Tougenkyou wa Kyouki wo Haramu ka?

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Tokitou Masumi (時任 真澄)
CV: 鷺沢萩

Heroine’s Younger Brother
CV: 片桐良一

Does Utopia Birth Madness?

One day, you received a letter which asked, “Would you like to know the secret behind your birth?”.
Born from ordinary parents, you lived an ordinary life far from any drama without getting involved in any sort of incidents.

You went to the park addressed in the letter while thinking this to be suspicious.
There you met a handsome man who called himself Tokitou Masumi.

You tried asking Tokitou about the secret behind your birth, but Tokitou couldn’t talk about it there and invited you deeper into the park.

—There an inescapable nightmare began.

Thanks to Chaotictapestry for the commission! R18 warning and yandere themes. You can grab this on the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite.

Note1: I decided to go with “birth” rather than “harbor”, like the ENG DLsite, because the verb 孕む (haramu) means to get pregnant, so I wanted the title to be more explicit in being linked to child creation. Technically, “Does Utopia Conceive Madness?” might be closer but it sounds awkward.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Destined To Meet You ***

*heroine walking*

Masumi: Good evening. Aah, I scared you, didn’t I? I’m really sorry. You read that letter then, right? Yes, that’s right. I’m really sorry for calling you here late at night. But it’s not something I can say out loud…

M: Yes, of course, I’ll tell you. That’s why I called you here. Why don’t we change our spot? Despite it being at night, we don’t know who might come.

M: Ah, excuse me, I didn’t even give my name, did I? My name is Tokitou Masumi. My relationship with you is— hm? Did you hear footsteps just now? Sorry, I’ll tell you everything after we move somewhere else.

*scene skip; walking*

M: It should be alright after walking this much.

M: … Yes, my relationship with you, right? Let’s see… can you look at this letter? *opens bag; hands letter*

M: That stupid simple side of you is also… haha. *does something to heroine* Ah, I’ve finally met you. I won’t ever let you go again. Now, let’s go to our paradise… my beloved.

[02:34] *scene skip*

M: Hello.

M: Shh, be quiet. It’s already midnight, so you’re going to bother the neighbors. Calm down, it’s okay. Alright? Be a good girl.

M: Aah, you’re cute when you struggle enthusiastically like that but calm down a little, alright? Hm, this? It’s a sedative. I don’t want to do this either, but you keep struggling so I have no choice. Making loud noises at night isn’t acceptable, right?

M: Are you terrible with needles? I see. So you are like that. If you can promise me you won’t struggle then I’ll put it away. Can you promise me? You really are a good girl! From tip to toe… haha.

M: Yes, this is my place. From today onwards, you’ve become my beloved. My ideal love. I’ve been searching for you forever. For a long, long time… for so many years… No, since dozens of years ago, after I met you as was destined.

M: I know that. You don’t know me; you had no way of knowing me. But I’ve been searching for you for so long. You look like you don’t understand anything. I suppose it’s natural to say that’d be reasonable. After all, you were suddenly kidnapped, called someone’s ideal love, and even after being told you were looked for all this time you wouldn’t be able to understand and you’d just be confused. I wouldn’t be able to understand if I was in the same position too.

M: However, I’ll have you accept this outrageousness. Because I don’t plan on letting you go for the rest of my life.


M: It’s useless to run. Besides, even if you resist with such an adorable look, you’ll just arouse my desires but I suppose you don’t notice that. Aah, that part of you is also cute. Just about everything of you really is my ideal love.

M: I thought I wouldn’t do anything today until you calmed down and accepted your situation, but… ah, it’s useless. You’re too cute. Aah, you’re so cute! Hahah! Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I’ll make love to you tenderly as if you’re fragile. *heroine bolts*

M: You’re a bit more energetic than what I imagined. *heroine tries locked door* But that side is adorable too, haha.

M: Do you like doing useless things that much? Even if you do that, you won’t be able to get out of here. If you’re obedient then I’ll be gentle, so… come back? *heroine tries door* Aah, good grief…

M: *comes over* Look, I’ve caught you. *heroine struggles* Ggh! You’re seriously spirited in the middle of the night. You promised earlier not to make a commotion… I do think it’s good your energy shows that you’re healthy though. After all, you have to be healthy if you’re going to bear children.

M: What are you surprised about? You’re bound to me, and being bound means married and making a household, right? If we have a household then you’ll have to bear a child. Now, my ideal beloved, why don’t we start our bridal night? *carries heroine back to bed*


M: Ggh, hey, you promised not to struggle! Hah… no matter how much you say you hate needles, if you keep resisting like this then I won’t be able to be gentle.

M: Listen, if you don’t want to bleed more than necessary then be obedient for three seconds right now. Understand? I was only shown this by the seller too, so if you struggle then I might stab you somewhere strange. Haha, if I stab somewhere wrong then it’ll be very painful so be good just for a while like that.

M: Okay, I’m poking you now.

M: … Mm, it’s done. You did well even though you hate needles. Good girl, good girl. It’ll take effect immediately, so don’t worry. Look, your conscious is hazy and you can’t form any thoughts. Your muscles have relaxed and you can’t tense them, right? You don’t know where you are or even who you are.

M: Hm? Oh, I’m sorry for tricking you. It’s true that it’s a sedative if you want to call it a sedative, but it seems to be a bit different from ordinary ones. That being said, it’s like imbibing a large amount of alcohol and your mind becomes cloudy; there doesn’t seem to be any side effects.

M: In truth, I didn’t even want to use this drug though. Because I don’t want to hurt you. I can only use this method until you accept me though. Now then, I should start removing your clothes.

M: Aah, you really have a beautiful body. Oh, the mole on your collarbone… You actually jumped out of my novel to see me, didn’t you? After all… *kisses* ngh… this mole is in the same spot as the heroine I wrote.

M: Mm, that’s right. It’s that woman in that picture. Your names are different by just one character and your appearances are similar down to these little details… It’s not a coincidence. You came to meet me. You exist only for me.


M: I’ve wanted to meet you for so long. My first love! Ah, that’s right, I forgot. We haven’t had our first kiss yet, have we? Oh, I’m nervous. It’s my first kiss with you… my heart’s desire. *breathes in* Alright…! *kisses*

M: I… kissed you! Aah, I got to kiss you! *kisses*

M: Haa… hah… your mouth is warm inside. I can’t believe it right now… that you and I are kissing. Nngh! *kisses*

M: Aah, shivers are running down my spine. I’m ravishing your mouth with my tongue. Haa… hah… what do I do!? I’m so aroused, yet it took all I had to write a kiss scene.

M: Are you crying? Aah, the kiss felt that good? I felt so good I could die too, you know? Ah, your tears… *kisses* Even your tears are delicious… that’s not fair. I’m sure it’s not just your tears, but your skin as well. Can I taste your entire body? The tip of your nose… your right cheek… your left cheek… your forehead… your right eyelid… your left eyelid…

M: Ah, you’re delicious anywhere and everywhere. Hey… may I lick your eyeballs too? I love those pupils of yours. They’re so dear.


M: Scared? Ah, you’re right, having your eyeball licked would be scary. Then I won’t do it this time. I don’t want to do anything that would frighten you, after all I want to be gentle. In exchange, your ears would be fine, right? *kisses*

M: Aah, it looks like your ears are allowed. Mngh…

M: Each time I lick them… ngh… you look like you’re in pleasure. I’ll also lick inside your ear.

M: Haah… hah… ah, what a nice moan.

M: Ears are erogenous zones for you, I see. You’re feeling this much pleasure. Aah, when I hear your voice, I get aroused too. This time, I’ll do it your left ear. *kisses* Do you like this side too? *blows air* Haha, you moaned again. Like I thought, you love the ears. Does my tongue feel good? Or do you like it when air is blown? Hahah… ah, you’re cute. *kisses*


M: Haa… hah… I’m honestly trembling. To be assaulting your ear… if I could ravish your brain into a mess like this that would be so nice. Haha, that was a joke.

M: Now, I’m going to gently touch these cute breasts which are insisting on wanting to be touched. I’m going to remove your bra. Ah, these are nicely shaped breasts. Mm? Haha, did you get that aroused from having your ears licked? Your nipples are already this swollen and hard.

M: Ah, when I rub them, they’re soft and feel so comfortable to touch. They mold themselves into my hands. I’m going to touch your nipples too. Mm, does it feel good? Ah, you let out a cute moan. I wonder, do you like it when I squeeze them or when I knead them? Haha, it looks like you love both. Your voice is pouring out.

M: No, you can’t bite your lip. Haha, come on, open it. It’s not a bad thing to moan. Yes, good girl.

M: I’ll make you feel even better. Let’s see, I’ll use my tongue on your right nipple… and I’ll keep rolling your left nipple with my fingers. Nngh…

M: Mn… more…


M: Do you like this? You gave an amazing reaction just now. Then how about this? *kisses*

M: So this is good too, haha. Ah, you feel good no matter what I do… It makes me happy for you to be so aroused. I’ll lick your left one too.

M: Hah… ah… you’re adorable… precious… dear… How are you so lovely? I’m going to taste your entire body. Mn… your neck… your shoulder… How about I bloom flowers all over your collarbone?

M: On your chest too… ngh…

M: Then next is your stomach… your right arm… the back of your right hand… then your left arm… and the back of this hand…

M: Next are your legs. Lips tracing against a foot… don’t you think that’s sensual? Heh… like this…


M: It’s as if I’ve become a dog. Mm… your calf too… then your right thigh… mgh… your left thigh…

M: Ah, I’ve eaten you all up. It’s the first time I’ve felt so content. Now, the only place I haven’t touched you… is here.

M: … Embarrassed? Haha, mm, I know. But I want to see this place that makes you embarrassed. Here, spread your legs. Your stubborness is cute too, but you don’t want me to force your legs open and tie them up, right? Yes, good girl.

M: I’m going to take off your underwear, so lift up your hips. Ah, sorry, you don’t have enough strength to support your own weight. That’s alright, I’ll do it.

M: Haha, you’re wet. It’s extremely syrupy. Having your ears and breast ravished, then your entire body licked, felt this good? What do I do? I’m so happy my heart is racing. Haha, I’ll touch this place tenderly too. Now, how about I play with your most sensitive part first?


M: Aah, does it feel that good? You jolted. Here… this place is where women feel the most pleasure, don’t they? Feel it more…

M: Feel good by my fingers, ngh…

M: More— *heroine moves* what’s wrong? You want me to stop? I won’t stop. Until you’re shaking after you climax from my fingers… I’m going to keep at this. Gngh…

M: Are you about to come? Heheh, then… Look, you can climax. I’ll watch as your face twists with pleasure from reaching the summit. Come on, climax! You don’t need to hold back. Hah… haa…

M: Ah, you came. Aah, so cute, so cute, so cute!! Haha, you came from my fingers touching your clitoris. This time I’ll finger you lots inside. I’m going to put my finger in… while watching your exprsesion. Nngh, it’s tight. Don’t worry, I know it’s your first time. I’ll be gentle.


M: Mm? How do I know?

M: … *moves finger* It’s simple. I wanted to know everything about you so I looked into you. For example, your past… this sort of relationship… It looked like you had platonic relationships, so you immediately rejected men who quietly came up to you, didn’t you? Your purity there is precisely my ideal. You didn’t want to have sex before marriage, right?

M: I’m sorry, since we aren’t married yet. Aah, but don’t worry because we’ll be married soon. So, your first time will be taken by me, your husband. Just as you want, right?

M: Mm, you’ve loosened a little. But not yet… it’ll hurt if I enter you like this. I’ll stretch you a bit more. It’d be nice if I could find your weak spot though. Where is it, I wonder? Doesn’t seem to be here… Here? No… Here? Aah, it’s here! The spot that makes you feel good. Hahah, it’s here, I see, right here.

M: How is it? Does it feel good when I rub this place all around? Ah… haha, you’re drooling. *kisses*

M: Haah… even your saliva tastes good. It’s like an aphrodisiac… and it arouses me. Haha, does it feel that good? You’re in as much pleasure as when I was touching your clitoris. I wonder if I can add another finger like this? Here, I’m adding another one. Aah, it went in! You’re squeezing down again, ngh.

M: You want me to touch you more with my fingers, don’t you? *whispers* As you wish, I’ll turn you into a sobbing mess. Hngh… hah…


M: I want to hurry and enter inside too. I want to grind my member inside of you… thrust deep into you… and fill you up. Ngh… hagh… this is bad, once I said it out loud I can’t restrain myself. I wonder if it’ll be okay with you being this loose? I’m pulling my fingers out, alright? *unzips pants*

M: Here we go. Oh no, you can’t turn your face away. This is your first time with me after all. Ah, you’re that embarrassed? How cute. You’re so lovable and nice. But, no, you have to look at my face. Be sure to look at the face of the man who will be taking your virginity.

M: I’m putting it in. Nngh! Hagh, it’s tight… grgh…

M: Relax a bit more. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay, alright? Do you feel calmer? Good, then I’m going to be going deeper, so let’s hold hands. You’ll have somewhere to direct your energy if you squeeze my hand, right? Here. *holds hands* Yes, good girl.

M: Now, deeper… ngh… I’m going in. Wow, it’s so tight… kgh…! Shit!

M: Are you alright? I’m relieved. It’d be sad if you were constantly in pain. I’ll try my best to end it as soon as possible, but… ngh… you’re my dearest wish so being inside you really feels good. I’m sorry, ngh, I’m moving. Haa… hah…


M: Is it feeling a bit better? Because I changed this? I’ll keep thrusting against this sensitive spot, so feel even more. Ngh… grgh…!

M: Hagh… haah…! Let’s kiss… *kisses; thrusting*

M: Mrgh… haa…! I love you, I love you… I’ve always and always loved you… Until now and in the future, I’ll keep loving you. So, fall in love with me… and let’s love each other for an eternity. Haah… I’ll thrust into you more.

M: This is where your womb is… ngh… I’m going to pour myself into here, hgh, and let’s make a child. I love children. Any child with you would be the cutest in the world. Ngh… what is it? Haha, you don’t want me to release inside? Haa… hah…!

M: That’s impossible… because I’m going to have a child with you. Don’t worry, I’ll be the world’s best husband and the world’s best papa. Aagh… I can’t anymore… ngh! *thrusting*


M: I’m about to come…! Hgh… hah…!

M: I’m about to… come…! I’m going to splash myself all over your womb! Get pregnant from my sperm, ngh, and conceive my child! Mgh, hah, haa…!

M: Aah, I’m coming…! It’s…! Ggh…! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… hah… ah, I released a lot inside you. It’d be nice if you became pregnant with this. Hahah, I’d like a girl for our first child. A cute girl just like you.

M: I’m pulling out. Ngh… wow, sperm and blood are dripping out. Aah, it’s sinking in now… that I took your virginity. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take responsibility. I won’t go to a company and leave you behind. I’ll be with you forever.

M: Hm? Hahah, no, I’m not unemployed. Let’s see, have you heard about living leisurely? I live that sort of epicurean life. I rarely go outside since I’m a writer. I go outside when there’s meetings though. But that’s why I can be with you forever and ever.

M: Anyway, I’m really happy you know my name. It really was destined, wasn’t it? Hehe, I’m happy. You really are exactly like the heroine I wrote in my first book. Your appearance, your personality, and everything. Even the place of your mole, the size of your breasts… At the beginning, I thought it was a coincidence but would you believe this sort of coincidence?

M: You see, that story was a story where I placed all of my ideals in. Ah, it was a story written for myself so it was never published. That’s why you don’t know about it. Up to now, there’s been various people who have asked me for the title of my first book but it’s a book for myself, you see. Besides, it ended without being completed.

M: But if it’s just you alone then I can tell you. The title is “Does Utopia Birth Madness?”. Haha, in the future, this story won’t be a story just for me anymore. It’ll be a story for just us. One day, I’ll read it out to you alone… the happy ending just for you and me.

*** TRACK 2: An Abnormal Person ***

M: Ah, it’s spilling out from inside again. I’m looking forward to when you’ll have a child. That pale stomach of yours will swell, slowly and gradually, and the fruits of our love will be nurtured. I can’t help but be excited.

M: I’m sure you’ll be as beautiful as the Virgin Mary when you’re pregnant. Aah, just imagining it makes me tremble. I love you. *kisses*

M: The date? Hold on, I don’t remember either so let me pull out my phone. Here you go. Ah, mm, today is Monday. Is there something wrong with that?

M: What are you saying? I don’t really understand, but you’re going to be a housewife so who cares about your job shifts, right? Ah, you have a strong sense of duty. Don’t worry, relax. I know your workplace so how about, um, Shirai-san is a friend of mine. Let’s see, I’ll call in for you today.

M: Shirai-san is your manager’s boss, right? He’s a bit tactiturn and stiff but he’s a very responsible and trustworthy boss. I can genuinely respect that sort of man. These are my future wife’s relationships so I would know about your boss and things like that. It’s a matter of course, no?


M: Ah, I like the bar that he often visits. That man looks strait-laced so it’s unexpected, right? I go there frequently too and so we naturally became close. It’s also given that, as a husband, I would get along with my wife’s boss.

M: Oh, I’m going to call now but you’re not allowed to say too much, alright? It’ll trouble Shirai-san too.

M: *phones* Oh, hello? Yes, it’s Tokitou. Yes, thank you for your time. It’s about my fiancée— yes. About her… mm, her health isn’t well. I’d like to ask if she could be put on leave for a while? Yes, I’ll pass the phone over now.

M: *whispers* Be sure to say what I tell you. “I’m not feeling well, so I’d like to take paid leave, please. I’ll send my request in soon. Thank you very much.” You said it well.

M: *gets phone* That’s how it is. Yes, sorry for bothering you. *ends call*

M: You’re energetic in the morning. Hm? Didn’t I say it earlier? That it’s my duty, as a husband, to get along with my wife’s boss. Since when? Hm, probably a year and a half ago? Now, more importantly, you don’t have to head to work for a while. So… let’s do it throughout the day today too.


M: Haha, you don’t learn well, do you? That sort of natural airheadedness is also cute though. I’ve said this multiple times, but I’m Tokitou Masumi, the man who is to be your husband. I’m just a simple writer who is the only person to love you the most in this world. I’d be happy if you could learn that soon. *heroine runs*

M: … What’s wrong? You’re very cranky today. There’s nothing to be scared of. Good gracious…

M: Haha, what are you trying to do? *comes behind heroine* You don’t even know how to open the window? Ah, it won’t open until you turn the lock this way. These are locks you can find anywhere, for doors and for windows. It looks like you aren’t good with locks. I’ll change them to something easier. *opens window*

M: But what are you opening the window for? Did you want to breathe in the outside air? Ah, sorry, I’ve kept everything closed since Friday night so I didn’t notice the air getting stale.

M: Aah, it’s a nice morning. Oh, look, I’m sure they’re commuting to work. You would wear a suit like that too, hm. You like grey suits, don’t you? A grey suit, a white dress shirt, and a pearl necklace. Occasionally, you’d wear a navy suit too and I also like that style.

M: How do I know? Obviously because I’ve been watching you from close by. In order to watch over my dear, I always wrote my drafts in a cafe near your workplace. That’s right, “The Woman in the Blooming City” and “On the Silver Hill Under a Starry Sky”, these recent bestselling books were all written around that cafe while I thought about you.

M: Well, who cares about those books. Haha, more importantly, how about we make love again? This time, right here. Not knowing who could be watching… doesn’t it give you thrilling shivers?


M: … No? Even though you’re so wet down here? Look, my sperm and your juices… is coming down in droplets. Aah, what a waste of sperm. If it comes out then you won’t get pregnant.

M: Oh, sure. *closes window* So you wanted a place to put your hands. I’m sorry for not noticing. Here, put your hands against the window. I’ll enter you deeply again. Haha, I love it when you’re obedient too. Nngh! It’s in! I went deep into you all at once.

M: Here, I’ll grind against the place you love too. Just like this…! Haha, you clamped down. Haah… you really are sensitive. You came so many times just after waking earlier after all. Don’t worry, no matter how obscene your body becomes I’ll love you. Look, right here… your womb is here. This is where our child will be. Just touching it from above makes me shiver.

M: Aah, I want to hurry up and be able to touch your swollen stomach. So I need to pour in lots of sperm. I’m going to move, ngh…


M: Mrgh… hagh… even though it’s Monday, not everyone is out of their houses, ngh… look, at the apartment across. No, not there. Over here. The left side. The wife over there, ngh… she’s putting her laundry out to dry.

M: She’s engrossed in her own work and not looking this way but, mgh… we can be easily discovered. Ungh, did you clench down just now? Do you also like this sort of thrilling play? Me too, ngh, I love this. *thrusting*

M: Ggh… mm…? Ah, it looks like the wife noticed us. Haha, look, she’s glancing over here. Oh, her face is bright red. What an innocent wife. Haha, ngh… mm…!

M: Your face is bright red too. Embarrassed? I’m embarrassed but also feeling aroused more than ever before. Nrgh… this is the best. Come on, wave to that wife. Haha, ah, you’re shaking so it’s probably impossible. Then I’ll wave for you. I’ll tell her my wife is cute to the point where she wouldn’t lose to you, hngh…

M: Haha, oh, she went home. It would have been better if she watched longer. Ggh, after all… the moment you realized you were being seen, you’ve been squeezing down on me tightly. It feels extremely good. It looks like you enjoy being embarrassed, so next time how about we film ourselves while doing it?


M: Haha, you squeezed down again. Do you also like it when I talk naughtily like this? Heheh… so cute. You’re so lovely it gives me shivers. Lewd. *kisses; thrusting*

M: It feels amazing right now. Did you climax? Hah… haa… was it that good? Me too… I’m feeling really good. Hagh… I’m pretty much at my limits too. I’m going to release myself inside you as deep as I can again. Wait just a moment longer. Mgh…!

M: Haa… hagh…! Does it feel good? Look, your vagina and womb are begging for my sperm. Nrgh… agh…!


M: Ugh, I’m coming…! Ngh! I’m…! Take all of my sperm in… my one and only cute—…. ngh! *he orgasms*

M: Haa… hah… that felt good. It’s nice to do it beside the window, isn’t it? If we had a bit more of a balcony then it might have felt even better, haha.

M: Are you alright? You’re right, we’ve already done this twice since the morning. We also kept doing it until the early morning yesterday. Are you reaching your limits? I’m sorry, I’m just so happy after getting you that I couldn’t restrain myself. Don’t worry, you can rest today.

M: Oh, she fainted! Ah, she’s all sticky. Her hair is all messy too. Since she won’t wake, I might as well give her a bath… and, during this time, I should do some things. So that she can live with me in our ideal utopia.

*** TRACK 3: The Truth of Fabrication ***

M: Oh, good morning.

M: Ah, the printer ran out of ink so I’m going out to buy some. Huh? No, it’s fine, but aren’t you tired? You slept for around ten hours. I don’t think it’s good for the body if you start to move around all of a sudden.

M: Alright, alright. It’s been a while since you insisted clearly on something. Haha, it makes me a bit happy.

M: Then, I’ve placed clothes in the closet. Once you put some on, come to the living room. Huh? Oh, come to think of it, you haven’t really gone out of this room. This room is the bedroom, then just around the corner at the end of the hall is the living room. The room beside that one is one I don’t want you to open yet. I’ll drink tea and wait in the living room. You can take your time changing. *leaves*

*heroine changes; goes into hall; opens door to the other room*

M: *behind heroine* Aah, I told you I didn’t want you to open this one.

M: This place? Mm, it was supposed to be for a surprise so I didn’t want to tell you yet. But I have no choice now that you found it. This room is one for our child. Um, I gathered a bit of everything but I don’t have a good sense. I’m sorry if you don’t like this.


M: But this is my favorite place. One day our child will be here… just thinking about that makes me feel bliss. Oh, but what if we have twins? I didn’t think about that so… if we were to have twins then let’s buy another bed. After that…

M: Oh, are you alright? Do you feel sick? Ah, could you already be pregnant!? Huh? Oh, if you’re fine then that’s good…

M: This might be the first time you’ve touched me of your own accord. Wow. Your hands are warm. Eh? Oh, no, hold one before we go. I thought about going to the home centre in the neighborhood but if you’re heading out with me then why don’t we go some place farther?

M: At this time we can go and buy ink and then have dinner somewhere. What’s wrong? You’re quite proactive… Oh, you’re hungry? I’m sorry, then let’s hurry and buy the ink and eat something delicious.

*scene skip; heroine running; doorbell; door opens*

Brother: Huh? Sister? What’s up?

B: Huh, mom and dad went out for dinner together. But, anyway, why are you so panicked, sister? Did you lose your phone somewhere? Or dropped your wallet?

B: Didn’t I think anything when you disappeared…? Huh!? You didn’t disappear, aren’t you right here? Besides, your company— *doorbell*


B: The intercom is really ringing today. *intercom* Hello? Oh, Masumi-san! My sister? She’s here. *opens door*

M: Good evening.

B: Evening, Masumi-san! But listen to this, Masumi-san, even though my sister said she was going to live with you starting from this week she started asking about her having disappeared and stuff, mm.

M: Haha, I’m sorry, we got into a fight. After our fight she ran off like that. Maybe she hasn’t prepared herself yet.

B: Huh? Fight? Hey, sister, you shouldn’t do things that’d anger Masumi-san, right? What are you panicking alone for? Huh? Actually, now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve seen you and Masumi-san together. I’ve seen a lot of pictures but, well, it’s a waste for Masumi-san to be with my sister. Haha!

M: Now that you remind me, this might be the first time we’ve shown up together.

B: I wish our parents could see this. Why’d they go out!? Their timing is so bad.

M: Haha, we’ll come back together soon. Next time, we’ll make sure to set an appointment.

B: I’ll tell our parents that. Ah, that reminds me, has a date for your new book been decided!?

M: I’m still writing so, as promised, once I’m done I’ll show you first.

B: Hahah, seriously!? I’m looking forward to it!

M: Now, let’s go home. Next time we’ll come when everyone’s here.

B: Sure! Sister, you can’t cause trouble for Masumi-san. *door closes*

*scene skip; heroine runs*

M: Haha, were you surprised? Of course it’d be surprising. Your shocked look was also cute. *kisses*


M: Everyone knows about me except for you. I’m your good boyfriend and future husband. Everyone believes that, so it’s useless to try and run. Everyone around you is on my side. That’s because I slowly and gradually made preparations for this years ago.

M: I “coincidentally” got close to your boss to become good friends with him. I also skillfully won over your family. Haha, it took me a lot of effort! But it takes hard work to build a paradise, right? There’s no difference between writing a story or creating a paradise. You just need to act within an outline.

M: Haha, the ending of this story… is a happy ending for you and me. But, even if you think up a plot, there are also times when the characters inside won’t move properly. So, I would revise them. Hah… but I never would have thought you’d seize an opportunity and escape.

M: In the end, you’re a bit different from my ideal heroine. But I also love that! Aah, I love you… you’re so cute… I adore you. However, I need to punish you for running. It isn’t love if I just forgive you. It isn’t love if I just spoil you. It’s also love to get angry from time to time, right? *rips clothing* Ggh!

M: I’m going to be harsh on you today, but you’re the one at fault. Mmgh! *kisses*

M: Haah… I should have expected you wouldn’t be wet down here. It’ll hurt if I force myself into here, huh. Do you hate pain? I see. But my heart is in a lot of pain right now. I trusted you… My ideal love wouldn’t have betrayed me. You’re being punished today, so how about I be a bit rough?


M: I’ll tie your hands like this! Heh, then with the clothes I just ripped… Aah, what a sight. Stop…? No, this is punishment.

M: Oh, but after seeing you like this I’m really aroused. Now… how about I spread your legs? Haha, this is interesting. I just touched you a little but you’re tense. Is it that scary not to be able to see?

M: Haah… haa…!

M: Oh…? Can you hear this? This indecent sound… You’re wet already. You’re naughty. I can feel the shape of your clitoris from above your underwear. You’re moving your hips so much. Is it frustrating? You want me to touch you directly, don’t you? You want me to rip off your underwear by force… press my fingers to this place directly… and rub it hard, right? Look, you’re this aroused just from my words.

M: Did you imagine it? Haha, then shall I remove this as you wish?

M: Oh, wow! Look at the sticky strands. Your clitoris is this swollen… haha, wanton. Moreover, endless juices are flowing out from this lewd hole. So you felt that much pleasure. Is it stimulating because you can’t see? Or do you feel aroused because you’re restrained?


M: Look, droplets of juice just spilled out again. My dear wife is quite the masochist it seems. Aah, if I thrust myself into here it’ll feel good, won’t it? But if I just make you feel good then it won’t be a punishment. So, I won’t touch you any more than this.

M: I’m going to masturbate while looking at this place of yours. It might be unbearably frustrating for you, but in and of itself is your punishment. Until you accept me obediently, I’m not going to give you any further pleasure.

M: Haha… ngh… *masturbates*

M: I’ve always done this alone… hagh… haa… while chasing after the illusion of you, my dear. Mgh…

M: So, I can barely believe I’m masturbating here while looking at you. Hngh… hah… your hole is probably a pretty pink color and always dripping wet, ngh… I constantly thought about these sort of things. Nrgh… hah… it feels good…

M: I really want to put myself in you, but… hagh… I need to hold myself back for a little longer. Ah, since I’m not inside you, where should I release myself? I haven’t thought about this. Your face? Your chest? Or would your stomach be good? Hah… haa…!


M: Ngh, I’m about to come…! I think, in the end, I want to stain your most important place. So I’m going to splash it all over here. Nngh… mgh…!

M: Hrgh… hah… it’s coming… I’m going to ejaculate onto you…! Mmrgh…! I’m… coming…! I’m letting it out…! Ggh! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… haa… wow, this place is all messily wet. Next time, I want to release inside again, haha. Mm, I’m a bit tired.

M: I’m sleepy. Then I guess I’ll go and rest first.

M: You’re going to stay like that. I told you before, didn’t I? That I wouldn’t touch you any more. Once you’re able to say that you want me by yourself… then I’ll give you pleasure at that time. So, hurry up and become obedient.

*** TRACK 4: Does Utopia Birth Madness? ***

M: Today’s the third day. You still won’t be obedient? I’ve loosened your restraints so that you won’t hurt yourself, but isn’t it getting hard on you? Even I don’t want my dear to continue this for long. I want to make love to you soon.

M: You’re stubborn, haha. That’s a bit different from my ideal person. I’m sure the girl in my book would have accepted me instantly.

M: Aah, you’re right, you’re much more clever and obstinate than that girl. You won’t listen to me at all, you run away, but I love you. Infinitely more so than the girl in the novel. So I’ll never let you go!

M: … It looks like you’ve cried a lot in these three days. Your eyes are red. Hey… how about giving up already? Reality is more set than fiction. I mentioned this before, but there is no one on your side in this world. Only you and I know the truth. No matter how much you scream or cry it’s meaningless.

M: You spoke with your brother, didn’t you? Him and your parents support me. Haha, well, at that time you weren’t an adult so I can understand your objections. I do love how you won’t give up. Somewhere in your head you should know it’s useless though.


M: Sure, right now you’re calm, right? Then I’ll let you talk to your little brother again. You’ll be understand after that. Even if it’s a warped lie, as long as everyone believes it then it becomes the truth.

M: Here, I’ll hold it against your ear so take your time. *phones*

B: Hello? Sister?

M: Come on, try telling the truth.

B: It’s rare for you to call. Um, that sort of joke isn’t funny. Did you have a dream? Well, after changing your environment you might be exhausted or something. Don’t say that kind of joke to Masumi-san though!

B: … Uh, you said the same thing when you ran home a few days ago, but did you catch that mental illness going around or something? Masumi-san isn’t a person to do that. Because haven’t you been dating him really well for a year already?

B: He gets along with me too and mom and dad also say he’s a really good person. Sister, maybe you should cool your head? If you cause trouble for Masumi-san then even he’ll get angry. I’m ending the call, OK? *call ends*

M: So, how did it go? From that look, it seems your little brother didn’t believe you, did he? If you try to talk to your parents their reactions will be the same. On this topic, even your friends won’t believe you if you tell them.


M: Fall down to where I am already. I swear I’ll make you the happiest person in the world. Please?

M: I’m happy you’re finally accepting me. *kisses* I’m sorry for teasing you for three days. I’ll make love to you lots. Because I’ve just been teasing you I wasn’t able to penetrate you, so this place is already wet from wanting me.

M: Oh, that reminds me, we don’t need this anymore. Your arms don’t hurt, do they? I’m glad then. Now, I’m going to put myself in. Nngh…!

M: It went in deep all at once. Ggh… because you’ve been kept in suspense all this time, you’re clenching down as if saying you’ll never let me go again. Ungh… I’m so happy. I wanted to be joined to you constantly too. I wanted to make love to you. Hey, wrap your arms around my neck.

M: Come on, oh, I’m sorry I forgot. I’m really sorry… for tying you up. I changed it halfway through so that it wouldn’t hurt as much as possible, but even then it still hurt, didn’t it? Your wrists are red. *kisses*

M: It’s become a bruise. I’m sorry… really. *kisses*

M: Haah… such delicate wrists and your hands are lovely too. Pale, slender… *kisses*


M: Oh? You jolted just now. Did that tickle? There’s a faint salty taste… it’s delicious. Also, this ring finger… How about we put on matching rings? I’m sure a simple design will stand out most against your pale hand.

M: Aah, when I imagine our future from here, I’m so unbearably happy. Ah… oh, sorry, I went off into my own world. I’m sorry, especially since we’re having sex after three days without. You want me, don’t you? You’ve been moving your hips since a while ago.

M: Oh, is that so? Then it was unconscious? How wanton for you to unconsciously move your hips. That side of you is also adorable. Then, in order to answer that adorableness, I’ll move. Mmgh…! I only moved a little but you’re clenching down and trying to wring me out. Mgh, it feels good! I’ll move more, so feel more! Nrgh…!

M: That look in your eyes is lovely. I love you… I love you…! Haah… hagh…!

M: I’m going to leave lots of marks of our love. Nnrgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Wow, it really stands out. Haha, here too. *kisses*


M: I think I’ll make one more. *kisses* This time around your chest. *kisses*

M: Hagh… next is here. Ah, right above your heart. *kisses*

M: This place is precious. That it moves is proof that you’re alive. The girl in the story is my ideal… but… no, nevermind. I’m going to leave the brightest mark here. *kisses*

M: Haa… hah… ah, your heart is beating. Hey, can we kiss? I’ll move again while we’re kissing. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Hngh, do you love kisses? You’re squeezing down on me more than before. Hah… *kisses*


M: I want to kiss you more… and more…! More! *kisses*

M: Haah… huh? Did you climax just now? You clamped down. Did it feel good to be kissed? Or did you swoon from a lack of air? Haha, I suppose it doesn’t matter either way. Oh, sorry I got excited. You’re right, kisses that don’t let you breathe would naturally be rough.

M: I know that! It hurts me too. But it also feels good. It feels good even though it hurts. Nngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: I love you. I love you! When I’m with you, everything elevates into love. Pain, suffering, anything and everything. I’m sure that even if you were to stab me now or choke me… haha, I think I would find it pleasurable. Haha!

M: … Yes, I’m strange. I’ve always known that. I’ve noticed long ago that I’ve gone mad. *thrusting* Hgh… is my insanity scary? Does it hurt to be hollowed out over and over again, penetrated, and raped like this? But don’t worry, you’ll soon become the same as me.

M: Haha, I shouldn’t say such stupid things? Nrgh! *thrusting*


M: But you should look at your own face in that mirror over there. Look, you’re feeling so much pleasure. You look dazed and happy from the depths of your heart. It’s the same happy look that I have. Right?

M: Haha, ungh…! You’re clenching down like that again. Did you climax again? Mgh… I’m about to come too. Are you going to come again? Sure. Climax over and over again. You should lose your mind more. Give up on everything already and just become mine. Nngh… mgh…!

M: Ggh, I’m going to come…! I’m going to release inside you again…! Come on, spread your legs more! Hagh… haa…!

M: Ugh… I’m coming…! I’m…! Ngh! I’m letting it out as deep as I can. I love you! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

M: Hah… haah…

M: Huh?! Did she faint? Haa… hah… well, I suppose that’s not unreasonable. Ah, but you’ve already become mine. Hahah! This time my utopia will be perfect. The characters in a novel move on their own above a manuscript. They started to have their own will halfway through. So I had to suppress that and complete the story. But the girl, who was the heroine of the story born out of my ideals, refused me, the protagonist of the story. So, you see, I killed her. My utopia wasn’t completed.

M: But you appeared again in front of me. I’m sure you were reborn! I love you… so this time we’ll create our ideal utopia together. Heheh.

9 thoughts on “Tougenkyou wa Kyouki wo Haramu ka?

    Hiyori said:
    March 20, 2020 at 04:15

    Oh my goodness! This made me squeal, I love yanderes. Thanks for your hard work. But my only question is, why does the synopsis say ‘you’ but the girl in the story isn’t us?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 20, 2020 at 11:13

      Drama CDs always address the listener as “you” so that happens in their summaries too. Like, even though it’s clear we’re not the girl because our background isn’t the same at all, etc., the fact that he “interacts” with you through the headphones is like a semi self-insert kind of feeling so they just do it that way.

        Hiyori said:
        March 21, 2020 at 06:34

        Oh, sorta like how the MC in otomes always have no eyes so we can self insert if needed even though she’s not us. Thanks for the clarification!

    Yukihara Yuki said:
    March 16, 2020 at 19:52

    Thank Chaotictapestry for comission this and thank you for the translation.
    Oh boy, that was some yandere. At least he’s not violent or will resort to violence.
    After reading his monologue at the end and re-reading the translation again, I finally realise that he’s not some delusional fanatic that fell in love with a fragment of imagination. The ideal girl he mentions is actually his first love! He even have a picture! That person was real and at some point Tokitou is smitten with her, so he wrote a self-insert Gary Stu fanfic with that girl as the heroine. But because he became so delusional that when reality crashing down that the girl he’s in love aren’t in love with him, he disposed of her and then try to find a replacement (which is the poor heroine of this talk CD).
    Now is time for some nitpicking. How could you let everyone knows that you “date” a person without their knowledge? Like her parents and her brother would definitely mentions Tokitou in passing or ask about her boyfriend. It’s pretty clear that she’s not dating anyone at the time of the CD. And the fact that she moved out of the house without packing her stuff is weird too. It’s possible to move out first then pack later if they live near. But shouldn’t you consult your family first about moving out? She just one day decided she wants to live with her boyfriend, without packing her stuff and her family don’t even question it? How?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 16, 2020 at 21:45

      It’s pretty ambiguous as to whether his first love is a real person or not. I actually got the sense that his first love IS fictional and it was the heroine in the story he wrote, where he self-inserted so hard that he murdered her (in his imagination) in the story when she rejected story!him. He’s really suffering the whole “Wow, my characters took on such a life of their own I literally cannot control them” disease of a writer LOL. Then he saw the heroine and thought she was his fictional girl reborn… But I can see it being your way too with him writing a story about a real girl. It’s a bit vague!

      I totally agree with your nitpicks though LOL I was actually under the impression that the heroine was already living outside of her family home, like in an apartment, so they probably wouldn’t know about her stuff. But that maybe she visits them occasionally? And her brother thought she came back because she lost her wallet or phone outside and so needs the family to help spot her until she can get replacements or something.

      But still, you’d think they’d call her up the moment a strange man appears ONE YEAR AGO and claims to be her boyfriend… LOL. I know my family would be on me instantly for that, even if the dude made up some bullshit story about why I might not have told them first.

      I was also tricked the entire way through in thinking he was a delusional yandere though and then when he revealed how prepared he was and how self-aware of his own madness he was… SOBS THAT GOT ME BAD!! I love these types of men the most. Love is monstrous because they just get so consumed with the ideal of it that this happens.

        Yukihara Yuki said:
        March 18, 2020 at 11:10

        To me the dead giveaway to me that his ideal girl is real was because of the mole on the collarbone. To my knowledge, that wasn’t a common place to have a mole, and usually writers tend to make their characters have a mole on more visible, recognizable places. Like on the face or the arms. And he also mentioned: “This time my utopia will be perfect”, which means there is at least one past attempt on making his utopia. So I’m leaning more to the theory that his first love is a real person.

    Chaotictapestry said:
    March 16, 2020 at 05:47

    I read over it last night – thank you so much for taking this commission! It was fun to discover what parts I’d heard correctly and filling in the gaps from there while I slowly work on better understanding the language. I really like this guy’s voice actor and how he portrayed Masumi!

      Chaotictapestry said:
      March 16, 2020 at 06:52

      Also, gosh, the fact that he cornered her even with her own family… While I think it’s arguably hard to believe, it’s scary as heck because there are people who are manipulative enough to get away with something like that…and I think fear is part of the fascination with characters like this for some listeners.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 16, 2020 at 21:39

        Noo, thank you for the commission! I really like Parasite Garden’s works but, not going to lie, I passed on this one because I didn’t recognize the VA that well. But I was wowed by him! You can tell this is a bit of an older work with the SFX, haha, but it was still good.

        For sure! I was also baffled like “HUH!? Did no one in her family think to check in on her!?” because the first thing my family would do if some unknown man showed up claiming to be my boyfriend would be to call me and confirm the story LOL. It doesn’t matter if he doctored photos and made up BS about how shy I was or something that I couldn’t bring myself to tell them yet. They’d call regardless!!

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