Ojisama Dakimakura ~ Kasai Nobuhito no Baai ~

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Kasai Nobuhito (葛西 信人)
CV: 白狼王魔

Old Man Body Pillow ~ The Case of Nobuhito Kasai ~

He thought it was being the same usual body pillow, but the person at the house he came to was somehow the young miss of the mansion he used to serve at.

Why is the young miss from the mansion he resigned at here…

Hearing him grumble about this, you tell him your feelings of having wanted to see him no matter what.

Thanks to Lemon for the commission! R18 warning. You can pick this up at the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Why are you here, my lady?! ***

*doorbell rings*

Nobuhito: Good evening, I am Kasai Nobuhito, the dispatched employee from the Ossan Body Pillow service. Is this the house of Suzuki-sama? Hrm? This voice… sounds familiar from somewhere. Ah, no, I apologize I was just speaking to myself. If this order is not mistaken then may I come in? Yes, I am Kasai Nobuhito, who you asked for. Yes, thank you.

*door opens*

N: Pleasure to meet you, I am the Ossan Body Pillow service’s— wait, my lady!? N-no, wait, I mistook the house. I sincerely apologize.

N: No, I didn’t make a mistake, did I? I know. I know, but…! Why is my lady in a place like this? Ah, m-my apologies. First, I’ll close the door and lock it… no, wait! Why is my lady here and why was I called here!?

N: You called for me, my lady? Yes, you’re right, I’m here because I was asked for but… I was in the middle of my self-introduction? My lady, you’re well aware of my name, aren’t you? I was the butler who took care of you since you were young. Yes, that’s right, Kasai Nobuhito, 46 years old, 182 centimeters in height, 78 kilograms in weight.

N: It’s been four years since I last saw you, but there’s no mistake. Who else would be this surprised upon seeing your face? Of course I’m surprised, I would never in my dreams have imagined that you would use this service. Furthermore, you used a fake name.


N: Certainly, now that I think about, Suzuki Hanako sounds like a fake name, but to think it ended up like this.

N: Why did you do this sort of thing? Does your father know? No, it’s not possible that he does, right? He’s had headaches from your rashness ever since you were young. How did you come about this house? You borrowed it from a friend. Do you live here? No? It was to call me here…?

N: Haa… erm, hold on, my lady, I am terribly confused. May I organize my thoughts? In other words, because you wished to call for me you asked to borrow a friend’s house and then, under the circumstances of living here, you asked for me. Does that sound about right?

N: Indeed, with your assets this doesn’t count as anything, but why would you do such a thing? Or more like, why did you ask for me on purpose? You’re not at the age where you long for someone to take care of you, right?

N: Huh? It’s uncomfortable to continuing standing and talking, so you wish to move this inside? This isn’t the time to be so calm. Yes, that’s right, although I resigned, I would have never thought the young miss of the family I served would use this service and ask for me!

N: It’s because I registered for it? Well, that certainly is the case, but… Huh, what’s wrong with using a service that exists!? Uh… ngh, it’s obviously not good! This is an unseemly service! It’s a service where men of doubtful origins needing money register themselves, you know!?


N: I’m not a person of doubtful origins, you say? Uh, indeed, that was the case when I served you, but… now I am of doubtful origins! For money I enter a woman’s residence and sleep beside them— erm… why are you crying, my lady?

N: Because you don’t like that I enter the residences of women of doubtful origins and unfamiliar women to sleep beside them? Um, to say you don’t like it… Uh, please wait a moment, my lady. Erm… handkerchief… where is my handkerchief… ah, here it is!

N: First, use this to wipe your face. You can also blow your nose. Eh? You don’t need to? You’re the type to have a runny noise the moment you cry though… Please fix your make up afterward. It’ll ruin your precious face.

N: Listen, my lady, I am someone who already resigned at your mansion. It may be different for you, considering I took care of you for a long time, but I truly am a man whose origins you don’t know about. I’m not a man for a lady like you to call over. Do you understand?

N: You don’t? Uh, it’s a problem if you say you don’t understand… Hmm… ahem, um, listen, my lady, right now I am simply a man who is not serving at your mansion. I am sure I taught you properly about what happens if you are alone with someone who is just a man. Men are dangerous. A lady like you cannot approach them carelessly and must not approach them.


N: From what I can see, bodyguards are not around you either. Right now, you are Little Red Riding Hood in front of a Big Bad Wolf, do you understand? After Red Riding Hood met the Big Bad Wolf she was eaten! In one bite starting with the head! It’s scary, right? You understand the terror, right? Then, please withdraw from this house and return to the mansion.

N: You mustn’t worry your father— uh? My lady, are you listening to me?

N: Right now, I am the Big Bad Wolf and you are Little Red Riding Hood. If you were listening, then why are you hugging me?

N: Even if you’re eaten it’s fine, that’s how much you wanted to see me? My lady, I haven’t been an employee at your mansion for a long time now. I am not your butler or anything; I am simply a man. Someone who is dangerous to indulge.

N: It’s no problem because you paid? You’re right, as I recall, at this time I am a body pillow. However, it is for Suzuki Hanako and not my lady. I didn’t promise to be a pillow to someone apart from Suzuki Hanako, so I would like to return.

N: You won’t allow that, you say? Haa… I understand. Then, let us go inside. I can’t wipe your runny nose here after all.

*** TRACK 2: I won’t hold back any more ***

N: Everything you would need to live here really has been arranged, despite the fact that you aren’t even living here. If you ask me whether it’s strange or not… it’s clearly not the sense of an ordinary person. No common person could prepare for things to this extent just for one day. I also didn’t understand that for a while after I resigned at the mansion though…

N: Hm, shall I brew some coffee? Either way, it’s not the case that there isn’t anything to drink here, right? Excuse me for a moment. Let’s see… huh, my lady wishes to brew it? The coffee? Not the instant kind but ground beans? My lady will!?

N: Er, no, it’s just that you didn’t do anything when I was serving there. Recently, you’ve been taught by the head butler? My lady has? Oh, no, it’s just… unexpected. I still have the image of you running away from the head butler. You were spanked often on the bottom when you were young, weren’t you? I did that as well though.

N: Mm? Is there something you’re looking for? The kettle? It’s probably over… ah, here. You’ve also prepared the mineral water? Indeed, coffee tastes better that way. I think it would be a good idea to lightly wash the inside of the kettle. It is new after all.

N: Hrm, the dish detergent… oh, it must be this, right? A sponge has also been prepared, I see. This one. Shall I do it? Are you sure? I was thinking it would be better if I washed it…


N: Hm, will you be fine? *heroine washes*

N: … Erm, how has the head butler been doing? Ah, the same as usual, I see. Meaning his strained back is the same too, right? I often scolded him not to push himself too hard because of his age— oh, he plans to retire next year? Is that so? Then the mansion will get lonelier, won’t it.

N: It’s lonely now too? That can’t be the case, after all there is a lot of people at that mansion. When I was there, it was quite lively. Ah, um, my lady… the gas is the thin, long button— ah, your sleeve! The sleeve of your clothes is catching on fire! Turn on the stove after you step back from the kettle.

N: It’s because the stove here is built differently from the one in the mansion… Even though I resigned from the mansion, I never would have thought you’d make me anxious in a place like this.

N: Yes, a strong flame is fine. It’s not a surprise you’re frozen at this step. Hrm, if we look for the beans… ah, over here, right? Why don’t we prepare the drip too. Eh? Ah, that was by accident. It seems like my habit of helping you out hasn’t left me. That’s natural though, since I took care of you for 20 years.

N: … Have you been well? You haven’t? Did you catch a flu? Ah… because I’m not there? It’s been 4 years, my lady, you must be accustomed to life without me now, right? Or do you still need lullabies?

N: You’re asking why I left the mansion? Let’s see… I got tired of child-minding. When I thought about taking care of you for life, I didn’t find it appealing.


N: Please don’t cry. I resigned because I didn’t like seeing you cry. This is what you truly wanted to ask about, right? Doing such an intricate act to call me here. Is it because I left the mansion without saying anything to you that you couldn’t accept it? Then, you’re satisfied now, right?

N: The water has boiled, my lady. I will go back after one cup of coffee.

N: Naturally, I cannot continue to stay here— *heroine drops cup*

N: My lady!? What are you doing? Did any of it get on you? Your feet? Ah, we need to put cold water on it in the shower. Excuse me for a moment. *carries heroine*

N: The shower is… uh… ah, here? My lady, I’m putting you down.

N: I’m going to spray the water on top of your clothes. You’ll get wet, but please endure it. *turns on shower* Good grief, that’s why I said I would do it. For you to burn yourself… If your precious skin was to be injured then…

N: Does it hurt? It doesn’t hurt? Perhaps it was fortunate your skirt flares out. It doesn’t appear like your feet was splashed much.

N: Excuse me, I’m going to lift up your skirt to check. It seems your knees are a bit red… Hm? This is just because you were surprised and bumped yourself? Truly? Most of the hot water didn’t land on you?


N: Haa… that’s a blessing. If you were to have been burned badly, I wouldn’t know what to do. Concerned? Of course I’d be concerned! Do you know how much I—…

N: … If you weren’t burned then that’s good. I’m going to return home now.

N: My lady! I’m only going to say this once, but I am no longer your butler. Please leave your hugging to the head butler or future husband. If you continue this any further, it’ll become dangerous… Little Red Riding Hood.

N: Do you not intend to let go no matter what?

N: Haah… then I also won’t hold back any more. I warned you.

*** TRACK 3: Shall I tell you all the terrible things I’ve been thinking about? ***

*shower noises*

N: You’re trembling. Is the shower water cold? Or… am I scary?

N: You haven’t seen this expression of mine, have you? Only the face of the butler who serves you. Did you think you knew everything about me just from that? Merely touching you makes me feel as if I am about to be burned.

N: Why did you do such a thing? Calling for someone who went out of their way to distance themselves. In addition, you even used a fake name. Because you wanted to see me? Why? Because you didn’t think things would end up like this? Or is it because you thought the butler who raised you would pamper you as usual?

N: Because of love? For me? Hah, I felt a vague sense of that… since the time you put on a uniform and went to school.

N: However, that is just a fantasy, my lady. You’ve only misunderstood your feelings for the man who was close to you. It’s common among young people.

N: That’s not the case? Even if I am mistaken, what would this lead to? I am already an old man in my decades and you are a young rich miss. You should give up on a love that has no future. My lady, you are an adult already and you should understand, yes?


N: Or did you want me to praise your courage? I’ll praise you then. How admirable. How brave and noble… to the extent where it irritates me. Shall I tell you what I am thinking about right now? I’m thinking terrible things, you know? Extremely so.

N: I want to strip you naked right here and fuck you. The Big Bad Wolf in front of you cannot think about anything but that, Little Red Riding Hood. I haven’t thought about anything after that… only that it is enough to take you right here and now.

N: Terrifying, right? You’re shaking so much. But the loyal butler who protected you is no longer here. The one in front of you is simply a man. You want to run, don’t you? You should run. Right now, you can push me aside and exit out of that door. I’ll clear my mind in the shower, stay silent about this, and go home. Come now, COME ON.

N: Why? Why aren’t you running? I’ve told you that at this rate you’ll be ravished by me.

N: Because you like me…? Why? Why are you like that? Even though I gave up… I was sensible and gave up, and yet why won’t you give up? What are you going to do later about what might happen here?! I am just an old man and I can’t even stay by your side.


N: You’re asking if I like you? When you reach my age, you won’t be able to feel such merry things. But you were precious to me; I just wanted to cherish you with all my heart. But even then, as you grew up, dark feelings welled up helplessly in me… That was probably the time your father discharged me.

N: I believe he saw through me. Haa, please don’t ask that again and again. Do I like you? I clearly love you. That is why I left that mansion. Ngh! *kisses*

N: You can’t escape anymore. I won’t let you run. Four years… who was your exclusive butler in the four years I wasn’t by your side? It was a maid? Ah, that is truly the correct form. It was wrong to give you, my lady, an exclusive butler. I think it took some time until your father realized that as well though. But to think I would be this pleased about the fact that there were no men beside you.

N: I planned to give up on you, and yet it seems I haven’t given up on you in the slightest. How sad, you’re this chilled by the shower. But I’ll warm you up immediately. Strip. Yes, right here. Either way, you’re wet down to your underwear, right? It’s pointless to wear those. I’m in a similar state though.


N: The last time I helped you take clothes off was back when you were in kindergarten, as I recall? There was a warning that it would be troubling if you couldn’t do anything yourself in elementary school… ah, of course the one warned was me. I was told that I was pampering you. Even though everyone pampered you, I was the only one told that and so I had no choice but to let you change by yourself for some time after that. I still remember that you couldn’t tie the ribbon of your uniform nicely and cried for a while.

N: Hm? Your underwear? Ah, if you’re embarrassed and can’t remove them then I can take them off. I won’t take no for a response.

N: I won’t take my clothes off. I can do it later. Men’s clothes are hard to remove once they’re wet. *kisses* This sort of thing… I’ve imagined it. You and I kissing… I could not have imagined it coming true though. But I’m rubbing your breasts like this, pinching your nipples, and you have such a pleasured look on your face.

N: Can you tell that I’m getting hot and bothered? You don’t have to be so scared, I won’t suddenly put it in you here. You learned about this, didn’t you? How to have sex. Yes, this stiff rod underneath these pants is going to enter you… this place of yours, my lady.

N: Haha, what is this? You’re already sopping. Were you hoping this much? To do these things with me. Look, you can tell clearly that you’re slippery and wet, right? It’s not a filthy place. I’m going to caress this place a lot. Ah, but at this rate I suppose you really will catch a cold. Then let’s continue this slowly in bed. Sleeping together as adults.

*** TRACK 4: Lots of sleeping together as adults ***

N: Well then, feel free to come beside me. To think you’d get into the bed right after wrapping a towel around yourself… I couldn’t have imagined this before it reached this point, but when I remove your towel… *kisses*

N: You can leave everything to me. You don’t have to do anything. I’ll do my best not to hurt you, so I just want you to tell me where you feel good. If it’s embarrassing, then just making a noise is enough. If it feels good when I suckle your nipples like this then make some noise… *kisses* Ngh…

N: Below your arms… Does it tickle? *kisses*

N: Surprisingly, your upper arm… ah, you really are sensitive here. *kisses* Mmgh. Between your fingers too… you get aroused from this place?

N: It’s not particularly strange or anything. Having your fingertips sucked gives you an odd feeling, right? I’m quite knowledgeable, you say? Could you be jealous? Well, in these four years I haven’t been bound to the mansion, so in a way that is the case.

N: That’s not fair? Now, now, an old man at this respectable age not having any relationships with women is the strange one. I don’t have any disease, so be at ease. It’s not like I’m a saint. While I was taking care of you, I was constantly doing these things to you in my head.


N: You can’t imagine it? But men are like that. My speech? Well, I’m no longer a butler. You’re also no longer my young miss. This is my normal state. What I showed you was the face of a young lady’s butler. *kisses* Mm…

N: It looks like your stomach is sensitive too. *kisses* You’re ticklish on your sides? But your voice has sweetened. Every time you writhe, I feel like I’m dirtying a clean and lovely woman. You’re not lovely? Well, you would say something like that… I…

N: Oh well, now then, we’ve reached this place at last. Spread your legs. You’re shy? But if you don’t spread your legs then I can’t make you feel good, so endure it. You’ll soon forget about it. Well… probably.

N: Aah, you’re soaking wet. It’s not like it’s strange. Rather, this is a good thing. I’m going to make you more wet from here, so don’t mind it. *gives oral* Ngh…

N: Like I thought, this place feels good? Here, your clitoris… You can’t tell? Is it because it feels too good? Ah, don’t struggle so much. I won’t be able to taste you. Mgh…

N: If you don’t spread your legs open more… If you shut your legs, I’ll suffocate. Yes, good. I can see everything. I’m going to put a finger in a little. Aah, it’s tight. But it’s become slippery, so I’ll loosen it little by little.


N: Ngh, it hurts? It doesn’t hurt. I’m tasting you here, so pleasure is mixing in. Mmgh… it’s flowing out…

N: It feels that good? You can’t hear my voice anymore. If I keep going like this, are you possibly going to come? Nngh… mgh…! *coughs* You really did come. Aah, even my chest is wet. Haha, because I did that to you?

N: My lady, can you hear me? Right now, I’m going to ravish you. It’s too late for you to regret it.

N: … You won’t regret it, I see. Whether that’s a lie or the truth, I…

N: Now then, I need to put on a condom, don’t I? It’s out of the question to get you pregnant. Now, I’m entering you. Nngh…! It hurts? Just a little bit more and all of it will go in. Ngh… *kisses*

N: Endure it just a while more… mgh… ah, it’s hot… Ggh, it’s in. Ah, sorry, that hurt, didn’t it? But for me it’s like heaven, ngh.

N: It’ll be bad, ugh, if I don’t try to move slowly, huh. You’re in pain after all, ngh, and I’ll finish early. It’s alright for me to finish early? For you… does it hurt? Haa… it hurts, right? But you’re happy? For you to say you’re happy… ngh… you’re happy, huh…

N: Nrgh, now that things are like this… and I have these feelings… why do I have to make love to you? Ngh… haah… haa… once it ends, I’ll need to let you go. This is your fault. Haa… hah…! Because you… appeared in front of me after all this time, dammit! Dammit! Aagh… haa… hah…!


N: … How do I let you go? There’s a way not to let you go? If that existed then I wouldn’t have left the mansion.

N: Hah? My business right now? How do you— ah, I see, so you know that much. Well, it’ll take a year to launch. Even still, that wouldn’t be enough to take a young lady like you as a wife.

N: Eh!? Ah, no, I didn’t propose to you just now! You’re wrong. I said it wasn’t enough, so how did it become a talk about marriage? I took your virginity so I have to think about it? Hold on! Aah… alright, alright! I’ll go get punched once by your father. That’s good enough, right?

N: … It’d be nice if everything could be settled with just one punch though. I wonder if I’ll get buried in concrete…

N: Eh? The body pillow service? Well, tomorrow I’ll contact them and delete my registration. In any case, the president’s my acquaintance. Ah, that reminds me, our clothes are still wet. We need to launder them. There’s a washing machine in this house, right?

N: Huh? You put them in the washing machine? How much? All of them!? You idiot…! Putting aside mine, your clothes will shrink after washing them in the machine! You have to hand wash that material…

N: Ah, I have to hurry and stop the washing machine and take them out. No, it’s too late… No, if I do it right now then I might just barely…! Haah… good grief, it really seems like you can’t do anything without my care… my lady.

2 thoughts on “Ojisama Dakimakura ~ Kasai Nobuhito no Baai ~

    waterinegirl said:
    November 7, 2019 at 03:45

    Kasai Nobuhito, 46 years old, 182 centimeters in height, 78 kilograms in weight.

    that’s a big age gap. it’s okay if the heroine is in her 30’s.

    do japanese introduce themselves including their height and weight? i find it weird.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 7, 2019 at 23:04

      No LOL I think he’s introducing himself like that because of his job. The title of this series IS “ojisama dakimakura” so their whole thing is big age gaps with older men :P

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