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Sakuragi Haruto (桜木 大翔)
CV: 魁皇楽

About-Face Boyfriends ~ My Childhood Friend Won’t Show Me xx ~

Haruto was your childhood friend. He was an aggressive delinquent with scary eyes. Despite being a wild delinquent, he was extremely handsome and so he was very popular. Catching girls one after another, as much as he likes, there were rumors about how he was a womanizing playboy. However, for some reason he was cold towards you, who he knew from childhood, and he clearly didn’t want anything to do with you. Unable to do anything about that, you began to date a handsome soccer club member but…

One day, you unusually went to school together with Haruto but he acted suspiciously when he learned about your handsome boyfriend waiting at the station and did something unexpected. You became indignant and barged into Haruto’s house—

Thank you to Summer for the commission! R18 warning and anal here, I guess? Um, he cries a lot and he’s a sweetie so I don’t think there’s anything else to watch out for, really, except maybe lewd dialogue? But, hey, it’s PILVAMP and y’all know what you’re getting into LOL. On JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: My Childhood Friend is a Self-Assured Woman-Eating Delinquent ***

Narration: About-Face Boyfriends. My Childhood Friend Won’t Show Me xx.

*train noises*

Haruto: *yawns*… Hah? Oh, you were here? You’re puny so I didn’t notice. Yeah, I didn’t sleep yesterday. No, I was at a love hotel with a chick and it’d be annoying to go home first, so I just came from there.

H: Haah… it’s crowded. I should’ve skipped if I was gonna be here. *heroine stumbles* Ngh! Tch… *growls* don’t push, old man. *to heroine* H-hey! Don’t stick to me like that. Hey, do you always ride this fucking packed train? Can you breathe when you’re buried like this?

H: *train shakes* Ggh, watch out! Are you OK? Tch, I guess I have no choice. Here, hold onto me. What? Are you looking down on me? This ain’t anything. Listen already and hang onto me. That being said, we’re almost there.


H: Hah… hey, we’re getting off. Follow me closely.

H: Hah!? Your boyfriend’s waiting? H-hey! *heroine leaves*

*scene skip; heroine overhears Haruto*

H: Oh, it’s you? The guy going out with her. Heh? I called you out, wondering what sort of dude you were… hahah, but you aren’t anything big at all. What’s with that fucking look? *punches wall* Hahaha! No way, are you scared?

H: Hey, I don’t care if you’re the soccer club’s ace or what. But you don’t match with her at all, right? No, you don’t fucking match. Look at yourself in the mirror. Hahahah!!

H: … Huh? Bastard, don’t fucking talk back to me! *punches something* You’re a fucking idiot. You got hurt already? Heh, you have a match coming up, don’t you? Well, there might be more people with your kind of face, but you understand what I’m getting at, right? If you don’t listen, I’m not going to stop at just one or two hits.

H: If you don’t break up with her… I’ll kill you. Oh, really? Then I’ll get started— *boyfriend flees*

H: Hahah!! What a loser! Heh… whose permission did he get to approach her? Fucking asshole. *goes out; sees heroine*

H: Ah…

H: What? It’s nothing. Tch, I SAID IT’S NOTHING! Get the hell out of my way. *leaves*

*** TRACK 2: My Childhood Friend Came at Mach Speed Before Penetration ~ 1st Shot ~ ***

*heroine rings doorbell; door opens*

H: … Huh? Oh, I thought you were the deliveryman. Why’re you here?

H: Eh? Hamburger steak for dinner? From your mom? Tch, I didn’t ask for that.

H: Well, yeah, my parents aren’t home today but I don’t need food. I’m gonna be going out with a girl now, so see you later. Thanks for your hard work.

H: Ngh?! What the hell? D’you still have something to say? Huh? You want to talk?

H: … I-I don’t know what we have to talk about, but alright come in. Yeah, ’cause I don’t know who might be watching us like this. *heroine enters; door closes*

H: So? What d’you want to talk about?

H: Er… oh, that? Did something happen? Heh, haha, that guy? He really broke up with you.

H: “I knew it”…? What? I just talked to him a little.


H: Shut up! Who the hell cares about that. I just called him out, he got piss scared, and broke up with you. Isn’t he just that sort of guy? Forget about someone like him.

H: Tch, isn’t it great? He was just a loser who was putting on airs.

H: Huh? What do you mean by that? You went to his place…? You… mean… I-I didn’t hear about that! Y-you… and he… DID YOU GUYS DO IT!?

H: Why aren’t you saying anything!? DON’T STAY QUIET! What is it!? Say it. SAY IT!

H: Ggh… you… and him… His dick… went there…? AGHHHH!! FUCK! WHY’D YOU CHOOSE THAT MAN!? Ggh! *kisses*

H: … No? I don’t fucking care! *kisses*

H: Mgh! Hah… don’t screw with me. *kisses*

H: Why… why’d you do it with that guy…? Ggh… no… I hate that! Seeing you date other guys… just that gives me so much shock I feel like I’m gonna go crazy and yet… WHY!? *kisses*


H: Are you saying you kissed him like this too!? That’s not true, right? Hey… tell me that’s not true! Right now… I’m going to make you forget about him! *kisses*

H: Hah… haa… it hurts? Your arms? S-sorry, my bad, I got too into it… sorry… but towards you I… Aah, shit, I can’t hold back. I… want to do you!

H: O-oh, sorry! I’m going to undo your buttons, OK? Aha… haha… f-first, this button… ngh… Huh? Shit… agh, I can’t get it open! I-I’m not flustered! Don’t tell me how to do it! I’m used to girls’ clothing, ngh… dammit, what the hell’s with this… How does this work?

H: Ah! Did it! Haah… hah… *kisses*

H: Haa… hah… wow, your nipples… they’re super hard. *kisses*


H: It’s this hard in my mouth… hah… ngh…! R-right, it feels good, so it gets hard like a dick, huh. Nngh…

H: Haah… over here too. Ah… I put it in… here, right? Ggh…!

H: What do you mean what am I going to do? You know, don’t you? I’m… um… first, I put my fingers in and stretch you, right? I can’t just suddenly put myself in, right? It’ll be OK. I read some magazines. Nngh…!

H: Wow, it’s super hot and… it’s kind of tight. It’s full from just a finger… ngh…! Can my dick… really fit in here?! W-well, anyway, I need to stretch you, right?

H: Haah… haa… how is it? Is my finger making your pussy wet? Hey… does it feel good? Here, look, it’s really loud. Hah… ah…


H: It feels good, right? Hey, your pussy feels good, right?

H: W-what? It hurts? S-sorry! B-but… you’ve had something thicker inside, right? Why are you so stiff from just a finger?

H: … Because it’s your first time!? Oh… wait. HUH?! F-first time!? By first time you mean… you’re a virgin!?

H: No way… Why!? Because didn’t you do it with him— I misunderstood? What d’you mean? You said you went to his place. Seriously? Eh? Then… I’m your first? Ngh, that… makes me so damn happy. Seriously!?

H: A-ah… OK, it’ll be alright. Um… I’ll be more gentle. Nngh… l-like this? Mgh…! It’s really slippery inside you but there’s some bumps… ngh…

H: I can’t tell where anything is… ngh? S-sorry, did that hurt again? No? It felt good? What? Oh, I see… t-this place, right?

H: Haah… haa… you’re wetter than before. My finger is sliding around easier. A-ah… wow, it becomes like this, huh.


H: It’s enough like this, right? *removes pants* I need… to be in you now. Ah, no! You don’t need to touch me. Turn around. Enough, just turn around. Here, put your hands out and face your butt this way.

H: Ggh, even if you say no, I can’t wait anymore. I’m super hard already so I can’t stop here! Let me put it in… please. Let me put my dick in.

H: Ah, don’t look over here! Uh, no, who cares about me. I’m already hard, so it’ll be OK. No, I’m not hiding anything! Hey… so, please.

H: *kisses* I’m putting it in, OK? Mmgh… ah… huh? This is weird… ngh…

H: It’s… it’s here, right? Wait, hold on… ngh… You’re really wet so it’s slippery… kgh… why is it this hard? Hgh…

H: W-wait! Don’t move around! Whenever you move— agh… wait, stop for a second! Hah… ngh… shit, seriously…! Stop…! Nngh! *he orgasms*

H: … I-I came… you…! That’s why I told you not to move…!

*** TRACK 3: Facial Cumshot ~ 2nd Shot ~ ***

H: Ngh, what…? Y-you think I’m pathetic, don’t you? If you’re going to laugh then laugh.

H: Grgh! FUCK! *buries head*

H: … This is the worst. I’m…

H: H-hey… you really didn’t do anything with that guy? I… I don’t know what to do now! The moment I heard you were a virgin, I pushed you down out of excitement. But I couldn’t do anything well… and I felt so good I came before putting it in…

H: I’m so damn embarrassed.

H: *brings up head* Ngh… c-cute? DON’T SAY THOSE THINGS! Kgh… I don’t want to be called that. It’s weird to call a man cute, right!? I want to be a cool guy in front of you. P-plus… you said you liked men who were a bit bad rather than cute.

H: YOU SAID THAT! You said that, remember? Back then in elementary school. We were watching TV together and you said you liked bad boys.

H: Ggh… that’s why I pushed myself hard. You’ve always known, right? That I was a kid who always followed behind you.


H: Kgh, are you going to make me say everything!? Urgh, yeah, that’s right. I’ve always… since a long time ago… loved…!

H: Huh? You too? You loved me…? What? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? W-wait, then why…?

H: Girls?! HAH!? THOSE WERE ALL LIES! I was just exaggerating! Because I wanted to be the type of guy you liked, so, um… I put on airs! There were lots of girls who came onto me, but I never dated any of them!

H: I’m not lying, this is the truth! Everything… everything earlier was my first time! I… don’t want to do those things… with anyone except for you! Ngh! *kisses*

H: Haa… hah… hey… I l-love… I love you.

H: … Are you disappointed? I’m actually not a strong bad boy. I’m a pathetic virgin. Y-you don’t like that, right?

H: !? You like that? T-then… you’re OK with me like this? You’ll like… even someone like me? Ngh, seriously!? Really!? You like me…? *cries*


H: S-stupid! I’m not crying! Enough, don’t look this way!

H: … I’m so happy… but if I said that, you’d laugh again, right!? I’m serious, so stop laughing, jeez.

H: Hey, can I… kiss you again? Properly? It’s fine, right!? We both like each other. Let me kiss you, come on. Close your eyes. You absolutely can’t… open your eyes, OK? *kisses*

H: Ah, wait! Just a little more! *kisses*

H: Haah… I love you. *kisses* I love you. You’re so cute. *kisses*

H: … Huh? You… you want to try again? Properly? W-what do you… ah, hold on, wait! Don’t turn up the blanket! Don’t turn it up!

H: Y-you saw? Gugh… y-yeah, that’s right. P-phimosis. Stop looking at it so hard. It’s e-embarrassing!


H: This sort of thing… turns you off, doesn’t it? It’s only like that in appearance though. But do you like circumcised dicks more than ones with foreskin—

H: Hah!? You’ll peel it back? S-stupid, don’t touch! Hah… haa… stop, let go! Ggh… wait, I just came so… if you hold it like that, ngh! Mmgh…!

H: I’m saying I’m sensitive, gugh… haah… hah…!

H: You don’t have to force it. It’ll get pushed down when I get hard! Hey… you’re done, right? Let go now.

H: Huh!? You don’t have to make me hard. I’m good— hngh… n-no, really, stop…! Ngh…!

H: I can’t help it, OK? You’re… mgh… touching me like that! Hagh… take responsibility… I’m telling you to take responsibility for making my dick so hard! *kisses*


H: C-crap, that’s… really bad! It feels too good…! *kisses* If you stroke me while we’re kissing… ngh… I’ll seriously… mgh…!

H: Wait, that spot… is really sensitive. Hagh…! Right there… seriously! Hah… haa…!

H: It’s getting slippery? Ggh… that’s because you’re touching it so dirtily… hah…!

H: What’s with this? It’s completely different from when I touch myself… kgh… hagh…! Mgh!

H: … Gugh, why’d you stop!?

H: Eh? Huh? What?! HAH!? You don’t need to get it wet! It’s covered in pre-cum— wait, stop, agh…! *heroine gives BJ*

H: Y-you don’t mind? Sucking a dick…? Haah… hah…

H: You want to make me feel good? T-that’s… do I say I’m happy or… no, if you say that I’ll… mgh… ngh…!

H: It feels good…

H: D-don’t call me cute! Mgh! You’re saying that but it’s the first time for you too, right? It’s the first time I’m getting a blowjob… Just seeing you swallow it in your mouth like that is unbearable. Haah… hah…!


H: Shit, I’m… hagh… I’m…! I’m going to… It’s coming…! Let go… let go! Ggh… ngh…!

H: Haah… I’m cumming! Ngh!

H: Hah… haa… ah, sorry. I got my sperm on your face. It feels gross, right? Um…! Tissue… tissue…! *pulls some*

H: I’ll wipe your face, so look this way. Sorry… I came a lot. But… it felt so good.

*** TRACK 4: He Came Crying, Then Started Another Round Without Pulling Out ~ 3rd and 4th Shot ~ ***

H: There, it’s all good. You’re clean now. But it might be better if you took a shower and, anyhow, my parents aren’t home— hey, you’re a bit close.

H: I-I’m good, so get away.

H: No, you’re wrong. I’m not feeling an afterglow… if you press against me like this, um… I’ll… keep going.

H: H-hey, wait! Why are you hugging me!? I told you to get away, didn’t I?

H: Ngh! We haven’t done it to the end yet…? Um, uh, the end meaning… I can put it in? *heroine nods* No, wait, if you say that… Are you serious? R-really? You also… want to do it with me?

H: … Haah… right now, it feels like we took a really long detour to get to each other. You and I both kept our feelings from each other… forced it down. We’re idiots, aren’t we? I’m telling you, don’t look like that. I seriously… won’t be able to stop.

H: Show me? Ah, here? I can’t really tell so could you spread it more?

H: Um, yeah, spread your pussy with your fingers. Ngh… hah… mm, here then, right? I’m, uh, a first-timer so whenever I think about if I’ll fail or if I’ll cum immediately again… I get really scared but, that being said, I can’t think about stopping here.


H: I want to be inside you. I want to properly have sex with you. Please let me… put my dick in. Nngh…! *inserts himself*

H: It’s tight! Ah, it hurts!? R-right… should we stop here? Y-yeah, but I don’t have experience so I’m sure I won’t be able to make it not hurt. Uh, are you sure? Really? Mm… OK. I’ll do my best. *thrusting* Haah… I’m going deeper. Mgh! Your pussy really is tight… and hot. This is bad! Hah…!

H: … It’s all in. Ugh…! Sorry, I can’t… stop my hips! Ngh… hah…!

H: Does it hurt? S-sorry, I’m so shitty, ngh, hah…! But we’re, mgh, really having sex, huh. Crap… crap…! Doing it with you… just thinking about that, I’ll… mgh…! *crying*

H: I-I can’t help it, OK!? I’ve… always loved you! Ngh…!

H: I want to make you feel even better but, mgh, sorry, I’m already done for… My dick’s at its limits! Nngh! Hah… haah…!

H: What do I do? Where do I shoot it out? Huh?! It should be obvious…? Ngh, then… inside? Can I cum inside? Hagh… haa… inside you… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Mgh! *he orgasms*


H: Sorry, crap… my mind’s gone blank. Haa… hah… I came a lot… ngh, but it’s not going down at all. Hahah… my dick’s still… painfully hard.

H: Hah… haa… hey… can I go again like this? Ngh… mgh…! *thrusting*

H: The noise… is really loud, huh. The spunk in your pussy is squelching… hah…!

H: I’m turned on. Haah… hah… this is so hot…

H: Are you wet too? Do you feel good? Hah… haah…! It doesn’t hurt anymore? Haha, I’m glad. Ngh… me too, I’m feeling really good… agh…

H: Ungh, I’m going to cum again… Can I cum inside you again? Mgh, I want to fill your pussy with my load… hah… hagh…!

H: It’s coming… I’m cumming… I’m cumming! Ngh… ungh…! *he orgasms*

H: Haah… haa… uwah, sorry! Sperm is dripping out…

H: Hah… hahah…! *kisses*

H: … I love you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Spread Open With Fingers and Eaten Out, Cowgirl With Condom ~ 5th Shot ~ ***

*school bell rings*

H: Hey, we’re heading home. Jeez, you’re so damn slow. You take too long to get ready. Stop dawdling around all the time.

H: *to students* Hah? What the fuck are you guys looking at? *to heroine* Come on, let’s go.

*scene skip; walking*

H: Hey, you haven’t told anyone yet that we’re dating? Hmm… nah, I was just thinking everyone looked shocked. Well, it doesn’t matter.

H: … It doesn’t matter. *stops* No… it’s not good at all! Announce it properly! That you… that you’re mine! If everyone knows, then shitty bugs won’t come onto you. O-oh, haha, then it’s a promise. Don’t forget.

H: Huh? My earlier attitude? Uh… no, um… tch, I can’t help it, OK? My character’s that of a delinquent. “I was faking the whole thing!”… isn’t something I can say. If I suddenly change my attitude and everyone thinks I mellowed out since I started dating you… it’d be too shameful.

H: Hah? What? Oh… are you angry?


H: Really? You aren’t angry, right? T-then… will you come over to my place too? Ah, awesome! Come on, let’s go then. Hurry!

*scene skip; Haruto panting*

H: Haa… hah… your boobs are so soft… hah… I want to touch them more. Ngh…! More…

H: Ggh, your clothes are in the way. *kisses*

H: Hey, my parents are coming back late today. So… it’s OK, right? Doing it again? I… want to touch you more. Ah, today I’ll make you feel good. Like what you did before, I’m going to be using my mouth. Can you sit over there?

H: I just need to lick this place, right? *swallows*… I don’t think I’ll be able to use as much strength as my fingers, but I’m sorry if I hurt you again. You don’t have to hold it in, OK? Nngh… *gives oral*

H: H-how is it? Does it feel good? Mmh…


H: Haa… so pussies turn out like this, huh… ngh…

H: Huh? Because it’s my first time seeing one up close… mgh…

H: Your juices are flowing out, ngh… It’s wet… and so sexy, mrgh…

H: Hey, are you feeling it? Nngh… hah… I’m glad.

H: Hah… I’m feeling hard too. I can take off your clothes, right? *removes clothes*

H: Huh? Me too? Wait, hold on! No, um… I’m good, so don’t look this way! I’m hiding it with my hand…? I can’t help it! It’s embarrassing…

H: It’s OK…? A-alright… then I’ll show you. You can’t… you absolutely can’t laugh, OK?

H: Ggh, I’ve told you not to stare so hard at me. Hagh…! W-wait! Ngh… *heroine touching him*


H: You don’t mind? I’ve washed it properly, but… ngh… isn’t a covered dick embarrassing? Nngh! Don’t play around with it, mgh…! Hah…!

H: It’s good… hah…! I can’t stop leaking pre-cum… ah…!

H: I can’t… I can’t…! I can’t hold back when I’m touched by you… My dick gets wet right away, hah…!

H: In the end, I still want to put it in you. H-hey… can’t I? Can I put my dick in?

H: Ah, I have condoms! L-look, I prepared properly this time. Hold on, I’ll put it on right now. Um… h-huh? No, it’s… sort of stuck, ngh… what the heck’s with this? It won’t go down smoothly to the base. Is it defective!? Wait, I’m going to take this off and put on another one.

H: Wait, uh, g-give that here. Hey! Oh, I see… I’ll hold it at the base, so roll it down to the bottom. Ngh… ah… y-yeah, probably, this should be OK.

H: Uh, w-why? Why are you on top? This way’s easier to put it in…? U-uh, that might be true but— hagh… ngh…! *heroine inserts it* W-wait… slowly… hah…!


H: Somehow, it feels like I’m being swallowed into you. Aah… down to the base, mgh…

H: Y-yeah, it’s different from before. You’re going to move, right? Go easy on me. Nngh…! Hah…! *heroine bounces*

H: Ah, wait… don’t go fast… L-look, I feel like I’ll cum right away… hah… because, ngh, you feel so good inside. Kgh… hah…

H: W-wait! Go slower…! Hah… I want to keep staying inside you. Nngh… I don’t want to cum yet, so… h-huh? You too? You feel good? Does this mean my dick feels good?

H: R-really? I’m… really making you feel good. Ah… I’m so glad. I’m happy. I see… my dick’s good… If you say that, I won’t be able to stop either. Nngh…! Hah…!

H: Mm, your moans sound super sexy. Hah… haa…! I want to hear it more. Nngh… ah…!

H: Good… it feels so good… Hah… hagh…!

H: Shit, I’m… I’m…! I’m cumming…! Hgh… ngh… don’t squeeze down! Haah… haa…! I’m gonna…! I’m… I’m cumming… I’m cumming! Ggh! *he orgasms*


H: Haa… hah… wait, I’ll pull out.

H: … Hahaha, wow, the condom’s filled to the max. I came too much? It feels so good inside you it’s crazy.

H: Hey… I want to kiss you. *kisses*

H: I love you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: Came Inside During Anal ~ 6th Shot ~ ***

H: Wait, where are you going? You don’t have to put on your clothes so quickly, right? You’re still okay for time, right?

H: … Stay here longer. I told you my parents were coming back late, right? So… hey, come on… let’s do it one more time? *kisses*

H: This time, I’ll make you feel even better. Look, I just came but I’m already… You can tell my dick’s hard, right? Please? I can do it bareback this time, right? No? Uh… then how about this? Stick your butt out this way more. I can do it bareback in here, right?

H: Oh, what, your juices have dripped down to your butt hole. Nngh…

H: Like this, my finger looks like it can slip in immediately. Ggh… mgh… hahah, wow, you’re squeezing down on my finger. What a dirty hole.


H: You’re surprisingly not feeling bad either, huh. Look, ngh…

H: If I stretch you like this something bigger can go in, huh. Don’t pull away, mgh…

H: Hey, my fingers… two have sunken in now. Hey, it’s OK, right? Can you give me… your first time here too? I’ll do it slow so it doesn’t hurt. Please?

H: Mmgh…! *inserts himself*

H: Haah… haa… you can tell that my dick is buried in your ass, right? Ungh! Ggh… it’s tighter than your pussy… and it’s hot and clamping down… It goes straight to my dick. Hagh… you too, right? Look, aren’t the muscles in your ass trembling? Now I’m going to thrust into you… a whole lot. Nngh… mgh…!

H: It’s sinking deep inside. My dick’s going into you. Does it feel good? Haah… haa…!


H: You’re so fucking cute. Hngh… hah… after this, everything about you is mine. Prepare yourself, ngh…! This hair, these lips, your breasts, your ass, your pussy, everything… everything’s mine! Mgh…! Look this way…! *kisses; thrusting*

H: You’re moving your hips…? That’s hot… Ngh, hey, do you love me? Then say it more. Say that you love me and then move your hips more and want my dick. Ggh, more…! More!

H: Haah… hah… I’m gonna… *kisses; thrusting*

H: Hagh… haa… it’s coming… It’s alright like this, right? Ngh…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

H: Hah… haa… you’re clenching down on my dick super hard. Does this mean…? Did you also cum? Wow… you came during anal sex. Hahah… crap, I’m so happy. Ggh, I’ve told you not to call me cute! You’re not playing fair. *kisses*

H: I love you. I love you. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Skipping Class Sex ***

Narration: About-Face Boyfriends. My Childhood Friend Won’t Show Me xx. Tokuten drama CD: Skipping Class Sex.

*heroine walking; opens door*

H: Oh… you’re late. I was getting tired of waiting. Huh? It’s dusty? But there’s no place to skip classes without people seeing you other than this gym storage room or rooftop. In this season, the rooftop will be cold. Heh, well, just bear with this.

H: What’d I call you here for…? Tch, that’s cruel. Can I only call you out if I have business with you?

H: I just… w-wanted to be alone together. You said you had to study for your test yesterday, and the day before yesterday, so you didn’t come to my place. You could have studied over at my place. Somehow… you see, somehow… it feels like you’re avoiding me.

H: Yeah, that’s right! I was wondering if I did anything and got worried. *rushes over* Hey, did I do something? No, I don’t want you to hate me.

H: Ggh, don’t stay silent. Hey, tell me! I might feel a blow of shock, but I can bear with that!

H: Hah? If you come over to my place, you won’t be able to study at all? O-oh… we start doing it right away…? R-right, I got it. If you’re saying you don’t like that then I’ll stop having sex with you every time we meet. I’ll restrain myself!


H: That’s not it…? What the heck!? I can show you my determination! I’ll seriously hold myself back. So, believe me!

H: … Huh? You can’t restrain yourself…? W-wha…? Hold on a minute. You mean, uh… whenever you’re with me… you also want to do it? You mean that?

H: You’re so stupid! Don’t tempt me like this! You’re tempting me! If you aren’t then what do you call this!? *kisses*

H: Nngh… hah… shit, my face is breaking into a grin. Kgh, don’t say such cute things, dammit. *kisses ear* Hey, let’s do it? Here, nrgh…

H: I want to have sex with you. I haven’t done it with you for two days already. When we’re up against each other like this… just smelling your scent makes me crazy. Ngh… *kisses*

H: You’re going back to the classroom? Idiot, I won’t let that happen. *kisses* You think I can return while I’m rock hard like this?

H: Don’t worry, no one will come to this place. Please? It’s OK, right? Nngh… I love rubbing your breasts above your clothes like this. Ungh… hah…

H: Mm? Yeah, I know. I can’t dirty your uniform, right? Haha, so that I don’t dirty it… I’ll roll up your clothes… and just squeeze them and lick them directly, yeah? Hahah. *kisses*


H: It’s so hot when you’re holding in your voice. Hey, don’t get angry. You’re just feeling it too much. Your nipples are really sensitive, aren’t they? Nrgh… mm…

H: But, compared to when I did this for the first time, your breasts feel like they’re larger. Mmgh…

H: They got bigger after being rubbed by my hands, haha. That really turns me on. Nngh… nrgh… no matter how good it feels, don’t let any other guy rub them. These are my boobs. Nngh… ah… you’re shaking so much, mm…

H: You’re about to cum just from your nipples alone, huh. Hey… how about over here? Your pussy’s already wet, isn’t it? Aah, what’s this? Isn’t it like you wet yourself? Your slippery wetness is even dripping outside of your panties. Ungh…

H: I’m not lying. Look, you can hear it, can’t you? The sound of my finger rubbing against you. It’s saying it’s super wet. This place too… you like it more when I use my mouth instead of my fingers, right?

H: Slide your panties out of the way. Hm? You want me to eat you out, right? Haha, it’s too late to be embarrassed when your pussy is dripping like this. Mm, yeah, like that. Aah, it’s stringy. I’ll lick it all away so spread your legs more. *gives oral*


H: Mmgh… ngh… it’s leaking more and more. I’ll suck your clit lightly… and it’s OK to slide my fingers in and out, right? Nngh… mm…

H: Your thighs are shaking. You… really are too damn cute. Mrgh… ngh… you were just attending lessons earlier, and yet you’re making this sexy look. Mm… are you going to cum from me giving oral? Go ahead, cum. Nngh…

H: Haah… don’t hold back and cum. Mgh… ngh…! *heroine orgasms*

H: Haa… hah… you’re clamping down on my fingers. That’s so hot. My dick… can you squeeze it inside you too? Haa… hah… *removes pants* put your hands on that vaulting box over there.

H: Yeah. Let’s do it from behind? Nngh…! *inserts himself*

H: Hagh… haa… maybe because you just came, but your pussy is twitching down here. Aah…! It feels so fucking good. I can move, right? Ngh! Mmgh! *thrusting*


H: The noise is echoing. Even if you hold in your voice, there’s no point to that if the sounds of our slapping is heard, hahah! Ngh, mgh, but I can’t stop. Haa… hah…!

H: It’s the best being inside you, mgh… nrgh…!

H: Good… hah… haa…!

H: Can you tell my dick is super hard? Ungh… ah…! I want to keep doing this but, ngh, I might be at my limit… hngh…! I know, I’ll be sure to shoot it outside. Haa… hah…!

H: Shit…! Hagh…! Good… it feels good… ngh… it’s coming…! Hah… ngh! *he orgasms*

H: Haah… hagh…!

H: … Uh, I planned on catching it with my hand but it flew onto your shoes. S-sorry… ah… my hand is really sticky. *tissues get pulled out* Is everything else okay apart from your sho— mmph! *heroine kisses him*


H: That surprised me. Hey… it’s because you love me that, uh… you want to do it, right? *heroine nods* I see. Then, it’s the same as me. Hahah. S-so, you’ll stop putting distance between us without saying anything, right?

H: *hugs heroine* I end up thinking about you constantly when I can’t see you.

H: I love you. *kisses* I love you. *school bell* Huh? Chimes? Oh… the next class. But I can’t hear it at all. *kisses* You can’t hear it either, right? *kisses* Nope, give me one more hour.

*** OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: Love Hotel Sex ***

Narration: About-Face Boyfriends. My Childhood Friend Won’t Show Me xx. Tokuten drama CD: Love Hotel Sex.

H: *to worker* Um, a large melon soda and… *to heroine* You? OK, that and do you want caramel or butter on your popcorn? Mm. *to worker* Then a medium popcorn with butter.

H: *to heroine* Haha, give me half of your popcorn. Heheh. Huh? No, I’m not grinning or anything.

H: … Uh, do you like these sort of movies?

H: Hmm, nah, if I had to choose I’d probably go for action or fantasy over romance. It’s fine. If you want to watch it then I’m good. It’s out first time having a date outside like this. I’ll keep you company. *he picks up their order* You got the tickets, right? I’ll hold the drink and popcorn, so you can find our seats.

H: *quiet* Wow, so this is what a date feels like.

H: Huh? Oh, nothing. Come on, let’s go.

*scene skip*

H: Uh, um, erm… it was a pretty good movie… wasn’t it?

H: It’s n-nothing! Just… it was a bit… more than I expected… um, the l-love scenes, weren’t they a bit intense? Seeing that play on a big screen, I got a bit… flustered. D-don’t laugh! I can’t help it, alright?! You were beside me and we were holding hands… that kind of thing makes my heart race.


H: H-hey… what do you want to do after this? It’s OK if you don’t go back yet, right? Um… I… I… might want to go to a love hotel.

H: Because I’ve never been to one before! You too, right? Come on. No?

H: Haha, awesome! O-over here! There’s a love hotel on the opposite side of the movie theater, I searched it up!

*scene skip; they open door*

H: Woah… so this is a love hotel? It’s unexpectedly small. The bed fills the room. S-somehow, it really feels like a room just for doing it… Meanwhile, the door over here is…? *opens door* Oh, the bathroom. This room’s pretty large. Huh? What’s this? It sort of looks like gumballs? Oh! Is this what they call “lotion mat”?!

H: You don’t know? Uh, well, I’ve only seen it on the internet but, uh… *whispers* Hey, let’s try things today that we can’t do at home.

[04:16] *scene skip; showering*

H: Mmh… ngh… *kisses*

H: Haa… hah… this is our first time doing it in the bathroom, huh. It feels so good hugging each other naked. Nngh… mm… *kisses*

H: Plus, your body is so beautiful. Huh? Don’t stare too much? But I can’t move my eyes away. *turns off shower* Sit down on the mat over there.

H: Yeah, like that. Haha, it feels a bit weird, doesn’t it? It’s squishy and I can’t calm down. What? You told me not to stare at you, but you’re staring at my body. It’s too late for you to move your eyes away. I’ve been painfully hard since earlier. Hey, could you hold it and stroke it? Oh, also, that bottle over there. Since we’re here, might as well use it… the lotion. *heroine gets lotion*

H: Nngh, ah! Hahah! It’s cold! Nngh… hah…! Wow… my dick’s super slippery. Mmgh… roll down the hood and cover the top, nrgh…! Ggh…!

H: It feels good, ugh… mgh…! Get the head more wet… ngh… agh…! Hah…! This is intense, isn’t it? It’s too good… mgh… I feel like I’m gonna cum right away! U-ugh, wait… you too. Spread your legs and show me your pussy.


H: Aah, what, aren’t you wet already without any lotion? I wonder if you’ll feel even better if I use lotion. I’ll cover your clit in lotion and rub it. *he gets lotion* Ngh… mm… It’s tiny but puffed up. Cute. Nngh, like this, right?

H: Hey, don’t close your legs. Making that sort of sound… you’re too hot. Mm… hah… this place… your clit… I want to rub my dick against it. Nngh! Hah… mgh…!

H: Rubbing the bottom of my dick against it, hngh… ngh… Hahah, your thrusting your hips too. Are you turned on? Ungh… mrgh… hah…

H: Let’s get more lotion. Nngh… like this your whole body is slippery and wet… Hey, put out your tongue. Let’s kiss… like how they did in the movie earlier? Mmn…! *kisses; thrusting*


H: Fuck, this is turning me on so much. Mm… ngh… I can’t stop moving my hips. Mgh… ngh… can I thrust my dick into you like this? I can, right? Haa… hah…! You’re this wet so I can go enter straight away. Nngh! Come over here more.

H: Yeah, put your hands behind your back. Nngh! Mmh…! Haah… hahah, you’re burning hot inside. Look, it went in to the base all at once. Nngh! Hagh…! I’ll move so try not to slip, OK? Nngh… hah…! *thrusting*

H: It’s squelching… the noise is incredible. The lotion and your juices are mixing and it’s all gushing out from this place. Nngh… kgh…!

H: Haa… hah… nothing is cold anymore, huh. Hagh… your body is burning. Haa… hah…! Your chest, your legs, everything is wet and shining… it’s such a sexy sight. Aagh… ngh…!

H: Are you… about to cum? Haa… hah… cum then. I’ll hit all of your deep spots… ngh! Hagh…! *heroine orgasms*


H: Ggh, haah, you’re clenching so hard. It’s impossible! Me too, I’m cumming…! Haa… hagh…! It’s coming… ah…! *he orgasms*

H: Haa… hah… inside and outside… our entire bodies are slick, hahah… *kisses*

H: Did that… feel good? Really? The best up to now? I can’t kiss you coolly like in the movie, but we can try things like this with the two of us, right? Mm! Then, how about we wash off the lotion and move to the bed? You said we could try out various things, didn’t you? Besides, one time isn’t enough at all for me.

H: … Come on? Let’s enjoy the love hotel to the fullest with our time. *kisses*

Note1: Debated on putting a link to phimosis, but I’ll spare people images from Wikipedia or a text wall from health organizations LOL. Basically, it’s a condition where the foreskin of the penis can’t retract or be pulled back. It’s not a problem unless it makes urinating difficult or causes other symptoms.

Note2: In Track 4, Haruto says it’s not “kenja time” which cracks me the heck up, because “kenja” is the word for a wise sage. Essentially, someone who has become enlightened and is free from worldly desires. So, kenja time is a man being freed from worldly desires because he’s been satisfied in that moment LOL.

Note3: Lotion mat… I don’t really know where he’s going with that, but there’s this sexual activity called “mat play” which involves body lotion and an air mattress, so…? LOL. The more you learn about positions and activities. Do we really need a label for everything? Come on!

11 thoughts on “Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Osananajimi ga xx wo Misetekuremasen ~

    Saiph said:
    March 25, 2020 at 12:58

    Thank you so much for this translation! ♥ I have been waiting for it ;-; Also thank you so much, Summer, for commissioning it :’D.
    This is my favorite Hyouhen Kareshi CD u//n//u his voice is so cute and sexy!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2020 at 15:55

      Aw, you’re welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed it and found a use for it! Haha, I still feel like Hyouhen Kareshi is a big hit or miss because you’re never quite sure what you’ll get into. I’m still in awe of PILVAMP grabbing all these mainstream seiyuu to do such extreme works LOL.

    Reggie said:
    February 26, 2020 at 01:54

    Oh, Kakihara 😳🤭

      Ilinox responded:
      February 26, 2020 at 10:40

      Shhhhh, we don’t call out the mainstream seiyuus who somehow got roped into PILVAMP’s shenanigans HAHA.

    Lori said:
    February 24, 2020 at 09:46

    You’re doing the lord’s work

      Ilinox responded:
      February 24, 2020 at 11:04

      HAHA I’m always intrigued to see how popular Hyouhen seems to be when half the time I’m like “nOOO WHAT ARE YOU MAKING THESE POOR MAINSTREAM SEIYUU DO!?”. Thank you for enjoying and commenting!

    Kborenai said:
    February 23, 2020 at 19:49

    When I listened to this CD, there were a couple times I doubted this was Hyouhen Kareshi. Wtf so vanilla hahahaha, and this boi is too precious to be in this series.

    *no thank you for indirectly making me look up phimosis lmfao

      Ilinox responded:
      February 24, 2020 at 11:07

      Hyouhen Kareshi never started off that crazy… t-the very first butler man was tame. Sawa’s wasn’t so bad too and it was just general yandere douchery. But I guess they do slip in crazy ones between the normal ones considering after this boy was the crazily sadistic bartender man LOL. Meanwhile, I think between the normal-levels-sadistic butler and yandere-Sawa there was watersports/sounding onii-chan… AHHHHHHH.

      Haha, I tried my best to describe it for everyone so that you wouldn’t need to look it up! Drama CDs really making me study all sorts of things though, like Rouge et Noir had me reading through actual drug law and finding out how car licenses worked there. Here, it’s just all sorts of anatomy LOL.

        Kborenai said:
        February 26, 2020 at 08:59

        After the bartender one, everything else is tame *haha. Goddamn that volume.

        Wouldn’t it awkward when someone asks you how you know these things lmfao.

        Ilinox responded:
        February 26, 2020 at 10:40

        “I’m an avid reader” LOL.

        Kborenai said:
        February 27, 2020 at 23:18

        Indeed! Hahaha

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