Kankinkon ~ Amayaka na Hibi: Hikaru ~

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Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Confined Marriage ~ Sweet Days ~

Saijou Hikaru and his heroine were married in a distorted shape at the end of their misunderstanding.

The day of Hikaru’s third surgery, which had been postponed, was approaching and the heroine who cared about Hikaru with complicated feelings was in suspense.

One night, when she went to the rooftop looking for Hikaru who had disappeared from his hospital room, the heroine was presented with something unexpected…

“You must hate me, but… I love you. Exceedingly.”

Continuing my thanks to Criy – “bcuz even I need sleep” for the commission! This is a FD volume to all the boys up to now and their stories. It’s sort of like a sweet epilogue. Each one of the guys’ gets one track and so I decided to separate the posts into individual ones. R18 content warning ahead! Second track is our dear Hikaru.

You can pick this series up here at the ENG DLsite or the JPN DLsite.

Reminder that I have two diaries on this entire series if anyone’s curious about my live tweets for the other CDs, they’re kept here in Part One and Part Two.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 2: Several Days Later Story “Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Pillage ~” ***

Hikaru: Hey. Hey!

H: Did you fall asleep sprawled across the bed again? Your waist is going to hurt sitting in this chair the entire time. *heroine shakes head* Haha, even if you say you’re fine, I don’t feel at ease. I’m worried that something is going to happen to you before my operation. Besides, this operation was something that was arranged a long time ago. I’m not hospitalized because my health took a sudden turn for the worse, so… there’s no need for you to stay constantly at my side.

H: If you’re that worried… *leans in* how about you use that body and comfort me? I’ve been in this bed for a while now despite being able to move, so I’m bored to death. *heroine startles; kisses* Hehe. You’re well aware of how to do it, no? You merely need to… entrust your body to me.

H: Once you do that, I’ll taste you… suck you… and make you come. Then I’ll thrust myself inside you after you’ve become limp with pleasure, drive you crazy… and release inside you lots when you’ve become dazed from pleasure. Hahaha, do you think you have the right to refuse? As long as I have those pictures, you shouldn’t be able to disobey me.

H: … Yes, at least that’s what I thought until a short while ago. No, it’s nothing. Don’t mind me. Ah, sorry, but could you grab that water over there for me?

H: Thank you, next is… for you to pass the water to me with your mouth.


H: Don’t worry, the nurses haven’t come around yet. If you’re insisting that you don’t want to do this no matter what then… I’ll continue to not drink water like this and I might die. Hehe, thank you. *heroine kisses him*

H: Ngh… it’s delicious. I’ve never drunk such delicious water. *kisses*

H: Ah, sorry, some dripped out. I’ll… lick it up.

H: Hehe, your face is bright red, you know? Hahah! Even though I’ve slept with you so many times, you’re still so innocent no matter how much time passes. That’s why… you’re teased by me like this. But I’m glad you’ve started reacting like that.

H: During elementary school, even if I licked you, you just found it ticklish, right?

H: Yes, that’s right. It was a hot summer day. On that day, you, me, and… right, Kazuma, the three of us ate ice cream in the Saijou gardens. Like the careless person you are, your ice cream dribbled down predictably. I came close with a joking air and licked your collarbone.


H: I got excited then. After everyone left, I thought back to the sensation of your skin all night long… and comforted myself. What was regrettable was that, even though you found it ticklish when I licked your collarbone, when Kazuma licked your hand… your cheeks flushed.

H: Haha, even though the collarbone is a much more sexual spot than the hand… Ever since that time, I gnashed my teeth with frustration at not being seen as a romantic interest for you. Haha, even though I forced you to marry me on top of raping you… you’re apologizing for this. You’re as soft as always.

H: Hehe, that’s right, I find it vexing that you didn’t notice me for more than seven years. Oh well, now I’m the only one who can lick your collarbones. That moment which happened back then… I’m going to forget it. *kisses*

H: Haha, look at you sneezing instead of me, the hospitalized one. You’ve kept me company for several days now, so you should head home soon and sleep. *heroine shakes head* Hah… you’ve been stubborn since you were young. You don’t need to worry, I won’t die.

H: Even if the probability of the operation’s success is just thirty percent.

H: I know that much. Even if you tried to hide it, I have many people as hands and feet that I can use. In the first place, the fact that you’re beside me every single day itself would be strange, don’t you think?


H: Hehe, good grief, you’re simple to the point of being a fool. Did you forget what was done to you?

H: Oh well, that side of you… is something I’ve fallen in love with too though. Heh, come on, don’t cry yet. Doesn’t that make it seem like I’m going to die for sure? *kisses*

H: You should be beaming with feelings about finally being free with this. That way I’ll get frustrated and I might refuse to die at any cost.

H: … So, smile. Until the end.

H: Ah…! Haha, if it can get you to hug me like this… then it’s worth almost being dead. I’m so happy, even now I feel like my breath could stop. *kisses*

H: Now then, you should go home already. Mother’s worried about you too.

H: If you insist on not going home no matter what then… I’ll fuck you right here. Do you want that?

H: Hahah! Yes, that’s right, don’t worry about me and take it easy at home. There’s nothing you can do here.

H: … Good night. I wish for you to have nice dreams. *heroine leaves*

[09:24] *scene skip; heroine walking outside; phone rings*

Kazuma: Sorry for calling when you’re busy. Are you at the hospital right now?

K: Oh. How’s Hikaru doing?

K: Mm… mm… I see. Hikaru also learned about the chances of success? How about the fact that you asked me for advice?

K: Ah, so he didn’t learn about that.

K: Are you… okay?

K: Haha, you don’t have to bluff anymore. You realized that you couldn’t leave Hikaru’s side while you were supporting him. Everything began from that moment, but after marriage Hikaru’s been the ideal husband to you, right? In a certain way, it’s natural to fall in love with someone right beside you who loves you with their whole heart.

K: Hehe, you didn’t notice it yourself? Your face was so red too! You’re asking me since when? Come on, it was when the four of us went on a picnic off the grounds. You spilled sauce on your hand and Hikaru jokingly licked it up. You became bright red and turned around… but you were happily smiling, haha. It’s pretty hard to see your own heart, huh.

K: Haha, I’m not teasing you. Even if it was out of pity, the feeling of not wanting Hikaru to die… I think that’s love. Well, even if that’s the case, I think it’s better if you punch Hikaru once.

K: Then you might feel surprisingly like a weight is off your shoulder… and you can be happy without reserve.


K: Huh? Me? I’m… haha, I’m happy right now. Ironically, thanks to Hikaru.

K: It’s weird to say that it’s because of that, but this is why I want you to be happy too. I’ll definitely help you when things are rough. My wife and I are always behind you. Haha, you’re right, let’s head out again with the four of us. My wife liked the shop we went to the other day too. I’m going to look for another tasty restaurant, so tell Hikaru that he better not break his promise.

K: Well then, I’ll call you again later. Yeah, good night. *ends call*

*scene skip; heroine runs to hospital roof*

H: Oh, it’s you. The rooftop at night should be off-limits. How did you come here?

H: *comes close* Haha, you’re right. Just the fact that I’m here means I’m also breaking the rules. But no one will give me a warning. After all, this hospital is under the patronage of the Saijou family.

H: Hehe, don’t look like that. I won’t jump down.

H: … Tonight, the cherry blossoms were terrifyingly beautiful, so I wanted to see them for the last time. The cherry blossom at the Saijou house… must be a splendid sight right now too. Ah yes, that reminds me, there’s something I want to hand to you. *brings out paper* Take it. It’s our divorce paper. I wrote my name on it and I’ve affixed a seal.


H: If you have this then, even in the worst case scenario and I live through this, you’ll be able to divorce me.

H: Also… you don’t need to worry about the photos anymore. I’ve deleted all of them. You’re… completely free now.

H: Haha. You’re right, I did say I wouldn’t let you go for the rest of my life. But…

H: … During this one week, where you barely ate and slept to stay with me, I feel like I received a lifetime’s worth of happiness. I was able to delude myself into feeling loved.

H: I was able to have… a good dream.

H: Haha, even if you tell me not to give up, it’s regarding myself so I should face the facts, right? I’m… likely going to die. I’ll die if I don’t accept the surgery, and if I accept it then there’s a seventy percent chance that I’ll die. I don’t have any hope. But still, I was able to be with you to the very end. Haha, I was happy.

H: *hugs heroine* Thank you… You must hate me, but… I love you. Exceedingly. *kisses*

H: … I’m sorry for hurting you so much. Once I’m dead… find your happiness.


H: Why can’t you be happy? There’s no child between us, so you can feel easy at remarrying, right?

H: Haha… no, there’s no possibility you’re pregnant right now. I was silent about this to you, but… actually, in an examination the other day, I learned there was a problem on my side. The likelihood of you getting naturally pregnant is extremely low and that’s why, no matter how many times I came inside you, you weren’t impregnated.

H: For you… I was nothing more but a calamity. From here on… I won’t be able to disturb you anymore. I will just… *teary voice* die forgotten, having only brought misfortune to people.

H: *gets slapped* Ngh! Haha… you can strike me more. I did things to you where it’d be reasonable for you to kill me. So, this much…

H: Huh? W-why are you crying? This divorce paper is real! I honestly erased the photos too. These aren’t lies! *heroine hits him* Ow ow! Alright, I won’t say I’m going to die anymore. Please stop crying.

H: Ah, jeez… don’t cry. If it’ll make you happy, I can do anything. Haha, for some reason just hearing those words… makes me feel like I’m truly loved. Haha, I’m going to be under an idiotic delusion. So, while you still have the chance, say that you hate me and loathe me. If I misunderstand right now… I won’t be able to let you go.


H: Ah…! Haha… you’re cruel. If you say such a thing with a face like that… I absolutely won’t… die. *kisses*

H: Haha, looks like I’m chilled. Let’s return to the hospital room. Warm me up… with your body temperature.

*scene skip; door closes; kisses*

H: Ngh… mm…

H: This is the first time, since I’ve been born, where I felt the distance to a bed was so far. *kisses*

H: Haha, why are you hiding yourself now? Your lovely breasts… show them only to me. *kisses*

H: Mrm… haha, are you getting aroused just from kisses? Your nipples are hard already. Such a sensitive body makes me worried over whether you’ve been having an affair without my awareness. *kisses*


H: Hehe, you’re right, the reason your body’s so sensitive is because of me. I’ll take responsibility and make you come a lot tonight. *kisses*

H: You can’t stand up any longer? Mm… haha, you gave up early today. I haven’t even touched… this clitoris yet. Ngh…

H: It’s become swollen and slick. Haven’t you grown wet quicker than usual today? It’s already, mm… soaking. We can’t have it dripping onto the floor, so… I’ll lick it up… with my tongue. *gives oral*

H: Ngh… hey, you can’t run away. So that I can taste you properly… ngh, keep standing.

H: Haah… haa… this place of yours is delicious no matter when I lick it. Much more delicious than the ice cream back then… It tastes sweet and makes me want to taste its depths.

H: Nrgh! *heroine stumbles; he catches* Woah! Are you alright? Haha, it looks like you can’t stand up any longer. Sorry, I teased you a little too much. Let’s continue this… slowly in the bed. *lifts heroine up* Haha, something like lifting you up won’t stop my heart. I said this before, but I’m in my best condition right now, which is why I’m undergoing the surgery.


H: You just need to be still and let yourself be pampered by me. *kisses; carries to bed*

H: My cute princess, how would you like to be ravished today? From the back? From the front?

H: Haha, I see. You want to see my face. Then, me too… I’ll savor the dazed and pleasured look on your face… while ravishing you. *kisses*

H: Mm… hah… well then… I’ll put it in now. Ngh… ah…

H: Ngh!? What is this…?

H: … Ah, sorry. I’m okay… ungh… It just feels so good, I was surprised. For some reason, I feel like I can feel your heat more than usual… *kisses*

H: No, ngh, don’t move yet. I want to stay inside you like this… for a while longer. *kisses*


H: Haah… haha, your hips are moving. I only entered you and you’re this turned on? Doesn’t it look like you’re going to come, even without me moving? Ungh… hah…! Crap…

H: If you squeeze me like this… ah… I’m going to feel like coming too. Haah… haa…!

H: Ngh… wow… you’re clenching down inside. Haha…! Does it feel that good? Nrgh… idiot! If you say that with a voice like that… ah! Haa… hah…! I won’t be able to stop from moving, right? Ah… hah…! *thrusting; kisses*

H: Ungh… I love you. To the point were I’d even be fine giving my life…! I love you! Ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

H: Mmgh! Haah… crap, I’m really…! Haa… hah… I can’t hold back today… ngh!

H: Haha, I see, you too? Then… I’ll stroke this spot deep inside you lots. Haah… haa… let’s come together. *kisses; thrusting*


H: Ngh… hah… haa…! *he orgasms*

H: Hagh… haah… *kisses* I always think you’re adorable, but today… you’re even more adorable. You’re so dear… my heart hurts. *kisses*

H: … I love you. I’ll definitely survive, so wait for me to come home. *heroine nods* Haha, thank you. Just with those words of yours, I feel like I can overcome anything. *kisses* Once we get home, I’ll make love to you even more intensely, so… prepare yourself. Mm, it’s a promise.

[33:50] *scene skip*

H: Hey… hey!

H: Did you fall asleep in that posture again? You’ll catch a cold. Haha, that’s a terrible looking face. Are you that disappointed I woke up— *heroine hugs him* Ah! Hey, if you suddenly hug me my heart is going to give out from the shock.

H: Haha, did I sleep for so long after the surgery that I surprised you? Huh!? Two months…? Haha… more time passed than I thought and I’m surprised.

H: … I’m sorry for making you wait. Hereon, I’ll be with you forever.

H: Hm? What do you wish to say?

H: It’s something surprising enough to stop my heart? Hahah! I’m looking forward to it then. What exactly—…

H: … Huh? You’re pregnant…? With your child?

H: I-I see. No, wait, you don’t have to say the rest. Even if you’re having Kazuma’s child, I’ll love you— *heroine hits him* Ah! Mine…? No, but…! The likelihood is extremely low…


H: Haha… I see. Hahah, it’s alright to believe in miracles, huh. It was worth living this long.

H: Ah, amazing! I’m going to be a father! Whether the child that’s coming is a son or a daughter, I feel like I’ll be able to be there for their wedding. I can declare this now. *kisses* Thank you. You’re always giving me so many treasures.

H: Oh, that reminds me, I had a strange dream just now. In my dreams… I was with someone who resembled my father.

H: I don’t remember it clearly, but… we talked about many things, and after a while I heard your voice. Then that person pushed my back and… told me “You just need to walk over there”. Maybe that was one of my ancestors or something.

H: Haha, it’s not like me to think these things, but… today’s a day with miracles happening. So this is fine sometimes, right? *heroine kisses him* Mmph!? Haha, I didn’t think a day would come where you would kiss me. This is the third miracle that’s occurred in a row. I wonder if a fourth miracle… will happen? *kisses*

H: Sorry, I’m amending that. Each and every second I walk together with you from here on… is all a miracle.

6 thoughts on “Kankinkon ~ Amayaka na Hibi: Hikaru ~

    waterinegirl said:
    September 27, 2019 at 01:18

    im surprised the heroine and kazuma still talk even if they have their own husband and wife. and they even hang out.

    Even if you’re having Kazuma’s child, I’ll love you— *heroine hits him*

    XD damn hikaru

      Ilinox responded:
      October 1, 2019 at 14:53

      The three of them are childhood friends! Besides, it’s not like they did anything to each other |D;; if anything they should relate to each other more for having to experience the natural disaster called Hikaru LOL.

    aplusnobody said:
    September 25, 2019 at 10:33

    Excuse me, but my eyes are wet??? Like, this child despite all the stuff he’d done, managed to break my heart like this

      Ilinox responded:
      September 25, 2019 at 12:51

      What gets me the most is that I think you can see the genuine core of warmth and kindness inside Hikaru because of his mother :’)) and that’s what makes him the one who ends up breaking the Saijou curse like this. He’s done awful things like his father, but he’s also willing to sacrifice himself at the end like this for his beloved.

    Medusawitch Shepard said:
    September 23, 2019 at 00:13

    this child is so cruel to me and my soft heart.
    maybe because i pity him

      Ilinox responded:
      September 25, 2019 at 12:53

      Hahaha, Kankinkon’s characters always fill me with such mixed feelings. Like, he did really really terrible things to his heroine and to his friend, Kazuma. But at the same time he did some great things like getting Kazuma to find his true love and I’d argue that his heroine would have loved him first if she didn’t lack so much self-confidence that she immediately erased him out of her mind as a potential love interest. He really tries to do good things at the end though :’)) or even among all the terrible things he does, he never truly crosses into the line of cruelty because of his kind mother’s influence…

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