Kankinkon ~ Zetsubou no Hibi 500 DL ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Continuing on with the DL rewards…

Let’s go!

The Name She Gave

Touji: I beg your pardon. I’m certain my grandfather is overjoyed in heaven to be able to meet you, madam, in this last moment. *sniffling* Yes, my grandfather… is really someone who should head to heaven.

T: *footsteps approach* Hm? Ah, it’s time? I apologize, madam, but I need to go now. Yes, I will visit again soon. *heads out* I made you wait, didn’t I? Let’s get in the car. *sobbing* Now then, everyone, until another time! *walks away*

T: *gets in car; sobbing*

T: *sobbing becomes laughter* HAHAHAHA!! FINALLY!! That fucking old man kicked the bucket!! Ah, was he so detestable that the world was hesitant? I was getting impatient since he was taking a while to die. But with this I’m freed!

T: *to heroine* I’m sorry for making you worry. Everything will be alright now. I’ve eliminated everyone who could harm you, so the rest is just fully enjoying our married life. *kisses* Mm…

T: Ah, that’s right, what should we name our child? Oh, you see, I was thinking something like “Tiara” would be cute, since they’re the child of a cute princess like you. If it was a boy then, hm… something like “Happy”? Huh? Of course I mean phonetically and disregarding the meaning of the kanji.


T: “No”…? Haha, you’re asking me if I’m sane? I’m speaking extremely seriously right now. Eh? You’ll think of a name? Thank you!! *hugs heroine* I didn’t think you would try to come up with a name. Like I thought, in your heart you’re happy to be married with me, right!?

T: Huh? I’m wrong? Then, why? Hmm? The child’s a light in despair… so “Hikaru”. Well, I couldn’t care less about the reason, the important note is that you thought it up. Hehe, I’m sure this child’s future will be just like the name you gave them and it’ll be overflowing with light. Whether they’re a boy or a girl there’s no mistake they’ll be as cute as a jewel.

T: Hm? Did I say something strange? It’s unexpected? What is? Haha, oh, that? It’s true I have no interest in anyone other than you, but it’s a different story if we’re talking about our child. After all, they’ll have my beloved’s blood in them! Whether it’s words, or things, or a child, anything you bring forth is dear to me. *kisses*

T: Ah, I’m looking forward to this. Once this child is born, your future will have been undeniably corroded by me. No matter how you try to erase this, it will be a memory that cannot be erased. Hehe, what a wonderful future, right? I’m so happy I’m feeling vertigo. *kisses* Let’s protect this happiness forever. Yes… until death… always and forever.

Note: Oh, this is so cool language-wise. So, when he’s talking about words, things, and a child [that are all dear to him as long as the heroine does it], the sentence goes “言葉でも、物でも、子供でも” which, phonetically, sounds like “kotoba demo, mono demo, kodomo demo”. It’s just very rhythmical going from kotoba to mono to kodomo with the demo in between them all.

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