Kankinkon ~ Amayaka na Hibi: Touji ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Kaga Ryousuke (加賀 亮介)
CV: 九財翼

Kaga Yousei (加賀 陽晴)
CV: 紅井駿

Confined Marriage ~ Sweet Days ~

It was two years after the heroine was kidnapped, confined, and assaulted as much as possible by the man named Saijou Touji.

She lived without giving into despair while pouring her love into the child she had with Touji.

The heroine thought she was getting used to handling Touji, the madman, when suddenly one day two men who called themselves Touji’s friends visited the mansion…

“Even that exasperated gaze of contempt is wonderful!”

Huge thank you to Criy – “bcuz even I need sleep” for the commission! This is a FD volume to all the boys up to now and their stories. It’s sort of like a sweet epilogue. Each one of the guys’ gets one track and so I decided to separate the posts into individual ones. R18 content warning ahead! Last (or well, first) track is back to the originator of the series, Touji.

You can pick this series up here at the ENG DLsite or the JPN DLsite.

Reminder that I have two diaries on this entire series if anyone’s curious about my live tweets for the other CDs, they’re kept here in Part One and Part Two.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Several Days Later Story “Confined Marriage ~ Days of Despair ~” ***

*phone rings*

Touji: *cold voice* That was quick. Report then. Oh? I see. Heheheh… is that so? I leave it to you to continue. *ends call*

T: *sweet voice* Heheh, so, have you prepared, my dear wife? Right now, my work has calmed down so I can pamper you all day today! Do you want to take the jet and go overseas? Or do you want to have sex for the whole day in our mansion? *heroine shakes head*

T: Hahah! Don’t worry, the wet nurse is watching after Hikaru. So… *hugs heroine* we can love each other without reserve. *kisses; heroine refuses* Eh? What’s strange?

T: Heh, oh, you mean that. Of course, I won’t get tired no matter how many times I sleep with you! I’m confident I can be energetic even past sixty years old. Even now… look. Haah, just from holding you that part of me is this hard.

T: Aah, even that exasperated gaze of contempt is wonderful! Just being looked at you sends tingles down my spine. I feel like I’m about to ejaculate.

T: Look at me more! Keep me in your sight! Reflect me in your eyes, even if it is out of hate! *phone rings* Tsk, who the hell is that? I told everyone not to give me anymore calls today. Huh? This screen… I have no choice. If I neglect them, the won’t do a single worthwhile thing.


T: *answers* You two came back to Japan? What for? I’m currently very busy, so keep it short. Hah? You’re coming over to play? Don’t joke with me. You two are always suddenly— grgh, they hung up.

T: *sweet voice* Ah, you don’t need to be concerned! Right now, some noisy guests are coming but you don’t have to host them. *kisses* You can stay here and wait for me to return— *door opens*

Ryousuke: Yo, Touji! We couldn’t wait and came straight over.

T: Ggh…! Where did you call me from earlier?

R: Eh? In front of your entrance way?

T: That was already after you entered without permission, no? Was there a need to call?

R: Touji, you never change expressions so I thought if I didn’t do something like this then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Yousei: Jeez, brother, don’t leave me behind. It’s mean to have me be the only one holding off the butlers.

R: Haha, sorry, sorry. I couldn’t hold back my feelings of wanting to see Touji as soon as possible.

T: Haa… I didn’t plan on having you all meet, but it’s too late now that it’s become like this. *softly to heroine* Sorry for all this noise. These men are… my friends from university. No, perhaps undesirable friends would be more correct. In any case, they’re acquaintances from my past.

R: Pleasure to meet you, missus. My name is Kaga Ryousuke. My hobbies are horse riding and appreciating objects of beauty. My specialty is—

T: The superficial man over here is the older brother, Kaga Ryousuke.

R: Excuse me. I was still the middle of my self-introduction though?

Y: Okie dokie! Next is me! I’m called Kaga Yousei. What I like are cute girls! And what I hate are ugly things.

T: The one pretending to be cute here is the younger brother, Kaga Yousei. The two are siblings with oil fields, so they have some money.


R: It’s only someone like you, Touji, who treats us as having petty money. Moreover, calling us acquaintances is mean. Even though we have a relationship where we’ve spent hot and passionate nights to-ge-ther.

Y: Yup, that’s right! The three of us together are siblings in that relationship.

T: Don’t say such disgusting things. In the first place, it’s you two siblings who always— *phone rings* Gugh, dammit. What’s with everything coming one after another? *answers* I’m in the middle of something right now. Call me later. Huh? That’s…! Fine, I’ll do something about it, so continue to handle it like that. *ends call* First, you two will have to come visit again later. Today is inconvenient.

R: You say that, but there’s never been a time that’s convenient for you. You’ve said that it’s pointless to spare your time for other people. The people you can call friends… are just us, right?

T: I don’t recall asking you two to be my friends. You guys just decided on your own not to leave.

R: Anyway… you got a phone call, right? From the sound of things earlier, there’s an urgent matter you should deal with, right?

T: Haah… *heroine talks; sweet voice* For even you to tell me it’s alright to leave… That’s, well… it’s certainly an important matter. *heroine insists* Hah… alright. I don’t think there will be any problems, but if anything happens then scream. *to the men; cold voice* I’ll kill you both if you do anything to her. Sit down and stay there obediently until I return.

R: There’s no way we would harm someone important to you, Touji, right? So I’d like you to let us talk to your adorable… wife.

T: Be grateful I’m letting you just breathe the same air as her. *quietly to heroine* Then, until later. I’ll come back right away. *kisses; leaves*


R: Hehe, with this we can finally take our time and talk. Yousei, close the door over there.

Y: Okie dokie! *closes door* It’s closed.

R: Now then, let’s not stand and talk. How about we sit and chat? Oh, I suppose it’s strange for me to say that. *heroine shakes head* Haha, thank you. Then, I’ll take you up on the offer. Mm… hm? Sitting over here feels somewhat uncomfortable. Actually, can I sit beside you? Haha, we lived abroad for a while so we aren’t used to this distance. Yes, that’s right. In the country we live in right now, it’s polite to sit beside guests. I’ve become used to that, so there’s a sense of discomfort here. Right… Yousei?

Y: Mhm, we need to get back the feeling of being in Japan. *heroine invites them closer; quiet voice* Wow, she’s easy to trick. *loud voice* Wah! Missus, you’re so nice! Then, I’ll sit over here.

R: Ah, that’s not fair, Yousei. Then… I’ll sit down on the other side.

Y: Eheh, I didn’t think a time would come where we could talk to Touji’s wife.

R: Yeah, that’s right. After all, it’s that Touji. Eh? You don’t know how Touji was in the past? *heroine nods; quiet voice* Oh? Then, like I thought, is she the same as all the other women up to now? *normal voice* Oh no, it’s nothing. You see, the past Touji wasn’t a man who thought about marriage. If he was to marry, I thought it’d be a woman who would bring benefits to the Saijou family. But your family… heh, with all due respect, doesn’t fall under that condition. That’s why we’re interested in you personally. Because that cold-blooded Touji married someone without any benefits, we thought she’d be an extraordinarily wonderful woman. So, we returned to Japan to inquire about this.


Y: But I’m surprised, because you’re completely different from his type in the past. Yes, in the past Touji went out with strong-willed beauties, like models, glamorous young ladies of rich families, and other shining women like that. That being said, he was the one being approached… which might be a better way of putting it. Because in the past, Touji had no interest in anyone.

R: Yep, yep. It was a feeling of not rejecting those that came, but not chasing after those who left. He was always expressionless. But… I loved that indifferent gaze. Because the only person who could look at us with those eyes… was just Touji.

Y: That’s why, one day, we did an experiment to see how far we could go before Touji got angry.

R: Haha, that brings back memories. We seduced the women who approached Touji one after another and shared them between us. But… no matter what woman we stole, up to the very end, Touji didn’t get angry. Heh, it’s true. Even when we told him we stole his girlfriend, he would end the conversation by simply telling us to do as we pleased. That was even more frustrating. He’s that handsome, excellent, and a perfect man like a merciless god. I got jealous of the girls who were able to obtain him for even an instant.

R: Haha, no, you’re mistaken! I love women. I don’t look at Touji from a sexual view. But… I probably feel an emotion close to admiration. That’s why, just being able to obtain the same things Touji has, felt like I continued to dirty the domain of a god. But, strangely, from around five years ago Touji stopped letting women close to him. Well, it’s likely he got disgusted with women who were just pretty. I’m certain… you appeared to fill that opening.


R: And then, I thought this. *leans in* Your body must be something tremendous to compensate for everything. *heroine draws back* Oh no! Where do you think you’re going? The fun is going to begin from here.

Y: Yeah, yeah, please don’t scream. How about biting this cloth for this period of time? *whispers* You don’t have to be scared. We won’t do anything except make you feel good.

R: Yep, yep. Even though we look like this… we’re very good, you know? Oh? Haha, the girl this time is struggling quite a bit. Do you love Touji that much? Or is your sense of virtue strong?

Y: Haha, this is fun! It’s been a while since a woman hasn’t fallen for our faces after seeing us, huh, brother?

R: Haha, that’s true. She’s different from all the women up to now who just shake their hips. This sort of thing… turns me on too. *kisses ear* Nngh…

Y: But, brother, if she fights against us this hard then we’ll run out of time. We have to fuck her before Touji returns, so I’m thinking we don’t have the time to stretch her out slowly, right?

R: You’re right… then let’s use an aphrodisiac to make it effortless today. Yousei, smear this on her asshole. I’ll spread this across her hole in the front.

Y: Heh, roger.

R: Hahaha, now then, princess, look this way. *heroine struggles* Haha, it’s useless even if you resist. Do you think a girl like you can run away when you’re pressed down by two men? Come on, raise your head. Show me how you look… with your face slack in pleasure. Hehe, what a nice feeling pussy. Has Touji not played with you a lot? When I spread the aphrodisiac in like this… ngh… haha, it looks like my finger is going to slip inside accidentally.

R: But the inside… is probably very loose. Oh? Isn’t it really tight? I wouldn’t think that you were used to Touji’s size. Haha! Seems like it’d feel good to enter you.


Y: Ooh? That much?

R: Mm, pushing my finger in and out like this… haha, my finger feels like it’s being squeezed to death.

Y: That sounds so nice. But the feeling of things over here is pretty good too, you know? Even though she’s Touji’s girl, it seems like she isn’t used to anal sex at all. It’s tight like a virgin… ngh, ugh… my finger won’t really go in. *whispers* Hey, relax some more. If you don’t it’ll rip and hurt. Haha, yes, like that, good girl. Hehe, look, it’s going in and in.

R: Haha, so cute, this girl’s crying. But her lower half is twitching so much like this. It’s become so erotic here… *kisses ear*

Y: Hey, brother, let’s put ourselves in now. If we don’t tell Touji after the event is done already, then it’ll get annoying with this wife’s case.

R: Haha, you’re right. Then I’ll go first, so hold her down, Yousei.

Y: Got it!

R: Heheh. *removes belt* Now then, I wonder what the girl this time is going to taste like— *door opens*

T: …!! You guys…

R: Ah, Touji! Sorry, we started first. But it’s fine, right? You always let us, after all.

T: …… *exhales and comes over; grabs something*


R: Hm? Are you going to fuck her while drinking that wine? Mm, but I get pretty nasty when I drink while doing this— *gets bottle smashed over him* UGH!

Y: Bro… brother!? Hold on, brother! BROTHER!? Ah… ah…!! What do I do…?! He’s bleeding so much. TOUJI! Have you gone mad!? You’re insane to hit him with a wine bottle— *gets hit* URGH!

T: *flat voice* I believe I said I’d kill you both if you touched her.

R: … You… sei…

T: You two should just die altogether.

R: *gets kicked* GRGH! GUH…!

T: ……

Y: *gets hit too* NRGH!! GUGH…!!

R: St… stop…! HIEE!! Haven’t we been friends all this time!?

T: *no emotion* From the point you laid hands on her you two have become worms. For such trash to touch her skin… I won’t forgive that. I’ll grant you certain death. Perhaps it would best to cut off this useless hand right now? *stabs hand*


Y: ST-STOP IT!! TOUJI!! I’m begging you, please take that out.

T: Oh, sure thing. In exchange, I’ll stab your hand.




T: Such noisy trash. *kicks them more*

R: Gugh…! Nrgh…!

T: ……

Y: Guh…! Agh…!

T: Trash should get crushed like the trash they are. *heroine runs over to cling to him* Ngh! *sweet voice* Ah… haha, I’m sorry, could you step back for a moment? If I’m held like this, I can’t clean up the garbage. *heroine shakes head*

T: No… *growls* I’ll kill these guys. *heroine shakes head*… No… No, no, NO!! I ABSOLUTELY WON’T LET THEM OFF! HOW COULD I LET THIS GO!? I’ll punch them and kick them until ALL their bones break and then at the end, while I’m peeling off their skin, I’ll make them into minced meat! *heroine shakes head*

T: HAHAHA!! Murderer? WHO THE FUCK CARES! If I use the Saijou family’s power, something like disposing of two lumps of meat— *heroine hits him* Ah!

T: …… *inhales and exhales until he calms down*

T: … I understand. If you’re going to insist that much, then I’ll end things here. *coldly* Hey, you two. Get lost quickly before I change my mind. Also, until the end of the world, don’t enter my sight again.

R: Haah… haa… alright. Ngh… let’s go, Yousei!

Y: Haa… hah… r-right. *they both leave*


T: Ggh, I’M SORRY! *hugs heroine* Those two used to come to the mansion often to play. That’s why the servants weren’t cautious… No, these are excuses, aren’t they? It doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t protect you.

T: Aah, you’re shaking this much. It’s so sad. Here, I’ll lay you down on the sofa, alright?

T: I’ll overwrite the marks they left on you right away. *kisses*

T: Ngh? Today, you’re much more sensitive. You’re writhing this much. Doesn’t it make it seem like you’re happy to be caressed by me? You’re rubbing your legs together too… haha, cute. *fingers heroine* Hm? What is this feeling… it feels different from your juices…

T: Ah…! It can’t be… You were smeared with an aphrodisiac? Kgh, FUCK! Haah… *growls* I should have killed those people in the end. *normal sweet voice* Haha, oh, it’s nothing.

T: … It’s going to continue to hurt like this, so even if you want me to leave, let’s talk about that after you come once. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want today. As an apology, I’ll make you feel good from head to toe. *kisses*


T: Hey, were these nipples licked? Mm… I see. This place is still mine alone, so that’s why… it looks impatient and is hard, hm? *kisses*

T: Mm? Haha, the aphrodisiac’s effect is amazing. I wonder if you’re going to come today just from your nipples? Hehe, you shouldn’t be saying no. Try asking me to suck you more. Ngh…

T: … Ah! For you to say that so obediently… Isn’t this the first time!? Haa… hah…! *kisses* Oh no, I feel like I’m about to come in my underwear, so I’m taking it off, alright? *removes belt* Aah…! Haah… haa… look, precum is already coming out, haha.

T: Nngh… can I masturbate while tasting you? Mm? *kisses*

T: Ugh, I’m sorry… I really can’t wait anymore. I’m going to jerk myself off and splash it all over you, alright? Haah… haa…! *kisses*


T: Haha! You really are about to come, aren’t you? Hehe, that’s cute. I’m going to make the nipple on this side… feel very good too. *kisses*

T: Mm, haha… go ahead, climax. Come on, orgasm… just from your nipples.

T: Haah… aah… I’m about to come too… ngh…! At any rate, for the first time… ngh… I’ll cover your thighs, alright? *kisses; he orgasms*

T: Nngh… hah… haa… haha, to think you actually came from your nipples alone. Me too… I came this much.

T: But don’t worry. You’re too adorable, so it hasn’t gone down at all. Nope. Not yet. I haven’t made up for things yet. Let me, the fool who couldn’t protect you, service you more. Aah, the wine from earlier splashed onto your feet, didn’t it? I’ll lick it right now and clean you up.


T: Ngh… the wine that’s dampened your feet is sweeter than any alcohol in this world. Aah… it has a rich fragrance… mgh…

T: Nrgh! No way! For you to step on my face…! Ugh… ah…! It’s the best…! I didn’t know getting my face stepped on by you like this would feel so good! Aah… *licking* ngh… mgh…! More…! Step on me more…! Insult me and call me the worst…! Aah…!

T: My queen, even your toes are beautiful and delicious… *kisses*

T: Haa… hah… mm…! Licking you… ngh… while being stepped on like this… mm… makes me feel like I’m about to come again. Nngh…! Aah… I can’t bear this. I’m about to explode. Nrgh…

T: Ngh… my queen, I beg of you, please let this foolish manservant taste your dripping, hot hole. *kisses* Haha, today you’re truly a slave to pleasure. It makes me feel dizzy when you turn that desire to me.

T: … *inhales* Hehe, this place of yours… smells a little different. Haah… it’s richer than the first time I assaulted you. It’s become a smell that arouses passion. Nngh… to seduce me with your smell and flavor… I can’t help but think you wanted to be ravished. Haha, I’m not wrong, right? That’s why this place… this cute clitoris too… is so swollen. Like it’s begging to be sucked.


T: Hehe, are you about to come again? Go ahead. Come a lot… today. That way the drug’s effect will disappear sooner. *giving oral*

T: Mgh…! Nngh…!

T: … Haah… haa… how was it? Has it settled down now? Ngh? Oh no, if you ask for me in a voice like that… *kisses* ah, I’ll want to fuck you bare, won’t I? Haa… hah…

T: *breathing exercises*… Ah, I want to put it in like this… I want to feel you directly…

T: Ngh!? N-no, we can’t. If you run away as a result of me coming inside, I’ll die! Haa… hah…!

T: Calm down, me… First, a condom. Ngh… haah… this is the first time I’ve felt so annoyed at the time it takes to put on a condom.


T: Okay… haha, no, I promised you that I’d properly use contraception, remember? That’s right. This is the only promise I’ll keep. Because you said you’d stay here if I protected that. In truth, I want to be loved but if you’ll stay by my side… I don’t need to be loved. I can bear with any kind of pain. Ngh… a world that you’re in… is everything for me. *kisses*

T: Haha, she can’t hear me anymore, huh. I understand, I’ll put it in now, so don’t cry like that. He… re… ngh… ah…! Haha, did you come just from me inserting myself? Ungh… you’re squeezing me amazingly tight, aren’t you? *kisses* It’s really tremendous inside you. Haa… hah…!

T: If you clamp down on me like this… agh…! I won’t be able to hold back…! Aah…! Haah… hah…! *thrusting*

T: I love you…! Hah… I won’t let any other man touch you again…! Only I’ll be able… to make love to you like this…! Mm…! *kisses; thrusting*


T: Mm? I’m not supposed to do this as a manservant? Haa… hah…!

T: Haha, you’re right. But, in order for you to be a queen, you have to be more undaunted. Haah… haa… if you become this limp with pleasure at a manservant’s penis then… agh… it can’t be helped if you’re overthrown by someone inferior. Haah, come on… squeeze down and reject me, or else… I’ll dig deeper into you.

T: Nngh? I can’t? But if you tell me that… haa… *whispers* I’ll want to do it, right? Ungh…! Agh… haah…!

T: Aah, me too… I feel good…! From the place we’re joined… haa… it feels like I’m becoming boneless. Haa… hah…!

T: Good…! I’m about to come too… hah… so let’s come together… while kissing, alright? *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

T: Haa… hah… haha, this sort of thing isn’t bad from time to time, huh. Those men are trash, but they did give me a good discovery related to this.

T: … Well, still, the most wonderful sight is you climaxing shyly without an aphrodisiac though. *kisses; clock strikes* Oh? It’s already this time? Time passes quickly when I’m laying with you. At this rate, I’m sure I’ll become an old man in the blink of an eye. When I’m about to die… I wonder what sort of terrible things you’ll say.

T: Heh, I feel a bit terrified and like I’m looking forward to it. Haha, no, in the end I suppose I’m looking forward to it. Because the words I receive from you… all of them ring sweetly in my heart. *whispers* I love you. *kisses; clock strikes*

[44:16] *scene skip; door closes; heart monitor beeping*

Old Man Touji: *coughing*… Ah… you brought over water, did you? Thank you, but… I don’t feel quite like drinking. Even though you brought it over here… sorry.

T: Ah, I’m sorry, but… could you open the window? It’s about time… for the cherry blossom in the courtyard to be in full bloom, right? *heroine opens window*

T: Huh? Medicine? Ah… I don’t need medicine right now. I’ll be sure to take it later, so… could you just set it over there?

T: Hehe… sorry for being selfish. Hah… even though I’m happy to be given anything from you… for it to become like this is sorrowful. Oh no, I’m not scared of dying. Once you’re past ninety… something like that isn’t worth worrying about.

T: … What I’m worried about most is… heh, always you. And yet, right now… I can’t see your face clearly. So, please… could you come a little closer?

T: Haha, thank you. I still can’t see very clearly, but… haah… I can feel your scent. Hahah… it’s somewhat of a strange feeling. *coughing* I wonder if hell is coming for me at last. *coughing*


T: Haah… haa… while you still have the chance, you need to say what you want to say. Ah… that reminds me, in the past, we made a promise, didn’t we? That the moment I was to die of old age, you’d strangle me and kill me.

T: … This is a bit different from dying of old age, but… I’ve passed ninety so it’s more than enough to die of old age.

T: Now then, this is your last chance… You should end my life… with those hands of yours…

T: Don’t worry. I’ve told my subordinates everything. Everyone in this house will make it so that you aren’t a murderer. You can clear your long-standing grudge… without any hesitation. Afterwards, with Hikaru and our grandchildren… live happily.


T: Hm? What’s wrong? It can’t be that, after reaching this point, you won’t end my life? *heroine kisses him* Ngh!?

T: Hahahah!! Indeed, my heart stopped. We’ve been married for over sixty years… and this was the first time I’ve received a kiss from you. Ah… I was so surprised, I really… stopped breathing, hahah. *coughing*

T: I see. This is… your way of killing me?

T: Heheh… you’re kind even with your slaughter. Haah…

T: I’m the only one being happy… sorry. Ah…

T: But, regarding other things, I won’t apologize for them. If you want me to apologize for them, then go to the cherry blossom tree. Even after I die, I won’t leave this mansion where you are… and I’ll be watching over you.

T: … I love you… For not running away over sixty years… thank you… Thank… you… *coughing*


T: That was a joke. I’m not… going to die yet… You’re as easy to trick as always.

T: *wind blows* Aah… it’s the smell of cherry blossoms. Haha, this feeling… ah… is it cherry blossom petals? They’re as smooth as your cheeks.

T: Hahah… what are you saying? *coughing* Even if you’re an old grandmother… you have the world’s most beautiful skin still… and you’re lovely.

T: … Once my body is better… I’ll dedicate myself to you again… and you’ll get angry at me. Then after that… let’s take a walk… together through the garden. In this season… there’s other beautiful flowers blooming apart from cherry blossoms…

T: But… the most beautiful flower is…

T: …… Of course… y… ou… *stops breathing; heart monitor flatlines; clock strikes*

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        TOTALLY. I love seeing glimpses of Touji’s personality when it comes to everyone else in his life. His ambivalent, unapproachable, and ruthlessly despicable side is nice too… I really wish Dusk would continue this series :'(

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        Ilinox responded:
        October 3, 2019 at 22:38

        Nope, not much is said about the heroines’ families but none of them are related to any of the guys, except for Hikaru’s daughter I guess LOL.

    Spirit said:
    October 2, 2019 at 06:26

    Very wabi sabi

      Ilinox responded:
      October 3, 2019 at 22:39

      Dusk really enjoys giving you mixed feelings about Touji :’)) but also never letting you forget that he can be really gross and terrible.

    waterinegirl said:
    October 2, 2019 at 01:32

    I promised you that I’d properly use contraception, remember? That’s right. This is the only promise I’ll keep. Because you said you’d stay here if I protected that. In truth, I want to be loved but if you’ll stay by my side… I don’t need to be loved. I can bear with any kind of pain.
    When I’m about to die… I wonder what sort of terrible things you’ll say.
    Old Man Touji: this was the first time I’ve received a kiss from you.
    is… your way of killing me?
    But… the most beautiful flower is…
    …… Of course… y… ou… *stops breathing; heart monitor flatlines

    this is really heartbreaking.
    whether its pity or the heroine ended falling for him, touji died happily at least.
    i dont think i can handle touji’s possesiveness, like the way the heroine did.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 3, 2019 at 22:42

      In a sense, he did achieve happiness at the end but I wonder if that brief taste was enough to cover the 60 years of mixed and complicated feelings between them. I’m always impressed by Dusk’s ability to keep my feelings on the wire like this LOL because I sympathize a lot with Touji but then I’m on the heroine’s side of there being things that are just unforgivable, but then when you look back at Touji and hear about the reasoning for why he did what he did… BIG SIGH.

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