S”, apart from myself, who is shared inside the SCID. I manipulated the information so it’d be like that. But Suou-san, most likely right after Arlen fled the country, thought about the possibility of me working with him in some form or fashion.

S: He made me hack into Archaic Manufacturer on top of that. If I helped to crush one of House’s important bases then, supposing I was working with Arlen, it’d be inevitable that our relationship would be cut off.

S: Yes, that’s why Suou-san deliberately didn’t tell you my history. So that you wouldn’t be prejudiced against me, having cut off a relationship with Arlen.

S: Hahah… Suou-san… he gave me a chance on top of knowing everything. Even though I betrayed him twice… he’s saying he won’t abandon me. Haha… I’m such an idiot. If only I noticed that earlier. *sniffling*

S: “The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself”… these are Nietzsche’s words. I was thinking about how right he was. I lost to my own weakness… no, far from that, I’ve only continued to run away. This is the result of that. So… I’m going to stop running. This time, I need to fight.

*** TRACK 7: Wild Card ***

A wild card is a card that can represent any other playing card, mostly with the joker card or suits. Sometimes this is allowed in games and sometimes with restrictions.

*typing on laptop*

S: Something like this, I think? I’m done the photo montage.

S: Yes, it’s the Underdog member I was in contact with. He gave his name as “Smith”, though it’s probably an alias. I was told to leak information about the SCID until a large deal, that’s scheduled to happen soon, was safely done.

S: Nah, I don’t think we’d be able to reach him through my records, because he changes his cell phone every time I contact him.

S: … Sorry. For not being much help at such an important time. OK, I’m going to think on whether or not there’s another way.

*scene skip; heroine knocks on door*

S: Come in!

S: Uwah, you’ve worked hard. I heard that you used the montage I made before to interview witnesses and compared it with footage on security cameras. Yeah, that’s true… it’s a lot of trouble for the SCID, who’s forever short on people, just to collect footage from security cameras.


S: A place that aggregates them all…

S: … Oh, I know! *opens laptop; typing* There is one! A place that’s gathered security camera footage all in the same place.

S: Look, it’s this. *turns laptop to heroine*

S: Yep, the Port and Harbour police department. The Port and Harbour’s database should have the footage of all the security cameras throughout Kaasa. Don’t worry, the security’s tight but I can do it. I’ll have Comodin buy me some time.

S: Comodin is my revised computer virus. But it doesn’t listen very well, so normally it sleeps quietly in an infected laptop. When necessary, it borrows a little bit of my computer’s resource, and helps me out with my work. From here, millions of Comodins throughout the world are going to create a diversion with some mischief all at once in the computers of the Port and Harbour’s police department. During that time, I just need to break through the firewall.

S: Now, everyone wake up. It’s time for work! *typing*


S: Haha, I look like a wizard, you say? That’s true. In all honesty, I wanted to be a wizard.

S: Excellent hackers are called wizards. When I was a child, my mother – a SE – taught me that. She said her workplace had a wizard. I also wanted to be a wizard, so I read all the programming books at home from cover to cover while I was a kid. Looking back on it though, it was an embarrassing misunderstanding. Haha, if I was a real wizard then maybe I could have made someone happier.

S: Huh? Haha, you said something nice. Then, I have to show you the spell I’ve got up my sleeve. Hehe.

S: Intrusion, success! If I use the suspect comparison system then we should be able to find people similar to Smith in the footage.


S: Found him! It’s unmistakable. That’s him. OK, leave it to me.

S: Back up of the footage data is complete. Let’s withdraw now. Hehe, alright! Escape, success! Hah, it’s a been a while since I did a job.

S: You’re welcome. By the way, I do have one single request.

S: Um… can you stop calling me Senna-kun? Just Senna is fine. Please call me that.

S: Hehe, thank you.

*scene skip; heroine exits onto roof*

S: *typing* Ah, sorry! Were you looking for me? The weather’s nice, so I thought I’d get some air.

S: Looks like you guys safely obstructed Underdog’s large deal. You’ve worked hard.

S: Haha, I just tapped on a keyboard in a hospital room. I haven’t atoned for anything yet.

S: … Yeah, it’s been decided I’ll be discharged next week, so I think a notice from the courts will be coming soon. I don’t know how it’ll go, but I plan to accept everything. So… after everything ends, can I…

S: Haha, nevermind, I’m not going to say it until that time comes. *closes laptop* Now then, I should head back to my hospital room. *alarm beeping* Huh!? *opens laptop*

S: This is the worst…! *typing*


S: One of Underdog’s cars is coming close to this hospital!

S: It’s exactly what you think. They’ve come to get revenge on me for betraying them. It probably won’t even be five minutes before they arrive. *grabs heroine’s hand* There’s no place to run on the rooftop, so let’s hurry!

*scene skip; running*

S: Haa… hah…! I don’t know how they know where I am either! Just, if I had to think of something, the list of hospitalized patients might have gotten leaked. Famous people and celebrities often get hospitalized here in this hospital, so even if an expert informant set out their antenna—

*car pulls up*

S: WATCH OUT! *tackles heroine; gunfire* Ngh!

*heroine returns gunfire; goes to Senna*

S: Ugh, I’m OK. My shoulder just got grazed. More importantly, we should head underground. We can’t get out in a car like this, right? I have a good idea. *grabs hand* Follow me! *gunfire*

S: Haah… haa… over here! *enters a room*

S: Sorry, it must be cold, right? Please put up with it just for a while. *typing*


S: Yep, this is the server room. Every system in this hospital is managed by this terminal. The emergency systems for natural disasters is… ah, I found it. The password is eighteen characters? Heh, easy. *beeping*

S: Now, come… *footsteps in the distance* that’s good… just a bit more…

S: NOW! *fire alarm goes off; doors slam down* Alright, it was a success!

S: Hahah! They’re struggling.

S: Yeah, I trapped them inside firewalls. They won’t be able to move for some time. For now, with thi— ngh!! *heroine supports him* Haha… things were desperate, so I forgot about my injury. It hurts now though. But, oh well… *leans on heroine* since I was able to protect you.

S: … Your body’s cold. Why don’t we head out before we freeze over? We also need to ask Suou-san for reinforcements. *grabs hand* Let’s go.

*** TRACK 8: Back Door ***

Basically, when you have a hand that gets completed on the turn or river (the third and fourth card rounds, respectively). It’s also used more generally to mean making any hand that wasn’t originally intended because the community cards suddenly gave you another hand.

*car driving*

S: Going by the shifts, you’re off today, right? You went out of your way to pick me up? *heroine nods* Haha, thank you. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Talking like this.

S: … Did you hear the court judgment already? *heroine nods* It ended up becoming that a guilty verdict would be put off, taking into consideration my cooperation with the investigation. All the formalities are complete too. But this isn’t the end, huh.

S: Yes. I’m finally standing at the start line once more with this. I need to be sure to take the very first step with my own feet. *heroine puts on turn signal*

S: Oh, we’re here already… It also feels like it’s been a while since I was here at this place. *heroine shuts off car*

S: … I’m going now! I’d feel bad if I interrupted your day off any longer.

S: I was happy to see you today. See you. *removes seat belt; opens door but pauses*

S: *closes door*… UM! *grabs hand* I’ll… become strong! So that I won’t have doubts anymore, so that I won’t embarrass anyone, so that I can live with my head held high. That’s why… that’s why…

S: *hugs heroine* Please watch over me at my side. Not as a narcotics cop… but as a woman. I… I like you.

S: H-huh!? Is that… true? *heroine nods* Really… really!? You’re not lying, right? After all— *heroine kisses him* mmgh!!

S: … Uh… I believe you, but… this… doesn’t let me be cool. *hugs heroine* Please let me do things over again. Once more, but this time from me. *kisses*


S: Hey… if I asked you to give me the rest of your time today, would that be possible? I don’t want to be apart from you. I want to… stay together with you more. *heroine nods* Haha… I love you.

*scene skip; kissing*

S: Haah… haa… are you sensitive here? *heroine nods* Haha, it’s a cute color. Also… it’s warm and really soft. *kisses*

S: Haha, it became hard.

S: Here, when I do this— *heroine jerks* it looks like it feels really good for you. *kisses*


S: Sexy… So, that’s the noise you make when you’re touched gently. *kisses* Ngh…

S: Open your legs. You’re wet. Look, you’re already like this, haha.

S: Haha, it’s because I’m happy. That you’re feeling this much pleasure. *kisses; fingering heroine*

S: Lots spilled out from deep inside again. Nngh… this place too, look, it’s straining so much. Haah… ngh…

S: Haha, that’s a cute and sexy face. It makes you look a little younger than usual. It’s really cute. Haha, you’re this slippery inside, yet you’re squeezing down tightly on my fingers. Here, especially around this area, ngh! Right? You can tell, can’t you? It’s twitching down here and asking for it.


S: Huh?

S: … Do you want me? *heroine nods* Haha, OK. *kisses* I’ll give you… everything. *removes belt; opens condom with teeth; kisses while putting it on*

S: I’m putting it in, OK? Nngh… ah… *inserts himself*

S: Haha… it’s tight and hot and it feels good. I’m inside you right now, huh. *heroine nods* Oh god, I’m so happy. It’s like I’m completely wrapped up in you. Nngh… hah… *thrusting*

S: Hold on, you did that on purpose just now, didn’t you? Aagh, no, you can’t do that. If you squeeze down on me like that… even though I just connected with you, ngh…!! Hey now… right after I said that… are you an unexpected sadist in bed? Or are you getting revenge for the horrible things I did to you that night? *heroine shakes head*

S: Ngh… then why?

S: … Me? Haha, the cute one is you. Ngh! *thrusting*


S: Hah… haa… see, you’re the one with the cuter face. Haha, to the point where I want to eat you up. *kisses; thrusting*

S: Nrgh… haah… I’m hitting you deep inside and I can’t last… It feels too good, ngh… ah…! Crap… I’m gonna…! I’m coming…! Nngh… ah! *he orgasms*

S: Haa… haha… I came first. That’s frustrating. What is it? Haha, if you’re going to say that, then I guess it’s OK. *holds heroine* I love you. I really do. I love you so much. *kisses*

S: Stay beside me forever.

*scene skip; birds chirping; phone rings*

S: … Zzz… mm…? Who is it…?

S: *answers phone* Hello…

S: You’re asking if I’m still sleeping? I’m not a civil servant, so I’m under no obligation to wake up early. *yawns* Good morning, Suou-san. Is something the matter?

S: Haha, ah-ah, you predicted everything? You’re not very nice. If you understand everything, then please don’t get in the way. Haha… oh well.

S: … Hey, Suou-san. Thank you so much. For many things.

S: Haha, wow, that’s mean. Don’t say that’s disgusting. Heh, by the way, what was your original reason for calling? You didn’t call to make fun of me, right?


S: Hah, whenever you talk like that it’s generally not a very nice job. Heh, no, I’ll do it. Then, see you later. *ends call*

S: Ah, you’re awake. Did you… possibly hear everything? *heroine shakes head* Phew. Half of it was about a job.

S: The other half… haha, it’s a secret. *kisses*

S: Now then, I guess I’m returning back to work today too.

S: Yes, well, it’s the usual unreasonable request. It’s just like Suou-san to do that, or however you’d say it. But don’t worry. *holds heroine* No matter what job it is, I’ll definitely see it through. After all, my lover is watching me… and I’m a wizard.


*eating outside*

S: Mm…! It’s been a while since I came to this restaurant, but it really is delicious! Haha, I’m happy that you like it. That reminds me, have things gotten busy lately?

S: You sounded really tired when I called you the day before yesterday.

S: The SCID’s get-together? Aah, I see. That’s a disaster, huh. The amount those people over there drink is fundamentally strange.

S: I heard that, at a year-end party several years ago, the next day the bar the SCID uses was driven to its dying breath and closed down. It was completely flat out of its alcohol stocks.

S: Just seeing your face shows that this actually happened. Well, to begin with, the boss, Suou-san, drinks at a monstrous level.

S: There’s an even stronger person!?

S: Makabe-san… Ah, that uptight looking person? Woah, so that person drinks that much too. Wait, to be stronger than Suou-san… he’d be like a demon lord, to say nothing of being a monster. What sort of livers do they have?

S: Ah, your drink’s empty. Do you want to drink anything? Here, the drink menu.


S: What is it?

S: Me? Oh, that’s true, I haven’t drunk anything whenever I’m with you. No, it’s not that I can’t drink but that I normally don’t drink. So? Have you decided on what you’re going to drink? OK. *to waiter* Excuse me! We’d like to order. One ginger ale and a Kahlúa with milk. Ah, no, actually a gimlet.

S: Yes, I felt like I’d drink for once. *waiter returns*

S: Well then, once again, cheers. *toasts and drinks* Mgh! *coughs* N-nothing. I was just thinking, oh, so this is what a gimlet tastes like… *drinks*

S: See? It’s delicious. More importantly, let’s eat before it gets cold.

*scene skip; walking outside*

S: Mm… I feel a little fluffy and light.

S: Huh? I’m not drunk! I’m really not drunk. See? I can properly walk alone. Right? I’m not drunk at all— wah! *heroine catches him* Huh? No, you’re wrong. You see, this was… *loops arm around heroine* because I wanted to squeeze you. Look? Squeezing you~.


S: Ah, you’re warm… and soft. Mm! Hehe, makes me want to pinch you all over. Nyagh! *heroine runs off*

S: H-huh? Why a taxi? Aren’t we within walking distance to get home? *heroine grabs him* Aah! Ngh, jeez, alright. I just need to get in, right? Here we go. *door closes; car drives off*

*scene skip; door opens*

S: I’m home!! Aah… the sheets are cool. Feels nice.

S: Eh? Getting changed? I’m fine staying like this. It’s annoying, I don’t wanna.

S: What, what? You want to strip me that badly? Then, you take them off please.

S: … No? Hey… please?

S: Heehee, thank you very much. *heroine starts removing clothes* Huh? *inhales* Something seems to smell good from you. *sniffs; grabs heroine* Hyah! Hehe, caught you.


S: Nope! I won’t let you go. Isn’t it OK since it’s just the two of us? *inhales* Look, like I thought, you do smell nice. I love this smell. *kisses*

S: Haah… kisses feel nice. More. *kisses*

S: Nngh… ah, what do I do… I’m hard. Look. *grabs heroine’s hand* It’s stiff, right? Hey… touch me? Nngh… ah… *heroine gives handjob*

S: Hey, stronger. Ngh… ah, it feels good… *kisses*

S: Mmgh… no, don’t stop, touch me way more. *heroine removes belt* Ungh… ah… yes, more and more… haah… You’re really good.


S: W-what? What’s wrong? *heroine gives BJ* Ngh! You’re blowing me? Aah… hngh…

S: It feels… good. Besides, ngh, it’s such a sexy sight. Aah! You can’t… such so hard! I’m gonna release… ah! Haah… hngh…

S: Wai… you’re going too hard… ungh…! Stop, if you do that… I’ll really come…! Aah…!! Haa… hah…! It’s too much… I’m really… gonna… I’m coming…!! *he orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… ah… d-did you swallow it? You don’t have to go that far. *hugs heroine* Haha, but I’m so happy. *kisses*


S: It’s too much. I can’t hold back anymore. Let me put myself in? *heroine nods; he grabs condom*

S: H-huh? I can’t open it…

S: Hey, can you put this on me? In my stead. *heroine does it* Ngh…

S: Thank you. Then, here we go. Come onto my lap. I want to hug you. Nngh… *inserts himself* It’s all in. It feels so hot and slippery… I didn’t even touch you today, so why is it like this?

S: Hey, don’t tease me and tell me please. *heroine shakes head* Mm, that’s not fair. But, oh well, since I’m happy to be right up against you like this. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Hey, hold me harder. Squeeze me tight, please. Hold me a lot. Ngh… I love you… I love you, I adore you… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Haah… you clenched down on me inside here. Do you feel good too? *heroine nods* Hehe, I feel good too. Like I’m about to come again… agh…!

S: Look this way. What a cute face… Hey, I want to kiss you. *kisses; thrusting*

S: Aah… I’m coming… Is that OK? Nngh… ah…!! *he orgasms; kisses*

S: Haa… hah… I really… love you so much. *kisses*

[15:22] *scene skip; birds chirping*

S: … Nngh… my head hurts…

S: That’s weird. How come it hurts? *heroine enters room* Ah, good morning.

S: You’re asking me if I’m OK? For what? Huh…?

S: Uh… AH?! AAAHHHHH!! *hides in blankets* I just remembered, I’m so sorry!! Yes, I was drunk, I’m sorry! I tried to be cool and ordered something strong, but I really don’t drink at all, I’M SORRY!! No, you can’t! I probably have a terrible look right now! More like, it’s embarrassing, so please don’t look at me! *heroine pulls him out* Wah!

S: Mgh!? H-hey, it hurts a little…

S: Please don’t call me cute. I’m a man! Gugh! *heroine ruffles hair* H-hey, I’m not a dog. *heroine hugs him* Ah…

S: … Haah… I’ve decided. I’m never gonna drink. I won’t drink for the rest of my life.



S: Ah… again. *stuttering noise*

S: Lately, the performance of this computer’s been pretty bad. Hmm… it’s hot. Maybe the parts inside are at the end of their lives. I might have worked it a little too hard. Nah, it’ll be OK if I just replace the parts that aren’t working. I made this computer myself, so…

S: Huh? You’ll come with me? I don’t think a computer parts shop would be very interesting though.

S: Haha, really? Then, let’s go right now.

*scene skip; crowd noises*

S: I’m glad they had stocks.

S: Yep, thank you! Oh, that reminds me, since we’re out here already, why don’t we have a date? Although, even if I say that… the things to look at in this electronics street is…

S: Hm? Huh… this place has been taking applications for tenants for a long time, so I wondered what it’d end up being and… Oh? You don’t know? *heroine shakes head* Erm, in short, it’s an adult store. A shop that sells a ton of sex goods.


S: Haha, hey, since we’re here, why don’t we go in? *heroine shakes head* Aw, you’re actually a little curious, aren’t you? I can tell from looking at your face. *grabs hand* Come on, let’s go in!

*scene skip; walking*

S: Oh, it’s pretty large.

S: So this area has cosplay costumes, huh. Oh no, I’m not much for cosplay. Ah, this area is underwear! *picks up hangar* Hm, black is a little… too adult-like, so I’m not too drawn to that… No way, red is even more out of the question. It’s too gaudy, nope.

S: Hm, this one is purple. Hrm, this is also a no. Moreover, it’s a t-back… Only old men would like this for sure! Ah, but for some reason I feel someone like Suou-san would like that…

S: That one’s cute! The pink one over there. *picks up hangar* Look, if it’s this one… it’s not so bad. The ribbon and lace is cute! Hehe, I think it suits you a lot. If you’d like, how about trying it on? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I was joking.


S: More importantly, what I want to look at is… ah, there it is! Over here.

S: Look, this. Toys. Uwah, there’s more enthusiasts than I imagined. Or more like, so there’s this many kinds… Japan’s amazing.

S: No, there’s toys but I don’t think even porn on the other side of the world would use these extreme ones. Ah, this area might be OK. *picks something up* A pink rotor. For beginners, huh. Look, there’s a sample one. *turns on*

S: Haha, I’ve decided. Let’s buy this one. Isn’t it OK? You’ll never know until you try. Right?

*scene skip; door opens*

S: Hah, we walked around quite a lot in the end. Are you tired? *heroine shakes head* Haha, good. Then…

S: Let’s use this. *opens bag* Haha, why are you surprised at this point? Ever since we came back, you’ve been a bit restless. Weren’t you actually expecting it? *heroine shakes head* Haha, you’re bad at lying. Oh well.

S: Then, let’s start. *turns on* Mm, first, let’s try it out lightly on top of your clothes. Hehe, could it be that it tickles?


S: Hmm, then there’s no point to this. Ah, I know! I need to make you feel aroused, or else it won’t work, right? *kisses; still using toy*

S: Ngh… mm? Look, you just moaned a little, didn’t you? Hehe, that’s a good feeling. *kissing*

S: Haha, like I thought, you feel it more when it’s directly on you, huh. Why don’t we take off your bra?

S: If I do this around this place… how is it? Haha, you’re trembling. I’ll touch it to your tips too. Oh! *increases speed* Hehe, I just tried making it a little stronger. Mm… *kisses*

S: Does it feel good?

S: Please spread your legs. This place should be throbbing now, right?

S: There’s a stain on your underwear, huh. I wonder what’ll happen if I put it against here? *moves toy* Haha, what an amazing reaction. Even though I always use my fingers, you’re sensitive here, huh. Looks like you’re going to come soon at this rate. Should I frustrate you a bit more?


S: Here, I’ll slide it just a little bit off from the place where you feel the most pleasure. It’s tantalizing, right? Your hips are moving, you know? *heroine shakes head* Nope, that’s the case. You’re not supposed to lie.

S: Ah, look, you’re moving again. I’d like you to be honest at times like these. Hey, do you want to come? *heroine nods* Haha, then let’s make you feel good. *increases speed*

S: See, I made it stronger. Please show me the moment you come. *heroine orgasms; toy is turned off*

S: So, it felt good, didn’t it?

S: Haha, your eyes are dazed. Cute. *kisses; fingers heroine* Haha, you’re sopping with lewd juices. How about we remove your underwear now?

S: … Hey, should we try it inside next? *puts toy in* Look… it easily went in. *turns on*


S: It’s completely different from me, right? How does it feel when you’re stimulated inside? Hm, if you don’t know then we’ll need to check it out more. Here, I’m going to move it, OK? *thrusting*

S: Heh, you don’t need to hold back your voice. Let yourself feel a lot and feel good. Look, right here. Haha, it’s the place where you feel the most pleasure. I always use my fingers here, right? Today, I’ll give you this. *increases speed*

S: Come on, let’s come one more time. OK? Mm…

S: Haah… haa… *heroine orgasms; toy is turned off and removed*

S: Haha, you’re panting. It felt that good, huh. But the rotor’s turn ends here. This time it’s my turn. After all, look…

S: After seeing you like that, I couldn’t hold myself back. See, you can tell, right? *grabs condom*


S: It was in the rotor’s box. Pretty thoughtful, huh.

S: Please raise your butt just a little. *removes belt; puts on condom*

S: Sorry to keep you waiting.

S: Relax yourself. Nngh… *inserts himself*

S: It’s tight… You came twice too, wow. Nngh… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Look, you’re squeezing down on me without giving any space. Haha… it’s not so bad using toys from time to time, huh. Turns me on a bit. Let’s play around like that one day soon again, OK? Nrgh… next time, let’s see, we can test something else and not just a rotor.

S: Aah… huh? Right now, when you clenched down, was that a request because you want to do that? *heroine shakes head* Haha, jeez, I told you before, didn’t I? Please be honest at times like these. Because you have a more sexual body than you’ve ever thought. I know that very well.

S: Haha, it’s not a lie— ngh! *thrusting hard*

S: Haah… haa… because I made you like that, so… I’ve opened this place up many times with my length like this, right? Ngh… hah…! It’s not like it’s anything bad. Though it’s cute when you’re shy and embarrassed. I also love you when you’re horny. So, please be more and more sexual. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take responsibility. OK? Nngh… hah…!! *kissing; thrusting*


S: Nrgh! You’re clenching down hard deep inside. It’s really… good, ngh! Haah… haa…!! *kissing; thrusting*

S: Hey, do you want me to touch your front too? Haha, you’re finally being honest. Then, I need to give you a reward, huh. Nngh…! Agh! Do you like both things being done to you at the same time? You’re shaking. You’re about to come already, huh.

S: Ungh… hah…! Me too… it’s pretty bad…! I’m about to… come soon…!! Nngh… hah… haa…!

S: I can’t… hold on…! I’m coming!! Aah…! Ngh…! *he orgasms*

S: … Haha, that’s a cute look. *kisses*

[16:54] *scene skip; birds chirping; heroine opens door; Senna is typing*

S: Ah, good morning!

S: Mm? I’m just looking into something.

S: Are you curious? Then I’ll show you. It’s an online shopping site. For toys.

S: Hahah! Why are you turning red? Did you find something you want already? *heroine shakes head* I see. Then…

S: Let’s choose something together. *heroine startles* Haha, after all, it’s an important toy to make you feel good, right? We need to take our time and find a favorite. Then we’ll play around a lot again. OK? Hehe.

Note2: Comodin is Spanish for “Joker”, which just so happens to be Senna’s representative card.

Note3: SE stands for software engineer.

9 thoughts on “Rouge et Noir ~ Pure Bluff ~

    koenosekai said:
    November 19, 2019 at 07:17

    I laughed so hard when Senna mentioned “T back? Only an old man would like this.” And I remember track for Suou that he gets turned on by heroine wearing T-back. XDDDD

    Anyway, I don’t know, somehow the real personality of Senna, the puppy like boy, seems refreshing. I began to like him after his backstory. I am patiently waiting for his secons season!

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2019 at 13:47

      YEAH LOL I love how the author plays around like this and connects the series to each other. He also pointed out Kurusu’s liking for red lingerie too |D;;

      He’s really cute compared to the rest, isn’t he? But also knows how to tease and take the lead in bed, ehehe, my type because I’m pretty bad with pure younger and puppy-type men. I hope we get news about his second season soon!!

        koenosekai said:
        November 23, 2019 at 16:53

        Not to forget about Makabe’s liking to black underwear. Lol.
        Anyway, I think when I checked Hanakagami official Twitter, there is this Nyan in The Box plan, with Trebol as main character. Is that true? So, before we get Senna’s second season, we will get the handsome cat turned human first?

        Ilinox responded:
        November 23, 2019 at 19:14

        IIRC the Trebol cover was for April Fool’s so it’s not official, haha. The last latest thing I saw from them was the official soundtrack and Kurusu being added to the SubKare app.

    Lucy said:
    August 17, 2019 at 21:31

    Thank you for the translation!! Wow Senna is so cute hahaha but devilish at the same time (๑>؂<๑) I really wish a 3p with him and suou. (๑>ڡ<)☆ Hahaha

      Ilinox responded:
      August 19, 2019 at 15:45

      You’re welcome! All the men in RN are wolves LOL I bet people weren’t expecting him to get that kinky when he brought out the drug in that one track |D;; Oh man, that would be so awkward because I feel like Senna sees Suou almost like a fatherly figure jhgkfh.

        lucy said:
        August 21, 2019 at 06:11

        Ikr!! It was a mix of emotions!! First I was like ‘Ohh you son of a b*tch’ but then it was like ‘oh..this is so kinky’ and then I felt like crying when he had that break down.
        Hahahha if Senna knew that in another universe mc and Suou were having a lot of fun ( ̄y▽ ̄)~

    atevern said:
    August 6, 2019 at 02:54

    what a jerk! but after knowing his story, i cant help it but feel sorry for him. but i was hoping that the heroine didnt fell in love with because he pity him.

    and im amazed at suou. he still forgives him

      Ilinox responded:
      August 7, 2019 at 20:52

      I like to think she didn’t fall in love with him out of pity, but in recognizing his strength for coming this far and wanting to overcome his past. Suou is on par with Arlen about being sneaky and it shows all over here and his own volume |D.

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