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AHHHH!! HE FINALLY GETS A BIRTHDAY STORY!! BLESS MIKADO. I’m going to translate her preface before we head into his actual story. The raw note is HERE. Also, Merry Christmas and an eventual Happy New Year to everyone! It’s been a while since I updated my blog, oops, but I’ll do my best to resume translating in 2020!

December 25th is the birthday of Arlen Clive from the Rouge et Noir series.

In actuality, if we include the other characters from this series, this is the second round of their birthdays from the release of the first season; however, I haven’t written a short story for Arlen’s birthday even once.

The reason is… (and those who have listened to Arlen’s volumes can probably guess this) because, on top of his character setting, anything I do is pretty much connected to spoilers. Also, as you might have guessed, can this man have anything that sounds “happy” in the end…? It was with these thoughts that, in a sense, even I felt like Arlen’s birthday was forbidden and there were parts I couldn’t touch.

But, since it’s also been more than a year since Arlen’s second season was released, I did feel sad if he ended up being the only one without a birthday short story again, so I wrote something like that for him.

A gentle Christmas spent with his precious person that may one day come to him. It might be okay for that day to arrive. These are the feelings I wrote with.

However, I’m leaving the time frame and explanation of this short story completely up to my readers.

As per usual, with respect to Arlen’s contents especially in his volumes and the fanbook, there are large and small spoilers (of course, I’ve tried to gently obscure them).

The above is in regard to those who haven’t read or listened to his volumes yet, please take this into consideration.

This preface has become long.

Well then, I’m grateful to those who enjoy this even a little.

25 December 2019 — Mikado Ren.

Here we go!

The first thing I noticed was an indistinct dazzling light. Feeling this past my closed eyes, my hand slid across the sheets. The person that should have been there wasn’t where they were supposed to be, and only a faint warmth was left behind.

After I finished tracing the vestiges of that person with my fingertips for some time I opened my eyes.

“It happened again…”

These words to myself began from a wry smile.

How many times has it been now where I’ve woken up in the morning later than you?

“This is the complete opposite from before.”

The second words to myself was also mixed with a wry smile.

Back then, I wasn’t allowed to fall into a deep sleep.

However, now I’m standing at the farthest place from that time.

Peace. Before I realized it, this brought a large change to me personally. To the extent where even now, at times, I felt bewildered.


I finished dressing myself and left the bedroom to find you in the fragrant smelling dining room.

“My apologies, it seems I overslept.”

When I said these words in place of a morning greeting, you turned around with a coffee cup in hand, hair swaying with your head tilt. You told me I could have slept in more.

“I can’t do that. If I don’t drink your coffee then my day will come to an end without even beginning.”

I said this jokingly and you slumped your shoulders, saying I was exaggerating.

“It’s the truth.”

I shrugged and then, leaning down, brushed my lips against yours.

“Good morning.”

Finishing our lover’s greeting, we sat down for a late breakfast.


After our breakfast, when there was little left in our coffee cups, you left the dining room for a moment before immediately returning. Then I was handed a beautifully wrapped package.

“For me?”

I watched you nod and then carefully opened the package. Two gloves, with the same exact design, appeared from inside. I blinked and then my mouth softened into a smile.

“… I need to correct that. For us?”

You smiled, told me Merry Christmas, and then – with some hesitation – continued with Happy Birthday.

I knew, better than anyone else, the reason for your hesitation. In the past, Christmas and my birthday were not celebratory days. That memory couldn’t be covered. The time that stopped on that day would remain frozen for an eternity.

But still—

“Thank you…”

I embraced you without a thought. Right now, these feelings, this inexplicable love, couldn’t be put into words.

“I’ll treasure this.”

In my arms, the corners of your eyes creased with softness.

I had these thoughts before about this expression. That, ah, you had also changed at some point.

Your gallant, bright light became the sunlight of a gentle spring. That piercing and direct strength became an enveloping gentleness.

The two of us, who were now just a man and woman, were so different from those earlier days.


A laugh slipped out. It wasn’t a wry laugh, but a natural one from the heart and overflowing with tenderness.

Nestled into me, you looked at me with a questioning face, but I told you it was nothing and dropped a light kiss on your forehead.

“Shall we go and see him?”

Towards that place piled up with pure white snow with pure white lilies in hand.

Holding hands with you, my most beloved—.

8 thoughts on “RN Arlen ~ 2019 Birthday ~

    Vibecheck said:
    June 25, 2020 at 10:59

    Van…. VAN YOU LOVEABLE MAN WHY DO YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS. Part of me wants to bust him out of jail for a season 3. Ah the change from Alren to Van is just ahhhh. Now I’m just here, VR stuck in shipping, revisiting my love for this series.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2020 at 13:51

      IF THE FBI TOUCHED A SINGLE HAIR ON HIS HEAD I WILL RAIN HELLFIRE ON THEM!! My shipping has been stuck too even though it’s suuuuuuper close to me, so I’m just wishing they would hurry up and contact me. It still hurts a bit that his VR and prologue CD are set during the first season, unlike Makabe who has his set past everything, so we’re going to get a cooler Arlen, one that hasn’t opened up to his heroine yet SOBS.

    Viki said:
    December 31, 2019 at 01:24


      Ilinox responded:
      January 2, 2020 at 11:42

      YOU’RE WELCOME <3! I'm so glad he finally got a birthday sorry, despite all the complications because ~spoilers~ and the weird position he's in after the second season. GODS, now I really wonder what the heck the VR one is going to be like (and if he'll get a prologue CD just like Makabe).

    leohikarusora said:
    December 25, 2019 at 09:49

    Merry Christmas~!! And in few days, New Year will come… For me, times is truly fly fast, and I’m really enjoying mostly of your translatation projects.

    What a sweet day for Arlen (for me at least). It’s truly been a while I saw Mikado-sensei’s work again.

    Out of topic. Today is beautiful day, but also a sadly day, since… SNB server is terminated. Honestly I still want to know what will happen to all of them, but yeah we can’t do anything T^T

    Thank you for your hard works, and Merry Christmas~!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 27, 2019 at 11:55

      Time really does go by fast, haha! I feel like I was the most productive during these two years on my blog than I’ve ever been, all thanks to daily updates of SNB. I’m happy to have met so many fun people who followed me for that content and stuck around for all the detours I’d take through other material.

      We’re not done just quite yet with Rouge et Noir, hehe, because I haven’t translated Makabe’s prologue CD and now there’s been VR Arlen announced and, finally, Sena’s second season.

      I’m still amused they terminated it on Christmas. That’s such a mean date to pick LOL but, yeah, it’s always sad when we don’t get a resolution for our stories, sobs. Perhaps that is the life of a mobage though… it’s rare to see one end neatly and for the company to give it the rest it deserves and start a new IP.

      Thanks for all your comments this year and a Happy New Years to you!

    shngml said:
    December 25, 2019 at 05:45

    ARLEN… 😭 Thanks for the translation.

      Ilinox responded:
      December 27, 2019 at 11:52

      HE FINALLY GETS A BIRTHDAY STORY, SOBS. Thanks for commenting <3.

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