Masquerade ~ Seigi ~

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Clovis Orlandi (クロヴィス・オルランディ)
CV: 河村眞人

Masquerade ~ Justice ~

The second son of the Orlandi House, a lineage of knights, and the captain of the Imperial Knights, who guard the Duke of Aldonaut and his house.

Because he was born to enlist into the Imperial Knights, he frequently visited the duke’s house since childhood and often played with you, eight years his junior, as a childhood friend and caretaker.

Presently, he shows no traces of those times and serves you as a strict knight, as well as severely admonishing you.


“I will protect you with my body, soul, and everything I place my pride on—“

In the Kingdom of Tilia, it was decided that you, a daughter of the Aldonaut House, was to marry into the royal Laurus House in the neighboring country.

To celebrate your marriage a masquerade ball, which was in fashion, was held.

It was a gorgeous night where resplendently dressed men and women wearing masks were covered in the smell of secrets.

It should have been your last enjoyable memory of freedom as an unmarried daughter—

But chaos descended on the masquerade ball when displeased countrymen intruded without warning.

You escaped into an anteroom during the mayhem, but what you saw there was a bloody and collapsed duke, your father— and your younger half-brother, Leo, who raised his hand against him.

Thank you to Jasper for the commission! R18 warning and nothing too bad in terms of warning, uh, there’s chastity belts, some lack of hygiene, and just a bit of watersports involved in the bad end tokuten though? Just in case that bothers anyone. On another note, you can also get this on DLsite but it seems like JP side only.


[The Duke of Aldonaut]

This house has the right to inherit the throne as a branch of the royal Tilia House.

Their lineage repeatedly married within itself and produced a great number of “Bloody Queens” as a result of a bloodline fallen into madness and, due to this, they have now reduced the frequency of their close marriages.

Despite Duke Aldonaut having a status second to the royal house, due to producing many Queens in the past, the legend of “The Bloody Queen” does not allow members of the Aldonaut House to inherit the throne.

[The Bloody Queen]

The daughter of the Aldonaut House who married Tilia’s Fourth Prince 400 years ago.

She was an unparalleled beauty, whose appearance could even ruin a country.

The First, Second, and Third Princes either died young or lost the fight to succession, and so it was the Fourth Prince who inherited the throne. The duke’s court rank ascended in an instant upon his daughter becoming queen and he was prosperous.

Eventually, the queen descended into madness and, using her charm, emasculated the king and controlled the royal house with him as her puppet. At the same time, she ruled over the people in tyranny and bound the country’s people with terror.

Not only did imprisonment and execution become a daily part of the royal capital, but the queen herself began to torture slaves to death for her own enjoyment.

It escalated after that to gathering and bathing in the blood of young men, collecting jars of excised organs and genitals, and she was said to have plausibly transformed into a grotesquely sexual deviant.

[The Kingdom of Laurus]

The country located next to the Kingdom of Tilia, ruled by the royal Laurus House.

It is a small country similar to Tilia, but their national powers rival each other. Presently, both countries are maintaining peace after the war which occurred 50 years ago, but the antagonism at the center of the older generation remains behind and there is a sense of tension similar to treading on thin ice.

This whole series is interconnected, by the way, with an amazing twist in the last volume. But it’s not really necessary to listen to them in order. They just sort of mention the actions the other men were taking in the previous volume(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m re-arranging the track orders to account for the tokutens and finishing with the happy end, so please note the changed track numbers if you’re listening along to this translation. Thank you!

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Rescue ***

*Clovis running in armor; bursts through door*

Clovis: Your Grace! Are you unharmed!? Ah—!

C: Duke…!

C: How dare you, scoundrel…! *draws blade* To lay a hand on the duke when you were just born from a mistress! *Leo draws blade* Hragh! *fighting*

C: DO NOT TOUCH THE LADY WITH YOUR FILTHY HANDS! *glass shatters outside; mob approaches*

C: Ggh! *quiet* The rioters are already here…!

C: Your Grace, over here. We’ll escape through the secret path. *carries heroine* Pardon my insolence. Put your arms around my neck and hold on. Please endure this for a short while. *runs out*

*** TRACK 2: Knight ***

*door opens and closes; heroine sits in chair; he examines the place*

C: You can change clothes over here. Everything has been stripped to its bare minimum, but necessities have more or less been prepared.

C: Although this is an emergency, I deeply apologize for bringing you to this crude dwelling.

C: Yes, this is one of my Orlandi House’s villas. No one will come in this season and we should be able to escape the attention of our pursuers in this time. *heroine gets up and runs to him*

C: *softly* … Your Grace…

C: *firmly* Standing up with such a loud noise and impudently grabbing a man’s sleeve is an unbecoming action of the Duke of Aldonaut’s daughter. I believe I have reminded you to bear in mind your status and not to act in a shameless manner.

C: … I understand. I thought to do this after Your Grace’s emotions have settled somewhat, but I will report the events of tonight in order.


C: This evening, when a masquerade ball was being held at the duke’s mansion, around the time the bells rang that it was 8 at night, dangerous countrymen descended on the duke’s mansion. They ran about rioting with an abnormal level of agitation and we, the Imperial Knights, subjugated them; however, the gates were torn down at 8:30 and the mansion was broken into.

C: I was at the gates and entrusted the other members with the scene while I immediately ran towards the anteroom in order to protect Your Grace.

C: … Ggh, *kneels down* the responsibility for tonight is all due to my blunder as the captain of the Imperial Knights. I sincerely apologize. No, I cannot raise this head which has been lowered to the ground. The present me has no right to face Your Grace.

C: Not only was I unable to suppress the rioting countrymen, but even the duke’s tragedy…!

C: It took all I had to just escape with Your Grace from the masses and the blade of that man who killed the duke. As the captain of the Imperial Knights, I was wholly unable to protect the duke and his daughter, and so to be forgiven for that and to continue living makes me feel like I will go mad with shame and anger.

C: Please, I beg of you to administer punishment on my sins… Your Grace!


C: I understand. *rises* You cannot show your infinite magnimity to someone such as me. I shall take Your Grace’s compassion itself of asking me to raise my head as my punishment.

C: You must think my inability to accept your feelings a bother, no? However, this pride itself is the symbol of being a knight. It’s necessary for me to be who I am.

C: Yes, I didn’t confirm it but in that situation, where his heart had been stabbed, for the duke to live through that is…

C: Despite being taken into the duke’s care, Leo has haunted the streets of the town often since he was young. It’s likely he gathered a crowd, made them harbor displeasure, and incited them to riot. Leo will certainly come to kill Your Grace in order to bury the duke and end the Aldonaut bloodline, which he hates.

C: Leo Aldonaut… your younger half-brother… he was adopted by the duke, having been born from a prostitute, and given the honor of taking on the Duke of Aldonaut’s name, and yet he returned that favor with enmity!

C: … Your Grace? What are you saying? There was no one who could have killed the duke except for Leo. The duke must have had deep thoughts about the marriage and his daughter who, as a woman, was receiving an unparalleled honor. He said he wished to spend this evening in a quiet place and, without even a person attending to him, was watching the ballroom from the anteroom.


C: Because it was an auspicious occasion, he summoned for Leo especially and asked me to bring the Aldonauts’ treasured wine for the both of them.

C: Yes, before the duke was in the room, I delivered the precious wine that I received from Lord Noel. Apart from Your Grace, the Duke of Aldonaut, the eldest son Lord Noel, the second son Lord Yuri, and lastly the butler and me, the captain of the Imperial Knights, are the only ones with keys to this secret room. It has been stipulated that, in cases of emergency, this room is to be used as shelter.

C: The butler served beside Your Grace and, given that I was assigned duties at the gates, the actions that occurred during the time of the resplendent masquerade ball and in that locked room makes Leo the only person who could have killed the duke.


C: … Your Grace, of all people, are you intending to protect your father’s foe? I am well aware that, among those who scorned Leo for being a child of lowly birth, Your Grace was the only one to care for him as a younger brother. However, that gentle heart is not something which can be given to just anyone.

C: Regrettably, Lord Noel, the legitimate heir, was born with a weak body and it has been said that it will be difficult for him to inherit the duke’s duties. Leo was taken in as a substitute, in the worst case that something happened to Lord Noel, and received the education of being the successor, but now that the Second Madam gave birth to Lord Yuri he is no longer necessary.

C: Please, I ask that you do not waste your compassion on someone who only has just half of your blood.


C: … It is enough if you understand.

C: Your Grace, I swear I will protect you. However, in the worst case that I am to perish without being able to protect you… *hands blade over* use this dagger. This is not for protecting yourself, but to protect your dignity as a noble princess. You understand what I am implying, yes?

C: People will carry out acts which would dishonor women of noble status. If people were to attempt to stain you, you must use this without hesitation.

C: … Yes, excellent. As expected of the princess of the Duke of Aldonaut.

C: I will withdraw to the door outside of the room and stand guard. Please rest with ease. No, these are the natural duties of a servant. I will grab my rest whenever I find an opportunity, so please do not be concerned.

C: *heads to the door*… Good night, Your Grace. *opens and closes door*

*** TRACK 3: Repose ***

*heroine tossing and turning*

C: YOUR GRACE! WHAT HAPPENED!? *opens door; runs in*

C: Your Grace! Please calm down! That was a dream! There is nothing here that can threaten you!

C: It’s alright. Calm down. Don’t force yourself to breathe and expel your breathe slowly. Ngh! Your Grace, pull yourself together! Please excuse my impudence. *gives CPR; kisses*

C: … I’m by your side. *kisses* I’ll always protect Your Grace. *kisses*

C: Are you calm? Ah, don’t panic. Breathe slowly. Yes, like that. Quietly, deeply.

C: Don’t worry, you were just hyperventilating. There won’t be any problems once you settle down.

C: Though it was an emergency, I acted inexcusably by plundering a maiden’s lips. I deeply apologize. Please think of it only as a medical act and not as a kiss.


C: No, everyone has nightmares. As long as Your Grace understands her responsibilities as a noble woman, then there is no need to apologize for your presumed shamelessness.

C: *gets up; leaves to door* Now then, I shall be outside.

C: …! Your Grace…

C: *returns* Your Grace, there is no need to apologize to me. Even if you were to cry miserably like a child right now, it wouldn’t be possible for me to dislike you or be exasperated. The one who must apologize is me. I was only trying to serve you, in your noble status, as a servant without even considering your grievously wounded feelings. I deeply apologize.

C: Your forehead is hot. It seems you have a bit of a fever. A person’s heart becomes uneasy when they’re ill and no one will blame you for taking actions unbecoming of your status.

C: *embraces heroine* I know just how hard you’ve been endeavoring to be a perfect princess. For tonight, I won’t mind if you cry simply as a woman who has lost her precious family.


C: And, right now, allow me to be by your side not as a proper knight, but as your childhood friend.

C: There is still a long time before dawn. Now, please get some rest and stay warm.

C: *gets up; sits down in chair* There are countless pains you must endure alone as long as you’re alive, but there are also things that become lighter when you have support. Haha, you don’t need to be so nervous. What is it?

C: You have a selfish request? Of course, I don’t mind.

C: … Uh, a s-song? Yes, I do remember the song Lord Noel used to sing, but…

C: Ggh… uh, no, it is reasonable etiquette to offer a song to ladies as a knight, but… I’m… not very knowledgeable in that area…

C: Y-yes, if you don’t mind me being unskilled…

C: A-ahem…


C: “Receiving the sunlight, O’ magificent white flower… place down your roots, envelop the heavens and earth… replete the world with your gentle heart, eventually even if life ends, light persists…”

C: … I-I told you I was unskilled. You don’t have to restrain yourself like that; I don’t mind if you laugh.

C: You’re smiling because it was warm and gentle…? From my crude singing? H-haha, I understand. Then, until Your Grace sleeps, I will continue to sing. This sort of request is adorable and doesn’t count as a selfish one. Your Grace, when you were much smaller, you asserted that you wanted to ride a horse by yourself no matter what, haha, and that was a dilemma.

C: Well, at that time, I became the horse and let Your Grace ride on me as a make-believe horse, and that managed to satisfy you somehow. I was a horse and other things, such as a demon who came to kidnap the beautiful princess or the lover you eloped with when we were playing house. I acted out a lot of roles when you innocently sought me out.

C: Haha, yes, I am eight years your senior, so I remember things that Your Grace doesn’t remember from when you were too young.


C: Now then, close your eyes. You won’t have anymore nightmares tonight. At any and every moment, I will protect you. Good night, Your Grace.

C: … Your Grace? Have you fallen asleep? Haha, I’m glad. It seems you’re asleep.

C: *quiet* What am I… supposed to do? Your Grace… please, I beg of you to forgive my betrayal. No… never forgive me… and punish my sins.

*** TRACK 4: Teaching ***

*riding horse*

C: Try not to pull the reins so hard. Yes, good job. *comes over*

C: Your Grace, your hand please. *helps heroine down*

C: Over these past several days, I’ve taught you how to ride a horse alone, but because Your Grace has already mastered riding through your education as a lady, your improvement has been quick. You’re skilled enough to no longer ride double with me. It’s dangerous to remain in one place for long, so we shall be departing tomorrow.

C: … Your Grace? You have a conflicted look on your face. Is there something on your mind? Or are you feeling unwell again?

C: Is that so? Then I’m relieved to hear that…

C: No, we will not be seeking protection from the royal Tilia House. We will be heading to the border where Aldonaut’s eastern lands lie. Although your important marriage with Laurus has been decided, presently, when the people’s insurrection has not been settled yet, we do not know if anything will occur in all this chaos.

C: Until the situation calms, I’ve decided it is better to hide ourselves.

C: Uh…! No, it’s nothing.

C: You’re right, I should scold Your Grace for telling a bad joke such as how it’s as if the make-believe elopement we acted out when we were young has come true. However, I was a bit lost in thought. I sincerely apologize.

C: Now, why don’t we practice some more while the sun is still high.

*** TRACK 5: Truth ***

*opens door*

C: Your Grace, you must be tired. We will be staying at this lodging tonight, so you can take off your traveling clothes.

C: Despite being accustomed to travel, it’s more exhausting than I thought to continue to escape our pursuers day by day. Our journey requires some effort, but please do not force yourself to keep going or lie about being alright.

C: Then I shall head out for a while. Please rest in this room, Your Grace. You don’t need to be concerned. I’m simply picking up a letter. Yes, I sent a messenger under the veil of secrey to my father and brother, who are serving the royal family, to deliver messages to this town. It would be nice if we could learn some of the enemy’s movements from this. *leaves*

*scene skip; Clovis returns upset*

C: … Why…? What exactly happened? WHY!?

C: Your Grace…

C: I shall report what I learned from my father and brother’s news. Right after the duke’s murder, it appears that Leo and Lord Yuri were killed by the rioting people.


C: … Lord Noel’s whereabouts are unknown, but the chances of his survival are hopeless. The insurrection that attacked the Duke of Aldonaut were suppressed by the national army of Tilia and the principal instigators are already imprisoned. I had it in my head that Leo, who colluded with the rioters and killed the duke, was coming for Your Grace’s life.

C: However… I was wrong! Leo fought the crazed rioters and tried to protect the duke’s siblings… and lost his life… is what the letter wrote. It said he was extremely brave.

C: *punches wall* The mastermind wasn’t Leo. Then who was it that killed the duke!? Who was it that instigated the people and planned the uprising!? Who is that is chasing us and aiming for Your Grace’s life!?

C: The truth of that night…? What are you saying was strange?

C: Ggh!

C: … Haha… hahah… I see. There were some inexplicable points about my movements… and you noticed that.


C: Yes, you’re correct. Before the people began rioting, I tied a horse to the back gates. I used a storage that normally no one uses and prepared the necessities needed for two people fleeing.

C: *kneels* However, I swear on my knight’s sword and my loyal heart… that I did not lay a hand on the duke!

C: That’s… ngh…

C: … Your Grace, please keep calm and listen to what I have to say… about the conspiracy behind your arranged marriage.

C: In order to calm the tense diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Tilia and Kingdom of Laurus, a marriage between two royals was decided. That you were chosen, instead of a royal from the direct line, from the Duke of Aldonaut’s House was because the duke had some capability, but the larger reason was because of the legend 400 years ago of The Bloody Queen.

C: From Your Grace’s appearance, there are people in the shadows who say you are the reincarnation of The Bloody Queen who enchanted the king. The royal family of Tilia was thinking of bringing the curse of The Bloody Queen to the Kingdom of Laurus. Yes, the curse is superstition and doesn’t exist.

C: However, the royal family of Laurus, who learned about The Bloody Queen’s curse, detested that and killed the princess… is what they’re trying to spin. Officially, this marriage is for the sake of peace but in actuality it’s for starting a war based on a fabrication. If a war commenced because of your father-in-law then it would also be easy to gain support of various countries and, after assassinating you as you marry over, they would state the royal family of Laurus killed you and have the moral and just cause of claiming revenge.


C: You… were marrying over for the sake of dying.

C: … Your Grace, do you remember the first time we met each other? Yes, ever since we were children, I’ve been your childhood friend, your brother, and your attendant… and also a man who you used to love. I arbritrarily decided your confession to me when you were young was a love out of friendliness and rejected you.

C: Once you became an adult, I would be your clumsy immature first love, one that didn’t suit you and one that would disappear. But I convinced myself that alone would be more than enough. *grabs heroine’s hand; whispers* Even… if it were to freeze my own heart.

C: Haha… in truth, I was overjoyed when you said you loved me. To the extent where I would secretly hum that love song poorly whenever I was alone. The reason I didn’t answer you then… as a noble, Your Grace understands, yes?

C: No matter how dear I thought of you, how much my heart burned passionately with love, I had to be a knight. I’m not allowed to live as anything but a proper knight.


C: For you to be a perfect princess, I continued to strictly admonish Your Grace. I blindly believed that would lead to your happiness.

C: In order to protect the bloodline and to protect the house name, the marriage of nobles is but a method and a responsibility assigned upon birth. No matter how repulsive that future was, the marriage with the crown prince of Laurus was your established role for being born as the daughter of the duke. I believed accomplishing that solidly was the point of living. I had to believe that as a knight.

C: But still I… severed my beliefs and secretly made preparations to flee with Your Grace. *clenches fist* If possible, I wanted to save you. Like the way we played make-believe as children, if I really did elope with you…!

C: On the night of the masquerade ball, if you were to marry, this would be my last chance.

C: … I was still hesitant over whether or not to kidnap you. Kidnapping Your Grace and fleeing would be unbecoming of a knight. But if I let this evening slip past then Your Grace would go to a place I couldn’t reach. In that moment… the riot occurred.

C: Amidst my comrades who were desperately trying to subjugate the rioters, I suddenly thought this… that this was the perfect chance bestowed by the gods!


C: I personally opened the gates that I should have been protecting and invited the rioters into the mansion. The master, the Duke of Aldonaut, that I, of the Orlandi House, swore loyalty to… was someone who I betrayed!

C: … To choose something means to abandon something. Even if I had to discard everything that I needed to remain myself… I wanted to protect you!

C: Haha… Your Grace is aware that the Orlandi House is a lineage of knights, yes? Yes, that’s right. We obtained our court rank not through heritage, but through obtaining merits. We are a single generation of nobles. If I wasn’t a perfect knight then I could not remain by your side. I wouldn’t even be a noble. That’s why… I hated Leo!

C: Despite being a child of a prostitute, he was taken in just because he had half of the duke’s blood and, no matter what he did, he would be your younger brother and be able to remain beside you. I hated that you were kind to Leo, envied him, and was jealous of him. I looked down on him more than was necessary and treated him coldly.

C: Being your close childhood friend, the pride of being your first knight, and the joy of being proper were my reasons for living… and, at the same time, suffered from bearing a heart that ran counter to those.


C: The Frozen Knight, while I was praised brightly for being a just knight… I was just a man! No matter how much I endeavored to be the proud ideal of the people, my heart was filled with an ugly jealousy!

C: I… am this foolish… and disgusting. You’re the only person who I didn’t want knowing what lies beneath these multiple masks. I am a knight. I was a knight. Even now, as I betray my master and run away with you, I strive to be a knight and am being shaken by my crazed feelings for you.

C: What is just…? What can I do to bring you happiness…?

C: I don’t… know anymore. *gritting teeth; heroine hugs him* Ngh! Y-your Grace…?

C: You cannot say that to your servant! It may have been acceptable when you were young, but now that you understand the world you cannot joke poorly with the words “I love you”. Ggh…! You cannot! You… CANNOT FORGIVE MY SIN FOR BETRAYING THE DUKE’S HOUSE! *bows head*

C: A disgraced knight such as I… cannot be rewarded.


C: … Your Grace…

C: Ggh, you’re mistaken! It’s impossible for me to think you don’t matter as long as you fulfill your role as the daughter of the duke’s house. For me to have made you feel such painful thoughts every time I strictly admonished you to be aware of your status, believing my own actions to be right…

C: You’re… the only person who is you in this world. The noble lady I swore my loyalty to and devote my love to… is you alone!

C: M-me too…? Regardless whether or not I’m a true knight… I am your one and only knight…? That’s what you’re saying? Crazed with jealousy and who committed a sin… You see this boring man as a knight and choose him? That’s…

C: … Your Grace…! If I tell you what’s in my heart… my true feelings… will you approve of it? I’ve… always been looking at you. I love you. These aren’t just feelings of affection for my master, and out of respect, I… love you! *hugs heroine*

C: I don’t want to hand you over to anyone else. *kisses*


C: Your Grace… mngh…! I love you. *kisses*

C: Haah… Your Grace… *carries heroine to bed*

C: Am I frightening when I pin you down like this and reveal my desire? Hahah…! Good grief, you… *kisses*

C: Your lips are soft. To think a kiss of love would be this sweet and pleasurable… I had no idea. *kisses* Nngh… Your Grace… you’re beautiful, extremely so.

C: Don’t be embarrassed. Please reveal yourself entirely to me… my beloved.

C: Whispering endearments to a woman… touching each other’s bare skin like this… I thought I would have nothing to do with it for the rest of my life. I haven’t loved anyone else except for you, and I intended to conclude my life with these feelings, which could never reach you, concealed in my heart.


C: I love you… Your Grace. *kisses*

C: Ngh, ah, it’s my first time hearing Your Grace make such a noise. How lovely… mm…

C: Haah… you’re adorable. Your Grace, open your mouth more. Mm, yes. *kisses* Well done.

C: Your heart rate changes when I touch this place, I see. Are you scared? It’s alright, there’s no need to act strong. *kisses* Even if you were to say you were scared, you’ve also properly conveyed that you don’t dislike this.

C: Right now, we aren’t a perfect knight or princess but two people having our first time together. No matter how clumsy it gets, isn’t that nice in and of itself? Haha, I’m not composed. *grabs heroine’s hand* My heartbeat is also pounding embarrassingly fast, if I can say so myself. You can feel it against your palm when you touch my chest like this, right?

C: Yes, I love you as well. *kisses*


C: I’ll be touching you a little deeper. *fingers heroine* Nngh, in this small place… do you feel this? Does it feel good?

C: Don’t be scared. Please feel more pleasure. *kisses* Even if you received education about marital matters, Your Grace isn’t aware of how to pleasure yourself so this must be your first experience, right? Don’t worry, it’s not strange. Your dazed look is extremely cute.

C: Ah? Did you orgasm lightly just now? Lightning ran through your body and, when you came, you arched your back, didn’t you? That is the pleasure of an orgasm, Your Grace.

C: Ngh… look, as proof that you’re aroused your juices are flowing out from here. I’m glad you’re feeling this much pleasure. *kisses*

C: Come now, Your Grace, can you tell where this wet sound is coming from? Your body is melting sweetly in order to become one with me. Please feel even more pleasure. *gives oral* Mm, don’t worry, there’s no such thing as a dirty place on you. Mmgh…!

C: No, don’t pull your hips away. I don’t want to let even a single drop of your juice fall onto the sheets. Everything belongs to me. Nrgh…! Ah…

C: Your amorous eyes, your face, and your voice are all so lovely, ngh, I’m already at my… *removes pants; still giving oral*

C: It’s, ngh, the first time I’ve been so painfully aroused. Ggh… hah… Your Grace, you’re burning hot… Look, just from rubbing against each other, our obscene slick is mixing, ngh, and creating strands… *kisses* Yes, that’s right, this will be entering you and we’ll become one.


C: … Your Grace, are you ready? *kisses; inserts himself* Ggh…!

C: Haa… Your Grace? Are you alright? If it’s too much I can pull out— *heroine protests* ah? Haha… yes, I understand. Then I’ll keep going deeper like this… ngh…!

C: Your Grace… *kisses*

C: … You’ve relaxed. *kisses; thrusts* Mmgh! Hagh! Y-yes, I’m entirely in you.

C: Your Grace!? Are you crying?! If your body is in pain then we can— *heroine hits him* ngh! Y-your Grace…? You’re crying… out of happiness? Oh… haha, yes, you’re right. I’m too oblivious, so I must study the emotions of women more. *kisses* Will you teach me, Your Grace?

C: *kisses* Nngh… I love you. I love you…! *thrusting* Nngh…! Hah…!

C: My body, heart, and soul… everything of me belongs to you! Haa… hah…! Your Grace… agh, Your Grace…! Forgive me for dirtying you with my seed…! Ggh…! I love you… Your Grace! Nngh…! *he orgasms*

C: Haa… hagh… *kisses* Your Grace…

C: To think that joining with the person you love… can bring so much happiness to the point of making one feel dizzy.

C: Your Grace…? Yes…! Merely receiving your words of love allows me to be who I am. Even if I am not a perfect knight, I can still receive the love of Your Grace. *kisses* Your Grace… mm…!

C: Ngh, I sincerely apologize and though I don’t want to overexert you… but the arousal sheathed in you refuses to settle at all and remains hot and hard. I will return to being a proper knight tomorrow morning, so just for now… allow me to simply be a man drowning in you. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Cherished Desire ***

*Clovis kisses*

C: Mm… I want you more…

C: No matter how many times we kiss, it’s never enough… ngh… *kisses*

C: Haah… haa… is it rough? But it’s still not enough. More…

C: Nrgh, Your Grace, I apologize deeply but I’m no longer able to hold back. Your Grace, I beg you, allow me to make love to you once more. Nngh! *thrusting* Your Grace… Your Grace…! Ungh… it’s so good…! I’m sorry, I want to be gentle but I can’t stop! Mmgh…! *kisses*

C: I love you… ngh, I love you! Hrgh… haa…!

C: Your sweat-covered back… your spine stretched straight… your disheveled hair… each and everything about you inflames my desire! Nngh! Hagh…!


C: Ah, your sweet moans…! Ngh… you’re so wonderful, Your Grace. *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haa… hah… you can’t put any strength into your body anymore? You can’t keep yourself up? Mm… *kisses* that’s alright, just lie down on your stomach like that. Haa, don’t worry, I know you’re not rejecting me.

C: *kisses* You’re feeling too much so your body is reflexively trying to escape, so all I need to do is hold you down. Nngh… ah…! Your Grace… I love you!

C: Mmgh…! Ggh…! Your Grace, just now… did you orgasm? Amazing, you’re squeezing down on me inside… *kisses* How are you so adorable? Nn…

C: No. It’s not over yet. Haa… hah… I still want you. This isn’t enough at all. *thrusting* Nrgh… you just came, so when I thrust into you like this without a pause, ngh, are you going to climax again? Ungh…! Go ahead. Please reach the summit as many times as you want until I release inside you, kgh…! Nngh…!

C: Your Grace, agh… this feels good… it’s so good…! Ngh…!

C: Haa… hah… so cute… Feel me more… Your body, your heart… I want to fill you entirely with myself. You belong only to me. Nngh… Your Grace…! Haah… hah… Your Grace…!


C: I’m…! Agh… ungh…! *thrusting; he orgasms*

C: Nrgh… hah…

C: … Your Grace. *kisses* May I sit you up from the back like this?

C: You can’t move your body at all? Haha, that’s fine. Please lean back against my chest like that. *kisses*

C: Your Grace, look down. Mm… here, look at what’s flowing out from where we’re joined. Yes, both the seed I spilled in you and your honey of acceptance. It’s proof of our connection. *kisses*

C: I sincerely apologize for pushing you so hard. Um… I couldn’t seem to stop myself by any means. I’m pathetic. Haha, you… You’re too lenient towards me, Your Grace. *kisses*

C: … Your Grace, I want to stay joined like this forever. I don’t want to separate from you. *kisses* Can I?


C: Haha, you felt so much pleasure you’re unable to do anything else? Saying such a thing with that face… You’re so adorable it makes me giddy. *kisses* Don’t worry, let’s make love slowly to each other. Nngh… just grinding together like this, combining our heat without climaxing, and tenderly feeling each other’s warmth is also an activity between a man and woman, no?

C: U-um… erm… my body doesn’t lie, so if you ask me whether or not it’s painful to stay like this… it puts me in a dilemma. Putting aside how intense I was back there, I’m still… uh… This state is embarrassing.

C: My want for you hasn’t been fulfilled, but even I think that wanting you in such a beastly manner… makes me duck my head. Yes.

C: Haha, it’s mean to laugh at me like that. You’ve hurt my sensitive heart somewhat. Haha… hahah! *kisses* Yes, it’s nice, isn’t it? Lying together and laughing like this. It’s the happiest time in my life. No matter what sort of painful things happen, as long as we’re together we can smile. How wonderful it is to love one another.


C: Your Grace… this time I want to be able to look at your face as I embrace you tight. *kisses* I want to be held by you too.

C: Nn, yes, I’ll support you. Raise your hips, but just a little so that I don’t slip out. This way. Mmgh… don’t strain yourself. I don’t mind if you take it slow. Haah…

C: Aah, embracing each other helps me become firmly familiar with your body. It’s as if the boundaries between us have disappeared. *breathes slowly* You smell nice… *kisses*

C: …? Haha, Your Grace? It’s a cute request to hear you wish for a kiss on the lips. Of course, I’d be pleased to. *kisses* Will Your Grace give me one? *kisses*

C: Mm… ngh… You move too. Nngh… hah… well done. Rocking our joined bodies, let’s sway like quiet waves… ngh… *kisses*


C: I’m warm? Haha, I’m glad.

C: Yes, that’s right, I’m in a strange mood too. I want you passionately as a lover yet, at the same time, there’s a comfortable sensation like when we were childhood friends. *kisses* Haha, I don’t mind if you call me Ryudo like you did as a nickname when you were young.

C: The first time we met Your Grace was still young and your tongue was imprecise. Haha, you weren’t able to properly enunciate my name, Clovis. You seemed to be sad that you were the only one unable to say my name properly, unlike the adults around you, and you looked at me with a face on the verge of crying. Do you remember?

C: Haha, after you called me Ryudo, you followed me around happily. You really were adorable. It was to the point where Lord Noel became exasperated, saying it was like I was your real brother. At that time, I was still at an age where I didn’t understand love, but now and in the past my feelings of cherishing you haven’t changed at all. Yes, certainly, please call me that. Because I loved it when you called me that.

C: H-huh…?! “Ryudo, I love you”… they’re the same words I’ve heard many times in the past. But now it feels as if I’ve been shot through the heart by an arrow of love. Haha, yes, go ahead. Please say it more.

C: Haha, Your Grace was the only one who called me by that cute nickname so it’s a nostalgic and embarrassing feeling too. *kisses*


C: Hah… Your Grace… *kisses*

C: Ngh, haa… your heart is racing… Even though we’re gently satisfying ourselves like this, ngh, these overflowing emotions of love know no end. Your Grace is the same as me. Nngh… *kisses*

C: Can you tell that I’ve become large again? Ungh… hah… at this rate, things will finish soon so move slower… ngh… *kisses*

C: … You must be tired, right? While we’re still joined, I’ll… topple us over to the side like this. Haha, don’t worry, I won’t mind even if you fall asleep. Haha, even though your eyelids are falling down, you begging “I want to talk more” hasn’t changed since you were small.

C: Aah, I’ve always… wanted to be tender to you like this. *kisses* As the years passed, you became a perfect noblewoman and I had to be a perfect knight. We couldn’t always remain close childhood friends and so I ended up putting on the mask of a strict servant. As your innocent smile in your youth disappeared and you tried to act as the perfect noblewoman, which was sought from you, you started to shrink from me.

C: The stricter I was on you the more it was for Your Grace’s sake. I believed it was necessary for me to remain as a knight, but for me to have given you those sorrowful emotions… I am so sorry.


C: Even still, you didn’t fear or hate me and Your Grace was always kind to me. You are incredibly gentle. That is precisely why you are strong. Haha, no, kindness is not a weakness. It’s an idealistic thought that those who are kind will gather like-minded individuals and they will create a warm world together. In actuality, it is those who desire that kindness who gather to them, and things that are given continue to be given, while things that are robbed continue to be robbed.

C: The one who gives becomes exhausted and if they show even the slightest sign of turning their back they are found to be a traitor. However, even if that were to be the case, Your Grace would not change and would continue to be gentle towards people. You are that sort of strong person. The weak don’t wish for their weakness to be realized, so they can only force others.

C: If you are kind to people, then you find yourself changing as well. If you wish to be treated kindly then you have to be kind to others. Even though people wish to be treated with tenderness, they’re unable to do that out of fear of having their true selves be known… that was how I was. *kisses*


C: I wish to be kind like you… and strong. If I was stronger then I wouldn’t have caused you sadness. Leo too… I wouldn’t have treated him with such a terrible attitude. I wonder why I couldn’t be more gentle with him? Leo was still a child when he was taken in by the duke.

C: He acted tough but he must have been insecure from being despised every day for being born of a mistress. And yet I… what did I do? I can’t even apologize anymore. My regret is endless.

C: …? Your Grace…? Thank you. Yes… even if I cannot apologize, I wish to believe I can atone for it. I’m sure Leo and my wish are the same. *kisses* It’s to give happiness to our beloved, you. I love you, Your Grace. I love you. I will place everything on the line to protect you and I swear I’ll make you happy. *kisses*

C: Now, Your Grace, close your eyes. Let’s fall asleep joined as one. Don’t worry, I’ll keep on holding you, so you won’t ever have a nightmare again. Huh? A song? Uh… I’m so poor that it might keep you awake instead.

C: Haha… I understand. Good grief, I cannot win against your requests.

C: Then… ahem. “Receiving the sunlight, O’ magificent white flower… place down your roots, envelop the heavens and earth… replete the world with your gentle heart, eventually even if life ends, light persists…”

*** TRACK 6: Choice ***

C: Your Grace, have you made your preparations? *brings over letter* This is a new secret message which was sent early in the morning from my father and brother in the royal palace. Currently, the royal Tilia house is putting into plan their action of assassinating you after protecting you and marrying you into the Kingdom of Laurus as was arranged. Thus, right now, the ones pursuing us for our lives are those who wish to stop the war with Laurus.

C: If they kill Your Grace before you marry into Laurus then the marriage itself would not exist. Regardless of whether it’s after you marry or before you marry, this country intends to kill Your Grace.

C: Yes, I do not know what sort of means they will use but it’s likely the duke’s murder is connected with the royal Tilia House.

C: … Also, there’s one more matter. An incredibly important letter was also delivered. *presents letter* The emblem on the sealing wax is the official one of the royal Laurus House. The Laurus House, knowing the conspiracy Tilia has planned, has sent a letter to you in secret through the Orlandi House who serves the duke. It states that the Kingdom of Laurus will come to receive the duke’s noble daughter without the assistance of the Kingdom of Tilia.

C: They won’t allow the assassination to happen, they will guarantee Your Grace’s absolute safety, and on the way you will become the Crown Princess of Laurus. They ask whether or not you wish to claim revenge on the Kingdom of Tilia, who ruined Duke Aldonaut. In summary, these are its contents.


C: It’s an ulterior motive of using Your Grace, who has abandoned her homeland to marry into Laurus, as a just cause to bring to light the Kingdom of Tilia’s conspiracy of using a political marriage to instigate a war against the Kingdom of Laurus. Either way, Your Grace is a tool for the war between these two countries.

C: However, if you accepted the Kingdom of Laurus’ requisition then, at the least, you won’t be ruthlessly assassinated. You will be able to live lacking for nothing as the Crown Princess.

C: Your Grace… please allow the Kingdom of Laurus to come for you. *heroine grabs him* Ggh! The letter from the Kingdom of Laurus looks as if they are bringing up a request, but this is nothing more than an order. If you refuse then you will be pursued by both the Kingdom of Tilia and Laurus.

C: THE SAME FOR ME…!! I don’t wish to hand you over to another man! I love only you… and these feelings will not waver.

C: … Unlike me, who has committed a sin and is stained, you are a real princess with noble blood. If there is a path where you do not have to throw down your house, your name, your past and live the rest of your life running and hiding in places where the sun doesn’t shine then I—!!

C: *kneels down* As long as you are my princess, I am your knight. Please, I wish for your happiness… That is my only desire.

*** TRACK 8: Bad End ~ To Serve ~ ***

C: Yes, that is a splendid decision, Your Grace. To choose a princess’ happiness, that is a natural choice as someone with noble status. Y-your Grace…? What do you mean by saying that becoming the Crown Princess is not for the sake of depending on the Kingdom of Laurus…?

C: W-wha…!? Your Grace, to say such a thing…! *exalted* Yes! If it is you then you will not be a Crown Princess, you will definitely become the Queen. Then, after obtaining Laurus, we will destroy the Kingdom of Tilia which has taken everything from us. It’s a wonderful plan!

C: Yes, Your Grace! I understand! I, Clovis Orlandi, will absolutely be Your Grace’s— no, the Queen’s supreme knight who will obey her to the end of my days. I will protect you with my body, soul, and everything I place my pride on, your Royal Highness.

[01:40] *scene skip; door opens and closes*

C: Welcome home, Your Grace. Did you conclude your activities with the Crown Prince without a hitch? Yes, how splendid. You fulfilled your role without fault, yes? Now, remove your clothes and come here.

C: Is something the matter? Come to bed quickly. If you don’t come, then I cannot purify you.

C: Now, spread your legs in front of me as you always do and expose that place of your covered in sperm.

C: … Aah, he came a lot inside you today too. It’s streaming and flowing out like this, dripping as if you wet yourself. *growls* Heh, how disgusting. Haha, look, if I scrape it out with my fingers then it comes out in drops. Ngh, Your Grace, push down with your abdomen too and expel this dirtiness from within you.

C: Well done, Your Grace. But there’s still some deeper inside where my fingers can’t reach, isn’t there? What shall we do? Mm? I can’t hear you. What do you wish me to do as your knight, Your Grace?


C: Haha… yes, well done. I shall obey your order.

C: Spread your legs wider. *removes his pants* You desire this, yes, Your Grace? Haha, yes, don’t worry, I won’t tease you and make you wait. I will offer up anything that you wish for. Nngh! *thrusts in*

C: … Aah, my beauty, it’s tepid inside you and you’re filled with filth. This cannot be allowed, can it? Mm…! Haa… hah… can you hear this disgusting sound? *kisses* Mgh… hah… yes… yes, you don’t need to cry like that. I, Clovis, will cleanse you immediately. Nngh! Hagh… hah…!

C: Haha… hahah…! Do you know why males are shaped like this here for seeding females? Nngh… mm… it’s for stealing females. It’s for raking out other men’s seed and planting their own. Nrgh! Over and over again… I’ll spill myself into you. Ggh… ngh…!


C: Become impregnanted by my seed instead of that incompetent Crown Prince! Mmgh… ngh…

C: Hahah, don’t worry, the color of my hair and eyes is the same as the Crown Prince so even if you bear my child, ngh, no one will notice. Mmgh! Ngh!

C: Hagh… haa… you mustn’t spill a single drop of my seed, Your Grace! Hah… haah…!

C: Aah, Your Grace…! Your Grace…! I’m already… it’s coming…! I’m releasing it…! Ungh… ngh! *he orgasms*

C: Mm… hagh… haha… hahah…! You’re completely filled inside by me. How glorious. *pulls out; lies beside heroine*

C: … You’re clean now. Don’t cry anymore, Your Grace. *kisses*

C: Soon, the Crown Prince will succeed the throne of Laurus. You, as the Crown Princess, will bear a heir from my seed and, sooner or later, we shall get rid of the king who is in the way. Hahah, we can make up countless stories for his death. Yes, the time for you to become Queen has come. Your Grace… *kisses* I am your knight and for as long as I live I shall serve you.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Bad End After ~ The Shadow Knight ~ ***

C: *kneels down* Your Grace, this evening I will be absent on an expedition with the Order of Knights. It is bothersome, but this is also my responsibility as a knight who has pledged himself to this country. Forgive me for being absent from your side for this while.

C: *rises* Yes, don’t worry, I will be departing after making firm preparations for Your Grace’s care. Now, remove your clothes and stand in front of this mirror.

C: Is something the matter? Haha, there’s no need to be shy in front of me at this point in time, no? *stern* Your Grace— ah, no, right now you are the Queen, aren’t you? Forgive my insolence. As someone in the position of a ruler, you cannot be so obstinate. Or do you not trust me? *heroine strips*

C: Yes, you’ve always been a good girl since you were young. Even now, after having safely become the Queen, you haven’t changed from listening to me. Ah, acknowledged. Then, as you say, whenever we are alone together I will call you by Your Grace as I used to in the past.

C: *kneels; breathes* Your Grace, I can smell your fragrant honey from above your underwear. No matter how many times I lick, and suck, and taste, and swallow, this unending fountain swallows me to my base and undulates, begging me to hurry and spill my seed… Even now, just from my breaths, are you not feeling aroused?


C: Now, take away the hindrance and show yourself to me.

C: Haha, well done. *gives oral* Nngh…

C: No. I won’t be going to the end today. *grabs object* Now, Your Grace, please wear this. Haha, it’s strange for you to look so surprised. The sons and daughters of a respectable family naturally would have seen a chastity belt before, no? Don’t worry, even if the king comes around you can reject him by acting as if your menstruation has come or that your health is poor.

C: Hahah… relax, Your Grace. Do you remember when the last time it was that you shared a bed with the king? Heheh, yes, that’s right. You haven’t performed the activities of a married couple to the extent where you’ve nearly forgotten your previous entanglements, am I right?

C: Haha, you do not need to be concerned. It’s not that the king has grown tired of Your Grace, and he won’t be welcoming any concubines in the future either. Your social position will never waver. Did you not notice? The incompetent king… has also become an impotent man. Heheh… hahahah!

C: There is a drug that slowly, over a long period of time, slowly but steadily erodes a man’s ability so that no one will notice. It’s something that has appeared on the market within the Kingdom of Tilia and which I sent for, but to think it had such a lovely effect.


C: Your Grace, look closely at the mirror. This is something to protect you and so there is no need to fear it. You can still excrete waste and there will be no inconvenience in your life. Ah, this protuberance which will be against your precious place? Haha, wouldn’t it be boring if it only protected you from outsiders?

C: In truth, I wanted you to wear this with my sperm in you but, regrettably, there is no time before I must depart. I sincerely apologize.

C: First, I will set the belt and lock around your waist. Does it feel tight? Now, spread your legs. Hahah, I made you wet for this purpose but such a small toy-like thing will slip right on in. Haha, look, it was swallowed readily just from a small push. How indecent.

C: There, done. Aah, gorgeous. It suits you very much. Haha… hahah!! Unless they have the key which I hold, no one can touch you anymore. If something were to happen to me during the expedition… that place of yours will never be able to receive a hot arousal… and it will ache forever.

C: *heroine hugs him* Ngh! Haha… Your Grace. Yes, I will return unharmed without fail. Will you be good and wait? *heroine nods* Haha, how cute and obedient you are. So lovable. *kisses* My princess. I only have you… and you only have me. We don’t need anyone else. Now I must go.

[08:46] *scene skip; knocks on door*

C: I apologize for my intrusion in the night. Clovis Orlandi has returned. *heroine rushes to door*

C: Haha, running over like that is something I should scold you for being shameless but… *hugs heroine* I missed you. *slams door; kisses* Nrgh…!

C: Your Grace… Your Grace…! Mmh…! *inhales* It smells of you… *kisses* You smell good. I want to tear off your thin night-clothes and ravish you violently right now. Aah…

C: Haha, to see you twisting your hips and rubbing your thighs together just from kisses. It seems you’re at your limits too. *kisses; rips clothes* Mm…!

C: Haa… hah… your blushing nipples are sticking straight up from your snowy-white breasts. Haha, with how aroused these are, you couldn’t help but ache inside just from them rubbing against your clothes, right? Nngh… ah…

C: Does it feel good? More…? Haha… you’re starving to the extent where you’ll personally seduce a man with obscene requests, aren’t you, Your Grace?


C: I wonder just how much your ripened fruit has been waiting eagerly and hotly for a male’s essence, spilling its juices, on the inside of this cold metal? Haha, look, your wet slick is flowing out from the chastity belt and even your inner thighs are soaked now. It’s as if you were a child who wet herself.

C: Ah, that won’t do, if you try to force it off you will only injure your beautiful fingers. As long as you don’t have this key, which I keep hanging against my neck, you will never be able to remove the belt.

C: Haha, oh dear. You’re a naughty girl. You wish to be ravished that much? You want to be slammed into by my raging arousal and go mad with desire like a beast? Haha… oh, you wish to climax?

C: … Then, I need to prepare on my end too. Yes, I’m not bullying you or dragging it out. Please just endure for a little bit more. *removes armor*

C: Haa… hah… Your Grace, please look at this. *removes pants* Haha, I won’t just let you experience suffering alone. Yes, I am the same as you, wearing a chastity belt, and moving around with an unmanageable body.

C: You’re staring so intently. Are you interested? The make here is different from ones for women. Except for the tip for excretion, the rest is covered in a narrow cylinder and even the base is tightly constricted. It’s made so that you absolutely cannot discharge.


C: Even when I become hard during sleep, and try to regulate myself right after I wake up, the heat accumulates and I throb constantly unable to release myself. And now, whether I am asleep or awake, it’s an agonizing pain as if I’m in hell.

C: At the beginning, I was able to discipline my physical body with my mind. But after half a month, my aching body controls my mind. My member pulses horrendously inside the chastity belt and, in place of being able to discharge, continues to drip its sticky slick which constantly clings everywhere.

C: Haha… yes, that’s right, just like you, I fulfilled my obligations as a knight while dripping everywhere as if I wet myself. *walks to end of room* My key is over here. I wanted you to hold the key which imprisoned me and concealed it in your jewelry box. *returns*

C: Your Grace, may I have your hand? This key belongs to you.

C: … To make me wait, or to torment me, is all up to you. Now, let’s head to bed, Your Grace.

C: I am of the mood to watch you writhe more, but I’m the one who can’t wait to touch you so I shall remove yours. *unlocks belt* Aah, amazing… this choking smell… It’s the smell of a female who has been confined. Can you tell on your own?


C: Yes, it’s extremely unclean. There was only a small hole for excretion and during my absence you weren’t able to wash yourself so that’s naturally the case. Haha, it’s embarrassing for this messy and dripping space… to be seen and smelt, right?

C: No. I won’t allow you to close your legs. You want me to do it, don’t you? Good girl… my sweet princess. *gives oral*

C: Nnrgh… hah…! The flavor is also immense… it tastes indecent on many levels. Yes, it’s dirty so I’ll lick it all up. Mmgh… ngh… ah, but no matter how much I swallow it keeps flowing out and it won’t stop.

C: The taste is somewhat changed after you’ve came many times. Mm… a sullied princess is also extremely lovable. Haha, either way, we’re both stained to our very bones. It doesn’t matter. Nngh, look, you’re also syrupy inside and it feels like my fingers will melt.


C: Haha… ngh, you’re shaking all over, it’s adorable. Mm? Is something the matter? Something’s coming out…? What is?

C: If I stimulate this place any more something will leak out? Heh, go ahead. Let it out on my face as a reward for me. *gives oral; watersports* Mm… ngh…!

C: Haa… hah…! Your Grace, I’m about to lose my mind from the pain. Please, I beg you, grant me your mercy. Inside the chastity belt, I’m overwhelmingly hard and it’s agonizingly painful from how I feel like I’m going to explode. Hagh… haa… Your Grace, I beg you… please…!

C: Your Grace…! Nngh… yes, if you open that lock the covering around my genitals will loosen. Pull it out like that. Nngh!

C: … Haha… I’m also unclean, aren’t I? It smells terrible. If you open this last lock the ring constricting my base can be removed. Haha… you want to but you also want to tease me? Go ahead, Your Grace.

C: Ngh! If I’m constricted tightly like this right now, I won’t be able to spill myself normally but like this it’s more than enough to serve the purpose of slaking your lust. Rather, I think I could please Your Grace for a long time…

C: Your Grace… stain me more and drive me mad…! Nngh…! Now, spread your legs, and I’ll insert this filthy thing into you. Let’s taint both our bodies and souls. Mrgh… agh… Your Grace…! Aah…!


C: Amazing…! You’re twisting your hips so much… How obscene. Nngh… hagh… Your Grace… Your Grace…! More…! Hagh…!

C: I’m coming yet I can’t…! Your Grace…! Ggh… ungh…! Your Grace…!

C: Hrgh… it hurts…! Mmgh…! D-do you… feel good? Please… go ahead and use me until you are satisfied. Haa… ngh…! Hagh…! Your Grace…!

C: Y-your Grace… bestow onto me more and more punishment… mrgh…! Just a bit more… and you’ll become this kingdom’s queen! You, who were abandoned by everything, will be able to obtain everything! Nngh… agh…! I will protect you with my body, soul, ngh, and everything I place my pride on, your Majesty!

*** TRACK 7: Happy End ~ Hope ~ ***

Note: Remember, this continues from Track 6.

C: Your Grace…? *gets slapped* Ggh!

C: What are you—? Your Grace… you… you’re saying you will choose me still? *heroine hugs him* Ggh!?

C: … You’re right. You don’t wish for revenge. Even now you wish strongly to live for me. *returns hug* Yes… yes… you’re right! Your life, for as long as you are yourself, is my beloved who belongs to me. You won’t become a tool for war. If you choose me because you wish for me then I am the same.

C: I will protect you to the end, not just as a knight, but also as just a man. I swear I will love you to the end of my days. I will protect you with my body, soul, ngh, and everything I place my pride on, my lady.

C: Let us depart. According to the information delivered, our pursuers are approaching. Yes, we’ll go to the ends of the earth together!

*scene skip; riding horse*

C: Ngh! *stops horse* At this rate we’ll be surrounded.

C: … *gets off horse* I will be a shield and stop them here. Your Grace, please go on ahead. I taught you how to ride a horse and how to read the map to get to our destination, yes? Haha, right, as long as it is Your Grace then you will be fine.

C: Your Grace, may I have your hand? *kisses hand* Even if our bodies are apart, my heart is always beside you. I will definitely come for you at our promised location. So please go! *people arrive; turns around* Now, go! Keep going without looking back! *heroine whips horse*

C: HAAAAGH!! *fighting* I swear on this sword, I won’t let you lay a single finger on the princess! Now, you lawless men who don’t even understand your place, clench your fist and prepare to travel to the underworld.

[03:44] *scene skip; birds chirping; someone knocks on door; heroine opens door; Clovis stumbles over*

C: … I’ve returned… Your Grace. *door closes; heroine hugs him* Ngh! Haha…

C: I sincerely apologize for making you wait so long by yourself. I’m glad you’re safe and healthy.

C: Yes, during my frequent skirmishes with both Tilia and Laurus’ men, I lost my right leg but the plan of showing that the noble daughter of the Duke of Aldonaut and her Knight Captain has died was safely completed.

C: A-ah, please don’t cry. I’m okay. I made sure to come back to you alive. *hobbles through room* This place… is the house you lived in while waiting for me, huh. Even though it’s small, it’s a warm and nice house. *sits down*

C: Thank you. I’ve become accustomed to my artificial leg through my long journey but it really is easier when I’m supported. Ah! *grabs heroine’s hand*

C: … No, I don’t mind if you make the tea later. More importantly, please let me look upon your face.


C: Please let me confirm you are here… my beloved. *kisses*

C: Your Grace…! I missed you! *kisses*

C: In actuality, we should be fighting to the end, unminding of death, in order to reclaim the House of Duke Aldonaut as a knight and as a royal lady. But we chose to run away in order to live together. Some may despise us as fools for choosing the small happiness of loving each other over our dignity.

C: Haha. *kisses* But still, that’s alright. If people will hold us in contempt for this sin then they can despise us all they want. I don’t need what others decide is right and just. I just want you. *hugs heroine*

C: Let’s be happy… with just the two of us, together forever. *kisses*

C: Haha, don’t worry, this isn’t a dream. I, Clovis, am beside Your Grace. *kisses* I love you, my precious lady.

*** HOBIGIRLS TOKUTEN: Happy End After ~ Sunlit Oath ~ ***

*wood shaving*

C: Phew, today’s quota for goods is complete with this. *stretches*

C: H-huh!? Your Grace!? Did you come all this way over to the workshop? *hobbles over* You’ll dirty your shoes with the sawdust in this squalid place. U-uh, c-certainly, we’re married and we’ve tossed away our family names and honor. Right now, I’m no longer a knight and I’m a craftsman working in this village’s workshop but still Your Grace hasn’t changed from being a princess to me…

C: N-no, you’re mistaken! I’m not talking about your House or social status. I mean that, no matter what sort of position you have, you’re the world’s most precious princess! You are my one and only princess whom I love. *looks around* A-ah, Your Grace, um, there’s people watching here. Can we continue this outside?

C: *turns around* Ggh, shut up, everyone! You’re embarrassing her! If you’re going to tease someone then just tease me! We’re newlyweds so it’s natural that we have a good relationship! G-gugh, jeez, you guys don’t look over here, don’t come over, and don’t get close! Get away from my precious wife!

C: *to heroine* Y-yes, I’m so embarrassed it feels like my face will catch fire too. Gah, the workshop fellows are always quick on their feet like this, so I couldn’t stay silent and ended up… getting fired up. I’m sorry…

C: *to coworkers* I know I can leave early today without being told, but if there’s something else I can help with then I planned on staying behind— uh… I-I understand, so don’t jeer at me like that. Then I’ll accept your kind consideration.


C: *to heroine* Now then, why don’t we go? Everyone’s being noisy about me hurrying home too. Your Grace made lunch especially for me, so why don’t we go on a picnic after this? Erm, please wait one moment. I need my cane.

C: *hobbles over* I apologize for making you wait. *heroine supports him* O-oh, Your Grace…? I’m accustomed to this leg already, so you don’t need to support me. Ah… haha, you’re right, we can walk pressed against each other boldly in the open like this. Then I’ll humbly request this of you. Could you take the lead, Your Grace?

*scene skip; walking*

C: Let’s take a break around here. Your Grace, please sit down over here. It’s a worn-out jacket but it’s better than nothing, right? Haha, you don’t need to be reserved. This isn’t the manners of a knight but just me wanting to look good in front of my beloved wife. Please? *they sit down*

C: Aah, the weather’s nice. The sunlight is warm and feels comfortable. I thought we wouldn’t be able to look up at the sky calmly like this ever again the night we left the duke’s mansion. I can no longer fight as a knight but I’ve seized the happiness of being able to walk the rest of my life together with my beloved wife.


C: At a small village in a distant country, which is neither the Kingdom of Tilia nor the Kingdom of Laurus, you work as a seamstress and I work as a furniture craftsman in a workshop where we earn our daily expenses. It’s nothing luxurious but we can smile together and live warmly and modestly.

C: I’m so happy… I become scared. Even as I reflect upon this happiness, there is a part of me that constantly blames myself, asking if I can be allowed to be happy with you. Is this really alright? Have you not made a mistake? Like a shadow which grows darker if shone on by a bright light… the happier I become now the more I am tormented by the awareness of my sins.

C: … The duke, Lord Noel, Lord Yuri… and Leo… I wasn’t able to protect them. Am I allowed to be the only one who is happy?

C: Ah, I’ve brought up things for which nothing can be done. I became remiss and ended up spilling my worries… that’s embarrassing.

C: Your Grace… *kisses* Yes, of course, I don’t regret choosing the path of living together with you. However, at times, I’m trapped in feelings of wanting to tear at myself out of shame of never being able to hold a sword. Here you are, facing forward and living while carrying these sorrows, and yet… I’m pathetic, aren’t I?

C: Yes, you’re right. It doesn’t matter if no one forgives us for abandoning everything and running. I love you… If our happiness is built upon unpardonable sins then I will live on, carrying this grief. To live to the end, without throwing away this grief, is my atonement. I love you, Your Grace. *kisses*


C: Your Grace… *kisses* Mm… ngh…

C: … I need you. I want to make love to you, right here and now. *kisses* Don’t worry, only extremely idle people would come this deep into the forest. This is a well-kept secret place, hidden by trees, which I only found when searching for lumber. Please? *kisses*

C: Even though it’s this bright and we’re being shone on by the sun… it’s just us two alone here. *kisses* I wish to love you, not in the darkness, but surrounded in light.

C: Haha, this isn’t a selfish request asking for your forgiveness. It’s my first time coaxing you for something. May I, Your Grace? I love you, Your Grace. *kisses*

C: Mm… your heart is racing. Are you embarrassed because it’s day out? *kisses* These pale mounds, abashed in the sunlight, seduce me with their colored peaks. Nngh…


C: No, I want to see you in this light without any covering. Mngh… you’re this beautiful, so don’t be embarrassed. *kisses*

C: Wait one moment, alright? *removes clothes*

C: Yes, like you, I am naked as the day I was born. This is the first time I’ve exposed myself completely to Your Grace after my leg became like this, isn’t it? I’ve always been hesitant about showing you this cold, hard, and bloodless iron lump but this is who I am now. I’ve always thought that this right leg itself was the shape of my sin for not being able to protect the Aldonaut House and not being able to fight was my punishment.

C: But I was wrong. It is the shape of the future I chose, at the end of whatever pain and doubts I went through… and the proof of my oath to protect you and how I fought my way out.

C: … It’s cold, isn’t it? It’s cold but you can also feel a warmth…? Haha, that’s a lovely compliment. It’s strange. I shouldn’t be able to feel anything, but I also feel the warmth from your palm soaking into me. Thank you, Your Grace. *kisses*

C: No matter how soft this grass is it looks like it would still hurt your back if you were to lie down like this. *kisses* Your Grace, could you shift onto your hands and knees? Mm, no? Is it embarrassing?

C: Pffhaha! For my lovely, sweet princess to call this boorish man cute… It’s nice to plead with you from time to time. It feels like I’m awakening something I shouldn’t. Now, Your Grace… *kisses*


C: Your knees don’t hurt, do they? Are you alright? Raise your bottom some more. Yes, let’s cut loose today and do many naughty things.

C: Your silky smooth bottom is extremely adorable. *kisses* May I bite it? Don’t worry, I’ll only be pressing my teeth lightly to it. Please? Mmn…

C: Your pale bottom is trembling. If you keep squirming like that you’ll expose your arousal in front of me, you know? U-uh… um… you’re quite bold today. Seriously adorable. Nngh… mm…!

C: Haah… does it feel good? This place of yours is hotter and twitching more than usual. Nnrgh…

C: Go ahead, become disheveled, and climax however many times you want. Mm… Your Grace? Is something wrong?

C: U-uh, Your Grace!? T-that place… ngh… Haha… hahah… To personally reach out to a man’s arousal… you’re a bad girl, aren’t you? Did you want to try touching me as well? Haa… hah… yes, you’re right, I was the one begging to do naughty things so let’s enjoy ourselves. Nngh…


C: It’s burning hot as if it were another living creature, right? This is what always goes into you. Where it feels good…? Um, let’s see… the underside from the swollen head to the middle there… ngh…

C: Hahah, you can do it harder. Haah… haa… your beautiful hand and fingers are stroking my unsightly length. To see it get wet with my pre-cum… hah… it’s so immoral it makes me feel like I’ll go mad. Nn…

C: Your Grace… you don’t need to do that. Your feelings of loving me the same as I do you is more than enough. This is also an act of reciprocated love so I won’t ask you boorishly to do something a prostitute would do. However, haha, you wrung out as much courage as you could to just touch me like this, right?

C: Yes, I can tell. *kisses* There’s no need to force yourself to do shameless or obscene things. Please enjoy yourself. *kisses*

C: Your Grace… mm… doing it from the back or riding me like a horse, which one would you prefer? Mm? You want me to embrace you? Alright, then let’s face each other like this. Right?


C: Here, Your Grace, if you sit on top of me and place one leg on my shoulder… I can see everything. Please look at the place where I will enter you. Nngh… ah… look, can you see it? The thickest part of the head is spreading open your hole and entering you, and this place is like a mouth stuffing its cheeks with drool slipping out. How indecent, no? Ngh, deeper… ah, isn’t it amazing? You’re surrounding me and swallowing me in. Mmgh!

C: Haa… don’t close your eyes. Watch until I spill every last single drop of seed into you, ngh! Hagh… hah…!

C: I wasn’t able to do such obscene acts before and yet, nrgh… I thought indulging yourself in physical lust was dirty, mgh, but to think laying with someone you love is this precious…! Haah… haa… I didn’t know until I made love to you. Mmgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

C: Hrgh… Your Grace! *kisses*

C: Your Grace…! Are you also happy? Ngh… hah…?! You’re enjoying yourself? Haha, I’m glad. *kisses*

C: Hagh… Your Grace… I’m releasing… agh! *he orgasms*


C: Haa… hah… Your Grace… *kisses*

C: Can you see it? Here, deep inside where we’re connected, I’m filling you up. Mmgh…!

C: It’s a shame for it to spill out but try clenching your abdomen. Yes, look, it’s coming out in large drops. It’s bright so I can see everything thoroughly… the proof of our carnal love.

C: *leans back* Haah… haha, the sunlight is dazzling.

C: Hah… hahah… ahah, why are you laughing, Your Grace? Haha, I’m laughing because Your Grace is laughing! Hahahah!! Aah, we threw off our restraint and did things unbecoming of a knight and noblewoman, huh. Haha, I wanted to try and be foolish like this at least once in my life.

C: If the gods are watching they’re probably furrowing their brows, but unpardonable acts are nice from time to time. Yes, from time to time. Hahah! I’ll always be your knight alone and the companion who’ll walk together with you for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if I have to carry my sorrow, as long as I can continue living happily, laughing with you without losing my smile, and loving you.

C: *hugs heroine* I love you. I will love you, always and forever. Let’s remain happy to the ends of the earth… together.

Note1: Clovis calls the heroine 姫君 (himegimi) which is a way to address a noble daughter of a high rank, not a royal princess. It’s awkward because he uses it as an address and a noun and while real daughters of dukes are called “Lady” he uses that term in English later on so… LOL. I settled on “Your Grace” but, just for your information, that title would be used for the heroine’s father and mother, the actual duke and duchess and not their children.

Note2: D’y’all ever just end up on a Wikipedia page for male chastity belts to do your own research so you can combine it with the description he uses? LOL. I knew about cock rings but male chastity belts are a thing too (penis cages lol) and come in various shapes. The more you know!! Just to let you know… preventing yourself from being able to discharge for long periods of time can be harmful to the body too. PLEASE PRACTICE SAFE SEX LOL.

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