Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Sensei ga Pantsu wo Kaeshitekuremasen ~

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Suou Yasutaka (須王 保高)
CV: 茶介

About-Face Boyfriends ~ My Teacher Won’t Return My Panties ~

Yasutaka is your homeroom teacher.

He’s also the student guidance and counselor of the entire senior year. Extremely strict, he doesn’t overlook any small infractions against the rules. He is also very strict about grammar and word usage due to being the Japanese teacher.

He always has a pointer stick in hand in the school, during classes, and during student guidance and counseling. A sadist at the core, his hobby is training women in his private time. In particular, he enjoys teaching innocent women to become depraved. However, the moment they’re completely trained, he loses all interest and love. Consequently, he’s never been in a relationship with a woman before.

Thank you to an anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and sadism, spanking, lecturing/scolding humiliation, (bit of) watersports, and general PILVAMP warning? Haha. On another note, this is also available on the DLsite but only on the JP side I believe.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Guidance and Counseling Room — Be sure not to make a side trip… Understood? ***

Narration: About-Face Boyfriends. My Teacher Won’t Return My Panties.

*heroine knocks on door; Yasutaka opens door*

Yasutaka: … Sit down in that chair. No. 23 in the attendance record. Hm. You know why you were called here today, yes?

Y: Mm, correct. It’s with respect to your frequent rule violations. I will be direct. Despite being advised multiple times up to now, why have you not shown any signs of improvement? Why has an exemplary student like you become like this? Why do you continuously break the rules like this? Isn’t there a reason?

Y: … You won’t be able to convey your true feelings to anyone if you remain silent.

Y: Explain yourself with your own mouth and in your own words.

Y: … Good grief. You’re a hopeless student. Oh, it’s this time already? Go home for today. *heroine gets up*

Y: Be sure not to make a side trip… Understood? *heroine nods; leaves*

[02:20] *scene skip; car stops; Yasutaka comes running*

Y: Stop there! *grabs heroine*

Y: … What are you doing here at a time like this!? *heroine struggles* Ggh?! Behave! Be quiet. Ngh! Even if you were throw me off and run away here, you know that you’ll just be reprimanded by me tomorrow in the counseling room again.

Y: Hah… Article 6 in the student rules, section 3. It is forbidden from playing around or going into restaurants on your way to and from school. Article 6 in the student rules, section 4. It is forbidden to go out past eleven o’clock at night. This will not be overlooked even if you are accompanied by your guardians. In addition, if an outing is inevitable, notice will be given to your homeroom teacher.

Y: You’ve broken the rules again? You were even instructed about rule-breaking this evening.

Y: … I’ve also told you continuously that I won’t understand if you remain silent.

Y: Haa… recall this for me. How many times have you been found and advised by me for playing around at night?

Y: Correct, I’ve warned you countless of times. I’ve also endeavored to ask whether or not you had a special reason and to express your true feelings. However, it appears that it was not effective in the least. *grabs heroine* Listen, cherish yourself more. I’ve told you this multiple times. That is the reason these rules exist as well.

Y: You may act like an adult, but you are still a child who doesn’t know the nightlife. In addition, you’re a weak girl. Do you know just how dangerous it is for you late at night?

Y: … You are a student of our long-established school, thus you should change your mindset and be more modest. You understand this time, yes?

Y: Mm. *returns to car; opens door* Get in. I’ll send you back to your home. *heroine gets in*

Y: Your house is in this direction, correct? *heroine nods* I see. It was quite a while ago when I paid a visit to your home, and so I was unclear on the directions. Also, one more thing… if you’re going to try and hide your legs like that then make your skirt length longer. That’s all.

*** TRACK 2: Confiscated Panties — What’s with this gaudy and suggestive underwear? Strip, it’s being confiscated. ***

*heroine knocks*

Y: Enter. *heroine enters*

Y: … You’re late. How many minutes do you think it’s been since I summoned you?

Y: … Hah… don’t stand there. Come over here.

Y: I’m disappointed in you. Despite repeatedly warning you, there is not even a hint of you improving yourself. Your skirt remains short, your designated necktie isn’t tied, your hair is dyed, and you walk around to play late at night.

Y: Are my warnings too light?

Y: Haah… again, it’s just “I’m sorry”. I’ve heard those words dozens of times now. Every time I warn you. However, in the end, nothing changes. You do not change your attitude in the least.

Y: Even if you lower your head and act as if you’re seriously reflecting on your actions— hm? Hah… I can see your underwear. Tch, not that one. The one below. Your underpants. It’s too late even if you press down on your skirt! This wouldn’t have happened if you had lengthened your skirt from the start. Good gracious, isn’t your bottom completely exposed?! Things are like this because you don’t listen to what I say.

Y: Furthermore, what’s with this gaudy and suggestive underwear? It’s unbecoming in this sacred place of learning! Hah. Strip. Did you not hear me? Strip, it’s being confiscated. According to our school’s rules, students are mandated to dress in their best student-like clothes. Naturally, this includes underwear. Yours are in violation of the rule.


Y: Quickly now. Class is starting.

Y: I won’t allow you to return to the classroom until you obey me. That is my intention. It appears I’ve been too gentle on you. I need to take on a stricter attitude to guide you. Ah, be at ease, if you do not make it back in time for the start of your class, I will contact your teacher. *heroine strips*

Y: If you’ve taken them off then hand them over here. *heroine hands over panties*

Y: Hm? You’re unusually obedient. You stripped and handed it over without resisting. It’s vastly different from your normal rebellious attitude. Oh well— hm? Tch… your underpants are damp.

Y: Hah… what were you doing… before you came here? Nothing? Heh, then there’s no need for you to fidget so uneasily. That is… if you aren’t lying, heh.

Y: Yes, this is a pointer stick. Something to instruct you students with. I’ll request that you not ask any questions. Don’t move from there and stand straight.

Y: *gets up from chair; walks over* Do not move… I’m sure I said that. The more you struggle the more risk there is of the pointer stick entering you. Unsurprisingly, I do not wish to unintentionally tear an innocent girl’s hymen with a metal stick.

Y: Oh, or is your hymen… gone already? Heh, this is a good opportunity. I can also inquire as to whether or not you have had illicit sexual relationships. Heh, seeing how obedient you are when I say things like this… as I thought, my guidance up until now was too lenient then.


Y: Hm? Ngh…

Y: Oh! What sort of indecent things were you doing before coming here? Say it. *heroine protests*

Y: Hm? You didn’t do anything…?

Y: … Then, what is this? Why is the tip of this pointer stick so wet? It’s gleaming.

Y: Grgh. *shoves it in harder* What’s with that voice? Shameless! Listen, even an elementary student knows to be clear when answering. You personally must know the reason for this sound coming from between your thighs.

Y: … *sits down again* Hah. I’ve worked as the guidance counselor for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve met a rebellious student like you. Crouch, and show me your vagina.

Y: What are you looking surprised for? You don’t know the meaning of vagina? In slang, it’s referred to as the cunt. Tch, to make me say such a thing… good gracious. In any case, it’s because you won’t answer honestly that I have no choice but to ascertain the truth directly. It’s the result you’ve brought upon yourself with your obstinate rebellious attitude. Now, get on the desk. Face this way and spread your legs widely.


Y: *comes closer*… You managed to sit on the desk, but I cannot ascertain the truth if you keep your legs closed. Do I have to explain things step by step for you to understand?

Y: Haa, a student like you… It seems like you aren’t satisfied unless you resist first, no matter how small the matter is. Fine, if you won’t become obedient then I’ll just have to make you obedient. *leans in* Tsk, your hands are in the way. It’ll obstruct your discpline.

Y: … *uses stick on heroine* I see. Your labia minora are a clean pink color. They’re swollen but they don’t seem to be spread open wantonly.

Y: Hm… if I do this and rub in a circle… your vaginal opening doesn’t loosen. Then, the obscene act of dampening your underpants is not because you did something before coming here. Only… ngh, your vestibular glands are moist. It’s slick. Because of that… tsk. Grgh. Ngh, the pointer stick which should be indicating to your clitoris is slipping into your vaginal opening.

Y: It appears you do not wish to earnestly receive your teacher’s guidance. Hah, how insincere. You’re not taking any part in your standing as a student.


Y: I did not ask you to apologize. I’m asking if you are self-conscious of that or not. Not only do you refuse to answer, but you’re indifferent to being in the middle of receiving your teacher’s guidance and the way you make those obscene sounds while your thighs spasm… makes it impossible to call you a proper student.

Y: You’re reflecting on your mistakes? Hah, those are the words you always use to get out of these situations, no? The proof that is… *taps* what’s with this clitoris!? It’s this large, in spite of the current circumstances.

Y: Ngh, tsk… It’s red and hard like a penis. Every time I flick it, your hips jerk up and down. There is a limit to shamelessness!

Y: … Or perhaps that is difficult for you. The reason you do not return your skirt to its formal length… is because you wish to mess around and stimulate the opposite gender, no? In short, your obscene underpants and shameless genitals are for third parties to see.

Y: Night amusements, disheveled clothes… in other words, if I follow your foolish thoughts to the end… *moves stick in heroine* It is all connected to the goal of having a penis inserted here. Ngh…


Y: Consequently, the actions that are connected to that objective must be strictly purified. Enforcing the rules, ngh… is just that. Up to now, as your teacher, I have been persistent in my opinions, grgh… and continued to guide you. And yet, you— *heroine orgasms*

Y: … *sits back* Well, I never! Did you climax? Even though it wasn’t a penis and was just a metal stick.

Y: Hah… your vagina seems to become aroused irrespective of the foreign object in it. Even though you are supposed to be diligent and pure… How deplorable.

Y: *retracts stick* You always respond with “I understand” as long as you receive my warnings, and yet you don’t even obey the rules for protecting yourself. You lack self-control. That you climaxed so quickly is also because you couldn’t control yourself, no?

Y: Why are you so surprised? Are you scared? Of this? Heh, now then, rightfully I should insert this stick into you and break your hymen, letting you learn through experience what sort of end comes from violating the rules.

Y: However, today I’ll affix this to your clitoris and teach you through this. You are forbidden from touching yourself until I say you can. Understand? Yes, you are to go to class like this. That is what I’m saying. *uses tape*

Y: To not protest even when this is being done to you. Hahah… do I have to give even more severe teachings? Hmph, hereafter, every time you make a transgression, I will punish you even harder. Keep that in mind.

*** TRACK 3: Fainted Due to a Remote Vibrator on my Clit — Today, I shall coach you with this affixed to your clitoris. ***

*door opens*

Y: Class shall begin. *door closes* Class leader.

Y: Now then, continuing from the previous lesson… open Natsume Souseki’s “Kokoro” to page 169.

Y: This work is an allegory. To put it simply, it is a work with many metaphors. By deepening your reading comprehension, your understanding of its contents will also deepen. From the second paragraph on the right, “After a while, K turned towards me, and addressed me“, and continuing from there.

Y: Let’s see, number 23 in the attendance record. You, stand and read it.

Y: Is something the matter? Stand up, quick. *heroine stands*

Y: Mm. Mm. Stop there for a moment. Now, in your eyes, the feelings of the narrator and K up until now— *vibrator; heroine jerks* Hm? Do you have a question? I see. Good. Then, what is your answer?

Y: Correct. Extreme sorrow. Now, continue from “‘Let us not talk about it any more,’ he said”.

Y: Mm. Mm. Ah, continue.

Y: Good. Stop there. *vibrator* I have a question here at “The wolf jumped at the lamb’s throat”. What sort of feelings does the narrator have towards K here?


Y: Answer.

Y: Is something wrong? Perhaps something you do not understand? If there is a passage you have doubts about, then be proactive with your questions.

Y: … Hm? What is it? I cannot hear you clearly. *vibrator intensifies*

Y: Now, what did you just say? Say it once more. I can’t hear you. Heh.

Y: … Correct. The narrator was directing a fatal attack.

Y: Are you alright? Your complexion is pale. Come to think of it, you’re prone to being anemic, aren’t you? Did I tire you out making you answer while standing? Ah, aren’t you teetering?

Y: Here, put your arm around my shoulders. *to students* I will be taking this girl to the infirmary. Everyone should self-study. *helps heroine out*

Y: … Hah… to climax in the classroom. Moreover, during a lesson. Hah, that’s unheard-of. Furthermore, you aren’t wearing underpants… hah, if your juices drip to the floor you will be cleaning it up yourself. Understand?

Y: Hereafter, I will be instructing you properly… you and that shameless, sensitive place of yours.

*** TRACK 4: Pointer Stick Spanking, Later… — It means I will be inserting my penis into your vagina. ***


Y: Ggh! Nrgh! Hah…

Y: How many times have you said you would stop your misconduct? *spanking* How many times do you think I’ve confiscated your underpants by now, as your teacher?

Y: 15 times. 15 times, you know!? Hah…

Y: That being said, who told you to come to school without wearing any underpants? Haha, if I ask you for the reason… you’re telling me I confiscated too many that you don’t have any left on hand? Haha, then just buy more. Neat and tidy ones. Your reason isn’t enough to go to and from school without wearing any underwear.

Y: Hah… silence, I see. I’ll speak for you then.

Y: How many times have I struck your bottom with this pointer stick and what is today’s number? In short, isn’t it just that you wished to be punished again? Where is your answer!? *spanks*

Y: Heh, I’m mistaken?

Y: … You appear to misunderstand something. You think that, as long as we’re within the school and I’m your teacher and you’re my student, I won’t cross the line of being a teacher. Yes, aren’t you making light of your circumstances? Hm?


Y: If that is the case… you’re greatly mistaken! *spanks*

Y: Your hair is also too long. It makes me want to yank you around by your hair rather than your chin, haha. I’ve told you again and again to tie it up properly or cut it short, and to re-dye it black. I could just dump ink on your head right now.

Y: Why are you crying? If it hurts enough to make you cry then why won’t you listen?

Y: Hah… *spanking* looks like it’s useless even if I strike you this much! Haa… *spanking* you really are an insincere student! You don’t respond. You don’t listen. Even when you are counseled, there are no results. Hah, the only thing that was fixed was your skirt length. As your teacher, I am becoming fed up with advising you as well! *spanking*

Y: The fact that you do not improve even after being thoroughly cautioned… *spanking* is because you wish to be taught by your teacher, isn’t that right!? Ngh! In actuality, you’re pleased, aren’t you!? *spanking* Well!? Grgh!

Y: Haa… hah…

Y: What’s wrong? Are you drained already? Hm? Ah… your bottom is completely swollen.


Y: Hah… these red injuries appear clearly on your smooth and pale skin. Did it hurt? This happens when all you do is defy me. You reap what you sow.

Y: Furthermore, your bottom is somewhat on the small side. How about getting some more meat on you? That would be healthier, and it would be worth hitting more.

Y: Even if I grab your cheeks roughly like this… there isn’t much of a resistance, and it’s somewhat lacking for me.

Y: … Mm? Oh? When I part your cheeks… I can tell clearly that you didn’t accept your guidance and counseling sincerely at all. Aren’t you dripping wet? Hah, how deplorable. During the time I hardened my heart to punish you, you had the leisure to thoughtlessly wet your nether regions, I see.

Y: Be silent. It’s too late for you to justify yourself. *throws stick away; removes pants*

Y: … I’m inserting this in. Mm? You won’t resist? You understand what this means, yes? It means I will be inserting my penis into your vagina. Heh, does this mean you really were wishing for me to do such a thing? Then… this is the last resort… for a student who won’t listen to anything. Nngh…! Kgh!


Y: Tight! Ngh… hah…? Like I thought, this is your first time…? Ungh…!

Y: Hrm, your grades there, ngh, I can raise by several points. It doesn’t seem like you committed any illicit sexual relationships. Ggh… what is with this tightness, ngh…! It’s clenching down on me…! That’s right, endure this. How much foolishness you’ve done up to now… hah… you should just reflect on that! Ngh!

Y: Haa… hah… I’m going to enter a little deeper, kgh…!

Y: Haah… *leans in* try squeezing. Ngh! Hah… haa…

Y: You can tell what the shape of your teacher’s penis is, can’t you? Hm? I’ll remake you from the inside out.


Y: First, why don’t we start from the part that’s spread open? I won’t go lightly just because it hurts or anything. Nngh…! *thrusting*

Y: Kgh… ngh…! Ah, what horrible sounds… If it only hurt, then your juices would not be flowing like this. Ngh! If it was the vagina of a pure lady then, mgh, it would not be making such obscene noises!

Y: Haa… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Haha, you’ve spread open more. You’re greedy down here… desiring me… enveloping me, ngh… convulsing… and trying to suck my semen, mgh! Haa… hah…!

Y: Hah… haa… can you tell? Deep inside here is your cervix. Over here is a part of your body that’ll bring down a terrifying, torrential pleasure which will make even a stubborn person like you, who won’t listen to anything, submit.


Y: … Your soul will be purified in that current. Isn’t that to be prayed for? Nngh! *thrusts* Ggh… ungh…!

Y: You see, this place is called the cervical erogenous zone. How is it? The stimulation is so much you don’t even have the energy to resist, no? Mm? Are you trembling? Apparently, it seems you’ve become obedient at last.

Y: This time, I’ll make short and repeated movements. Ngh… mm…! *thrusting; kisses*

Y: Heh, that you only become obedient when I’m thrusting this spot… ngh… Looks like I’ll have to make your body remember this important spot over and over again so that it doesn’t forget. Haa… hah…!

Y: Aah… hah…! Ngh… kgh…! *he orgasms*

Y: Hah… oh dear, were you so overstimulated that you wet yourself? Hopeless child, hahah.

*** TRACK 5: A Sweet Secret with My Teacher — … Match my rhythm and climax from your cervix with my sperm. ***

*Yasutaka flipping through book*

Y: … Hm? You’re awake?

Y: This? It’s your diary. I helped myself to your bag to see if any of your personal belongings violated the rules. I found it there. That’s all.

Y: *heroine gets up* Oh dear, what are you so embarrassed about? Even if you try to take it back now, I’ve already read everything, so just give up.

Y: … Nevertheless, I’m surprised. *flips page* But I never would have thought you repeatedly made transgressions to grab my attention. Playing around at night, shortening your skirt length, taking a rebellious attitude… I never would have noticed all of this was to create moments of interaction with me if I hadn’t read your diary.

Y: And for your feelings not to have changed despite me shaming you… For you to wish for our current relationship to continue…

Y: *leans in* You’re an incredibly incomprehensible woman. It seems I was mistaken in believing I could correct you after making you expose everything. Don’t look down. Show your face to me clearly.


Y: That’s right. This is good. *embraces heroine* Mm? Why are you so puzzled over me holding you gently?

Y: … Hereon, I will open my mind to understand you— to understand your heart better. I want to know your true self more now. Haha, be good.

Y: *removes tie* Yes, I’m blindfolding you.

Y: “Why”? Let’s see… because my cheeks are a bit warm. It’s probably because you’ve struck me with your direct and clumsy favor. This is my first time. Even I can’t believe it myself, but I don’t want you to see my flushed appearance.

Y: There, done. Raise your head. Let me give you an adult’s kiss. *kisses*


Y: Haha, what’s wrong? Are you aroused… just from a kiss? Mm… *kisses*

Y: Do adult kisses feel nice? Mm? *kisses*

Y: … Lie down once more. *touches heroine* Haa… this place is still moist. But the wetness is a bit lacking. Haha, it’s adorable. This vagina, which had just accepted my member, is twitching and convulsing. Like this, if I part it wide…

Y: Hm? Don’t look…? Haha, what are you saying at this point in time? Your clitoris is this hard. *gives oral*

Y: Mm, it looks like you’re in quite the pleasure. Ngh…

Y: Your juices are flowing out so much. Is this your first time receiving cunningulus? Mmgh… it’s when I caress your clitoris and labia with my tongue like this. What’s the matter? Your clitoris is trembling.


Y: What’s wrong? You’re about to climax? Hah… *removes pants* I’ll penetrate you immediately then. As you wish, I’ll enter you deeper… tighter… Aah…! Ngh! Haa… hah…

Y: I wonder why this is…? That I feel more pleasure now than when I laid with you earlier by force. Ungh… hah…

Y: Haha, you don’t have to freeze so much. Relax yourself more. Yes, that’s right, that’s good. If you let out your tension, I can go further deeper into you. Like this… see? Ngh! Ggh…!

Y: … Hey, can you tell that I’m striking you deep inside? Agh…! This place is the entrance to your womb, the cervix. Hngh… hah…! *thrusting*

Y: I can feel it clearly at the tip of my penis too, ngh…! Hah… haa…


Y: What’s the matter? You’re writhing so much. Haah… hah…

Y: Does it feel good? Just from me pressing against it? Haha, then… ah, I’ll make you feel even more pleasure… aah, to the extent where you’ll forget yourself and your body can climax countless of times… I’ll teach you meticulously and carefully… ngh! Ungh… hah…! *thrusting*

Y: A-amazing…! You’re convulsing so much down here, wrapped around me, hah… haa…! *thrusting; kisses*

Y: Yes, that’s right, cling to me. Hgh… ngh…! If you entrust everything to me, agh…! Good…! Hm? You want to see my face? Hehe, then… match my rhythm and climax from your cervix with my sperm… ngh, I’ll pour loads of my semen into the place we’re joined at… nrgh, hah…! *thrusting; kisses*


Y: Get ready…! Ngh… hah… mgh…! *he orgasms; kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… hehe, you climaxed properly at the same time as me.

Y: Very well, let’s do it once more while you stare at my face. Ah, before that… your face, your form, your very self… show that to me again. I want to see everything about you, dazed from pleasure and with my penis still in you. *removes blindfold*

Y: Hm? Why are you acting shy? You already belong to me.

Y: Haha. *kisses* I’d love to ask you not to rebel anymore, but… I’ll allow you this, specially. Because it’s undeniable I was drawn to your inexplicability and your refusal to listen to me. Please bewilder me more… with your true self which I’ve never seen before up until now.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Driving Date ***

Narration: About-Face Boyfriends. My Teacher Won’t Return My Panties. Tokuten drama CD: Driving Date.

Y: It’s been a while since I came here, but it became quite clean. Do you also visit this place with your friends during the weekend? Heh, or do you wander and play around at night when you head home from school nowadays?

Y: *heroine grabs him* Uh, you don’t have to deny it with such an anxious look. I was jesting. You don’t need to lie to me anymore, after all.

Y: You’re grinning stupidly. Pay more attention or you’ll crash into someone. Ah, look, over here.

Y: That coat looks acceptable to commute to school in as well. What do you think? Understood, come with me.

Y: *to attendant* Ah, could this girl try on the coat at the storefront? It should be a size that can be worn on top of a school uniform, a bit loose. *attendant goes and returns*

Y: Hm… the length and size of the sleeves seems perfect. How does it feel? No problem? Good. Keep that coat on, and go outside.

*scene skip*

Y: Now, let’s go. Next is a meal.

Y: Hm? You don’t need to thank me. That’s also for your birthday present.


Y: Hah… I am well aware that your birthday isn’t today. How long do you think I’ve been your homeroom teacher? I wasn’t able to celebrate your birthday this year, right? It’s months late now, but use that coat. It’s practical, so it won’t become refuse in your room.

Y: *heroine jumps on him* Ngh! G-grgh… what are you doing in a street like this!? Tsk, you’re like a koala or baby or something.

Y: … Hah… *embraces heroine* just for a short while.

*scene skip; driving; he parks car*

Y: As I thought, there’s no one here. *rolls down window* In truth, I planned on bringing you here when it was a bit colder. Rather than the summer, if it snowed then even whimsical people wouldn’t be here at this desolate coast.

Y: You aren’t cold, are you? *heroine shakes head* I see. I’m glad I gave you that coat.

Y: Ah, when I look at you anew again, I was thinking that no one would believe you were still a student. *removes seatbelt; leans over* It’s as if you were truly a charming woman, just a few years younger than me. I can tell that your heart is racing from our close distance.


Y: … Hm? I feel like your breasts are slightly larger.

Y: It’s not necessary to hide them now at this point. More embarrassing places have been touched already. If I recall correctly, there’s more mass than before but… it’s hard to tell above your clothes. I also can’t find where your nipples are due to your underwear. It looks like I’ll need to slide my hand under your clothes and touch it directly.

Y: Heh, you shouldn’t be cold yet your nipple appears to be pebbled. Mm, it’s this hard. If you weren’t wearing underwear, it seems like the shape of your nipples would be seen even through your clothes.

Y: … Haha, when I rub it with my fingers it becomes even harder… as if it’s asserting that it wants me to squeeze it more. Your shoulders are trembling and your face is slack… If I teach you a bit more, it seems like you’ll be able to climax just from your breasts.


Y: Ngh, I’ll praise you for parting your legs without needing me to say so. However, for you to be this wet just from me touching your nipple. Has your body become more sensitive compared to before? Your juices are staining the outside of your underpants.

Y: But you’re wearing stockings today. Hm, I seem to have no choice. I’m going to tear them a little. Don’t close your legs. *rips stockings*

Y: Haah… I’ll have to push aside your wet underpants too.

Y: … Aah, there was no air down here that the smell is amazing. On top of that, it’s this slick. *gives oral*

Y: Mgh, what sickly-sweet smell. Nngh…!

Y: Even your swollen clitoris, mrgh, is covered in juices… It’s as if it was a gummi drop. Mm…!

Y: Your juices are steadily flowing out, ungh… haha, your hole is convulsing. It seems you want me to play here with my tonge as well. Nngh…


Y: Don’t close your legs. Let me taste you deeper. Mm! Nrgh…

Y: Haa… hah… drop your seat back, and spread your legs more. *he removes pants*

Y: I’ll prod you in your softest spot with my penis, deeply where my tongue can’t reach. Nngh…! *inserts himself; thrusting* Such a disheveled look. Your stockings are ripped, your panties are pulled to the side, ngh, and my member is drilling into you beside that.

Y: Ngh… hagh…! Each time I push in and pull out, your panties become twisted, and it’s such a sensual sight. Haah…!

Y: Apparently, because you’ve been pushed into such a perverted pose, ngh, you’re also feeling intense pleasure, huh. Ngh! Hah… haa…!

Y: It feels like you’re going to climax right away… haa… I’ll try to match with you. Nrgh… haah… hagh…! *thrusting; kisses; he orgasms*

Y: Haa… hah… It’s still early to talk about this, but after our wedding ceremony, come to my waiting room without removing your dress. Since it appears that you and I prefer lots of visual stimulation, hahah.

Note1: Please praise me for the lengths I go to when translating because I looked up the Japanese sentence for “Kokoro”, read all the surrounding sentences so I had some context, then looked up an English translation and used ctrl+f to search through the pages for a match. But I had to take into account that professional translators could change the entire sentence around and… lo’ and behold they did LOL.

The original phrase is literally “After a while, K called my name and looked at me” but, as you can see, those words aren’t used in the translation. “Called” and “looked” weren’t giving me any results so I went to a nearby sentence that went like “K was taller than me” and I was like “Okay, tall is an important describer. You can’t possibly translate that into something else” and so I searched for the word “taller” and then managed to backtrack to find the target sentence.


7 thoughts on “Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Sensei ga Pantsu wo Kaeshitekuremasen ~

    Kborenai said:
    February 28, 2020 at 22:53

    So…how do you know these things? “I am an avid reader”.

    Hahaha, but seriously, fan-freaking-tastic translation. I never got this CD so the relative mildness is a surprise. And I love my assertive MCs, getting in trouble just for senpai to notice. Just keep it under wraps until MC turns legal.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 1, 2020 at 18:24

      LORD I learned so many biological anatomy terms in this one. For example, the cervix would normally just be called “entrance to the womb; 子宮口” with everyone else. But you wanna know what this guy was using? He was using the “vaginal portion of the cervix, latin portio; ポルチオ”. I was just rolling my eyes.

      I was also inwardly screaming when I had to look up “vestibular bulb; 前庭球” and then researched that up because I wanted to find another word for it that wasn’t so scientific, because who says that in these scenes? LOL.

      I don’t know if you caught it but when he’s like “you don’t know the meaning of vagina?” it’s because he said it with the English pronunciation. SIR, PLEASE. I got an involuntary biology lesson… not to mention an additional Japanese literature lesson.

      Yeah, all in all I’m surprised by its mildness but I think if you’re a fan of Chasuke then it’s not a bad one to get! His voice was pretty nice here. But unfortunately I’m not a fan of the character type or his voice, so I was just business-moding through this one, haha.

        Kborenai said:
        March 1, 2020 at 23:55

        It’s almost like he’s begging us to NOT be horny — dude, who tf talks like that? lmfao.

        I do love Chasuke’s voice, even though he can be inconsistent in terms of acting. It just so happened that at the time I was on a Domon Atsushi craze. Also, its Hyouhen Kareshi – after 2 volumes there was no need to drop deeper into that hell haha. *but then I went and bought the bartender one, freaking Wrong!*

    Jennifer said:
    February 28, 2020 at 08:05

    Thank you! lol this cd wasn’t really that extreme but it was full of lecturing

      Ilinox responded:
      March 1, 2020 at 18:19

      Haha, yeah, not like any of the others, huh. It was funny because while I was glancing through reviews to double-check that I had my rules and regulations translated right (and it was a bit hard to catch some of them until I listened to them a bajillion more times) I saw some Japanese reviewers being like “This whole CD was just being scolded… wander around the streets, get scolded, get pulled into the counseling room, get scolded, get spanked, get scolded” LOLOL.

      I feel like I should have been a bit faster with this translation but there was so much exposition while he was scolding |D;; and it was also such a weird feeling to come back from a tiring day of work and… get scolded HAHA. It was an interesting experience though, thanks!

    satsuyurami said:
    February 28, 2020 at 05:00

    Thank you so much!

    Lol heroine really has guts

      Ilinox responded:
      March 1, 2020 at 18:16

      That’s… um… one way to seduce your teacher LOL. What would she have done if he never went to this extreme to teach her? But maybe I should be asking what’s wrong with him in the first place to lay his hand on a student like this LOL. His pride (as a disciplinary teacher?) is really a bit too much.

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