Immoral Game ~ Oujou Eriya ~

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Oujou Eriya (王城 エリヤ)
CV: 土門熱

Private Tokiwazaka Academy

There was an all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains, the Tokiwazaka Academy.

It was one of the best prestigious schools, where all the sons of respectable families gather; however, the reality was that it was a lawless zone where the rich and influential students did whatever they pleased as much as they liked.

In particular, what they were all enthusiastic about was getting teachers to quit, and it was an extremely distasteful “game” where they competed with the number of teachers.

The heroine had just become a teacher when she was assigned to the academy without being told anything about it.

There she met the students who were called “prefects”. They were the people highest in the rankings and, at the same time, had various “traumas” towards teachers.

“—Now, I wonder how long this new teacher will hold?”

The gorgeous boys have set up a sensual, depraved, and dangerous game. Can you reach the truth behind them at the bottom of their bared malice—?

Huge thanks to ~DEFINITELY-NOT-EMBARRASSED~ for the commission! R18 warning, and while it has a happy-ish ending there are depictions of cruelty, pain, force. I translated the synopsis of the entire series above, but each guy gets their own description so I’ll translate that below. It’s on JP DLsite.

At the peak of the “prefects”, Eriya holds the moniker of “King”. Normally, he secludes himself in the dormitory rooms and is rarely seen. One rainy day, you visit Eriya as his homeroom teacher. Even when you try to persuade him to attend class, worried, Eriya’s attitude is cold. Finally, at your persistence, Eriya puts out one condition. That is, in exchange of attending classes, you are to offer him your body. What is Eriya’s true motive and the sorrow he hides in the “rain”…?

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The King’s Melancholy ***

Narration: I hate the rain. Because it makes me remember something horrible. However, it’s not what I hate the most. The thing I hate the most… the thing that should be detested most in this world… is a teacher like you.

*scene skip; raining; Eriya flips book page*

Eriya: What do you want? I believe I told you not to come here anymore. If I’m not reading a book, then what do I look like I’m doing?

E: No. I was using it as a pillow and then opened it on a whim. I’m not interested in reading. Let me amend that, I have no interest in anything and everything. *closes book* Did you come here to ask such boring things? Even though you were turned away at the gates the other time. You came again without learning anything, so there must be something you greatly wish to say?

E: I see. So you came to check on me because you were concerned. Indeed, I haven’t attended any classes… ever since you started your new job here. I’ve continued to remain secluded in the dormitories.

E: Rather than my health being poor, you could say I have no motivation. Especially on a rainy day like this. I don’t even want to leave the bed.


E: Do you object? This is enough of a reason to be absent, no? You say you can’t overlook this as my homeroom teacher…

E: That’s unnecessary concern.

E: I’m telling you to leave me alone.

E: … *sighs; throws a knife; growls*… Get lost.

E: I’m already aggravated by the sound of the rain. Don’t enrage me any more than this.

E: What? Your business here is concluded, right? Hurry up and leave. Or do you want a knife to be thrown at you again? Heh. Alright, then let’s do this.

E: *gets up; pins heroine against wall* If you want me to attend classes… then give me your body. That’s my condition. It’s simple. You just need to close your eyes and stay still, as for the rest I’ll do as I please. Do you intend to act like a pure adult? You don’t want to sleep with someone you aren’t even dating? Or are you lecturing a person who’s come to age as a novice teacher?

E: For a teacher and student to do these things goes against your morals, so you want me to stop? How worthless. *kisses; struggling*


E: If you waste my time struggling like this… I’ll tie you up. Did you think I would treat you gently? Relax, I won’t take your life. Only… I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t have the energy to resist. *kisses ear*

E: Grgh! You…!

E: You’ve mistaken the direction to escape. What are you going to do now? It’s a wall behind you. *pounces* Ngh! It’s over.

E: If you want to yell for someone, go ahead. I don’t care in the least. No matter the scandal, the Oujou house will wholeheartedly hush up everything, you see. Rather, you’ll be bribed into secrecy and driven out of the academy. Once that happens, my points in the game will also increase. I could wish for nothing better.

E: You don’t know? Forcing teachers to quit and competing for numbers… it’s a game that is popular in this Tokiwazaka Academy. Those in the top ranking are called prefects and have various privileges. For example, this room is one of them. Only prefects in this academy have private rooms.

E: I’m not interested in winning or losing, but it would be a pity to relinquish a quiet place where I don’t have to interact with anyone. Naturally, the same applies to a teacher from nowhere who persistently comes over.


E: I didn’t ask for your opinion. If you don’t plan on resigning at this academy, then I only need to make you want to resign. *rips out knife from wall*

E: … Don’t move. It’s the knife that grazed your cheek earlier. It’s an antique, but surprisingly sharp. It wouldn’t take anything to slit a throat with it, also… this sort of thing. *pops shirt buttons* Haha, your breasts are being exposed. Oh dear, if you move then I’ll end up cutting your skin instead of the buttons. This… soft looking skin.

E: Hm? A rosary? I see. So you believe in something called God? Whatever, it’s in the way. *rips off rosary; scatters on ground*

E: Heh. Such a precious thing… what a shame. You don’t have the leisure to look elsewhere. Next, it’s your turn to break. Just like that rosary. Ngh!

E: Does it hurt? Grabbing your breasts like this. Then… how about this? Heh… come on, cry more. I’ll rub them hard. Or, if you’d like, I could twist them?


E: Aah, what a nice expression. One that mixes pain and hate. When I see that look, it makes me want to distort it more. *kisses*

E: … This place is getting hard. The other side too, look. It’s like this just from playing with it a little. *kisses*

E: Ngh, what’s wrong? You’ve suddenly become obedient. Your voice is mixing with heavy breaths. It can’t be that you’re getting aroused, are you? Having an erogenous zone forcibly harassed…

E: Hmm? Well, I’ll be able to tell just by asking… a place more honest than your mouth. Haha, I simply touched you above your clothes and yet your reaction… I wonder what state it’s in underneath your clothes? Is it hot and aching? Is it sopping wet? You know, don’t you? Try saying it.


E: If you won’t say, then I just need to look at it directly. *uses knife* Look, I tore it a little. Do the rest yourself.

E: You can’t do it? Aah, you leave me with no option then. I’ll do it… however, I won’t stop with just your stockings. Your blouse and your skirt… I’ll tear them into shreds with this knife. Then you won’t be able to leave from this room. Unable to escape while naked, you’ll serve me in humiliation to the end. *heroine tears stockings*

E: Haha, it would have been easier if you did that from the start. Hey, your hands have stopped. Rip it more. Tear it to pieces so that I can see your thighs.

E: Good. Look, you can do it when you put your mind to it. Alright, next is to slide your underwear to the side. Even though you’re a teacher, you don’t seem to learn. Do you have to bleed once to understand? *flips knife*


E: That’s right. *touches heroine* Hahah… ah, aren’t you soaking? My gloves are ruined. Who was it that was making all that fuss about not being aroused? What’s with those tears? Embarrassment? Frustration? Either way, to cry in front of a student… you’re a failure as a teacher.

E: Now then, the sideshow is over. Turn your back to me and put both hands on the wall.

E: You can’t possibly tell me you don’t understand what I mean, right? So, in the end, you can’t go that far, hm? In that case, our transaction is incomplete. I will continue not to attend classes like I am now, and you are to never come to this room again.

E: Enough. Fix your clothes and leave.

E: … Don’t dawdle. Hurry up and— ah!

E: You really did it. But… your shoulders are trembling. If you don’t want to then you can step down. *quiet* What is this woman thinking?… Whatever. *leans in* This is what you wished for. You won’t be able to take it back. I’ll torment you a lot, so regret it as hard as you can… your own choice. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Pitiful Pawn ***

*bell rings*

E: … Hm? Class is over already. I came all this way to the classroom, listened to several minutes of this boring Latin class, and so I don’t have any intentions of listening to you talk on top of all this. I am simply satisfying our deal. Detestably, you did accept my condition after all.

E: Tomorrow as well? There’s no way I would come. We only did it once, so it doesn’t compare to your amount of requests. If you’re insisting then we’ll make a deal again.

E: Get out of my way. I’m returning to the dormitories.

E: … Tsk, is there still something? I would rather die before I have a meal with you. *quiet* Ggh, I’ve rejected her this much…

E: My favorite food? What are you going to do after hearing that? No. In the first place, I have no obligation to answer your questions. *quiet* Hah, what a persistent woman…


E: Dried daikon strips.

E: What? Why do you have that idiotic look on your face? I even went through the effort of answering you. Were you not listening?

E: It’s unexpected? What does that mean? Is it strange for me to like dried daikon strips? Then don’t say that.

E: It’s difficult? What is? Haha, certainly, in our dining hall with fork and knives and a hanging chandelier there wouldn’t be such a thing as dried daikon strips. Are you satisfied now?

E: Haah… why do you wish to talk to me so badly? Do you want me to attend classes that much? Even if I were to be absent for all my classes, the academy wouldn’t raise any problems. The Oujou family has given them an enormous donation after all. Your responsibilities as a homeroom teacher won’t be questioned, so wouldn’t you think it was better not to come deal with a problem you have difficulties with?

E: That doesn’t matter? Then, what is it? If it’s not for your sake then for who?


E: … Me?

E: In other words, is this what you want to say— your words, actions, and everything is for my sake? You are doing this precisely because you treasure me as your student?

E: … How dare you say those cold words. I’m disgusted, to say nothing of having an appetite now. It’s useless to try and cover it up. In the end, you’re only thinking about yourself. You say it’s for me, force your affection on me, so that you can get carried away with what a good teacher you are, right?

E: Like that teacher… Aah, I’m irritated. Completely fed up. How should I shut up that mouth which only gives lip service?

E: Come to the cathedral north of our academy later. I’ll be waiting there.

[05:12] *scene skip; crows cawing; heroine enters cathedral*

E: So you came.

E: It’s aged, but it’s quite a building, isn’t it? This altar and that cross leaning against the wall there. All valuable cultural property. For you, one of God’s sheep, it’s a sacred place, isn’t it?

E: Ah, that’s right, I haven’t told you the reason for calling you here yet. You see… I reconsidered a few things. My actions up to now… I’ve been too lenient as one of the prefects, and the King at that. As a result, you’ve become conceited. And so… *shoves heroine down* Heh.

E: So, I’ve decided. I’m going to shame you in front of that which you cherish. To make you curse the fact that you became a teacher and to make you want to leave this academy. I’ll knock you down to the edge of despair.

E: Haha, it’s useless. It’s impossible for you to beat a man’s strength. I’m going to keep your arms wrenched behind you like this and keep you face down on the altar. Do your best to prepare yourself. *unbuckles pants*


E: Your body’s stiff. Are you surprised? To have a hard thing pressed against you all of a sudden. Right now, I’m turned on. I don’t plan on doing any foreplay. I’m going to prize open your entrance and thrust myself inside. *inserts himself* Ngh!

E: Tight… It’s small when it hasn’t been loosened, I see. Ngh! Ggh…

E: Heh, that’s a scream of unbearable pain. But I won’t show mercy. You pissed me off. It wouldn’t be enough even if I ripped your body to pieces.

E: Suffer more… more… MORE. *thrusting*

E: Heheh, those are some nice cries. Nngh… hah… tears are even falling onto the altar. Does it hurt? I suppose it would. You’re being thrust into like this after all.

E: But… can you hear that? Squelching sounds. Obscene noises. You’re making them. Nrgh, look, more is gradually flowing out. Hngh!


E: Do you feel pleasure even while being pierced violently like this? Haah…! Ngh…!

E: I didn’t know you liked pain. Like this, isn’t it just going to please you? Haha…

E: Just how much are you going to grate on my nerves.

E: … Don’t hang your head. Nrgh! Face upwards. Show your shameful appearance to God. Let your voice, mixed with pain and pleasure, echo through this sacred space. This pitiful sheep of God, under my hands… under the prefect and King… will be slaughtered. *thrusting*


E: Hahah… hah… you’re convulsing inside. How outrageously obscene of you to come while being raped. It’s because a woman like you is a teacher that there’s no hope for the future.

E: Cruel? Hah! Yes, I’m a cruel person. That’s why… I can still fuck you even though you just came. Like this…! Nngh! *thrusting*

E: What’s this? You’re squeezing me. Haah… is this good? Ngh, when I thrust deep into you… hrgh!

E: I don’t have any thoughts even if you sob. I can do any sort of ruthless thing calmly. It looks like… that man’s blood truly does flow through me. The blood of a criminal.

E: … I spoke too much. In addition, I’m feeling somewhat irritated… and it makes me want to hurt you more. Grgh! *thrusting*

E: Hah, you’re being pleased so much. Have you forgotten? We’re in the presence of God.


E: Ugh, you’re squeezing me again. Haa, even now you’re about to come. Nngh…! But I won’t let you simply come. This time… me too! *thrusting*

E: Haha, don’t release inside? Hehe, it’s not possible for me to listen to that request, right? After all, I’m… a cruel person. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting; he orgasms*

E: *pulls out*… You’ve sunk down to the ground. It’s like you’re a broken doll.

E: How about you quit this and accept your loss? On top of being raped by a student… you were dirtied in front of God. It’s more than enough, right? Now, say it. That you’ll leave this academy as a loser of the game.

E: !?

E: … Why?! Why are you going that far? You don’t want to experience something like this anymore, right?

E: In the past, you were saved by a teacher. So, this time, you want to be a source of strength for a student after becoming a teacher? Is that what you’re saying?

E: The reason I don’t attend classes?

E: … I should talk to someone if I’m troubled? Are you seriously saying you’ll try to save people? Like God? *grabs heroine* Grgh… Don’t be conceited. You aren’t anything like a God. You’re just a… pitiful pawn captured by me.

*** TRACK 3: Dancing Queen ***

Narration: Later, the game with you continued. No matter what sort of ruthless things were done to you, there was no sign of your surrender. I was a little… no, I was quite puzzled. At that point, the academy held its customary event, a dance party. It was called attending a lesson, but its actual objective was to collect donations from the students’ guardians. The auditorium, which was the academy’s assembly hall, overflowed with women wearing party dresses and the academy was enveloped in an unusually lively atmosphere.

*dance hall; Eriya is talking to someone*

E: Life in the academy is satisfactory. I’m pleased to see that you’re healthy. Ah, that reminds me, the principal was looking for you. He said something about always being under your care, and that he’d love to see you. Yes, then until we meet again.

E: … Haah… *heroine comes over*

E: It’s you. It’s none of your business as to who I speak with. I’m sick of crowds, so leave me alone today.

E: Don’t look at me like you’re an abandoned kitten. Ggh…


E: Hah… if I don’t answer it feels like you’ll chase me to the ends of the earth. Why are you always like that? It’s so outrageously annoying. That man earlier… was my father.

E: In truth, I didn’t want to come to this party, but if my father came then I have to show my face. It’s natural that we’re distant with each other, because he isn’t my real father. That man is my uncle on my father’s side and he took me into his care several years ago. To sum it up in a word, yes… it was to protect his appearance in society.

E: That is why, inwardly, he thinks of me as a bother. If possible, he doesn’t want me to go outside. So, he used a large amount of money to have me, his son, confined in this academy.

*distant clapping; music starts*

E: … It’s begun.

E: That reminds me, what’s with those clothes? There’s a dress code for the faculty, right? Why did you come in your usual suit?

E: Oh? In short, after you finished making your teaching materials, you didn’t have time to prepare your clothes? Hah, thank you for your hard work. Aah, I’m exasperated. If I had to say… it’d be towards your diligence.


E: This place is the peerless Tokiwazaka Academy; the teachers either just act passably so as not to make trouble, or they’re desperate to curry favor with the students. You’re probably the only one who idiotically works hard at their professional duties.

E: Look, our surroundings are certainly being festive. How about you mix in with them for today at least? Not that I’m one to say that.

E: !! Wait! Where are you going? You’re going to greet the parents? And after that? You’re going to return to your job at the reception desk?

E: You’re utterly serious. I’m so astounded… you’ve become a mystery.

E: This coat is something prefects wear. If you put it on you’ll look somewhat appropriate.

E: … Come.

E: If you aren’t here then I’ll get surrounded by people. I am connected to the Oujou family, even as a joke. I’m sick of the gazes sent at me from here and there.

E: This should be acceptable. Now, put your hand on my shoulder. I said it was fine, so just go along with me. Let’s go. *dancing*

E: Haha, you’re terrible. Inexperience is a problem of time. But, well, you’ve grasped the knack behind this a little, haven’t you? Look, it’s another turn here.


E: Mm, yes. This time you did it cleanly.

E: Kind? Is that about me? Haha, you’re quite something to say that to a man who’s assaulted you several times. Before, I said I had no interest in anything, but… I’m a little interested in you. Lately, by the time I realize it, I’ve been thinking only about you. What should I do to get you to quit earlier? How should I hurt you next? Things like that.

E: Why are you able to go to this extent for me? What’s the reason for trying to gain my trust by going that far? To pretend to be a good teacher… this is going too far. Well, either way, I wouldn’t be able to understand you. Teachers are just rotten creatures.

E: Hm? What?

E: Why do I hate teachers?

E: … That’s… *heroine stumbles* Hey! *grabs heroine* It’s because you were talking leisurely even though you’re just a beginner. Look, raise your head. What? How long are you going to continue looking down?

E: You’re embarrassed?

E: Hah… you are. Even your ears are red, haha. It’s almost like steam is going to come out from them. Heheh… hahahah!!


E: How strange. It’s been a while since I laughed like this. What’s so embarrassing? That you slipped? Or that I caught you?

E: Hehe, you’ve gone red again. Aren’t your eyes teary too?

E: If you don’t want to be teased, then don’t react like that.

*music stops; audience applauds*

E: It’s over, huh. But the next song will start soon. Stay with me like this. To be able to monopolize the King… it’s an honor. *steps back and kneels*

E: I’m kneeling because it’s manners to do so, more or less. Now, hold out your hand.

E: Allow me to be your partner, my queen. *kisses hand*

*** TRACK 4: King Walk ***

Narration: Several days later.

*crows cawing; evening; thunder*

E: *whispers* What are you doing?

E: You don’t have to be so surprised. Yes, I was here the entire day. People go in and out of the rooftop and infirmary so, on that point, the library is quiet, even if there are people.

E: I won’t go to class. Be grateful I even came out into the academy. In addition, without asking for any compensation.

E: So, what were you doing? You have copies of newspapers spread across the desk. Researching something?

E: !! This is… that incident. You were investigating someone in secret? No wonder you were acting suspicious. Certainly, I wouldn’t have answered if you asked me.

E: Then, let’s make another deal. You’ll ask questions and I’ll answer. However, you may only ask one question at a time and once I answer, as compensation, you’ll have to listen to one of my orders. How about it?

E: You want to know about me, right? Or were those words lies? Are you going to say it’s not worth making a deal over?


E: Heh, you’re as fearless as usual. But that will end today as well. This time… I’ll crush you. Come with me.

*scene skip*

E: Here, we’ll be hidden in the shadow of the shelves and it’s a blind spot from our surroundings. Now then, let’s begin the game. First, you may ask a question.

E: The article you read? Yes, the things written there are the truth. Several years ago, my real father was involved in an incident that caused an injury. Right now, he’s in prison. By nature, his behavior was terrible and he was disowned as the eldest son of the Oujou family. After that, he got together with my mother and I was born. On top of having a short temper he was a bad drunk, and he was the worst sort of garbage who would be violent even towards his wife and son.

E: Oh dear, I said you could only ask one question, right? If you want to ask more… then obey my order. Let’s see, I should occasionally… get you to do things. I’m leaning against the shelves, so you’ll get on your knees… and amuse me with your mouth.

E: *leans in* Shh! Don’t be loud. We’ll be noticed by people. So, what are you going to do? Hmm? Then I won’t answer your questions. That was our condition. Now, choose. Will you do it? Or will you not?


E: You truly are horrible. *his belt is removed; heroine gives BJ* Hah… is that what you call doing it? Use your hand and tongue, and properly pleasure me.

E: … Ngh… hah… you seem to have the leeway to worry about our surroundings… Haa… do it more seriously. Hold it in your mouth… and suck. Nrgh… ngh…!

E: Haah… hah… what are you feeling right now? You’re in a praying position, and yet you’re being forced to do such a dirty deed. It must be quite humiliating, right? Come on… show me. Heh, that repulsed face is unbearable, especially… when you’re a hateful teacher that makes me sick. I get shivers down my spine.


E: I know what you wish to say. That it’s your turn now, right?

E: You were trying to look into something earlier, I believe. Ah, was it about my mother? *heroine still giving BJ*

E: … My mother… died. Hey, who said you could stop? Swallow me properly. Ngh! If you relax your hand even a little then I’ll stop talking in that instant. If you want to hear about this then continue like that. Make those obscene noises and suck me off desperately.

E: Hah… haa… mgh…

E: My mother… my mother died. She planned to commit a double suicide. I was sat in the passenger seat… and we fell from a bridge into a deep river. After my father was caught, my mother and I moved to a far away city… a place where no one knew anything about us. We were supposed to start again from scratch.

E: … And yet… and yet…! Because of that teacher… my mother…!! Ngh… haah… enough. Stop it.


E: You know more than enough now, right? Of what you wanted to know. Even now, I occasionally remember that time. Especially on rainy days, I feel like I’m still in the water. Like I’m sinking down into the cold and dark bottom of the river. I can’t even breathe.

E: That’s why I don’t leave my room… I don’t want to go out.

E: Now, the game’s over. Hurry up and leave this place.

E: What?

E: … You… just how far are you going to go until you’re satisfied? How far are you going to break into someone’s heart? Huh? Oh yeah, you said that before too. That I’m kind or something. Are you trying to say I’m not someone who really does cruel things? That there was some sort of reason? Heh… you have an unbelievably naive mind.

E: Why? What are you going to do after learning about me? It has nothing to do with you, right?


E: You say you want to save your students?

E: … Ggh… DON’T SAY SUCH LIP SERVICE! There’s no way you can do that. That teacher… did something that can never be undone! Or… are you going to atone in their place?

E: Kgh…

E: I’ve changed my mind. The game is resuming. *forces himself into heroine’s mouth* It hurts, doesn’t it? Having such a thick and hard thing shoved into your mouth. You can’t even shout!

E: … If you’re able to last until the end, I’ll answer your question. Although, you won’t be able to speak before then. Nrgh…! *thrusting*

E: Ggh… ah, detestable… This mouth of yours… these lips that speak to me… I hate and hate them… so much I can’t stand it! Hrgh… I’m going to dirty the back of your throat so that you can never make another noise! Hah… ngh…!


E: Here, I’m releasing. Be sure to swallow it all! Haa… hah…! Nngh! *he orgasms*

E: Hagh… haa…

E: I’m not… done yet. You didn’t swallow it all and spilled some on the floor. Clean it up properly. Stick out your tongue and lick it up… like a mutt. What? You can’t do it? Have you decided to give up this time? Then hurry up and surrender. I don’t need your apology or your atonement. Just get the fuck out of my sight as soon as possible!

*heroine licks it up*

E: Ngh!? Ah…

E: … Why? How are you able to do that? You’re a teacher, aren’t you? The same as that self-centered and self-righteous teacher! And yet… why!? Ah…!? *runs off*

*** TRACK 5: Rain ~ KISS OF DEATH ~ ***

E: Haa… hah…! *running*

Narration: I exited outside like I was running away, and continued to run into the darkness. By the time I noticed, I was lost in the academy’s old forest. In this unfamiliar place, I didn’t know the way back. But none of that mattered. As long as I didn’t have to see you… that was good.

E: Hah… hagh… haah…! Fuck…! What the hell was that!? That woman… I thought I could get her to quit immediately. At this rate, am I not going to be the one driven into a corner?!

E: Am I scared? The King, a prefect, of nothing more than a female teacher!?

E: Hah…!? *starts raining* Ngh…! Shit… for it to rain at a time like this…!

E: Haa… grgh… stop it… stop it… STOP IT!! Aah… DON’T MAKE ME REMEMBER IT ANYMORE! *thunders* Ggh!? *collapses*

[02:20] *scene skip; heroine finds him*

E: Did you come to laugh at me?

E: I’m unsightly, aren’t I? Getting rained on here… I’ve made you go through so many things up to now, so you can laugh. Point your finger at me and say, “What a great sight.”

E: … What are you pretending now? By holding out your hand. I refuse. If I have to borrow the help of a teacher… I’d rather die here.

E: Heh, you’re right… perhaps I’ll tell you the last of it.

E: That person… my mother personally chose death. But the person who drove my mother to that point… was a teacher! After my dad committed his incident, my mother and I changed our home and hid the fact that my father was a criminal. I changed schools and my homeroom teacher was told to never talk about my father.

E: But that teacher exposed our secret… in the classroom and in front of my classmates. They said hiding things wasn’t good, that being accepted on top of knowing everything was the meaning of friendship. It was… that sort of self-righteous reason.


E: The result of that was this. We were scorned as being the family members of a criminal. Gradually, my mother’s mind darkened and in the end took me along into the water. But, for better or worse, I survived… and after that I was adopted into the Oujou family. My uncle, who cared about appearances, took responsibility in the form of settling things for his relatives.

E: … My mother… the one who killed my mother was the teacher! That teacher said this, that everything was for my sake, that they wanted to be a source of strength for me. Don’t make me fucking laugh. In the end, wasn’t it just to feel self-satisfied!?

E: You too! You must be like that too! You’d make me drink poison with a gentle expression. And, in the end… everything would break, right?!

E: No, DON’T TOUCH ME! If you get any closer to me… *heroine hugs him* Gugh…!?

E: … Let me go…

E: Are you an idiot? If you do this then you’ll get wet too. Your warmth will be robbed away by the rain too. Enough, go back to the academy. Leave me alone already! Ggh…


E: Why? *crying* Why are you like that!? Why do you keep on approaching me… and try to get close to me!? Ah…

E: You know, don’t you? That I hate you. That when I see you, my heart gets all messed up. It makes me… want to kill you right here and now.

E: … “That’s fine”? Even after I say all this, you’re still going to answer like that, huh. You’re never going to give up on me. No matter how I push you away, no matter how I reject you…

E: That’s why there are times I feel like I’m going to misunderstand. That maybe… you’re the only one who might be different. From that teacher… and from the others. That what you direct at me… might be real love. Aah… this is really horrible. *sobbing*

*** TRACK 6: The Second Game ***

Narration: Later, I was carried to the hospital at the bottom of the mountain. I was on the verge of pneumonia after getting rained on. It was a small mercy that it didn’t turn serious… is perhaps something that should be said. And then, today, I was discharged from the hospital after recovering my health, and returned to the academy again.

*heroine knocks on door*

E: Come in.

E: It’s been a week, hasn’t it? Yes, I’m completely better. I was relatively healthy when I was hospitalized too. It was so boring that I read the entire work of Heinrich Heines, which Lukas brought in as a present. Maybe I’ll make reading my hobby like this.

E: Hm? Why are you apologizing? Oh, that? If you had come to visit me in the hospital, I would have chased you out. You had your work, didn’t you? Besides, if an annoying woman like you came then I wouldn’t be able to rest.

E: Hah, don’t just accept that. Even though I’m like this, I am grateful to you more or less. The doctor said that it was because you gave it your all to protect me that everything ended without it becoming serious.


E: I thought it was fine for me to die like that, but… when I woke up, felt the sunlight on me, and read some books… well, I thought being alive wasn’t so bad. Moreover, it’s because I’m alive… that I could… see you again.

E: Don’t misunderstand! It’s not like I completely trust you yet. It’s just… you don’t seem to have some sort of warped affection like that teacher. If that was the case, then you would have already stepped down from the game, and you wouldn’t have risked your life to protect me.

E: So… I’ll spend some more time watching you. If I had to say, it’s the second game. Make me accept you. The fact that you’re a teacher who can be trusted.

E: Hah, you’re only able to laugh right now! *pushes heroine down*

E: … Heh, what are you surprised for? I said it earlier, didn’t I? That it’s the second game. Now, show me… just how serious you are, and just how many feelings you have for me. Prove it with your body. *kisses*

E: Ngh… mm…


E: What’s wrong? I haven’t even touched you half as much as I usually do, and yet you’re more aroused than you are usually. That dazed look… I don’t think it’s something a teacher should show to a student. What are you going to do? End it here? Or… shall we make another deal?

E: How about this? If you are able to make it to the end, then I’ll accept you a little and… next time I’ll call you this… “my teacher”. *kisses*

6 thoughts on “Immoral Game ~ Oujou Eriya ~

    Vibecheck said:
    July 18, 2020 at 10:32

    Oh Domon why must you have such a nice voice. I’m torn on this one because he really be a cruel lil b-, but the dance scene and rain scene softened me up a bit. He cute… He kinda cute. I wanted him to call mc sensei at least once, bc boi mc carried you down a MOUNTAIN.

    Lol the mention of the rosary and domon’s voice is making me have missing Gilles hours rn. BUT HELL YEAH BABY SEASON 2.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2020 at 08:35

      Hahaha, these were my feelings exactly! Domon did as Domon does and it’s good work, but the character himself is uhhh hmmm a bit too cruel. But the reveal scene is definitely much better here than some of the other characters in here… cough Nao cough.

    kai5404 said:
    December 4, 2019 at 12:17

    Thanks so much for your hard work! I really enjoyed your translation! But uh yikes 😬 I really uh did not like this route/dude?? The payoff wasn’t worth any of what the MC suffered in my opinion which is weird because arguably the MCs in kankinkon and tatarikon went through way worse but I ate those series up and went wild for them?? I didn’t get any doki dokis to this series lololol but I’m still grateful you still share this drama cd with us!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 7, 2019 at 19:30

      Haha, I share the same thoughts. I’m also surprised by how brutal this one was compared to the 4th guy who was extremely tsun and violent but not really towards the teacher. I think in the case of Kankinkon and Tatarikon the girls are all extremely loved by their men, which is the root of their problems, but there’s no actual humiliation and pain given to them? Like the love is a suffocating thing in and of itself, but it wasn’t what Eriya was doing.

      Aw, no, thanks for reading and commenting even if it didn’t end up being your thing!

    satsuyurami said:
    November 3, 2019 at 01:13

    Thank you for the translation. This volume is my fav because the heroine has guts and Eriya, imo among all boys, he easily accepting heroine a bit at first compare to the others

      Ilinox responded:
      November 4, 2019 at 21:03

      I’m torn because on one hand Satou voice NICE but on the other hand Eriya is really, really, really cruel. I was actually going “yikes” at various points here, haha, but then again I haven’t listened to 2 and 3 yet. But compared to how tsun the 4th one was Eriya really just humiliates and tortures the poor teacher. The drama and angst was good though! Especially that rain scene ;w;.

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