Rouge et Noir ~ All In ~

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Suou Eiji (周防 衛士)
CV: 鷹取玲

Rouge et Noir ~ All In ~

It’s been around a year since the flood of the new drug, Rouge et Noir. Due to the destruction of the criminal syndicate, House, the Port and Harbour city of Kaasa has finally begun to recover its previous days.

In the middle of this, the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare discovered illegal drugs that were being smuggled from a freighter at Kaasa’s docks. The result of a deliberate arms-length surveillance was a confirmation that the ones who were carrying in Rouge et Noir, a part of the smuggled goods, was the New Kaasa casino, Port Club, on the man-made island formed because of redevelopment.

In order to investigate the background of this case, Chief Suou Eiji of the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID) and you, a narcotics officer, proceeded towards Port Club together—

R18 content. Massive thank you again to the anonymous commissioner who requested the three volumes of Rouge et Noir and were willing to accommodate my idiosyncrasy of wanting to collect the first three volumes. Also, thank you to my pending commissioners who have been so patient.

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

*** TRACK 1: Face Down ***

I think Mikado is having a harder and harder time getting terms LOL. I believe this is about poker cards being dealt face down to the players.

*papers crinkling*

Suou: You’re right, you’re lacking in documents. So, I’ve told you already that you can’t enter the port until we’re done checking the cargo. *person talks* Heh, in that case, there’s no problems, right?

S: *radio crackles* Makabe, investigate the containers. Yeah, everything from A to Z.

S: *to heroine* You’re going to help me. We’re examining the interior.

*opens and enters room*

S: Hah? What is it all of a sudden? Haha, that’s like saying there’s something in this room. *heroine explains* I see, I see. Then we have to examine it all the more! *kicks boards*

S: Now then… *lights smoke*

S: Can you bring up a rough sketch of this boat? *heroine uses gadget* I see. In this rough sketch, there’s nothing at the back of this cabin. But… *smokes*

S: I wonder why the smoke is getting sucked behind that wall, captain? Haha, don’t bother, your face says it all. To put it simply— *kicks wall* it’s this, right? *smokes*


S: I’m sure this hidden room of illegal drugs wasn’t on your cargo list. *grabs captain* Haha… turning to force when things don’t go your way? That’s easy to understand, but— *throws captain* you’re too naive. Put on some more muscle if you’re going to be a sailor.

S: *captain pulls something* Hm? *heroine kicks him* Oh, woah. Haha, hey hey, you kicked him way too hard. Look, he’s about to lose consciousness.

S: Haha, jeez, when’d you become such an unruly girl? Well, anyway, Mr. Captain… we’re going to have a nice, long conversation with your crew. Ah, sorry, it’s a bit late but we’re not customs workers. *smokes*

S: We’re the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. All In.

S: Regarding the smuggling incident at Kaasa’s docks the other day, the result of them doing a controlled delivery established that a part of the smuggled goods, Second Barrel, Strategy, and other Rouge et Noir related drugs, went through several businesses and was carried into New Kaasa’s casino, Port Club.

S: No, Port Club is a publicly managed casino. The smuggling incident scores points, but we need to remove all the obstacles in our way or we won’t be able to do a premise search. Makabe and others will first proceed with secret investigations on the businesses used as routes. I’ll be the one looking into Port Club. Dismissed. *everyone leaves*

S: Hm? What’s wrong?


S: Haha, that was my plan from the start even without you asking. I’m going to ask you to give me your all at Port Club.

S: *ruffles hair* I’m counting on you. *phone rings* Oh. Ugh, again? Ouryuukai’s illegal sex service in the N district was exposed.

S: Yeah, I’ve been curious about that too. Up to now, it’s been rare for this to become public knowledge, yet recently there’s been a lot of incidents related to Ouryuukai.

S: Maybe. Either Ouryuukai’s running wild at a pace where their backers, the Port and Harbour police, can’t keep up with their cover-ups or something’s happened to their collusive relationship…

S: Well, in any case, concentrate on Port Club right now.

*** TRACK 2: Grinder ***

A player who plays tight and low-risk with the intention of making a small, but steady profit. Basically, they “grind” away until they reach their goal.

*casino slot noises*

S: It’s quite something to be so lively on a weekday evening.

S: So? How long are you going to keep on standing there?

S: Haha, today, we’re purely customers. No one has the right to complain if I’m out lawfully with my woman, right? More importantly, *grabs heroine* let’s do this. If you twist your foot then you wouldn’t be able to run around the crime scene, right?

S: It’s not “Chief”. What’re you supposed to call me again in private?

S: Heh, that’s right, Eiji.

S: It’s not like I did anything you need to thank me for. It’s not my character to escort someone, but… if I don’t do it in these clothes then there’d be no opportunities, right?

S: Now then, you know our objective today, right?

S: Yeah, the guys who carried in the Rouge et Noir have gone into hiding, but the people behind them will be on guard once they see my face. If everything goes well, they should make a move for some reason or other. The problem is… which table we’ll go to.

S: Poker? Heh, nice and effortless. It’s decided then.

[02:06] *scene skip; poker game*

S: Call.

S: Raise. One hundred thousand.

S: Hey hey, you guys have no spirit. Is there no one who wants to go a match? Then, it’s my win this time as well.

S: *to heroine* Hm? Haha, no, look. See? It wasn’t anything good. For poker, no matter your technique, strength, or weaknesses, the one who bluffs the best wins. Above all, *grabs heroine* I’ve got such a good woman with me there’s no way I could lose, right?

S: What’re you getting embarrassed about? *leans in* Listen like this… in the upper gallery, there’s several people watching us. Don’t look over there, or we’ll get discovered. Yeah, most likely they’re our targets. If we make a move we’ll be a bit late.

S: You’re right. Well then… *gets up* let’s go. We’re withdrawing here. There’s no winning if we go all in right now. *heroine nods*

*** TRACK 3: Burn Card ***

It means a card that’s discarded by the dealer, before they move on to deal the community card. I think the intention for this is to make sure no one’s set the deck. It also makes it so that if the first card was accidentally seen then it doesn’t matter. More than one card could be burned, depending on circumstances.

*Suou lights a smoke; door knock; heroine enters*

S: You didn’t have to make your way to the smoking room. Wouldn’t it have been better to wait at the office?

S: *smokes* Contact came in from our “S”. There’s been movement at Port Club.

S: Yeah, the day after we showed our faces, Rouge et Noir was carried out and their destination was a warehouse in D sector. In other words, the source of the smuggling is… yeah *smokes*… Ouryuukai.

S: Previously, in Xiang Mao’s underground casino which Makabe infiltrated, illegal drugs were made into prizes. It’s not strange for Ouryuukai to do something similar at Port Club. From their experience cooperating with House, they’re well aware that Rouge et Noir related drugs are worth money.

S: Even more so after House and Underdog were destroyed in America and the scarcity value increased. *smokes*

S: It’s become problematic. There’s lots of rich and powerful people into drug sex and if an inventory can be secured then those Ouryuukai guys’ profits will erupt crazily.

S: Hm? *phone vibrating* It’s Suou. Got it. Good work. Pull out now. *ends call* Results from the secret investigation into the businesses connected with smuggling came out. All of the proprietory had monetary troubles that led them into a relationship with the past Ouryuukai.

S: They were obtained and manipulated on that, which is probably why they took part in the smuggling. On this occasion, when the smuggling source is Ouryuukai, I was suspecting it’d concern the Hermes Medical Group but looks like I was off. However, now that it’s like this, things are finally starting to take shape.


S: It’s likely… the Port and Harbour police are trying to pull back from Ouryuukai. Lately, there’s been news every day about incidents related to Ouryuukai, right? I couldn’t help but be curious about that and lightly looked into Ouryuukai’s offices.

S: Yeah, there was one conclusive difference compared to how it was up to now. Those Port and Harbour guys. Before, whenever I marched into Ouryuukai’s office, they’d come to supervise immediately. But this time I haven’t heard from them at all. Far from that, the presence of the guys who are always stuck on me and watching me have disappeared.

S: Meaning, the Port and Harbour police won’t be troubled even if we raise a hand to Ouryuukai. *smokes*

S: The tie between the Port and Harbour police and Ouryuukai has become a shell, but on the side of the Port and Harbour police the risk that’s characteristic of criminal syndicates has always shadowed them.

S: What would you do if you found another way to procure money at lower risk? Yeah, it’d be better to discard Ouryuukai without delay.

S: Who knows. It’s currently unknown just who it is that Port and Harbour’s police is in a new and intimate relationship with. But if those guys really plan on withdrawing then we can’t be careless. If we do this poorly then, at the same time Ouryuukai gets cut down, it’s possible the evidence of their past wrongdoings will be concealed.

S: Yeah, we’re going to strike at the main body of Ouryuukai before that. *smokes* If we seize the Rouge et Noir at the warehouse then we can use that to do a premises search. *stubs out smoke* Get ready immediately.

*** TRACK 4: Counterfeit ***

Surprisingly, this means when a community card makes a player’s hand weaker. Essentially, it improves the other players’ hands while the value of your hand hasn’t changed.

*car driving*

S: Your face is stiff. Yeah, it’s the face you had when you entered Ouryuukai’s office for the first time. Are you nervous? *heroine shakes head*

S: Haha, hey hey, how many years do you think I’ve been a narcotics cop? Even if we’re right before everything’s exposed, I don’t think anything of it…

S: Is what I’d like to say, but that’s not actually true. I’m not nervous, but it’s a fact that I’m a little uncertain. After all, I’m at a critical moment of whether or not I can cut my fate with Ouryuukai… as the SCID’s chief and for me personally.

S: It’s been a long road to this point… *radio crackles* Makabe? Yeah, we’ll be there in ten minutes. How’s the situation over there?… What? Got it. Stand by there.

S: *to heroine* I’m increasing our speed a bit.

[02:00] *scene skip; walking; door opens; vial noises*

S: Second Barrel and Strategy. There’s no mistake these are the Rouge et Noir drugs carried out from Port Club, right?

S: So, what does it mean for there to be no guards?

S: Yeah, as far as we can see, it’s been abandoned like cigarette butts in an empty can, but it’s a certainty that several hours ago there were Ouryuukai men in this warehouse. Did something happen to the point where they didn’t even have the time to care about these and rushed out? Hmm…

S: Makabe, you and your team will stand by at the previous location again. If there’s no change in two hours then seize these drugs and return first. I’m going to Ouryuukai’s office.

[03:20] *scene skip; car is parked; window rolled down*

S: Yeah, there happens to be lights on but it’s strangely quiet. *they get out; walk a bit*

S: …! This one’s…

S: It’s the vehicle from when the drugs were carried out of Port Club.

S: *uses phone* Senna? Compare the noted vehicle with N system’s information and the warehouse in D sector. I want it done this evening within five minutes. That’s easy for you, right? I’m counting on you. *ends call; lights smoke*

S: *phone vibrates* Heh, that was quick. He’s excellent. *checks phone* Like I thought, two hours ago it moved from the warehouse to here. But after being called urgently back to the office, the driver’s return is too slow. Look at this. *opens car door* It’s not even locked. No matter how you look at it, this is too careless. Something’s strange.

S: Hmm…

S: I’m going to look around a bit. You go back to the car. Heh, telling you to wait obediently… isn’t something you’ll possibly obey, huh. *heroine nods* Then take care and come with me. *stubs out smoke* I can’t help but have a bad feeling.


S: We’re going around to the back entrance. Over here. *they go around*

S: I’m going in. *opens door; they enter*

S: … This room’s not locked either. I’m opening it. Be careful. *opens door* Ngh! This guy is…! *grabs heroine* You… really should go back to the car. Don’t look! There’s blood everywhere.

*scene skip; radio crackle*

S: There’s no change over there?

S: It’s awful over here too. It wasn’t just that earlier room, all the people in the office are dead. Each and every one of them was shot at point-blank range. In addition— hm? Hey, bastard—!! *gunfire through radio* Grgh! *radio cuts off*

*heroine gets out of car; runs into office; gunfire; heroine shoots back; silence falls; walks forward and gets grabbed*

S: Idiot, don’t scream, it’s me. I told you to wait in the car, didn’t I? Why’d you come back?

S: Relax, I wasn’t shot.


S: Yeah, the culprit who killed Ouryuukai’s men was still hiding here.

S: Haha, the culprit’s face? Yeah, I saw it for just a second. It was… *footsteps* ah! Come closer.

S: … Stifle your breathing as much as you can. There’s more numbers on their side. We’re going to let them pass like this. *heroine nods*

*footsteps slowly approach; footsteps leave along with others*

S: … Yeah, they ran away. No, maybe it’s more correct to say they withdrew here. We’ll talk about it later.

S: We should hurry and leave this place too. It’s time for the Port and Harbour police to appear. It’s none of our business as narcotics cops as to what their detectives do. Let’s go. *sirens in BGM*

*** TRACK 5: Risk of Ruin ***

The probability a player will lose all their money in a game of chance.


S: It’s a downpour. *phone dings; parks car*

S: There’s been a news flash. “A shoot-out broke out at the designated headquarters of the criminal syndicate, Ouryuukai, and the deaths of executive members are confirmed. There is also a number of casualties in the members. The Port and Harbour police are commencing an investigation into the cause of this internal strife and the head of Ouryuukai, Rikugou Masanari, who seems to know the circumstances is currently on the run”.

S: Hahaha… just as they like. Everything’s being carried out exactly as the Port and Harbour police want it to be.

S: Haven’t you felt any sense of discomfort from the news up to now?

S: That’s right. It’s been presented that only all the executives are dead, but there are other members still alive. That way it wouldn’t be unnatural. If you think about it normally, a massacre shouldn’t be possible.

S: Yeah, this “internal strife” is a charade set up by the Port and Harbour police. From the start, those guys sent in people who were like pawns as Ouryuukai’s executives. Then, when the time came, they’d aim to dispose of all the other members and destroy the evidence.

S: The person I saw before was also one of the executives who acted as Rikugou’s aide. It’s likely the other attackers were also trusted executives. Haha, in the first place, guys who were fine with killing an ordinary person like my dad to seal his mouth wouldn’t be gentle to a criminal syndicate.

S: If the fleeing Rikugou falls into the hands of the Port and Harbour’s police like this then all the wrongdoings Ouryuukai has accumulated to now will be conveniently disposed of and buried in darkness. Then it’d be the end.


S: Haha, I’m completely late. Serves me right.

*scene skip; still raining; heroine opens car door; Suou is flicking lighter open and shut*

S: … You’ll catch a cold. Wait in the car.

S: I’ll be back soon. *heroine shakes head*

S: Two hours? Haha, it’s been that long already?

S: … Yeah, many things. But not a single cohesive thought is coming. Right now, inside me, the personal will of Suou Eiji is trying to tear off the restraints of the SCID chief. That’s why I thought if I stood in the rain I’d cool my head a little, but… it’s useless.

S: The moment I settle my heart, I get worked up about revenge and it’s a bother. It’d be nice if it just went to sleep obediently, but whenever it hears about something and wakes it becomes unmanageable. On the other side of the line it shouldn’t cross, it keeps on trying to drag me over.

S: Haha, what am I supposed to do? *heroine hugs him*


S: You’ll get wet.

S: … Heh, that’s true. *hugs back* You and I are both already drenched. Haha, really… what am I doing?

S: Haa…

S: ……

S: We should get going soon. Nah, there won’t be anyone at the office anymore if we return. I had Makabe and all the others return home first. You’re off tomorrow morning, right? *heroine nods* Then stay the night. No… *holds tighter*

S: … Don’t go home. Stay beside me tonight.

*scene skip; kisses*

S: Mmh…! Ngh… what?

S: Haha, yeah, you’re right. Either way, we’re both soaking wet so might as well strip.

S: Come on, you too. You just need to warm up before you catch a cold, right? This way’s quicker than a bath. Enough, let me sleep with you. Move your hands. *kisses*


S: Did that hurt? Haha, sorry, but looks like it was some good stimulation.

S: It’s pointed here. Look, you can tell, right? It’s hard. *kisses*

S: Mm? This side too? *kisses*

S: … Haha, don’t close them. Spread them open.

S: Good girl. Nn… hehe, you’re soaking even with your clothes removed.

S: Nrgh… *removes belt; grabs condom*


S: Sorry for being so quick, but I’m putting it in. I want you. Nngh… *inserts himself*

S: It’s a little tight as I should have expected. *kisses* Forgive me, I’ll make you feel good soon. Hngh… hah… *thrusting*

S: Because I pushed myself in without loosening you much, you’re tighter than usual. Ngh, ah, it’s like I’m being rejected and told to hurry up and get out. *heroine squeezes him* Hngh! Hey, haha, are you trying to tell me I’m wrong just now? *heroine nods*

S: Haha, but normally clenching down like this gives the opposite effect. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter here. Ngh! I’m even more aroused after being squeezed. I’ll stay inside until this place here gets used to my shape. Haah… haa… *thrusting*

S: Don’t bite your lip so much. You’ll end up bleeding, you know? Here, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. *kisses*

S: Nrgh… haah… haa… you’re clamping down deep inside. Here, come. Nrgh… ngh! *heroine orgasms*

S: Haa… haha… that’s a seductive look. It shot down to my groin. Ungh… hah… hagh…! *thrusting* Haha… sorry, since you just came, but keep me company a while longer. Yeah, that’s nice, if you cling onto me like this, ngh, I’ll be able to reach deeper. Ngh… mgh…!

S: I’m about to… release too… Ngh… ungh…

S: I’m coming…! Ngh! *he orgasms*


S: Hagh… hah… it’s still coming out. Mgh…! Haa… haah…

*scene skip; in bed*

S: … Mm? *scratching noise; he opens door*

Trebol: Meow!

S: Yo, Bol. You’re still awake?

T: Meow…

S: Up we go. *picks Bol up; purring* You’ve gotten big. When this girl was still a robin, you were still tiny. Time passes quickly, doesn’t it?

T: Meow!

S: Haha, do I feel this way because I’m old? Before one knows it, the hours go off into the distance.

S: …“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you”… If I remember right, that was Nietzsche, wasn’t it? Heh… indeed, these words are for that pretentious foreigner.

T: Meow…

S: Haha, I’m saying they don’t suit me. Even if the place I arrive at is the same place, then I’ll just look at a different sight from there.

[16:36] *walks over to heroine*

T: Mrowr.

S: Go to sleep with her. I’ll be going to sleep too after one smoke.

*scene skip; birds chirping*

S: You’re up? Haha, it’s fine, stay down.

S: Yeah, I’m heading out. Give Bol some food later. *heroine nods* See you.

S: Mm? What? Heh, yeah, I’m going now.
(T/N: Lost in English, but she gave the send off phrase “itterasshai” used at home and he responded.)

*scene skip; Suou walking; uses phone*

S: Makabe, are you at the office already? You’re early as usual. Perfect timing though. Listen carefully, I’m entrusting command of the SCID to you temporarily. Don’t concern the SCID in anything I’m about to do from here. If there’s people that start talking tediously, then pass it off outside the office as me operating alone. Also, in the case that I don’t return after forty-eight hours, you’ll take over everything I mentioned before. I’m not going to take any objections. That’s all. *ends call*

S: … That girl’s probably going to be pissed after hearing things from Makabe. Haha, and I’m also a terrible man for doing things I know will make her angry. But… I can’t give this up to anyone. This is the one thing I have to settle… Sorry.

*** TRACK 6: Jam ***

A pot where several players are betting, raising, or re-raising.

*someone is walking; Suou flicks open his lighter*

S: I thought you’d come, Rikugou. *lights smoke*

S: The attache case with ready cash for killing my dad has steadily held for a long time… Isn’t that what this is called? *tosses case* You’re moving with smuggled stimulants and, even with the street price, they’re worth several millions. Are you going on a vacation all year round in Asia?

S: *smokes* I saw through where you were hiding here and there on your run. It’s convenient to set out from Port and Harbour. Even without using an airport that’s easy to get on, there’s suitable smuggling ships that can come and go in your hands, right?

S: But you didn’t think all your comrades would die, huh. You didn’t prepare a ship that you could operate alone except for here. Thanks to that, it wasn’t hard to arrive here before you… Mr. Head of Ouryuukai. *Rikugou takes out gun; Suou shoots it out of his hand* Uh oh.

S: As someone who relied on his subordinates, don’t point something you’ve barely used at someone. Next time, you won’t get away with just an injury. Well… *cocks gun* I don’t intend to settle this with just an injury to you. *smokes*


S: How does it feel? Having a gun pointed at you by the son of the man you buried.

S: Yeah, I’ve waited all this time for this moment. The instant I could get revenge for my dad. *shoots*

S: I’ll compliment you only for your guts on not losing consciousness immediately from a Magnum at this distance. The bulletproof vest you wear whenever you leave your office can’t disperse the shock of the impact, even if the bullet doesn’t pierce through. If you had the leisure to fill your own pockets by taking advantage of your position then you should have gotten the latest model.

S: The shock makes you want to writhe in pain, doesn’t it? To the point where you’d want me to kill you right now.

S: But that’s why I’m not going to kill you. You’re going to compensate me by living in pain. I’ll watch you to the end. I definitely won’t let you die easily. That is my revenge. *Rikugou collapses*


S: Well then… *smokes* You can come out now. *heroine appears*

S: I only noticed a moment ago. Haha, for better or worse, you’ve gotten good at tailing people.

S: Why didn’t you come out in the middle and stop me?

S: Because you’d get in the way…? Did you not think I would kill Rikugou? *heroine shakes head*

S: Still, by some chance, if I did kill him?

S: You…

S: Hahahaha! Before, I told you to be the first in turning your back to me if I stepped off the path… I didn’t tell you to point a gun at me. Jeez, a person like you… *ruffles hair; embraces heroine* Thank you. For believing in me. Haha.

S: Mm? Ah, if there’s this many articles to use as evidence then we’re not short on anything to arrest Rikugou with. But… *cars arrive* it doesn’t look like it’ll be that easy. *footsteps come*


S: Heh, look here, it’s the inspector general. Together with the Ouryuukai executives who should be dead. *everyone pulls guns* It seems like you’re going to silence us troublemakers while you’re taking care of Rikugou.

S: I’m going to ask because I have nothing to lose, but… you don’t feel like running, even now? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I thought so. I’m going to tell you in advance, but I’m not going to let this off with just a written apology.

S: I see. Then I’m going to drag you in without any hesitation. This time… we’re going all in. *brings up gun; heroine pulls her gun* We’re going to extract ourselves out of here with everything we got. You better not die. *shoots gun* RUN!

*gunfire; running*

S: Ngh!

S: Yeah, thanks. Crap, this isn’t good. *tackles heroine; shoots*

S: Che, missed. You okay? *heroine nods* Haha, it’s a big difference from the time you were trembling in my arms. *reloads gun* You’ve gotten strong. In my case, my night vision isn’t as effective as it was in the past. Jeez, I’m getting old.

S: It might be time for me to give up the name of Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye. *shoots gun; gunfire*


S: Che, we’re making no progress here. We’re running to the other side. *heroine nods* Ngh! GO! *gunfire*

S: Take cover! Haa… hah…

S: These are the last ones. *reloads gun* You too?

S: … Both of us have nothing left after this. Heh, we’re out if we miss. Now then… what do we do? *cars arrive* Hm? Hey hey, give me a break. Did they get more again? *gunfire; heroine shakes head*

S: What? Makabe…? You called them? *heroine shakes head* Then… they pinpointed this place without any clues?

S: … Hahahaha!! Moreover, that fellow, not only did he bring the entire SCID but he also borrowed people from other departments.

S: Haha, oh yeah, I forgot about that. It’s your guys’ specialty to ignore my orders and act according to your own will… and I was the one who chose those types of people. *heroine nods* Haha, jeez, every last one of you guys… are reliable damn kids.

S: In that case… *gets up with gun* how about working a bit more before complaints are lodged? *heroine nods* Let’s go. *they run out; gunfire*

*** TRACK 7: Show One Show All ***

Players are entitled to receive equal access to information. So, after a game (winning or folding), if a player shows someone their hand then they have to show the whole table.

*Suou lights smoke; heroine knocks on door and enters*

S: Yo.

S: *smokes* Just now, there was a message from the administrative bureau.

S: They want to change the SCID… and fire me. *heroine startles* Haha! You reacted as I expected. That was a joke. There’s no censure for all the members, including you, and I’m going to the other side for a year and taking a salary cut.

S: Haha, he was like that when I was over there, but I’ll never understand how that person thinks. But, too bad, if Makabe had been assigned chief of the SCID, you might have become a better subordinate than you are now.

S: It was a joke, don’t get angry. *smokes*

S: Despite being an unpleasant necessity, since people were borrowed from other departments, they definitely won’t fire me until I return. It’s just to let some people get cocky. Makabe also made these complaints at that moment. He said that even if it killed him he wouldn’t want this collection of irresponsible people and that I should hurry up and settle things over there before returning to my position as chief.


S: You’re asking why I did what I did? *smokes*

S: … Well, I guess you have the right to ask.

S: From the moment Ouryuukai’s office was attacked, the authority to investigate left the SCID’s hands. To chase after the fleeing Ouryuukai, on top of being outside of the Narcotics Division, it would also be inevitable that I’d bump into the people aiming for him.

S: In the end, Rikugou was carrying concealed drugs so we had just cause to arrest him, but the possibility of the previously mentioned scenario happening was higher. That’s why I cut myself loose from the SCID and acted alone.

S: Yeah, it’s true I started up the SCID to get revenge for my dad. But, you see, I noticed at the last moment that the SCID, at some point in time, became a place that was really comfortable. So I couldn’t bring myself to destroy it.

S: Up to now, everything I’ve said and done was out of selfishness and my ego, but even still I was happy. At the fact that, even now, you and Makabe and the others haven’t left and are right here.

S: Haha, I said something completely out of character. Forget it. *heroine shakes head* I told you to forget it! *heroine shakes head* Haha, ah, is that so? Then you don’t have to forget it. I won’t hide it. Right now those were my true feelings. *smokes; stubs it out*


S: Oh yeah, about Rikugou… it seems like he plans to confess everything to go after the Port and Harbour police.

S: Haha, he won’t be satisfied until he drags down everyone who discarded him. Well, that damn persistent old man is the only living member of Ouryuukai. I don’t know how much of the collusive relationship his testimony can expose when the Port and Harbour police are feigning ignorance, but it’ll be somewhat noisy for a while.

S: Hm? *phone vibrates* It’s me. Got it. Continue digging. Good work though. *ends call*

S: I was curious about the reason the Port and Harbour police were so impatient to cut off Ouryuukai and take such a daring tactic. I had my “S” look into it. It seemed like the Port and Harbour police detested how Ouryuukai was going in and out of Port Club. Considering their relationship to now, they supported the casino dealers Ouryuukai was about to make a move on and were making profits. At any rate, whatever both sides were arguing about is over there.

S: Then, it resulted in this incident, and underneath there’s hints of movement from Zero.


S: Yeah, the Port and Harbour’s elite organization which controls the Port and Harbour police’s underground dealings. Of course, those guys rarely act on anything.

S: The one possibility I can think of is the case that the Port and Harbour police cut off Ouryuukai and the party they found to new profits with happens to be someone that Zero had to make a move against.

S: Well, in any event, their objectives are all unknown, so don’t mistakenly stick your head into their business out of curiosity, alright? We’re the ones who’ll get burned. *heroine nods*

S: By the way, when’s your next holiday?

S: Then keep me company for the rest of the day. There’s a place I want to take you.

[06:44] *scene skip; walking on path*

S: There’s a step there, watch out.

S: We’re here.

S: Asakura Kunihiko. My dad’s grave. I haven’t been here since the funeral.

S: I decided that I wouldn’t see him until I settled everything. Haha, before I knew it, I’ve caught up to the age my father was at that time.

S: *goes to place stuff down* Here, you liked this sake, right? In the end, I didn’t get to drink it even once with you though. Share one with me today. It’s a celebratory drink. *opens drink; pours it out* Ouryuukai got crushed. It’ll still take some time for the Port and Harbour police, but one day I’ll expose the truth that you chased into broad daylight. Wait a bit more over there.

S: Oh yeah, I haven’t told you this yet. It’s been a long time ago now, but my mom re-married. Haha, don’t get jealous of her new husband. Even without you saying it, you were really in love with my mom, huh. Ah, there’s also one more thing. *walks to heroine; holds her* This is my precious woman. Remember her face.

S: Haha, yeah… please take care of her.
(T/N: Lost in English, but she probably said “yoroshiku(onegaishimasu)” to his dad’s grave, which is like introducing herself into his family).

S: Shall we go back? I’m sure Bol is getting tired of waiting. *heroine nods* Let’s go.

*** TRACK 8: Jack Pot ***

It means a large cash prize in a game, aka. the entire pot. I believe it’s actually supposed to be spelled “jackpot”.

*straight into kisses*

S: Raise your back a little. I’m going to take off your clothes. *kisses*

S: Yeah, like that, raise your hips too.

S: Haha, what? Are you trying to tease me? *heroine shakes head*

S: Your underwear…? Aah, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen these before. Are they new ones? *heroine nods* Then I won’t take it off with your skirt. Come on, stretch out your legs.

S: Haha, why are you getting embarrassed now? You put them on to show me, didn’t you? Give. up.

S: … Woah, haha. I see now, it’s a T-back. Isn’t that quite adventurous for you? Or more like, you took my joke from back then seriously, huh.

S: Hm? Not yet. I meant it as a joke but… haha, I’m hard.


S: Look, see? *pulls zipper* It’s rock hard, hah. I thought it was only kids who’d get fired up at this sort of thing, but… looks like it’s damn sexy even for someone at my age. Haha, thanks, for showing your care for me. In return…

S: *whispers* I’ll have to dote on you lots, huh. Haha, it’s damp already. Ngh… see? You got wet in an instant.

S: Hehe, this tiny cloth gets stained right away, huh. Dummy, I’m not going to take it off. I’m enjoying all of your reactions. Enough, just concentrate on my fingers. Nngh! You clenched down. It’s warm inside you.

S: You love my fingers, don’t you? Whenever I press against this area indirectly… ngh… See? What a sexy voice. *kisses*


S: You’re at your limits, right? Mmgh… come. *kisses; heroine orgasms*

S: That was cute. Did it feel good? *heroine nods* Then… I’ll do it once more.

S: Haha, that’s not true, right? *continues fingering heroine* Ngh… haha, don’t worry, since you just came the next one will be immediate. See, you’re twitching down here already. Nn… *heroine orgasms*

S: Right? It was immediate, wasn’t it? *licks fingers*

S: Wait one moment, okay? *removes belt; grabs condom*


S: I’m going to change the way you’re facing. Put your hands on the bed. Hips over here. If you don’t raise your hips higher, I won’t be able to go in deeply. Haha, I already told you I’m not going to remove it. T-backs are convenient at times like this too. Nngh… *inserts himself*

S: It was swallowed without any resistance, huh. Haah… haa…

S: You’re stretched to the max inside, aren’t you? You’re wrapped around me tightly with no room to spare. Mm? Haha, you found out? Yeah, I’m aware of it too. That I’m bigger than usual. T-backs certainly are something. The ultimate victory underwear, huh.

S: Well, above all… ngh! *hard thrust* The fact itself that you personally chose this and put it on gets to me the most. It comes with the premise that you’re going to get fucked by me, right? Haha, it’s too late even if you realize it now. Hey now, look over here.

S: That’s a nice expression. *kisses*


S: It’s an erotic look just as I like it. *heroine suddenly jerks* In this position, I can touch this spot while stirring you up inside, right? It’s swollen… here. Haah… hngh…

S: Hehe, the “no” you said right now means more, right? Are you feeling so good you’re troubled? Being stroked inside and outside.

S: Haha, sorry for being a tease. I can’t help it since you’re so cute. So, I’m going to make you cry in my arms and moan until you want me to fuck you boneless. Nngh… hah… haha, like I thought, you’re sensitive here? Ungh… you’re squeezing down a lot…

S: Moreover, those high cries… are irresistible. Haah… ngh… *kisses; thrusting*

S: You love it when I thrust into you while sucking on your ears, right? And… ngh… fondling your hard peaks like this. Nngh… hah…

S: I’ll caress you in every spot that feels good, and then you can come once more, right? *heroine shakes head* It’s not impossible. I’ll make you come. Nngh! Haah… haa…!

S: Come on, come! Ngh! Ggh… ngh…! *thrusting*

S: Haha, shit… just now you clamped down on me. Haah… hah… I’m at my limits. I’m going to release. Hah… haah…! Nngh…!

S: It’s coming… ngh…! *he orgasms*


S: Haah… haa… look over here.

S: You’re making a cute face again. Haha, jeez, before I knew it I’m completely in the palm of your hand. I’ve caught a pretty bad illness too. *kisses*

*scene skip; birds chirping*

S: … Zzz… *clawing noises; door opens*

T: Meow! Mrowr…

S: Mmgh…

T: Mrowr!

S: Bol… wait a bit more for your food… zzz…

T: Meow!

S: *Bol jumps on him* OOF! Ngh… BOL! You bastard!

T: Mrowr!

S: Jeez, that brat… just because he’s big now. I can’t drop my guard.


S: *to heroine* Sorry, did I wake you?

S: Yeah, good morning. *kisses*

S: Well then, it’s a bit early, but let’s head out once we get ready. It doesn’t suit the SCID to have free time. There’s going to be exhausting work today too. *heroine nods* Idiot, you’re not going to follow me. That’s wrong, isn’t it?

S: *embraces heroine* The place you walk… isn’t behind me but beside me. I love you.


*walking through city*

S: I’m glad it looks like you found what you liked.

S: Why are you apologizing? It was decided we’d go wherever you wanted to go, right? That’s not true. I didn’t get bored of watching you say this one was nice or that one was nice and getting the manager to return the clothes to the shelves. Also, there was that. Your reaction whenever you called out to the employees and they asked if I was your older boyfriend, no matter what shop we went into. That was hilarious.

S: My ears are good too. You nodded with quite an embarrassed look. Well, that’s how it was, so don’t worry because I wasn’t bored at all.

S: So? Where are we going next?

S: You don’t have anything else you want to look at? In that case, it’s an awkward time. It’s too early to eat dinner…

S: What’s wrong? Aah, it’s rare for this store to be so empty. Shall we go in? I want to drink coffee too. You can eat some cake too, right? Come on, let’s go in. *they enter store*

[02:00] *scene skip; they leave store*

S: Hm? What’s the matter?

S: … Hey now, you’re a little too reserved with me. What am I to you right now? Your boss? *heroine shakes head* Right? It doesn’t matter whether or not there’s an age difference, where is a man who doesn’t want to see his girl happy?

S: *ruffles heroine’s hair* So, don’t be reserved. You can make selfish requests from time to time. Then I can spoil you. Got it? *heroine nods*

S: Sure, say it. Is there something you want?

S: … You’re really okay with that? *heroine nods* Haha, alright. Come on, that’s an easy request. *heroine hugs his arm* Woah! Haha… you’re in a pretty good mood. Come to think of it, this is the first time we’ve walked around the city with our arms laced together, huh.

S: Haha, it’s not like I mind. It’s my private time right now. Besides, those guys should have noticed our relationship by now.

S: Haha! People that unobservant wouldn’t make it at the SCID. Anyway, that’s how it is, so don’t worry.

S: Now then, how about we go grab a meal like this?

[04:14] *scene skip; elevator opens*

S: We’ve arrived, drunkard.

S: Haha, hey now, we can lock arms whenever you want, so let go for now. I can’t unlock the door, right? Come on, be a good girl. *opens door*

T: Meow!

S: Yo, partner. We just got back.

T: Mrowr! *runs off*

S: Oh? Haha, that Bol read the atmosphere. He’s saying his meal can wait and I should take care of you. Isn’t that nice? Here, can you take off your shoes?

S: Good. Just a little further now. *enters bedroom* Here, your long-awaited bed.

S: *helps heroine down* I’ll bring some water, so lie down like this. Woah! *gets pulled down* Hah… something similar happened before too, huh. What’ll happen when you’re brought over drunk to a man’s place… you already know this, right? *kisses*


S: Hm? Haha, I’m not going to wait. I’m going to devour you right now. *kisses*

S: Hey hey… you’re a lively prey. *kisses* Mm…

S: Looks like I have to ensure you’re done for, huh.

S: Ngh, you’re hot here. This isn’t because of the alcohol, right? When did you get like this? Mm? You don’t know? Haha, liar. It’s your body.

S: You know yourself best, no? Haha, oh well, either way you can’t resist now, right? I’ll rub you like this through your underwear. Nngh…

S: See? You’re suddenly limp. I’m going to savor you from head to toe. *kisses*


S: Ngh, oh. Haha, what is it? Are you expressing that you want me to taste your back too? *heroine shakes head* Haha, too late. *kisses*

S: It feels sensitive when this is done to places you can’t see, right? *kisses* Just this and you’re trembling.

S: This place is burning hotter than it was before. Haha, you heard that, right? There’s no point to your underwear now, huh. This. Ngh…

S: Look, you’re sopping. Even the place up here is slick. It’s hard. Shall I play with it? Hngh… hah…

S: Did you know? This part of a woman is similar to a man’s. So, if I hold it between my fingers and stroke it up and down… ngh…


S: Right? It’s irresistible, isn’t it? It’s swollen so much.

S: Oh! Haha… you came lightly? In that case… *turns heroine around* I’m going to look closely at how things are down here.

S: Haha, both your legs have completely lost their strength. Here, I’m taking this off.

S: Your underwear… can’t be used anymore, huh. It’s soaking wet and there’s even sticky threads. Haha, how obscene. *gives oral*

S: Your entrance is twitching. It’s even drooling and begging for me to do this inside too. Hold my finger in there for a while instead, alright? After you come once more, I’ll give you what you want. *gives oral*


S: Hey hey, if you squeeze down that hard then I can’t move. Or is one finger not enough? Nngh… here, be sure to savor that. I’m going to fondle the place you’re most sensitive. Nngh…

S: That’s a nice look. From that appearance, you’re going to come soon, huh. Then… I’ll keep going here. You like it when I do both, right? *continues oral and fingering*

S: Mmgh… ngh! *heroine orgasms*

S: Haa… hah… see, it happened in no time, right? Haha, you’re a bit sweaty. *inhales* It’s mixing with your juices that flowed out… and the entire room is filled with a lewd smell. *removes pants; grabs condom*


S: Hm? What?

S: You want me to hold you? Haha, you… Are you a kid? I didn’t say no. Alright, here. I’ll hold you. *pulls heroine up*

S: However… an adult one. Nngh… *inserts himself*

S: Here, are you satisfied now? *heroine shakes head* Haha, you’ve mixed up your no’s and yes’s, right? You’re the one who asked me to hold you. *thrusts* Ngh! See, you’ve happily swallowed me deeply down here. Hold onto my neck tightly like that. That way you’ll squeeze down and it’ll feel good.

S: Nngh! Haa… hah…

S: You’re pretty amazing today. The stuff that’s dripping out of you has made my thighs sticky. Looks like you really like being held. *heroine shakes head* Hmm? Haha, you were that happy about that? Ngh… haha, jeez, someone like you is really good at pleasing me. In the future, I’ll lace my arm with yours whenever you want and as many times as you want.

S: But it’s foul play if you do it right in the middle of this. You’ll be so cute, I’ll want to break you. Nngh… haa… hah…! *thrusting*


S: Cry more… haa… hah… Show me the sight of you being penetrated by me, shaken by me, and satisfied by me! Ungh…!

S: Hey, look here. Tonight, we haven’t kissed at all, right? *kisses; thrusting*

S: Nrgh… haah… right now, you just clenched down inside… It’s really tight, ngh…! Haha… cut me some slack or I’ll come…

S: Haah… *pushes heroine down* sorry, this is as far as holding you goes. Forgive me for being a little bit rough. In exchange, I’ll make you feel good. Ngh… haha, if I raise both your legs like this your knees are pressed against your stomach and the place we’re connected is very clear… This is pretty arousing in its own way. Nngh… hah… haa…!


S: I’m scraping against the entrance to your womb, right? It’s amazing inside. It’s squeezing down and surrounding me like it’s undulating. Nngh… hagh…! Irresistible… that voice of yours too… that expression… instinctually… *kisses; thrusting; heroine orgasms*

S: Nrgh… what? Did you come again? Hahah…! You’re twitching inside. Go ahead, keep coming until I’m done. Haa… hagh…! Nngh!

S: This is bad… I’m about to release soon… ngh! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Haa… hagh…! I’m coming…! I’m coming…!! *heroine squirts; he orgasms*

S: … Hah… haa… *kisses*

S: Getting drunk, acting spoiled, and then lastly wetting the bed… You’re a troublesome girl.


S: Ah, my bad, you didn’t wet the bed. It’s been a while since I saw you squirt. Was it that good? Haha, I see. *kisses*

S: Oh? Haha, she fell asleep. *strokes hair* Jeez, the moment I think you’re excited like a kid you moan and cry like a woman. Your expressions change at the drop of a hat. Do you know just how much I lose myself to that? Jeez.

S: Haha, you really are… a girl I don’t know what to do with. *kisses*

*** ANIMATE/OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: Side Rouge ~ Case of Eiji ~ ***

Note2: Bad end that splits from Track 2.

*poker game*

S: Call.

S: Raise. Thirteen thousand.

S: Hey hey, you guys have no spirit. Is there no one who wants to go a match? Then, it’s my win this time as well.

S: *to heroine* Hm? Haha, no, that’s not it. Look at this. Right now, I just have two pairs. It’s a pretty weak hand in poker. If there was someone who wanted to have an actual match, then it would have been bad. In the end, poker is a bluffing game. Whether or not your poker hand is good, all you need to do is make other players think you have a strong hand and get them to withdraw.

S: Now then… *grabs chips* Dealer, cheque.

S: Haha, I’m stopping because I won. That’s the ironclad rule of gambling. Besides… *whispers* have you noticed? There’s several people who have been looking over here since earlier. *heroine nods* It doesn’t feel like they’re curious about a customer who’s made a huge profit. It’s likely one of our targets is among them, but if we act now it’ll just be a waste of time. We’re going to pull out here for today as well. *heroine nods*

S: Hm? Ah, alright. I’ll wait here, so you go.

*scene skip*

S: … She’s taking a long time. Oh. *phone vibrates* It’s me. You’re not going to say you got lost coming back from the washroom, are you?

S: !!… Who are you? What happened to her?

S: Bastard… *call ends* Ggh! FUCK! *punches wall*

[03:04] *scene skip; walking*

S: I came alone like you wanted. Come out. *people appear with guns*

S: You assholes, huh. I don’t know who you all are, but you certainly messed around. I was going to do that without you telling me. *throws out gun*

S: There. I’m unarmed now. Hurry up and tie me. *he gets handcuffed* The girl’s safe, right? *they make him drink a vial* Ngh! What’d you make me drink!? Hagh…! Ggh…!

S: Haa… hah… this is… Second Barrel? Where are you planning to take me next? Haagh… hah…

S: *door opens* Hey… where is this place? *gets kicked into room* Ngh! *door closes*

S: … You! *goes to heroine*

S: Are you alright!? Ggh, bastard, you made her drink Second Barrel too, didn’t you!? Haha… I see. So that’s how it is. It’s more convenient for you guys to blackmail me with something to get me to cooperate rather than kill me. Footage of the Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye and the subordinate they raised having sex under the influence of the drugs they’re supposed to crackdown on would be good material. I’m impressed.

S: But… ngh! *tackles the person; gun drops* The timing in removing my handcuffs was just a little too early. *grabs gun; goes to heroine* We’re escaping. Haa… hagh… grgh…!


S: Haha, don’t worry, I’ll hold onto enough reason to bring you out of here. I know it’s painful, but endure it for a short while. I’m going to be a bit rough, so forgive me. *heroine nods* Haha, nice words. Let’s go.

S: *kicks door open; gunfire* You’re all in the way. Get the fuck out!

*scene skip; in car; car gets parked*

S: Haa… hah… it should be okay now that we’ve come this far. Haah… hagh…

S: Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re not at fault. I misjudged them, that’s all. Hah… haa… thanks to that, things were like this. I thought we’be able to get out somehow and that things would calm down in a place without anyone… but… it looks like the limit’s been reached. For me… and for you. Haa… hah…

S: Sorry, it’s impossible to hold back any longer! *kisses* Mm…! Ngh…!

S: Haa… hah… I’m lowering the seat. *shoves seat down* Nrgh…! *kisses*


S: Haha, I was looking forward tonight to removing this dress off you slowly while looking at your face… haa… but I don’t even have that composure now. *rips dress* Grgh! Haah… haa…! Sorry about that, but I felt like I was going to bite your breasts in the time it took to remove your dress. *kisses*

S: Hagh… haa…! Your body’s burning… hah… haa… I know… me too…

S: I don’t want to remember it, but it’s the same as before. No… it’s even worse than before. Haa… hagh…! The Second Barrel running through us right now is much purer than the one before. Furthermore, ngh, it’s the second time for you and me.

S: Haa… hah…! It’s the worst case scenario… hah… my brain remembers the pleasure from that time, ngh…! *kisses*

S: It doesn’t feel like it’ll settle down until I slam myself into you. Haah… haa…! Do you want it too? *heroine nods* Haha…! Then let’s skip all the slow stuff. *removes belt* Grgh!

S: Hah… haa… you don’t need your underwear either, right? Either way, it’s a cloth that’s soaked and not something that can be used. *rips off* Nrgh! Haha, wow, it’s dripping out all at once. Haa… hagh… it looks like you won’t feel any pain even if I thrust myself in without stretching you… ngh! *thrusts in*

S: Hey… you can’t have come, did you? *heroine nods* Hahaha… it happened the moment I put it in? I’m at the brink too, but it looks like you’re even more so. I’m really going to fuck you senseless! Nngh! Hagh… hrgh…!! *thrusting*


S: Fuck, this is bad…! Just rubbing against you a little makes me wanna come. Haah… haa… you’re squeezing down harder than usual. Hrgh! At this rate, I won’t be able to hold on long either. Nngh… haah…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Ggh… fuck… I’m coming…! Hah… ungh…! *he orgasms*

S: Haah… hagh… haha, that was quick. Am I a kid doing this for the first time? I’ve never experienced this before. Haa… hah… it’s pathetic, but I can’t let you rest. Nngh! Wrap your arms around my neck and both legs around my back. Mmgh… hah… that’s right, pressed against each other like this makes it so that you’re filled even more inside. Haa… hah…!

S: Your heart’s pounding fast. Haa… hah… this pace is the same as mine. Nngh…! Yeah… hngh… it’s proof that the drug is running through our bodies. If our body temperature keeps rising too… we’ll be hot enough that it’ll feel like we could melt. Hah… haa… even though I realize it’ll be bad if this continues… haha… I can’t stop…! Every time I come… it’s like my body’s being ripped apart… ngh…!

S: Haa… hah…! What do I do…? It feels so good… that I don’t know what to do…! Hah… hagh…!


S: I’m coming! Hah… haa…! Inside you again…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

S: … Haa… hah… did you come too? *heroine nods* I see… haa… but it’s still not enough, right? This time, you get on top. Haa… hagh… your back is probably hurting by now, right?

S: That’s right, haha, straddle my waist and lower those hips. Nngh…! Kgh…! Hah… haa…!

S: Hahaha…! Your face… is streaked with tears… haha… Making the most important woman to me look like that here… haha, what am I doing?

S: Ever since I became a narcotics cop, I tried not to do anything that I’d regret, but… haa… hah… for the first time now I seriously regret this.

S: I’ve taken you down a path of ruin… hah… haa… because you became my woman, you got targeted… ngh… You were taken as a hostage…

S: I… shouldn’t have let myself have a precious person… ah… Living and dying… I had to be alone… agh… I’m so sorry… for that… But, you see… *kisses; thrusting*


S: Even still… haah… hah… I can’t let you go! Even though I’ve dragged you into a situation where you’ve been with this drug for the second time… and, even more, losing ourselves in this pleasure… hahaha… What a terrible contradiction, right? You can laugh. You can curse me. *heroine shakes head; hugs him* Nngh…!

S: Hahaha… I see… hahaha… *kisses; thrusting*

S: If that’s what you wish then… haa… hah… even if we can no longer call ourselves narcotics cops in this world… and even if we become pitiful, broken beasts like this… haah… hah… we’ll be together to the very end. Hngh… ngh…! Don’t… leave me, nrgh!

S: … Even if people were to turn their backs to me, ungh… I… ngh… I’ll keep you as the only one beside me… kgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: I’m coming…! Mgh…! Ngh…!! *he orgasms*


S: Haa… hah… *kisses*

S: … I love you. Haha, something can be said about the timing… but I’ve never said it, right? I love you. *kisses*

S: Hagh… haa… if I don’t say it now, then there might not be a chance for me to say it properly anymore after this. *kisses* Yeah, I’ll say it however many times you want. I love you. *heroine jerks* Ngh! Haha, I got it so don’t clamp down. Haa… hah… thanks for responding.

S: Hold onto me tighter. I’m sure we’re going to lose our minds even more after this. *heroine nods*

S: Good girl. Haa… hah…! Nrgh…! *thrusting; kisses*


S: Can you tell? Haa… hah… that I’m hitting you deep inside… hagh…! It’s nice… haa… hah… a part of my brain is going numb… I feel you throughout my body, haha…!

S: We might as well just let everything break… haa… hah… then I’m sure… gugh…! Yeah… haa… it’s fine, don’t worry about anything… hagh… Forget everything right now. Ggh…!

S: Thank you… haa… hagh…!

S: Come on…! It’s soon… for you too, right? Haa… hagh…! Me too…! I’m about to come…! Hah… haa…!! It feels good…! It feels so good…!

S: More…! I’m releasing…! Haa… hah… take it all…! Ggh…! *he orgasms*

S: Haa… hah… *kisses*

S: … Haha… I love you.

Note3: I need to admit here that I was loose and liberal with Suou’s translation, because he slurs a lot and uses slang that’s just… really difficult to translate LOL. But also, in the drugged track, his breathing is so crazy intense that a lot of words were nigh unintelligible.

8 thoughts on “Rouge et Noir ~ All In ~

    Dexterraca said:
    September 3, 2019 at 12:35

    The heroine is present in Mascheratta No Mezzanote. The drama or characters song series is going to get released next year for five months, i love how the producer spoil us with bonus content in waiting the sequel.

    Dexterraca said:
    September 1, 2019 at 11:10

    😄Hi! i Know than this is the wrong section, but has you have closed the comment on your anniversary article, i have no choice than to post here.

    ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 🎈 🎉 🎂 🎁 So happy birthday for your blog! and thanks for having ruined my life for the second time, because of you i became crazily obsessed by Pio Fiore No Banshou, it’s because of you than i get on Diabolik Lovers and otome game world in general so thanks for that. You help me to discover two wonderful games, i’m glad to learn than despite the localization you decide to not drop out Pio Fiore No Banshou translation. I don’t think Akys will fail the translation like they do for Norn9 but we never know. Instead of that i wish you a good continuation for your blog and can’t wait what other great games you plan to translate. By the way did you plan to continue the rest of Hana Awase series ?

      Dexterraca said:
      September 1, 2019 at 11:11

      *Wait to see* Autocorrect

        Ilinox responded:
        September 2, 2019 at 16:00

        Aw, thank you so much for leaving a reply here! Ooh, it reassures me to know that you’re still interested in my Pio Fiore posts despite the upcoming localization (sobs, it’s still a dream for me to finish that before the localization comes out so I’m trying to get through the rest of my commission backlogs and jump back into otome game posts…).

        I do plan on playing the rest of Hana Awase! The reason I’ve paused on the second game is because I wanted to get through the light novels first actually and I’m just kind of stuck 2/3 through Mizuchi-hen right now |D;; again… due to a lack of time.

        Thank you again for such a lovely comment and supporting this blog through all its years with your views, comments, and interest!

    waterinegirl said:
    August 26, 2019 at 02:23

    Maximum Bet > All In.

    no mention of arlen but in this timeline was arlen caught?

    at first, i feel like Suou was about to give up. then in the middle of the story, i was like pls dont end up like arlen. im glad he didnt cross the line.

    “I told you to be the first in turning your back to me if I stepped off the path” i dont have much courage as the heroine did. she was watching and she still believes he will not cross the line.

    “Makabe, I’m entrusting command of the SCID to you temporarily. in the case that I don’t return after forty-eight hours, you’ll take over everything I mentioned before.”
    makabe taking over SCID? im not underestimating him but he is too soft while suou is strict.

    and he bring her to his dad’s grave.

    “whenever you called out to the employees and they asked if I was your older boyfriend, no matter what shop we went into. That was hilarious.”

    dont feel bad. i dont know what’s normal… but here in our place, it’s fine if the age gap difference is 1-10 years. But if you’re a 20+ yr old woman who had 50+ yr old boyfriend or husband, it’s either you’re a gold digger or (“kabit”) mistress. but if your boyfriend/husband is younger than you, people might see you as sugar mommy.

    at suou’s age, i was wondering why he isnt proposing marriage?

      Ilinox responded:
      August 27, 2019 at 11:41

      Mhm, Arlen should be captured because Underdog and House are destroyed, meaning the deal between the FBI and Arlen/Van was successful.

      Haha, I think Makabe is a good choice as a successor! He’ll definitely do things differently than Suou but he isn’t so bad himself, although he doesn’t sound like he has any patience for people. Ultimately, he wants to foist them back off to Suou anyway LOL.

      Suou probably will now that all his conflicts are settled! He probably didn’t want to settle down while he was still struggling with his whole revenge thing (which could potentially lead him down a path of no return a la Van). Gods, the parallels between the two hurt a lot and I was kind of frowning at the implication that Van chose a path of destruction LOL I mean it’s true but… please don’t shove it into my face like that.

      I think Suou probably is like… 20~ years or so older than her. IIRC his age is listed as being like 40s in his profile? Hmmm. At least the shopkeepers just asked if he was her older boyfriend instead of asking if he was her father L O L.

        Dexterraca said:
        September 3, 2019 at 00:44

        😲 Nah it’s alright take your time! your snarky comments are priceless and that why i enjoy reading your summaries, just for ask did you plan to play to the fandisk of Pio Fiore No Banshou also ? know than they plan to release a drama cd series too, they don’t precise if it’s character songs or Diabolik Lovers type situation drama cd though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But i hope they will do a Versus series one day, if possible i would like they use Dummy Head Mic.

        Ilinox responded:
        September 3, 2019 at 09:45

        Probably, since I’ve been really enjoying it so far. But I’ve put aside getting Switch otome games for now until I clear some of my Vita backlog… LOL.

        Mhm, IIRC the drama CD that’s released already is about a masquerade ball or something, but no heroine presence, and the guys have to solve some crime stuff.

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