Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon 2 ~ Character Page ~

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Character Page

The usual warning applies to not look at this unless you want your mental image irrevocably changed about some characters LOL although Riz and John look just like they do in the cover.

Here we go!

John Smith 「ジョン・スミス」
The art gallery manager demon contracted to Riz. His latest interest is taking care of Riz.

Riz Milton 「リズ・ミルトン」
The owner of “Holy Eyes” which can see through paintings where demons are nesting. She loves cooping up in her art gallery with her contracted demon.

Greco Lóeil 「グレコ・ロイユ」
A Sūpan priest of the Seventh Church. He appears to have a bond with John.

Virma Milton 「ヴィルマ・ミルトン」
Riz’s mother. Burns with passion trying to put together Riz’s marriage.

Daniel Milton 「ダニエル・ミルトン」
Riz’s brother. He has wanderlust but he dotes excessively on Riz.

Julius Lampson 「ユリウス・ランプソン」
An artist who draws paintings where it is said “God dwells”.

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