Rinkan Gakkou ~ Aiyoku no Hibi ~

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Yamana Seiji (山那 誠二)
CV: 深川緑

Kuse Shouma (久世 正真)
CV: 三重奏

Sumeragi Taishi (皇 大心)
CV: 安堂之

Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Outdoors Gangbang School ~ Days of Passion ~

The heroine, the young miss of the greatly influential Saijou family, was childhood friends with three young masters, Yamana Seiji, Kuse Shouma, and Sumeragi Taishi.

The four of them had a tight bond and believed their relationship wouldn’t change for many years.

However, an incident occurred at the outdoors school the Yamana Academy hosted—

“We’re birds of a feather. I’m a right bastard too. Well, the one who’ll get her pregnant in the end is me though.”

The balance between these four collapsed all too quickly…

Thanks to Mirai for the commission! It’s been so long since I returned to the Kankinkon universe and here we are with one that’s set far into the future. These characters are all kids of the previous characters, and two of them are sons of characters I haven’t translated, oops. R18 warning, gangbang, dark themes, Kankinkon yanderes, etc.

Unfortunately, there’s only a physical copy of this CD so it’s not available on DLsite. Also, LOL, I had to make do with just the banner as the cover art because the rest is explicit. The last time this happened was with that KZentertainment commission…

Note1: First, I want to point out the pun in the name. Rinkan (林間) Gakkou is supposed to be the outdoors school that Yamana Academy is hosting. But if you change the kanji to how it’s shown up there, it now means gangbang LOL.

Note2: Seiji is the oldest son of Makoto (the PE teacher). I believe he has younger siblings… but I can’t remember clearly. Shouma is Kazuma’s eldest son, and hilariously fits better with the Saijou family because he’s like the Second Coming of Touji. Lastly, Taishi is the eldest son of Yamato (Hikaru’s cousin who falls in love with the school nurse). The heroine is Hikaru’s daughter.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Balance of the Four ***

Taishi: If you keep going, your carrot is going to be all gone. Aren’t the parts of the skin you peel off thicker than the body? Heh, I think it’s wonderful how you take the initiative to do things without letting yourself be content with your social status. During this outdoors trip, everyone else has been influenced by your actions in a good way.

T: But every human has their strength and weaknesses. Don’t push yourself so hard and how about leaving this to someone else? Ah, the fact that I’m always thinking of the right person for the right job is because of the Sumeragi family’s— or more like my father’s teachings.

T: Haha, it’s true you’re the grandchild of the man who is called the world’s Saijou but, that being said, you don’t need to be perfect. In particular, considering your age, it’s natural to have one or two things you aren’t skilled at. Haha, you’re right, Shouma and I aren’t that different from you in age.

T: Therefore, on that point, don’t you think I can help with the cooking? We’re in the same circumstances. I myself, as a son of the Sumeragi family, need to experience various things during my youth. Mm? I helped you earlier too? Oh… sorry, it was so busy I must have forgotten that. In any case, pass that knife over.


T: Alright, then let’s start. *chopping* I see… it certainly is difficult. In theory, this should be easy but—

Shouma: Heheh, Taishi, you have a huge head. You don’t have to calculate every little thing while you’re cooking.

T: You’re being rude, Shouma. If you’re saying that, then it means you can peel them well, correct?

Sh: Hmm, I don’t know whether I’m good or not but I think I can peel them prettier than you, Taishi.

T: Heh, I’ve never heard about you being good at cooking, Shouma. I look forward to seeing you display your skills.

Sh: … Let’s see. *chopping* Something like this? If you put in too much strength into this sort of thing it won’t cut well. Hehe, here you go.

T: What!? You…! When did you acquire this sort of skill!?

Sh: Haha, it’s nothing big.

T: It is something big! Why is the son of the Kuse family practicing cooking?

Sh: If you ask why… Hah, so that one day I can be useful to everyone? *heroine claps*

T: *whispers* Don’t be deceived. He looks like this, but Shouma is actually—

Sh: Oh, Taishi! There’s a beetle on your shoulder.

T: HUH!? W-where!? WHERE!?

Sh: *whispers* Hey, as a reward for helping… I’d like to get something.


T: H-hey, where is it!?

Sh: *to heroine* Haha, thank you. Then let’s go on a date some time. Please give me the privilege to escort you? *kisses cheek*

T: Ngh!? Shouma, you…! How could you act shameless during broad daylight…!?

Sh: Hahah! I only kissed her on the cheek! We’ve done things like this many times since we were small, right?

T: There’s a different connotation between the age when we were young and our age now!

Sh: If you’re that jealous, then why don’t you do it too, Taishi?

T: W-wha!? That sort of thing… It’s not nice to her.

Sh: It’s not like that, right? Give Taishi a reward too. Yep, it’s more than enough of a reward. Because all of us love you. *heroine nods* Haha, there we go, Taishi. She said okay.

T: R-really…? If you say it’s alright then, in the meaning of deepening our childhood friendship, allow me to kiss you. *heroine nods; he breathes*… Then—

Seiji: Taishi. Shouma. Just when I wondered where you two went after abandoning your stations… you two were messing around with her again? If this keeps on going, then we won’t be able to eat curry any time soon.

Sh: Did you finish everything on your side, Seiji?

Se: Yeah, a long time ago. You guys didn’t seem like you were coming, so I came to check on everyone.

Sh: Seiji, you’re a diligent one too. This is an event your family is sponsoring, so you could kick back and relax more.

Se: There’s no way I could do something like that. This outdoors trip is one of Yamana Academy’s biggest events, gathering the honor students from our middle school to university level. If I kicked back and relaxed as someone related to the sponsor then I’d be setting a bad example.

Sh: So you say, but isn’t it our responsibility to enjoy ourselves and show a model that way?

T: No, I’m of the same opinion as Seiji. First, those who stand at the top must observe the rules. I am dissatisfied to have my kiss interrupted though…


Sh: Haa… I can only give up when it’s two against one. I’ll diligently do my work.

Se: Do that without being told. You’re relaxing too much just because Mr. Kazuma isn’t participating here.

Sh: Hahah, sorry, sorry! *whispers* I’ll see you later then. *leaves*

T: I’ll make sure our meal is delicious, so look forward to it. In addition… about my kiss earlier—

Se: Come on, hurry up and go. Our meal time’s going to end like this.

T: *whispers* Don’t forget my reward. *leaves*

Se: Jeez… those two. The instant I take my eyes off them they come and stick to you. You too, don’t be so lenient on them. If you let them misunderstand, you’ll be the one troubled. Hah… you’re not aware of it? It’s not good to be so defenseless when you’re sandwiched between two men, no matter how much of a childhood friend they are.

Se: Haa… now then, we should hurry up and clean this up. Hmm… *chopping* mm? Prettier than Shouma’s? What is? Ah, my peeling? You get the knack of it after doing it a few times. You too— huh? Today isn’t your first time?

Se: O-oh… you practiced for today? *quiet* Hearing that in this situation is pretty “wow” in another sense. Oh, no! It’s nothing! Mm, alright, now what’s left is just to cut them.


Se: *chopping* Hey, if you’re going to stare at me then stare at my face. If you just look at my hands, that’ll be boring, right? *heroine claps* Huh? Haha, it’s like magic? Heheh, it’s a pretty cheap magic trick then.

Se: But if I can get your respect with this then I need to thank my dad for teaching me how to cook. Mm, here you go. It’s all cut. Now, let’s take this and head to where the others are. Oh, before that…

Se: … I’m sorry for what my dad did on his own the other day. Erm, look, the thing that my dad said to Touji. That he wanted to have me marry into the Saijou family. *heroine shakes head* Putting aside how it was mentioned over drinks, it’s not something that should be said as a joke. I don’t know where they heard it, but Shouma and Taishi are bothered by it too.

Se: Haha, I see. You’re not bothered at all? Heh… *quiet* that’s a bit harsh in its own way though. Mm? Nothing. Let’s go then. You can carry that basket— ah, wait. Stay still. There’s a bee right there. Don’t panic. It’s not a violent one. If you stay still, it’ll fly away.

Se: … Haha, see? W-woah?! *heroine hugs him*… Are you okay? Haha, that reminds me, you were stung by a honeybee in the past so you’re bad with bees now, huh. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you back then. If only I was stung instead of you. *heroine shakes head* Huh? I’m not joking. I want to protect you from everything that can hurt you. I’ve always thought this.

Se: *quiet* If it could be granted… I want to be with you forever, closer than anyone else. A-ah, um, us childhood friends are closer than anyone else, right? I was thinking it’d be nice if our relationship continued until we were grandpas and grandmas. Haha, right? We’ll always… be childhood friends.

Sh: Hey, you two! Is everything ready?

Se: Y-yeah! We’re coming now! *to heroine* Come on, let’s go?

*** TRACK 2: A Tolerant Heart’s Flames ***

*nighttime; fire crackling*

T: Campfires were made in the past as a sort of rite of friendship. For me, it’s a rather unproductive deed but when I see everyone being merry like this… it seems like it’s effective. May I… sit beside you?

T: Haha, yes, I still have some lingering trauma towards fire. However, if you’re beside me, then that’s another story. *sits down*

T: … It really is strange. Just from being beside you, this terrifying fire can be seen as something sacred. Haha, you’re a worrier. It’s been ten years since then, but you’re still concerned about it? Yes, that’s right. It’s been ten years… since you got burned protecting me from a fire at the holiday villa.

T: Every day after that accident was painful. I caused an injury that would never heal on the body of a young lady like you. I… wanted to die. A-ah, of course I felt grateful. If you didn’t protect me then I would have died.


T: I’m not exaggerating! You’re my… savior. Every time I see your scar… I want to atone for that with my whole life. My scar? Ah, it’s like yours. Frustrating? What is? Pffhahah! To be frustrated over not protecting me completely. You’re as valiant as you were ten years ago.

T: Even though your outward appearance has become gorgeous, you’re – how do I say this – more gallant than any man. That side of you… is what I’m attracted to.

T: Haha, do you think I’d say these things as a joke? I mean it literally. No, maybe not literally… because I’ve always felt something for you that’s more than attraction.

T: … *breathes* I’d like you to listen carefully to what I’m going to say. In truth, I didn’t plan on saying this tonight but… now that the Yamana family has made a move I can’t stay silent. I—

Sh: Taishi~! I’ve been looking for you ever since you disappeared.

T: Ngh! Shouma!? Ggh, it’s scary when you jump on me out of nowhere, right?!

Sh: Eh? It looked serious over here so I thought I’d be considerate and lighten up the mood.

T: That consideration isn’t necessary!

Sh: On that note, Taishi, haven’t you forgotten something important? Mr. Tanaka is looking for you over there.


T: Ah, now that you mention it… he asked me to hand out questionnaires.

Sh: It’s tough being in the student council.

T: It’s a good thing to have the trust of your superiors. Shouma, you should be diligent like me too.

Sh: I’m serious enough! I don’t skip classes and I do whatever I’m asked. I also work hard to smoothen out my interpersonal relationships.

T: Interpersonal relationships, you say…

Sh: … What?

T: No, nothing. *to heroine* Then, I’ll see you later. *leaves*

Sh: *quiet* I won’t let you say it first.

Sh: Haha, I said it must be hard on Taishi to be relied on like that. Hey, what were you guys talking about? Tell me too! Oh, the thing ten years ago. That’s an unforgettable accident, huh.

Sh: … I’ve also always regretted not being able to protect you. It’s also shameless of me to say this, but… I was really sad. Look, if you put yours and Taishi’s scars together they just so happen to form something like a heart, right? It sort of feels like I’m left outside of the circle… or something.

Sh: *quiet* It felt like you got taken from me. Haha, nevermind! I was just kidding! Ah, that reminds me, after this are you— h-huh? It’s gone. That’s gone! Erm, uh, it looks like I dropped something important in the forest. I’m going to go look for it.

Sh: No, no, I can go alone. I have a general idea of where it is so… Hmm, I wonder if I can find it before morning.

Sh: Eh? Haha, I’ll get attacked? Me? Haha, you’re right. Like you’ve said, I’ve met molesters more than once or twice… Heh, alright, then I’ll take you up on your offer and let’s go look for it together. Here then, let’s hold hands. The forest is dangerous at night.

Sh: Aah, sorry! Is it embarrassing to hold hands at our age? *heroine shakes head; quiet* Hah… phew. I feel like I can do anything now.

*** TRACK 3: Shouma’s Sweet Poison ***

Sh: Hmm, I thought it was around here but I can’t seem to find it. Sorry for making you come with me. *heroine shakes head* Haha, thanks. Then how about we go a bit deeper?

Sh: Heheh, if it gets discovered that I took you out this late at night I’ll probably get punched by Seiji. Haha, if that happens you’ll protect me? I’m grateful for your feelings, but if Seiji is going to punch me then I’ll just resign myself and accept it.

Sh: *whispers* Because… I’m enjoying this situation. Hehe, look, isn’t this like a date at night? *heroine hits him* Haha, sorry for being shameless. How about letting this slide as the reward for helping out in the afternoon?

Sh: Ah, that reminds me, speaking of Seiji… it sounds like the Yamana family asked if Seiji could marry into your family, right? Mm, I know about it. It was said over drinks, right? But Makoto directly asked Touji, the head of the house. This is a larger matter than you think.

Sh: Yeah, there’s also Hikaru’s intentions. But in the Saijou family Touji’s influence is larger. If Touji becomes serious then it’d be easy for him to silence Hikaru. The Kuse family is close with the Saijou family too, but we can’t match up to the Yamana family right now. He’s impressive to be called drinking buddies of Touji.

Sh: … *quiet* It’s not fair.

Sh: Ah! There it is! Over there! That gold shining thing.

Sh: Aah, I’m so relieved. I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t find it. Huh? Oh, that’s right, this is the ring I got from you in the past. I’ve always put it on a necklace and kept it on me, but today I took it off and put it in my pocket. See, I was crouching and managing the fire and I didn’t want it to get damaged like that.


Sh: Haha, yeah, it’s nostalgic. My life changed… when I got this. No, it’s true. I was extremely rebellious in the past, remember? Haha, your memories are faint already? But it’s true. No matter what sort of competition I went to, I just kept losing to my little brother, Shingo. I was compared to him a lot so I gradually ended up thinking I didn’t matter.

Sh: The time I was given this ring was when those feelings were at their strongest. It was right after I lost to Shingo at a karate competition. I was jealous of Shingo, who was talented at martial arts, and envious. I turned around to cry in secret… and then you came.

Sh: You said this to me. “To me, you worked the hardest, Shouma, and you were the coolest. So, in my heart, Shouma’s the champion.” Then, in exchange of the gold medal, I was given this gold ring. We were children at the time so it might not have meant anything serious to you but… for me that was a turning point.

Sh: Since then, every time I look at this ring, I’m not obsessed about winning or losing. I was able to realize that I should just fight in my own way. Now, even if I concede the victory to someone else, I don’t feel annoyed at all.


Sh: *quiet* Yes… I didn’t feel annoyed. But there’s one thing… that I won’t give up on no matter what.

Sh: Haha, do you want to know? You see, that’s… the person who is to be your husband. This is the one thing… I won’t yield to anyone. *kisses* Ngh… mm…!

Sh: Nrgh! *heroine shoves him* Haha, you’re too slow if you’re going to ask why after I just did that. Or… you can’t choose one person, so you’ve deliberately looked away? Aah, you noticed? The pill I made you swallow through our kiss just now is something that’ll make you feel real good. It’s a drug. Hehe, apparently my dad went through something awful with this in the past. But it’s been improved so don’t worry. I’ve tested it on my body to ensure it has no side effects.

Sh: Go home? With that body? Isn’t that impossible? *kisses ear* You make such sweet noises when I just touch you like this. *kisses* You’re trembling, so how are you going to throw off my hands?

Sh: Haha, you’re asking me what I’m going to do? Hah, you don’t want to face reality yet? *kisses ear* Aah… there’s obviously only one thing to do if I’ve come this far. I’m talking about sex. You’re going to be raped by me like this… your hymen broken… and I’m going to cum inside you lots.

Sh: I’m going to be… your first man. *heroine shakes head* Haha, that’s why I told you, didn’t I? That the forest is dangerous. *kisses ear* Mmgh…


Sh: Ngh!? *heroine shove him* I won’t let you run! *grabs heroine* Haa… hah… there’s a lot of soft weeds here, so your back doesn’t hurt, right? I inspected this place in the afternoon. Haha, that’s right, I dropped my ring on purpose. Because I was going to fuck you for sure today. Nngh…! *kisses*

Sh: Eheh, wow, you’re slippery just from kisses. I was right to bring that drug. Ngh, haha. *kisses* Don’t worry, relax, it only feels strange at first. I’ll find out where you feel good immediately. Mmh…

Sh: Haha… mm… hehe, I’ve found where you feel good. It’s a littler deeper in than the average. Nngh… mm? You don’t like this spot? Haha, liar. You’re dripping down here already. Your entrance is twitching too, mgh… look, you’re greedily swallowing two fingers already…


Sh: Haah… if I rub this place and lick your nipples then you’ll feel even better. *kisses*

Sh: Ngh… you like this, don’t you? Your juices poured out just now. Mm… ngh…!

Sh: Haa… eh? I’m experienced…? You mean with this? Haha… is that look you’re making now unconscious? Heh, I’d be happy if that was the case. You’re jealous over whether I’ve done this with another woman. *kisses*

Sh: Don’t worry. It’s true I’ve done it with a lot of women, but… it was all for the first time we’d have sex. After all, I don’t want to give the girl I love a terrible experience. Besides, if I can make you feel good during your first time then you might get fixated on me, right? In other words… all my previous experiences were nothing more than practice.

Sh: Ooh? Is that expression also unconscious? You look like you’re hurt. *kisses* I have a horrible personality, you see… If you make that sort of face, I won’t be able to resist tormenting you. *kisses* Nngh… hahah… the nipple on this side, mm, you like it when I suck on it like this, right? You’re so easy to understand it’s cute.


Sh: Haha, why are you shaking your head? You like this, don’t you? Your entire body is shaking, isn’t it? Mm… nrgh…

Sh: Hey, say you love this. If you say it then I’ll stop.

Sh: … *inhales*!! Say it again… once more. Aah… that went straight to my crotch. I’m so goddamn hard. I feel like I’ll cum the moment I put it in.

Sh: Mm? Like I promised, I stopped using my fingers. In exchange, ngh… *removes pants* I’ll be putting this in though. NGH! Haa… hah…! Ah, since it’s your first time, it’s really tight… even though I stretched you like that, kgh… I feel like I’m going to be snapped in half. *kisses*

Sh: Haa… haha… I’m your first man now with this. *kisses* Ngh… haa…

Sh: I’ve always dreamed about this day. Even while saying you’re like an angel, my head was just full of things like this. Hagh… even if I was to be hated… I wanted to be your only man. Nrgh! *kisses*

Sh: Haha, don’t cry. It only hurts right now. There’s also the aphrodisiac’s effect, so you’ll feel good soon, ngh… Ungh?! You want me to pull out? Hmm, I really want to respect your opinion but then I wouldn’t be able to accomplish one of my goals.

Sh: So… I’m sorry. Ngh… hah… let me grind against you deep inside here for a bit. Mmgh…! Agh…!

Sh: Hahah! You clenched down over here. Haa… hah… you’re already feeling pleasure down here. So cute! Mmgh… *kisses; thrusting*


Sh: I want to stay like this longer but Seiji and the others will probably come soon. It’s a shame but, ngh, I’m going to have to cum quickly. Aah… hahah… mm, of course, it’ll be inside. Because I want to force our relationship to be a fact and marry you… ungh…! Hahah… mgh…!

Sh: If you struggle like that, ngh, you squeeze down harder inside, ah… It feels so good! You’re also feeling good from this and can’t resist, right? I can tell you’re about to cum. Haa… hah… come on, cum. Fill up your womb with my sperm with your cumming pussy. Haa… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

Sh: Gagh… ngh…! I’m cumming too…! Haa… hah…! I love you… I love you… I love you… I LOVE YOU! Hah… haa…! *he orgasms*

Sh: Hagh… hah… hahah, I came so much… ah… I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. *kisses*

Sh: It’d be nice if this moment could continue forever… *kisses*

Sh: *quiet* If there’s only a future where I won’t be chosen that awaits me then… I want to die together right now.

*Seiji running over*

Se: Haa… hah…! Shouma, where’d she— ah…!

T: Hah… haa…! HEY! What’re you doing here—… ah…! Sh… Shouma…?

Se: ……

T: What are… you doing…?


Sh: Heh, yo, you two. Thank you for coming… when it’s all over.


Sh: You can tell by looking, right? I raped her. I gave her a good drug, so she came pretty violently too.

Se: … *shaky breathing*

T: … This sort of thing… is a lie!

Sh: Haha, it’s not a lie. She felt especially good inside, haha, I couldn’t hold back either and came inside lots. Look, my load is spilling out from her twitching vagina, right?

T: SHOUMA!! YOU!! *punches*

Sh: Gugh!

T: Haa… hah… this… this sort of thing… is the worst! *punches*

Sh: Ggh…!

T: Agh! I won’t forgive you! Ggh! I won’t forgive you! I won’t forgive you! I WON’T FORGIVE YOU! *metallic sound* YOU SHOULD DIE, SHOUMA!

Se: Wait, Taishi. Give me that knife.

T: I’m going to kill this guy—

Se: No. I’m telling you to calm down.


Se: Be calm for her sake. If you become a murderer right now… then she’ll suffer for life.

T: Ggh… but—!

Se: Besides… it’s hard even for our families to erase a person from the Kuse family. Also, that survival knife is something lent out for this outdoors trip. If it’s found, we’ll be traced immediately.


Sh: Haha, this is surprising, Seiji. I thought you’d rush to kill me too.

Se: Shut up… I’m holding myself back at the very edge from wanting to beat you to death.

Sh: Heh…

Se: Shouma… I’ll put off beating you half to death. First, right now… *goes to heroine* is to carry her. *picks up heroine; soft voice* Sorry for being late. It must be painful so you can close your eyes.

T: Seiji… we need to contact the Saijou family about this.

Se: … That’s what I think too. But she’ll probably— *heroine shakes head* heh… like this… she’ll stop us.


Se: If Hikaru learned about this, he’ll probably try to obliterate Shouma regardless of Touji’s thoughts. That’s why she… wants to hide this over the fact that her body has ended up like this.

T: Ggh…! You…! You don’t need to forgive Shouma!

Se: Let’s talk about that after everyone calms down. Taishi, at any rate, can you let her rest in your room?

T: … I sincerely apologize, but… it’s impossible. Right now, I’m not levelheaded. It’s possible I might hurt her… more than she is now because she’s protecting Shouma from judgment.

Se: … I understand. Then I’ll let her rest in my room. You’ll watch over Shouma.

T: I’m sorry, Seiji. In the end, you’re the reliable one.

Se: Hah… that’s not true. I’m just the oldest… but I’m still a kid.

T: … Seiji?

Se: Well then, see you later.

*** TRACK 4: The Act of Beasts ***

Se: Oh, you’re awake? Don’t move. The drug hasn’t left your body, right? Haha, don’t apologize. I understand your feelings of not wanting to condemn Shouma. You… love Shouma, right? *heroine nods*

Se: Haha, you love everyone… Even at a time like this, you’re so generous.

Se: *quiet* You’ve… been like this since you were young, huh. Did you forget? I fell in love with you at first sight when we met… and kissed you by force, remember? Then I was glared at by Hikaru and he got really angry at me.

Se: Honestly, because of that, his relationship with the Yamana family nearly had a fissure. He was in that much of a rage. At that time, you were still in kindergarten but you hid me behind your back and spread out both arms.

Se: You faced Hikaru and said this. “I heard dad kissed me a lot when I was a baby. It’s done already, so the second or third time is the same.” Haha… you wouldn’t think it was the words of a kindergartner, huh. No wonder you’re a Saijou lady… I was shocked.

Se: Later… I respected you. I fell in love all over again with your spirit and decided strongly that I’d become a man worthy of you. That’s why… I… *breathes shakily* I… held back desperately. That I wouldn’t touch you until you chose me.

Se: … I acted like an adult as hard as I could. And yet… and yet…! *teary* This happened…!

Se: Ggh… hahah… it’ll be okay? Do I look okay? I’m not… I’m not okay at all. In truth, I— no, I’m the one… *snarls* who wanted to fucking kill Shouma!

Se: AGH, JEEZ, I’VE HEARD THOSE WORDS ENOUGH ALREADY! *quiet* I don’t want to hear you… defend another man.


Se: Hahah… Hey… right now… can you say the same thing you did back then?

Se: … Shouma… put himself in here, right? Then I can put myself in too, right? The second or third time is the same… right? *kisses*

Se: Nrgh… mgh…! Haa… hah… you’re asking why I’m doing this? Don’t ask that at this point. Hah… haa… it’s because I love you clearly! Ever since we were children, I’ve always watched you. I’ve only ever… loved you. *kisses*

Se: Ngh! Haah…! Hahah… you’re like this? Did it feel that good? Or is this from Shouma’s technique… and you’re sexually awakened now? Ah, haha, I knew. Shouma babbled something about practicing and got involved with strange women everywhere. The reason there weren’t any rumors was because he’s good at sealing mouths.


Se: He’s called an angel at school but he’s… terrible. He’s the trash of all trash among men. You were tricked too.

Se: Huh? Me?

Se: … W-why are you turning this talk to me? It doesn’t matter how many people I’ve experimented with, right? Ngh… ah, jeez, don’t look at me with such sad eyes! Don’t give me hope!

Se: I-I’ll tell you… so don’t look over here.

Se: … Zero.

Se: Zero. I SAID ZERO! I’ve always loved you so I’d obviously be a virgin. Shouma’s the weird one!

Se: You…! Just because you’re dazed from the aphrodisiac… don’t make that sort of face. It’s too cute… and my long years of holding back will get tossed out the window. *kisses* Nngh…

Se: Haa… hah… I want to put it in. Right here… mine… Please let me. If I don’t become one with you right here… I’ll go crazy and die. *fingers heroine* Hey, I’m begging you, say yes. Let me fill you up in here. I want to scrape out Shouma’s sperm. *removes pants*

Se: Mmgh… hah… if you don’t hurry and answer, I’ll… put this all in.


Se: Huh? It’s too big? My… dick? Haha, oh, come to think of it, I was stared at a lot whenever I went to the baths in the boarding house. I’m not interested in other people’s dicks so I didn’t look, but… hah, I might be a bit bigger than normal I guess.

Se: Uh, not just a bit? How do you know? O-oh… hahah! I see…! I’m larger than Shouma? Hahah…! Knowing that… hahah… Alright, I won’t put it all in. I’ll hold back at one third of it, so… please… don’t reject me.

Se: Haha, I know it’s because of the aphrodisiac but, when you nod obediently like this… I’m so happy I want to cry. *kisses* Then… I’m putting it in. Nngh…!

Se: Haa… hagh… wow, what is this…? Is it supposed to be this good…? Nngh… hah…! How do other men do this? It’s impossible… to last long like this, right? Nngh! Mmgh! If you squeeze down like this… ungh…! Haa… hah…! I’m going to… ngh…!

Se: Hgh… hah… that was close… I was seriously about to come. Haa… hagh…! You…! Because I’m a virgin… are you making fun of me? *heroine shakes head* Haha, then… what’s with this? You’re clenching and unclenching so much down here… mgh…! You’re clinging to me…!

Se: Haha, if you’re not doing it on purpose then, ngh, that’s even worse. Such a great pussy… other men would clearly want to use it, ungh… mgh…! *thrusting*


Se: Nrgh, I know… mgh… I haven’t put it all in, right? Haa… hagh…! But just a bit more… is fine, right? Because, this place of yours is dripping wet… hah… and I’m slipping deeper inside… mgh…! Really, just a bit more… okay? Just a bit… more…! Nngh, agh…!

Se: Hagh… shit…! It feels so good…! My brain’s melting…! *kisses; thrusting*

Se: Mm… ngh…! Hey… if it’s this spread open then… it’ll be okay for me to put it all in, right? Haa… I want to put it in to the base. Everything of me… please accept it. Hagh… haah… hahah, ah, I know. If I’m gentle then it’s okay, right? Then… I’ll put it in slowly. Relax… your body. Haah… haah… slowly… slowly… ngh…! Agh!


Se: Sorry…! Nevermind, it’s impossible! Nngh! Haa… hah…! *thrusting*

Se: I’m going really deep…! Haa… hah… my tip is brushing against you, mgh…! It’s unbearable…! Haa… hah… actually, you too… hahah… this is you coming, right? Hahah…! My dick… ngh, does it feel better than Shouma’s?

Se: If you were to choose me… hah… this body and heart, mgh, would all be given to you. Haah… I’d devote myself to you for a lifetime. Nngh! *kisses; thrusting*

Se: Mmgh… hah… hagh…! I’m… about to come…! Deeply like this…! Ngh… I’m going to let it out! Mgh! No… I absolutely won’t let you get pregnant from Shouma’s sperm. Hagh… haa… if you’re going to get pregnant then have my children. Nngh… hahah…

Se: Sorry, but I won’t wait… hah… hagh… In the end, I’m a piece of trash too. *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*


Se: Haa… hah… *kisses*

Se: … I love you. Will you… marry me? *door opens*

T: Seiji, how is she—… kgh…

Se: … Ahaha… um…

T: What are you doing…?

Se: Hah… sex.

T: W-why!? WHY EVEN YOU, SEIJI!? She was just raped, you know!? This is too cruel!

Se: … You’re right. We’re trash.

T: DON’T BRUSH IT OFF LIKE THAT! Ggh, that’s enough. Now that it’s like this, I’m going to contact the Saijou family—

Se: Wait. Will you… be alright with that?

T: … Hah? Obviously yes!

Se: Ooh? Being the only one among us three who hasn’t slept with her… you’ll really be okay with that?

T: Ggh… w-what are you saying? That’s…

Se: Hahah, don’t pretend like you’re alright, Taishi. I know you masturbated with her track suit.

T: H-huh!? D-don’t say nonsense! I wouldn’t do such an outrageous—


Se: Why do you think this girl didn’t make a fuss back then? It’s because I washed her outfit in the spirit of friendship.

T: … What?

Se: You see, I jerked myself off every day to a handkerchief she gave me… and was found out by my dad, haha. Getting your masturbation found out makes you want to collapse out of mortification, huh… hahah…

T: Ggh…

Se: Hey, Taishi… either way, we’re freaks so let’s fall down to hell together. You’ll only lose out if you restrain yourself at this point.

T: I… my feelings for her are…! I don’t want to hurt her…!

Se: Haha, right now with the aphrodisiac leaving her alone is more pitiful, no? *turns heroine around* Look here, heh, it’s dripping… wanting your dick, Taishi. It’s burning hot inside and slippery… and feels so good it’ll make you boneless.

T: Nngh… grgh…

Se: Do it, Taishi. Let’s love her all together.

T: … *breathes* Seiji… are you going to forgive Shouma?

Se: Haha… we’re birds of a feather. I’m a right bastard too. Well, the one who’ll get her pregnant in the end is me though. Heh.

T: … I see. Then me too. I’ll also become a scum. *kisses heroine*


T: Haah… I love you. These feelings won’t lose… to Seiji or Shouma.

Se: Heh. *kisses heroine’s ear* I wonder about that. After all, I love her to the point of death.

T: Heheh, and as the person who loves her so much you raped her like this, just like a real piece of trash. You’re irredeemable. However… what’s even more detestable… is myself who can’t resist my desires. Ngh! *inserts himself* Haah… hagh…! Shit…! She’s this… ngh…! Hah… haa…

Se: Eh? Taishi, did you come already? You didn’t even pull out and push in.

T: S-shut up! I can come three times in succession. In other words, everything afterwards is the real deal. Ngh! Haah… hah…!

Se: Heh, oh? Not bad, Taishi. Then I’ll play with her breasts from behind… and support you.

T: H-hah, that’s not nece— ngh… agh…!

Se: Mm? What’s wrong?

T: Hah…! Stop, Seiji…! Whenever you touch her nipples, she clamps down inside… agh…! I’m about to come again…!

Se: Hahah, isn’t that fine? Pour loads into her. I’m going to come inside her again later too.

T: Hagh… hah…! If you do that her body will… nrgh…!

Se: Hehe, did you hear that, Taishi? She said she wanted more.


T: That’s, mgh, because of the aphrodisiac. Later, we’ll obviously be hated.

Se: It’s a little late for that, no? Now that we’ve come this far… let’s gamble on her falling madly in love with our dicks. Nngh…

T: Ggh… hah… an idiotic bet, but right now… I suppose we only have that. *kisses heroine*

Se: Mmh… *kisses ear*

T: Ngh… agh…! Aah… no…! I really can’t… hold on… I’m coming… again! Ungh! *he orgasms*

Se: Haah… hahah…

T: Hahah… hah… I’ve dirtied her two times now.

Se: It’s something that won’t be forgiven even if you apologize. So throw away your guilt already.

T: Seiji… you’ve broken through into an awful direction.

Se: Heh, that’s right. I’ve become unbound. This is my true nature. It’s only towards her… that I become like a starving beast.

T: Beast, huh… you’re right. This certainly is… an act of beasts.

Se: *quiet* Hey… which beast do you want to be loved by? Everyone here loves you. No matter which male you choose, everyone… will use everything in their power to make you happy.

T: H-hey! Are you alright!?

Se: Haha, she looks sleepy. Hey, Taishi, let’s take a break for now and let her sleep. Then, once she’s awake, we’ll— *fadeout*

*** TRACK 5: Everyone Together ***

*birds chirping; heroine walking; uses phone*

Touji: Oh, good morning! You’re calling quite early this morning— *fadeout*

*scene skip*

Touji: Hm, indeed, you can’t discuss this with Hikaru. That child is extremely serious. However, I’ll support you. You can just go down the path you want. The Saijou family has the power to actualize that for you. *heroine nods*

Touji: Haha, I’m glad to have resolved this. Now then, until tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about the result. *phone call ends*

*people run over*

Se: Haa… hah… oh, thank god… You disappeared in the morning so my head was filled with horrible thoughts.

T: Hagh… haa…! I was scared to death…!

Sh: Hah… hah…! Seriously, I was about to collapse…!

Se: Hah? What I mean by horrible thoughts? Erm… you know, that… like jumping off a cliff, or something… Huh? You want to say something that requires the same resolve as jumping from a cliff…? Uh… do you mean… handing the three of us over to the police? *heroine shakes head*

Sh: Wha…? You mean…?

T: No way…

Se: Um, you mean… you’re going to take responsibility… and make the three of us your husbands? *heroine nods*

T: T-that’s impossible, right!? Bigamy isn’t accepted.


Sh: Ooh? I see. Someone will become the legally recognized husband, but in reality there’ll be three husbands, right?

T: However… the Saijou family won’t be quiet— *heroine interrupts* Huh? You’ve already obtained approval from the head of the house? I-is that so? But… are you happy with that? I hate to say this about myself, but… the three of us are criminals who raped you.

Sh: Hahah! You realized you love us all, so you’ve decided to have us all…? You’re as bold as always.

Se: … That decision… really won’t change? *heroine nods* I see. *comes closer* Then… *kisses* like I promised yesterday, I’ll give my whole life to you. My heart and body is all yours.

Sh: *kisses heroine’s ear* I’ll swear it too. As long as I live, I’ll serve you.

T: *kisses other ear* I’m not as dexterous as the other two, and I’m sure I’ll get jealous. But, rather than the unhappiness of not having you… I want to choose the happiness of being loved by you. Thank you… for not hating me.

Sh: Hey, we can change who’s with her every night, but who’s going to be the legal husband?

T: I want to be the one, but here it should be the oldest and the one with the best judgment, Seiji, right?

Sh: Hmm… well, if everyone’s going to be husbands then I guess I’m okay with that. Seiji didn’t kill me either after all. We’ll count this as us being even.

Se: Heh, roger. For now, it’s decided to be me then. Uh, ahem, then… once again—

ALL THREE: From here on, and for many years to come, I’m placing myself in your care.

Note3: I couldn’t get this through in English but DAMN in Track 4, at the end, where Seiji asks what beast you wanted to be loved by he refers to himself and the others as 雄 (osu; male) which is only used to talk about ANIMAL genders, not human ones.

10 thoughts on “Rinkan Gakkou ~ Aiyoku no Hibi ~

    Lori Chang said:
    March 14, 2020 at 20:26

    Just going to give this a shot : Does Anyone have the CD and is willing to share it (meaning I pay for it to be heard cause I don’t own a laptop to be able to play it on CD and also missed the sale date) cause I’m very curious after reading to hear what the seiyuu sounds like in these roles

    MIRAI-Me said:
    February 23, 2020 at 22:52

    Heyo! I just wanna thank you once more for this translation, I also came to tell you I saw your reaction tweets for the CD the other day and I gotta say, I’M LAUGHING 🤣 I had a feeling you were going to love Seiji but I didn’t think you’d gush over him like that LOL. But yeah, I’m really glad to see you enjoyed the CD overall as much as I did! \( ̄▽ ̄)/

      Ilinox responded:
      February 24, 2020 at 11:03

      Aw, you’re welcome and thank you again for the commission. Haha, I wasn’t expecting to love Seiji so much but well… HE’S A GOOD BOY!! He took the best of Makoto, aka. his voice but having a more subdued gentle onii-chan vibe rather than the aggressive beast Makoto is LOL.

    satsuyurami said:
    February 18, 2020 at 00:22

    They got seal of approval. But why i’m thinking that Touji would still to smack them

      Ilinox responded:
      February 18, 2020 at 14:34

      Honestly, I can’t see Touji as anything but amused and thinking his grandchild inherited his and Hikaru’s genes LOL. She’s already expressed her will and since she’s letting bygones be bygones I don’t think he’ll drag them up… that and considering the actions Touji has done himself I think his morals are pretty lose. He might even applaud Shouma’s actions, because those two are almost mirror images of each other.

    shngml said:
    February 17, 2020 at 16:25

    ILI, YOU WENT AND DID IT. 😱 your poor heart. thanks for this dangerous translation, which i will make sure not to read at work.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2020 at 22:10

      Gotta thank Mirai for the commission <3 but this was a delightful one for sure. I love all the children and UGH SETSUKA SHOWING HER INFINITE WRITING PROWESS.

    It me said:
    February 17, 2020 at 15:13

    The part that was snipped out:

    MC: Grandfather, I love all three of my childhood friends.
    Touji: Get them all pregnant.
    MC: Um…

      shngml said:
      February 17, 2020 at 16:26


      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2020 at 22:09

      PRETTY MUCH LOL. I also think it’s a clever move on Touji’s part because if all 3 ELDEST sons marry in then that means hooking up the 3 other families into the Saijou family. His grandchild is just as devious as he is– jkjk.

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