SNB The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle ~ Chapter 5 ~

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Event: The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle

Following sightings of a yakuma subspecies, the Uesugi army stayed at a post town. At that time, the post town was attacked by a large horde of yakuma. Just as they were struggling with the large numbers, somehow the Takeda army entered to reinforce them…

Chapter 5: A Reason to Fight

… Ten days had already passed since the battle with that yakuma subspecies. The Uesugi territory had already regained its previous calm.

Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu sat on the veranda inside Uesugi castle and were spending a peaceful afternoon together.

[KAGEKATSU]: “… It’s peaceful, isn’t it?”

[KANETSUGU]: “Yeah, it is.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Even remembering back to it now, that time was like a dream. Fighting together with Takeda.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Well, it was certainly an interesting experience.”

.[KANETSUGU]: “… It’s just, on the other hand, I’m curious about the rumors on that yakuma subspecies, which had been sighted by so many villagers, disappearing.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Isn’t it just the case that… there was only that one?”

[KANETSUGU]: “Seeing that we haven’t seen any else, that seems to be the case but… well, nothing will come out of thinking about this. Anyway, the most important thing is that it’s peaceful.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Alright, Kagekatsu, our injuries are healed so let’s go train! At this rate, my body’s gonna get sluggish.”


At the same time the two stood up from the veranda Kageie peeked his head out.

[KAGEIE]: “So the both of you were here.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Ah, Kageie-san. Why don’t you join us too, since it’s been a while?”

[KAGEIE]: “That’s a tempting invitation, but… I was told by Kagemochi that there was something to discuss. You and Kagekatsu-sama were also summoned.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Huh, us too…?”


The three walked to the great hall where Kagemochi and Kenshin were already waiting.

[KENSHIN]: “You three, sit there.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Father, did I do something to be scolded on?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Haha, you don’t have to be so anxious. Simply, a letter arrived addressed to us and that is going to be read out.”

[KANETSUGU]: “A letter… from who exactly?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “From the representative of the post town the other day. It is probably to report that they no longer see yakuma close to the village and to thank us for our actions several days ago.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Oh? That’s quite polite of them.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… But it’s my first time getting a letter of thanks… I’m happy.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “There is nothing more important than that.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Fundamentally… it seems they wish to extend their deepest thanks to the Uesugi army, and of course the Takeda army, but also Kenshin-sama for requesting their aid.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Unnecessary. It is a matter of course for the lord to protect their people.”

[KAGEIE]: “That’s just like Kenshin-sama.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “However, for them— a letter alone is not enough for thanks. They say they would like to celebrate Kenshin-sama and us vassals.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Oh! Isn’t that a nice invitation!”

[KAGEIE]: “Yeah, there are a lot of nice inns there. It wouldn’t be bad to spend some relaxing time there.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Haha, that is true. It is an attractive invitation.”


[KAGEIE]: “Hm, Kagekatsu-sama? What are you thinking over?”

[KANETSUGU]: “You aren’t thinking about anything strange, are you?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… I wonder if we could go to this together with the Takeda army.”

Everyone in Uesugi reflexively paused at Kagekatsu’s words.

[KAGEIE]: “… Haah!? Kagekatsu-sama, what are you saying!?”

[KANETSUGU]: “… Like I thought, you said something weird. Why the heck would you think about that.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Because… we fought together. The feeling of wanting to help someone is unrelated to being Uesugi or Takeda.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Doesn’t everyone think so?”

[KANETSUGU]: “That time was an emergency. Now that it’s not like that, we’re enemy armies like before.”

[KAGEIE]: “It is as Kanetsugu says. We cooperated there, but Takeda is an opponent we must fight one day.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… But that post town should be a ceasefire zone, right? We don’t have a reason to fight there.”


[KAGEIE]: “Gugh…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Hah… Both of you have been argued completely into silence by Kagekatsu-sama.”

[KANETSUGU]: “N-no! This is just far-fetched logic!”

[KAGEIE]: “However, what Kagekatsu-sama said is not wrong. If it’s a ceasefire zone, then staying at an inn with Takeda should be no problem?”

[KANETSUGU]: “Kageie-san, please don’t think about that! Things that can’t be done can’t be done!”

[KANETSUGU]: “Kenshin-sama, please say something.”

Kenshin, who had been quiet up to then, turned his eyes to Kagekatsu after being asked by Kanetsugu.

Kagekatsu received Kenshin’s gaze directly and straightened his posture, waiting for Kenshin’s next words.

[KENSHIN]: “… We cannot go to the post town.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… But.”

Hearing Kenshin’s words, Kanetsugu and Kageie fell into silence without saying anything. Seeing their appearance, Kenshin continued his words.

[KENSHIN]: “However, this is unrelated to Takeda. There are things we must do apart from the yakuma subspecies… We merely do not have time to lodge over there.”

[KENSHIN]: “Only, if there is the opportunity to visit that post town while we are carrying out what we must do, then…”

[KENSHIN]: “I believe I will not stop you at that time.”

Kenshin left those words and then quietly left the great hall. Kanetsugu and Kagekatsu unconsciously looked at each other.

[KANETSUGU]: “What did Kenshin-sama’s words just now mean exactly?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Could it be that at some point a day will come where we stay the night with Takeda?”

Kageie and Kagemochi smiled gently at the confusion the two were showing.

[KAGEIE]: “Still, as you’d expect, such a day will not come easily.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “However, Kenshin-sama may have felt something in this battle.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Father too…”

Kagekatsu thought about the back of his father who couldn’t be seen anymore and showed a small smile.

The other three directed gentle gazes to that Kagekatsu.

8 thoughts on “SNB The Targeted Post Town! A Fated Cooperative Battle ~ Chapter 5 ~

    waterinegirl said:
    September 11, 2019 at 00:29

    takeda and usuegi’s relationship, i describe it as frenemies.

    [KAGEKATSU]: “… I wonder if we could go to this together with the Takeda army.”
    didnt expect this from kagekatsu. but i think he’s the one who’s soft in the usuegi army./

      Ilinox responded:
      September 11, 2019 at 16:34

      Frenemies, haha, that’s a good description! It’s really interesting to see that Kagekatsu almost have opposite policies with his dad :’)) he just wants everyone to get along and be in peace. He’d probably be best friends with Yukimura, since the two share similar ideals.

    Cey said:
    September 9, 2019 at 13:40

    Aww… Sweet, sweet Kagekatsu, you might be the wolf, but… I am the cougar, and I wouldn’t think twice to have you for dinner. =3

    I loved the end.
    Thank you Waterinegirl and Ilinox.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 9, 2019 at 22:09

      I’M SO GLAD I READ THIS AT NIGHT AT HOME BECAUSE I CRACKED UP SO HARD. Kagekatsu needs to be careful around you now, I see.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! This was one of my favorite events for sure.

    Cheek Rubsu said:
    September 4, 2019 at 15:43

    Thank you waterinegirl and Ili for this event story! Also, I’m late but happy 8th anniversary! Thanks for all you’ve done and I’m happy to learn about these interests! Maybe when I’m not half-dead, I’ll look into some of these series~

    So, getting to this story… I finally had some time to sit down and enjoy it; this was a very good read involving the 2 opposing armies!

    So what I gathered about this story is that the two generals (and their subordinates) have a lot more in common in terms of morals, principles, honor and all that good stuff, but the major thing that sets them apart is their perspective on how they choose to govern their lands. If I were to take a step back and look at the bigger picture (and ignore the entire long-time-rivals thing), I don’t see how they couldn’t have gotten along. I dunno, just seems petty/childish. Shingen’s always up in Kenshin’s face being aggressive, and Kenshin’s always just playing defensive [until Ch 10]. 2 sides of a coin, imo.

    Anyway, I’m loving how this story ends. It’s a nice closure on the issue for the two groups, but it left the readers a bit of hope at a possibility of the two ever uniting. I can understand Kagekatsu’s feelings/logic of wanting to get along with Takeda, but the situation calls for a more plausible– yet long-term– solution. Speaking of, I’m giggling over that bit when Kageie and Kanetsugu are baffled by Kagekatsu’s logic. They all brought up good points, so again this really brings up the weight of these decisions that Kenshin has to make, poor him lol. Also before that, the dialogue starting with Kagekatsu– he sounds so guilty… Kenshin please stop emotionally neglecting your son! The poor thing practically shrinks in your presence! I’m thinking back to that other event with Uesugi and Mouri now lmao….

      Ilinox responded:
      September 5, 2019 at 21:39

      Aw, thank you! It never fails to surprise me to see the years go on by and this blog continue to truck along |D;; though I’m happy to meet people, old people, and see new things come and go.

      I’ve always viewed them that, despite all their commonalities, the one fundamental thing they differ on is how Kenshin puts the bigger picture ahead of everything. He wants to uphold and ideal and his beliefs makes him de-personalize himself so that he can be a vessel of justice for his people and land. So, basically, he doesn’t believe in personal desires or vendettas or anything, in addition to his reluctance to go offensive and believing that being defensive is enough to keep his people safe.

      On the other hand, Shingen is all about personhood and believes that everyone burns with an ambition and desire that they need to fulfill, so he doesn’t understand and isn’t willing to see Kenshin’s side. For whatever reason (I can’t remember if it was actually addressed in the game) Shingen has set his sights on wanting to defeat Kenshin to prove that he’s the stronger man, and so this has become his goal which is what makes him so aggressive towards Kenshin LOL.

      In their conflict, Kenshin is probably the one being like “smh why does he keep coming after me” because he couldn’t care less about Shingen, except for the fact that Shingen has now made himself Kenshin’s problem and long-time rival through their sheer number of skirmishes against each other.

      Kagekatsu is a much softer soul than Kenshin :’)) probably because he’s sheltered under Kenshin’s rule and shadow, but yeah LOL Kenshin needs to work on his fathering skills because his poker face just terrifies Kagekatsu. I also think that if Shingen had set any other sort of goal for himself (and not make it defeating Kenshin) then Takeda and Uesugi probably would have gotten along really well.

    leohikarusora said:
    September 3, 2019 at 19:32

    OMG, the story is so good~!! Truly refreshing my day! Thank you so much for ili and waterinegirl~

    But, I also hope that Uesugi and Takeda have one banquet together without have to think about enemy’s stuffs etc. etc. So, you’re not alone, Kagekatsu.

    Somehow, I really want this event come again to get those all Kenshin card(s)…
    Once again, thank you for your hard works~!!

      Ilinox responded:
      September 5, 2019 at 21:34

      Honestly, the first three events were super good since they were army-specific and each army was paired off with basically their counterpart |D;; they were also extremely long. The events nowadays are so-so and short, which makes sense considering the frequency they arrive but also I’m kind of side-eyeing how crazy their events keep coming…

      Ooh, they haven’t repeated all the events yet but this one’s been repeated once already, so I’m not sure about its likelihood in coming back again… I hope so though!

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