Rouge et Noir ~ Implied Odds ~

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Kurusu Rei (来栖 玲)
CV: 佐和真中

Rouge et Noir ~ Implied Odds ~

It been about a year since the flood of the new drug, Rouge et Noir. Due to the weakening of the crime syndicate, House, a series of events is heading to being resolved.

In the midst of this, you are a narcotics officer belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID) and in Los Angeles together with Kurusu Rei, a forensic officer belonging to the forensic department, to participate in an information exchange conference that is routinely held between the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare and the DEA (the American Narcotics Control Division). However, the drug sample that was to be presented at the conference was stolen by the hands of someone.

You and Kurusu recovered the drug sample, but the whereabouts of a “certain someone” became clear from the belongings of the criminal who was secured—

R18 content warning. Thank you to the anonymous commissioner for their second request!

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Implied Odds is a term for calculating how much you expect to win after taking into consideration the amount you paid to get in and the current pot amount. For example, if you paid 10$ to win $50 then apparently you average $1.74 for every call you make. There’s a formula for calculating this out there.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

  1. Suou: “2 more days until Kurusu is back…? That man, with nothing but work and girls on his mind. Skipping work, where the hell is he!?”
  2. Makabe’s note: “Urgent, please” It’s requesting appraisal for drugs seized in hotel room 105 in N district.
  3. Suou’s note: “Do it now!” He’s requesting appraisals for drugs seized in E, G, and I districts.
  4. Suou’s note: “Clearly, this’d be refused.” It’s Kurusu requesting reimbursement for a white tuxedo, accessories, and shoes.
  1. Makabe: “Hey, it looks like there’s 1 day until Kurusu returns. By the way, a memo got mixed in with the appraisal result. It’s probably addressed to you… Do you know why? You’ll know when you see it. Jeez, that man can only think about work and girls.”
  2. The vial contains Second Barrel and Kurusu’s note says that it’s high in a certain chemical. His notes also say that he’s finished the appraisal and details in the attached documents. He also leaves a note to you, “Good work. It looks like I’m going to be the one a little late today, so wait at the usual place first. I’ll make up for it a whole lot later, alright? PS. Today’s your turn to stay the night.”

*** TRACK 1: Spin ***

I think this is referring to the game variant called spin poker, where it’s like poker combined with slots. You have your cards in the middle that you can discard or keep, and then a row above and below you that shows more cards for you to try and make a winning hand. Or maybe it’s talking about the roulette in casinos.

*heroine walking; earpiece crackles*

Kurusu: Can you hear me?

K: Okay. How’s the third floor look?

K: Be careful. There’s probably back stairs behind the door at the end of the hallway. The criminal might be hiding there.

K: Haha, are you curious as to how I know?

K: In the past, when I was undercover in Los Angeles, the apartment that Makabe and I used to hide in was also downtown. The apartments in this neighborhood are made somewhat similar. They become dens for drug traffickers. In short, it’s a place I’ve known before.

*heroine opens door*

K: I was wrong about the back stairs too?

K: Mm, how about we meet up for now? I’m coming down now, so you just— *gunfire on his side; heroine runs*

K: *through door* Ah-ah, this was a newly bought suit too. I can’t wear it now that it’s full of holes. Haha, but you wouldn’t care about that, huh. Sorry, sorry. Oh no, please don’t get fired up.

*heroine sneaks in*

K: Look, at times like these you need to be calmer… and be sure to look at your surroundings. *gun gets pulled on him* Hah, I warned you. *heroine bursts in; takes criminal down*

K: Heh, nice kick! *runs over to attack criminal*

K: Sorry, but I’m actually in a horrible mood. After all, I planned to do this bit of work slowly with my girlfriend… but you interrupted. That being the case— *kicks criminal* Alright, that let off some steam. *criminal collapses* Heh.

[02:36] Narration: Rouge et Noir. Implied Odds.

*Kurusu walks over; picks up vial*

K: Phew, good. Looks like it’s safe for now. If it was just a drug sample then we could have left the recovery up to the DEA. From the start, it was stolen because of their ineptitude. But this time, it’s because it was this, that I didn’t want to leave it to other people.

K: This is Implied Odds. A prototype I made to improve Strategy. The Strategy that House created primarily just neutralizes the side effects of the Noir side, but I learned that under certain conditions even the aphrodisiac of the Rouge side can be neutralized.

K: Yeah, in other words, it’s possible to make Rouge et Noir itself ineffective. To that end, it’s still in research but, depending on what’s done with it, it may be possible to treat addicts. That’s how it is, so I didn’t want it to pass into the hands of a drug syndicate.


K: Now then, anyway, while this is within reach, we need to bring it to the DEA. Here we go. Mm? This is…!

K: This black dog tattoo… Haven’t you also seen it before somewhere?

K: Yes, it’s Underdog.

*scene skip*

K: Looks like we weren’t mistaken in that man being a member of Underdog.

K: I was shocked too. Ever since Underdog’s large deal was obstructed by the SCID last year, they haven’t made any noticeable movements within Kaasa. It looks like they were aiming for Strategy and stole the sample we were to present at the information exchange conference. I don’t know from where they sniffed that out though.

K: Well, I guess we’ll wait for the investigation to finish for the details. *heroine nods*

K: More importantly… I’m hungry, haha. Since the information exchange conference ended, we’ve been running all over the place. Let’s take it easy when we get to the hotel.

[06:08] *scene skip; door opens*

K: Is your stomach full? *heroine nods* I see, that’s good. By the way… haven’t you forgotten something? *heroine shrugs*

K: The dessert after the meal.

K: Haha, honestly, you… Why is it only at times like these that you’re excessively slow. *whispers* Come on, there’s a very, very sweet special dessert right here, so it’d be a shame if I didn’t eat and savor it, right? *kisses*

K: Hehe, nope, I won’t wait. *kisses*

K: … Mm? *phone vibrating* Hah, interruptions keep coming to the bitter end today. Huh? It’s not mine. Is it your phone? *heroine shakes head*

K: Ah, could it be…?

K: *rummages through bag* Like I thought, it’s that criminal’s phone. I forgot to give it to the DEA. *message notification* Oh! Hm? It’s a text. An internal communication from Underdog, huh.

K: Hm… “Confirmation that Alpha is on site”. There’s a photo attached. *opens* Ah! This is…

K: … Sorry, could you contact Chief Suou? Tell him I’d like this photo to be analyzed urgently.

K: Arlen Clive has appeared on the stage now after several months.

*** TRACK 2: False Deal ***

A skilled cheat can deal the cards you need to yourself of your friends by placing them in specific spots in the deck, like the bottom or middle.

*car driving*

K: How about we go over the information from Chief Suou before we reach our destination? *heroine nods*

K: The place where Arlen’s photo was taken was a members’ club in a private casino in Las Vegas, the “Wheel of Fortune”. There’s talks about how there might be some sort of meeting that has him frequently coming and going, but the details are unknown. Incidentally, the others that were with him are still being investigated.

K: In any case, for us to chase after Arlen there’s the problem of sneaking into the club, but…

K: Yes, the member we’re about to get in contact with deals with various provisions of information. His alias is Mr. John Doe. He seems to be a bit famous in the underworld. *uses car signal* Jeez, Suou’s “S” is as terrifying as always to be able to quickly dig up that sort of person while being in Japan. *car is parked*

K: Now then, we’re here. *they get out*

K: Our appointment is at the highest floor of this hotel.

[01:38] *scene skip; walking; knocks on door and opens*

K: Good evening, Mr. John Doe. Thank you for giving us your time tonight.

K: Ah, woah there. *blocks for heroine* Sorry, but this woman isn’t used to this country’s greetings.

K: Yes, she’s my lover. An important one, you see?

K: Yeah, let me get to the main subject. I know it’s sudden, but we’d like as much information as possible regarding the Wheel of Fortune.

K: Mm… so, it’s a high-class secret club where celebrities and famous people gather. What goes on inside?

K: Haha, telling us to confirm that with our own eyes… We came here to see you because we have no way to do that though. Then, let me change my question. What should we do to become members?

K: Hm? If we have that membership card, then we can enter too as your guests? *John nods*

K: Yeah, of course I didn’t think you’d just hand it over. What do you want?


K: Oh? So we’re deciding with poker. By the way, what if I were to lose?

K: Wha!?

K: … Could you quit it with your jokes? This woman isn’t a prize.

K: Then we’ll just take this conversation as something that never happened. *gets up to leave*… Hah, let’s go home. Any longer here and we’ll be wasting our time. *heroine refuses*

K: Eh!? What are you saying!? That’s obviously out of the question. *heroine shakes head* You’re saying there’s no other way…? Ah… honestly, you…

K: … Haah, I’ve lost this round. If you’re going to go so far as to say that then there’s no way I can say I give up, right? Fine. *turns around and sits down* Mr. John Doe, I’ll accept this challenge.

K: So? The rules?

K: Five card draws and a three game match, huh. Nice. Looks like it’ll end quicker than a Hold’em. Yeah, let’s start then.

[04:56] *coin toss*

K: It’s tails on the coin. Mr. John Doe, you’re the first dealer. Please deal out the cards.

K: Let’s omit the adding of chips, since both our bets have been decided. I’m replacing three cards.

K: … You’ve replaced one. Then let’s have our showdown.

K: Full house, huh. Heh, that’s my loss. Next, I’m the dealer.

K: How many are you replacing? Haha, oh, that’s quite confident of you. I’ll do two.

K: Now… let’s showdown.

K: You have three of a kind. This time it’s my win, huh. Our match has returned to the starting point with this.

K: Yeah, the next one’s the last. Let’s toss the coin again.

K: … Tails. The dealer is you.


K: I’m replacing one. You? *John shakes head* I see. Then… let’s head to the showdown. Haha, four a kind, huh.

K: Sorry, but I’m going to take that membership card. I have a straight flush of hearts. There’s no complaints, right?

K: What? Is there something else?

K: So that’s the password to enter. Thank you for telling us. Well then, good night, Mr. John Doe. Have a nice evening. *grabs heroine’s hand* We’re going home.

*scene skip; door opens*

K: Hah… *grabs heroine; kisses* Nngh…! Mm…!

K: What?

K: Haha, yes, I’m angry. Though it was to get us through that spot… for you to accept that condition…

K: I was happy you said you believed in me, but… you didn’t see through his tricks, right? You can cheat with a little technique in a five card draw that’s played with just two people.

K: Yes, I lost at the beginning because he dealt the cards in a way that’d be advantageous for him. That’s why, later, I retaliated with the same method. It was to express that I saw through his fraud.


K: The last game was a serious match with no tricks from either one of us. Of course, I didn’t plan on losing. But… my mind wasn’t calm.

K: Haha, it’s no good even if you apologize. I told you, didn’t I? That I’m angry. That’s why… you need… to be punished.

K: Heh, I know you’re more sensitive here than you are inside. Because, when I rub you here with my fingers, you always come right away, no? Ngh… haha, look, you jumped already. Then, first, why don’t we have you come once from on top of your underwear. Nn…

K: Look, your breathing has risen. Moreover, your underwear is getting a little stain. *kisses ear* Mmgh…

K: … Haha, see, it happened in a blink. I can tell without looking. I’m sure it’s red and swollen… and the hood is rolled back. Ngh… see, this place is wet in an instant. But I won’t touch you deep inside yet. Tonight, I’m going to tease you a whole lot here. This time it’ll be directly… so why don’t you come from that? Nn…


K: Haah… my fingers are sliding really well. Come on, it feels good, doesn’t it? Nngh…

K: Okay, second time. But… you can still come, right? Nngh…! Haa… look, it’s flowing out like syrup and it’s gotten more slippery. *kisses ear* Mm…!

K: … Hah… woah! *catches heroine* Haha, this makes three times. You can’t seem to put much strength into your legs anymore, huh. Are you almost at your limits? *heroine nods* Then say it. “Forgive me”.

K: Mm… but words alone aren’t enough. You really need to show it through actions at this stage.

K: Haha, it’s simple. Here. *grabs heroine’s hand* Ngh… you can tell what state I’m in, right? Do you think I’ll be able to settle down like this? *heroine shakes head* Right? Then you know what to do, right? Pull down the zipper with your hand.

K: Nn… haha, that’s all? If you don’t pull it out soon, it’s going to get painful. Ngh… yes, good girl. Now… *grabs condom*

K: Come on, try putting it in yourself. You can do it, right? Hah… spread your legs a bit more. Yes… like that. Drop your hips. Nngh… ah…!


K: Alright, well done. *kisses*

K: Heh, well then, your punishment’s done here. Now I’ll properly pamper you. Here, turn this way. *kisses; thrusting* Haah… ngh…!

K: That reminds me, we haven’t kissed much at all today, huh. Why don’t we do more? *heroine nods* Haha, then hold onto me tightly. Hehe, cute. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haah… haa…! It feels good… ngh…! Hey… remember this… I get relatively jealous… If something like earlier happens again, I might want to tease you again. So, please, don’t… ngh… make me too jealous. Haha, good girl. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Ngh… then, it’s about time we both come, huh. I can’t… hold back any longer. Hngh…! Haah… haa…! *thrusting*

K: Hey, let’s kiss… once more… *kisses; thrusting*


K: Hagh… ngh… it’s coming…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms* Mmh…!

K: Haa… hah… *kisses*… I love you.

*** TRACK 3: Wheel of Fortune ***

I don’t think this is a poker term at all. It just refers to the game where you spin the giant wheel.

*slot machines*

K: Oh? It’s pretty large.

K: Haha, looks like it’s a little hard to walk. There’s a proper dress code here, you see. But… it really suits you. Heh, have I ever told lies like these? *leans in* Right now, you’re extremely attractive. Beautiful. Sexy. To the point where, if we weren’t in these circumstances, I would go back to the hotel right now and pull you out of this dress with my hands.

K: Hehe, do you believe me? *heroine nods* That’s good then. *kisses*

K: Now then, please give me your hand, princess. Heh.

K: It’s luxurious here and there, huh. Once casino bills came into existence, there are several in Japan too, but they’re really different in the end from the authentic Las Vegas.

K: That reminds me, wasn’t there a casino that was going to be completed soon in Kaasa? Over at that reclaimed land place. *heroine nods* Haha, that’s right. It feels like our work will increase after it opens. Drugs go hand in hand with large amounts of money, after all.

K: But we should probably concentrate on the job in front of us right now. You remember the procedure, right? Present the membership card to the doorman and use the password. Then we should be able to enter the Wheel of Fortune. Well then, let’s go.


K: We came to spin the Wheel of Fortune.

K: Oh? This is…?

K: So we wear these masks inside, huh. Alright.

K: Is this OK now? *doorman opens door* Yeah, we’re going to enjoy ourselves. *they pass through*

K: *whispers* That went well. Still, it’s like a masquerade party in eighteenth century France. For customers and even employees to all wear masks.

K: Oh? Ah, thank you. *grabs glass* Mm, it’s probably best we don’t put this champagne to our mouths. We don’t know what’s inside.

K: *whispers* Have you noticed? Under the guise of giving out drinks, the employees are walking around distributing ampoules. Yes, Second Barrel and Strategy. Everyone’s accepting it like it’s a matter of course and disappearing into separate rooms. What they’re doing… you know, right? *heroine nods*

K: In other words, the members here are patrons of drug sex, using Rouge et Noir and Second Barrel. Xiang Mao’s underground casino was nuts, but this place has a pretty disgusting hobby too. But… we can’t withdraw from here either. Let’s check things out for a while.

[04:10] *scene skip*

K: It’s been almost two hours. There’s been no particular movements up to now.

K: … Hah, you’re right, if we stay too long we’ll stand out in a bad way. For today, we should— *door opens* Hm? Ah! Wait a minute…! The man who entered just now…

K: That tall figure cutting through the floor… doesn’t it look familiar? There’s no mistake. It’s Arlen. He’s finally made his appearance. He went out into the corridor. Let’s get a little closer.

K: The person he’s talking to right now is probably the man who was in that photo with Arlen. Uh oh, he’s moving somewhere else again.

*door swipe is used; Arlen disappears into another room*

K: I wonder if that’s the VIP area. Hah, as you’d expect, we can’t just force our way through without a card, huh.

K: … Haah, in the end, let’s just withdraw for today. It looks like we should work out some sort of countermeasure. Let’s go.

*scene skip; door opens*

K: Hah…

K: Mm? *heroine flops down* Haha, good work today. Why don’t you take off those shoes? Ah, you can keep on relaxing. I’ll do it… and take them off for you. Don’t be shy. Here. *takes off shoes* It doesn’t look like you got any blisters. *kisses* Nn? Haha, oh? When did you become sensitive to the top of your foot? *heroine shakes head*

K: Hehe, really? *kisses*

K: Look, you’re trembling. Could it be… that you’re expecting something? *slides hand up; heroine catches it* Oh?

K: … Right, a way to get into the VIP area. Actually, I was thinking the same thing as you. That we could request cooperation from the DEA.

K: Fortunately, thanks to the matter with Main Cage in the past, there’s a track record with a combined investigation, so this conversation should be easy. Even they can’t leave alone a lawless area where Rouge et Noir is widespread, after all.

K: Hehe, it’s decided. Well then, we’ll contact Chief Suou and make the necessary arrangements.

*** TRACK 4: Short Stack ***

When a player has a short number of chips compared to the rest of the players.

*car pulls over and stops*

K: Oh?

K: … This is weird. It’s almost time to carry out the plan, but there’s no one around.

K: This should be the place to meet up though… Hm? *answers phone* Hello? It’s Kurusu. I’ve arrived at the point a long time ago. Haha, are you guys late?

K: Hah!? What do you mean?

K: Orders, you say… What’s the reason!?

K: … There’s one more thing you have to convey? What is it?… Huh!? I’m asking why—!?

K: Hah, alright. Nothing will change if I blame you. I’ll contact you again later. *ends call*

K: … Haah… it was Kyle from the DEA, who should have been investigating with us. During the combined investigation with Main Cage, the three of us, him, Makabe, and I, used to hang out a lot so we’re acquaintances.


K: It seems like the top brass at the DEA gave out orders to stop the plan in haste. So now Kyle and the others can’t move. Incidentally, even the Underdog member that you and I caught earlier appears to have been released, you know?

K: Apparently, Kyle doesn’t know the reason either. However, the only thing that’s certain is that in this situation executing the plan is close to impossible. If only we could at least cancel the security in the VIP area…

K: Oh… that’s it! There’s that option! Like you say, an emergency just needs to happen!

K: Remember the disaster prevention training at the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare. If the alarm rings then all the doors on every floor will be unlocked, right? This is because the security system temporarily goes down to prevent anyone inside the building from being trapped inside.

K: Because of the building being what it is, there’s going to be some circumstances, but the basic activation should be the same so we just need to use that. Hm? Hehe, don’t worry, causing a commotion is a bit of a specialty for me. *opens car door*

K: Get ready immediately.

*** TRACK 5: Semi Bluff ***

You don’t currently have a good hand, but the potential of getting one by the time the turn or river comes (the 4th and 5th community card) is high and so you bet or raise.

*door card swipe; door closes*

K: … Arlen’s entered the VIP area. Just as planned. Next is… *footsteps come* Huh?

K: Do you have some business with us?

K: Mm, as you can see, we’re just having fun in this place. If you’re talking about our membership card then we showed it upon entering. Hah, alright. *whispers to heroine* For now, let’s listen to these guys here.

*scene skip; door opens*

K: So? How do we get you guys to believe that we’re actually members? *they pull out vials* Ah… heh… I see. Being taken on purpose to the separate rooms used for fun was for this. You want us to prove it by drinking that Second Barrel there in front of you guys, right?

K: … Fine. Then could I ask for Strategy too? Mm, thank you. *takes both; to heroine* Haha, don’t worry. *loudly* Occasionally, this sort of thing isn’t so bad either. *drinks*

K: Ngh! Ggh… haah… haa…!! Hagh… as usual, it’s very effective. Looks like it’s already running through me. See? Look at me closely. *grabs heroine; kisses* Nngh!! Mgh!


K: Hah… hagh…! Hey, you guys can tell now from this, right? We’re fully-fledged guests. Haah… haa…!! In that case, could you guys hurry up and get out? Hah… haah…!! *they leave; door closes*

K: *calmly* … Haah…

K: Sorry, I made you worry, didn’t I? It wasn’t actually Second Barrel that I drank back there.

K: It was Implied Odds. The spare I brought from Japan. I put it into my breast pocket, since there’d be trouble if it was stolen again. Then, just before all that happened, I secretly switched them. Hehe, a pretty good act, right?

K: Don’t worry, although some side effects might appear. But it’s much better than being made to drink a real Second Barrel. As a drug, the purity of Second Barrel is overwhelmingly higher than the Rouge et Noir we breathed in once before. In the worst case scenario, if we were to ingest that, there’d be no recovery this time.

K: Now then, an irregularity happened but it’s about a good time now. Before we were brought to this room, I did a little reconstructing in the men’s washroom. With this, you see. *pulls out vials*

K: Yep, perfume. That being said though, the contents are sulfuric acid.

K: Ah, it’s liquid from the car’s battery. Even sulfuric acid at low concentration, as long as time passes and its water content evaporates and it becomes concentrated, it’ll start to produce a heat of reaction. So, if you stain a paper towel with it and throw it into the garbage… *alarm rings* Oh. Hehe, see? Given time, it’ll catch fire and, as you see, this’ll happen.

K: Heh. Okay, let’s start afresh. Come on. *they head out*

*** TRACK 6: Unknown ***

Other than its obvious meaning, it can also refer to a player whose playing style you don’t know because you haven’t played many hands against them.

*alarm ringing; running*

K: Haa… hah… I didn’t think the VIP area would be this large. Where’s Arlen!? Hah… haa… ah…! Someone’s coming. This way! *they hide*

K: …… *quiet breathing; slow footsteps*

K: *whispers* I don’t feel secure when both of us are unarmed. How about we hijack that person’s weapons? I’ll go right, you go left. Can you do it? *heroine nods* Then… three… two… one… GO! *they leave cover; person gets knocked out*

K: *whistles* I thought this before too, but your kick is looking more and more like a certain someone’s. Mm, nothing. More importantly… Here, you can use an automatic, right? *heroine nods* Good, let’s go.

*scene skip; running*

K: Haah… haa…! Ah! Hold on! *brings heroine into cover*

K: Shhhh… someone’s coming out.

K: … It’s Arlen. *footsteps come* GET DOWN! *gunfire* Ngh! Che, at this time…! *returns fire*

K: There’s a lot. Ggh, we’re at a disadvantage with this number. *grabs heroine* This way! *running*

K: Haah… hah…! We’re going to hide for the moment! *crashes into a room; closes door* Haa… hah…!

K: Hah… looks like we lost them somehow. You aren’t hurt, are you? *heroine shakes head* Phew, good. Yeah, thanks. I’m okay too. Anyway— ah! The alarm… stopped? Oh, SHIT! *door is locked* Ngh! We’re trapped. Someone restored the security system. With this we can’t move around the VIP area without a card.


K: That was quicker than I expected. We need to think of some way to get out of here. Ah! Someone’s coming. Get behind me. *cocks gun*

*door opens; someone enters*

K: You’re…

K: So we meet again. Thank you very much for escorting us to that separate room previously. Mm, sorry, but you’re alone and so I think we’re at an advantage though. *foosteps come; guns pointed* Ah… you’re right, the table is turned. This time we’re in a big pinch.

K: Hah… I know. *to heroine* Give me your gun too. *he kicks them over* So? Are you going to escort us to another room this time too? *person snaps their fingers; his men leave* Huh!?

K: … What are you planning?

K: Ah! What… are you? How do you know my name and her’s?

K: I see. I know why the DEA suddenly withdrew their hand now. Because you guys, the FBI, put pressure on them.


K: Come to think of it, the meetings Arlen’s been having are with a big-shot in the underworld, huh. Is your target that instead of Arlen? Or… both? And, in some form or fashion, Underdog is also involved.

K: Well, I didn’t think you’d answer. So? What do you intend to do with us?

K: … Hah… and if I answer no?

K: You can’t guarantee our safety, huh. Meaning next time pressure is going to be put on the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare. Certainly, if I pick a fight with you guys in this country then it could result in an international dispute. Tomorrow the SCID itself might not exist, huh.

K: … I’d like some time to think. Could I also discuss this with her? *person nods* Thanks.

K: Now then… *to heroine* what should we do?

K: Me? Haah… that’s right…

K: Hey… you said this before, right? That we were a team. That hasn’t changed, even now? *heroine nods* As a member of that team, even if the answer I were to give now went against what you would say, would you believe in me? *heroine nods*

K: … So direct. Haha, eyes that I’m endlessly attracted to. Thank you. Because of you, I’ve made up my mind.

K: Inspector Garrett, I’ll accept the conditions you’ve proposed. Considering the present circumstances, we’ll pull back from this matter. You’re satisfied with this, right? *Gabriel nods* Heh, negotiations are complete then.

K: *quietly* Hah, it’s a shame… but it looks like we’re stopping here this time.

*** TRACK 7: Kicker ***

Just the term for the card in your possession that doesn’t form any hands with your other cards, so it’s something you can discard whenever.

*heroine hears through door*

K: The aforementioned are the details of the matter. In the end, we were unable to arrest Arlen and the objective of the FBI inspector, Gabriel Garrett, who appeared in front of us is unknown. I sincerely apologize.

K: Haha, that feels strange. When I was in the SCID, I wouldn’t have thought that you would give words of appreciation at a time like this, Chief Suou.

K: Hehe, true, back in those days it was unthinkable that I’d just obediently withdraw. In these three years, no… it’s close to four years, huh. So much time has passed that it’s almost unnoticeable. Everyone’s changed in many ways. Me, Makabe, and… you.

K: … Now then, I’m going to excuse myself. *turns to leave; gets stopped* Yes? What is it?

K: Haha… you’re right, if I returned to the SCID then I could chase Arlen as much as I wanted. But I’ll have to decline. Right now, there’s things I want to do as a forensics officer… I finally managed to find that. I’m going now.

*opens door*

K: Woah! Good work. You were heading home? *heroine nods* Then how about we head home together? I just so happened to finish my report to Chief Suou.

[02:22] *scene skip; car driving*

K: Did you fix your jet lag already? Haha, I can’t shake off feeling sluggish either. I’m glad I have tomorrow off. Oh? You too? *heroine nods* Then… how about we take a small detour? Hmm? The usual place.

*scene skip; car is parked; rolls window down*

K: Haa…

K: Hey, don’t you have something to ask me?

K: That’s why I came here.

K: Yeah, at least even a year ago, I would have chased after Arlen without thinking of the consequences, regardless of whether they were FBI or not. To tell the truth, when it was decided Las Vegas was the destination, it wasn’t like I didn’t have my own calculations. If I were able to arrest Arlen… I thought, wouldn’t I be able to return to Japan with my head held up high this time?

K: But… your words a year ago stopped me. If the FBI’s target was Arlen then they would have captured him a long time ago. But the fact that they haven’t means… another chance might come. On the other hand, if I did something reckless at that place then even the aforementioned possibility would become zero. In that case, what I should do is not to crush that possibility. I should entrust it to you, Makabe, Suou, and the comrades I trust, and connect this to the future.


K: Besides, there’s one more important responsibility that I have.

K: … Completing Implied Odds and helping addicts of Rouge et Noir get treated even a day quicker. That’s something only the forensics officer, Kurusu Rei… the present me can do. So, no matter how long it’ll take, I’m definitely going to complete it. This is… my own way of settling the past.

K: Heh, or… is this just running away in the end? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I’m a little relieved. To be honest, I was prepared to be slapped at least once in the face. Haha, because my lover is cute but also indomitable from time to time.

K: Eh? Hehe, you’re right, that’s something only you can do. In that case… I’ll count on you for the rest, Miss Narcotics Cop. *heroine nods* Haha. *kisses*

K: … Well then, we should head back soon. Ah, of course the destination is my house… right? Hehe, that’s because after knowing you have tomorrow off… the reason to return you home is gone. From here, we’re not a forensic officer or narcotics officer… It’s a time for lovers.

[07:14] *scene skip; kisses*

K: Mm… that reminds me, I thought about this a little while ago but haven’t your breasts gotten a bit bigger? *kisses* Nngh… look, it’s as I thought. It’s just a little larger than the time I called you newbie. Haha, it’s probably because you’ve had a lot of sex with me in this past year.

K: *kisses* Oh? Haha, did you feel that? You love it when I do this to the tips of your breasts, huh. *kisses*

K: Haha, oh dear, you look somewhat frustrated. Could it be that you want me to spoil you somewhere else? For example, let’s see… here? *fingers heroine* Look, it’s hot and sticky. This erotic mouth is open and waiting for me, as if telling me to hurry up and swirl my fingers around. Heh, did I make you impatient? Ngh… hah… *kisses*


K: It’s burning inside and sopping… hah… it feels like my fingers will prune. *kisses*

K: Mmgh… see, it’s extremely thick. Look, there’s a thread. *sucks on fingers* Aah, a sweet and sour taste. It’s delicious. Hey, please give me more. *gives oral*

K: Nn… haha… if you let this much flow out then I can’t keep up, you know? Mm… ngh…

K: Are you going to come already? Haha, that’s quick. But teasing you seems mean, so I’ll keep on making you feel good like this. Nngh…! *giving oral; heroine orgasms*

K: Haah… haa…

K: Heh, that’s a lovely look. In truth, I want to give you much more, but after I see that look on you then I can’t hold back either. Hey… can I enter you? *heroine nods* Haha. *kisses*

K: *removes belt* Haha, look, it’s become pretty terrible. *grabs condom*


K: Hey, I’m going to lie down. Get on top of me. Haha, don’t be shy, come on. Over here. Ngh…

K: Now… I’ll fill you up deeply. Ngh! *inserts himself* Ah! Haah… haa…! Look, we’re connected. Hah… ngh…! *thrusting*

K: Hey, you try moving too. You can just rock your hips. That way we’ll both feel more pleasure. Haah… ngh… yes, well done. Moreover, it’s an amazing view. Hah… ungh…

K: Haha, what should I do? I felt aroused and now I’ve gotten larger inside of you, ngh! Aah… hah…! Right? I feel like I’m about to burst. Even more so with you squeezing down on me again and again. Haah… this is bad… I feel like I won’t be able to stop.

K: Hey, stretch out both your hands to me. *grabs hands* Clamp down like this and hold on tightly, okay? Hah… hagh…!! *thrusting*


K: Look, I’m really… deep inside you now. Aah… can you tell I’m hitting you deep inside? Hah… haah…!

K: Hey, come closer. Here, let’s kiss. *kisses; thrusting*

K: You can let go of your hands now. I’ll hold you. *sits up* Aah… ngh…! Look, inside and outside, everything is pressed together without any space. Aah… ah…!

K: Haha… ngh… you have a slack look on your face. Does it feel good? Ungh… hah…! Me too… I feel… extremely good… to the point of losing my mind. Haah… hah…!! I’m coming…! Nngh…! *thrusting; he orgasms*

K: Haah… haa…


K: You’re twitching down here. Did you come too? *heroine nods* Haha, I see.

K: Hey, can I stay inside you like this for a while longer? *heroine nods* Haha, thank you. I love you.

*scene skip*

K: Hey, there’s something I want to hand you. *opens drawer*

K: … Close your eyes and… hold out your hand. Oh. Haha, no, not your right hand. *grabs left hand* This one.

K: You can open your eyes now.

K: My present to you. In truth, I wanted to give it to you on our one year anniversary since we started dating. But both of us were running around, so it became completely late.

K: In the future, I’ll be gifting you a second ring for this finger. So this one… *kisses* is to reserve things, alright? After all, there’s still lots of things you and I need to do.

K: … Will you accept it? *heroine nods* Haha! *hugs heroine; kisses*

K: I love you.

*** TRACK 8: Prop Bet ***

It’s like bets outside the game, so what cards are coming up that’ll appear on the flop (the 3 community cards that appear in the first round after bets). Or it can even be physical tasks unrelated to poker.

*birds chirping*

K: … Zzz… ngh… *phone ringing* Mmgh…

K: Ah… *answers phone* Yes? What do you want this bright and early? Me and her are off today.

K: Uwah… your personality is horrible. Ryo, you’re going to be kicked to death by a horse soon. Haha, well, it doesn’t seem like you’ll die from something like that no matter how hard it tries. So? What’s your business?

K: Hah… hold on! You seriously only wanted to interrupt? Aah, you really have an amazing personality. I think it might be better for you to be kicked once by a horse after all. Heh, well, see you, Mr. Interrupting Bug. *ends call*


K: Ah, sorry, I woke you up, didn’t I?

K: Yeah, it was Makabe. He said he came to interrupt us on purpose.

K: Mm, that’s right, the weather’s nice so why don’t we take a shower and head out? *gets up* Hah… oh. That reminds me, something like this happened before too, didn’t it? Remember, the next day after you became my lover. We were forced to get up by Makabe’s call about an emergency matter.

K: Hey, do you remember what we talked about then? That a man and women who came together because of an extreme situation wouldn’t last long. *heroine nods* You and I didn’t believe that, so we said we’d overturn it with the two of us. Haha, we overturned it perfectly, right? *hugs heroine*

K: … After all, it doesn’t’ seem like we can separate from each other by any means. Now… and in the future… forever.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Bathroom lovers ***

*heroine typing; Kurusu knocks on door and enters*

K: Good evening.

K: Ah, like I thought, you’re alone. You’ve worked hard into the night. Mm? I’m off tomorrow. I thought we could go home together. You’re not done yet? *heroine shakes head* Oh, nice timing then. Let’s go home.

*scene skip; door opens*

K: Well, we’ve both worked hard today. *hugs heroine* Ah, that reminds me, how about we take a bath? Yep, not a shower. Let’s put water into the tub. I have a bath powder I think you’ll like. So? If you warm your body up slowly then I think you’ll feel less exhausted. *heroine nods* Mm, it’s decided then. I’ll prepare it right away, so you relax here.

*scene skip; in the tub*

K: Aah… it’s been a long time since I used a hot bath like this too, but it really does feel good, huh.


K: Look, the water’s a faint pink too and it’s cute. Roses and other flower petals were included so it smells nice and its relaxing effect is exceptional. Do you like it? *heroine nods* I see, I’m glad. Incidentally…

K: Haha, why are you so far away?

K: Oh? Haha, it’s embarrassing at this point? Even though I’ve seen this and that and everything of your body. Come on, over here. *pulls heroine* See? Being pressed together is warmer and it feels nice.

K: Oh! Hehe, mm… if you react like that I’ll want to tease you even more. Like this… *kisses*

K: Haha, are you getting excited? That IS… the case, right? It’s written clearly on your face.

K: Your skin is silky. There’s a bit of oil in this bath powder, so it’s even more slippery. Hey now, haha! You can’t struggle. The hot water will spill out, right? Be a good girl and stay still. I’ll make you feel good, alright? *kisses*


K: Huh… what’s this?

K: Hey, this place is slippery too. Heh, this isn’t from the bath powder, right? It’s something I know well… a thick sensation. Nn… hah…

K: Ah… haha, look, a lot came out. Hey, what’s it like deeper inside? Nngh… *kisses; fingering heroine*

K: Haah… haa… you’re completely drenched and it’s really hot. Oh! Haha, I’d like to make you come like this, but then blood will rush to your head. *lifts heroine up* Here, sit on the bathtub.

K: Oh! Hey now, if you close your legs then I can’t continue, right? *opens her legs; gives oral*


K: Haha… mm? Ah, it’s echoing a lot, huh. Your cute voice is hitting me in the groin much more than usual. Hey… let me hear more.

K: Hehe, I keep licking and licking but it just steadily flows out. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to clean you up. Relax, and it’s okay to let out even more.

K: Mmh… ngh…! *heroine orgasms* Haah… haa…

K: You c-a-m-e. Did my tongue feel that great? Haha, you’re honest. *kisses* Then, turn around like this and put your hands on the tub. Let me enter you, alright? Please.

K: Good girl. Now then… I’m putting it in. Nngh…! *inserts himself* Haha, that was a really loud voice. Today I’m excessively aroused by your voice. It’s not so bad doing it in the bath occasionally, huh. Nn… hah… haa…


K: Aah, you’re twitching down here. It’s clenching around me… hngh… Can you tell? That you’re moving extremely lewdly. Haha, that’s too bad. I wanted to show you, but… you’ll be able to tell with this, right? Hagh… ngh… It feels really good. Aah… hah…! *thrusting; kisses*

K: Nrgh… hah… hey, can you look at me even just a little bit? Hah… haa…! Haha, what a cute and erotic face. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Mmgh! You’re squeezing me tightly…! Haha, you’re not supposed to do that. If you’re that tight then… hah… I’ll come, right? Hold on for just a bit more… okay? Haah… ah…!

K: Let me hear your voice more. Come on… cry a lot and tell me where it feels good. Hagh… haa…! Nngh…!

K: I got it. Here, right? Then, let’s feel good together. Hah… haa…!!


K: Ggh… I’m coming…! Haah… ngh…! *he orgasms*

K: Hah… haa… I’m sorry… I released on your butt. Haha, just when we took a bath I dirtied you, huh. Haah… let me stay like this for a while longer. Then I’ll wash you properly. *kisses*

*scene skip; Kurusu opens fridge*

K: Haha, in the end, there was a rush of blood to your head, huh. I got a bit ahead of myself. Do you want to drink some water? *heroine nods* Ah, no, stay down like that. *opens water* Here, open your mouth. *passes water through kiss*

K: … Want some more? *heroine nods* Haha. *kisses with water*


K: Mm, looks like you’re more stable now. If you drink too much all at once then this time your body will get chilled, so drink it later when you’re thirsty. I’m going to put this back, alright? *puts water in fridge*

K: Ah, that reminds me… Oh?

K: … Oh, she fell asleep. Haha, what a defenseless face. Even though you were making such sexy noises earlier ago…

K: I’ll feel bad if I wake her. *carries heroine* Now then, I’ll escort the princess to her bed. *opens door; sets heroine down*

K: … Haha. Good night. Rest well. *kisses*

*** ANIMATE/OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: Side Rouge ~ Case of Rei ~ ***

Note2: Bad End that splits in Track 5.

*door card swipe; door closes*

K: … Arlen’s entered the VIP area. Just as planned. Next is… *footsteps come* Huh?

K: Do you have some business with us?

K: Mm, as you can see, we’re just having fun in this place. If you’re talking about our membership card then we showed it upon entering. Hah, alright. *whispers to heroine* For now, let’s listen to these guys here.

*scene skip; door opens and closes*

K: So? How do we get you guys to believe that we’re actually members? *they pull out vials*… I see. Being taken on purpose to the separate rooms used for fun was for this. You want us to prove it by drinking that Second Barrel there in front of you guys, right?

K: … Fine. Then could I ask for Strategy too? Thanks. *takes both; hugs heroine* I’m sorry. This is my fault, right? That things became like this. *heroine shakes head* Ggh… you’re kind even at a time like this. Even though it’s fine if you cursed me. But… here, we have no choice but to drink these. If we don’t drink then we probably won’t be able to escape alive. So… I’m really… sorry. *heroine shakes head*

K: … Open your mouth. *drinks vials; kisses heroine*


K: Ngh…! Haah… haa…! Grgh… hagh… haa…!! Looks like it’s affecting me already. See, take a good look. *kisses heroine* Mmgh!!

K: Hrgh… haah… hey… with this, you can tell that we’re… fully-fledged guests, right? *they nod* In that case… hurry up and GET OUT. You’re all eyesores! Haah… haa…! *they leave; door closes*

K: So they left… hagh… haa…!! I’m sorry… this wasn’t… my intention. But… ngh… haah… haa…!!

K: *grabs heroine* Ngh… grgh… *kisses*

K: Hah… *struggling with himself*… I’m sorry, right now I can’t think about anything… but fucking you. Nngh! *kisses*

K: Aah, it’s hot. It’s burning. To the point where… it can’t be compared to the previous time… hagh… haa…!! *kisses* Hah… haa…!!


K: Sorry, I don’t think I even have the control… to remove your dress. If I slip, I feel like I’m just going to tear your underwear like this. Nngh…! Haah… haa… ah, this is bad. You’re sopping and sticky. You’re also in pain, right? I’ll make you feel comfortable right now. *gives oral*

K: Mgh… frustrating? Don’t worry, if you’re this wet then it’ll happen soon. Here, I’ll make you come. Nrgh…! *heroine orgasms*

K: Haah… haa…!! See, you came already. But there’s no way this sort of thing… will calm you down, right? *heroine nods* Heh, I remember even though I don’t want to… the horrors of this drug. You know too, right? Haa… hah…!

K: I’m also at my limits. Haah… I want to hurry… and be inside you. *removes belt* Ngh…! Hah… haah…!

K: I’m putting it in. Aah…! *inserts himself* Nrgh… you’re squeezing me so tightly… ungh…! Shit…! Like this… I’ll come immediately…!

K: Hngh… ah… you too… again? *heroine nods* Don’t hold back. Alright? Come. If you don’t then you’ll just stay in pain. Haah… come on… I’ll help you. Hah… haa…!! *thrusting; heroine orgasms* Don’t…! If you clamp down like that… agh…! Haa… hah…!! I’m coming…! *he orgasms*


K: *kisses* Haa… hah…! Not yet… It’s not enough at all yet… ngh! Haah… haa…! *thrusting*

K: I feel like… my mind’s going crazy… Why is it this hot…!? *kisses; thrusting*

K: Ungh… hagh… you look like that too. Even though the two of us should just lose our heads here… haah… If we do that then, ngh, we could run away from this pain. Hagh… haa… that’s strange… Is sex something that hurt this much? It feels good and yet… ngh… it feels too good that it hurts, agh…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haah… ah…! Sorry… if I’m not careful, I bite into your breasts. Hagh… haa… I can’t control my strength anymore. Ggh… ngh… I… I… agh…!

K: Ngh… it’s coming…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*


K: Ah! *they collapse* Haa… hah… sorry… are you OK? That hurt, right? *heroine shakes head*

K: … Eh? Hah… haha… I didn’t ask for it and yet… to hear you beg from me for the first time… Strange, if it was the same as always, I’d be overjoyed and aroused… but now I feel horribly conflicted. Still… ngh… don’t worry, I’ll fuck you crazily as you wish. Here, put your hands on the sofa and raise your hips.

K: Haah… haha, my semen is flowing out from you. The amount’s more than usual. Haha… is this also because of the drug? Aah… it really is a senseless thing. Ngh…! *inserts himself* Hagh… haa… you’re tight again. Hngh, at this rate, I feel like I’ll come right away this time too. Haah… ah…!! *thrusting*

K: Huh? What?… Haha, I see, so you’re already about to come too. It seems like our sensations have gone insane. Haah… if we continue like this, I wonder what’ll happen. Hah… haa…!! There’s been a tingling in my head all this time. Even though there’s a part of me that’s shouting out that we mustn’t do this… ngh… haah… haa… there’s another part of me trying to suppress that, saying I should just drown in this pleasure.


K: Aah… haha…! If my reason were to disappear like this… I wonder if I’ll become someone who can only think about sex? Haah… like a beast in heat… ngh… ungh… but… I’ve thought a bit that if it’s with you then it’s alright to be like that. Being like this with you… ngh… if we’re connected forever… until we’re a complete mess then… that in and of itself might be happiness. Haha… I’m the worst, aren’t I? *heroine shakes head*

K: Huh? Hah… haha… I see, you’re the same? *heroine nods* Hahaha…

K: … Alright. Then… why don’t we fall down all the more? Haah… hah…!! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Nrgh… agh… it feels good… Hey, squeeze me more… tightly… ngh…!! Aah… yes, like that…! Don’t let me go… haah… haa…!! I’m releasing…! Aagh…! *he orgasms*

K: Hagh… haa… I still… want you. I want… your everything. Nngh…! *thrusting*

K: More… deeper…! Grgh…! Ungh… haa…!!


K: Face… this way… haah… haa… *kisses; thrusting*

K: Gngh… again…! It’s coming…! *kisses; thrusting* I’m coming…! It feels so good… agh…! Mmgh… I’m coming…! Haa… I’m coming…! I’m coming… I’m com… ngh…! *he orgasms*

K: Haah… haa… ah! *they collapse* Hah… haah…

K: I wonder what exactly we’re doing in a place like this? We should be chasing Arlen, but we’re indulging in drugs. Haha… moreover, this is the second time. Haa… hah… like this, I can’t return back to Japan. There’s no place for us at the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare anymore. *heroine nods*

K: … Hey, how about the two of us disappear like this? It’d be nice to live quietly somewhere in this country with you. From morning to night… I’d have sex with you and sleep with you. Once we’re up, we’d have sex again… and if we died in obscurity then how fortunate would that be?

K: Do you… think that too? *heroine nods* Haha… I see. *holds heroine*

K: Then we’ll be together no matter where we go. Until death… forever and ever.

Note3: Guess who!! Gabriel Garrett, our favorite watchdog. This is the first introduction of him with his official name :’)) and look at how far he’s come as a character now.

Note4: Being kicked to death by a horse is a Japanese proverb about how if you keep getting in the way of someone’s relationship or romance you’ll be kicked to death by a horse. I dunno why or where it came from (except that I think it was back in the Edo period?) but, hey, the more you know!!

6 thoughts on “Rouge et Noir ~ Implied Odds ~

    waterinegirl said:
    August 20, 2019 at 00:45

    wow, its impressive how he make a prototype to neutralize the side effects or treat the addict.

    i feel bad for makabe. he’s being made as interrupter. i wish they also write love triangles in rouge et noir.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 20, 2019 at 10:34

      Kurusu is a genius in and out of a lab :’)) too bad he still suffers a bit from having to set up Arlen’s CD in his own…

      Haha, it’s really cute to constantly see Makabe and Kurusu’s bond in their own CDs.

    shngml said:
    August 19, 2019 at 14:04

    😱 does that mean we should expect gabrial garrett to get a cd? thanks for the hard work.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 19, 2019 at 15:43

      You’re welcome! Gabriel already did get his CD, haha, he’s also known as Gilles Lagrene :) the undercover FBI investigator with Arlen.

        shngml said:
        August 20, 2019 at 07:06

        gosh. why didn’t i realize that? i skipped his volume and been reading the others. i should read his story.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 20, 2019 at 10:34

        He’s actually revealed in Arlen’s Maximum Bet one, and then they gave him his own spin-off CD |D:; which is why it’s so amazing how much he grew from a side character to being a super cool undercover FBI investigator (voiced by Domon—).

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