Kankinkon ~ Zetsubou no Hibi 1500 DL ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Last DL reward! Also, there was a 1200 DL reward that I already translated back in the past, along with the first volume.

There’s no YouTube link, and it’s just hosted on their website instead. I’ve linked to it in the title below.

You Are There In Paradise

Touji: *taking pictures* Ah, that’s good, the sight of you looking at the cherry blossoms is the absolute cutest! Huh? You’re wondering whether or not I’m going to take pictures of the cherry blossoms? The butler’s taking those pictures, so that’s enough. I’m photographing the most beautiful flower in this world.

T: *following heroine* Aah, any angle is stimulating. Even that disgusted look sends tingles down my spine! Hah… I photographed amazing memories today as well. Still, are you really fine with viewing the cherry blossoms in such a common place? If you’d like, I could give everyone money here and reserve the place. *heroine shakes head*

T: Haha, “it’d be a waste”, huh. No matter how much time passes, you’re always modest and humble. Exactly like a goddess!! No, you ARE a goddess.

[01:08] *wind blows a can over*

T: Ah! H-how dare this happen! For an empty can that a filthy man put his mouth on to roll onto our sheet…! AGH! To defile your holy ground… I must give them the ultimate punishment! *heroine stops him* Haha, you’re going to forgive this unreasonable action? You really are kind.

T: However, although it may have rolled over here due to the wind, it is an unmistakable fact that the owner of this can has unjustly damaged your space. Punishment is needed. *snaps fingers; talks to guards* You men, return this empty can to its owner immediately and… deal with them appropriately… You all understand, right? Then go!

T: Hahahah! Amazing! Everyone’s beginning to pick up their own garbage actively now. I’m sure it’s because the beauty in your heart has been expressed to your surroundings. Now then, for some reason it looks like the number of spectators has decreased, so I can concentrate on photographing you again with this.

T: Okay! Look this way with Hikaru. *snaps pictures* Aah, jeez, the smile you have when you’re looking at Hikaru… turn it here too. Just for a second, alright? Hey? *takes pictures* Mm, well, this is lovely too so I guess it’s alright.


T: Haa… hah… to be looked at by you outside… it’s exciting! *takes pictures* Ungh, hah… ah, this is bad. I can’t hold back my arousal anymore. Everyone just so happens to be looking over there, so let me give a kiss in this moment? *heroine shakes head* Haha, you’re also cute when you’re shy. *kisses*

T: Mm… ah… *licks ear*… Truthfully, I’ve thought about how nice it’d be if the only sound that entered your ears was my voice. I didn’t want you to hear the voices of other vulgar men. But I’ll restrain myself. I’m a tolerant husband after all. *kisses ear* As long as you’re there, no matter the place, it’s a paradise.

2 thoughts on “Kankinkon ~ Zetsubou no Hibi 1500 DL ~

    It me said:
    September 22, 2019 at 19:13

    After this and his comment about splooging in his tuxedo , this seems appropriate.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 23, 2019 at 17:09

      Oh god, this is such a nostalgic song that I’m not sure I ever needed to be reminded of again… LOL. But then again I still remember his other one like “I Threw It On The Ground”.

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