Kankinkon ~ Amayaka na Hibi: Kazuma ~

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Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Kuse Souji (久世 総司)
CV: 蒼山雅宗

Confined Marriage ~ Sweet Days ~

The relationship between Kazuma and his heroine began due to being threatened by Saijou Hikaru.

However, receiving each other’s influence, they became a loving couple.

And then, in the night after their graduation ceremony, Kazuma had a certain request for his heroine…

“Even if you slept with someone else, I’d just superimpose myself over them so there won’t be any problem. As long as you love me, that’s enough.”

Thank you to Criy – “bcuz even I need sleep” for the commission! This is a FD volume to all the boys up to now and their stories. It’s sort of like a sweet epilogue. Each one of the guys’ gets one track and so I decided to separate the posts into individual ones. R18 content warning ahead!

You can pick this series up here at the ENG DLsite or the JPN DLsite.

Next (or more like the third track) is Kazuma, Hikaru’s childhood friend, whose series I also haven’t translated.

Reminder that I have two diaries on this entire series if anyone’s curious about my live tweets for the other CDs, they’re kept here in Part One and Part Two.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 3: Several Days Later Story “Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Seduction ~” ***

Kazuma: Ugh, we’re finally free from that stuffy ceremony. Haha, right? Our school went all out needlessly on our graduation ceremony. If students from other schools came to see it, I’m sure they’d be surprised. But… there’s still the graduation party tomorrow. That one’s the annoying one.

K: *grumbling* We have to dress up, so aren’t you going to look even cuter? I don’t want other people to see that.

K: Huh? O-oh, I see, you haven’t attended before? Student council members have to help out with graduation ceremonies and graduation parties and they end up participating. So, that’s why it’s not my first time.

K: Eh? The reason I find it annoying? Uh, that’s… um… w-well, putting that aside, have you checked your dress for tomorrow? It’s not tight anywhere, is it? *heroine shakes head* Oh, that’s good. It was worth giving it to you as a present if you’re that happy. Ah, that reminds me, I want to talk to you about something after dinner— *door opens*

Souji: Congratulations on graduating to the two of you!! *pops confetti*

K: Wah?! That shocked me! Uh… brother, were you waiting here all this time?

S: Yep. I wanted to be the first to congratulate you two so I made dinner and waited.

K: Wow… you really did. Um, how should I say this… didn’t you make too much? Didn’t everyone else have plans and couldn’t come back today?

S: I know. I made these for the three of us to eat. Hehe, are you pleased? Are you happy?

K: Haha, yeah, we’re happy. Thanks. But, brother, you cried way too much at the graduation ceremony. You cried more than the ones graduating!

S: Ah, but when I thought about my brother, who used to be so small, graduating… a lot of feelings just welled up. Oh! First, why don’t we sit down? Look at the work I have confidence in.


K: Haha, brother, you really can do anything. *they sit down*

S: That reminds me, Kazuma, what’s with that distressing design?

K: What’re you talking about?

S: I’m talking about the dress your girlfriend will be wearing to tomorrow’s graduation party! Your taste isn’t bad, but to be covered up to the neck. You won’t be able to see her cute décolletage, right!? The designer was muttering about what a shame it was.

K: There’s no need for her chest to be shown, right? I think it’s cuter for her to be covered, so I asked for that design.

S: You say that… but you just don’t want her chest being seen by anyone, right? Good grief, a new wife will run out of patience towards a possessive man and run away, you know?

K: If that happens, I just need to go and woo her again. *to heroine* Haha, are you embarrassed? But it’s the truth. I said it before, right? That no matter where you went, I’ll chase after you and take you into my arms.

S: Wow, it’s hot in here. Did we skip spring and went straight to summer?

K: If you’re going to say that then why don’t you get married, brother?

S: Unfortunately, I haven’t found my destined goddess yet.

K: The girls that approach you are just people aiming for your fortune, huh.

S: How rude! Even though I look like this, I was really popular during my school years, you know? During the time I was student council president, when it was Valentine’s Day, it was a huge dilemma carrying things back every year. Oh, I see, I didn’t tell you, huh. I’m also a graduate from that school and was the student council president. Haha! You can’t imagine it? Even though I’m like this, I was a pretty popular student council president, you know?


K: Moreover, brother, you were always in first place at the school, huh. His head is made up differently from mine.

S: Oh, what’s this? You finally feel like praising me!

K: If you were to seriously look for your destined goddess, I’d feel like complimenting you even more though.

S: You’re excessively fixated on that problem today, huh.

K: Mom and dad were lamenting. “Souji is in a slump with girls and he’s having a hard time getting a bride. When will we be able to hold our grandchildren?”

S: If they want grandchildren, Kazuma, you and her can create lots so there’s no problem!

K: Hah… I understand your feelings, brother, so I wouldn’t want to say this if I could. But right now, brother, you’re just running away, aren’t you?

S: Running away? From what?

K: From Kako.

S: Erm… do you mean the “past” in “past and future”?
(T/N: Lost in translation, but “Kako” sounds like 過去 (kako) for “the past”)

K: Why are you trying to play dumb at this point? I’m talking about my girlfriend’s little sister, Kako. You even like her too.

S: Uh… what are you saying? I’m close to being ten years apart from her. Besides, she’s also a precious little sister-in-law to me. I don’t intend to lay a hand on her in the future either.

K: But hasn’t Kako approached you with all of her efforts? If you like her then you could respond even just a little bit. *to heroine* Right? You think the same too as her sister, right? *heroine nods*


S: Gugh… to ask for agreement from your girlfriend there… that’s not fair!

K: Anyway, brother, you should also start to think about your own happiness soo— mph!

S: Okay!! Don’t say any more unnecessary things! Eat my cooking! I went through all this trouble to make it and it’s getting cold, isn’t it?

K: Mmph! Haa… don’t shove something into my mouth all of a sudden! I thought I was going to suffocate to death!

S: How is it? Isn’t that fish delicious? I fished it up for today.

K: Eh!? You went out of your way to fish!? Ah… was that why you weren’t home last night?

S: It’s to celebrate my cute little brother and little sister’s graduation! I have to be picky about the ingredients!

K: Haha, thank you, brother. It’s my fortune to be born as your younger brother. So, that’s why I also want you to be happy.

S: My family’s happiness is my happiness. Come on, let’s drop that topic here and quickly eat. Doesn’t your girlfriend look like she wants to eat?

K: Huh? O-oh, sorry! Was it hard to eat because I was talking? Ah, in that case, let’s eat.

S: Time to eat!

*scene skip; door closes*

K: My brother’s cooking was delicious, right? *heroine nods* Haha, that’s right, my brother’s someone who won’t be satisfied until he masters something. That’s why his cooking got good. But… I’m a little jealous.

K: *leans in* Because… isn’t there a saying that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach? When I think about my brother getting to you first before me… I get frustrated.

K: Haha, I see. I’ve captured your heart? Then… show me proof. *kisses*


K: Hold on, I’ll take off my clothes too.

K: Haha, if you keep looking at that place like that, I’ll get embarrassed. *kisses*

K: Mm. Today, I’m hard to the point where it hurts. So… this place is like this. Haah… I want to be inside you as soon as possible… I can’t hold myself back.

K: Haha, nope, I won’t put you down. We’re going straight to the bed like this and I’m going to make love to you.

K: Bath? We can do that later. After we’re done, let’s take one together. *kisses* You also look like you can’t wait with your nipples this hard. They’re delicious looking… and it makes me want to taste them. *kisses*

K: … Haha, don’t worry, even if we take a bath together today, we won’t be seen by anyone. Because that’s why everyone left the house.

K: Haha, you didn’t realize that? Today’s a special day, so everyone’s being considerate.


K: Hm, yeah, it’s also because it’s the day of our graduation but… haha, you don’t know? Starting today… *whispers* we can finally make children. *kisses*

K: I guess this is something like the tradition of the Kuse family. When a good day to make children is reached, the married couple is left behind on that day and everyone goes out. My brother’s probably not in the house anymore either. So tonight… no matter how loud you are… no matter what’s done… it’ll be alright. I’m the only one who’ll hear your cute voice. *kisses*

K: Haa… hah… it’s strange. Your name’s entered in my family register already and we’ve slept together countless times… yet my heart’s pounding like it’s our first time. *kisses* Ngh…

K: Hey… do you not want this? Would it be better to wait some more? Me? I… want them. From the moment your name was entered into my family register— no, to be honest, from before then… I wanted you to bear my children.


K: *whispers* I wanted proof that you became my wife alone. You’re mesmerizing, so… I’ve always been worried over whether or not you’ll be stolen away by someone with us just being married. *kisses*

K: Eh? You were worried as well? About what?

K: Haha, it’s true that there were girls who said they loved me even after we got married. But that’s because I’m a member of the Kuse family. If I didn’t have my family’s influence, then I wouldn’t be attractive— wah!? What was that all of a sudden?

K: Punishment…? What do you mean? Ngh! *heroine gives BJ* Ungh… hah… don’t do that. If you lick me like that… ugh… haah… haa… I’ll get too excited… and won’t be able to restrain myself. Hah… haa… besides, I want to feel good together today. So… please let me lick that cute place of yours too. It’s not impossible. If you face your bottom this way, we can give each other oral. Okay? Please? I want to make you feel good too. *heroine nods*

K: Thank you.

K: … Oh? I still haven’t touched you and yet it’s a little wet. Did you get aroused from licking me too? If I lick this place… I wonder what’ll happen. Haha, mm, I’m doing it on purpose today. Because you’re cute when you’re bright red. Like this… *gives oral* ngh, with my words and my tongue… I want to tease you.


K: No! You’re not allowed to move your hips away. When this swollen part is licked… you love it, don’t you? Ngh… mm…

K: Ungh! Hah…! Where did you learn how to lick like that? Haah… haa… it’s not that you can’t do that… but it feels too good, ngh… I’m the one who won’t be able to endure it. Before that happens… I’ll have to return the favor, huh. Mmgh…! *gives oral*

K: Hah… this place is twitching. Does it feel good? Then… I’ll make you feel even better. Nngh…!

K: Haah… haa… you’re squeezing my tongue so hard inside… ngh… it’s like you’re wanting something. You can’t wait anymore? Haha, good. Then come over here.

K: I also… can’t wait anymore. I’m going to put it in like this. Nngh…! Haah… hah… wow, it’s so slippery inside. Moreover, it… ungh… feels like it’s wrapped around me more than usual. The sensation’s this different just without a condom, huh. *kisses*

K: Huh? Oh, sorry. I got too excited and thrust it in deeply all at once. It doesn’t hurt, does it? *heroine shakes head* Ngh! Haha, you’re clenching too hard inside. To answer like this… you’re not playing fair, haha. It makes me want to press in deeper and grind against you. Nngh… ah…!


K: Haha, mm… it feels good, doesn’t it? Me too… haah… I feel so good… like I’m going to melt. *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haah… hah…! Don’t squeeze like that… ungh… because I’ll release immediately… hah… Let me stay inside you just a while longer. *kisses* Haah… when I play with your nipples like this and stroke against you inside, ah… it gets tighter deep inside you. Ngh… *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haha, even I’d grow up… I know all your sensitive places already. Here… ngh! The place that makes you jump… ugh… I’ll thrust against it harder, alright? Haah… haa…! Hngh…!

K: … Haha, mm, go ahead. Lose your mind. Tonight, I’ll make you cum over and over again. I’ll cum the same amount of times. Nngh…! *kisses; thrusting*


K: I want to fill you up inside with my sperm until the party tomorrow. Haah… to the point where it overflows…! Nngh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haah… haa… I love you… my wife. Be someone who can’t think about anyone other than me… ngh…! Me? You don’t even need to ask. I’m obsessed… with everything about you. *kisses; thrusting* Ngh… agh… haa…!

K: You’re about to cum? Me too… ungh… I can’t hold back anymore. Haah… haa…! I’m coming…! I’m letting it out…! Ggh… ngh… haah…! *he orgasms*

K: S-stay like this… a while longer. I’m still releasing…

K: Haah… hah… *kisses*


K: I’m so happy. We came together, huh. *kisses*

K: Tonight… let’s come together a lot more. *kisses*

K: … That reminds me, how many do you want? Haha, I’m talking about the number of children. I’d like two or three. One child… hm, as long as they’re in this family, they won’t be lonely, but in the end I think it’s better if there’s siblings who can support each other. *kisses*

K: I’d like one boy and one girl each, but if they’re your children then either one would be cute.

K: Eh? Am I prepared to be a father? Haha, that’s a strange thing to ask. I was resolved from the moment I proposed. *kisses*

K: I’m doing these sorts of things, so it’s natural that I’ve made my decision as a man. Even if we used condoms, they can’t be said to be perfect contraceptives. How about you? Have you prepared yourself? *heroine nods* Ah, no, not the resolve to be a mother. The resolve to be my wife for a lifetime. *kisses*

K: Well, even if you said you weren’t prepared… I definitely won’t let you go. Even if you were to have an affair… I’d bring you back. Eh? Haha, of course I’m being serious. Even if you slept with someone else, I’d just superimpose myself over them so there won’t be any problem. As long as you love me… that’s enough. *kisses* I love you… my wife… so, always stay beside me.

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