Day: August 10, 2019

SNB Uesugi ~ 光盟 Chapter 3.2 ~

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Chapter 3: The Withered Tree Flowers

An abrupt appearance of a commander of the Mouri army. Because of that one man, Kikkawa Motoharu, Kagekatsu sustained a grievous wound. The wound was deep and even with the power of her blood it couldn’t be healed. She wished strongly to save Kagekatsu and in that moment…

Chapter 3.2

The light that stretched towards Mouri lands reminded me about Himemiko-sama.

[YUZUKI]: (There might be a clue on Himemiko-sama in Mouri’s territory.)

[YUZUKI]: (If that’s the case, then wouldn’t this light also mean something…?)

[YUZUKI]: “Kenshin-san, maybe this light is a clue from Himemiko-sama? One to save Kagekatsu-kun…”

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