SNB The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle ~ Chapter 1 ~

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Event: The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle

Following sightings of a yakuma subspecies, the Uesugi army stayed at a post town. At that time, the post town was attacked by a large horde of yakuma. Just as they were struggling with the large numbers, somehow the Takeda army entered to reinforce them…

Chapter 1: Common Front For the People

[KENSHIN]: “… We will hold them here. We cannot allow the people to meet with any further harm. Do not let even a single one enter the town!”


[KENSHIN]: “Hah!”

[KENSHIN]: “… Hmph.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Kenshin-sama, are you unharmed?”

.[KENSHIN]: “There’s no problem. However, these numbers are too much.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Indeed, even as we cut them down, they keep surging in. I wonder when this will end…”

[KENSHIN]: “… At the least, we must clear them out before the sun falls.”

[KAGEIE]: “… Kenshin-sama! People are approaching over here!”

[KENSHIN]: “What? Why are they coming to this place full of yakuma…”


[YAKUMA]: “Grrr…”

[VILLAGER]: “Hii…! N-no way, here too!?”


[KANETSUGU]: “—Hey, you aren’t hurt, are you?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “This place is dangerous… Please escape to another place…”

[VILLAGER]: “T-thank you so much…!”

[KANETSUGU]: “Jeez, it’s a good thing we were here… but why’d they come this way?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… It looked like that person was running from something though.”

[KAGEIE]: “Running… The yakuma are here, so what was he running from?”

[KENSHIN]: “… It can’t be.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Kageie! Take Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu and run to the west immediately!”

[KAGEIE]: “Huh? West, you mean…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… The opposite side of this entrance?”

[KANETSUGU]: “… Did the yakuma possibly come at the town in a pincer movement!?”

[KAGEIE]: “Wha…!?”

[KENSHIN]: “Defend it to your last breath so that the yakuma do not enter this town.”

[KAGEIE]: “Understood! Let’s go! Kanetsugu, Kagekatsu-sama!”

[KENSHIN]: “… They left.”

[KENSHIN]: “My apologies, Kagemochi. The two of us will be protecting this place.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Please leave it to me. I am not one to be beaten by something like yakuma.”

[KENSHIN]: “Heh. That is encouraging.”

[KENSHIN]: “However, this battle will become harsh if it is protracted…”


Meanwhile, at that time— Shingen and the others were investigating in the forest close to Uesugi territory.

[SHINGEN]: “… The claw marks on this tree. No matter how you look at it, this isn’t normal.”

[MASANOBU]: “Yes, is this the savage yakuma that has become a rumor among the people?”

[MASAKAGE]: “If a normal person were to come across this it’d be no joke.”

[SHINGEN]: “If possible, I’d like to kill it but… it looks like we’d have to go towards Uesugi territory.”

[NOBUHARU]: “And that’s something we certainly shouldn’t meddle in.”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah… For now, our investigation’s done. Let’s leave it here today and head home. Is everyone here?”

[MASANOBU]: “No, Masatoyo isn’t here.”

[MASAKAGE]: “His presence is probably just weak again… wait, huh? He really isn’t here.”

When they all looked around the area, a sound shook from the nearby bushes.

[NOBUHARU]: “Huh, who’s that!?”

[MASATOYO]: “W-wait, wait, Nobuharu-san! It’s me!”

[SHINGEN]: “Oh, Masatoyo, what were you doing there?”

[MASATOYO]: “I-I’m sorry… I was engrossed in the investigation and tripped…”

[MASAKAGE]: “Jeez, you gave us a false alarm.”

[SHINGEN]: “Oh well, anyway, now that everyone’s gathered let’s hurry on home—“

Before Shingen could finish talking the bushes rustled again in the distance.

[NOBUHARU]: “Hm? Is that Masatoyo again?”

[MASATOYO]: “No, no. I’m already beside you Nobuharu-san.”

[MASANOBU]: “That being said, this large noise isn’t from an animal—“


[???]: “U-uwaaah!”

[NOBUHARU]: “The sound just now… yakuma!?”

[SHINGEN]: “It sounds like someone’s being attacked… Alright, everyone, let’s go!”


[NOBUHARU]: “We killed it but… it seemed like a normal yakuma.”

[VILLAGER]: “You r-really saved me. Thank you so much.”

[SHINGEN]: “Nah, we just happened to pass through. Don’t worry about it… Still, you’re pretty roughed up, aren’t you? Where’d you run from?”

[VILLAGER]: “I live at the post town close to here but… the town was attacked by a large number of yakuma and I barely escaped with my life.”

[VILLAGER]: “And yet there was yakuma hiding in this forest too…”

[SHINGEN]: “… Oh? Sounds like there’s quite a lot.”

[NOBUHARU]: “… Shingen, are you thinking about going to help? That post town is likely to be in Uesugi territory.”

[SHINGEN]: “You say that but the ones being attacked are villagers, you know? In that case, we can’t leave them alone.”

[SHINGEN]: “But, well, this is my selfish wish. If you can’t come with me then you can go hom—“

[MASAKAGE]: “What’re you saying, Shingen-sama!? We’ll follow you anywhere.”

[SHINGEN]: “Masakage… Are you guys really okay with this?”

Everyone nodded firmly at Shingen’s words.

[SHINGEN]: “… Looks like I really do have good retainers.”

[SHINGEN]: “Alright, let’s go to the post town!”


The post town’s western entrance was protected by Kagekatsu and the others. However, lots of yakuma continued to swarm.

[KAGEIE]: “Shit! We keep killing and killing but the numbers won’t decrease! What’s going on!?”

[KANETSUGU]: “There’s no strategies or anything either with this difference in numbers… Che!”

A yakuma’s claws grazed Kanetsugu. Red blood welled from his torn shoulder.

[KAGEKATSU]: “Kanetsugu…!”

[KANETSUGU]: “This is just a scrape.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Besides, this isn’t the time to care about one or two injuries. We need to hurry up and clean these guys up!”

[KAGEIE]: “Yeah, that’s right. We must hurry and return to Kenshin-sama!”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Mm. Even if it’s my father and Kagemochi… it’s dangerous for the two of them to take on these numbers.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… I hope both of them are safe.”


[KENSHIN]: “… Kagemochi, are you unharmed?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes, somehow. I cannot collapse in front of you after all, Kenshin-sama.”

[KENSHIN]: “I see. Do not strain yourself… is what I wish to say but… it does not appear like it will end.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Hah!”

Kenshin’s blade managed to slice through a yakuma. However, it was clear that his swordsmanship was leadened.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “…! Kenshin-sama, behind you!”

A yakuma attacked from behind Kenshin, whose movements were lagging. Kagemochi started running but it wasn’t a distance he could make in time.

[KENSHIN]: “… Ngh!”

The yakuma didn’t wound Kenshin— and fell to the ground. Kenshin immediately understood the reason for that.

[KENSHIN]: “You…”

[SHINGEN]: “Yo, Kenshin. You’re looking pretty good, aren’t you?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Kgh… Kenshin-sama, please step back!… Shingen, what have you come here for?”

[NOBUHARU]: “Don’t make such a frightening face. We don’t plan on crossing blades with the Uesugi army.”

[KENSHIN]: “… What?”

[MASANOBU]: “We heard about a large outbreak of yakuma from a villager we met in the forest and just came to assist.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “This is Uesugi territory… What exactly are you planning?”

[MASAKAGE]: “Keh. What’s with that attitude! We even came out of our way to help!”

[SHINGEN]: “Hey, Masakage, calm down. It’s not unreasonable for them to be suspicious.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Besides, we didn’t come to help the Uesugi army.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Oh? What do you mean?”

[SHINGEN]: “This is a town that’s also close to Takeda’s lands. If we left this alone, it could result in Takeda’s people being harmed too.”

[SHINGEN]: “And even if they’re not Takeda’s people— I want to prevent innocent people from being attacked by yakuma.”

[SHINGEN]: “It’s definitely not for you guys.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Very well. If you say it is for the people then I have no reason to stop you. Do as you wish.”

[SHINGEN]: “Great. Then it’ll be a temporary truce until these guys are dealt with.”

[KENSHIN]: “Aa, I accept.”

[SHINGEN]: “Then, from here on, the Takeda army will provide assistance with righteousness!”

[SHINGEN]: “Everyone, defeat every last one of these yakuma! Don’t involve the villagers!”

[MASAKAGE]: “Of course, Shingen-sama!”

[NOBUHARU]: “Ha ha ha ha! I’ll make these yakuma regret their actions!”

[KENSHIN]: “… I hope these are not mere words.”

[SHINGEN]: “Hey, hey, they’re retainers I’m proud of, you know? Well, just watch.”

[KENSHIN]: “… In that case, I have a request for those retainers you are so proud of.”

[SHINGEN]: “What, say it.”

[KENSHIN]: “I wish to entrust this eastern side to the Takeda army.”

[SHINGEN]: “Huh? Well, I don’t mind but… what are you two planning on doing?”

[KENSHIN]: “Yakuma are coming in from the western entrance as well. Presently, three of my vassals are containing them.”

[KENSHIN]: “Thus, I wish to head there.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Got it. If that’s the case, leave this place to us.”

[KENSHIN]: “… You have my gratitude.”

[KENSHIN]: “Kagemochi, we’re moving.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes, my lord!”

[SHINGEN]: “… Heh. To think I’d get thanked by Kenshin and calling for a temporary truce. What an interesting day.”


[KAGEMOCHI]: “… Kenshin-sama, is it wise to have entrusted things to the Takeda army?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “This is Uesugi’s territory. To let those men do whatever they wish…”

[KENSHIN]: “… There will be no issues. I understand them will through these past battles.”

[KENSHIN]: “At the least, Shingen is not a man who would use cowardly means such as taking advantage of this chaos.”

[KENSHIN]: “What we must do now… is to head to the western side as soon as possible.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… You’re right. Let us go and quickly support Kagekatsu-sama and the others.”

[KENSHIN]: “Aa… It would be good if they are unharmed.”


[MASAKAGE]: “Huuuooogh!!”


[MASAKAGE]: “Alright, next one!… Where’s the next one!?”

[MASANOBU]: “Shingen-sama, the yakuma’s numbers look to have decreased quite a lot.”

[MASATOYO]: “There doesn’t seem to be any new appearances either…”

[SHINGEN]: “I see. You guys did really great.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Oh, what, it’s over with this?”

[SHINGEN]: “For now. Still, I don’t think this is the end. Let’s keep watch for a while.”

[SHINGEN]: “First, we need to treat the injured soldiers…”

[MASATOYO]: “Shingen-sama, our provisions have lessened because of the expedition, so we will need to resupply somewhere.”

[SHINGEN]: “Ah, I see. But this is Uesugi’s lands, so the convenience is…”

[VILLAGER]: “Um… my apologies for interrupting in the middle of your conversation. But you are the Takeda men, right?”

[SHINGEN]: “Uh, yeah. That’s right…”

[VILLAGER]: “We’re the people who live here. Thank you so much for saving the village this time.”

[SHINGEN]: “You don’t have to bow your head. This is just how the course of events went.”

[VILLAGER]: “No, we are truly grateful for you and yours! Please, as thanks, allow us to provide provisions and treatment for your men.”

[SHINGEN]: “Um, I’m thankful for your offer but…”

[SHINGEN]: “Normally, we’re hostile parties to you. I can’t possibly receive these…”

[NOBUHARU]: “Exactly. As commanders, we cannot accept our enemy’s charity.”

[VILLAGER]: “However, you and your men saved us who stand as your enemies. We won’t be able to be at ease like this!”

[VILLAGER]: “Please, I beg of you, accept our thanks!”

[SHINGEN]: “W-well, but…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “We ask this of you as well.”

[SHINGEN]: “!! You came back…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Owing to you and your party, the western side was able to have leeway, and so I came to see the situation.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “In any case… although, normally, we have an antagonistic relationship, you and your men protected our territory.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Kenshin-sama also desires to return a suitable favor for that.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Kenshin does, huh.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Furthermore, your men there appear to be tired from the battle. They are also injured. Even if you refused the charity here, I do not believe a good result will be brought forth…”

[SHINGEN]: “… You’re right, I guess. Alright. I will gratefully accept your offer.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Please do so. Now then, the aid shall be arranged right away, so please be patient for a short while.”

[SHINGEN]: “Sure, thanks for the care.”

[SHINGEN]: “So, is the west side really okay? You don’t need reinforcement?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “There is no need for concern. Kenshin-sama would like to thank you personally as well, and so he should be coming here soon.”

[SHINGEN]: “I see. Well, it’s not like I need thanks.”

[SHINGEN]: “… In the first place, we were following information on a certain yakuma and just so happened to come here, that’s all.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “A certain yakuma…? Could it be the one rumored recently to be of unusual strength— a yakuma subpecies?”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah, that’s it. So Uesugi knows about it too, huh.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes. We also came to this post town for that investigation.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “I do not know whether it is a fortune or misfortune that the yakuma attacked in the midst of that…”

[SHINGEN]: “Well, fortunately, it was normal yakuma that attacked the town. I heard the yakuma subspecies was exceptionally strong.”

[SHINGEN]: “If those guys had attacked in large numbers then… we might have even lost.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… That’s true. However, there is also the possibility that they will come after this…”


[MASAKAGE]: “… Argh, jeez! Why’re you two being so weak-kneed!”

[SHINGEN]: “W-what the heck, Masakage. Don’t suddenly shout like that.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Because, we’ve grabbed the truth of that strong yakuma, haven’t we!? So we definitely won’t lose— mgh.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Masakage, don’t get in the way of their conversation… Please excuse him.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Mghgh…!”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… What he said just now about the truth of the yakuma. What exactly is that about?”

[SHINGEN]: “Nah, it’s not to the point of knowing its origin.”

[SHINGEN]: “It’s just that we noticed a little something.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Noticed… If I could possibly hear that from y—“

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Ah, nevermind, that would be an impudent request, wouldn’t it? Please forget that.”

[SHINGEN]: “Hm? I’d tell you though?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Wha… Have you forgotten that we have an antagonistic relationship?”

[SHINGEN]: “Who’d forget that. It’s just that it’d be boring if Kenshin’s strength was depleted by something like yakuma.”

[SHINGEN]: “About the yakuma subspecies’ truth… I’ll talk about it when I meet with Kenshin.”

5 thoughts on “SNB The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle ~ Chapter 1 ~

    Reggie said:
    August 31, 2019 at 15:13

    I see a kid who meddle in an adults conversation lol 😂

      Ilinox responded:
      August 31, 2019 at 16:58

      Masakage has no diplomacy LOL.

    waterinegirl said:
    August 30, 2019 at 01:16

    You were right. the story is too long. nut it is worth it.

    [MASANOBU]: “No, Masatoyo isn’t here.”
    [NOBUHARU]: “Huh, who’s that!?”
    [MASATOYO]: “W-wait, wait, Nobuharu-san! It’s me!”
    [MASATOYO]: “I-I’m sorry… I was engrossed in the investigation and tripped…”
    [NOBUHARU]: “Hm? Is that Masatoyo again?”
    [MASATOYO]: “No, no. I’m already beside you Nobuharu-san.”

    XD pls let him wear a bell collar

    [MASAKAGE]: “… Argh, jeez! Why’re you two being so weak-kneed!”
    [SHINGEN]: “W-what the heck, Masakage. Don’t suddenly shout like that.”
    [MASAKAGE]: “Because, we’ve grabbed the identity of that strong yakuma, haven’t we!? So we definitely won’t lose— mgh.”
    [SHINGEN]: “About the yakuma subspecies’ identity… I’ll talk about it when I meet with Kenshin.”

    i kept on rereading. i couldnt figure out the identity of yakuma they are talking.

      waterinegirl said:
      August 30, 2019 at 01:22

      But it is worth it. typo error.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 30, 2019 at 15:44

        Mhm, it’s pretty rough on me in terms of keeping up with translating it every day, haha, there’s so many… lines… T_T.

        The last bit may have been my mistranslation. I’ve fixed it to have it make more sense |D;; but they meant more like it’s true form rather than “who” it is.

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