NoT Release

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Tachinaga Ataru (立永 与)
CV: 河村眞人

Hayase Tsutomu (早瀬 努)
CV: 三重奏

NoT Release

Three years prior, you married an older man who was your boss at your workplace. Your husband had a child from his previous marriage, Hayase Tsutomu.

Because he was at the sensitive age of an university student, you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to get along with Tsutomu at first, but he grew attached to you and nowadays you have warm and peaceful days. Tsutomu’s best friend, Tachinaga Ataru, also loves you like a mother and every day is filled with happiness.

However, Tsutomu found himself falling in love with you, his stepmother, and consulted Ataru about this. His feelings grew larger day by day until, one night, he assaulted you under the influence of being drunk.

Despite the worst-case scenario being avoided thanks to Ataru’s coincidental visit, Tsutomu fled from the house, driven by self-blame.

“That was a terrible experience, huh.”

The moment you were relieved at Ataru’s kind words, he threw out something unexpected.

“Just kidding. Haha, you and Tsutomu are way too simple.”

Everything was a planned trap… Ataru’s love, which he concealed even from Tsutomu, became twisted and he descended on you—

Thanks to Madame for the commission! R18 warning and this series is all about the NTR (having a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship, essentially stealing them), which is why they capitalized the title the way they did. So, uh, beware of cheating (NTR) themes, bondage, blackmail, and dubcon here LOL.

Note1: This is random but I think it’s amusing that Ataru’s name means “to gift, bestow, or grant” like he’s in a higher position. Meanwhile, Tsutomu’s name means “to work hard, be diligent”. Just from a glance, you can sort of see the personality of these two characters.

*** TRACK 1: The Special Trick ***

*heroine washing dishes; Tsutomu and Ataru in living room*

Tsutomu: Ugh, I lost again!

Ataru: You really suck at this type of game.

T: You’re just too good, Ataru. If I’m not up against you, I’m pretty good myself.

A: Oh? Good enough to go against your mom?

T: Uh… mom’s pretty tough too.

A: Meaning you’ve lost to her too, huh.

T: [unintelligible]— you guys are too strong that every time I play games I just get stressed.

A: Then how about asking for a little sister who’s bad at competitive games?

T: Huh? Ataru, kids aren’t carried in by pelicans, you know?

A: You saying that is why things are the way they are. By the way, Tsutomu, you can’t possibly think your parents aren’t having sex, right? Your mom’s that young so it’s impossible, right?

T: N-no, my dad’s the one who’s at the age where he’s getting old. W-wait, that’s not the point! I don’t think about my parents doing those things.

A: Ooh? You don’t hear noises? Tsutomu, your mom and dad have been married for three years or so, right? If it was me, I’d be doing it every day.

T: Ugh, I’m not listening! Also, shut up about these things in the living room. My mom’s gonna hear!

A: It’s not like I have a choice! The living room’s the only place with a TV.

T: Yeah, but—

A: Shh! Your mom’s coming.

*heroine finishes and goes over*

T: Thanks for w-washing the dishes, mom! Um, did you hear anything over there? O-oh, phew.

A: Sorry for staying over so long. We got too into this new game. Haha, thank you. It’s because you say that I end up relaxing so much here. This place is comfier than my own house.

T: You’re making yourself too comfy here. *quiet* The next time you talk about that, even if you’re my best friend, I’m not gonna let it go.


A: Ah! That’s the cake I like!

T: Eh? Again? Mooom, lately it’s always been the cakes that Ataru likes. I’d like it if you prioritized me, your son.

A: Hahaha, there it is! Tsutomu’s mother complex!

T: Mother complex!? No! I’m just stating my rights as her son.

A: Yeah, yeah, but if you’re gonna say that then I have some rights too.

T: … Why?

A: Because, hasn’t your mom always said this? That she thinks of me like a son too.

T: There’s a wall that can’t be breached between being “like” one and being a real stepson. Right, mom? See! That being the case, you’ll make the cake I like tomorrow, right? Eeh, why? O-oh, you want to treat him well because he’s my best friend. W-well, if that’s your reason then I can’t argue with that.

A: Haha, I’m also happy to be thought of like that. I also… think you’re important.

T: Ataru, you can just treasure your own mom.

A: Psh, no way, not that greedy hag!

T: Sometimes you have a horrible mouth. It’s because you’re like this that you get dumped for being a black belly even though you’re popular.

A: In my defense, having a dirty mouth and being a black belly are different things. Ah! Don’t mind if I dig in. *starts eating*

T: Thanks for the food. *also eats*

A: Mmm! It’s delicious today too! *tea is poured* Eh? Aah, I’ve come over with girlfriends once or twice, huh. But I’m completely single now.

T: Come to think of it, after you broke up a year ago you haven’t had a girlfriend. But you’re super popular, Ataru.

A: You too, Tsutomu. You’re popular with the ladies on the campus, yet you haven’t gotten a single girlfriend.

T: Huh? Mom, you’ve been worried because I haven’t brought home any girlfriends? You don’t have to worry about that…


A: She’s your mom, so she’s interested in what sort of girl her son would marry, right? You’re going to leave the house one day, after all.

T: We’re not at the age to think about marriage yet, right? Besides, I can’t think about myself dating someone yet…

A: Mm, I get you. After all, three years ago you—

T: AHHHH!! *covers Ataru’s mouth*

A: Mmgh!!

T: You’ve got cream on your mouth!

A: Mmph, mmh!!

T: I have to make sure to wipe it away!

A: Gugh! It’s a shock when you do that without warning.

T: I’m the one who’s shocked!

A: H-huh? Haha, you’re right, I’ll work hard to find a lovely wife too. My type? Hmm… I don’t care for any particular looks. I like kind women like you.

T: W-what? My type? I don’t m-mind saying it. I also like women like you, mom, someone who can cook delicious food… I think.

A: Haha, if you say you aren’t kind then the majority of people in this world would all be considered cold. In addition, there aren’t many women who can cook food as tasty as yours. In other words, you’re being way too modest.

T: Yup, yup, mom, you should be more confident.

A: Oh! I wonder if she has so many openings because she’s not confident in herself?

T: Oh, that makes sense. No, no, you’re careless in a lot of places. Aah, it’s because you’re like this that I can’t look away from you. I’m worried bugs will try to stick on you while dad’s on his business trips.


A: Oh? So, Toshiki-san is on a business trip right now.

T: Yeah, starting today. He’ll be back in a week.

A: Hmm…

T: What?

A: Ah, no, it’s nothing. I was just thinking you two would be alone today.

T: U-uh! W-well, yeah. But there’s been other nights we’ve spent alone together. I’m not at the age where I’d feel lonely without my dad being here anymore.

A: Well, that’d be the case. Because Tsutomu…

T: A-T-A-R-U! I’m going to punch you if you keep going.

A: Hah! If you can hit me. In the past, during karate matches, you’ve always lost to me. Is it time to refresh your memories?

T: GAH! That pisses me off! You’re too good at everything!

A: Haha, that reminds me, what’s for dinner tonight? I like your hamburger steaks.

T: DON’T IGNORE ME! Also, you’re always eating here like it’s natural and you have a ton of requests. This is MY house and my mom is MY mom.

A: On that subject, your chilled soup the other day was delicious too. The custard puddings you put out for dessert are masterpieces too! Ah, also—


[07:32] *scene skip; dinner*

A: Thank you for the meal! Haah, it was superb today too.

T: Honestly, you… You’re so skinny but you can eat a lot.

A: My muscles use up all the calories. Oh crap, I should get going now. There’s a report due for tomorrow’s presentation.

T: Ah, I’ll go with you to the station then. I want a new manga that was released today.

A: Um, I know I’m saying this after staying for so long, but I’m sorry for staying for dinner today too. I’m always grateful. O-oh, I’m always welcome…? *quiet* It’s similar to those words back then. Haha, anyway, good night! I’ll bring a present next time! Haha, please don’t be so reserved. It’s a special one… Let’s go, Tsutomu.

T: Yeah.

*scene skip*

T: I’m home.

*heroine gets out of bed and exits bedroom*

T: A-ah, it’s nothing! I’m not acting strange! Um… sorry, haha, I might be a bit tired. Y-you don’t have to prepare a bath yet. Um, today’s an anniversary, right? See, today’s the day we started living together. To celebrate, why don’t we drink some sake together? *raises bag* I bought these on the way back.

T: Y-yeah, I know you’re not good with alcohol, mom. The moment you’re drunk you fall asleep. So, if you do fall asleep… I’ll carry you to bed. It’ll be okay.

T: Haha, don’t think that I’ve grown up just because of this. There’s other things too, right? *quiet* Besides… that isn’t complimentary at all. U-uh, where were the glasses for drinks again? Ah, you can just sit down, mom. I’ll make the preparations. You can leave everything to me today.

T: … I’ve told you not to feel moved by things like this… idiot.

*** TRACK 2: Bondage and Betrayal ***

*kissing noises*

T: Haa… hah… mom… this is mom’s… ngh…

T: It’s prettier than I could have imagined… ungh… *giving oral* mgh…

T: Haha, you woke up. Mom, you got drunk and fell asleep so, like I promised, I carried you to bed. In addition, I stripped you… and tied you up. *rope creaks* What am I doing? Haha, you can tell by looking, can’t you? I’m licking mom’s pussy. Well, we’re going to be doing further things too.

T: … No. I’m not making a mistake because I’m drunk. I’ve thought about this, been troubled over this… and am doing this while knowing all that. *heroine struggles* I SAID YOU’RE WRONG! I’m not using you as a substitute because I can’t get a girlfriend.

T: Hgh… in truth, I loved you since we met. I fell in love at first sight. To be honest, I didn’t want to become your son. I wondered why you were my dad’s wife. It was frustrating! I’m at my limits already! Every time I saw your face it hurt. I couldn’t suppress my desires to have you.

T: Lately, mom… you don’t wear a bra after you take a bath and you walk around in just a t-shirt, right? That… was so fucking sexy and cruel. Because I’m a boy at that sort of age, you know? To wander around in front of me in those clothes… Isn’t it asking me to go after you? *kisses*


T: Those erect nipples underneath your t-shirt… do you know how many times I thought about sucking them? But… tonight I won’t hold back anymore. While dad’s away, these nipples… are going to be mine alone. *kisses; heroine struggles*

T: Mmgh… being tied up like this, there’s no way you can run, right? Mom… you can only let yourself get fucked by me. *kisses* Ngh…

T: Haha, your nipples are getting hard. It feels good when I lick you, huh.

T: Ggh, why are you denying it!? Aren’t you soaking wet down here? *touches heroine* Look! Heh… oh, what, you are aroused. This… isn’t just from my spit, right? Slippery stuff is flowing out.

T: Haah… I’m a virgin, so I’m a bit worried about whether I can put it in properly or not. But it looks like I’ll be able to enter smoothly with this. Ngh… ah… it’s this hot and wet inside. Ungh… it’ll probably feel amazing when I’m inside. *kisses; fingering*

T: Ngh, sorry, did that hurt? I guess things really are different from porn. I watched quite a lot with actresses that looked like you, but they might not be good references.


T: I’ll touch this place a lot… and learn. *kisses; fingering*

T: Mmh… haa… mom… mom…! I love you… I love you! *kisses*

T: Nrgh, hah, I’m sorry. *takes off pants* Ngh… hah… sorry, I can’t hold back anymore. I’m putting it in. I’m putting it in, so… *heroine struggles* I love you. Take my virginity.

T: *thrusting* Ngh… heheh… Finally… I’m finally inside you— *door slams open*


T: Ngh!? Ataru?! How’d you get in?!

A: I got a spare key from her a while ago. She told me I could escape here anytime my parents got rough. More importantly… that doesn’t matter right now, does it!? Tsutomu, do you know what you’re doing right now?

T: … I know. But you… you’ve known that I’ve always loved my mom, right?

A: Just because you love her is it okay to rape her?! This is a crime!

T: Crime… b-but… I love her…!

A: If you love her… then calm down and look at her face. She’s crying.


T: A-ah…

A: Tsutomu… there’s still time right now. Apologize to her.

T: A-ah… ah… ah… *trembling; crying* ah…

A: Tsutomu?



A: … That was a terrible experience, huh. Ah, please keep calm. I’ll untie the ropes right now. *touches ropes* Just kidding. Hahah, there’s no way I’d remove them! Haha, you and Tsutomu are way too simple.

A: *fingers heroine* Aah, to run away and leave your pussy dripping like this… Tsutomu’s a huge idiot, huh.

A: Seeing you in such a sexy state, there’s no way I can’t ravish you. *kisses*

A: Mm, haha. Even though you were just about to be raped by your stepson, you’re still asking why? Heh, you’re so pure… and adorable. This side of you… I also love it. *kisses*


A: Ngh!?

A: … You didn’t bite Tsutomu, but you bit me. Aah, that hurts. My feelings for you are the same as his, you see.

A: Mhm, yep. I’m the same as Tsutomu. I hid my feelings. Really, I fell in love with you a year ago and… waited forever for this. *kisses*

A: Hahah! Yes, you’re right. I guided him and forced him to this point. Well, he’s a good guy who doesn’t know how to doubt others, so he probably doesn’t think he was led to doing this.

A: I… endured with everything I had and worked hard to get to this point, you know? For this day, I slowly whittled down Tsutomu’s mind so that a small chance like this would explode. He’s simple but if I didn’t spend time doing it then it wouldn’t go well, so it was pretty frustrating.

A: Haha! Do you think that if you can convince me I’ll head on home? But too bad! I’m not like Tsutomu and I’ve polished my plan to fuck you for a year now. So you can’t persuade me that easily, right? Heh… *breathes*

A: Did Tsutomu taste you here too? It smells of him. It’s in the way so I’ll overwrite it, alright? *kisses*

A: Mm? Haha.

A: Your neck here. It feels good, doesn’t it? Nngh… hah… because when I touched you here before by mistake it looked like you trembled. I thought it might be a sensitive spot. After that, whenever I just looked at your neck I got horny. I’ve always thought about grabbing your ass whenever you were washing dishes and fucking you hard. *kisses*


A: Haa… ngh… *unbuckles pants; kisses*

A: Ugh… here, can you tell? Because of your sexy scent, this place is so fucking hard. We can be one whenever, you know? *heroine struggles* Oh? Okay, okay, don’t scream. It’ll be annoying if a report gets called in, so… how about I gag you with this?

A: *clips on mouth gag* Haha! I’m glad I went with this gag. It doesn’t hurt, right?

A: Ah, but… drool is leaking from the corner of your mouth. It’s so goddamn hot. It’s a shame I can’t kiss you but I’ll leave to be enjoyed next time. *kisses breasts* Mm…

A: Aah, don’t cry like that. Don’t worry, I’ll cum outside tonight. *heroine struggles* Haha, oh no, don’t struggle so hard. It’ll just turn me on, no? Nngh… ah… my cock’s twitching. It looks like you’re all prepared too, so I’m gonna put it in. *heroine struggles*

A: Haha, you’re sobbing. Cute. *kisses ear*

A: Now then… I’m going to make you cry in another way, so prepare yourself. Ngh! *inserts himself* Agh… ah…! Shit…! Haha, this feels better than any girl I’ve had up to now. Ngh… to be able to have this amazing pussy all for himself… I’m jealous of Toshiki-san. Mm… *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haa… hah… heheh… Hahah! I’m so happy. I’m finally one with you. I’ve always imagined fucking you, but the real thing is much better. Ungh… hah… I’m surrounded by your slick folds… ah, it feels like my cock’s gonna melt… ngh…!

A: Don’t keep shaking your head like that. After all, you’re feeling good down here too. Mmgh! Hahah, did you think you could hide it from me? This… deep spot in you, ngh! Heh, if I rub against it like this… you love it, right?


A: Also, if I do this… ngh… ah…! You can’t resist it when I spread your entrance open with my tip, right? Heh, just now, your pussy has been clenching and unclenching. Ngh… hah…

A: You don’t know when to give up. I’ll keep pounding your most sensitive spot until you become honest then, alright? Ngh! Aah… hah…! *thrusting*

A: Haa… hah… ungh…! It’s so tight… ngh! Aagh… I’m… feeling good too…!

A: Ngh, I’m prodding your cervix with my tip. It feels unbearable. Mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Hagh… look, you’re squeezing down so hard back here. It’s saying it wants my sperm. Haa… hah… me too. I want to cum a lot into your womb. Ngh!

A: Hey… can I? You’re wanting me to cum inside so much, so it’s alright, right? Haa… hah… oh, you don’t want it? Today’s a bad day?

A: … Fine. I guess I have no choice. Haah… as promised, I’ll cum outside. Mgh!

A: But only if you cum before I cum, heh. Hahah! If you don’t want me to cum inside then be good and get turned on from my cock and cum. Come on! If you don’t hurry, I’m gonna release. Hahahah! Ngh… mgh…! *thrusting; kisses*

A: Haa… hahah… nrgh! Mm…! *heroine orgasms* Aah… haa… you’re cumming.


A: Hahah… at last, you came from a cock that wasn’t your husband’s.

A: … Hehe, your o-face is really cute. I gotta take a picture as a memento. *snaps photo* Okay, look this way. Show me your slack face, after I made you cum, more clearly. *snaps photos* Ah, that’s nice. This is the best. Haha, your pussy just clenched again. Do you like being filmed while doing it? *thrusting*

A: Mm…! Huh? Are you cumming again? You’re going to cum twice from being raped? Hahah! Sure, go ahead. Then, after you cum, I think I’ll cover you in my load. Nngh! Haa… hah…!

A: Ungh… haa… *heroine orgasms* Hah… you came again, huh. Do you know now that a younger man’s cock is much better than an old man’s cock? Mm, come on… come on! More… engrave it into your head more! *thrusting* Ngh!

A: Oh well, if you don’t understand then I’ll just refresh your memory again. Alright? Ngh! Mm…! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haa… hah… I’m gonna cum too… ngh… I’m… cumming…! *he pulls out; jerks the rest out onto her* Haah… haa…

A: Hah… haa… hehe… I came so much even I’m surprised. Haa… haah…

A: … Damn, that’s so hot. You’re so cute covered in sperm. *takes photos*


A: Hah, I think this is good enough. Here, look. Don’t you think I took some good shots? Your jizz-covered stomach, your breasts, and even your pussy, which was spread open by me… all of it has been shot.

A: Hahah. *kisses* Don’t worry, if you keep quiet then these photos will just be my treasures. But if you tell anyone… you understand, right? Heh. Now then, we’re both sticky like this, so why don’t we take a shower together? Let’s do it there too. I’m gonna fuck you until you lose feeling in your pussy.

A: *heroine struggles* Hahahah! I’ve already fucked you so much so settle down. I’ll carry you to the bath. Up we go!

*** TRACK 3: The Son’s Apology. The Whisperer in the Shadows ***

*heroine washing dishes; finishes; Tsutomu in another room*

T: A-Ataru, is it really alright for me to come back? If I don’t give my mom more time, isn’t she going to get scared?

A: I told you before, haven’t I? If you did something wrong, you should apologize sooner than later.

T: R-right…

A: Come on, let’s go.

T: … *opens door; comes over*

A: Come on, Tsutomu. You have something to say, right?

T: …… I-I’M SORRY! *bows* I calmed down right after and came back to myself, realizing I did something crazy. I know I did something unforgivable. So, if you told me to get out… I’ll get a part time job or do anything and leave the house. Please, don’t divorce my dad. Really… you can hit me a hundred, no, a thousand times. I’ve reflected on my mistakes from the bottom of my heart.

T: E-eh? R-really? You’re really… forgiving me? Gugh… thank you, mom. I’ll do my best to be a good son in the future. I’ll change myself and this time we’ll have a familial relationship.

A: Haha, I’m glad you two repaired your relationship. Huh? The reason I came? I was worried about you two so I searched for Tsutomu in the city and brought him back. See, the more time passes in a fight the harder it is to apologize, right?


T: Mom… you’re still scared of me, aren’t you? Your face is stiff.

A: That’s not true. *comes closer* I’m sure she wasn’t able to sleep because she had difficulties. That’s just from being tired. Right? *leans in* Yesterday night was “difficult” in all sorts of ways, after all. Heh. See, aren’t you glad, Tsutomu? You two can talk the rest out.

T: Wait, Ataru! I really think my mom is scared because of yesterday and today. So, could you stay over?

A: Haha, that’s a cheap request. I’m happy to help you two. *heroine collapses* Woah! Are you OK? I’m glad I caught you before you fell.

T: Maybe I really should get out—

A: Nah, she just stumbled from a lack of sleep. *heroine moves* Shh… you can’t do that. If you only chase me out right now, it implies something happened after Tsutomu left, right? Are you alright with Tsutomu finding things out? *to Tsutomu* Looks like it was just exhaustion. You can relax, Tsutomu.

T: O-oh.

A: Well then, we should have a party to celebrate making up! I’ll buy lots of drinks.

T: Uh, no! Alcohol is a bit…

A: Oh? But, Tsutomu, if you don’t drink some sake tonight you aren’t going to fall asleep, no?

T: Yeah, but… Mom, are you OK with that?

A: She’s fine with that. *whispers* You can’t run. It’ll be suspicious. Heh. Well, let’s go to your room for now, Tsutomu.

T: Okay…

*** TRACK 4: Making Children By Force ***

*door outside opens; heroine startles; Ataru knocks on her door*

A: It’s me. Tsutomu collapsed after drinking. So, won’t you drink with me in the living room? Besides, it started raining, right? I was thinking we could chat until it stopped.

A: Mm, you’re going to refuse me, I see. Then I guess I’ll wake Tsutomu up and show him all those porn photos from yesterday! *heroine runs to door*

A: Pffhaha! Such a frantic look. That’s how much you don’t want your life right now to break, huh. Then I guess I’ll ravish you in the living room some other time. Tonight, I’ll fuck you here again.

A: Hm? Are you sure about that? If we hang around here, Tsutomu might hear it. If I can have you then I don’t need anything else, but… won’t it be bad for you? *heroine lets him in*

A: … Yep, that’s right, you don’t have anywhere to run after all. *door closes* You should just be good and let yourself be devoured by me from the start. *kisses*


A: Haah… yesterday’s events wouldn’t leave my head, so I’ve actually been hard all this time. Once I got home I jerked off three times. But, like I thought, doing it alone isn’t enough to satisfy me, you see. So, today, the moment I saw you… I couldn’t help but want to shove you down.

A: Hey… aren’t you throbbing unbearably inside after remembering yesterday’s feelings too? Being pounded deeply into by a young and thick cock… felt irresistible, right? Heh. *kisses* I can tell even if you deny it. Because you were dripping even though you kept saying no.

A: Compared to your husband, I’m by far the— *gets slapped* ngh!

A: … Ow.

A: Oh? You’ll hit me in this situation. I didn’t want to say this, but… it looks like I have to firmly teach you where you stand. *picks up heroine* If you keep struggling like that, I’m going to be the one who’ll start shouting. That you and I are making a porn video.

A: … Mm, that’ll be a problem, right? So be good. *gently puts heroine down on bed*

A: Holding you down on this bed is making me remember yesterday even more, and now my cock is painfully hard. I really want to put this in soon. *kisses*


A: Oh, wait. Before I put it in, I did say I was going to teach you your position, huh. I’ll put it properly into words. I’m threatening you using yesterday’s material and have forced you into a sexual relationship with me. You don’t want it to be revealed, so you can only listen to me. That’s all there is to this.

A: Do you realize your own position now? *kisses*

A: Haha! Anyone would have been fine? That’s unthinkable. I said this yesterday too, but I’ve loved you for a long time. It’s because you’re the one I want that I chose this method.

A: In the first place, I don’t prefer older women. That should have been the case, but every time I met you I realized I felt strangely soothed. Look, starting from a few years ago, my parents have been arguing over divorce, right? I didn’t plan on caring, but I guess somewhere in me became wild.

A: And, like you saw right through to me, you told me that I could run away to here whenever it got hard. But, haha… I guess you don’t remember.

A: Haha, well, that’s not surprising. From the perspective of someone as kind as you, saving your son’s best friend is a matter of course.

A: … But I… was struck hard from that moment. I fell in love… with your benevolence like the sun.


A: Hahah! What are you saying at this point? I knew from the beginning you were another man’s wife. That’s why I’m stealing you. I’m going to get you addicted to sex and make it so that you can’t live without my cock. *kisses*

A: Ngh… hah… haha, what’s this? Aren’t you full of enthusiasm? You’re only wearing panties underneath your pajamas. Huh? Ah, I see, you don’t wear anything like sleep bras. That sort of naturalness feels nice. It really is nice to be able to suck on these nipples whenever. *kisses*

A: Heh… heheh… are you stifling your voice? Don’t worry, Tsutomu is drunk and sleeping and he won’t wake until the morning. So let me hear your cute voice more. *kisses*

A: … Do you hate sleeping with me… to the point of crying?

A: Why? Do you like your husband… Toshiki-san that much? That guy’s an old man who won’t be able to get it up in a few years! Well, he is gentle, he’s a good employee, and he feels like an exceptional gentleman with composure, but… but…! I’ll become an even better man! So that I can get you to love me… I’ll work hard until death.


A: So… look at me! Please! *kisses*

A: Ngh… mm… nrgh! *heroine pushes him* WHY ARE YOU STILL TRYING TO RUN!? *pounces on heroine* Grgh! Haa… hah… I explained so much, but you still don’t understand your position, huh. Too bad, I thought about taking a lot of time tonight to stretch you… but I’m just gonna slam it into you from behind like this. Ggh…!

A: Relax and keep face down like that. *unbuckles pants* I’ll stick it in even if you struggle after all. Heh… hahah! You’re really working hard, but the way your ass moves… I can only see it as begging. *kisses ear*

A: Haa… hah… look, can you tell? My cock and your heat here… they’re rubbing against each other. Ngh… hah… you’re not that wet, so I’ll spread my pre-cum on you. Mm…!

A: Hagh… haah… haha, this is odd. Ngh, this slippery feeling isn’t just from my pre-cum, right? Even though you’re about to be raped, you’re feeling pleasure from getting a cock rubbed against you?

A: Hahah! Seriously, your pussy is the honest one. To say you’re not feeling anything when you’re this soppy… you’re a complete liar. Here, I’ll rub your nipples too so try saying honestly that it feels good. Mm… *kisses*


A: You’ll deny it even with this, huh.

A: … Huh, alright. Then I’ll give up… and get your pussy to say it feels good. *inserts himself* Ngh! Aah… hah… haha, although you say no you seem to be feeling pretty good. I’ve only put half in, but your vagina is clenching.

A: Hey, is this OK? If you clamp down in pleasure like this, mgh, I’m going to enter deep inside. If you don’t want this then shake your hips more and drive out my cock. Ngh… ah…! *thrusting*

A: Ungh, it feels so good. I’m getting rubbed while being squeezed.

A: Hahah, somehow, when I look down at you like this it looks more and more like you’re begging. It turns me on. *slaps* Come on, don’t stop your hips. Keep trying. If you don’t shove me out, I’m going to cum inside. *heroine struggles* Ngh, ah…!

A: Hrgh, ah, oh no, you’re getting wetter. Hey, are you seriously trying to shove me out? It can’t be that you want me to cum inside?

A: Oh? You really don’t want me to? Since a while ago, your pussy has been trying to drag me in deeper though. Ugh, is it my imagination?

A: Heheh, if you want me this bad I’ll want to thrust hard into you… and spill my seed. Oh…! Haha, you clenched down on me just now. It felt good just from imagining it, right? Heh. Feeling pleasure even while you say no… ngh…! You’re so sexy and cute. I want to eat you all up, mgh! *kisses; thrusting*


A: … Haah… haa… haha, ah, your clitoris is this swollen. It looks painful so I’ll rub it, OK? Mm… ngh… ah…

A: Hah… hagh… heheh, huh, this is weird. You said no so many times, so why’s your ass shaking? *taps* It can’t be that you’re going to cum from this light touch? Really? Then that means I have to go deeper, right?

A: … If you don’t answer that means you aren’t confident, no? You’re feeling turned on even though you’re being raped and you’re being done by a bare cock. What a naughty wife.

A: If I’m wrong, then prove it. And say you aren’t feeling anything when I push deep into you. If you do that, I’ll lose confidence and I might not be able to hold you down anymore.

A: Mhm, I’m telling the truth. Haha, then… I’m going to put it in deep. Ngh! *thrusts hard; they both collapse* Gugh! Aah… ungh…! You’re cumming so hard.

A: Hey, I said you weren’t supposed to cum. So what is this? Your vagina keeps convulsing.


A: Haha! You’re still going to lie even though you’re slurring. Aah, jeez, it’s worth teasing you and you’re so adorable. Ngh! *thrusting*

A: Haah… ungh, good… a cumming pussy feels so good! It’s hot, sopping, nrgh… haa… hah… I’m gonna cum…!

A: I’m going to cum deep inside like this, OK? Ngh! Haah… haa… Hm? I can’t? Even though your cervix is sticking to my tip like this? *heroine struggles*

A: Hmm… what should I do? Haa… hagh… then, try saying you love me. Hah… ngh…!

A: Aah, haha, I’m so happy. I love you too, the most in the world. Hah… haa… as proof of our mutual feelings… how about we make a cute baby? *heroine struggles; thrusting* Ngh! Grgh…! Haa… hah…!

A: Mgh… agh… I’m cumming…! I’m letting it out…! It’s coming…! Ngh!! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… haah… this feeling of cumming so much deep inside… it’s irresistible, right? It feels like we’ve become one. Haah… ngh… it makes me want to swirl everything around inside even after cumming. *gyrating*


A: Ngh, haha… your pussy is still twitching. Ah, you’re so cute.

A: I’m still hard, so I’ll make you a bit more messier, alright? Mm… *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mmm… haha… it feels like you want more inside. Do you want seconds of my sperm? Heh, too bad. If you’re so against it then I’ll give it to you tomorrow.

A: … But, you see, it seems like my sperm is strong. I think you’ll get pregnant with this. In that case, you won’t be able to make excuses either way. An examination of the child’s blood will reveal everything. So, before that happens, you should divorce.

A: Oh, you don’t have to worry about finances. Before, when I was day trading for fun, I made more profits than I was expecting. To the point where I don’t have anywhere to spend it all on. Haha, this is something Tsutomu doesn’t know either so it’s a secret just between the two of us. *kisses*

A: Huh? I missed something important? What?

A: Hahah, your feelings? Regarding your feelings… *flat voice* I’ll manage it later somehow. My parents, who married out of pure love, ended up unfolding their swamp of a divorce drama, so there’s no such thing as a proper beginning in this world. That’s why you too… will one day fall in love with the man who gives you the most pleasure. Until then, I’ll continue to single-mindedly make love to you, heheh. I absolutely won’t let you go, so prepare yourself. *kisses*

*** CAST TALK ***

Kawamura: NoT Release, this is Kawamura Masato, the actor for Tachinaga Ataru.

Mie: This is Mie Kanade, the actor for Hayase Tsutomu.

K: That being said, this seems to be the cast talk.

M: Yup, we’re having the cast talk!

K: Hahah, it’s me and Mie-san taking a break while feeling the effects of the recording still.

M: Hahah!

K: Let’s get to talking, so I’m going to bring up the theme. Let’s see, “This is a work about a peculiar romantic relationship that normal people wouldn’t understand, but please tell us your impressions of the recording”. Well, I found it pretty novel to record with a dummy mic while having a dialogue with two people.

M: It’s pretty rare, huh. One standing in front and one standing behind. It almost makes me want to show a picture.

K: That’s true, haha, there’s a sort of impression this image gives off.

M: I want to show that impression, haha.

K: Regarding the work, it was tough work catching the subtleties of the mood and the flow of the mind.

M: Yeah, that’s true.

K: I was sweating.

M: Yeah, everyone had their own emotions. It was pretty amazing.

K: Yeah, I was sweating—

M: Sweating, HAHA.

K: —during my acting. Oh, were there any scenes that stood out to you?

M: Oh yeah, a scene that stood out to me… there is one. But it’s in the tokuten. There’s one particular part that catches in my mind. It was Ataru, clapping while he came into the room.

K: OH YEAH! That happened, huh.

M: It made me go “Huh!?”.

K: Right, right, that was in the tokuten.

M: Yeah, in the tokuten. That really stuck with me.

K: Isn’t everything we talk about going to end up as a gag like this?

M: Haha, oops, yeah.

K: On that topic, the first peaceful scene actually ended up sticking in my mind the most, haha.


K: It made me feel like the happiest time was only in that moment.

M: It seriously was just that one moment at the very beginning, that sort of peaceful conversation.

K: The part where they were all excited and chatting to each other. It felt a bit, mm, yeah, it was impressionistic.

M: It was really warm there.

K: Yeah, exactly. Anyway, continuing on, “The two characters in this work are engrossed in one woman, so here is a question for the two of you. Do you have any suggestions for something that multiple people can get engrossed in?” Is there anything?

M: Multiple people, so me included, right?

K: Ah, were you thinking about something to do alone—

M: I completely misunderstood!

K: HAHA! Why did it become something only one person gets engrossed in?

M: My illiteracy has come out. I thought it was asking something for one person to get engrossed in and I was thinking an online game or… HAHA.

K: Haha, multiple people! Multiple people!

M: Well, if we’re talking about multiple people then I think the aquarium would be nice.

K: Aah, that’s true. It’s one thing and, if people all feel passionate about it, they’d be able to share their amazement. I like to go to an artist I like with that feeling, like going to the artist’s live with someone who feels just as passionate about them, and then talk about how “that part was good” or “this part was good” is something I like.

M: It’s a nice feeling, huh. Going to the movies after is like that too.

K: That’s true! Or watching a stage play.

M: Ah, yeah, yeah.

K: Like this scene or this line was amazing. That sort of feeling.

M: That sounds really fun.

K: I think that’d be nice. Also, well, there’s Monster Hu— uh. Ahem.

M: Hahaha! I’m not taking any part in this ad placement.

K: Hahahah! That!

M: Haha, yeah, that’s a thing.

K: But, well, you’re able to get many people all fired up with that sort of thing in its own way.

M: That’s true.

K: That’s how it is and with that you were listening to Kawamura Masato.

M: And Mie Kanade.

K: Thank you for listening.

M: Thank you!

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: NoT Release ***

*doorbell rings; heroine goes to door; door gets knocked on*

A: It’s me. Could you open the door? *knocks* It’s been two years since you divorced and disappeared… You know how desperately I searched for you during that time, right? The moment I came to this apartment I was so overjoyed I started crying.

A: Hey… why’d you disappear on your own like that? Weren’t you addicted to having sex with me? The last time we did it you even said you loved me. Everything was a lie, huh.

A: *knocks* Hey… *knocks* hey… talk to me.

A: I know you’re inside. If you’re going to pretend to be out then I’ll break the door down. If that happens, it’ll be hard for you to live in this apartment, right? Who is in the right or wrong generally doesn’t matter to the landlord. If they think you’re an annoying resident then you’ll be forced to move before renewing your lease.

A: T-that’s a problem, right? I heard from your neighbors but aren’t you living off of scraps in your savings? If you have to move again that’ll be a huge issue.

A: … You’re going to ignore me still. Okay. Then I’ll shout in front of this door. That you’re a woman who had unprotected sex with her stepson’s best friend. I’ll also mention just how sluttish— *heroine opens door* ah.


A: Oh, what, you really were there. To tease the fiancé you haven’t seen for two years like this. You’re a cruel person. *enters; door closes; hugs heroine* Ngh!

A: Haah… this smell… it really is you. I’m finally hugging you.

A: Let me give you two years’ worth of a kiss. *kisses*

A: Mm… ngh… *heroine shoves him* Nrgh! Eh…

A: … Haha… you disappeared without a word… AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU STILL REJECT ME! *shoves heroine down* Ggh…

A: Hey, why did you run? You didn’t think I’d spread those videos?… No, I didn’t spread them. I used it when I threatened Tsutomu, but those are my treasures. I didn’t show them to anyone else. You knew those feelings of mine, right? That’s why you ran away without worries.



A: Ggh…

A: … Actually, I knew that I would be hated unbearably like this. But even still… the eyes that looked at me changed bit by bit through the days… and when I thought you might have liked me a little… I was so happy.

A: And yet… and yet you…! YOU USED THAT LOVE AND RAN. I asked Toshiki-san why you divorced him, but he just smiled bitterly and didn’t answer. Tsutomu is in a course overseas and not at home. No one knew… where you were.

A: I’ve never had my vision go dark until that moment. It was the most despair I’ve ever felt… in my life.

A: And then every day, no, every second, I thought about you and whenever I had time I would always go looking for you. Haha, I wouldn’t have thought… you would move this far away. It’s far from your parents’ home and you don’t have any friends around here. Isn’t it hard to live alone like this?


A: Huh?

A: … You’re not alone…? Do you have a new man…?

A: Ah… I thought about you day after day after day, to the point of death AND YOU’RE ALREADY SWALLOWING ANOTHER COCK. Hah… hahahah…

A: Hey, who’s the next old man? If he lives here then he must be a good-for-nothing man with a low salary, right?

A: *quiet*… I’m going to remind you that my cock is better than that man. *rips clothes*

A: What’s with these breasts? They’re larger since the last time I saw them and the color of your nipples have changed. The man you’re with now has changed you, huh. Honestly… it pisses me off. *kisses*

A: Nrgh… no, I won’t stop. Mm…! I’m going to brand you as my possession so that you can never run again. *bites* Ngh! Haha, I only bit you a little bit hard. Just enough for the mark to stay for a few hours. Haha, well, I won’t ever let it disappear anymore. *kisses*


A: Haha, ah, sorry! That one was too hard, huh. This time I’ll lick you gently. Like in the past. *kisses*

A: Mm… ah…! I’ve always dreamed about this day. I’m so fucking hard just from licking your nipples. Haa… hah… I want to slam into you and thrust into you deeply to the point of making you forget your current man.

A: Even if you cry… I won’t stop. I’m going to make you remember how I feel by all means. From… the inside, ngh! Haah…!

A: Huh? Aren’t you a bit wet? Haha… what the heck. Your body remembered our sex in the past and is aching, huh. Aah, you don’t have to deny it. I know you’re not honest. Your womb is many times more honest than your mouth. Ngh… *fingering heroine*

A: Aah, haha, how nostalgic. Whenever I rub your G-spot you become sopping wet immediately. When I play with your nipples at the same time… your eyes become more dazed and your vagina clenches down like it’s begging. *kisses*


A: See? That lewd sound has gotten louder. It looks like you want more, so I’ll put another finger in. Mm… *kisses; fingering*

A: Haa… hah… I love you. I won’t let you go ever again. I won’t let you run. This time, I’ll have you be pregnant with my child. Nngh! Haa… hah… *kisses; unbuckles pants*

A: Look, I’m going to put it in. Take your time and enjoy my cock which you haven’t felt for two years. Ngh! *inserts himself* Aah… haa… hah… you’re so deliciously tight as always…

A: Haha, it’s hard to think you’re with a man. You’re clamping down on me as if you’re starving. Aagh… Could it be your new man has a small dick? Mm… ngh…

A: … Hey, don’t be silent. Say something.

A: Ggh, here! Even if you hate me… EVEN IF YOU LOATHE ME… CAN’T YOU INSULT ME!? Haa… hagh…!


A: Ah… I get it already. You just need to moan then. I’m going to fuck your sensitive spot hard. Let me hear you until you turn hoarse! Ggh! Nngh! *thrusting*

A: Haha, you haven’t changed from being sensitive at having this spot get pressed down by my tip. Ngh! Haa… hah…! Also, aren’t you more sensitive than before? Hah… hagh…! When I think about another man changing you like this I get pretty… hah… *flat voice* jealous. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Ngh… mm…! Haah… hah! Hm? This spot? Ngh! This deep spot. You now like it when I grind hard against this spot like this, huh. Haa… hah… you really are more sensitive than before. *kisses*

A: … It really annoys me, but I’ll just have to fix this place back into my shape. Ngh! I don’t care anymore. This slutty pussy can just get its fill of my cock! Mmgh! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mmgh! Aah… hah…! Haa… I can’t… I want to enjoy myself with you, but… ngh… if you’re this delicious… ungh… I’m going to cum. Aah…!

A: Huh? You too? You’re going to cum? Haha, I’m glad. Haa… hah…! You like it when we cum together, right? Ngh…! Me too. I like cumming when you’re cumming. Mm! *kisses; thrusting*


A: Me too…! I’m cumming…! I’m going to let it out… deep inside! Haa… hagh…! I’m cumming…! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hah… *kisses* hah… not yet… I need to plant my seed into you properly, or you’ll run away again. I’ll get hard again soon like this, so let’s do it a second time. Hah, yeah, my quick recovery hasn’t changed from the past.

A: Ah, but there’s something that’s different. *pulls out* I started living alone after graduating university. I also joined a pretty good company, and continued to save up even more. Also, I bought a long chain and shackles.


A: Eh? “Why”? *flat voice* It’s all for you. I prepared everything with my utmost efforts so that you can live comfortably.

A: … So, don’t ever leave my room anymore, OK? Stay with me forever. *kisses*

A: Hm? The chain and shackles aren’t necessary? Why? You’ll run away again without those, right? *heroine gets up* You have something to show me…?

A: It’s in the back?

A: … *gets dressed* Alright. But if you even try to run, I’m going to bring you back to my apartment immediately.

*scene skip; door opens*

A: Ngh!? Ah…!

A: N-no way… you and your new man… had a child already!? Calm down!? THERE’S NO WAY I CAN CALM DOWN! Aah, jeez, I can only kidnap this baby too—

A: U-uh…? Um… I think the baby is really cute.

A: … Maybe because it’s your child. Strangely, I don’t feel any disgust. Hm? Look closely? At what? *goes closer*


A: Oh, that’s true. Now that I look at this baby calmly… they’re already a year old. Haha, they’re sleeping soundly. It’s cute. They look the same as you do when you’re sleeping. *heroine hits him* Ngh, huh? Sorry, I don’t know why you’re angry. *heroine hits him more*

A: … Yeah, their hair color is pretty close to mine. It’s almost exactly… the same……

A: … No way, is this child…? Mine…?

A: W… WHY!? THEN WHY DID YOU RUN WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING? Did you think I was a man who wouldn’t take responsibility!? If I knew you were pregnant I would have dropped out of university and supported you completely! I absolutely wouldn’t have let you suffer like this!

A: Eh? You didn’t want to get in the way of my future? What do you mean…? Your existence itself is my future.


A: Ah… hah… *teary* you idiot. Like I told you earlier, my future possibilities were opened because of you. So… stay beside me. I’ll take responsibility for what I did with my whole life. *kisses*

A: I love you. Hey, I’ll throw away the chain and shackles. So move into my apartment as soon as you can. Let’s live together as a family of three.

A: Eh? Who cares about the people in our past. You don’t need to feel bad. After all, everything is because of me.

A: … Ngh, this is a problem. Haha, if you’re going to continue to hesitate… you’ll live the rest of your life chained. Is that still okay? You don’t want that, right? Hahah! I’m glad. The three of us can finally be happy like this. *kisses*

A: This time, I won’t let you go. Let’s stay as a happy couple… forever.

Note2: Being a black belly (haraguro) is being two-faced. You’re nice on the outside, but shrewd and calculating on the inside. My favorite type of character in Chinese novels— oops.

Note3: Tsutomu’s line about bugs is referring to bad company or people trying to seduce the heroine.

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    ebikanee said:
    December 16, 2020 at 11:13

    Not gonna lie, I wanted the old man to join in. or maybe a POV from him. You know like from Kareshi Igai lol
    Thank you for this!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 19, 2020 at 23:32

      Haha, tbh, I was more okay with all these shenanigans because her husband was non-existent. If he actually appeared or had a voice or we saw a scene of how nice and considerate he was, then I would have felt horrible LOL.

    Vu Anh said:
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    Where can i buy this CD and its Tokutens? Can you share me link?

      Ilinox responded:
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      Whenever possible, I always link to the official site which would lead to its Animate and Stellaworth sites. Here it is again if you missed it right below the picture.

    MitaNF said:
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    I just got the CD and see this. I feel really blessed lol. Thank you for your hardwork. And i see i’m not the only one who love exreme drama like this haha
    I love Ataru so much from his character and voice *Love Yamanaka yandere voice*. And the story is intense. I just really worried with Heroine all the time. I glad with the ending and how desperate Ataru call Heroine in the tokuten. Especially when he see the baby. I laugh in that part *what’s wrong with me* but in the end i just ‘awww they together now’ i think it’s rare this kind story end like this. And it make me happy in the end.
    But the Heroine is really nice and i still feel bad for her. And i can’t stop the feel want to save her. I respect her so much. And Tsutomu he probably broken. Poor guy. Hope he will get better and can move on.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 11, 2020 at 16:25

      Coughs. If you look through my history of translations, you’ll see that the majority of them are yanderes for some reason LOL. I enjoy them but it’s purely coincidence (or is it?) that I keep getting commissions for these guys too! I love the drama though.

      Same, same, I guessed the ending pretty quickly into the Animate tokuten and couldn’t stop laughing at Ataru’s freak out, especially when his second thought (after surprise) is to kidnap the baby along with the heroine. CALM DOWN SIR!! It’s a trend with Setsuka’s works actually that their yanderes end up pretty happy! I’d recommend their Kankinkon series if you’re interested in more of this sort of drama!

    shngml said:
    February 10, 2020 at 17:40

    In all honesty, I feel 三重奏’s voice acting improved a lot and wanted him to have more scenes. I was disappointed in this volume, because 三重奏 didn’t talk much. Thanks for the hard work ili.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 10, 2020 at 22:10

      Haha, he was like a dark horse for me. I remember not thinking much of him when I heard him as Kazuma in Kankinkon but he slowly grew on me (and Kazuma too) and now I’m just like OOH! IT’S HIM! I don’t think I’d like his voice as much if it was just plain sweetness. It’s because he has this gap and can do it so well that I really, really like his voice.

      But, yeah, he didn’t get much showing here. The Stellaworth tokuten was pretty intense though!

        Kborenai said:
        February 11, 2020 at 05:46

        Here’s to hoping someone commissioned the Stella tokuten. Goddamn that CD nearly brought me to another dimension. 三重奏’s acting has been much better nowadays, and fans would be surprised at his performance in Pyschoclimber.

    Lee said:
    February 10, 2020 at 01:18

    This CD is really better than Vol 1, as expected from Setsuka. Now Ataru becomes my favorite one cause I have a weak spot for yandere guys.

      choco cookie said:
      February 10, 2020 at 03:37

      Don’t know why, but I actually wanted her older husband to beat these brats up X’DD Ah, but I guess that’s just me not being into NTR even if I low key like yandere guys XDD
      Thanks for the translation<33 I always read them despite rarely actually having bought the drama CDs myself XD

        Ilinox responded:
        February 10, 2020 at 22:11

        LOL I did feel a little bit bad for the nonexistent husband, but Ataru is also majorly hot so… oops. Him and the heroine just met at the wrong time and place, oh no. I do like how they didn’t paint the husband in any bad light though and he sounded like a fine dapper older man, haha.

        Thanks for taking the time to read these even if you don’t have the CDs <3.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 10, 2020 at 22:09

      I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS WAS BY SETSUKA LMFAO. I remember looking at this before after I hated NoT Regret and was torn because this one was by Setsuka, but I figured NTR wasn’t for me because I couldn’t listen to like 3 NTR CDs I was suckered into getting because of my favorite seiyuu LOL.

      I’m glad Setsuka didn’t let me down here though and now my trust to follow them into whatever they make next grows even stronger (my wallet is crying). Ataru is my favorite too UGH he had such a good balance of motivation, crazy, and sweet devotion.

        Lee said:
        February 12, 2020 at 05:59

        I’m glad that you like him too, btw illi do you read the SS?

        Ilinox responded:
        February 14, 2020 at 15:22

        I have not! I’ve only heard the two tokutens hjfsjgh.

    koenosekai said:
    February 10, 2020 at 00:33

    The first time I listened to this CD, I was banging my head on the wall. NTR is not my thing, but I forced myself to listen because I love Yamanaka-san. I felt (strangely) embarrassed while listening. I mean, NTR is really not my thing and it does not turn me on (supposed to be but I get turned on by Yamanaka-san’s God voice), but I keep listening to this CD until the end LMAO
    I haven’t listened to animate tokuten, but I listened to the other tokuten which ends 3P with Tsutomu, not the usual 3P but also include the infamous D-OLALALALALALAL-P.
    Jesus please purify me.
    Anyway, I am not ready to listen into their animate tokuten so I’m glad I can know the whole thing about animate tokuten here! Thank you so much!
    (P.S: So, this CD actually only have one main guy? Ataru is the main guy, Tsutomu is not included? I feel kind of bad about him, he falls in love with heroine at the first sight. I have not listened to other NTR series, NoT Regret, because I was a little bit traumatized by this CD, so..)

      MitaNF said:
      February 11, 2020 at 07:07

      I heard Not Regret have a weird story. And not interested because the theme. But then i heard Domon became a full jerk character. I heard the sample and wow… He sound really good. I think that my first time hear him like that. Most of his CD i have he always play gentle guy. His Playboy character still gentle too. That was a shock to me when hear the sample.
      If anyone know another CD when he sound like in NTR please tell me.

        Ilinox responded:
        February 11, 2020 at 16:22

        @koenosekai: Yeaaaahhhh, NTR isn’t really my thing at all but Setsuka has a way of turning my mind on everything LOL. I don’t mind NTR when the boyfriend or husband is an abusive jerk, but when everyone suffers in a relationship and one of the second leads is the other party… OOF. I heard one with Miraku vs. Shinsenryoku and I was going to cry LOL especially when Shinsenryoku just went all cold and dark.

        NoT Release really wasn’t so bad though because we never get to hear about Toshiki, so I feel less bad about him. NoT Regret had the sweet Motoharu WHO NEVER DESERVED ANYTHING THAT CAME HIS WAY which is why that was just pure horribleness. Hahaha, I’m always a bit stunned whenever DP comes up because I wasn’t expecting that either! Yikes! No wonder she ran, Ataru, when you’re like that!

        I think it’s safe to consider this series as having one “main” guy. That’s how NoT Regret was too, but I HATED the main guy so much there LOL.

        @MitaNF: He doesn’t sound like a playboy in this one, but if you’re looking for him to sound dangerous and cold and like an asshole then he’s one of the wardens in Immorality Prison LOL. His was still okay, because it’s the other two that have crazy escalation.

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