Day: August 25, 2019

SNB Sanada ~ 光盟 Chapter 3.3 ~

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Chapter 3: A Dilemma, An Unshakeable Will!

The battlefield was extremely chaotic due to the appearance of the Mouri army. During this, Kamanosuke returned together with Nobuyuki-san, who should have left the army. In the brief joy at their return, a seriously wounded Saizou was carried in…

Chapter 3.3

Uesugi’s Naoe Kanetsugu-san, Takeda’s Kousaka Masanobu-san, and then Kamanosuke-kun and I proceeded into the forests of Mouri territory.

[KAMANOSUKE]: “… Stop. Be quiet.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Hah? What is it?”

Kanetsugu-san doubtfully asked Kamanosuke-kun, who suddenly stopped us.

[MASANOBU]: “What’s the matter? Did something catch your attention?”


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