Kankinkon ~ Amayaka na Hibi: 0 Days ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Giving myself a day’s buffer before the next set of releases. Big thank you to Criy – “bcuz even I need sleep” for the commission of this upcoming volume!

Let’s go!

Before Release Cast Talk

Miraku: Hello everyone, I am Miraku Akira, the performer for Saijou Touji and Saijou Hikaru in the Kankinkon series. On this occasion, I am here to do a cast talk on Kankinkon ~ Sweet Days ~ which was released as a sequel collection in this series.

M: Oh man… last year, when I received this commission, I didn’t think the series would continue like this. Even more, to be honest I didn’t think I’d get to perform these characters again either. Last year, since the summer, it felt like I got to run through things with Touji and Hikaru. Nevertheless, this time, seeing the “Sweet Days” makes you think, “Finally”, right? Especially so when you think about Touji and Hikaru being the ones reaching a happy end.

M: Well, Touji is a little… he has a special happy end, but personally I think it’s a sweet end in his way. For Hikaru, um… I started to get nervous halfway through at what was going to happen, but after reading the end of the script I thought “Oh, thank god, isn’t this nice? I’m relieved, phew”. How I was relieved will be something for you to look forward to in this volume. I think everyone can wait and look forward to it.

M: In terms of only listening to them talk, Kazuma and Makoto also seem to have a ridiculously sweet story, so I’m also looking forward to the completion of theirs. So, please, look forward to this Kankinkon ~ Sweet Days ~ volume. This was Miraku Akira, performing Saijou Touji and Saijou Hikaru. Now then, everyone, let us meet inside the work. Goodbye, goodbye… goodbye.

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