Immoral Game ~ Kidou Arato ~

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Kidou Arato (騎堂 アラト)
CV: 髭内悪太

Private Tokiwazaka Academy

There was an all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains, the Tokiwazaka Academy.

It was one of the best prestigious schools, where all the sons of respectable families gather; however, the reality was that it was a lawless zone where the rich and influential students did whatever they pleased as much as they liked.

In particular, what they were all enthusiastic about was getting teachers to quit, and it was an extremely distasteful “game” where they competed with the number of teachers.

The heroine had just become a teacher when she was assigned to the academy without being told anything about it.

There she met the students who were called “prefects”. They were the people highest in the rankings and, at the same time, had various “traumas” towards teachers.

“—Now, I wonder how long this new teacher will hold?”

The gorgeous boys have set up a sensual, depraved, and dangerous game. Can you reach the truth behind them at the bottom of their bared malice—?

Huge thanks to Madame for the commission! R18 warning. I translated the synopsis of the entire series above, but each guy gets their own description so I’ll translate that below. It got added onto JP DLsite.

Arato returned back to the academy for the first time in a while. He caused a violent incident at school and, up to now, had been in a correction institution. You welcomed Arato as his homeroom teacher, but he took no notice of you. Far from that, he quickly sent other teachers to the hospital and also brought you under his control without using force. Because you became a sacrifice to this unexpected “game” going on, you thought hard on it and decided to try and leave the academy. However, at that time, you coincidentally passed Arato… What are his true thoughts, hidden in his hardened heart?

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Crimson-Eyed Knight ***

Narration: In this world, there are people who you won’t be able to get through to. Even though you’re in the same country and using the same words… no, I suppose in the first place those people don’t even have ears. They cry and ask me what I’m going to do. My answer is this— “Shut up”, and then I make them surrender with force.

*scene skip; raining*

A: It’s storming here as always. This place is the one that looks more like a jail.

A: *heroine comes over* Hah? Who are you? Actually, why is a girl here? You’re the new… homeroom teacher?

A: So? You’re telling me you were waiting? For me to leave the correction institution today and return to school…? Heh. *walks off*

A: Shut up. If you don’t want to get punched, get the fuck out of the way.

*scene skip; bell rings*

A: Grgh…

A: Hey! Stop glancing over here. Get lost. *students scatter* Tch! Each and every one looks like they faced a beast.


A: So? What do you want? You called me out of the dorms.

A: Yesterday? Aah, that. How I punched the vice principal and sent them to the hospital?

A: Heh. So you know about the game. That’s got nothing to do with it. Everyone around is getting excited on their own, but I couldn’t care less about the game or being a prefect. The vice principal was just droning on and on and pissed me off, so I punched them. That’s all.

A: If you’d like, I can make you my prey too. Nah, you’re already one, huh. You’re a woman who looks, clear as day, as someone who’d quit in an instant… the other guys wouldn’t possibly be able to leave you alone.

A: I hit the mark, huh. Is our talk over? Then… *gets up*

A: … *snarls* The fuck you want now? Is there something else?

A: You want me to stop being violent? And?

A: …… Grrgh… *punches wall*!

A: *flat voice* I’m going back. Being lectured by a teacher makes me want to puke. I’ll let you off this time. There won’t be a next time.

A: It doesn’t look like you understand yet. *comes over* You’re shaking. Heh. I’m just holding your neck a little.

A: … Am I scary? How am I scary? Because I’m strong? Or… because of my looks? Dark skin and red eyes. No matter how you look at it, I’m not normal, right? If you’re scared, then don’t get close to me ever again. Got it?

*** TRACK 2: Overplay ***

Narration: Several days later.

*nighttime; punching sounds*

A: Nrgh! Take that!

Narration: I didn’t attend any classes, and every day I picked fights. No one would care if I wasn’t there. The reactions of the teachers were the same as usual: “Leave him alone” or “Let sleeping dogs lie”… it was things like that. However, there was one person who acted different from the others.

A: Orah!!

A: Haa… hahahah!!

A: *heroine comes over* Hah? Ngh. You…! Tch, why are you here?

A: You came looking for me? You can tell by looking, can’t you? It was a fight. I was walking around the forest, then all those guys lying there surrounded me. So, I turned the tables on them.

A: Who the hell knows. Well, for the most part, they were probably aiming for the prefect’s position. If they defeat me they can climb up in an instant, even without playing the game or persuading others around them. Heh, but… did they think they could win by gathering numbers? Just like trash to think that way.

A: *walks off; heroine chases* Don’t follow me. There’s nothing for me to talk to you about.


A: … If you keep on following me like that, you’re going to pay for it. Hah? What’d you say? You think I’m running away? Me? From you?


A: Haah… don’t look down on me. Nothing you teachers say will do anything. It’s pointless. That’s why they don’t bother saying anything.

A: Kgh…! You’re a damn persistent woman.

A: Hah!? You want to understand each other? Us?! That’s why you want us to talk? Heh, saying something you don’t even believe in. Bitch, you just want to clean up a problem as quickly as possible, right? In your mind, you think having to take charge of a problematic student like me is annoying, right?!

A: I’m not wrong. It’s obviously that. That’s the way teachers think.

A: You’re going to keep insisting? Ngh… hey, shut up already.

A: Shut up, I said! Didn’t you hear that?

A: Shut up… shut up… SHUT UP!! *grabs heroine* Grgh! You’re fucking getting on my nerves. I tolerated you because you were a woman, but I’m at my limits. I’ll teach you a lesson of what it means to get close to me.

A: This way works better on a woman than punching them, huh. *rips clothes* Haah… haa…!


A: Heh, even if you’re arrogant because you’re a teacher, if you’re pressed down like this you can’t do anything, right?

A: Oh yeah, didn’t you mention something about the game before? Hehe, this is just perfect. I’ll also crush you right here. Ngh! *kisses*

A: Haha, are you trying to resist with that? Hm? *kisses* There’s no way you can beat me in terms of strength, right? Besides… ngh… look, your nipples are hard. Haha, far from resisting, it looks like you’re trying to spur me on. Telling me to do more, yeah? *kisses*

A: Mgh… haah… haa… come on, spread your legs.

A: Hah? What’s with this place. Aren’t you wet already? Did you get turned on with me sucking your nipples?

A: … Nrgh, wow, it’s soaking wet. It’s even dripping onto the grass. Heh, looks like I can enter easily with this. Ngh… haha, just as I thought, you’re quickly drawing it in. One finger isn’t enough, right? Look, here’s another. Nn… haha, it really went in. You took in two fingers even though they’re this thick…


A: Hah… you’re sopping inside. It’s hot… to the point where my fingers feel like they’re going to melt. You look like a model teacher, but… are you a slut, in the end? Hm? What’re you crying for?

A: Hahah! Bold of you to say that even though you’re this wet. Even if you cry or scream, I won’t stop. Not until you’re broken.

A: Nngh… damn, every time I stroke you inside you squeeze down with no room to spare. Mgh… where’s your weak spot? Here? Or… ngh, here?

A: Heh. Looks like I hit somewhere good. I’ll keep hitting this spot then. I’ll break down your will with force. Nngh…! Haah… haa…

A: Come on, cum. You want to cum, right? You gave yourself away with how your hips were moving since earlier. Heh, or are you saying you’re still composed? Do you want me to be more violent? Hah?! Ngh!!

A: Come on…! Nngh! Come on!


A: … Hah… what are you spacing out for? Next is this.

A: Put your hands on the ground like that. Raise your hips. *removes belt*

A: Ngh… there’s no way I’m going to stop. The game begins from here, you see. Nngh… *inserts himself*

A: Haa… hah… how is it? Hm? Ngh, haha… I’m talking about the feeling of being fucked like an animal. Haa… hah…

A: Are you crying again? Haha… ngh! It’s your fault that things became like this. I told you there wasn’t going to be a next time… but you didn’t listen! Ngh!! Haah… hrgh…! Everything is something you chose yourself! Aah…!

A: I’m going to fuck you to death like this. Until you’re something that can’t be used. Prepare… yourself. Ngh! *thrusting hard*

A: Haah… haa… hah!! *he orgasms*

*** TRACK 3: Night Tour ***

*birds chirping; heroine walking*

A: Hah!? It’s you again…?

A: I’m skipping. Don’t ask about every single thing.

A: … Haah…

A: Tsk, how long are you going to keep standing there!? Are you scared? I’m not gonna do anything right in the middle of this hallway. If you’re going through then hurry up and fucking go through. *paper flutters to ground*

A: Huh? Hey, you dropped something. *picks it up*

A: … A resignation request? Are you going to submit that right now? To the principal. Uh… erm… is it because of that? Is the reason what happened the other day?

A: Huh? Hmm…? So, you were conflicted over this before, but you lost confidence in continuing as a teacher and that was the finishing blow? Tch, you look so damned down. If you want to quit then go ahead and quit. That’d be for the best. Tch, here, I’m giving it back. Take it and hurry up and submit it.

A: Hm? Your button… it’s starting to come off. On those clothes! Look down at your chest. Do you plan on going to the principal like that?

A: You… didn’t notice? Tch, jeez. *searches himself* Uh, did I bring that with me? *opens box* 


A: Huh? It’s exactly what it looks like. A needle and thread.

A: Who cares about the details. Tch, come over here for a moment. Hurry up!

A: Stay still like that. *starts sewing*

A: Metal button, huh… I have to consider its shape too… Hey, I told you not to move! The needle will poke your chest. I can’t sew if my face isn’t close, right!? It tickles, you say… Are you telling me to stop breathing? Put up with it for a short while.

A: Hah? It’s nothing. I just got used to doing it as a kid. I only had a mom at home. My mom worked until late, so I was the only one who could do household chores. Same went for sewing. Thanks to that, it bothers me when I see buttons coming off or shoes with holes.

A: … What? A family with no dad isn’t anything rare.


A: I see. In the documents submitted to the school, it’s written that I’m the oldest son of the Kidou house, huh. Like I was one of their people from the start.

A: … Alright, this is good enough. Next is… ah, crap, I forgot scissors. Uh… guess I have no choice. *bites thread* Here, done.

A: It’s nothing to be thanked for. Besides, uh… I did do something wrong before. IT’S NOTHING. Anyway, hurry up and go submit it… your resignation request.

*scene skip*

Narration: In the end, that woman didn’t submit her resignation request. Then, in two or three days, she suddenly came to me and said she wanted to give me supplementary lessons. For the sake of making up all the times I didn’t attend class or something… We were supposed to do it in the dormitory’s dining hall in the time after dinner and before I went to sleep, but of course I ignored that. However… she continued to call out to me. The next day… and the day after that…

*scene skip; door opens*

A: Ggh! She’s really here…

A: Did you wait this entire time? Even though there’s no way I’d come. I just came… out of curiosity or something.

A: While I was walking outside the lights in the dining hall were still on, so I got a little curious and came to check things out, that’s all. Supplementary lessons, huh.

A: If I said no?

A: Ugh… *comes over and sits*

A: … Come on, hurry up and start. I can’t win against you following me around every day. So I’ll go along with you for a bit.

[07:38] *scene skip; writing*

A: *yawns*… I can’t do it. Actually, I don’t even understand the first question. In the first place, Latin isn’t even used anymore with people. What’s the point of learning it? Aah… my head hurts now.

A: Hah? A break?

A: Chatting with you? Don’t make me laugh. If you want to talk then talk to yourself.

A: … Oh yeah, why are you still at the school? The other day you looked like you were hurting enough to die. Hah? What do you mean?

A: Heh, talking about things you don’t understand… How do you end up thinking that I might not be a bad student? Where are you looking? If I don’t like someone I punch them, and I make them give in through force. I’m that sort of guy. Even you were scared at first, right?

A: What are you laughing about?

A: H-huh!? I’m obedient…!? You… are you seriously OK? You might want to get checked over by a doctor.

A: Ggh! Uh, hey, stop it already. Listening to you talk makes my skin crawl for some reason. Ggh, I’m saying…! Grrgh… dammit!

A: Heh, if I cover your mouth with my hand like this then you can’t talk, right? Suddenly smiling and praising someone… I seriously don’t get it. I don’t know what you’re planning, but I’ll tell you one thing in advance. I’ve constantly been thinking about getting you to quit. And I can do that whenever I feel like it.


A: If you’ve forgotten… then I can make you remember. RIGHT HERE! *pushes heroine down*

A: Hahah, shoving you down on this table really makes you look like prey. I rarely do something like study, so I’m hungry. This is perfect. Guess I’ll have a meal. *kisses* Nrgh…

A: … Open your mouth. Give me what’s inside. Mm…

A: Hm? What are you saying? Especially when you like this sort of thing. Weren’t you turned on when I teased this place before? Look! Heh.

A: It’s too late for you to be embarrassed now. I’ve found out your true nature already. You look demure, but… in truth you’re a slut who likes to be messed up. *kisses* Mmgh…

A: There’s a damp spot here. I can tell from above your underwear… ah, it’ll feel uncomfortable like this, right? Take it off. Show me your precious place.


A: Heh. Like I thought, it’s soaking wet. *fingering heroine* Hey, your voice is leaking out. What are you going to do if someone hears you?

A: Ah? Did you say something?

A: Why, you ask?… No reason. I haven’t changed at all. I’ve always been like this. Even if what you say is true, I won’t tell you. There’s no point in telling a teacher after all.

A: *quiet voice* Either way, they won’t understand. There’s no way they’d understand… my words.

A: Ngh! More importantly…! Heheh, your juices are dripping out like drool. Are you hungry too? Then… I’ll let you taste something good. Right here in you. *removes belt*

A: M’not gonna wait. Look, stop chatting and take this in. Nngh! *inserts himself* Haah… haa…

A: Heh, you look like you tasted something good. But I’ll make it so that you can’t think about anything soon. Mgh… hah…


A: Wow… you’re surrounding me… Did you memorize my shape just from doing it once with me? Mm? Ngh…! Even though you’re a teacher, you’re a real loose woman. Haah… haa…!

A: Ah? Let you off? Hahah, then…! *pulls heroine up* Heh, if I hold you like this… I can reach deeper into you, right?

A: Who the hell would let you off? Try you best to cling onto me so you aren’t thrown off. Nngh…! *thrusting*

A: Haa… hah…! This feeling’s pretty amazing… I feel like I’ll get carried away. Hah… haa…! Nngh, are you trying to snap me in half?! Mgh!

A: Hah? I told you not to make noise… hah… Is it too much for you to bear already? Are you going crazy from having this deep spot hit by me? Haha… ngh! Hrgh…!

A: You’re hopeless… Raise your head up a bit then. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mmn… you can’t hold back your voice, right? *kisses* Mm…! So I’ll block your mouth. Until you cum. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Ngh… tight…! Hrgh… mm…! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… haa… heheh, you came pretty explosively. But it’s not enough… I’m going to devour your body until I’m satisfied.

*** TRACK 4: Riding ***

A: I’m not gonna do supplementary lessons on Sunday too. Getting a change of pace is fine too, right?

A: If you follow me you’ll find out. *opens gate*

A: Huh? Yeah, it’s the stables. The horses raised by the riding club are kept here.

A: Nah, I’m not a member. I came in because it’s okay to come in, jeez. You’re so noisy about every little thing.

A: *horse whinnies* Yo, have you been doing well? Heh.

A: Aah, well… you could call him my pal, I guess. This thoroughbred is used only by me. The exclusive right of a prefect and all that. *opens horse gate; leads horse out*

A: Hup! *gets on horse*

A: Heh. It really does feel good being on this guy’s back. I think I’ll do a light trot like this. Oh, before that… *holds out hand*

A: Don’t “huh” me. Hurry up and take my hand. Ngh, I’m saying I’ll let you on! If you keep standing right there then I can’t go outside. So…! *pulls heroine up* Hah. Let’s go. Hold onto me tightly. Hup!

[02:24] *scene skip; horse trotting*

A: Haah…! It really is great to ride like this and feel the wind!

A: Mm? You’re pretty stiff. Are you nervous? Heh, I know. You’re not good with heights, huh.

A: Then what is it? Hah… I see. It feels weird when you’re quiet. Usually you’re so damn noisy. Hup! *pushes horse faster* Heh, how is it? Startled?

A: Hah?! Why? Isn’t this good? We finally reached a large space, so it’d be boring if we went at a slow pace. Besides, your reaction was funny too. You end up screaming like that and darting your eyes around.

A: I’m a bully? Heh, call me whatever you want. Here, don’t release the reins. It’s dangerous. I’ll drop the speed, so let’s hold it together. *pulls horse* Huh? Now what?

A: Something’s hitting your neck?

A: Ah, this? My necklace. It’s a stone with an unusual color, right?


A: … It was given to me. From my mom. When we parted.

A: It’s nothing. S’not like I was hiding it. It’s something you can find out if you looked into it a little. I won’t care if you ask.

A: As you can see from my looks, my mom was from that country. She met a man when she was working away from home and gave birth to me out of wedlock. Her partner was the eldest son of the Kidou family.

A: But… my dad abandoned my mom. My mom also didn’t want to get involved with a large house like the Kidou family. So, she moved to the countryside, gave birth to me quietly, and raised me. Our life wasn’t easy. But I didn’t think we were unhappy. We were going to keep living together, just my mom and me, and support each other.

A: … That’s what I thought. It was at that time… that someone from the Kidou family came. From a while back, the Kidou family ran into some problems with getting a heir. So then the old man who was the head of the house zeroed in on my dad’s illegitimate child, me.

A: On top of ripping me away from my mom by force, I was even made to promise to never see her again. They said the next head of the Kidou family couldn’t be allowed to be driven astray by a woman with no background.


A: Heh, they hated us that much, yet they could only rely on that woman’s child. How fucking hilarious.

A: So, that’s how I became one of the Kidou family’s people. Then, after that, every day I was drilled with etiquette. I learned horse riding in all of that. Then, to try and keep up appearances, I was tossed into this school.

A: But I didn’t think I’d possibly meet people even more rotten than the Kidou family.

A: It’s none of your business. The one thing I can say is… the teachers and everyone are trash.

A: Look, we’re here. *gets off horse*

A: Grab onto me. At any rate, you can’t get off by yourself, right? *lifts heroine down*

A: Well, I’m going to return the horse. You go back first. Huh? Ngh… what? Why are you suddenly sticking out your little finger?

A: Make a promise? Me with you?

A: “You can hate the teachers, but don’t participate in the game. Also, don’t be violent”… that all? I don’t give a fuck. I… ngh… hey, what are you doing!?

A: … Tch! Going ahead with a pinky promise on your own. Just how pushy are you?

A: Haha… jeez. Guess I have no choice.

*** TRACK 5: Tears of Knight ***

Narration: The incident happened just a few days after that.

*heroine walking; glass breaking in next room; punching sounds*


*heroine opens door*

A: Ngh…! You…! You came just at the right time. *comes over* Yesterday, a violent incident happened, right? The teacher that was hurt there said the perpetrator was me! He said I suddenly snapped and punched him. And then…!

A: Then I was summoned by the principal and when I came to the reception room… even my dad came. BUT IT WASN’T ME! The actual person’s trying to frame me! I saw it. The guys who surrounded me in the forest last time were talking about something. They said something about it being my fault or something. Those guys hate me because of some misunderstanding.

A: What about you!? What do you think as my homeroom teacher? Look… you guys heard that, right? Mr. Principal and dad…! I made a promise with this woman, so I wasn’t the one being violent!

A: Hah!? The fuck’s with that!? You’re saying I made up my words?

A: That’s… No one else saw. It was just me. BUT—!

A: … Yeah, that’s right. I acted wild for some time after I returned to school too. So you guys don’t see me as someone who was rehabilitated at all, huh!? But… THIS TIME IT WASN’T ME! THAT’S THE TRUTH! Ggh…


A: Why… why is that being broUGHT UP NOW!? At that time, the reason I flew off the handle and punched the teacher was because THAT TEACHER— Hah? What, dad? Nrgh…

A: So you think the same thing as the principal, huh. You’ve tolerated me up to now, but now you’re saying you can’t protect me any longer? Ggh… FUCK. ARGH! *punches wall*

*scene skip; clock strikes; heroine opens door*

A: Haah… haa… in the end, they wouldn’t listen, huh. To my words or your explanations. I guess it’s expulsion.

A: Hah? That’s useless. You won’t get anywhere talking with the teacher.

A: I can tell that much! Either way, it’ll be the same. No matter what you say, it won’t get through to them. My words don’t reach anyone’s ears.


A: Che, SHUT UP! It’s all your guys’ fault I’m giving up this quickly! All you teachers have lost your hopes and expectations in me, RIGHT!? It was the same back then! When I was a second year, those guys didn’t listen to anything and made everything my fault.

A: You’re gonna be the same too, aren’t you? Because you must be annoyed at having gotten involved with this trouble. You just want to push the role of a bad guy onto whoever’s convenient and clean up this mess, right? That’s definitely how it’ll be at the end.

A: Tch! I’m going to leave. I’ve always thought about quitting this school. If I’m being told to get out, then I’ll just leave right now.

A: *heroine grabs him* Ngh! WHAT? Don’t get in the way! You…! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! Ggh… *shoves heroine*

A: Oh, I see. I’ve thought of something good. *pins heroine down* I’ll fuck you up and then bring you to the principal. I’ll tell him I did this. Then you won’t be able to protect me either. Now… this time I’ll devour you. Nngh! *kisses*

A: I’ll leave bite marks here and there. Mrgh…! Haah… haa… I’ll make it so that everyone can see what was done to you. Nrgh! *kisses*


A: Come on, don’t close your legs. If I don’t leave any marks here then there won’t be evidence, right? Grgh! *kisses*

A: Heh, what a nice sight. You, here on the sofa with your legs spread wide. This place is also twitching. Don’t you think you suit another job more than being a teacher? Haa… today, I’m really pissed off. I’m going to slam myself in here.

A: *flips heroine* Grgh, just look forward like that, bitch. At the window. Look, your slutty face is reflected. Be sure to watch yourself… drool as you’re thrust into from below! NGH! Hrgh…! Haah… haa…!

A: Hah? Don’t give me that “it won’t go in”…! Ngh, normally it goes into a deeper spot, right? Nngh…! Haa… hah…! Come on, look, didn’t it just slip in? Plus, you’re already squeezing down on me, haha. Did you want to be fucked that badly? I’ll do you for real then. To the point where you go mad from cumming. Ngh! Haah…! *thrusting*


A: HEY! Don’t close your eyes. Grgh…! Or are you resisting me? Then… NGH! GRGH! *hard thrusts* Haha, what a nice scream. I’ll slam into your deepest spot like this. Nngh! Mrgh, I’ll stroke against you again and again and make you cry out loudly. Mgh! Haa… hah…!

A: Wow… look, come on! Ngh! How you’re glistening with slick and how you’re firmly taking me in. Everything’s in clear view. Haah… what’s wrong? Embarrassed? Hah? Mm…! Haa… hah…! You don’t want to cum in this position? Haha… good. Squirm like that on top of my lap. Mmgh!

A: Haa… hah…! Aah… agh…! Come on! Cum…! Ngh! *he orgasms*


A: … Hagh… hah… not yet. It’s not over yet.

A: This time I’m going to cum inside. I’m going to fuck your body to pieces and make you cry until your eyes are swollen. At the end, I’ll throw you out naked in front of those arrogant bastards.

A: … W-what? What’s with those eyes? Hah? Just when I wondered what you were going to say… Haha, don’t make me laugh. You think I can’t do it? Such a horrible thing?

A: SHUT UP! What do you know about me? I’ve already gone this far with you. I’ve fucked you against your will, messed you up… and yet you’re going to say I’m still a good kid? Did you break down?

A: The promise…? Grgh… that sort of thing… nrgh… I’m going to break that thing right now! I’ll make you realize just what a stupid and naive woman you are! Grgh! Nnrgh…! *thrusting; gritted teeth* Haah… haa…!

A: … W-why… can’t I do this? What’s going on with me? It’d be easy to fuck you… and I’ve done it so many times up to this point! And yet… why…! Grgh… fuck!

A: Kgh…! *crying*


A: What are you saying?

A: You’re the one who got wronged! You’re always caring about me… even after going through something like this… Stop it already! Just abandon someone like me. Make things easier for yourself! Just like all the other teachers up to now!

A: No…? What’s with that!? How come I have to be protected by you? You’re so weak… and you don’t even have any strength compared to me. Why!? *crying*

A: Dammit… don’t pet my head. Don’t treat me like a kid!

*** TRACK 6: What You Want to Protect ***

Narration: After that, I was escorted by you to the principal’s office. I apologized for my actions up to now to the principal and my dad. I wasn’t satisfied to still be under suspicion, but following your advice I didn’t complain and just kept my head lowered. On the way back…

*birds chirping*

A: That damn principal, saying arrogant things like how my sentence would be suspended. Well, it’s true that he took back expelling me, so in the end I suppose the results are all right. Heh, hey, why don’t we go running for a bit?

A: On a horse, duh. For some reason, I really feel like riding one right now. I feel like I’ve gotten everything off my chest, so I can ride in a good mood. If you have time, come along with me.

A: Heh. Ah… uh, before that… erm…

A: … How do I say this… uh… um… ah…

A: Uh… t-thanks.

A: Ngh, I SAID THANKS. Dammit, don’t make me say it more than once. I didn’t think you’d defend me to this point. You believed me to the end and supported me. It’s the first time… I’ve met a teacher like that. So, uh… thanks and I’m sorry for everything up to now.


A: That reminds me, I haven’t told you this yet, huh. About the thing I got into a fight over with a teacher.

A: It was when I was a second year. At that time, I was stressed over my family issues and was always angry. In addition, I looked like this so everyone gave me a wide berth and gossiped about things that weren’t true. Like how I took drugs in the emergency staircases, having demanded it from an upperclassman.

A: Then a violent incident happened at school. And, the same as this time, I was treated as the perpetrator. No matter how many times I said they were wrong, no one believed me. Even my homeroom teacher who should have protected me decided I did it.

A: Heh, in the end, they even insulted my mom. They faced me and said straight out that the poor quality of my birth revealed itself.

A: … I couldn’t forgive that. At that time, I could only fly into a rage. Next thing I knew, I punched my homeroom teacher.

A: After that, I strangely felt like I broke through all my problems and I gave up on talking. No matter what I said, no one would listen. If my voice wouldn’t reach anyone, then I’d punch them and end things like that.


A: Ah… tch, I’m the one who brought it up, but I’ve made things gloomy, huh.

A: Uh, why are you the one apologizing? I decided to talk about it on my own. Haha, don’t look so sad. But today all of that is going to end too.

A: I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to stop being violent. I also promised you, after all. Not everyone’s going to believe me like you, but there’s also people who’ll believe in me like you. You taught me… that I gave up too fast.

A: So, I’m going to stop being violent. I’m not going to hurt anyone. Ah, but it’s different if I’m using force to protect something. Even if I’ve stepped down, the game’s going to continue in this school. There’s a lot of people aiming for you, so I need a way to protect you from them, right?

A: You… protected me. So, this time, I’m going to protect you. That’s our new promise.

A: Here, stick out your hand. Before, this was done from you. This time, it’ll be from me… and I’ll hold on tight enough to where it’ll never come undone again. It’s a pinky promise… teacher.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: After Episode ~ The Knight’s Passion ~ ***

A: … I seriously don’t get this! Ugh, this one, I’m talking about this one. The one about translating the next sentence into Latin. “Is this an apple”? You can tell just by looking, right!? Don’t ask stupid things like this. Also, this question asking about the road. In this day and age there’s smart phones, right? In the time it takes you to ask someone, you could look it up yourself!

A: Urgh. Besides, it’s sweltering. Even though it’s a rich school, the building’s old and so the classrooms don’t have any air-condition. Just what’s with that? The inside is ridiculous and, saying this and that about traditional education, they’re obsessed about weird points.

A: Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop complaining for complaining’s sake and do this.

A: … *yawns* Motivation? There’s no way I’d have some. It’s because you told me I’d have to repeat a year if I didn’t do these supplementary lessons and pull up my grades, so I had no choice but to go along.

A: Nrgh, shut up. Nagging me about this and that. Are you my sister-in-law!?


A: Huh? What? H-hey, why are you leaning towards me?

A: My word usage? That’s… I’m going to fix that later. Don’t butt in when it’s not needed.

A: I’ve said I’ll correct that part later! Enough, get away from me! Grgh, it’s already hot as hell to begin with and if you stick to me it’ll be even hotter. Come on, sit back.

A: *quiet* Jeez. Your eyes make me feel hot.

A: By the way… when I graduate, what’s going to happen? The fact that I won’t have to come to school anymore is obvious. I’m not talking about that! Um… I’m talking about you.

A: … What are you going to do? Are you going to keep staying here?

A: Quit. It’s not easy to work at this school. You know that firsthand, don’t you? Kgh, don’t misunderstand! It’s not that I’m worried about you. I’m just… a little curious, that’s all.

A: I’m not angry.

A: I’m NOT angry, I said.

A: NGH! *shoves chair back* Aah, dammit, I don’t fucking care anymore! If I said I don’t give a fuck anymore then it means I don’t give a fuck anymore! Why don’t you understand!? You oblivious teacher! *storms out classroom*


A: Haah…

A: Hm? What? Did you come to lecture me? Just when you thought I wasn’t going to come back after leaving the classroom you’ve found me slacking off at the pool.

A: … Hah? Cleaning?

A: Hm? So, because the student on duty skipped out, you’ve taken over and you’re doing it instead? Good work then.

A: Ngh… what are you looking at!? If you have something to say then spit it out.

A: I’m… it’s nothing. I have nothing I want to say to you. Rather, I don’t even want to see your face. Heh, besides, you came to clean up, right? Then hurry up and do it. *heroine walks off*

A: …… *heroine is cleaning around the pool*

A: U-uh… tch… you suck. I SAID you suck. You’re not putting your back into it at all. Plus, you’re scrubbing the lower sides which means the dirt from the top is just going to fall down, right? Hah, can you not clean despite being a woman? You won’t be able to be a wife like that.


A: I’m discriminating between women and men? Shut the hell up, dumb ass! *comes over* Here, give that mop over. I’ll show you how it’s supposed to be done. I’m saying I’ll do it, so give it over.

A: *struggling over it* Grgh, what are you getting all stubborn for? Let go! Ngh! A-ah, wait! *they fall into pool*

A: Haah… hah…!

A: … Dammit. I’m soaking wet because you dragged me in. Even my clothes inside are wet and my hair is plastered down, it feels gross. Tch, what are you going to do about this!?

A: Hah… hahah! HAHAH!!

A: Ah… honestly, we’re a bunch of idiots. Um… sorry. For making you fall into the pool, but also… the thing in the classroom earlier.

A: The fact that I won’t be able to see you again after I graduate… It’s obvious when you think about it, but… somehow… uh… the moment I thought that I couldn’t settle down. My heart felt all stuffy and yet… I pushed you away so hard like that. Heh, it’s funny, right?


A: Because a lot of things happened and I promised I’d protect you… in the time I spent with you, something in me got larger and larger. Even if I wanted to stop it, I wasn’t able to. That’s just how big it’s gotten to the point where my strength is useless.

A: … Actually, I realized it because of you. I have… feelings for…

A: Ngh, I can’t say it in the end!

A: Shut up! I’m talking about this! *kisses heroine*

A: Hah? No one’s looking, so it’s OK, right? Mm…

A: Heh… your eyes are dazed. It’s not because the sun is too bright, right?

A: Come on, you say something too. Don’t make me be the only one talking. You’re the one who taught me to hold proper conversations with people, right? And yet, you’re going to stay silent yourself?


A: In that case… I have some thoughts about that over here. I mean this— *kisses ear*

A: Haha, you’re sensitive here, aren’t you? I’m going to keep at this spot until you open your mouth. Ngh…

A: What? You’re about to collapse already? Mm…

A: Jeez, guess I have no choice. If your feet aren’t on the ground, you’ll be swept away by the water, right? Hold onto me tightly like this. *kisses*

A: Haha, hey, have you noticed? That you’ve been grinding your hips against me. Nngh.

A: Looks like you’re aroused in one way or another. Well? Are you? I don’t care if it’s in Latin or what, but tell me how you feel there… teacher. Mmn…

A: Ngh! Mmgh! Hah… haa… to think you’d be the one to say you want to do it. Haha.

A: … I’ll ask you one more time. Do you want this? Me?

A: *turns heroine around* Put both your hands against the poolside like that.


A: You can tell, can’t you? What’s going on with me down here. It clearly can’t wait anymore. Right here and now, I’ll… ngh… I’m putting it in. Aah…!

A: Ngh, somehow… it’s a bit hard to do this. Is it because we’re using water…? Hey, stick out your ass more… mgh…! Haah… haa…!

A: Hot…! Even though the water’s cold, it’s burning hot inside you… hagh… That’s how much you wanted this, huh. You won’t say anything… you haven’t said a single word, but… I can tell… ugh… Relax your muscles like that. Nngh…

A: Haa… hah… mgh…! Water’s getting inside… into you every time I move… ngh…! It’s slippier than usual… and feels good… ah…


A: You’re making noises now too… Haah… haa… you’re holding onto the poolside that hard… ngh… You aren’t going to hold back today? Mm? Ngh…!

A: Then… there’s no problem if I go harder, right? Ungh… haah… haa…!

A: Wow, you’re squeezing down on me. Haah… ugh…! It’s like I’m being drawn inside on its own… agh…!

A: For some reason… I’m a bit scared. Ngh…! I feel like I’ll seriously break you… ngh…!

A: But… I can’t stop anymore. Haah… haa…!

A: Hey… look this way. Not just what’s going on down there, but up here too. Ah… give me… your everything. Mm! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haa… hah… go ahead, cum. Me too… kgh…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

A: Nngh… haah… hah…


A: Making eyes like that… You haven’t had enough? You haven’t moved your mouth much at all, but your eyes are so loud.

A: What? If you suddenly look down, of course I’ll get curious. Tell me… at least that much. Mm.

A: … So you have the same feelings I do?

A: Hah, once I graduate we won’t be able to see each other. That’s unbearable for you. But you can’t say anything because of our positions… you and I are teacher and student, after all. Is that what you’re telling me?

A: Ngh! *hugs heroine* Don’t make so much noise just because I want to hold you a little. Just when I wondered what you would say, we’ve even done things like this, so don’t you think it’s a little late at this point? I seriously can’t tell if you’re serious about work or indecent. Haha, oh well, my feelings won’t change still.

A: If you’d like, I’ll keep fucking you until you feel that way then… in the time left before I graduate, every day… continuously… until the day comes where I don’t have to call you my teacher, yeah? *kisses*

2 thoughts on “Immoral Game ~ Kidou Arato ~

    kaiayang8354 said:
    January 6, 2020 at 18:23

    It’s been awhile since I left a comment on one of your posts and that was when I still /didn’t/ have an account lol

    but uh….wow! Arato huh? Admittedly, I’d only read this and Eriya’s posts but wow, Eriya’s translation was way more vicious. Like, Arato still roughs up our heroine and he forced himself on her, I’m not denying that but he was kinda cute in some parts?? He was very tsun and that was endearing. He’s just a big dumb lad that wants to hit shit and take a nap.

    I prefer him over Eriya tho, no lie.

      Ilinox responded:
      January 8, 2020 at 21:14

      It’s totally cool to leave anonymous comments here too but thank you for going through the effort of making an account :D!

      Yeah, I translated Kidou first and then moved to Eriya so I was shocked by the brutality in Eriya’s. Kidou is just your average tsun man I feel and he never truly hurts the heroine in his actions and stuff. Meanwhile, Eriya… UH. I definitely prefer Kidou over Eriya, haha.

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