SNB The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle ~ Chapter 2 ~

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Event: The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle

Following sightings of a yakuma subspecies, the Uesugi army stayed at a post town. At that time, the post town was attacked by a large horde of yakuma. Just as they were struggling with the large numbers, somehow the Takeda army entered to reinforce them…

Chapter 2: Conflicts and Trust

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… You’ve been kept waiting. We’ve finished subjugating our side and so everyone has been brought over.”

[SHINGEN]: “Ah, sorry for having you all come here without a rest.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Shingen.”

[SHINGEN]: “Yo, Kenshin.”

.[KENSHIN]: “There is no mistake that we were helped this time by you. Allow me to give my thanks.”

[KENSHIN]: “… I cannot believe I would owe you one.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Nah, you don’t have to owe me since these guys in the village offered treatment and provisions for my soldiers. We’re even with that.”

[SHINGEN]: “Besides… I only helped this village because I’m aiming for something here.”

[KENSHIN]: “Aiming…?”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah. You guys have been looking into the yakuma subspecies that’s recently appeared, right?”

[KENSHIN]: “Yes, that’s correct. We came to this village in an expedition to gather information.”

[SHINGEN]: “We’re the same. We looked into a lot of things regarding the new type of yakuma.”

[SHINGEN]: “In there… I heard one interesting story.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… An interesting story?”

[KANETSUGU]: “Shingen, don’t drag it out and tell us.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Apparently, the yakuma subspecies absorbs other yakuma and becomes strong.”

The Uesugi army stirred at Shingen’s unexpected words.

[KENSHIN]: “Absorb…? Is this true?”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah. There was a person who said he saw the actual absorption.”

[KENSHIN]: “Such a thing… is hard to believe.”

[MASAKAGE]: “What…? You’re saying you doubt Shingen-sama’s story!?”

[SHINGEN]: “Calm down, Masakage. It hasn’t been a thing in the yakuma up to now. It’s not unreasonable to disbelieve that.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… Kenshin-sama, I also have a hard time believing this, but I do not think they are lying.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Aa, it appears so. No, but if it is the truth that it can absorb other yakuma then—“

[KENSHIN]: “The yakuma subspecies would desire beings to absorb and is it not possible that it would appear in a location where many yakuma gather?”

[SHINGEN]: “… We thought the same too. So, in order to check that, we came to a place yakuma gathered— in other words, this town.”

[KENSHIN]: “Meaning you were thinking that the yakuma subspecies may come to this town?”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah, that’s right.”

[KAGEIE]: “… But I don’t understand. How come you’re going out of your way to tell us that?”

[KAGEIE]: “If Uesugi territory was attacked then we’d split our forces into that direction. For Takeda, that should be the best time to attack.”

[SHINGEN]: “I don’t have the slightest intention to rely on yakuma.”

[SHINGEN]: “Even without using that hand, I’ll definitely— defeat you guys.”

[KAGEIE]: “Wha…”

[NOBUHARU]: “… Ha ha ha! I thought to keep quiet, but I couldn’t stop from laughing.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Heheh. That’s our Shingen-sama!”

[MASANOBU]: “Oh dear…”

[MASATOYO]: “Haha…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… Kenshin-sama.”

[KENSHIN]: “… I do not mind. I believe Shingen was this sort of man since the past.”

[KENSHIN]: “We’ve received valuable information. This yakuma subspecies— we must not fail to remove it.”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah, we’ll lend a hand as much as we can too.”

[KENSHIN]: “… First, I would like to ascertain whether it’s close or not though.”

[KENSHIN]: “Shingen. May I borrow Masanobu for the purpose of reconnaissance?”

[SHINGEN]: “Sure, I don’t mind. This is Uesugi’s lands, so your judgment would be the best.”

[KENSHIN]: “Then I shall send out Kanetsugu from my side. He should be knowledgeable on the geography of this area.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Please leave it to me, Kenshin-sama.”

[KANETSUGU]: “… Still, to think I’d work together with you huh, Masanobu.”

[MASANOBU]: “… Honestly.”

[MASANOBU]: “Well, there’s nothing to do about now that it’s come to this and since it’s Shingen-sama’s decision… Please don’t be too hard on me.”

[SHINGEN]: “Masanobu, the enemy is an unknown yakuma. Go with care.”

[MASANOBU]: “… Understood, my lord.”

After Kanetsugu and Masanobu both headed off to scout on the savage yakuma subspecies—

[KENSHIN]: “… Now then, this discussion should be sufficient enough.”

[SHINGEN]: “Right. Until Masanobu and Kanetsugu return to report, I guess we’ll continue to defend this place to the last?”

[KENSHIN]: “Yes, the breaking of the eastern and western entrances will cause great harm to the villagers.”

[KENSHIN]: “So that this does not happen, I will continue to rely on you for the east… Shingen.”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah, leave it to me. I’ll definitely protect your territory to the end.”

[SHINGEN]: “—That being the case, you guys.”

[SHINGEN]: “With the pride of Takeda, let’s protect the villagers!”

[NOBUHARU]: “Fuhahaha! Well said, Shingen! Those yakuma aren’t our enemies with that spirit!”

[MASATOYO]: “Haha, that’s right. If you’d like, why don’t we deal with everything here before Masanobu returns from his reconnaissance.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “There is no greater trouble than if they are turned to enemies… and no greater support than if they are made allies, huh.”

The people of Uesugi somehow also found themselves smiling at Takeda’s side, which had raised their morale to protect the villagers.

—But the peaceful atmosphere completely changed with a casual word from Masakage.

[MASAKAGE]: “Actually, is there a need for two people to go scouting? Masanobu alone is more than enough.”

[MASATOYO]: “Erm, what do you mean?”

[MASAKAGE]: “I mean that scouting is just collecting information.”

[MASAKAGE]: “So, in that case, that’s Shingen-sama’s specialty and wouldn’t it be better to just send Masanobu who is used to it? Then we wouldn’t have to needlessly split the forces—“

[KAGEIE]: “Are you a dunce? There’s no way such an important role can be left to an enemy commander alone!”

[MASAKAGE]: “Hah!? Are you suspecting us of planning something!?”

[KAGEIE]: “Hmph, naturally! How many times have Takeda’s plans been put into—“

Kenshin’s calm voice resounded when a full-scale argument was about to start.

[KENSHIN]: “Kageie, enough. We are to return to our post.”

[KAGEIE]: “Kenshin-sama, but…!”

[KENSHIN]: “Now is the time to strengthen the protection with respect to our stations. Do you have any objections?”

[KAGEIE]: “… Understood.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Alright, we’ll head back too.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Hey, wait, Shingen-sama! Are you okay with things like this!?”

[MASAKAGE]: “We’re being doubted! It’s the same as being shamed—“

[SHINGEN]: “Haah… jeez, quit it.”

[SHINGEN]: “I understand how you feel, but hold that back right now. Okay?”

[MASAKAGE]: “Urk… F-fine.”

Kagekatsu, who watched each person in both armies break off to their respective positions, unconsciously muttered under his breath with a clouded look.

[KAGEKATSU]: “… In the end, we’re enemies… huh.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Even though I feel like the range of strategies would broaden if we mixed armies…”

[NOBUHARU]: “Nah, I don’t think our friction would allow that.”


[KAGEKATSU]: “… What do you mean by that?”

[NOBUHARU]: “Meaning, I want to say that splitting up should let us function better as armies.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Because the closer our distance is to each other, the more frequent an argument like earlier will happen.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… I see. You’re… right. I should have known that if I thought about it. In the end, I still have shallow thoughts.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Nah, the thought itself of trying to settle a situation with peace, instead of just fighting, isn’t bad. It’s a plan I wouldn’t have ever thought up.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Mhm! I should have expected this of Uesugi’s successor, Uesugi Kagekatsu, ha ha ha!”


[NOBUHARU]: “Woah, I should get going soon. Well then, let’s meet again in a while.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “…… I was just praised right now by Takeda’s greatest general… right?”


The eastern side Takeda protected was calm.

[SHINGEN]: “Phew, it looks like the yakuma were held back without any large damage.”

[MASATOYO]: “Yes. The number of yakuma heading towards us continues to decrease. Everything is going smoothly.”

[SHINGEN]: “Well, it’s a little scary for things to be too smooth. Like the calm before a storm, or something…”

[MASAKAGE]: “Shingen-sama, please don’t worry! Even if a storm comes, I’ll strike it back and protect everyone in the village!”

[SHINGEN]: “Oh, great enthusiasm! Even though you were angry at Uesugi earlier.”

[MASAKAGE]: “No, I really am angry at them!”

[MASAKAGE]: “But that’s exactly why I’ve decided that I’m going to protect things so perfectly that I’ll get the better of those Uesugi guys who doubt us and make them speechless.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Fuhaha! Good spirit, Masakage. A commander really should show himself through his actions and not his words!”

[SHINGEN]: “Haha, you’re all reassuring. It looks like my worries earlier were for nothing.”

[SHINGEN]: (That being said, there’s still the matter of the new yakuma… It’d be nice if I was just needlessly worrying.)


A while passed after both armies returned to their posts. On the Uesugi side, some impatience spread out.

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Kanetsugu and Masanobu are late. A lot of time has passed since they went scouting.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Kagekatsu, it is unnecessary to worry. Nothing will happen to Kanetsugu, even in a worst case scenario.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Mm, I believe in Kanetsugu’s strength too. But, still…”

[KAGEIE]: “Kagekatsu-sama, there is also Takeda’s commander accompanying Kanetsugu. In that case, there’s no need to worry.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Oh my, that is a surprise. Unexpectedly, you trust an enemy commander, Kageie.”

[KAGEIE]: “Wha, Kagemochi!? I absolutely did not mean t-t-that!”

[KAGEIE]: “It’s just that us Uesugi have been, annoyingly, fighting for many years with Takeda— I am only recognizing the strength of their commanders.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Yes, it is as Kageie says. As old enemies, there are no weak commanders in the Takeda army.”

[KENSHIN]: “We can only believe and wait for Kanetsugu’s return… Kagekatsu, you also understand, yes?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Yes, father. I’m sure they’ll return before long—“

Suddenly, the area became noisy at the booming roar of yakuma. The screams of the villagers also rose from somewhere.

[KAGEIE]: “The yakuma came back!?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… However, something is strange.”

[UESUGI SOLDIER]: “R-reporting! The army is struggling with a single yakuma that suddenly appeared!”

[KAGEIE]: “What!? Just a single one…!?”

[KENSHIN]: “For my army to be beaten by that…”

[KENSHIN]: “In other words, I believe it has appeared in front of our eyes at last. —The yakuma subspecies.”

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    Cey said:
    September 2, 2019 at 14:18

    [SHINGEN]: “… Apparently, the yakuma subspecies absorbs other yakuma and becomes strong.”

    Now that I though of it, is common occurrence in manga and anime that oni, youkai, and such, make themselves more powerful by “eating” other demons. So… This shouldn’t be a surprise.

      Ilinox responded:
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      Shingen and his men are smart cookies :”D or maybe just fortunate to have spoken with someone who actually saw that, haha.

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      To be fair, it was sort of an innocuous question LOL he just didn’t consider how it would sound to others, oops.

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